Cops and kids tackle bullying

| 21/10/2009

(CNS): Aiming to tackle the problem of bullying as early as possible West Bay Area Commander Chief Inspector Howell went to talk to students at the John A. Cumber Primary School, on Tuesday. Pleased with the level of participation, CI Howell said bullying is one of the many problems that children often have to deal with at school and she wanted to show them different ways of addressing the issue other than through violence. Accompanied by neighbourhood police officer PC Devon Bailey the two cops spoke about what bullying means and the effects it can have.


The officers explained to the children and teachers about what constitutes bullying, how bullying effects the recipient, how to stop being bullied or being the bully and what the responsibilities are of teachers, school counselors, social workers and police in addressing this issue.

 “The session was very interactive as we got the children involved in lively discussion. It was amazing that these children do know what bullying is all about and how it can make a person feel; more importantly what they can do about it,” added CI Howell.

They were told by the Chief Inspector that whatever measures are taken to tackle bullying one option must never be violence. They must not be afraid to tell someone what is happening to them.

She also said that on Thursday 22 October she will be meeting with the year 4 students to be interviewed by the children on leadership and to provide them with useful information to assist them in becoming Cayman’s future leaders.

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