UK falls in corruption league table to an all-time low

| 17/11/2009

(Daily Telegraph): The annual “corruption index” from Transparency International – which has been published since 1995 – found that Britain had slipped to 17th out of 180 countries. The UK is now more corrupt than countries like Japan, Hong Kong, Luxembourg and Austria. Transparency International gave the UK a Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) score of 7.7. Before 2008, the UK’s score had never slipped below 8.  The non-governmental organisation, which is based in Berlin, blamed the poor showing on a collapse in confidence in politicians triggered by revelations about MPs’ expenses.

NB: The listing does not include overseas territories

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  1. Anonymous says:

    If they included OT’s in the UK with MacMissick’s regime the ranking will be dropping by the hour.

  2. bradley says:

    Alot of criticism about the Transparency International’s CPI (Corruptions PERCEPTIONS Index). As you all know, corruption is willfully hidden, it is impossible to measure corruption directly; instead TI uses proxies or “substitutes” for recording corruption.

    The CPI usesthird-party surveys to sample public perception of corruption through a variety of questions, such as, "Do you trust the government?" It all has to do with PERCEPTION or people’s opinion about their government.

     Look at these rankings from TI (Transparency International) site:
    COUNTRIES                 RANKING
    The top five countries with the best perception readings
    New Zealand                  1
    Denmark                         2
    Singapore                       3
    Sweden                           4
    Switzerland                    5
    Major players
    United Kingdom            17
    United States                 19
    France                              24
    Russia                             146
    China                                79
    Brazil                                75
    Philippines                     139
    Japan                               17
    Canada                            8
    In the Carribean
    Cuba                               61
    Jamaica                         99
    Honduras                      130
    Colombia                       75                
    Haiti                                168
    Trinidad & Tobago      79
    The top five worst countries
    Iraq                                176
    Sudan                           176
    Myanmar                      178
    Afghanistan                 179
    Somalia                         180
    Remember these are base off of third party surveys, such as, “Is corruption a big problem in your country?” So the figures are opinionated. I guess we would be rated as 17 because we are under the UK
    • Carl the Canuck says:

      Notably Canada ranked highest of all the "major players", and also stands as the least corrupt nation on this half of the planet (North/South/Central America).

      So how’s it going in your country, eh?

      • Just Askin says:

        Shouldn’t you have written that in French, eh?

        • Carl the Canuck says:
          Notamment le Canada s’est rangé le plus haut de tout le "players principal", et également les stands en tant que mineurs corrompent la nation sur cette moitié de la planète (l’Amérique du Nord, l’Amérique du Sud et quintal Amérique).
          Comment allez vous, eh?


    • Anonymous says:

      Interesting! New Zealand first on the list. Recently there have been some posts which have suggested our adaptation of the Cayman version of the New Zealand model (PMFL) (encouraged by Kurt,George, Roy,Donnie,Gilbert, Joel and others for its fiscal prudence and transparency) was misguided.

      Ezzard of course-ah bless him- (since he knows nothing about it ) is a major critic. If only we had the low level of debt NZ has..but then they’re just furrinas aren’t they.And they don’t know how to twist rope and quadrille dance.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I hear their adding Cayman to the list at 182, just behind Sicily.

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe Bridger and his Buddies can check into that on their own Home-turf now and without the Sun and the Fun, Jack A.. could join them in a few weeks too……….LOL!

      • Carl the Canuck says:

        Rumour has it that Bridger was last seen touring Rome, making efforts to place the Pope under indictment for corruption. 

        This followed his unsuccessful efforts to arrange the arrest of Mother Teresa, foiled only by the fact of her passing in 1997.  Bridger is presently alleging a conspiracy in this regard going back to Ghandi’s peaceful resistance against tyranny, though still somehow tied in to the Cayman judiciary as well as the Pope.

        Bridger subsequently presented a bill to the Vatican for US $6.8 million for "investigative services".  The Pope reportedly told him to go to hell.