Rattray claims prison transformation to UK tabloid

| 13/11/2009

(Scottish Sun): A Jail boss who swapped Scotland for the Cayman Islands has revealed how he has transformed the country’s prisons.  Tough-talking Bill Rattray has overseen a remarkable turnaround on the paradise isle, which has far lower levels of violence and drug abuse than his homeland.  Now the 57-year-old wants to use his experience to help reduce violence in the Scottish prison system when he returns in two years’ time.

"There are certain practices here that I would love to take home,” he said.

“You are constantly reading about violence in Scottish prisons and prisoners assaulting each other or prison officers being assaulted. But there has not been a serious assault out here in the prisons for five years."

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  1. Coincident says:

    Coincident or    ???????


    I had to go search for this article. This article was posted November 12 and now December 12 I hear Mr Rattery is dead.

  2. Anonymous says:

    CNN seems to allow un-informed comments to be printed while comments from people who are knowlegeable and attempting to give facts are not allowed a posting. Very dissappointing , since it decreases the level of the debate to the lowest common denomenator. The Prison is actually run by the Director, he is responsible for everything that goes on there. His deputy is also responsible in a similar fashion. Billl Rattary is the Commisioner of Corrections and is not a civil servant. He is employed by the Government on contract at significant expense to advise the assistant Deputy Governor on matters related to corrections. The prisoners have been given new "human rights" by the new administration thus they no longer "have" to do anything except not escape. There is no penalty for not wanting to work, no penalty for not going to classes apart from a "not so good" report when thier parole comes up. SInce the whole parole system is illegal and not supported by any law, that is a moot point anyway. The result is exactly as was said in a crude manner above, the prisoners rule the prison. XXXXXXX As far as the cell phones, the prison has electronic means to block cell phone calls to a large extent but since the neighbours have complained I am not sure how often it is used anymore. Prisoners are allowed to use a land line on each block; that is how Sheldon Brown recently called a local talk show and melted the hearts and minds of many local people. The politics of a Prison in Cayman is complex since 90% of the officers , Managers, and staff were no born here but 400 mile to the east of Grand Cayman. The politics also extends to higher managers outside the Prison service who may find it convenient to have a Commissioner Rattary or otherwise.

    • Nicky Watson says:

      1. Who’s CNN? Are you referring to the big US media corporation or the struggling local newspaper? Either way, they have nothing to do with CNS.

      2. "Facts" given by anonymous sources with no indication of how they know these "facts" and with no documented evidence are sometimes called "gossip". You might have absolute confidence in your information but to us, you’re just another "Anonymous".

      3. As I noted before on this thread, a suspect has been charged with the murder of Sabrina Schirn but has not been found guilty, so any comment that assumes his guilt is deleted or parts of it are XXXXX’ed out.

      Whenever comments are deleted people make assumptions, mostly erroneous, about why it was not allowed. Read CNS comment policy.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Regardless of the Scottsman’s actions or lack thereof, someone needs to understand that until major changes take place regarding some of whom are in management positions there nothing will change!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Lets hope that when he returns home that they have pots and pots of money – as the previous posts have said he is not running a prison but a "five star hotel" – which is not too hard to do with money and a captive audience – he will not have to spend any funds on marketing the place as they will be lining up to come for a vist – just like they do here – at our expense

  5. Nicky Watson says:

    Just a reminder to those commenting on this story: A prisoner at Northward has been charged with the murder of a young woman while in custody but has not been found guilty.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Well, I’ve never heard anything like this!!! Where has this man been living? Could never be the same Cayman where I live!!

    Northward prison is a hotel, that’s why so many people keep committing crimes so they can go back there and be taken care of without having to work.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Who really gives a damn about one prisoner being assaulted by another? To be fair that is part of their punishment for committing their heinous crimes. Go to prison and accept the consequences.

    It’s not good at all when the prisoners live a life of luxury with plasma tvs, playstation 3s, mobile phones, AC and good food. Many members of the public cannot afford to live in such luxury. The cons should be made to work 18 hour days and look forward to the 6 hour break in their 7*4 cell with a mattress and toilet, shared between 2.

    There’s no violence in Northward because it’s more like a holiday park. Everyone is in holiday spirits especially knowing they will be let out on day release to go robbing, raping and murdering more victims each day.

  8. Anonymous says:

    When will people learn the world is a small place these days and boasting off to a Scottish paper will get back here to Cayman. The same thing happened after Ivan when The Scotsman-a quality paper- reported that Derek Haines and his son had on their own stepped in and saved Grand Cayman from looters and chaos.

  9. Anonymous says:

     Cayman can keep this XXXXXX- Some how I dont think they will be queuing up to employ him back in Scotland – 

    Can just see him (NOT) in charge  at good old Barlinnie – we could name it the Bar L Country Club in honour of the transformation he would make 

    I’d been interested to know how much money ispaid to have him in charge – 


  10. A REALIST says:

    You people just don’t get it. As much as it pains me to say he has done an excellent job.

    There has not been a violent incident at the prison in approximately 4 or 5 years. When one considers the various groups/factions in such a small space that is amazing in itself.

    Further, when was the last time Manderson or any other prisoner escaped.

    He has put in place many systems and policies to give prisoners the opportunity to educate themselves and build skill for when they re-enter free society.

    It can be joked by calld the prison a hotel but the fact is the young Caymanians who make up the majority of "residents" there are not used to hard life. If they believe that prison life is exceptionally tough there WILL be social unrest. And be honest. People on this island only talk the talk. When a person who is currently serving time for attempted murder called the Rooster talk show weeks ago with flowery stories of how he could help society many Caymanian melted like butter. It was prisoners who had to call in on subsequent days and remind Cayman who that person really was. And many in this community KNOW the history of that person going back twenty years. Conviction or not. My point is that the first time a Caymanian prisoner calls crying because of how hard life in Northward is, you same people will be calling for the Prison Boss’ head because he is mistreating your precious Caymanian treasures.

    While the incident in which a prisoner allegedly killed a member of the public was unfortunate that incident was an abheration. Also he was simply doing what you in the public were always clamouring for. Putting the prisoners to work.

  11. Anonymous says:

     No serious assault? Is Murder not a Serious Crime anymore? XXX

     The place is run like a damn Holiday Camp. Prisoners on Cell-phones constantly, having unmonitored access OUTSIDE of the prison compound? We spent over CI$1mil for this ‘Security Fence’, and yet prisoners roam the area TOTALLY UNSUPERVISED, outside of the compound.

     Don’t believe me? Go and see for yourself. And I am not talking about PETTY CRIMINALS either.

     Let’s see, FREE room and board, meals, health-care, unrestricted access to (insert whatever you like here), and Business as usual? 

    But WE pick-up the Tab to the tune of CI$90,000.00 per prisoner every year.

     Wait a minute, I think WE are the ones who are Insane, for allowing this crap for so long.

  12. Anonymous says:

    what a joke..Look who is standing next to him..Jack! Go figure

    • Anonymous says:

      What a bunch of crap. Prison officers are constantly being attacked and the incidents are being covered up the senior staff. XXXXX How on earth would any one want to take credit for such a failed prison system.  The only thing holding Northward together is the fact that the prisoners get everythign they want, in return, they don/t destroy the place.   

    • Anonymous says:

      What turn around? The prison is worse than before. Crimes are committed by a single cell phone call.  The prisoners rule and the officers obey. That is the only how there is any sort of peace at the prison. Hope Mr. Manderson take control over that disaster before an officer loses his life. The system must be revampted from the top down.  Get someone who can manage the bloody place already. Those three clowns at the top are a complete failure.

  13. NSS says:

    No serious assaults…except for a prisoner allegedly killing a civilian on the prison farm.  Oops.

  14. Anonymous says:

    transformed it into a holiday camp more like!  he panders toinmates and has poor management and accountability with his staff.  Inmates have phones, dictate to staff, have free access to drugs and he does absolutely nothing

  15. Animosity says:

    What a joke.

    Confined Prisoners murdering members of the Public. Is that what he wants to take back home??

    This guy has been running a 5 star hotel and thinks it is a Prison.

    • Get facts straight says:

      There is an allegation that a prisoner murdered an individual who allegedly went to meet the prisoner illegally with obviously no regard for their own safety.  We cannot expect to protect people who behave in this manner.

      • Straight facts says:

        One would expect if the prison were properly run, such a meeting, illegal or otherwise, wouldn’t have been able to happen in the first place. We cannot expect to deflect the point by blaming the people involved, rather than the system that failed.