Recruits in training to swell police ranks

| 22/09/2009

(CNS): Although most other government departments are currently facing recruitment freezes-  not so for the Royal Cayman Islands police Service which recently welcomed fourteen new police recruits who have now started their fourteen week training programme. The trainee cops will learn about policing in the classroom and cover issues such as diversity, statement writing, crime scene management, neighbourhood policing, self defence, physical training and first aid before hitting the streets in the various districts.

Head of the Training Department, Inspector Anthony White said there is a lot of hard work ahead for the recruits, but also a lot of support. “There is a lot for the recruits to take in and there will be plenty of challenges ahead,” he said. “But, they also have a team of dedicated police trainers who will help them along the way.”

One recruit, 27-year-old Cheryl Williams, served as a Special Constable in Cayman Brac before applying to the regular police service and says she has always wanted to make a difference in her community. “I’ve always liked helping people,” she said, “and I look forward to being a part of the solution to some of the problems I see around me everyday.”

Leo Anglin who is 23 said on his third day in training that although they haven’t got into the hard stuff just yet, he can see there will be challenges ahead. “I know it’s likely to be difficult at times, but with the help and support of fellow classmates, there is nothing we cannot get through,” he said.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    it always rubs us the wrong way when foreigners enter our civil services but why be prejudiced if they get the job done. ps i did not know that caymanians were inbreeders

  2. Anonymous says:

     Hire Caymanians to our Police service

  3. Anonymous says:

    Big shout out to those from the Brac!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Of course it matters if they are Caymanians, because no one should and will(if given the opportunity) to look out for this country like its natives.

  5. Uncle Cracker says:

    who teaches the common sense class is my question!!

  6. In their back yard!!! says:

    I think they were studying too hard to even notice the daylight robbery in their own back yard – Elizabethan Square – a short while ago…

    Three cruise ships in port – 11am in the morning – how much more brazen do they have to be???

  7. Mozzie Fodder says:

    I would like more information on the training process – can a policeman / policewoman really be trained in 14 weeks?? Is there a mentoring programme afterwards?



    • Buzz... says:

      Doubtful – why do you think so many of them are so useless???


    • Carl the Canuck says:

      If you can make a world on 6 days, why not a cop in 98 days?

      The RCMP do it in 24 weeks…

      • Pale Rider says:

        Methinks you are comparing God to the Training officers of the RCIP???


          and as far as the RCMP???  You have got to be kidding…The course on Political Correctness and Cultural awareness is almost as long as the entire training course…

        • Spank the Yank says:

          We could use some "cultural awareness" around here…  us versus them, me versus you, they are lazy and they are greedy and ungrateful, you have a big nose and I am too short…

          Loving your neighbour is a dying effort here…

          • Pale Rider says:

            Loving your neighbour is a dying effort here…


            Not really…ever see how many extramarital affairs there are here??


            Sorry.. 🙂  I just couldn’t resist….

            • Spank the Yank says:

              Missed that one: prudes versus promiscuous, faithful versus fornicators.

              Reminds me of the old joke:  You know the difference between a xxxx and a xxxxx?  A xxxx xxxxxx everybody; a xxxxx xxxxxx everybody but me.  HAAAA!

  8. lacking common cents says:

    Where do the police train for self defense and arrest techniques? Who is their instructor? What are the pysical requirements to become a RCIPS? If anyone one knows the answer to this please post. Kind Regards.

    • Pale Rider says:

      Where do the police train for self defense
        Technique for self defense:  Run quickly in the opposite direction!!!

      and arrest techniques?

      This one is easy…they watch old videos of Law and Order and CHiPs

      Who is their instructor?

      See Answer above

      What are the pysical requirements to become a RCIPS?

      Pulse? Check!  Qualified!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    A major slight in this reporting given the interest in this matter is the nationality breakdown of recruits. The % of Caymanian recruits would have been of obvious interest.

  10. CSI: Cayman says:

    They need to get the AG’s office to send the senior prosecutors over there to teach them about the techniqes for evidence collection, and the things the prosecutor needs them to do to make it admissible.  Good habits best start early, not after a case has crashed because the evidence was mishandled.

    • Anonymous says:

      Amen to this one.  It is one thing to finally charge someone for a crime and another BIG  thing to effectively prosecute the case. I feel it for those prosecutors who come in to the court room to try to get a conviction and no they cannot win the case because of police errors.

      Do not fail to mention the cost to bring QC etc.

      RCIP-wake up and stop wasting our money!!!!




      • Pale Rider says:

        What you fail to be aware of is that the police cannot charge ANYONE without their first being a legal ruling from the Legal Department instructing them to do so…Soooo these are not unwinable cases falling before the courts….the prosecutors are seeing these cases months in advance and instruting the police to charge based on the evidence produced….

  11. Anonymous says:

    show me the money

    I thought the country was  broke we must of found a chest of gold,i dont think more police is the answer.Better upper management is needed in the RCPS.

  12. Anonymous says:

    How many of these new recruits in training are Caymanian.

    I am made to understand that a number of foreigners join the special constabulary and volunteer their time and then use this as a stepping stone to get into the police force. They give of their time freely through the special constabulary and get entrenched in the system and known to the force and trained on the job and then they slip very quietly into the service and boom – they dont have to be rolled out and get to stay because they are now respected police officers. Say it isnt true!!! No dont say it because then you would be lying.

    • Anonymous says:

      So what if a few of these are foreigners, at least they are sure to be independant and less likely to get tainted by community or family politics. One of the main problems we have is that a few of the current Caymanian officers are so well known that as soon as one of their friends or family commits a crime they are pressurized to get them off.

      You inbreeders need to stop with the racist stuff and appreciate that some of these expatriates are actually here to help and provide a service. They do not turn a  blind eye to thuggery or wankstas like a local cop might, because he was from a caymanian family and a good by at heart and only shooting the place up because of all the foreigners etc etc etc.

      It is not the foreigners fault that your familes have failed to bring up your kids to know right from wrong and that they are too lazy to get a job and instead go out robbing, raping and murdering.

      • Anonymous says:

        To refer to Caymanians as ‘inbreers’ is offensive.  Not all Caymanians are inbreeders

        • THANK YOU says:

          VERY TRUE…  I know this one guy in East End…


          • You're Welcome says:


            That guy is my Uncle.

            And my Dad.

            And my Grandfather.

            Andmy cousin.

      • Anonymous says:

        are you speaking based on your own personal experience with your family inbreeding, robbing, raping and murdering? these foreigners are only slipping into the RCIPS for the money and not to get rolled over, they dont care about the country you idiot.

        • Anonymous says:

          Every reason why you should already be on your way out of here, not to return.

      • da wa ya get says:

        I suggest you leave my country if that’s how you think of us!

        • Gerald says:

          DWYG is a broken record on the old "Why don’t you go home" line. 

          • da wa ya get says:

            Not really, I think I may have said that twice…

            But obviously you have contempt for my country and people and we don’t need that so…

      • Anonymous says:

        Hey the cases of Cayman Ataxia are decreasing I will have you know

        (sorry CNS for the CNN link)

        • jubba gump shrimp co. says:

          I guess the figures for this genetic disorder will start to rise back up now that the expat exodus has started.


      • Anonymous says:

        Whomever, wrote that comment take your ass back to wherever you came from. Cayman is where it is because of people like you. I hope your permit get pulled soon.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I wonder WHO exactly are these new recruits – hopefully the majority are young Caymanians.

    • Anonymous says:

      Does it matter is they are Caymanian or not? Surely you’d want the best people for the job? If you’re that worried and concerned I suggest you pick up an application form and apply!

      • Anonymous says:

        My people ARE the best people for the job.  I suggest you go buy your ticket!

        • Anonymous says:

          YOUR people are the best people are they?

          It that why crime is on the increase, shootings and murders are happening every other day?

          I don’t see any expats being charged with murder and shooting people.

  14. Anonymous says:

    It’s nice to see that all the training videos are online these days: