Frederick Speirs

| 15/09/2009

It is with deepest regret that Rotary Central announces the passing of our friend, colleague and past President, Frederick Speirs, last Monday 7th September. Rotary Central was blessed with the pleasure of Fred’s inimitable grace, wit, and depth of character for three wonderful decades.If ever there was a man who epitomised the club’s motto, ‘Service Above Self’, it was our beloved Fred. Fred consistently gave freely of himself, his time and his many talents in order to help others around him and serve the community to which he belonged and meant so much. Time and again he persevered where others would have faltered and left his mark on our club, our island, and our district of 11 countries, in a way that few others could.

Fred was a Paul Harris Fellow active contributor multiple times over for his financial contributions to the club. To us, and all who knew him, Fred was the indispensible resource, who was committed to sharing and caring each minute, each hour, each day and each year.

Fred was much more than a loyal and devout Rotarian – he was a loving father and husband, a committed educator, and a mentor. He was also a football referee, cook of no mean order and a lover of life. A man of multiple talents Fred was many things to many people. Perhaps above all, as anyone who knew him well would vouch without hesitation, Fred was an inspiration who lived three lifetimes of good.
No words can truly capture the essence of one who did so much for so many in so many countries, and never with a thought of self gain. The living embodiment of altruism whilst he was with us, Fred filled our hearts and minds with the memories of his service to others and contributions to society, and gave us all something to aspire to.

Fred Speirs left us all suddenly and far too soon. At this difficult time we circle his family, Bev, Lori, and Allison and offer our prayers as we share in their incalculable loss. Through Fred we are reminded what it means to be a part of the Rotary family, and pledge our commitment to be there for Fred’s family today, tomorrow and forever. We also give profound thanks for our good fortune of having been able to count Fred as a friend, colleague and constant source of inspiration.

“Past President Fred was an inspiration to our club and to this community. He is sadly missed by Rotary not only in the Cayman Islands but throughout the Rotary district and of course to our local community. We will continue to strive to serve our community at the very high standards and with the compassion and care displayed by him”, said Rotary Central President Paul Byles.

A Service of Celebration will be held 3pm on Thursday September 17th, 2009, at the Cayman Islands Baptist Church on Pedro Castle Road, to honour Frederick Speirs. The funeral will follow at 4pm and the internment will be at the Prospect Cemetery. We will come together to celebrate the remarkable life of an exceptional man and pay our respects and tributes to one whose beloved memory will endure forever in our hearts.


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  1. Mike & Erika Lawton says:

    Just saw the news.  We will miss you Fred.

  2. fan of local football since 1976 says:

    Mr Speirs made a huge contribution to our national sport, his name will always be remembered for the part he played in helping to steer Cayman’s football forward, may his soul rest in peace.

  3. Your Student says:

    He was my Teacher, Mentor, Leader, most of all he was an inspiration to many of us.  I was very sadden by this news, but I know he’s looking down from above wishing us all love.   Thanks for the memories I will never forget you.  


    PS: Mr. Speirs once said….You got a long way to go, just hang in there keep hope alive and someday you will fly like a sparrow.  R.I.P I miss you.

  4. Pengelley family says:

    We wish to also express our sincere sadness for the unexpected death of our friend Fred.  Fred came into our lives almost 20 years ago through our neighbors, Norma and Robert Buckley.  He quickly made us feel as though we had been friends forever, and our children grew up with his each summer, spending endless hours being silly girls together.  Fred became Uncle to our girls and in many ways, was more of an uncle than their "real" uncles. 

    Fred was one of those rare and remarkable people that made the world his family.  He showed concern towards all people, and was willing to work hard to make a difference for anyone he met.  Generous, warm, caring, funny, always striving for better….we were truly blessed to know him and our prayers and hearts are going out to Bev, Lorianne, and Allison now.  I am sure he is sharing a good laugh with the angels now, as he relates some of his earthly stories to them.  We will remember the good times with him and we will always be grateful that he was a part of our lives. 

  5. Fred and Bev Speirs have been a friend of our family for over thirty (30) years, as a matter of fact they are not only friends but a part of our family . Even though  our families are seperated by the sea ( West Palm Beach , Fl.) it seemed some times that distance was never a hindrance to our friendship. Not only did we share our common love for sports, music, and folklore we also share the love of our families and the hope for our children to be the best they can be. The heartbreak and sorrow we feel at the passing of Fred can only be equaled by Bev , Lori and Alli. We are comforted knowing that the Lord knows best  when he was called home.    Judging by the hundreds of people  who attended the funeral and the tributes paid, Fred not only left a mark on Caymanians but the entire world . May his soul rest in peace.

  6. Keisha Cunningham says:

    Mr. Speirs was so many things to me that i just can’t find one word to sum it up.  With his guidance and astuteness I was able to perform my job above and beyond the call of duty.  In addition, he encouraged me to get involved in various activities which involved "Service Above Self," and though it took up a lot of personal time.  I had fun doing it and will be forever greatful to him for giving me the push.  I became a more confident and better person with his help.  His wit I will never forgot, nor will all the people who came to my wedding.  I will miss you Mr. Speirs, and I am glad you have left your mark on my life.  Won’t forget you.

  7. Anonymous says:

    This is a huge loss for this island. Mr. Speirs was a wonderful human being. Always honest and frank with the best interest of this country in his heart.

    He will be missed.