Mac accuses AG of conspiracy

| 05/11/2009

(CNS): The leader of government business has accused the auditor general of being involved in a conspiracy to undermine the economic prosperity of the Cayman Islands because of his announced intentions to undertake an audit of the port tendering process once a contract has been signed. Although McKeeva Bush did not name those he believed Dan Duguay was conspiring with or being pushed by, he made it clear he believed it was a UK connection. He denied that the process was not transparent and described the AG as running amok.

Speaking to the media on Thursday morning as he announced that government had entered into a ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ with DECCO (Dart Enterprises construction Company), Bush launched an attack on the auditor general as a result of the declarations in the media that his office would be conducting an audit into the tendering process because of fears that the Central Tenders Committee had been bypassed.

Despite the fact that the select committee comprised four politicians and that the CTC had not been involved, Bush said the proper process had been followed. He pointed to the fact that it was a private finance initiative where government would not spend any money and, therefore, there was no need to go through the Central Tenders Committee, which he said would take too long.

However, Bush said that Duguay’s claims that he should do that were driven by a different agenda and that the AG did not care about the economic welfare of the Cayman Islands. “The auditor general is a key figure in any administration but this AG thinks he is not accountable to anyone and runs amok.”

He criticised his last report on the Royal Watler cruise terminal and said he didn’t understand these projects but had “created an awful stink” and “thinks he can ruin people’s lives”. Bush said he believed that Duguay was in “an effort with somebody else to pour cold water on development”.

Insisting that his government was going through the proper processes, he said the AG was hell bent on stopping the Cayman government from getting revenue into the country to make it non-compliant with the Public Management and Finance Law and therefore dependent on the UK on how finances were managed. Bush insisted the conspiracy was a fact and not an assumption. “They want us back where the FCO will tell me ‘no’ and put the crunch on us,” Bush added.

There was no need for the AG to be involved, Bush stated, as government was not spending anything or giving up anything. He said that, just like the previous administration, he was signing an MOU, but Bush accused the auditor general of seeing the projects differently.

Up until Monday, however, government representatives and the LoGB had referred to the forthcoming announcement as a contract. It was also made clear during today’s briefing that government intended to sign a contract as quickly as possible and that the details would not go to CTC. Moreover, DECCO itself released a statement on Thursday afternoon indicating that it believed it had been given the work.

“DECCO Ltd. is pleased have been selected as a partner by the government to develop the port project,” it stated, adding that it had assembled a team, led by Cameron Graham, of experienced professionals from here and abroad to do the project. It is understood that the MOU has been signed as a pre-runner to the actual contract signing to indicate to the cruise lines the CIG’s intended commitment to berthing facilities.

Bush also said he believed that DECCO was the right choice as it was heavily invested in the Island. The Dart Group has invested substantially in CamanaBay, as well as owning a considerable amount of property in downtown George Town.

“Nobody is going to push us down,” Bush said indicating he would take legal action against the governor, the UK and the AG if they cost the country money by conspiring to hold up the project. “This project has been negotiated at no cost to government. We are not talking about the reallocation of revenue streams, we are not taking from existing taxes. The cruise lines will pay for the facility with fees as they pay for tendering,” he said, adding that the fees that would go to DECCO would be over and above the regular passenger taxes now collected, which the Port Authority depends on for its revenue.

Rolston Anglin, the Minister for Education, also took aim at the AG and accused him of acting recklessly by not coming to talk to government first. “This is a reckless use of his office,” he said. Under the PMFL, regulations relating to PFIs and the CTC was “a grey area”, Anglin said, which applied to this project, in which the Port Authority would be allowing one party to build a facility on its site and then allow a third party to pay for the use of the facility. “What he should have done is come to the people involved and find out the answers,” Anglin added. He thinks he has an unfettered right and the authority to do what he wants.”

Justifications regarding the short window of opportunity to get the cruise lines on board, the development of Cuba, the decline in cruise tourism revenue, the arrival of the mega ships and a perceived need to begin the project as soon possible were also offered as justification for choosing this route of selection with a selection committee rather than through CTC.  Bush confirmed, however, that the selection subcommittee had been instructed to meet with the auditor general to notify him on the processes and the steps that would be taken.

Dismissing the accusations of conspiracy, Duguay confirmed on Thursday that he would only conduct his audit once a contract was signed, but as he gathered information now, if he saw the process was transparent and clear value for money, it may not be necessary to conduct it at all. He pointed out again that by collecting information he was doing the job he was supposed to do, which was to monitor the financial arrangements of major government projects as set out in the law.

He also noted that the idea of tendering with a sole contractor was not unprecedented and that all that was required was for government to explain why DECCO would be the best choice and show value for money. As a result, the CTC process could be very short, he observed.

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  1. Caymanian to the bone says:

     in response to friday 01:45 – this is not old fashioned village politics – he knows exactly what he is doing – he has taken over our country! we have today appointed our very own papa doc! look at the way his followers blindly do as he bids…….out of both fear and dependence…..

    today we, the caymanian people, lost any semblance of control of our country

  2. An Upset Caymanian says:

     STOP!  Acting like little kids and get on with your darn jobs!  Instead of throwing slogans at each other, what you politicians need to do is to focus more on our Children’s education and Criminal Justice in this Country.   Especially cold cases that went unsolved for many years  within that corrupted Police Dept.

     Focus more on Immigration to let them Fingerprint all of these expats coming into our Country, that’s what you all need to do.   Also last but not least put aside some of that money you all are spending on yourselves and your mistresses while your fool fool wives stay at home and take your sh*t!  For once think about your own Caymanians and stop being selfish!  that once they get layed off from a job they will have something to fall back on create programs like Food Stamps….Medicare and Unemployment!  With that being said am out!

  3. Anonymous says:

    The Mac doth protest too much, me thinks!

  4. Anonymous says:

    It s becoming ever more obvious: Bush represents simple, old, village type of politics. He has "lost it" and can t keep up with how a mature and transparent government is meant to be run. Sad story.

    At that rate, at least he won t make it at the next election.

  5. anonymous says:

    Mac and some others here are saying that the UK is conspiring to destroy Cayman. They also say that the USA and EU are a part of this conspiracy. They go on to say that they (UK and it’s conspiritors) don’t like that Cayman is tax free (they want Cayman to introduce income and property tax).

    International News says that the G20 (Worlds 20 most powerful countries) are fed up with the rich getting away with avoiding taxes (through tax havens) and leaving the middle class and poor to pay higher taxes and recieve fewer services/benefits. G20 reports there is a New World Order in the making. Even if we have to pay income and property taxes (like the rest of the world) as long as the taxes are reasonable (we’re already paying them, just indirectly) and as long as Govt. cuts expenditure to essential services…then (and many others) don’t mind "paying my share for reasonable essential services and providing for those less fortunate.

    Cayman is but a dot on the globe, with a population of some sixty thousand people (less than thirty thousand indigenous) in a world of over six billion. Yet, Cayman is the worlds leader in hedge funds and a major financial centre with flows of trillions of dollars annually.

    How many caymanians have really benefitted from all this? And where are the savings that the govt’s. have put aside?

    It seems to me (and many others) that even if cayman’s leaders believe that UK, EU, USA are conspiring against us, the solution is to find ways to negotiate a workable solution. Not lambast and accuse the most powerful nations and their representatives…all from a dot of land. The fact is that "if" these powerful nations really are conspiring against Cayman, then no amount of trying to bully them or threaten them or their representatives is going to change that. In fact it will only worsen the situation…and give fuel to those who "might" believe in Cayman’s destruction. Finesse, sensible transparent dealings and good timing will go much further to ensure Cayman’s way forward for all.

    So, as i look at much of what is currently happening here in Cayman; both poitical parties not taking responsibility of anything to do with Cayman’s financial woes/problems (nah me), both parties blaming UK, EU, USA, and both parties fueling the "Independence" fire…it’s beginning to look more and more (to the informed and educated) that there may indeed be a conspiracy going on here…a conspiracy of our political leaders beginning to move Cayman towards Independence…to benefit themselves!

    They won’t ever have to "go to London" and "be told no", won’t have to worry about some nosy Governor or Auditor General…if necessary, no Cheif Justice, Financial Secreatary…and certainly no pesky Human Rights Commision…won’t have to answer to anyone who dares question the authority of the Premier.

    I believe that we must do everything to ensure Cayman’s well being (for the long haul) and that means making sure that we do not allow some self-centred and shortsighted politicians to cause the destruction of our ties with UK and in so doing, destroy the Cayman Islands.

    I will be urging my reprsentatives to STOP this Independence talk…and "take your licks like a man" and get on with "negotiating" a way forward with UK.



  6. Anonymous says:

    What we need more than a Premier tomorrow is a true Statesman!   "A politician thinks of the next election.  A statesman, of the next generation." ~James Freeman Clarke

    Abraham Lincoln said, "Honest statemanship is the wise employment of individual manners for the public good."  McKeeva, please think before you speak and watch your tone.   And also remember as Walter Lippmann, said "The opposition is indispenable.  A good statesman, like any other sensible human being always learns more from his opponents than from his fervent supporters."  

  7. Caymanian to the bone says:

     It really irks me that those who no longer live in Cayman, who chose to leave this country, who don’t vote here, work here or contribute to the economy, continue to make comment about the state of Cayman  – things have changed – it is no longer the island you once knew and reading the papers, and listening to any remaining friends you may have living here, will not, and cannot, possibly provide you with the information necessary to understand the situation accurately.

    Until you live it you cannot possibly understand it – living here 10 years ago does not give you the knowledge you need to accurately comment on Cayman as it is now. You are not part of the solution living in another country!

  8. The Unusual Suspect says:

    The impression I am getting from this forum and others is that people want to know what the government is doing and why they are doing it.  Under a proper system of representation that should not be a problem. The apparent anger is caused simply because the government doesn’t consult with, or even pay attention to the people.  Instead, we are "informed" (told) after the fact what is going to happen.  Obviously, if a government did come to office on a consensus much of what it decides would not irk so many people so much.  This leads you to conclude that the past election wasn’t won on merit, but, rather people thought they were choosing the lesser of two evils. Only to find out there wasn’t much difference.  Something is inherently wrong.  In some respects it may have to do with "everyone hates the government – no matter who they are".  But on a deeper level, it indicates how facetious and phony elections have become.  We tromp off to hear policiticians rant and rave about what they are doing, or what they are going to do.  And politely cheer or boo.  Important issues are side-stepped or not addressed at all in pre-election hoopla.  There is good reason for that.  ELECTIONS ARE DESIGNED TO BE FAITH-BASED.  Believe it or not. Because we are asked to cast ballots based on nothing more than hyperbole purposely devoid of any details.  Then, afterwards, because it was based on faith rather than facts we cross our fingers, and pray.  Pray that some of what was said to us was true.  Pray that they won’t diverge toooo much from what they said.  And… if things don’t get better, pray they won’t get worse.  And pray that after all the decisions affecting us have been made someone remembers.  Oh yeah…..them!!  In our excitement on settling into power we almost forgot about… the voters.  How soon they forget.

    Back to the anger I’m seeing expressed:

    If anyone from government reads these forums (and I hope they do) it should be obvious there are still quite a few who are not fully convinced that you are paying attention.

    A horrible thought occured to me.  

    Does it matter?

  9. Anonymous says:

    First we were told that the country was broke. The opposition PPM were accused of overspending, because they were investing in schools, hurricane shelters, Government offices and the people.  You said that the civil service was too big, we needed to scale back and save money.  What I cannot understand, since these projects were already started, why not get them finish first before starting anything else up.  We needed to tackle the dump by clearing the massive site up first. We needed to complete the roads projects. Get the Government offices sorted out. Tackle Immigration and unemployment first.  The docks should be the last thing we should consider after all of the above. Why MacKeeva are you rushing the construction of the dock.? Don’t you have more important issues to tackle first?  MacKeeva the elections are over since May, stop blaming PPM, the Governor, the Police and the Auditor General for everything.  Tune down your rhetoric, act professional, think about the Caymanians people dillema , listen to constructive criticism and stop the street fighting.  You are a grown man and the leader of a country, act like one please.  Stop disgracing your people and put God first in your life. Not MONEY!!!!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    If you doubt the UK is behind the delay – just watch how quick the Governor will rush to defend the Auditor General.

    • Anonymous says:

      We survived hurricane Ivan, but we sure as hell will not survive hurricane Mac & Dart

    • Anonymous says:

      already done!!

    • Anonymous says:

      That would prove only that he is at least in this case concerned about good governance.

    • Anonymous says:

      The only Caymanians that agree with what McKeeva Bush is doing since he took over as LOGB is the Caymanians that are gaining financially and the 1 or 2 of you who that applies to can post on CNN that you agree with what McKeeva Bush is doing but you are not gaining financially, BUT WE KNOW DIFFERENT!

    • cnsb says:

      The governor will defend the auditor general because you have a soon-to-be Premier acting like a 3rd world tin-pot dictator…  So yes, the governor will defend the auditor general’s right to do his job without any political interference.  Of course your ignorance prevents you from seeing that MacChavez is acting like a two year old brat who doesn’t like the rules that heis bound by.  So you go ahead and believe all that MacChavez regurgitates and see where that gets you…

  11. T says:

    Look on the bright side, in Bermuda, their Premier had their AG arrested to spend a night in a cell.

    Then stopped his funding so he had to move to a tiny office with no staff, all because he found unethical (but not illegal) corruption going on.

    Big Mac still has a little way to go.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I agree with Bracker Dan. Mac, do what has to be done to get this country back on track. Who don’t like it, do the next best thing. Caymanians (I am one born and bred), need to get a grip and appreciate what he is trying to do, ie keep from being pressured into income tax by the UK!!!!

    Mac, we are proud of you and we know if anyone can get us out of this mess, it’s you. You have the will to do so, what many persons lack!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Please wake up out of your dream and come back to reality, starting from way back to First Cayman Bank and come up to the present day and we will see what kind of "right track" Mac will put us on. Maybe you getting a cut and feel that is the "right track" now go snort it!

  13. Sam Puk-Puk says:

    "History teaches us that

    men and nations behave wisely once they have exhausted all other alternatives" – Abba Eban

    We are still exhausting.



  14. Anonymous says:

    Can we start a countdown clock to the British taking direct rule back?  Tick, tock.

    • Anonymous says:

      some good reasons for direct rule:

      we have issues of corruption and now we have the logb threatening the auditor general for doing his job

      the local politicians have brought the country to the point of bankruptcy


      it would not be a bad thing to bring in direct rule for 2 years,

      the standard of local politicians is embaressing (how can any caymanaian seriously consider independence???)

  15. Anonymous says:


    Can’t exactly say this is … a surprise. McKeeva, again, wants to bypass all laws and equal opportunity checks put in place by our own ancestors to preserve the integrity of our people and our country to do what he wants! Anytime someone questions his authority in bypassing these laws he gets on the news and personally attacks them…  the latest is focused on the AG "Thinks he is not accountable to anyone, thinks he can run amok, say anything, accuse people cause that’s what he’s doing…"   Are you kidding me ???  Who are we talking about here? Cause it’s not the AG!   SO WHO IS IT THAT REALLY THINKS THEY ARE NOT ACCOUNTABLE TO ANYONE ? Keeps bypassing all laws and doing as they please… ??? Gee… talk about the pot calling the kettle black… McKeeva !!!  I don’t know about anyone else but I am really tired of this new DICTATORSHIP GOVERNMENT that has come into power !! What gives you the right ???  You come in slinging mud and playing the blame game, trying to make the country’s financial picture much worse than it actually was from the start (harming the county’s financial reputation abroad in the mean time)  …  so UDP could  then try to play the "Hero" and "save " us from taxes.   OH yes… UDP your my new "ZERO" !   
    So what’s next ? Fulfilling another campaign promise and passing gambling?  Putting a referendum out there so people can think their vote actually counted? PLEASE… you promised that years ago when that 5 star hotel was built !!!  
    So you still haven’t told us… what will this new dock really cost us???  What promises have you made…Our children’s Crown Land, another change of law or something much bigger, like Cayman going Independent? Why don’t we just abolish all laws and call you Emperor McKeeva now… you seem to think this is a Dictatorship Country and you can bypass them all as you please anyway!
    Actually, the only thing I am surprise about lately is that the new public holiday isn’t called  "McKeeva Day". If he had any integrity he would have passed on accepting the position of Premier as he voted "NO" for the new Constitution!! I believe that was one of his major campaign slogans " VOTE NO FOR THE NEW CONSTITUTION"  I guess that is like the salary increases that they got just after winning the elections… believe that was one of their big campaign promises as well (No salary increases for MLA’s).  They blamed that on PPM as well…(was passed before they got there)… BUT I DIDN’T SEE ANY OF THE UDP MEMBERS OFFER TO GIVE IT BACK !!!  As a matter of fact with the grim picture you were painting of our economy… that should have been the first thing you did !!! 
    Just so you know… not all Caymanians are fools or so easily fooled (some of us actually have college degrees, and don’t just say we do)! Your cash, campaign promises, silvered tongue, mud slinging and verbal attacking of people may buy you votes with your constituents… but you can’t fool all the people all the time… !


    • Anonymous says:

      What a load of crock? come on now, read what you just wrote, do you really believe that load of crap.

      PPM foolishness at its best!!

      • Anonymous says:

         What is a bunch of crock is the stupidity that spews from the LOGB’s mouth on a daily basis.

        What’s an even bigger bunch of crock is the useless tissue between your ears.

        UDP foolishness at best!

      • Anonymous says:

        So what your saying is…. If anyone has intelligent opinion it’ mustbe come from the PPM party!?! Hmmm….

        Just to set the record straight…. Not a member of any political party except… concerned Caymanian!

    • GT Ninja says:

      I used to think I was alone in my feeling about McKeeva. Then I read your comment and felt a ray of hope that some of my countrymen have their eyes open.

      The whole counrty should wear black every year on Nov. 6th. The darkest day in the history of the Cayman Islands. The second darkest day was the day this gang leader and his fellow cronies were re-elected.

      I feel like my counrty is being run by the mafia.

  16. Bracker Dan says:

    Mac, do what ya gotta do… dem ol’ crabs in the bucket, is at it again… where the heck is that bucket lid?


  17. The Scribe says:

    He doth protest too much, methinks. To quote the Bard. 

  18. Dred says:

    Okay. All I want to know is how do we start up a Referendum again?


    1) Let’s dig a trench just on the otherside of West Bay Fire Station from one side of Island to the next.

    2) Declare West Bay another country

    3) Disolve Government

    4) Hold another vote

    5) Sleep better at nights


    • Anon says:

      Totally agree with you on that one! Everyone and their blind dog, deaf cat and dump donkey knew that Dart would get that job as long as BIG MAC had anything to do with it! And he can’t stand that anyone would stand up against him and question his actions. I am glad the AG has done what he’s done. Now he just needs to stick to his guns and NOT be intimidated XXXX and just do what needs to be done so we can hopefully get to the real truth of the matter.

    • UniqueCommonSense says:

      I have a "No-Confidence Vote Petition" you can sign if you ready to join the fight to save our country !!

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ve started to dig the trench, but I need help!

    • Anonymous says:

      Better yet, why don’t we find out where you live and dig the trench there..such ignorance!

  19. Anonymous says:

    To 19:34

    He is not the Attorney General  but the ‘AUDITOR’  GENERAL

  20. bradley says:

    But people

    I am not a UDP member, but we need to understand where Mac is coming from here. Please let me explain. We need to see the whole political landscape between us and the UK before making judgements.
    Here is a rundown:
    After Cayman Islands Government meeting with the UK’s FCO this year about our economic downturn, remember the results of the meeting were as follows:
    No direct taxation FOR NOW… that was the major result. Yes, people… direct taxation is still an option on the tables. Our present government managed to supplant this option of taxation for a "continued" revenue base –
    FOR NOW. Also, I understand that our present government was given the go-ahead to ONLY borrow from lenders up to $229 million dollars to address the current expenses.
    However, the FCO is clever. Don’t be fooled people. In the 1960’s to 70’s, we witnessed how the UK secretly and illegally threw the Chagos islanders off their own island, to make way for a US military base. Although, after 40 years, the high courts ruled such an eviction illegal, the UK Government simply passed new orders bypassing the courts, and has just won an appeal to the Law Lords confirming its right to do this. The FCO at the time was clever in fooling the citizens of those Islands, and was successful. To this day, the islanders are now living in poverty in a land not their own. So you can see why it is hard for a politician, I beleive, such like McKeeva to completely trust in the mother country. Chagos Islands ahd nothing to do with the Cayman Islands, but it shows what these people are capable of! 
    The FCO now has indicated to us that with the approval of such things, our Cayman Islands government MUST:

    1.  Cut its expenditures, including those expenses incurred by the Civil Service
    2.  Commit to expand the revenue base of the Cayman Islands by the budget year of 2010-2011 (a limited period of time purposely allotted); and,
    3.  We must commit to an independent review to see how a community fee (CEF) and direct taxation would impact us.
    These, my people are deliberate proposals created by the FCO. WHAT HAPPENS IF WE ARE NOT ABLE TO MEET THESE PROPOSALS? What happens if this budgetary plan set out by the UDP, does not work??? So far, the UDP Government has agreed to these conditions. The PPM thinks otherwise, because so far, they argue that they have not seen any "cuts" of expenditures by the civil servants in the Budget. The UDP seems to be leaning more towards increasing our revenue base instead of "cutting." But this #1, is a condition that needs to be fulfilled as well. 
    So without apology, I personally believe, the FCO has agreed, but cleverly seeks for our failure on “running our own economy” or meeting these conditions. Condition #2 cleverly gives us a deadline – until the year 2010 to 2011.  So it appears that the FCO is making this difficult for us. And U.S. President Barak Obama and Prime Minister Gordon Brown does not mean well for these Islands, referring to us as a "tax haven" and that havens are the primary cause for the global economic downturn. Their aims is to fully drain the "tax havens," so their economies can be replenished and unemployment go down. What is missing from this world puzzle, is the known fact that people seek the Cayman Islands for simplier business and to avoid governmental pryings and regulations. So it is really the case that Obama and Brown need to "clean house" before they start putting the load on someone else. The FCO wants us to go DIRECT TAXATION not only for the interest of the UK, but for other "ulterior motives."  Also, this corruption probe into our government and judicial system through Governor Stuart Jack’s pursuance is one way of making us look like we need "British rule." In August of this year, we just witnessed how the UK throgh the FCO took over the “financial records” of the Turks and Cacois Islands to do whatever they pleased.
    Because the UDP government, our present government, has not been given the full financial support like we should (only $229 million allowed to borrow from private lenders), our present government is left with other means to finding an income like increasing duties, fees, and permit fees. That is why Caymanians we are experiencing all of these expenses. Mckeeva Bush says with increases in fees and expenditure cuts we will be able to raise enough funds without the UK’s help. This is what the UK doesn’t want to see happen on a “clean-slate,” because it will show to the world that we are capable of taking care of ourselves without any corruption involved. They want to prove certain factors against us that only an experienced UK attorney would be able to decipher.
    Now our Government has decided to expand the revenue base by building a Cruise berthing facility in George Town. It appears the UK has presently left us without any help – until we meet her abovementioned conditions. The article reads, “
    Bush insisted the CONSPIRACY was a FACT and not an assumption. ‘They want us back where the FCO will tell me ‘no’ and put the crunch on us,’ Bush added. There was no need for the AG to be involved, Bush stated, as government was not spending anything or giving up anything.” As an Independent, I don’t blame the minister for thinking such a conspiracy. Conspiracies are usually lacking in evidence, but I think, there are sufficient evidences for this particular one.
    McKeeva is accusing the Audit General, Dan Duguay who he states has UK connections “TO UNDERMINE THE ECONOMIC PROSPERITY OF THE CAYMAN ISLANDS because of his announced intentions to undertake an audit of the port tendering process once a contract has been signed.” Why would the minister think that this was the case? He thinks that this IS the case, because we agreed with the FCO to expand the revenue base of the Cayman Islands by the budget year of 2010-2011. Do you think we would be able to do this before the TIME after the AG has done its auditing and red-taping???
    On the other hand, we can criticize Mckeeva Bush for not going through the proper processes or channels before attempting to increase our revenue base, and in the long run, spare these Islands from direct taxation. THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING. I personally don’t like to criticize and don’t condone it! But one thing I know is for sure, Cayman:  Time is against us!  We don’t want to see the UK have “justifiable reasons” to do whatever she pleases to us. She has never been a good mother, and will never be.
    God help us!
    • Anon says:

      This was a very humbling read. All I can say is, I pray to GOD that HE let’s things work out for the best for the people of the Cayman Islands.

      Yes, GOD HELP US ALL.

    • frank rizzo says:

      What is missing from this world puzzle, is the known fact that people seek the Cayman Islands for simplier business and to avoid governmental pryings and regulations.


      I believe it would be more accurate to say: "What is missing from this world puzzle is the premise that astute global businesses seek the Cayman Islands to avoid the additional layer of taxes that would impact negatively on their return."

  21. Anonymous says:

    Maybe the ‘Protocol’ office should have been consulted!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Cayman is all about Mackeeva Bush.

    This guy is behaving like he owns the entire Cayman Islands and everyone else is trying to steal a little bit from him.

    A Puppy do not know when enough is enough, thats why they often get choked.

    At the present rate one could expect to see MB vomiting the Cayman Islands bit by bit. Unfortunately you cant recycle vomit so thats the end of us all.

  23. What conspiracy? says:

    Is it a conspiracy that Mr. AG wants to run "good ship Cayman" like a business and our present leadership wants to run it like a cathouse where anything goes. I didn’t think so! Wise up people don’t allow this "bull" to be pulled over your eyes.

    God bless the Cayman Islands going forward we are in for a rough ride.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why didn’t the auditor general request that the UK appointed tax consultant work go to CTC?

    • Anonymous says:

      The Auditor General should always have the right to investigate, what i dont understand is why he didn’t investigate the situation with the MOU to Atlantic Star. That one was done more secretly and raised all sorts of questions.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Bye, bye Dan Duguay!!!!!!

  25. Anonymous says:

    Who is Mr Bush going to sue?  According to the new Constitution, the Cayman Islands is a "A country with open, responsible and accountable government, that includes a working partnership with the private sector and continuing beneficial ties with the United Kingdom". 

  26. Who you fa says:

    I do believe that the auditor General has the right to query and investigate the government in cases such as this one; however I also can see the rationale behind the leaders descision to do it this way. The Cayman Islands is in a very precarious situation, and time is simply not on our side, we have already been told in plain English language that if we don’t get this thing done, we stand to lose a substantial amount of cruise business. Now I know a lot of you talking heads will bring up this report that suggest that the cruise business is on the rise and that we have a golden paraschutte sitting over Cayman. Well yeah people are taking advantage of cheap cruises to ride out the worst economic crisis since the great depression but what the report does not mention is the rising competition around us; I just took a trip to the Bay Islands  and I was quite impressed to find a state of the art cruise facility under construction; i believe it is schedule for completion  December 2009. The bottom line is guys wether you hate Mac or love him, we need to get this thing done and fast, to allow burocracy to delay this right now is just not good sense.

    I ask the AG to focus on the $$$ and let the Government decide how the get this thing done.

  27. Anonymous says:

    There will always be those persons and countries who don’t want to see the country recover – unfortunately the Auditor General doesn’t seem to only offer delay to our recovery.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Dan Duguay. Instead of the newly appointed Chairman of the Port Authority awarding a "contract" to build the cruise pier, the Government has entered into a "Memorandum of Understanding". A small victory, but a victory none the less for the people. We the people deserve to know what is going on and through the CTC we can be assured that everything is above board.

  29. Caymanian says:

    The AG sounds like he’s trying to look out for Cayman by doing his job correctly.. And by him doing his job, the LoGB is creating such a stink? why?  Somethings obviously not right here.. Im sorry MB but only a guilty man with something to hide carries on that way..  I think this "Contract" with "Dart" XXXX should be viewed by the public.. I think every big project should be shown to the Caymanians first and let us have a say in whether it should be done or not..  Because right now, MB is representing the people of WEST BAY, not the whole Country!! But he’s running it and acting like everyone in Cayman voted for him.. only WB friend, only west bay..  Not saying the Berthing facilities is a BAD idea, i think its a great idea if it DOESNT DESTROY SMB (another issue that needs to be looked at). You can turn the One day visitors into stay over visitors.. But why would they wanna stay over if SMB looks like a swamp?  I dunno, it’s so confusing and frustrating when you have no facts, or nothingto look at..  You can’t make up the way you feel on it without ANYTHING!!  Me personally, i would like to have a look at that contract, so i can imagine why the AG would..  Just remember, Cayman is only 76sq miles,  Find out how much of that Dart owns friends.. Im sure you would be SHOCKED!! and no he wont have it all under the name DART!  Its only a matter of time you wont own anything except for the little piece of land your grandfather gave to you, and you better hold onto that, because when DART is done with you, you, your children or your grandchildren won’t be able to step foot on, muchless THINK about buying/affording a lil house lot to build on.. haha. WAKE UP CAYMAN, WAKE the F#@! UP!!

  30. Anonymous says:

    for somebody who has says he has done nothing wrong, big mac seems to be getting very excited…… keep going dan!

  31. Anonymous says:

    What a difference between the professional who speaks professionally and the unprofessional who rants. Disgraceful! 

  32. Anonymous says:

    OMG! what is McKeeva on?! Now I knew since May 20th we were in for serious trouble but honestly, Mac and the UDP are much bigger monsters than I ever imagined. Since May 20th I’ve not only been scared of what’s to come but I’ve also been totally embarassed that this is our government and mostly that McKeeva is our LOGB!

  33. Geordie Sam says:

    Bush’s typical response – to bully the person who disagrees with him – is all the more disgusting because it is a senior Government officer who is being bullied. Bush clearly has no respect for anybody, regardless of the office they hold. The AG is independent of Gvernment and thank God for that. And how dare Anglin say it’s the AG’s fault for not coming to them and asking them about it – after MB and his cronies have blasted him for even questioning the process. No doubt the AG is asking the right questions but you can just imagine the cooperation he’s getting.

    This contract must follow the rules set down in the legislation, and no exception. Is there really no-one In Cayman who can slap McKeeva down? – he’s out of control!

    Stick to your guns Dan and don’t wilt under the obvious pressure you are coming under. Your position and integrity are more important than the ability to continue to live in Cayman should it ever come to that.

    • town hall rd -WB says:

      Govt might not be spending a cent (according to Mac) however who will profit from it?  Mac and Co. for sure!!!  At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what we as concern caymanian say on this site, senior Govt officals will always have their way.  Dan continue to bring the light out on Mac so after his 4 years in he will be out.


      it could be true that a private firm will build this port for the govt of the cayman islands.


      if the company is doing this for thecountry for free then the AG will not need to audit it.  The auditing will have to be done with the private firm that is doing the work.

  34. bradley says:

    My people

    We live in perilous times where so many are trying to “get rich quick” and fool the people of these Islands. We need to be “aware” that if we are going to financially survive, we need to avoid creating favorable conditions for political corruption in the Cayman Islands.
    Conditions like:
    1. Selling Cayman-owned properties to (people) of influence;
    2. Privatization of Cayman’ vital economic operations;
    3. Allowing government licenses needed to conduct business, e.g., import licenses, encourages bribing and kickbacks
    The use of legislated powers by governmental officials for illegitimate private gain is a great temptation. Lack of transparency is also a factor that needs to be considered. I can’t say how important it is that we all become "aware" of those serious factors, corrupting our politicians who are but mere human beings.
    God help us!
  35. Anonymous says:

    hey..u do kno that if he (the auditor general) audits DECCO the process will take way longer right? Your port will probably take longer than 4 years to build…and plus everybody knows Dart is a good company. All of you being saying that theyre not going to provide you with jobs are all selfish idiots. Stop being stupid and think.

    • Anonymous says:

       That’s assuming our ‘port’ is really essential. There are a lot of us who think it isn’t.

  36. Sad Caymanian says:

    I could not believe my ears when I listened to McKeeva’s rant on the radio Thursday. He has the maturity level of a six year old child. Seriously, why hasn’t someone coached him on how to at least sound like an adult politician?

    He has the power and the votes, why does he act like that? What a terrible image to send out to the world and to potential investors.

    What does it say about the quality of character and judgement of UDP politicians like Cline Glidden, Mike Adam, Anglin, Solomon and others that they would hitch their wagon to this man? Bush is popular and well entrenched in West Bay, yes, but come on. Is that all that matters? What decent and sophisticated person would team up with such a silly and angryman?

    Cayman needs national elections for national leaders. This system where a relative handful of drunks and misfits in West Bay determine who ends up being the most powerful man in Cayman is not working.

    Cruise ships are the ruin of Cayman tourism. Remember 20 years ago when Cayman was focused on bringing in high end tourists to our hotels? Thanks McKeeva. Now we are committed to letting thousands of penny-pinching fat cruisers roam the streets to buy an ice cream cone before heading back to the ship. Bush actually said yesterday that we need more cruise ships because too many mini-bus drivers aren’t getting enough passengers. Yes, let’s make sure the mini-bus industry of the Cayman Islands is taken care of. That’s the priority!

    By the way, has anyone looked around Grand Cayman lately? Our island looks like a dump. Next time you drive through GT take a good loook around. We don’t need a dock, we need a major cleanup and a lot of urban planning.

    McKeeva’s legacy will be that he changed Cayman from a unique and beautiful Caribbean tourism destination into a shoddy, dirty and dangerous cruise ship terminal.

    It’s so sad to watch a country crumble because of inept leadership.


    • Anonymous says:

      Well said.  Yes, has anyone looked around Grand Cayman, it does look like a dump.  Try walking around the streets, even worse, you will see much more than from a car.  Don’t like to compare but please, take a look at Bermuda’s roads and streets compared to Grand Cayman.  Why is there such a difference……?

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes Cayman now looks like a big dump not a beautiful tropical Island. As for the planning department they are also another incompetent bunch. They allow apartments to be built in residential neighbourhoods. This brings down the value of homes in these neighbourhoods. They seem to approve anything. Mckeeva needs to start talking about how to clean up Cayman and beautify it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Also has to be said that people do not care nor take pride in their surroundings, beer bottles, garbage and lots more just thrown and strewn whereever……put the garbage in a garbage bin!

    • Anonymous says:

      The only thing I don’t agree with in your statement is that Solomon looks bad because of the way MB is behaving. Solomon is doing a fine job of making an a$$ out of his self. Other than that, Well said.

  37. The Unusual Suspect says:

    Why… as the LOGB states, is it unusual or even a detriment for the Auditor General of a country to request further information about a private-public project that was tendered without going through the usual process?

    What is UNUSUAL is allowing an appointed director of a public enterprise to give himself non-interest bearing "loans" and salary advances, and buying drinks for himself and his friends with public funds.

    What is UNUSUAL is for millions of dollars to be spent on a corruption probe without any results?  Or public knowledge or accountability.

    These answers and recommendations could have been forthcoming from the government.  But they WEREN"T.

    The Auditor General’s Office is the ONLY place whereby the public receives answers as to where it’s money is spent.

    We are not subjects and this is not a serfdom and we are glad it is exists and we are glad it does what it’s intended to do.

    Anyone who doesn’t like that concept shouldn’t be a representative of the people.

    • One Caymanian Not fooled says:

      The AG’s office is not the place where your find out where your money was spent, that would be the Finance Committee in the LA, soon to be Parliament. The AG is merely an independent reviewer of “How” Government actually spent the money and was it “value for money”. Both important points however.

      I agree it was very UNUSUAL for the PPM Government to give Joey the free reins at Boatswains Beach and the party will suffer for his indiscretions…. And also the Governor to Spend all of our money, with no positive benefit to the Cayman islands to date….these points would eventually have come out in the annual audit of Boatswains beach and the Financial Committee where the Governor would have to request the money( or actually Take it, do not forget he did that last year)

      It is this type of public “for your good” sentiment that this AG has played like a fiddle to get his contracts renewed…once in 2005 and he is shooting for it again early next year- that is why he is in the papers. Do not be “played” by this AG. Think. Do not let our anti-“the other group” leave us blind to what is happening to us from the great FCO. Did you read the latest??…a separate police force “within” the police force of “expats only”…think Cayman, Think, please.

      Keep blogging but start thinking of who is actually pushing the buttons in our little UK Colony ( sorry meant “Territory”). Sooner of later, Britain’s “divide and conquer” process will be accomplished….as of tomorrow, they will have us constitutionally split up into parties that do not like each other! “Now on to PLAN B, old chaps– Infiltrate their economic systems, police force and civil service…oh, we did that already, cheery-oh. Then lets go to the beach or a pool party, Lads”

      Walk good

    • Anonymous says:

      And yet he is. The next question on everyones mind should be ……Why is that?

  38. Anonymous says:

     MB is clearly not a well man. He needs help and I suspect that he needs it quite urgently. Does the new constitution have procedures to cope with an emergency such as this?  

  39. Spectator says:

    IN reply to ….

    The attorney general Dan

  40. NSS says:

    Guess Dan’s application for PR won’t be approved then.

  41. Anonymous says:

    I hope that Mr Duguay will continue to do his job as Auditor General and not be intimidated, regardless of criticism/accusations thrown his way.  If the correct process has been followed and all is transparent then there is nothing to fear and no need for the kind of reaction being displayed in this newstory. There is a reason why this country has an Auditor General and I thank him for investigating as he does and delivering his reports for the public good.

  42. Anonymous says:

    What an embarassment! I listened to as much of the udp press conference that my stomach could manage & watched clips on News 27, & it was a disgrace & embarassment. Can the other udp members really be proud of that man, can the other udp members really be proud to be colleagues of that man? His actions, the tone of his voice, & the things he says are the actions & words of a guilty man. Can it be that he is very worried that the AG is going to expose the truth? Is there something to hide, & is he worried that the AG is going to expose it? He surely acts like a guilty person forsome reason.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Can someone please educate our Beloved Leader in the proper way to wear a poppy. It is worn on the left lapel or near the heart, NOT on the right side where he has his.

    But then again that is assuming he has a heart and that he can be educated.

    • Anonymous says:

      wow you are childish…did you ever consider that when the LOGB made his donation to the veterans that is where it was placed? I watched the daybreak show this morning and one of the ladies there was pinning the poppies on the right side…how petty can you get!!

      • Makam says:

        Yes how petty can you get….and you also probably want him to adhere to the Constitution and the Law….wow how petty can you get!


    • Anonymous says:

      20:31 thanks for the early morning joke!

  44. Anonymous says:

    "Nobody is going to push us down", do these words sound like coming from someone with a sound mind? These are words of a DICTATOR and Cayman we can stop all this now before its too late. Please Cayman, I am begging you all for the good of your children and grandchildren, lets use the first referendum of the new Constitution to have McKeeva Bush removed as Premier of Our Beloved Isles Cayman. We can still save Cayman!

    • Anonymous says:

      Its too late for that.  Don’t think so?  Just try it.  How will he treat Caymanians if they rally agianst him? As long as he has power he will use it against any and all enemies.  Foreign and Domestic.  Watch your back.

  45. anonymous says:

    Now who’s "playing politics"?

    Mac and UDP (and for that matter, Kurt also) insist on behaving like spoilt children whenever anyone questions them, they attack with bullying tactics.

    The Auditor General is doing exactly as he should be…requireing that the process be transparent!

    Cayman is in dire need of some real statesmen…

  46. spectator says:

    The esteemed premier-designate is treading a fine line here….some of his comments are very "loose" to say the least.  Its funny how one of the main checks and balances in cayman society is being trashed when he attempts to gain further information.  If there was nothing to hide there would be NO need to start personal attacks..just answer the questions or go through the right channels which are designed for greater transparency!! Look out and see this habit continue.

  47. Anonymous says:

    The attorney general Dan Duguay is having too much to say and jumping to conclusions with the help of others.

    What is his immigration status? Can’t he be "rolled over" too!  I am sure he can be replaced? Maybe this is why he behaves the way he does because he thinks he cant be replaced!!

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:


      The AG was appointed to do a job. He is doing his job for the country and the people.

      What seems to be the LOGB’s issue here……….

      ** This is a huge project that could put a final economic nail in Cayman’s financial coffin. ** This is a complicated project with private financing utilizing the peoples property. ** A deep breath for 8-12 months to allow forproper contractual review, project review and an environmental impact study will not hurt the country anymore than it is hurting now. ** Why the urgency for this project….why is this project the "answer". It may not have the answers as many feel. ** Why the conspiracy theories from the LOGB…..why all of a sudden when people with good sense, with a job to do, why are they being accused of having hidden agenda’s. ** If there is nothing to hide …then open the doors….give the peoplr the evidence that this is a well thought out necessary project for the country. ** If you keep the doors closed the only thing people can assume is that there is something "funny" about a 150,000,000.00 project.

      Many would have the greatest respect for the Cabinet if they would just slow down, follow due process, be transparent and get the spending under control.

      The " tax issue " with the UK is not over. As some see it there has been no concrete advancement to cutting costs for running the CIG,  creating new income streams and not just borrowing to pay pay pay.

      • Anonymous says:


        Another expat that now has Cayman papers – life is good and sweet!!

      • Anonymous says:

        "Many would have the greatest respect for the Cabinet if they would just slow down, follow due process, be transparent and get the spending under control".

        Well said.

      • Makam says:

        I agree 100%

    • Anonymous says:

      OMG, is your name McKeeva Bush as it sure sounds like exactly like him – Anonymous Wed, 11/04/2009 – 19.34 – if someone investigates or disagrees with you, you get rid of him, " Can’t he be rolled over too! I am sure he can be replaced? The words of a Dictator!

      • Anonymous says:


        A Dictator that has guts, balls and gets the work done not sleeping on the job or have to be driven home!!

        • Anonymous says:

           You’re quite right. We should censor the press (even more than it is already) and remove any of the remaining (limp) checks and balances. We’ve already got rid of the notion of innocent until proven guilty and we could then say for sure and certain that fascism is alive and kicking in Cayman. 

    • Pommie B says:

      If Mr Duguay does his job to the very best of his ability in attempting to protect the laws and people of the Cayman Islands and gets treated like this, I suspect he would not be interested in staying in the land of the Muppett a minute longer than his contract (or the ever increasing number of Mosquitos) allows.

      His treatment by your " Premier" (what ever that means) is shameful and this whole debacle clearly shows us that  Mr. Bush is in no way a statesman…. 

      Cayman, you are being internationally disgraced by a XXXXX bully.