Duguay told to fight for job

| 12/12/2009

(CNS): The auditor general, Dan Duguay has confirmed that he has been asked to compete for his position when his contract is up for renewal in February 2010. Although he did not comment about his plans, Duguay said yesterday, when asked, that he had metwith the Chief Secretary this week who told him there would be a competition for his post. Duguay confirmed that he was not asked to compete when his contract was renewed for the first time in 2007. He also said he had told the governor before he departed last month that he was happy to continue on in the role as AG.

Duguay has been in post for six years, since February 2004, when he replaced his predecessor who had served in the position for 11 years. Duguay said he had not decided what he would now do following the recent information from Acting Governor Donovan Ebanks.

According to the Public Service Management Law, there are provisions for senior civil servants to compete for their positions to maintain accountability. However, since the law’s inception there has been considerable debate about whether certain posts, such as the freedom of information commissioner, the complaints commissioner and the auditor general, should be subject to competition because of the potential political interference.

Although other public sector managers and senior staff are expected to implement government policy, the offices of the FoIC, the CC and the AG are different as they are expected to scrutinize government policy. As a result, the independence of the offices has to be maintained in order for the officers to fulfil that remit. As watchdogs of government, if those serving in these posts believe their jobs could be taken from them if they upset the political masters of the day, the fear is the offices’ independence would be compromised and undermine the country’s own internal check and balance system on government.

Duguay has faced criticisms from both sides of the political arena as well as the governor and has strove to maintain the independence of his office. Duguay has stated publically on a number of occasions that he has no other agenda except to ensure clarity and transparency over public funds. Duguay clashed with the premier recently when he announced that he intended to examine the process by which the port contract will be awarded. McKeeva Bush called him a cowboy and stated that he would sue the AG if he delayed the port development.

The governor also publically disagreed with Duguay recently over his scrutiny of the money spent on the discredited special police investigation, Operation Tempura. The previous administration clashed with Duguay on his reports concerning government’s failed deal with Matrix over scrap metal removal, the purchase of the police helicopter and his report on the failure of government department’s to submit their accounts as specified under the Public Management and Finance Law.

A proponent of openness and transparency in all government dealings, Duguay has often been criticised for speaking openly to the press about his reports, his findings and his concerns about the possible misuse of government funds.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What a Shameful, Distasteful and Third World Country approach to personnel matters, regardless if the person is Senior Staff or a part of the General Work Force.

    After month’s of waiting for an answer to a contract renewal request a very distant phone call comes to say "we are advertising your job, and oh by the way if you want a three (3) month extension until we fill it, let me know by Tuesday". My analogy and belief is that the real baseline to this lack of professionalism is deeper routed than what is appearing on the surface.

    The lack of responsible accountability in the Cayman Government (weather it be personnel matters or spending money) has been reported on continuously for the past few years.

    Examples might be the UCCI Presidents and Turtle Farm Directors cash advances, or the Tendering process of the RCIPS Helicopter, Cayman Islands Schools or now perhaps even the New Port Facility, Five or Six Police Commissioners in two years, the long termed dangling of Acting Director Positions (Cayman Air included), have you seen any Department Audits submitted yet?,

    and of course the shuffling of Departments amongst Ministers regardless of the Ministers expertise…it’s all frightening.

    The hatred of Expats or Indentured Servants, “can’t live with them, but can’t live without them”.

    I remember the Premiers address to the Civil Servants where he warned (what some would like to refer to themselves as indigenous), the fact that most of the “indigenous” have blood family linked to many of those other folks who are only temporarily working and occupying the Islands.

    My teaching is that God doesn’t like ugly, and that

    what goes around comes around

    The Turks & Caicos awakening in the Cayman Islands maybe closer than one thinks!

    Just follow the money, I’m sure that’s all Dan Duguay was trying to let you do.

    Sometimes getting to close to the truth has cause and effect, but the Status Quo answer seems to be, lets just not renew their contract.

  2. livingcayman says:

    Oh Dan, (if i had time to write a ballad I would oh Dan, oh Dan….)

    Welcome to Cayman.  You did a fine job, and I dare anyone to say different you are in McKeeva’s World so get your bags packing collect your wifey and take that trip back to Canada.  Lol.  Everything is policital in cayman We Mac runs the house.

    I remember the Primer’s inagural speech and one particular point "the Attorney General he is our friend he is here to stay"  he didnot mention you Dan.

    Guess you have got to go.


    Now he has to get rid of the Civil Servants who are not pulling their they are many slim ones and fat ones starting with the Immigration Department.


    • Anonymous says:

      I thought Mr. Duguay’s reports were bold, fair and objective. He was a refreshing change. Now that he has admitted that he might have done the Tempura report differently or not at all if he thought it might cost him his job, his objectivity is lost and it is time to say good bye.

      • Forgotten says:

        I am glad you found the reports interesting and in fact so did I. What concerns me is the lack of new reports since the election of the last government. Just when will Dan or any replacement ever get up to date accounts. The UDP seems no better than the PPM.Here we are, Big Mac flying around the world bragging about how good we are at finance when the Government cannot keep proper books!!

        And lest we forget some of Dan’s predecessors were equally as competant. The big difference is that their reports were concealed from the public. Apparently we now have more transparency though it has so far has escaped myself.

      • Caypolitics Truthseeker says:

        He has the honesty to suggest (in effect)  that he might in future be  influenced by threats from the powers that be.  I guess he was naive enough to assume that if he exhibited unfailing and impartial fervour in his investigations that  he would receive the support of the government and the general population

        He is the first AG (in my memory) that has shown this level of balls, and you want to can him for being disillusioned?  This man deserves to be made a National Hero for his courage and impartiallity! 

  3. Anonymous says:

    People, People don’t get too excited. 


    Mr. Duguay wrote reports showing the failure of the FCO rule over the Cayman Islands, but the UK government is divinely appointed, they are perfect, so you are not allowed to be critical of them.  Don’t be fooled the FCO ordered Mr. Ebanks to not renew Mr. Duguay’s contract. 


    Simple, simple the FCO, many Heads of Deprtments and politicians all want a stool pigeon in the position of the Auditor General doing their bidding covering up their poor governance in a flurry of activity with many press reports giving the appearance of doing work while doing dam all.  We have all seen it before.


    This is the thanks Mr. Duguay gets for doing his job and now he’s fired, oops sorry, their firing phrase is “your contract is not renewed”.


    Boy OH Boy, the party to celebrate Mr Duguay leaving has started already, many of the Heads of Government Departments are happy, now the accounts of Govenment will never see the light of day!


    Familiar story of the UK Government, read a bit of history.

  4. A REALIST says:

    What is wrong with you people? Why is this such an issue. Contracts may be advertised at any time. He knows the law. He uses it in his reports when it suits him. He has been here six years already. He is not Caymanian. So what if the job is to be re-advertised and he has to re-apply. Accounting is one area that many Caymanians since the 70s have entered. Maybe one of them would like to apply. In these times where the new constitution gives us more responsibility, why should this Canadian believe only he must be auditor General of the Cayman Islands?

    Thats the problem with some people. They become like ticks. They come here and don’t want to leave. Imagine. This man seems offended that we are taking away his birth-right. Did his contract indicate that he would reign as auditor general until he retires/dies/leaves Cayman?

    • Anonymous says:

      the auditor general should be 100% independent, that’s why it should never be a caymanian, same goes for police commisioners, governors…etc

    • Whats wrong with having to vie for his position, he’s no betterthan any other AG or accountant, the problem with you all it has to be political or anti expat. I do not see where it has to be any different, if the contract has to be renewed at any time then by all means he should have to apply also.Politics sucks where ever you are, so cayman is no different that any other area.

    • Caymanian for DAN says:

      if a Caymanian is up for the Job, that’s great and all gravy, but let’s hope it’s not one of Mac’s hangon’s XXXXX

      Dan stood his ground un like the Attorney General and the FS who is clearly UDP supporters!

      Dan wish you all the best, hope you can stay in Govt a bit longer!

  5. Anonymous says:

    What many are missing here is that the Auditor General is not the ONLY part of the system that watches public funds. There are checks and balances all along the way. Before AG and after AG as well.

    The AGs report is merely that, a report that goes to the PAC committee. That committee has both members of Government and Opposition on it. In fact it is normally chaired by the opposition (currently an Independent) and never by the sitting government contrary to what happened from 2005-2009 which was a travesty of process. The AGs report is reviewed by the PAC, who has the power to call anyone to give evidence including the AG. The Government is then asked to respond to both the PAC findings and the AGs report. When the Government responds, the PAC finally issues a report on what their global findings are to the public and that is when the process stops. The public then has ALL sides of the story and the PAC report summarizing the situation.

    Prior to that the Financial Secretary has responsibility as do the CFOs in each department to spend money based on allocation from the Legislative Assembly/Finance Committee. If the expenditure is above a certain amount then the Central Tenders Committee is also involved. Granted they are looking more at the correct process( transparency) than say value for money, in their selection process, it is one of the factors that they try to look at.

    Given this complexity of cross checking, it is not easy for any Government to go totally crazy with true mismanagement of funds and not be caught.

    What has happened is that the Government’s accounting is so far behind that the PAC is still reviewing AG reports and Government expenditure over 7 years old!!! That has left this AGs past report out in public without any cross checking for years and that is actually not in the public good. We must demand that the Accounts are brought up to date to allow this system to work properly and not be shanghaied by one party or the other.

    So the AG, while we have some comfort that he is an Expatriateand not supposed to be biased, is not the sole defender of government misspending, in fact that role is reserved for the PAC. The AG has spent quite some effort to make the public believe that he is the defender of this process and by inference many have concluded here that it cannot be a Caymanian…..in reality he is not the only cog in what is a big wheel. In my opinion, this AG has done the AGs office more damage by being so public, so sensational, rather than producing high quality reports that are accurate, uncontroversial and unassailable. We have yet to see his Resume to actually understand his qualifications prior to coming to Cayman. Maybe there are Caymanians that can do this job and are as technically qualified.

    At the end of the day, even if that single office is held by a core UDPer or core PPMer it does not mean that the truth will not come out given the processes at play and the more important role that the PAC plays.

    • what a mess says:

      So at the end of the day NO ONE is truly held ACCOUNTABLE!

      After this massive excercise to "check and balance" by so many very highly paid people/bodies that you detailed so well…all the people of Cayman (who pay for this…in more ways than monetary) can expect is a "report".

      That is a MAJOR part of the problem here…either CIG does everything to supress or go through the excercise to come out the other end with no one truly held accountable. The resources CIG spend to do this is staggering!

      The prison is full of people held accountable for ganja (something that causes not nearly as much damage as alcohol and cigarettes) let alone political corruption (much that is or should be criminal)  but is not punished hardly at all, and if it is it’s no more than a slap on the wrist.

      CIG and many may not want to join these dots…but the behavior of our leaders has a direct effect on the rest of the population and crime, especially suseptable are our youth or other immpressionable persons.

      "Justice (and Ethics) must not only be done…it must appear to be done"!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’ve known Dan since joining the service 5 years ago. While I’ve been on the receiving end of his criticisms regarding late accounts, I have to agree with the posters here that he is fair, respectable and only wants to see the right thing done.

    It will be a big loss if he was to go and would serve to put his successor on notice about doing anything that is not politically popular (a bad situation in my opinion).

    I believe Donnie is only doing what is required under the Public Service Management Law. I also know him and the stand up guy he is, he is not going to be anyone’s puppet — and certainly not McKeeva’s.

    A much more controversial situation was the post of district commissioner on the brac. The person in post now was the deputy for eons, there were clearly no better candidates and it was clear that he would get the job, nonetheless, the job had to be advertised, people had to be shortlisted and interviewed before he could be appointed.

    Let’s just see how this plays out, let due process take its course

    • Anonymous says:

      Mon 7:30. Good sensible post. Oh that the others had half your common sense and understanding of how things work.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Jude Scott will the next AG. He is Qualified, he is CAYMANIAN but most of all he is a proud and strong UDP supporter!

    He would be Cayman’s first CAYMANIAN Auditor General!  😀


    But wait a minute, a Caymanian cannot uphold his possition if he or she favors a politcal party.

    Tell me, how clear do you think all future audits will look while the UDP is running Cayman?

    A little cloudy right?





    • Anonymous says:

      UDP Return On Investment (ROI) at work.

      All contributors to the UDP Tens of Millions $$$$ war chest are actually "INVESTMENTS" in self-interest to be returned with profit.

      This is just one of the great UDP ROI’s coming to light.

      Jude, you have had a stellar career path, including one of the youngest Caymanian CPA’s, please do not allow yourself to be used by the UDP supporters. 

      The UDP and their supporters will

      use you (to get what $$$$ they can get from you), then

      abuse you (to get more $$$$ and more $$$$ from you) and then

      refuse you (after you have delivered all of the $$$$ juice you can deliver).  

      I’ve see it all before from my bird’s eye view,

      Ching Ching

      Proudly Blac


    • Caymanian says:

      Now why the hell would Jude wanna take a job that pays him not even a quarter of what he makes/ has made at E&Y!! Some of you people don’t think sometimes!

  8. watch and learn says:

    The proof will be in what has happened and what will happen.  Not what ANYONE thinks will happen.  More Caymanians weilding more power HAS proven that Caymanians will take over UNTIL the country is ruined (soon) . last years money…gone, this years money…gone, next years money   Already spent and gone.The next  and the next? already borrowed against.  Get it yet? Then the UK will HAVE to step in and save Cayman from its own incompetence and corruption.  Don’t think so?  Shut up, stop crying, and DO something to prove this wrong.  ANYTHING. Even a small thing. One thing. One small thing.  So far nothing.

    • Anonymous says:

      If the Cayman people allow McKeeva to hand-pick the next Auditor-General like he hand-picked the other AG, we deserve all we get, including the Dictatorship that will obviously follow. It is time for us, Caymanians who want the best for Cayman and not our pockets, to stand up NOW!

      • cayman from a distance says:

        If the Cayman people allow?  Get real! The Cayman people have no say or power on their own island. they watch, pay, and get screwed by the leaders and the leaders freinds like everyone else!  Cayman people?  Good one.

    • Anonymous says:

      I thought better of Donny Ebanks as he, of all people, should know what McKeeva and the UDP are up to.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Why should he be any different from any other expat on a contract even the governor has to go after a period  of time. It doesn’t matter how good of a job he is doing, he has a contract and when it expires it should be advertised and he can then reapply..Are we going to keep him forever? He is not God and there are other people out their of the same ilk.

    Mr. Duguay should be the first to say this is the proper way to do this. He could become like any the other career civil servants and be there for life and sooner or later will lose his objectivity.

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

       12:50….you may be missing the point. Anyone who swims against the current eventually goes. That makes contract employment an unlevel playing field…….

    • Anonymous says:

      without  wishing  to be  rude because everyone is fully entitled to their opinion but  may I say you cannot know Mr Duguay as he would NEVER compromise his  integrity and honesty.  It is a little naive to say re-apply.  He should (and I believe, will) walk away with dignity and his head held high knowing he always did what was right and for the best of GCIs – a sad day for Cayman, ifonly they realised it – shame because it should be quite obvious that the decision was made by someone who has now left and does not have to bear the consequences of their pettiness.

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s right, he has to fight for his job just like every Caymanian these days are doing.   There must be a capable Caymanian somewhere who can do this job. I just hope the come forward now.

      • Anonymous says:

        caymanians fighting for jobs???…..they are given jobs based on their nationality not on their ability!…… just look at the lazy incompetent civil service who would not know how to fight or work for anything….

      • cayman from a distance says:

        Capable Caymanian as in turtle farm Joey? How about the one in charge of the Schools? Or the dump? Cayman airways?  Cayman goverment financials. Is there anything that they have done that has actually worked out for the benefit of the island and not just themselves? How about your current or past leaders? Their families and freinds are doing great but the island? get your head out of the Caymanian sand and look around.  What do you see.  Bad as it is now this is good compared to next year! Quess why.

    • proper way to fail says:

      It doesn’t matter how good a job he is doing?  Are we going to keep him forever? 

        Here is the reason for Caymans fall.  It doesn’t matter if a person is competent and experianced and successfull at his job if he is an expat.  There will always be lots of Caymanians that will step up and prove just how incompetent they are and why it doesn’t matter to them because its their island to ruin.  Need  proof?  Look at all that has happened to Cayman by Caymanians lately!  Keep watching as it gets worse. Its only YOUR island until you prove to everyone that you are its own worse enemy.  Soon come.  Caymans Savior.

    • Anonymous says:

      It appears that you are conveniently ignoring the context of this. The Auditor General is not just any civil servant. The AuditorGeneral plays a critical role for government accountability and therefore requires some independence and protection from political interference in the same way that judges do. He has shown his independence by criticising the inappropriate actions of governments of whatever political party as well as the Governor. However, in this case he has made the ‘mistake’ of challenging the actions of our dictator Premier and that has made him a target for retribution. Had he been in McKeeva’s corner, like the Attorney General, his job would be secure for life.

  10. Anonymous says:

    You’ve lost a couple of very genuine dedicated people in Mr & Mrs Duguay – hurricane season will  miss their teamwork, commitment and willingness to muck in – good luck without them!

  11. Anonymous says:

    what a joke – oh how that beautiful island is changing……

  12. Anonymous says:

    It is a requirement of the Public Service Management Law that when contracts come to an end that the position should be advertised. But ……… as usual the government does this for who they want to do it for. There are a number of foreigners in Children and Family Services and their positions are never advertised at the end of their contract same with Mosquito Research, Prison etc. etc. and when they do advertise it is after they have trained the foreigners in these positions at the expense of the Caymanian people, and then they advertise MUST have this and MUST have that qualification – the very qualification that the foreigner did not have when he/she got the job in the first place but now have after we have paid for it. The government sets the rules for the private sector but does not want to have the same rules for themselves. Like trying to make the Health Service Authority exempt from paying overtime pay to their employees – but the private sector hospital and others have to pay overtime. Why should government be any different from the private sector.

  13. Anonymouse says:

    Dan’s a very GOOD MAN!

    Clearly, much too good to be allowed to continue doing such an excellent and impartial job, which angered both the Governor and the politicians – as a simple measure of his success…

    I will give just one example of this man’s dedication: when not directly contactable by phone, he encourages his secretary to provide his cell phone number and always returns calls…

    Who else in his or a comparable position would do that???…

    If he’s not reappointed, then it will be time for the UK to take direct control over the running of Cayman, no matter how distafeful this will be…





  14. Anonymous says:

    this is outrageous, i urge everybody to e-mail the foreign and commonwealth office in the uk gov to let themknow what the gov is trying to do. the uk must step in to prevent this place becoming a fully fledged bannana republic!

    • Go bananas says:

      Its too late for that.  Leadership has proven for years that it will only get worse and worse.  Not their fault really as I’m sure they are doing the best they know how.  Banana republics are still good for something just not very good for the people that live there.  Soon come, cheap bananas and very expensive milk.

  15. Watchman says:

    Mr. Dugay did an excellent Job, however my feelings on posts like his and others of that nature is that they should have a contract for 5 years which is non-renewable. That way they do their jobs without fear or favor and walk away never to return. A classic example of the wisdom of this policy is our previous Complaints Commisioner.

  16. Just Sayin says:

    The pipes are playing Danny Boy

  17. chittychitty says:

    When in Rome, do as Romans do…  In other words Dan, cheat, lie, steal, and murder.  But, Dan, listen very carefully now, because apparently in the six years or so that you were here you did not learn this lesson, NEVER, EVER speak out against the Powers that BE, lest you wish to find yourself unemployed, with a one way ticket out of Paradise – courtesy of those who do not appreciate transparency, investigations, timely reports, balance sheets that balance, reports that outline improprieties & various breaches, etc.  So long Dan, et bon voyage.

  18. Anonymous says:

    if dan is replaced by the current gov, cayman is one step closer to direct rule,

  19. lucy says:

    Are we living in some sort of parallel, reverse universe here?  You do your job, you get fired.  You run a private business on government time, you get promoted.  The innocent are convicted for crimes that they did not commit, the guilty are set free despite loads of evidence against them.   The gangsters and wanksters rule the island, the cops are running scared.  I need not go on – I’m sure you get the drift…   

  20. John says:

    A perfectly good decision – All jobs should be open for competition, I am sure that there are Caymanians able to take on this role.

    Kudos to our Acting Governor.

  21. Jesus lovesyou--some restrictions apply says:

    This AG is way too good at sniffing out rats to last for much longer. There is no way the fat cats will let him stay around. Watch and see, some flunkie UDP cronie will end up in that position and then we will never again hear about money wasting and corruption.

  22. Kerry Horek says:

    I  had no idea that the job of the Auditor General was ‘Exclusive’ to Dan Duguay.

    Good, lets make this position into a level playing field, all those Caymanians on island and overseas who qualify for the post, please apply.  Thank You.

    Let the competition begin!!!!

    • O'Really says:

      The job of Auditor General should not be exclusive to Dan Duguay.

      It should be exclusive to someone who has no political affiliations to the UDP, PPM or Governors office, who cannot be intimidated personally or by threats against family or friends on island, who is not corruptible by offers to look the other way, who will not take the power that comes with the position as a mechanism for self-aggrandisement and who has the knowledge and experience to perform the job competently.

      If a Caymanian can be found who meets these criteria, excellent. But if not, let’s not make this about nationality. 

      • what a mess says:

        I fully agree with your view on the criteria needed for one to fill this position. Well said!

        And while it is "possible" to find someone else to fill said position, it is not "probable" to do so with someone any better at it than Mr. Duguay.

        So, while i agree with the theory of being transparent and allowing other qualified persons the opportunity to apply…i am sceptical that there is no Political manipulation of the process. Just look at the recent attempt to create the new Legal Aid Clinic…and "appoint" two cronies…all at the eleventh hour with no notice…by the current ruling govt. Also, the recent resistance to transparency around the award process of the Port Re-development…and further resistance to a Full EIA.

        Trouble with theory is it doesn’t always result in practice…this situation is not unlike the position the private sector finds itself in every day: where a valuable employee has to (as a matter if immigration law) be repalced by someone who the employer doesn’t know and has to train all over again. I know the theory is that a caymanian will fill the position…but in practice this is not happening too often…otherwise why do we still haveover twenty thousand permit holders?

        It "appears" this theory/practice is selectively applied!

        So, until Govt. ensures that a real, transparent process is practiced across the board for all hires and contracts…these situations will continue to appear politically motivated.

        Justice (and ethics) must not only "be done", it must also "appear to be done"! History clearly shows this as a necessary ingredient for a healthy democracy!

  23. Anonymous says:

    Where’s the succession planning for this position? Will we ever see a Caymanian fill it?

  24. Lachlan MacTavish says:

     Yet another example of politrics and MLA interference rather than MLA leadership. As soon as some common sense, hard work, request for fiscal responsibility….like mentioning the fact that a large number of departments cannot maintain up to date and balanced accounting…… then the pressure comes to find someone who will "tow the line and bury the facts". We need about a dozen "contract Dan D’s" to get oursleves organized.


  25. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Dugay, you have been the best Auditor General, the Cayman Islands has ever found so far in the recorded history of this country.

    The Foreign Office should make sure this man would have the job from February 2010 to continue his Anti-Corruption crusade and save this country from corrupt politicians from both parties !!!!!!!!.  All Caymanian should come to the Glass House ground and demonstrate peacefully if his job is taken away.

    • Anonymous says:

      You don’t mess with Bush & get away with it! As soon as Dugay publicly mentioned that his office would be looking into the new mckeeva port project & the awarding of the contract to dart without it going to the CTC, his days were numbered! As sure as night follows day you can be sure that Dugay’s contract WILL NOT be renewed! Then mckeeva & the udp will come up with some stupid excuse & expect us to believe it! MARK MY WORDS!!! You do not mess with dictators & expect no reprisal.

    • Anonymous says:

      Anon Sat18:35:

      "Best Auditor-General the Cayman Islands has ever found in the recorded history of this country….etc"

      Rather than just blog anonymously, could you list the reasons (for the Foreign Office which you bring into it) why you are of this opinion and upon which empirical evidence it is based? ( Note: "Mac is corrupt") wont cut it.Sorry, needs to be a tad more than that.

      • Chrysler says:

        "Best Auditor-General the Cayman Islands has ever found in the recorded history of this country….etc"

        I don’t know about that

  26. Anonymous says:

    Time to be rolled over!

  27. Anonymous says:

    Hey it’s clear that he has ruffled feathers and this is a warning to back off. A blind man could see it, and people wonder why expats continue to use the cloak of anonymous to protect themselves and their families on this little island.

  28. Baldric says:

    I thought Dan was all infavour of competitve tendering … he’s always going on about it. 😉

    • Anonymous says:

      DUH!!!! This is not "competitive tendering," this is the renewal of a contract, & as you well know you either renew a person’s contract or you advertise it after a person’s contract is not renewed, but I can’t recall where a person who already has a contract has to fight for it if he is being considered for the job. VERY STRANGE! I always thought you either renew a contract, or you put it out for new applicants after releasing the existing person. It is obvious that Mr. Dan Dugay will not be the Auditor General after his present contract expires. It all seems too strange, & IT IS OBVIOUS WHY!

      • Anonymous says:

        Anon Sat 20:45. You write:

        "I can’t recall where a person who already has a contract has to fight for it if he is being considered for the job".

        But that has always been a possibility both under the old General Orders way of doing things and the new Personnel Regulations (which stress competitive appointment processes-advertising, interviewing etc). There is at least one good reason for this and that is to give any available Caymanian a chance to apply.

        The Acting Governor, Mr Donovan Ebanks, is completely within his rights to advertise this post-he is, after all, not excluding Mr Duguay from being the successful candidate. It is interesting to note that Mr Ebanks himself had to apply for the then post of Chief Secretary, even though he had been Deputy Chief Secretary for many many years and might have considered himself the automatic appointment. Governor Jack thought differently.

  29. Anonymous says:

    In his statement the AG said he was not asked to compete in 2007 – well good for him that he got the Contract without competition – give thanks to GOD!  Some of us are retired at age 55 and 60  who no longer have a job and  we have to compete for everything we get – plus some of  those at a young age in Cayman  are tired of competing for jobs! I’m sure Cayman is filled with people who can take his post and do just as good a job as he is doing.  Give everyone an equal opportunity!! Thanks for your work some agree and some disagree!

  30. Anonymous says:

    The post of Auditor General should not be subjected to political influence.  At some point thisgovernment needs to be held accountable, as previous ones have.  If not we are headed down the proverbial "slippery slope".  The bottom of that slope does not bode well for Cayman.

    The more aggressive the government the more important it is to have the checks and balances.  This is just good governance.  To do otherwise is going against healthy democracy and against the long term good of our Islands.

  31. Anonymous says:

    I strongly believe that Duguay is the right man for the job. He bring fairness to the table and ensures over zealous politicians keep honest when handling pulic funds.

  32. Peter Milburn says:

    I certainly support Dans work in the past(a few mistakes possibly)but he has done a great job and should continue to fight the good fight.Its good to know that someone is not worried about doing his job(for which he was hired in the first place.Continuity is a good thing in this case so heres hoping he will have his contract renewed(It would show good faith and support from our present goverment).Theres nothing better than someone who stands up for what they believe in and what is right.

  33. Anonymous says:

    dan dugay…. the only civil servant doing a good job

  34. Anonymous says:

    Anon 13:15:

    Mr D Ebanks was indeed subjected to a competitive appointment process for the position of Chief Secretary. This is in line with the practice now common in the civil service though it did not happen in the past. He applied and was shortlisted and interviewed (by a four person interview panel) with at least one other person. He was chosen as the successful candidate.

    So be careful about throwing around charges of hypocrisy when you have no idea what you are talking about.

  35. A. Colin Panton says:

     Well, the writing is now clearly on the wall!

    Sorry to see you go Mr. Duguay but that is a virtual certainty now. You have just been too forthright, capable and honest. I for one thank you and wish you well.


    Colin Panton

    • Anonymous says:

      You are so right Mr. Colin, the writing is now clearly on the wall. I believe he stepped on the wrong toes when he made plans to question Mr. Bush’s work. The writing is now clearly on the wall, but I too believe his time is up.

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

       Why do we have to believe his time is up. Why do we let our leaders man handle the Governing of the country. WE ALL let our leaders administer the way they do.

  36. Anonymous says:

    6 years…..ifthe CI Govt. doesnt want contract workers in the civil service to become citizens please just formally implement the rollover policy and enforce it across the board. This will level the playing field for labour in this country. 

    If not, it will appear as if there is selective targeting of individuals in the service, which is unfair, opaque and contrary to the best practices of good governance.

    For what its worth, Mr. Duguay has done an excellent job!


    –Poor Humble Caymanian

  37. Anonymous says:

    All for competition…but why didn’t a certain Mr D.Ebanks subject to competitive appointment process for the Chief Secretary position?  What hipocrasy!

    • Anonymous says:

      Well you know somebody has already been assigned (privately) who is VERY UDP friendly like the other AG!

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually, it was technically an open process, advertised in the newspaper with applications and interviews and everything. Only one other person applied if I remember correctly, but it technically was a competitive appointment process.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Dan’s the Man. Fight Dan, Fight.  

    • Slippery slope says:

      Most interesting. This does not pass the sniff test. My bet is that some tame auditor who cannot get a job has been pencilled in the for the position. So far I have seen no professional criticism of Dan. So why replace something that works?In additional there is a thing called the leaning curve. I bet he is halfway through a lot of reports. To replace him is just dumb. On the bright side of life I guess some local has been trained for the job.

      Just more slippery slope stuff.I guess big mac does not like good auditors after FCB.