Two released in murder case

| 16/09/2009

(CNS): One man remains in police custody in connection with the fatal shooting of 35-year-old Carlo Webster but the other two people who were arrested in the course of investigations have been released on police bail, the RCIPS said Wednesday afternoon. Webster was shot inside the Next Level nightclub at exactly 1.30am on Thursday, 10 September. It is thought there were around 150 people in the club at the time of the shooting and police say that while they have talked to some who were there, they need those who actually saw the shooting to come forward.

A second man who sustained a gun shot wound to his stomach was treated at hospital and has been released. It’s not felt that he was a target, say police, but that it appears likely he was a bystander who got caught up.

“We have received a lot of information from the public but there are witnesses who were present who have not come forward,” said Senior Investigating Officer, Chief Inspector Peter Kennett. “Clearly, we need to speak to everyone that witnessed the shooting but also to anyone who saw the murderer leaving the club, who would have no doubt been carrying a gun.”

A post mortem has shown that Carlo Webster suffered three gunshot wounds. The RCIPS sends its condolences to Carlo’s family and have a Family Liaison Officer working with relatives.

Noting that two people who were arrested in connection with the shooting have been released on police bail, Kennett said, “Police use powers of arrest for various reasons and doing so does not automatically mean charges will be forthcoming. In any enquiry there are people that need to be questioned so detectives can ascertain certain information about their involvement. A decision can then be made, within the law, about what should happen to that person. This could result in a release without charge, being released on police bail or being charged.”

Anyone with information about the shooting can pass it on to police in a number of ways; people can speak with an officer they know and trust, they can reach George Town detectives on 949-4222, they can leave information on an anonymous voicemail service by calling 949-7777 or they can call Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS). All persons calling Crime Stoppers remain anonymous, and are eligible for a reward of up to $1000, should their information lead to an arrest or recovery of property/drugs.

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  1. Joe Average says:

    Burn all ex-pats at the stake!!  The guilty ones will confess!  And if they don’t confess…..then……

    Maybe that’s not a great idea

  2. McGruff says:

    Time to get serious with crime. If the world can fill a 100,000 seat stadium securely within a matter of a few hours then surely within a week or two, the following steps could be undertaken with the estimated 60,000 here;

    >The forced complete evacuation of all three Cayman Islands

    >A full sweep of the Islands in search of any remaining weapons, drugs, persons hiding in the bushes, etc.

    > The staggered return of residents, Caymanians first, followed by work permit holders following full background checks, following proper border control procedures.

    So we clean house of illegal immigrants, non working work permit holders, weapons, etc and start fresh.

    Who is with me?

    The Crime Dog,


    • Anonymous says:


      That is possibly the worst idea I have ever heard. At no point in your incoherent rambling did you even remotely suggest anything of use.

      I award you no points and may god have mercy on your soul.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ditto – this is probably the most ludicrous suggestion I have heard yet… DWL!

    • Anonymous says:

      "The staggered return of residents, Caymanians first, followed by work permit holders following full background checks, following proper border control procedures."

      Well seeing as quite a few of the recent crimes are being committed by Caymanians, they should have full background checks too shouldn’t they and if they don’t look good – send ’em to Northward (or even better – not let them back on to the island)

      I do agree though that this idea is a complete load of crap

      • Anonymous says:

        according to police i know who have acces to the stats, 90% of crime is comiited by caymanians….. not bad for people who make up apprx 50% of the population!

        • In haste is sometimes a waste says:

          And these stats would be based on the percentage of crimes they actually solved, right? Yep that would make sense, to be able to solve the crime and apprehend the criminal that lives here verses the one that’s left with the booty. I think the police you know are off in their "assumptions" and hope they are not responsible for collecting evidence and providing information to the public…

          Because we all know that everyone on this island of been here over the past years who’s not Caymanian has been accounted for and came here legally, that was an exaggeration by the way. Case in point the arrest of the 4 NON Caymanians with the 1 Caymanian coming ashore in a canoe with drugs on bored. If you ask me in that specific senario it would prove at that time is was only 20 percent and prove criminals from other countries could possibly be here and we dont know of, when they arrive and when they leave…

          I’m not denying that there is a Caymanian crime element but they way you word it makes it sound like all these incidents reported are done by caymanians and that is simply not true, the most recent murder cases in the news and ‘solved’ only 2 are known to be Caymanian from the 7 that were apprehended and or charged, that’s just barely under 30%, forgive me if there is a small margin of error but 30% is alot less than 90% wouldn’t you agree.  Like I said easier to catch the person that has no where else to go that the one who does. 


          • Anonymous says:

            the police have the stats but won’t make it public because it reflects badly on caymanians

            • In haste is sometimes a waste says:

              Yep there’s that excuse too. It can go both ways, police have stats but won’t release it to the public because it will make the island look like a place that criminals flock to cause relaxed law enforcement. The fact that they are hush about stuff goes to show why crime is bad, keeping the public na├»ve and uninformed. Nope you don’t have me convinced quite yet, as I’ve encountered already being a victim of theft, that the police couldn’t do anything about cause the thief left the island.

    • Any says:

      Don’t quit your day job, Einstein (if you have one)

  3. Anonymous2 says:

    What baffles me is that the friends and family of these thugs know that they have these guns yet none of them will give evidence of such, the call is not traced it is confidential,  so if all of you that say you want to stop this wanton rapid increase of crime in our islands,  then do your part, just because you do not want to see your son,or   friend  go to jail, we do not want to see another killing,  so mom,dad,sister,brother, friends, turn them in and have your conscience clear, you are just as guilty for these  killings as theperson that pulled the trigger. You did not report the person with the guns. The onus is on all of us to take charge of our village, lets adopt the attitude "IT CANT HAPPEN IN MY VILLAGE"

  4. Anonymous says:

    XXXXXXXXX and whoever else involved, I pray guilt will eat una all inside!!! Taking a life is no way to solve anything, because suppose someone took the life of your father? You would rail up and carry on in the most way right!?? Well guess what, you did that to some poor young children, you took the life of their dear father! You took a father’s son, a mother’s child, a nephew, a cousin, a grandson and a friend! Hearing too that una took the life of the late Marcus too! WHA DO UNA MAN???!! God will deal with una ya na, Him na sleep! I don’t wish death on nobody, but one thing I wish, hope and pray for is that they lock una up for LIFE (with no chance of parol)!!


    May justice be served for ALL.