Woman robbed at knife point

| 16/09/2009

(CNS): Cayman’s crime wave continued this week when a female Beach Bay resident woke up to find a man with a knife in her apartment on Monday morning demanding to know where her handbag was. Police in Bodden Town are appealing for sightings of the man who entered her condo on Beach Bay Road in the early morning. The man is described as approximately 5ft 8ins tall with a dark complexion and wearing a black baseball cap and dark bandanna with a white pattern on it over his face. He was also wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans pants.

The woman who was unhurt called the 911 Emergency Communications Centre received at 6.40am to report the incident. She told police that when the robber asked where her bag was she told him to take the computer at that point she said he left the condo with a digital camera and an iPod Nano. She later discovered that the knife the robber had been holding was also from her kitchen.

Officers say they would like to hear from anyone who was in the area at the time of the offence who saw a man matching this description or anyone who recognises the description given. Police can also confirm that the red iPod Nano is a rare model and anyone with information about its whereabouts should contact police.

Anyone who can help should contact PC Bin Malcolm on 925-3076 or CrimeStoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS). All persons calling Crime Stoppers remain anonymous, and are eligible for a reward of up to $1000, should their information lead to an arrest or recovery of property/drugs.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    One of the problems is that there are many work permit holders either out of work or with very little work as in not enough work to enable them to earn enough to survive.  I’m not blaming all the crime on work permit holders but we have to face the facts that it is not just Caymanians committing these crimes.  

    As we don’t even have an ID card system any more, its very difficult to know who is legal and who is not.  Bring back the ID card system for all work permit holders or everyone.  That way the Police and Immigration can stop anyone they like and find out whether they are supposed to be here.  I see droves of people walking up Beach Bay Road in the mornings.  There is not that much construction going on in the area.  Who are these people and where are they going?  This is definitely an area Police and Immigration need to look at because as far as I know, we still have at least 1500 illegal aliens here from after Ivan.  Times are getting desperate.  If people do not have work, they should not be here.  Obviously, if people are hungry they will commit crimes. 

    A few months ago, people were sleeping out at the Old Hurley’s complex on Walker’s Road.  The place reminded me of inner cities in England where you have homeless people and drug addicts sleeping rough on the streets. I reported this to Immigration and not long after the abandonded buildings were pulled down.  There is definitely a problem with out of work, homeless people which needs to be addressed.

    I have no objection to being finger printed if this will help the Police and Immigration crack down on crime.



  2. Anonymous says:

    Am wondering if the Police would really come about charging or arresting me after I chopped an intruder head off?  Sould I just stand by and say "Your welcome to take whatever you want or more make him rapeor take my life.

    Really what does the law say people?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Got U, I agree with you, tell them come to my house anytime.

  4. Anonymous says:
  5. Anonymous says:

    What do they mean by "dark complexion"? Do they mean like an Italian or Spanish person.

    • Anonymous says:

      no, they mean black or afro-carribean

      • Nonnie Mouse says:

        What don’t they just say that then?

        • Anonymous says:

          Because they mean ‘dark skinned’ and every local understands what that means. Let me break it down for you. The people that you would categorize as black or Afro-Caribbean cover a wide range of skin tones and complexions because most locals are of mixed race to varying degrees. When you say "dark-skinned" you are referring to someone whose skin is very dark brown or black.   

          • Anonymous says:

            Well great, give a description which would confuse half the population.  That is going to help fight crime. 

  6. Anonymous says:

     I am a female and I have a machete under my bed that I will readily use if needed. However, is there some law against this, I thought I had heard some nonsense about this ????

    I assume she must have inadvertently left something open because he wasn’t even armed with anything he used her own knife on her……So it sounds like he saw an opportunity and went for it. It would be more helpful if we could get the facts however.

    This could have turned out worse – thank God that it didn’t. Women we have to get vigilant this crap is really pissing me off.

  7. Anonymous says:

    If they had fingerprints of everyone in the country, they maybe able to lift fingerprints off the knife he was holding.

    In an ironic twist, BVI is now REQUIRING finger prints to be taken with EVERY new or renewed drivers license. 

    Come on Cayman, many of us want to continue to live on this beautiful islands, but considering something has been happening (murder, shooting, stabbing, robbery, etc) over the last 2 weeks and this year for that matter, it is getting very hard.

    As a guest in your country, I would have no problem being fingerprinted, I have nothing to hide.

    This needs to be done NOW!

    • Tada says:

      Mass fingerprinting is illegal without tying the fingerprint request to a specific crime. 

      • Anonymous says:

        How do you figure it is illegal?  Show me in the Cayman Islands Law where it is illegal?

        If you can’t show me or point me to the law, then please step aside while we try to make progress on crime. 

        • Nonnie Mouse says:

          See Marper v. UK which binds the Cayman government.  To have blanket fingerprinting and to allow police access to a database of those fingerprints would be illegal.

          • Anonymous says:

            Fingerprints CAN be used! 

            You really should read the Marper V. UK then, because you have it wrong. It states:

            r"Two British men should not have had their DNA and fingerprints retained by police. The UK is the only member State  expressly to permit the systematic and indefinite retention of DNA profiles  and cellular samples of persons who have been acquitted or in respect  of whom criminal proceedings have been discontinued. "

            It deals with those acquitted and not found guilty.  You can take fingerprints on passports or national ID’s.

            "It is important to note that the European Court has definitely not ruled that there is a blanket prohibition on the retention of fingerprints; cellular samples and DNA profiles.  The court clearly recognised and accepted that the retention in England and Wales was prescribed by law and that the retention was for a legitimate purpose – i.e. the detection and prevention of crime.  The retention of data had contributed to the detection and prevention of crime."

            At the end of February 2009, the Government submitted an amendmentto the Policing and Crime Bill, which it claims will implement the judgment. The amendment leaves it to the Home Secretary to decide whose DNA should be retained via proposed new regulations, which will not receive proper parliamentary scrutiny. Links to the parliamentary Committee’s debate about this amendment and articles in the Guardian and The Register are below. The amendment has been widely criticised by MPs because it would not allow them to have a say about whose records should be kept. It will continue to be debated in the House of Lords in October 2009, following the summer recess.

            • Nonnie Mouse says:

              Most commentators don’t think the new UK law is compliant.  The spirit of Marper would be consistent with the view that blanket fingerprinting collected in a manner not linked to the investigation of crime but available to police forces for that purpose will constitute a breach of privacy rights – probably immigration could take fingerprints for border control but the police could not access them to scan the entire data base while investigating a specific crime. I’m fairly sure a database of the fingerprints of convicted criminals could be retained by police.

              Nothing is a clear cut as anyone states on a Web-board – eventhe Nonnie, but I am sure that a heavy handed fingerprinting regime proposed by many on CNS would not be legal.  Subtlity and knee jerk reactionary legislation rarely go hand in hand.

              • Mike G says:

                While I do beleive that fingerprints could be legally obtained (through a law change, etc) it is likley that they database could only be scanned for your fingerprint solely if there was any other evidence that implicated you in a crime.

                Regardless, I am happy to see a educated discussion about this, and hope the contributors continue to provoke discussion, instead of the blaming that seems to go on more often than not.

            • Mozzie Fodder says:

              Apparently fingerprints can’t be used – a lawyer defending the suspect in the Beach Bay murder of Mr. Gareau is arguing that fingerprint evidence is inadmissable because it is not an accurate science.

              Don’t beleive it? It’s a story CNS has covered today…….

          • Anon E Mouse says:

            Nonnie, nice to c u bak!!!

            Trully, though, it s not illegal if the collection of the prints is acknowledged and accepted by the giver (ie voluntary) – so we need to do it at a point they can say yea or nay – entry into the islands, or at some key service like requiring it for drivers licenses…

            Thus it is given with consent.

            Of course, the laws may need to change to accomodate this – easy enough.

            If you have nothing to hide, then this should not be a problem…


      • Anonymous says:

         Why would it be illegal?  The UK does it for ALL their citizens getting UK passports?



        • Anonymous says:

          My US drivers liscence has my finger print as well. In Honduras and the US you are finger printed as you enter the country if you are not a citizen.

    • Anonymous says:

       Actually the UK has biometric cards that contain this information: http://blog.puppetgov.com/2008/09/26/uk-rolling-out-biometric-id-cards/


  8. real deal says:

    Yes Got u and i bet you 1 million dollars the Police force will come with full force to charge homeowner with Grevious body harm and give burglar injury couselling after suffering from his dramatic injury and armed guard protection for his unsuccessful attempt to commit a crime.hahahaha

  9. Plunkett says:

    I have a red ipod nano.  I don’t think they are that rare.

  10. Got U says:

    It does not matter what kind of lock you have on your door(s), these criminals are coming in your private space.  

    Young lady a word of advice, get a dog who will at least bark and alert you. 

    These criminals are entering the wrong homes, they need to enter where they will be facing the end of a gun barriel.

    I know a few people who sleeps with a machette by their bed,  I know that one day soon the news will say "We have just got confirmation from the  Police Dept that someone tried to break into a house on —- road and the home owner chopped the hand of the intruder off.  The Police are asking the public if they see or know of anyone who is missing a hand to call 94-94222.

    Got U

  11. Rey O says:

    Keep it up you thieves and robbers.  One day very soon you gonna walk into the wrong place and get ya ass killed by someone defending their home or business.  Trust me…the people can only take so much before they come around and lose it on your ass.  Trust me I am at that point that whether they have a gun or not I am going to retaliate.  Let them come into my home and try to rob me or my family.  I plan to chop them with that machette that is under my bed and keep chopping til the cops come and tell me that son of a B**** is dead. 

  12. Anonymous says:

    Boy, i tell you, everyday in Cayman news it’s either some shooting, murder, violent robbery or if not then it’s the court case of some past shooting, murder or violent robbery!!  The Cayman daily news reports now remind me of the Jamaica daily news reports!!  Wow!!

  13. Twyla Vargas says:

    WATCH IT EASTERN DISTRICTS, Its Beach Bay, so that means TOWN is getting hot, so their moving out.

    I believe the Government should make it mandatory that all residents carry Identification on them at all times.  I also believe that the police should randomly stop and search suspicious persons walking the road after 10.pm and ask for identification.  Write down the persons Identification,, passport or whatever, and whom ever that does not have one is taken in for question until they can identify a work place or house number.

    You know the Immigration and police has got to get vigilent again.  Especially with stopping and asking for ID, it does not matter who it is, but it should be every body who is seen marching about the street all hours of the night, and persons going absolutely nowhere in the day time.  Police and Immigration has got to get hot on the heels of these people dont care whether they are Home Boys or not.  There is no time to skinup my friends.  Be blessed.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Somebody is going to pick it up real soon. Worthless bashtard. 

  15. Anonymous says:

    It would be good to know how these burglars are getting in. Was a door/window left unlocked or are these burglars using specialized tools to break in? Are most break-ins through the front or back doors? Are there certain doors that are more prone to break-ins than others?

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with you, there is lack of information regarding how these crooks gain access, some of us may have security that we may feel is enough but these burgulars have found a way around. I think a lot more people will be using hurricane shutters for more than just hurricanes now. Also maybe we could catch or spot more people if the descriptions police let out did more than desribe over 60 percent of the population.

    • Lox Smith says:

      Hands down, Anonymous at 18:04, this is theeee funniest post i’ve seen on cns thus far.

      I was thinking it funny that this news story had more details than Nancy Grace has spewed on the "Tot Mom" case; until I read your comment.

      Thank you! You’ve really made my night special here in these beautiful Isles Cayman.

      • Anonymous says:

        What’s so funny about his comment nobrot?

        He’s simply asking how these burglars are getting in to all these propoerties. As usual the details about the crime are vague and it’d be good to know whether they are opportunists choosing an open window or professionals coming prepared with tools to bust locks.

        So lox smith why dont you shove your head up your ass unless you’ve got some decent input.