Police seek info on killers

| 12/07/2009

(CNS): Another man who was detained in connection with Wednesday’s shooting in West Bay has now been released and police are appealing to the community for anyone who may have information on how the killers arrived and then left the scene. Police stated that one man remains in custody and detectives are carrying out a number of actions and various leads are being followed up. “Interviewing people, ascertaining information and eliminating people from the enquiry is all part of the investigation process,” said lead detective Superintendent Kurt Walton. 

Walton said that investigators are appealing for anyone who was in the area of Turtle Lane on the night of the shooting to get in touch as police seek information on how the killers arrived and left from the location.  

“Were you in the area on Wednesday evening?” asked Walton. “Did you see anyone arrive or leave? If you did, please let us know.”

Marcus Ebanks, 20, who was killed on the night, and six others were shot at shortly before 8pm on Wednesday, 8 July, as they sat outside a property on Turtle Lane. 14-year-old-Adrian Powell has been flown off-island for treatment as he fights for his life and 18-year-old Rod Ebanks is still receiving medical attention.

The RCIPS said it is making efforts to open as many lines of communication as possible for residents who may be able to help bring the killers to justice. In addition to current avenues, which include contacting a known and trusted police officer, calling the investigation team directly or any police station, and Crime Stoppers – which offers a cash reward for information and is answered overseas – officers have set up a voicemail facility so people can simply leave a message on an answer-phone.

“We want people to have as many options as possible,” said Walton. “This facility has no caller ID and will not be traced – people do not need to be scared about their identity being revealed. The caller doesn’t have to speak with anyone; they can just leave a message – it is completely anonymous. We hope that those with information will feel comfortable with one of the methods available to them.”

A Major Incident Room at West Bay police station remainsopen as detectives carry on with the investigations into Ebanks’ murder. Detectives said that one of the men who had been detained in the early hours of Thursday morning remains in custody  and the other has been released.

West Bay Area Commander, Chief Inspector Angelique Howell arranged a counselling session for residents in the Turtle Lane area, which took place on Saturday. A visible uniformed police presence has also been seen over the weekend.

Residents are urged to pass information to police using one of the following ways:

Speak to an officer you know and trust

Call the investigation team: 926-1773 and 926-3975

Leave a message: voicemail facility – 949-7777

Call Crime Stoppers – 800 8477 (TIPS)

All persons calling Crime Stoppers remain anonymous, and are eligible for a reward of up to $1000, should their information lead to an arrest or recovery of property/drugs. Calls are answered overseas.

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  1. Pale Rider says:

    To Rootical Messenjah,

    "until it happens to a politican, or their family members or a "promient" member of society, only then will policies be put in place"

      It did happen bruddah…

      The AG’s house was broken into..his family and helper tied up and threatened at gunpoint…and what was the governments’ response???

    To COMPLETELY dismantle the DTF and use those officers and equipment to be personal bodyguards…..never mind they were and are not trained for that type of work…never mind that this was the type of operation that should have been handed over to trained private security personel..and I don’t mean these local security officers you see at Foster’s and around the place.  I mean real close personal protection bodyguards who are professionals and deal with this every day….The DTF in particular have never recovered from this awful waste of manpower….Truth be told it was the DTF who were responsible for the majority of the criminal intelligence which used to be utilised by the entire police to execute operations.  With the wholesale disregard for the superb job that the DTF did for so many years, past leaders and commissioners cut off one of the most succesful arms of the RCIP…..

    • Anonymous says:

      Pale Rider, I only have one word in reply to your comment.  AMEN !

  2. Anonymous says:

    To Anonymous at 09:35 – So this is how you say thanks to Shaun Ebanks for trying to help bring some relief to the families of the victims and the people of this island? I have known Shaun for many years, not only in the police capacity but as a friend and neighbour and I say we need more like him that are not afraid to speak out whether or not you, the poster, feels that it is because of personal reasons. I don’t see how Shaun’s reaching out to the public to come forward is working against the RCIPS in any way. I may be wrong but from the way your post was written you appear to be some member of the RCIPS who’s spending too much time scrutinizing Shaun’s statements while you should be out there solving these murders.

  3. Thankful says:

    Marcus was a non-violent leader.  An intelligent, honest, respectful and pleasant person.  He almost lamented daily at being umemployed and the lack of opportunities available to him.  He was overjoyed at getting employment a week before being murdered.

    I pray on bended kneww for wisdom for the plice and that Marcus’ death is not in vain.  May he be the catalyst for positive change to address the real issues in the country that he so often spoke about and loved. 

    Marcus my friend, brother, fellow Caymanian and west Bayer…son of the soil and promise of tomorrow – Our hearts are breaking and we are eagerly praying for an arrest.  These murders must be caught.  May the Police knock ever door down and stone uncovered until they are caught.

    RIP bo bo

  4. Anonymous says:


    I don’t know you personally; however, i apllaud your spirit. It’s a bot ironic that you would openly state you do not want anything to do with the RCIPS and yet daily you mingle in their affairs! You ststed you do not solicit information and clearly this is in contravention of that ststement!

    Please leave the POLICE to do their jobs, stop airing your emotions in public, if you care so much about our Islands, do the right thing and stop trying to undermine RCIPS and start supporting them, rather than playing on your personal greviances.



  5. Shaun Ebanks says:

    Caymanians and residents alike, please contact Detective Supt. Kurt Walton (an intelligent and honest Senior Police Officer) and provide him with any key information that is needed to solve this atrocios/viciousMurder-Attempt Murder, that has occured in our West Bay district/community.

    Anyone whom would like to speak with me personally "to ensure" that any information/tips you pass on will be held in "confidence and utilized appropriately" please contact me ASAP. I’m very easy to be located in the West Bay district. Everyone knows me down here in West Bay and what I stand for and my position in relation to Gun/Drug crimes. I can assure you, that any unsettling concern you may have to report any information to any serving police officers or otherwise, I will personally see that "no repercussions occur" from you speaking with me and any information/tips that may be passed on. 

    Although my phone lines are privately owned/listed which I don’t exactly want to put in the public domain, as stated earlier, with a very small effort I can very easily be located/contacted and will arrange to come to you "alone if necessary". Please contact me !!!!

    With the greatest of respect,

    Shaun Ebanks.

    • Rootical Messenjah says:

      Bwoy Shaun I have to applaud you for putting yourself out there and being very bold. However, these are not the same type of criminal minds that you worked with when in the RCIP, these my friend are the sons and grandsons of those you worked so hard to take off the streets. This "new breed" is more vicious, without conscience, they are smarter, they are without regard or regret and trust me, they are extremely angry at society and quite willing to demonstrate this at any given moment.

      These are the sociopaths that we talked about 15 yrs ago, they are just maturing now. Did the authorities listen? Obviously not!

      I still hold my prediction from 15 yrs ago strong , that "until it happens to a politican, or their family members or a "promient" member of society, only then will policies be put in place".

      Hopefully its not too late and hopefully I am wrong!!

      Take care of yourself Brudda.