Bryant to marry boyfriend at UK parliament

| 03/11/2009

(CNS): The Foreign and Commonwealth minister, Chris Bryant, who has responsibility for the Overseas Territories could become the first gay member of the House of Commons to marry at the location. According to reports in the British media, the 47 year old minister and representative of the Rhondda Valley is planning a civil partnership ceremony, which will be hosted at Westminster. Bryant, a former Church of England chaplain, and his partner, Jared Cranney, are said to be working with John Bercow, the House of Commons Speaker, to finalise the details of the ceremony.

Because of Church of England rules that do not allow civil partnerships actually inside a church Bryant will not marry in the Chapel of St Mary in Parliament but is considering using the Speaker’s house for the first ever same sex marriage in the British parliament, the Daily Telegraph reported.  According to the Independent, Bercow is in the process of obtaining a licence for the property to become the regular location for civil partnerships.

MPs, peers and their families are able to get married in the 14th-century chapel on the Parliamentary estate, but like all religious venues in Britain, it cannot be used for civil partnerships, which is why the Speaker’s house is being considered as another option.

Bercow’s spokesman said: ‘The Speaker is very keen on the idea of holding civil partnership ceremonies at Westminster and he would be very happy for the Speaker’s house to be used. There are however a number of legal and practical problems that we are looking into."

Bryant, who once posed in his underpants on a gay dating website, has said he believes the clergy should be much more open about civil partnerships and treat them like traditional marriages, calling for them to be celebrated in churches. Despite the historic nature of the planned ‘wedding’, the MP told the Daily Mail he was “just happy to be getting married”.

The former deputy leader of the House, who met his partner while campaigning in Soho with Ken Livingstone, the former mayor of London, said, "Jared and I are engaged and we hope to have a civil partnership – or a marriage is what it feels like – in March of next year. We’d like to do it in Parliament if possible."

Several MPs have entered into civil partnerships. Tory MP Alan Duncan was the first member of either the Cabinet or shadow Cabinet to enter into a civil partnership in July 2008, while Ben Bradshaw, the Culture Secretary, became the first MP to enter into a civil partnership, after a ceremony with a BBC journalist. The UK Prime minister Gordon Brown has also said that civil ceremonies should be allowed in Westminster as part of the drive to modernise Parliament.

Downing Street said the move would send a “powerful message that the mother of Parliaments is truly representative”. The Speaker’s house was built in 1858 and is situated under Big Ben, with views over the Thames. It is thought the ceremony would be staged in the state dining room where the Speaker hosts formal events.

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  1. Anon says:

    It’s really stupid to say that Caymanians are uneducated because we choose not to agree with "powerful" countries on gay issues.  We have to respect those cultures when we visit those countries and our beliefs should be respected when visitors come here.

    • Anonymous says:

      thats like saying you should have respected racism in south africa 25 years ago….

      if caymanians are so ignorant to discriminate people on the basis of their sexuality, then that ignorance will not be respected

  2. Divide&Conquer says:

    This was bound to generate a lot of comments and is, no doubt, why CNS published the story.

    Here are my views.

    1) Gay people have a right not to be discriminated against for their sexuality.

    2) Heterosexuals have a right not to be discriminated against for their sexuality.

    3) I don’t care what other people do in the bedroom – it’s none of my business.

    4) In light of 3 above, I do not like having homosexuality shoved in my face all the time by others, nor do I agree with labelling everything you do with the nature of your sexuality. If you are happy with your personal choice, good for you. Sexual behavior should not be used to make political points or to try and repress anybody, but sadly many people fall into that trap, both gay and straight. It amounts to the same thing.

    5) The sexuality arguments are a great tool – they promote hatred, mistrust, bigotry and divisive behavior on both "sides" and neither heterosexual or homosexual people have the wit to realize they are being played. It’s pathetic really.

    6) My personal opinion of Chris Bryant has nothing to do with his sexuality. He is a typical socialist/liberal and has demonstrated his lack of morals, ethics and intelligence in far more telling ways than you can read from his sexuality. He’s a weasel.

    7) I believe that the whole argument is just another divide and conquer technique that most powerful people understand all too well. They laugh at the ease with which the masses can be manipulated and diverted from the realities of their existence – hence racism, sexism and all the other squabbles that people rally around are just grist for the mill and leave them free to pursue their agenda’s with less interference and accountability. 

    8) The Labour party as it is today is nothing but a collection of radical socialists who have systematically destroyed what many consider traditional values that bind societies together. This is a typically socialist/liberal practice because fractured society is easier to control, dominate and abuse.

    I remember well Tony Blair’s election campaign – one of his prominent platforms was a promise to return Britain to a society that valued traditional family structure, to encourage marriage and reverse the everincreasing breakdown of the values that made Britain great etc. Of course, it was all rhetoric, or lies if you prefer. One of his first acts to achieve this was to do away with the married man’s tax allowance. From this moment on it was apparent that he was the same as most socialist thinkers – spend more, tax more, reduce living standards for everyone. The poor believe socialist doctrine is their thing, when in reality they suffer as much as the middle class under a regime like Blair’s Labour, the ultimate nanny state or big brother depending on your standpoint. Of course, the politicians get fat, the corruption is rife and the people and society pay the price. Soon they will have achieved the aim of complete societal destruction and will hand Britain over to the unelected masters of a federal Europe, thus taking what little illusion of democracy the citizens had left and removing the concept of national sovereignty completely.

    Socialism is a rotten disease far worse than a bit of sex you don’t approve of.

    So, there’s my opinion. Don’t try to scare people into being labelled as a "homophobe" just because they’re heterosexual and do not feel the same way as you. That is exactly the kind of injustice gay rights activists claim to be against is it not?

    Heterosexuals, don’t try to scare people into being something they are not or try to shame them simply because you don’t agree, or dislike the sexual behavior of consenting adults. Calling down the wrath of your God and religious posturing add little weight either, because you are preaching to deaf ears. If it is a religious issue for you and you are secure in your faith and your own behavior, there is no need for judgemental indignance and hatred.

    Live and let live and freedom of choice that does not harm others. Simple really isn’t it?

    One last point that springs to mind. Most people viewed women’s liberation as a noble and long overdue development – and it was. Did you know however that one of the reasons it gained so much public attention and was able to prevail was the funding it received from the Rockefellers? How is that relevant you may ask, and so what, it was a social injustice that had to be changed right? Indeed, no argument from me there, but to the Rockefellers it had one cynical benefit – to them at least. They backed it and encouraged it purely because it meant that they would usher in a huge number of people (women) who prior to liberation were not taxable. This is the cynicism of those who dominate and control humanity, whom they view as little more than cattle, there to serve them and their pursuit of power.

    The point is, being used and manipulated and completely blinded at the same time is not as rare as you might think and people may want to ask themselves, am I being used and who is using me? Divide and conquer, oldest trick in the book.

    • Joe Average says:

      21:10 these are my thoughts exactly.  Terrorists are under your beds!!  Swine Flu!!!  Subprime mortgages!!  Bernie Madoff!!!  Civil Unions!!! 

      All of it is a distraction. Whilst we try to figure out the next threat, and where it might come from, we miss the point.  There is, as Naomi Klein eloquently shows in her book called The Shock Doctrine, an agenda.  To keep people on edge, divided, and confused, and in some cases create that fear.  Which allows our futures, our rights, and our priviledges to be subjugated for another purpose. Divide and conquer indeed!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow! I am from the U.S., I am a heterosexual female. I believe it’s best to let people be who they are. Here’s why, society place so many demands and restrictions on people to the point people have to hide who they are for fear of repercussions.

    I know of, and heard of lots of people that were married, one of the spouses was living a ‘lie’ if that’s what you want to call it. This is due to politics and/or public opinion.  Imagine, you married someone and that person hid from you that they were really gay or lesbian! You would become very angry and accuse them of lying to you, betraying you, and screwing up ‘your’ life. You’d probably go as far as trying to embarass this person publicly.

    If people will let people be who they are, we’d all be a little happier. If they want to marry, let them! I also know a few gay people who have been in relationships longer than some of my married friends.


  4. Anonymous says:

    By the way, it is not called a "gay" marriage, a marriage is a religious union between a man and woman. It is referred to as a Civil Union. The UK defrintriates this cleary! To other people that think the UK supports every gay union please research and note that more then half of the UK are against homosexuality!

    • here we go again.... says:



      Go 21st century Cayman education!!!! You’re the future of this great nation, I tell you!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Why is it that some Caymanians (and expats) always run to the bible when there is something beyond their control?

    Judge ye not lest ye be judged.

    Some people forget that judging someone is just as bad. Everyone sins. No one is exempt from not sinning not even once!

    Stop the hateful ways Cayman! This is not what makes our country! Stop running to the bible and condemming others sins, be concerned for your own sins and your own soul.

    If they are going to burn in hell for their sins, then let it be! Judging them makes all us just as bad as the people who believe they have the right to kill gay people for who they are.

    What the UK does is their own business. Stop throwing hateful slurs around when what is about to happen doesn’t even concern the Cayman Islands.

    I can understand why this scares Cayman as this would mean that "everyone" besides Christians have rights!

  6. Real Deal says:

    My fellow caymanian ( gay straight, bisexual, lesbian) why can’t we just allow people to be HAPPY ?

  7. An Upset Caymanian says:

     God is to Judge not Man!  Stop your hateful bias ways Caymanians and learn to love thy neighbour as thyself.  Everyone in this world deserves to be happy with whomever they choose or please to be with.    

  8. Thankful says:

    Mr. Bryant, may you find new found joy and happiness.  May your desire to love and to be loved be fulfilled.  May you continue to be all you can be in your service to country for your fellow country man; knowing that, in the final analysis it is always between you and God.

    It is positive and I am impressed that your fellow countrymen have choosen to judge you to be their elected official because of the content of your heart and brains and not who have initimate time with.

    The very best to you on your journey.  May we all find some time of love and joy on this earth.

  9. Rainbow Caymanian says:

    I am one day hopeing that all caymanians young and old well see that the world has changed and people have changed. What sexuality you are does not tell who you are a person. Gay, bisexual or lesbian people as myself are very nice people who deserve to be respected and given rights as any straight person. I hope that the younger generation well develop their own thoughts and beliefs and not be as closeted as the older generation. I wish bryant and his partner all the best.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Wonders if the religeous here know the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, in which the so called righteous Lot offers up his two daughters for rape… charming. Isn’t God brilliant. I think they turned his wife into a pillar of salt because she looked over her shouulder at all the fire and brimstone too. Lot went on to live in the mountains frequently having sex with his daughters.

    How anyone derives a moral from that story is beyond me.

  11. Anonymous says:

    It is a shame that this will happe in parliament.  this is the begining the distruction of the british empire. trust me god do not hate these two men ,but he hate thier sin. Remember what god distroyed sodom and gomorrah for . what has our so call mother country come to.i believe that the whole empire will crumble,even if it means that this worthless goverment will be voted out the next election

    • N. Fidel says:

      I will happily take my chances that the fictional character known as God will not destroy London because of this event. 

    • Anonymous says:

      There is no "British Empire" anymore, that started crumbling long ago, not by homosexuality, I might add. 

      As for two people who love each other, as long as he does his job properly does it really matter?  Who are we to judge whether it’s right or wrong? There is far too much hatred in this world, why add to it and worry about two people who obviously love each other and want to make a public commitment to each other. 

      We live in the 21st century, not the "Dark Ages"

  12. Anonymous says:

    Congratulation Mr. Minister.  I would have loved to see you getting married on beautiful Seven Miles Beach. Anyway, we wish you a happy wedding and happy and prosperous life together and bless you with a lots of beautiful children.  Son, come over here for your honeymoon.  You can ask Mr. Bridger to let you stay at his Beach Bungalow which was purchased from the Cayman tax payers money. Don’t even think of wearing those under pants down Seven Mile beach. Bring your personal bible with you and you should visit a church on Sunday for more blessings.

    On another point, now both of you can make more mortgage interest refund claims legally on second homes in London without violating ethics.  I am sure British Tax payers wouldn’t mind it.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Answer to wonderful if. Thank you ,So I dont need to repeat. We are some of the kindest people in the world. Any where else this news would be out of the closet.

    • Anonymous says:

      I cant believe that this kind a stuff was not put on the Political platform from years ago. I  guess this news was around so long by the usual neighbour gossip that most thought that it did not warrant being put on their platforms. FORTUNATELY this was kept off the platform .  Poor Representation .Im very embarrased.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I recall not that long ago the UK Government discriminated against gays in the forces/ civil service…I wonder if he fibbed in his employment application… how things have changed – perhaps for the better…  

  15. Cayman Made me Gay says:

    To all you gay Caymanians, have hope!!  The time is coming when you too will have right.  Just not yet.

    • Homo Simpson says:

      Gay Caymanians! How dare you! All gays in Cayman are expats, clearly.

  16. anonymous says:

    Good for him!

    Make love, not war!

    Many of us here in Cayman would do well to be more loving and less judgemental. Gay people are entitled to love also…and it is simply discrimination to not allow them, or anyone else, to enjoy the same rights as others.

    A Caymanian (who believes in Human Rights)!

  17. Mr. Ected says:

    I would now hope Mr. Bryant would show the same tolerance towards our choices as an Overseas Territory as he expects to receive as an individual.

    When it comes to tolerance and understanding….  Walk the talk.

  18. Sodom and Gomorrah coming for UK says:

    Sodom and Gomorrah rain down upon them!! God save us from the UK.

  19. Young Caymanian says:

    Good for him, maybe Cayman can learn from the "mother country!"  Stop discriminating!  There’s a "new" generation of Caymanians who are willing to accept everyone for who they are, if you are one of the "old" generation Caymanians, who are filled with hate, please step aside as your time is over! 


    The UK has spoken Cayman and we need to adhere to the message they are sending.!!!

  21. Yo no soy Marinero says:

    Why not have the service here! On the steps of the L.A. or at the Agape church! Show the haters and bigots exactly what you think of them.

    • Anonymous says:

      Should be this Friday:)

    • Anonymous says:

      And who exactly do you think would perform that ceremony?

      Maybe he should come and get a nice wedding present. Then we’ll send them off to Ja. for the honeymoon. 

  22. Anonymous says:

    It is so wonderful to know that under the Bill of Rights that we are not to discriminate against anyone, especially the Gay people. But clear Mr.  Bryant has a bias agains Cayman, presumably because of the government’s limited Bill of Rights.

    Like it or not Gay people can do what they want to do. They have more rights and money than any other group of law abiding citizen.

    • Anonymous says:

      So sad. The government and Cayman Taliban propaganda worked on you, I see. The Bill of Rights in the new constitution does no such thing. It is so restricted and diluted that it is a tragic joke. It does not even provide protection against racial discrimination for all. No freedom of the press. No prohibition against gender discrimination across society. No protection for the handicapped. No right to education for all children. I could go on. It only offers very limited rights and protections for some things and only in government matters.

      Ya gotta give it to those who pushed this sad document. They fooled so many people so thoroughly. One day the light will go on and they will realize just how they were hoodwinked.

      Unna fool!

      • Anonymous says:

        The problem is that you are going on and on but have no clue about the protections afforded under the Bill of Rights, a document of which we can be proud.

        Freedom of the Press. This is merely one aspect of Freedom of Expression which is protected under Section 11.

        Protection against gender discrimination. That is what "sex" means in Section 16.

        Protection from discrimination against the handicapped. That is what "disability" means in Section 16. 

        Right to education for ALL children is provided in Section 20.

        The Constitution is about the relationship between the people and the government. Lateral rights protection will be provided in subsidiary legislation.

        Did you even read the Constitution? I know that you don’t understand it. Have someone explain it to you (without the HRC propaganda).  


        • Anonymous says:

           Where can you find the final version?

          (not being sarcastic, I really do want to know)

          As an aside, I agree with something that was said on here earlier – if Britain recognises same sex marriage, then since we are an overseas territory, it is only a matter of time before pressure is put on Cayman to recognise it as well. So what if people don’t like it? The only way for those who oppose it is by ceding the title of an overseas territory & gain independence.  

        • noname says:

          Are you clueless or dishonest?


          The rights you cite are all severely restricted. They do not apply across society. But I suspect you know that. You just say these things to keep that wool pulled tightly over the eyes of the sheep.

          Give it rest. You won. Yay! We’re backward! Yay!

          • Anonymous says:

            In my book, there is nothing at all ‘backward’ about resisting the promotion and acceptance of ‘ two gay men, kissing at Royal Palms on a Friday night’. (as an extreme example, but relevant)

            The facts remain that much of the Westernised world has completely lost its moral compass, led mainly, by the US. All this nonsense, about gay men getting married, and then wanting to adopt children is a joke.

            As far as I’m concerned, Caymanians should stick to their guns on this issue. Please understand this is no homophobic rant, because I’m tolerant, I’m just sick of these gay pressure groups, ramming their sexuality, down everyone elses throats, and making their own demands.

            Being gay, is a choice, and there are many people in our society that are tolerant. Tolerance, however does not extend to openly welcoming 2000 of them off a cruise ship. Do other minority groups, have their own cruise ships tours, dedicated only for them. I think not.



            • Big Gay Al says:

              "Please understand this is no homophobic rant, because I’m tolerant," yes it is, and no you are not!  The evidence? – "there is nothing at all ‘backward’ about resisting the promotion and acceptance of ‘ two gay men, kissing at Royal Palms on a Friday night’. (as an extreme example, but relevant)"  – if you consider two men kissing in public an "extreme example" then you are an old school intolerant homophobe.  Just admit it and come out of that closet!

              • Anonymous says:

                Big Gay Al……..

                I’m a Brit, a happily married man, with children. The Royal Palms in Grand Cayman, is a shrine, celebrating, everything good about the Cayman Islands, playing fantastic music, with a wonderful family, Caribbean atmosphere!!!!

                Tourists, mainly familys, have been flocking to Grand Cayman for years to sample this special experience, and I hope they continue to do so for many years to come.

                What I dont understand, and maybe you can enlighten me. Is that everyone bashes the Caymanian principles on this issue, and it is insinuated that for some reason, the thinking is ‘backwards’ or ‘uneducated’ which I’m sorry, is strictly not true.Believe it or not, there are millions of people around the world, who are also keen to maintain traditional religious values, which centre around a family way of life, and have been in existence for thousands of years.

                I always considered myself quite a tolerant person, but your right, I dont really want to have to explain all this too my 10 year old daughter after a night out in Grand Cayman. If that makes me ‘ an old school intolerant homophobe’ then so be it.

                But I would add, that this mindset, certainly does not make me ‘un-educated’, ‘backward’ or ‘stupid’. I have my morals and I’m keen to maintain them. I would also urge Cayman to stick to its guns on this issue. If Gays, wish to start parading themself about, and imposing their sexuality and rights on people, do me a favour, do it in Miami.

                I would also suggest, there are many progressive, 1st world countries in this world, who certainly do not show as much tolerance as Cayman. So give us a break, with all this gay rights crap. Its boring… [ Stick to your guns Cayman, and maintain your moral Compass]


                • Anon says:

                  Love this response!

                  Honestly though, US or Brit. haven’t gotten they’re gay rights/marriage issues settled so until that’s done butt out of other countries business. harsh but so is the criticism ppl are getting who live and come here and wanna maintain certain moral standards.

              • Anon says:

                i don’t think ppl should make out in public PERIOD!! a peck here a hug there but i think it’s just plan inconsiderate to be all over each other in public whether ur heterosexual or homosexual.

            • Anonymous says:

              Point well understood. However, I believe people should be able to be who they are. We had proposition 8 pass here in California, and the promoters tried to blame blacks for denying the LGBT community the right to marry. Well, a couple of nights ago, the LGBT community lost the vote to marry in the state of Maine, who are they going to blame now?

              As far as I’m concerned, I’m tolerant. However, being a heterosexual female, I would like to know if a female I call my buddy is heterosexual or lesbian. Yes, I’m tolerant, just don’t think I engage in your lifestyle. I have a couple of male gay cousins. I have a couple of gay male friends – they are the best friends a woman could ask for. 

              On the other hand, imagine you are in an occupation, say, military, and one of your colleagues is secretly gay. How would you feel if you had been undressed in front of him/her during a shower or the locker room. Wouldn’t you in the least, have feelings of invasion of privacy, or some other type of feelings on the matter.

              What’s wrong with a gay couple adopting kids if they are in a loving home? What’s the difference when a male/female marry the opposite sex, have kids, then all of a sudden they tell their spouse that they have been gay/lesbian all along? How does this affect the kids from the marriage, as opposed to kids that were raised in a home of a gay/lesbian couple from a baby or small child?

              Besides, what difference does it make if the two love each other?

            • Anon says:

              i don’t feel it’s right to force other countries views on this one otherwise we’d be "accepting" a lifestyle but not really accepting it at all…I agree we should love one another but sometimes saying that doesn’t seem like enough…but some will have to deal with the fact that we can love one another but not necessarily agree with their choices. The fact is this is a nation founded on religion…

              ps. i’d like to see ppl argue about this in a country founded on the teaching of Islam…bet they wouldn’t be so eager.

            • Anonymous says:

              wow, what a great ‘tolerant’ ‘christian’ you are!

              For a long time South Africans didn’t want other peoples beliefs and rights rammed down their throats either…….

  23. A YOUNG CAYMANIAN!! says:

    Good for him!!!

  24. L says:

    no comment

  25. "Unsolved Mysteries" says:

    Cayman just rememebr "what drop of the head drop on the shoulder".  In other words the UK is officially telling us that they have sanctioned gay marriages in the House of Parliament, so we as a dependent territory, will have to adhere to their demands on us "sooner or later".

    To the previous comment not "serious times", but  "Perilous times are here"

    • Anonymous says:

      Think your comment ‘Perilous times are here’ should be directed closer to home…….

  26. Anonymous says:

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if some of our closeted politicians were this honest and open about who they are?

  27. Slowpoke says:

    And the honeymoon will be in the Cayman Islands…

  28. English Ex Pat says:

    Shakes head in shame

    • Anonymous says:


      • Happy Harry says:

        Probably because he is a narrow minded bigot, an ignorant chav or both.  As a Brit, I hang my head in shame at posters like that.

  29. anonymous says:

    ….next will be a Honeymoon in the “Territories”!!!
    Our forefathers are turning in their graves to see what has come to the British Empire.

    • Anonymous says:

      Of course, those gay and lesbian Caymanians from past generations who were persecuted or made to feel unloved or ungodly by the hysterical homophobia here will be looking down from heaven and smiling.

      • Sodom and Gomorrah coming for UK says:

        You mean looking down from Sodom and Gomorrah! There is no room in heaven for this type of slackness!!!

        • Thankful says:

          I am glad you think you have the authority on Heaven or Hell that you can refute who will not be there. 

          The word teaches: do not say who will ascend or descend…

          It also says: God is a judge of hearts. 


          • Anonymous says:

            1 Cor. 6:9-12:

            "Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders 10nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. 11And that is what some of you were. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God".

  30. Anonymous says:

    Living in serious times.