Major gang fight erupts

| 30/11/2009

(CNS): Around 40 people were involved in a fight between two gangs one from Bodden Town and the other from East End, which broke out in the very early hours of Saturday 28 November, at around 12:30am in the vicinity of the Pirate’s Bar in East End. The 911 Emergency Communications Centre received a call from a member of the public stating that there was a fight in progress outside the premises, and it was believed that machetes were involved. Medics responded to the location, but those involved refused medical attention or to be transported to the hospital.

When they arrived, police said they were engaged in defusing tensions between the groups, and questioned those present or suspected of involvement in the matter, but according to the RCIPS, they were met with obstruction and unwillingness to identify those responsible or to detail what had occurred.

Sources also told CNS that some memebrs of the gang could have been involved in a  car crash  while on their way to the hospital to receive treatment for their injuries sustained in the fight between the two rivial eastern district gangs.

The matter is currently being investigated by officers from Bodden Town Police Station and anyone who has information regarding the incident is encouraged to contact the station at 9472220 or call Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS).

The RCIPS is hosting a gang awareness presentation on Thursday 3 December, at the John A. Cumber Primary School in West Bay at 6:30pm. The event is to provide information to parents, guardians and teachers alike to help determine if a young person is at risk of becoming associated with or is involved in gang activity.

The presentation will be presented by RCIPS officers who have received certified training on this subject and will touch on the subjects of – what constitutes a ‘gang’, why people join gangs and signs of association, amongst other topics. They will also be available to answer questions. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    That fight was not gang related,just another bunch of people fighting on this island.Do you know why the so many East Ender’s fight together? Well its not because some bunch a guys came to East End to fight your neighbour or some one you knew but they picked a fight with someones cousin,brother, uncle,father- we are all a close knit community,East End,Northside,Bodden Town,George Town,West Bay or Savannah.Family will always look after family no matter where they are.So i say this was not some gang fight  but just a fight, a stupid fight as usual.No one in here can tell me they would never help one off their family members if they were in caught in a fight cause you know you all would in a heart beat.Situations like these people sometimes dont have any time to think about what there about to get into untill its too late.

    • Anonymous says:

      you are so right!!

      that was no way what-so-ever a gang related fight, i was there when two cars pulled up with three guys in each of the cars. one out of the young men i know very well, and i spoke to him and he had an attitude with me and then went on to tell me what his problem was. after hearing that this was all about some little girl, i started to make my way to my car hand in hand with my wife, when one of the young man and my nephew got into a shouting match i went back to try and talk them down and keep the peace but no one wanted to hear anything i had to say. the  one that i knew  keep pushing the issue and i got between them and ask please just relax and let i go but two of the brothers that came there pushing and pulling on me trying to get to my nephew and my nephew is trying to get to them when all hell broke lose. my nephew and one of the brothers got away and started to fight in the middle of the street and all of the other guys jumped in, one hit him in the head with a beer bottle and bust his head and thats when i got involved!!! So all of you that is making so much smart comments please try and find out what really happen before low rating people and calling people names. I feel very bad for what happen, because it didn’t had to go down like that. i just wish that we as young men and women can try and work out what ever it is with out getting into a fight or hurting one another! and as for the media you guys need to stop printing things that is no where near what is been put out to the public to read. I am a young man that have a lot of RESPECT for everone and everything. I runs from trouble when ever i can, i don’t go out looking trouble and i have more friends than anything else, i have respect for the young to the old i am sure some of you that made comments on here about this so call gang fight we have hang out in the same location and had a good time.i would like for all of you to put your self in my position and tell me that if that was you, you would just walk away and didn’t  try and help protect  your family member in some way or the other. and for all of your information there were at no point and time in that fight a weapon was pull on anyone besides the beer bottle that was thrown, it was all fist!!!!!!  I hate to fight but when i have to i will, there comes a time in your life when you have to do what you don’t want to do. what i have to say is this, and this came from older gentleman and i quot " if you are going to fight just make sure that you pick your battles carfully, never pick on someone you know you can’t beat" but what i see with the young men of today is that they never learn how to fight  but they want to any way becaues they have more than three of them together  and they have their guns and what have you. For the one that express that he had got into something in East End  maybe you should say what really happen and why you got what ever it was that happen to you!!! i am not saying that there are no trouble makers in East End but trust me even them don’t go out of their way to just pick a fight just so. those days has past us by years ago, and the police back then knew who they were and would lock them up for the weekend and let them out on monday monrnig for work and when friday came the were found and locked back up again until they could learn to hang out without causing any porblems and thats how the trouble makers was control in EastEnd, i am a young man but i know a lot about this, all i ever did was hang out with older people i learn a lot from them and it made who i am today. I never got into any trouble with law until i was 34 years of age, and that was with my childrens mother that made me see what being locked up was like and i swear i would never do that again, i moved on and now married and very happy.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Anyone wielding a weapon against another person is entitled to prison time and a permanent criminal record.  

    It behoves the district schoolmasters and parents to take a couple minutes this week to educate the youth on the lifetime consequences of a weekend brawl.


  3. Anonymous says:

    I have said it before and I will say it again. What are you doing Cayman to stop the crime?

    I will tell you…… NOTHING!! These Gun Gangs, Thieves and Murders are living the good life! They can kill our young people (our CHILDREN) they can steal and take whatever they want from us, and they scare away the only thing keeping Cayman’s economy alive….our Tourist! Great Job!
    Hey guess what?  They will get a reward for doing all these great and noble things! Yes, they will get a New Home Fully Furnished, Central Air, Delicious Meals, a New Great Job….plus all the ganja they could possibly want!
    So let’s go back to the beginning shall we. Do you see a problem here? What’s wrong with this equation? Oh right that’s it….PUNISHMENT! Where do they get punished in this equation? When justice is REALLY served in the Cayman Islands for these scoundrels please let me know!
     Until then happy crime days!
  4. English Ex Pat says:

    If my info is right, this fight was over a woman… stick together or not… how stupid and immature is that??

  5. Anonymous says:

    I have a questions for the Police and all the other members of these so call institution out there…Why is it that when there is any form of volience that includes gun, gangs etc that they cry out to the public for help…but when there is anything to do with drugs, ganga, cocaine etc the police do not need any help with finding it…Can someone answer that for me, especially the police…

  6. "Unsolved Mysteries" says:

    "The RCIPS is hosting a gang awareness presentation on Thursday 3 December, at the John A. Cumber Primary School in West Bay at 6:30pm. The event is to provide information to parents, guardians and teachers alike to help determine if a young person is at risk of becoming associated with or is involved in gang activity.

    Can this material be introduced within each as these crimes do affect all who reside within these Islands?  

  7. noname says:

    These so-called "gangs" are humorous!  Seriously, we live in a very small community and you’re going to get together with some of your idle friends, illegally import guns, use machetes and get stoned?!  Get over it people.  Bodden Town, East End, West Bay, George Town…it takes only an hour, hour and a half tops, to get around the whole island.  Funny really!  Let’s go to Chicago, Detroit, and Milwaukee and I’ll show you real gangs.  You jokers couldn’t make it there as "gangstas!"  Even these hardcore gangs have settled down!  You guys are a little late with the activity aren’t you?!  Come on, use the sense God gave you and stop being so fool! 

  8. Anonymous says:

    i am not from East End, but i am there all the time and i most say that East End people really do stick together and they will look out for one another. Guys from Bodden Town are always at the bar looking for a fight. You mess with one person from East End and i can guarantee that most of the community will be coming after you. Your best bet is to stay out of East End with your troubles and your negativeness.

    • Anonymous says:

      I"m not from  East End either but had  an altercation 3 years ago with them  East End  men and it wasn"t a situation where I initiated. I have never seen a bunch of idiots and fools (men) in my life. They stick their noses in people business that is of no concern to them. I"m not defending the Bodden Town men to say that they aren"t going to cause problems in East End. The majority of East End men are district locked so to speak and their behavior is a lotmilder when they have to come out of East End and face reality. As for speaking of negativeness they are the tops in Cayman lets face it.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I thought we didn’t have any gangs in Cayman???????

  10. Planet of the Idiots? says:

    Jesus! Help us.  If it isn’t that tired old Caymanian vs. Ex-pats., it’s East Enders defending their "turf" against Bodden Towners!  What kind of absent minded thinking promotes this kind of b.s.??  This is Cayman!!!  It’s an island.  And for all of us it’s home.  And home is where your heart is.  I know it’s nice to have your own team to root for but save it for football and cricket.

    If not, the aliens are going to come here and kick ass.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Where are our leaders?

    I sincerely hope they are not still in Dubai trying to solve all our problems by inducing wealthy foreigners and hedge fund types to our shores.

    We got local problems guys. (Seems the wealthy got some in Dubai too, they may not  be so able to solve ours)

    We have to fashion local solutions, first and foremost.


  12. CatMan says:


    I think it would be beneficial to institute a new law that allows for an additional charge of  ‘Economic Terrorism" for all violent, weapons, and/or gang related crimes.  These cowardly, lazy, losers are destroying the Island and deserve major sentences.  What they are doing not only to our tourism product, but to the lives of our children and all of us who are law abiding is heinous. 

    I think looking to having them serve their sentences in another juristiction – say, North Korea would be a great idea.  We could pay Kim Jong Il in oversized sunglasses, and these low-lifes would learn to appreciate what the had.  But since that probably violates a few human rights regulations (as if these scum should be classified as humans), I suppose that is not practical. 

    SO, we as a community are going to need to stand tall and name names.  Of course were all to scared of these thugs to name names.  Therefore we are going to need to insist that our govt. provide the addl. resources for police, special forces and foreign cops trained in dealing with these issues.  And no, I do not think we should hire more Jamaicans or Caymanians for these positions.  Sad to say but we (Caymanians) are too close to the criminals, and JA’s are too.  We need Canadians, or inner-city US officers who have the training with gangs, and impartiality to do the job.

    Yes it will cost money, but if we don’t spend it now we can kiss our tourism good bye, and pay the price in innocent victims within our own population.

    • Anonymous says:

      Reply to catman…..

      Instead of North Korea….How about a prison in Cuba? Maybe Cayman

      could get a deal on a one way ticket to a Cuban prison for these guys. 

      But then again Cuba wouldn’t want these low lifes either…………….



  13. Twyla Vargas says:

    14:05   comments.   " That is absolutely correct"  I am not from the district of East End, but I will express that the people of East End stick together.   What ever is happening in that town they look out for each other.  Its as simple as observing when they call upon each other to assist with a community project, assisting the elderly or anything else of culture.They are together as one joining hands in unity. So different from Bodden Town.

    Now, my comments may not be taken with a grain of salt by my district, but I must split justice and speak the truth.

    Ok, this fight was between Bodden Town and East End.   Maybe its not funny to laugh about it, but I just had to.  Why?  My mind drifted back to the  sixties, when there was a movie theatre in Bodden Town, not far from the Pirates Caves.  Every Friday and Saturday night, the girls from Bodden Town would wait for "Nylon Truck"  to come from East End with the guys.  "Oh boy, would there be fights after the movies?  Every week end, believe me, there was a fight."  So I had to laugh when I heard the fights were still going on between East End and Bodden Town men for the same reasons.

    In those times the fights were different, and the boys could have carried dangerous weapons if they wanted, but they did not.   "They used style"  You know I am still laughing.   I only hope that they will not resort to violence where they begin to hurt each other and get into trouble.   Maybe instead of the churches having service in doors on Sunday nights, they should get permission and set up church outside these premises with a praise and worship group.   Use a flatbed truck, close church building on Sunday nights and take to the streets on Friday nights, like they do on Christmas night.  The only hope I see for Cayman now is the Churches getting to the streets and winning souls because the pews are getting cold.  I am sure the Government and Private Individuals  will give you support.  We fail when we stop trying.  Blessed


    • Anonymous says:

       "Twyla, I had to smile at your comment lol  those were what we used to call the good old days."   Girl back then they were men.  "I was one of the girls that used to wait for the "Nylon Truck"  to get hold of one of those sexy East End Boys"  lol  Our Bodden Town men were sexy too but so damn jealous that you bet fights would break out all the time lol especially when they drank lol.   And you know what’s so funny about it?  After they finish fighting each other they would all calm down and the next thing you know they would be friends and pretend like nothing never happen and start playing music drinking and playing dominoes lol.  

      So my message to the East-End and Bodden Town boys is if you have to fight do it like men.  Why would u all want to kill each other for?  Instead UNITE and work on your differences.  One Luv!


      • Twyla Vargas says:

        "YES MI CHILD, Those were the days"  I am so glad that someone else remembers those good old days, and you are right, we the BT girls waited outside until that "Nylon Truck came around the corner, for  those sexy East End Guys. 

        The East End men were the "Dans of the day."   I remember when we had to use the top off the "Fab Box to get in the movie, because our families could not afford the money for us to pay.  We would tear off the top of the Fab Top Box before the Fab was done.   But  you know something, those East End men, they  always had money to buy pop corn and cool drink for us, and you talk about being sharp, they were,  with that sweet smelling Kush Kush.  Oh,!  mi child those were the days.

        I think we need to tell our young people of how we spent the week ends at Bushy Ocean View theatre in Bodden Town back then.  Gosh! I miss those good times.  I hope everything will work out for the better with these young people, andI encourage those that were apart of back then tell them about  the good times we had..  Blessed.

  14. Anonymouse says:

    Just leave the gangs alone. They will self destruct to the last one.

    Thats how the cops treat matters like this. Only a madman that is unarmed would approach a machete weilding dope head.

  15. Anonymous says:

    ‘Seems like deja vu all over again’. OK before I’m corrected for poor grammar, it’s a Yogi Berra quote. Anyway, this harkens back to the days when a lot of seamen returned on furlough around the same time. En masse, they would visit each others’ district bars, get plastered together then have a good old rumble; beat each others senses out, hug and make up and do it all over again. It seemed like a ritual. Apart from a few busted lips and black eyes, no harm was done. It had nothing to do with ‘gangs’ in those days, just buddies defending their buddies and letting off steam.

    Perhaps this was nothing more than that, so let’s not go labelling it gang activity unless such is the case, this includes CNS reporters. Mass violence, especially if weapons are involved, is dangerous of course but not necessarily gang related.

  16. Adeen Nuff says:

    Great stuff!!!

    Find an open field and section it off  (where good bystanders cannot get innocently involved) and let these machette wielding idiots ‘have-at-it’! Infact, why not install some tierd seating where the ‘good’ people can watch and laugh as these scum chop each other  – why do they carry weapons? coz they is cowards and spineless without them

    Hopefully they can make a good job of wiping each other out and then there are a few less scum to bother the good people of Cayman.


  17. Anonymous says:

    Oh, don’t we live on a lovely, peaceful, beautiful island. Look at what’s happened over the weekend. I spent 30 years living in a town in East Anglia with a population of 58 000 and never heard of anything like the events that have happened here in three days. 

    The next time while doing his weather forecast,  John Foster tells us that we are living in Paradise, I’m switching off.

    This is all much more serious than anyone in authority will admit. It is time to introduce measures that the bleeding heart liberals describe as intolerable. If they don’t, those measures should keep being made stricter and more oppressive until they do. I have nothing to fear from police oppression and nor do you. Things can be relaxed when the problem is solved.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you are from East Anglia & you claim this is not Paradise then what in the hell are you doing here? You are here because you know that this is paradise & the best place on earth, & like the rest of the world we do have our bad apples & sour grapes! Yes, of course we have more troubles now than we did 15 years ago but that is expected, but we are still the safest, most beautiful & friendly place on earth, we are paradise!

      • Anonymous says:

        .."what in the hell I am doing living here," is none of your damned business but do you really think that people always live where they want to?

        I am here because I have to be here, not because I want to. I shall be going back at the first opportunity but, sadly it will not be for another 15 months.

        I can’t speak for the rest of my country but in the area I live (not East Anglia) there is no gun crime; no street offences; children leave school able to read and write; women are not subject to horrendous levels of domestic violence; people under arrest for serious offences don’t just walk out of the police station  never to be seen again and society is not on the point of disintegration.

        The Cayman climate is wonderful but Paradise? Here? Don’t be silly.

      • Prickly says:

         What kind of person can use a sensible well thought out posting into yet another anti xpat rant. Hes right and what does it matter where he lived?

      • enjoying paradise??? says:

        Friendly??? Here?? I am afraid you have no idea of the meaning.

        I have been fortunate enough to enjoy travelling and living in a great many countries over the last 30 years, before I was unfortunate to be ‘tasked’ with a project here (and believe me, I will not wait to hear the door close when I have completed my sentance).

        I have never, ever come accross such short sighted and racist bigotry as the Cayman people voice here. I pride myself in not being racist and mixing with all who I have lived amongst… other than here – I have no wish to as all I have heard from the local people here is a strong hatred for an expat (no matter who they are) and that’s all we hear and it is really old, tiresome and without warrant.

        I will welcome all of the scathing attacks from the angry and vicious Caymanians in reply once this is posted, screaming at me to leave immediately… I will do so, leave immediately with pleasure in the knowledge that I provided a service for Cayman, one which Caymanians had no training for (I know that for sure) and I worked hard and got not one thank you.

        I will also be sure to inform all who I know not to dare travel to these shores for a vacation, there are far more welcoming places to visit and stimulate by parting with ones hard earned money.

        (… and no, although I sound like it – I am not the Governor)

    • Anonymous says:

      He said it tonight. I switched to channel 5. Doesn’t he listen to the news?

    • Anonymous says:

      Well I suppose you could go back to East Anglia where you won’t hear John Foster tell you the TRUTH – you ARE living in Paradise and that is Exactly why you are here. By the way, we are not forcing you to live in Paradise as East Anglia is awaiting your return!

    • Po Po Shut Us Down says:

      I too lived in a town in East Anglia, slightly larger population admittedly. Here are the 2008/2009 crime figures per 1000 people, the second figure is the English Average;

      Crimes against the person  – 17.3 / 15.0

      Sexual Offences – 1.7 / 0.9

      Robbery Offences – 3.0 / 1.0

      Burgulary Dwelling Offences – 10.7 / 4.3

      Theft of a motor Vehicle – 3.0 / 2.3

      Theft of a motor vehicle – 12.0 / 6.3

      John, I’m with you on this one buddy, I’m sticking with this little pieice of paradise, let the rest of them head on back to the prinstine, crime free East Anglia, where the sun always shines and it only rains when the plants need it.. If only you could get the weather forecast right every once in a while.


  18. Anonymous says:

    End to Gangs!

    In the future the Medics should ask if the violence involves Gangs only, and if so, just leave them to finish each other off, and if they show up at the hospital for treatment refuse them on the grounds that to do so my incite further violence.

  19. Anonymous says:

    What would be good is for the ministers to host a get together between the leaders of the 2 groups so the issues can be discussed and they can reach a truce or at least an understanding.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, that will work. 

      I am sure that the gang leaders are mature, responsible and objective types that will want to sit down and iron out their differences.  Their main goal is to do what’s best for their community.

      Good luck on that.

      By the way, call me when you get back to planet Earth from whatever far out fantasyland that you live in.

      • Anonymous says:

        Part of the problem with people here in Cayman is that they "throw away" segments of the society of whom they do not approve. Just where do you think these people are going to go?

        By engaging these various groups and trying to open a dialog there is a chance for improvement and conflict resolution.

        To all of you who want to throw away your fellow countrymen there is not a Christian among you.

      • Anonymous says:

         What do you suggest should be done?

        • Anonymous says:

          You throw the leaders in jail and let them rot.

          You take the younger ones and separate them from the rest of the gang and attempt to rehabilitate them through education and counseling. 

          Some will get a clue and become productive members of society, others will not.  Unfortunately, the ones that don’t will probably end up dead or in jail down the road – regardless of what the community does.

    • Anonymous says:

      The last thing you want to do is give gangs recognition or publisize their names. Gangs feed off publicity

      Attacking the problem from a school level is more appropriate, I think.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Pathetic Losers.

  21. noname says:

    this is a shame, we should be living as ONE and not fighting against our fellow men. You people know nothing about gangs or being apart of a gang, you only act on what you see on tv and listen to. when will the madness end?

  22. anonymous says:

    I don’t believe this was gang activity…everybody already knows how East End people are…you don’t go into their district and expect to start something because East End people stick together and they will defend their neighbour.

    Some of the people involved may be in a gang, but this was no gang activity.

    • Anonymous says:

      That is absolutely correct!…..East Enders will defend their own until the end. 

      • Joe Average says:

        East Enders?  Get real.  If I live in George Town and I’m east of the Yucatan does that make me an East Ender?  And if you live in East End and you’re west of Jamaica… you’re a West Ender and North Siders are actually South Siders because they’re south of Cuba.  And we all live on this island and I’ll go wherever I damn please.  Hope this didn’t confuse you.

        • Anonymous says:

          I really don’t want to get in an argument with you but it is a fact that over the past several months or up to a couple years the guys from BT have been coming to one particular bar in East End looking for a fight.  Do you really think this is the first incident of this kind  between the young people of the two districts ?   This is an ongoing problem and occurs almost every weekend but as I am sure you realise now it is not always reported.

    • nonsense says:

      "East End people stick together and they will defend their neighbour" — that is by definition a gang!

      I think the problem actually stems from another part of sentence: "you don’t go into their district and expect to start something"

      Why go anywhere to start "Something" – it is simply harassment which escalates the violence?

      Do unto others as you would have them do unto you! If you don’t respect someone, why should anyone respect you.

      With everything else going on in the world and people here are fighting over petty things, mostly girlfriends/boyfriends and ego’s. 

      Obviously the bar had adequate surveillance and the individuals will be identified! Oh no — they didn’t have cameras, hmm, too bad they should lose their liquor license. Someone knows about it — probably the bartender.

    • candice says:

      The entire EAST END is ONE GANG! 

      You mess wit one of dem folks, you mess wit da whole community!  That’s why the Police are scared to go up there and deal with an incident, because you have ignorant people. 

      I met an officer who said to me that they had to go to a report (fighting) in East End. That officer said to me that he will just take his time – by time he reach the incident would be all over, but there is no way he’s going to endanger his own life 

      • Anonymous says:

        I guess he’s working in the wrong profession then if he’s afraid to put his life in danger.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hahaha this is such a laugh.  Its sad but its true that when our policemen hears about any fighting in East End they are afraid to come out. I can remember some years aback when just 1 man took out more than 5 officers by himself & because of that they have got scared. This all started with one person & due to the nature of them being family it escalated into a brawl but one should know if you try & fight a person in East End & their family members are around, then you’re in for a fight of your life.

      • Anonymous says:

        Why do you say the whole of East End is a gang ? Wasn’t it a "gang" of guys from Bodden Town that was fighting with the ones from East End ?  Therefore if you have a group of guys from one district together in one location you define that as a gang.  I am an East Ender and no way am I any part of a gang (I am a 53 year old grandmother)and highly offended at your comment about ignorant.  No gangs are in East End and the guys from up here that are in gangs joined them in George Town so please keep your opinion to yourself.