Stats reveal local drivers risking lives on roads

| 15/09/2009

(CNS): Although local road fatalities have declined over the last year, in appears to be more by luck than judgment as police say Cayman drivers are continuing to put their lives at risk when they get behind the wheel. Recent statistics from the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service’s Traffic Management Unit show that over a 7 day period (7-13 September) officers from the unit detected 225 traffic offences including speeders and drunk drivers. Traffic cops also said they had attended 23 separate accidents during the same period.

During last week traffic cops issued 156 speeding tickets, 54 other traffic tickets and arrested three people for driving under the influence of alcohol as well as attending over twenty crashes. “Drivers need to take responsibility for their actions,” said Sergeant Kim Ramoon from the Traffic Department. “Vehicles can be lethal weapons and we need to remember this.”

The RCIPS said they work hard to keep people safe on the roads and encourages all drivers to obey the traffic law or face prosecution. “There are those who will criticise us for keeping a focus on the roads,” said Sgt Ramoon. “But who else will ensure the safety of all road users? If you’re speeding you’re putting your life and the lives of others at risk. Everyone needs to slow down and obey the laws.”

Anyone with information about crime taking place in the Cayman Islands should contact their local police station or Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS). All persons calling CrimeStoppers remain anonymous, and are eligible for a reward of up to $1000, should their information lead to an arrest or recovery of property/drugs.

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  1. West Bayer says:

    I have a suggestion.

    Maybe gov’t could look into changing the street light colors from the bright orange to a soft blue.

    I have seen a recent article that in Canada they have reverted to using LED lights to not only help with the energy cost but to also help with the conflicting glow from the street lights and car lights.

    I remember when Cayman’s street lights were blue and very easy on the eyes when driving. Now it’s very difficult to judge between car lights and street lights.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well, let me get in my lil two cents here about these annoying drivers on the road. The ones that really gets to me are those that are exiting side roads or parking lots and feel that oncoming traffic must adhere to them just because their front end is protruding haly way out in the damn road!! Stupidly, there’s some that don’t actually stop when they’re coming on to the main road but instead they boldly drive straight out while flashing their lights or using some stupid hand signal to have drivers stop for them. Hellooooo, Mr/Ms. Believe-You-Own-The-Road, we are on the main road and have the right of way so unless we are courteous enough to stop without causing an inconvenience to others to give you a break, stay the hell behind the white line and wait your friggin turn!! Sometimes I wish I was driving some big ass vehicle that would leave these agressive and impatient drivers in shock after realizing their front end ended up a couple of yards down the street.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I agree. Why is police not pulling over more cars? This morning I had to swerve to avoid some idiot from hitting me in the roundabout because he decided to change lanes. When I blew my horn hard, he got annoyed. Police was sitting right there. Right there! But because he wasn’t speeding, I guess it wasn’t an issue. Imagine if I would have had a motorbike or bicycle on my left which I would have knocked over by swerving, trying to avoid being hit by the idiot! Where is police when taxis just stop in the middle of the road to let somebody off. They do it every day in fron of Baptist Church, so that the left lane comes to a complete sudden stand still. Why can’t the taxis drive into the parking lot to let people on and off safely without posing a danger to the rest of us driving on the street?

  4. Anonymous says:

    anyone EVER see a police car using inicators on a roundabout????


  5. Baby Peach says:

    "No surpise to anyone here who prays before getting in their vehicle.  I always do!  Many drivers, particularly the younger ones, appear to have learned their driving skills on Nintendo."  I agree, it has been many an occasion when the driver in front of me has thrown a banana behind them to slow me down.  At times like that I just wished I had a red turtle or two to fire back at them.

    • Mario says:

      Bananas?  I usually get hit by flying day-old fish, and man you think a banana spins your car out. 

      Notwithstanding, I’ll stake my iguana poo shooter against your red turtles any day Blondy, you fuzzy little peach…

  6. Anonymous says:

    why is it that the general public who drive for about an hour a day see all these crazy things, yet the police driving all day and night don’t. i got a speeding ticket, on a sunday morning, driving near the Cayman National roundabout….just doing a conservative speed on an empty road, but yes above the limit by 5 miles an hour. five minutes later an idiot overtook me on the corner of the harquail bypass…..

  7. young man of cayman says:

    WOW! Good work RCIPS! 225 tickets in a week is a good amount of money in fines! That will be a drop in the bucket to our debt but every little bit helps. Now if they could just find at least one gun in the same amount of time as it took them to issue those tickets…

  8. Anonymous says:

    Someone undertook me using public beach walkway to get past me on WB Road on Monday night – a crazy women in an old red Japanese car (nothing sexist I assure you).  Shespent her whole time about 2 feet from my bumper.  I would have posted her licence number on CNS to name and shame them – but last time I did that it was not posted on the board.


    • Johnny Rocket says:

      " …undertook… " ???

      You would be the pinhead going 6 miles per hour in the 40 zone.  If people are looking for the reason for the increase in violent crime, it’s having to put up with people like you.  Go the speed limit or go home.

      PS – use your flipping indicators.  It isn’t rocket science.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes it was undertook and I was doing slightly above the speed limit on West Bay Road.  She cut up the inside on the sand at public beach to get past.

        • Albert Einstein says:

          That would be being "passed on the left", not being "undertook". 

          On the basis that "overtaking" is the act of moving to the right, accelerating and passing the vehicle in front of you, "undertaking" would be moving to the right, slamming on the brakes and making the vehicle behind you pass in front of you on your left. 

          That is usually followed by a volley of red turtles.


          PS: E=MC2 only if you are standing still.  Don’t forget that.

          • Isaac Newton says:

            Albert stick to physics.  Undertaking is used, in the UK at least, to refer passing on the inside lane while travelling faster than the car in the outside lane.  It is prevalent but highly illegal on motorways.

            My main point was there was no inside lane, rather the little blighter drove off the road and overtook/undertook/passed on my inside by driving on the verge at public beach.  She could not overtake because of traffic going the other way.

            Anyone jogging or walking along the verge wouldhave been killed.  Oh if I only had a red turtle on me   . . . actually if only I had a guided missile system.

  9. Joe Average says:

    No surpise to anyone here who prays before getting in their vehicle.  I always do!  Many drivers, particularly the younger ones, appear to have learned their driving skills on Nintendo.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The number of absolute morons who pass on curves on the bypasses is staggering.  I am amazed that there isnt a head on collission a day on harquayle the number of idiots who drive it each day and seem to have no concept of closing distance or the fact that the cars coming toward you are not standing still but moving toward you so you dont have all that distance you think you do to pass.  The police need to set up cars on the bypass and start ticketing people for unsafe passes and taking away some licenses before some real tragedies occur.