Missing teens found safe

| 12/12/2009

Cayman Islands News(CNS): Update Sunday 4:08pm — Two missing 15-year-old girls, Prisca Smith (left) and Kareena Powell, have been found safe and well. The girls were reported missing yesterday, having not been seen since 12.30 am Saturday morning. However, police have now confirmed that earlier this afternoon, Sunday 13 December, RCIPS officers traced the girls to an address in the Frank Sound area of the island. Both girls are in the process of being reunited with their families. The public and the media are thanked for their assistance in relation to this matter. 

Police said yesterday that at about 7.30 pm on Friday night, 11 December, the girls went to a school friend’s birthday party in Eclipse Drive, George Town. When the girls failed to return home they were reported as missing.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is not domestic abuse – it’s called discipline! and there is nothing wrong with a good ‘licking’ – children need to know that someone is paying attention &  that certain behaviours are not acceptable.. I’ve been spanked, both by brush and hand, tamarind switched, belted with old Mr McNamee’s leather belt, hit on the knuckles and behind the knees with Sister Caractas’ ruler, paddled by Miss Berna and had my mouth washed out with soap – all because I refused to listen to my elders and had to find out everything for myself – that’s what kids do……… I also got lots of hugs from these very same people!

    Nowadays you can’t spank or discipline in any way – sometimes ‘no’ is just not enough and some children only learn this way..

    These children have scared their parents and family half to death because they wanted to have a good time. Their mothers probably haven’t slept all weekend with worry and fear of what might have happened – there is nothing more vivid than the imagination & I can only guess what their families were imagining. 

    It is time for parents to step up to the plate and start asking ‘who, what, where, when’ & calling each other to ensure that at least one parent is there to collect their children from the party – that’s what your parents did and it didn’t hurt you did it??

    Step up parents – they’re your children – look after them……

    • Anonymous says:

      How much more do you need to see that it is already too late and a large percent of Caymans parents have let their kids down.   Modern Cayman culture has and will continue to show what the past has done.  Too late to change it now.  Cayman will just have to live with it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am almost sure that none of you posting these comments know these young ladies or know the truth about the situation. so until you know keep your comments to yourself.

    • Young Caymanian says:

       That still doesn’t excuse their disregard for propriety and the responsibility that they as young adults should already have.  Given the rising violent crime on island, they should KNOW that what they did had the potential to be dangerous and even fatal if worst came to worst.  The are the epitome of selfish, spoiled teenagers who believe that they have the right to act in whatever manner they see befits their situation.

      Granted, there could have been some logical explanation that would explain their disappearance such as family problems etc..but, looking at the story, they went to a party, and then failed to show up at home or contact their parents.  That really doesn’t sound like the basis for a ‘I ran away because I am being mistreated story’ now does it?

      These girls definitely need to be reprimanded seriously for what they’ve done.  Mandatory community service, a fine for the parents and a mark on their record should suffice.

      Girls, you’re old enough to understand the results of your consequences and should therefore be mature enough to take the punishment that should go with it seeing as in a few short years you shall be out of high school and hopefully responsible members of society.

      Parents, you really should know who your children are friends with, know their parents relatively well and KNOW where they are going at all times at that age!  Honestly, at 17 and younger, I could not go to anyone’s house or party unless 1)My parents knew who they were and were well acquainted with them or 2)My parents called the child’s parents and spoke to them at length about every detail.  Unreasonable to an extent yes, they could be to be fair, but on a whole I’m thankful they did that as it taught me the value of trust and the value of being mature.  Too much freedom at that age is ridiculous anyway.

  3. Fallen Angel says:

    Could it be that these girls are friends with the other two who previously went ‘missing’, and they too were just ‘galawaanting’ – sort of "now it’s your turn for 15min fame"?

    Whose turn is it  next in the list of weekend gallivanting?

    Another question is, "Why did the parents/guardians/adults of the house in Frank Sound where they stayed not check with the parents/guardians/adults of the other girl to see if it was alright with them if she stayed overnight ?"

    If my daughter came home with another girl wanting to spend the night at my house, I’d ask her if she had permission to do so and ask for her parents’ number to check and confirm  – more so if it was my boy who brings along another girl for I might end up with another mouth to feed which I can ill afford!

    If in the first instance, there was a problem or a reason why she had to spend the night away from home,  I’ll still need to call the parents just to inform them she’s at my house so they won’t need to worry and cause all these unnecessary panic.  I would also expect the same courtesy if it was the other way around.


    • Anonymous says:

      Is it confirmed that there were adults in the house.  Just wondering because I didn’t notice it in the report.

      • Fallen Angel says:

        Come to think of it, now that you pointed it out, there really was no mention if there was an/any adult in the house at all.

        Maybe that’s why the ‘missing’ girls went to the address in the Frank Sound area because they have foreknowledge that they won’t have adult supervision at all.

        Are we back to the question : "How many brothers do I have?" by a certain MLA to a former MLA?

    • Anonymous says:

      Wonder if they will update that the girls were found safe? Probably not, already struck the needed fear into their loyal readers. I agree with the other poster that 48 hours with these stories to hit the media is better or Cayman has to come up with some sort of Amber alert, or better responsible parents! I’m going to call my mom and my best friends mom and tell them thank you for keeping an eye on us when we were young and looking for thrills, telling us our clothes were not appropriate instead of buying us inappropriate clothing and waiting outside house parties till they were done…actually, telling us we better be by the car at 11:30pm or they coming into the party to find us! Yep the good old days of being a parent and not a friend. No one looks out for anyone anymore, have this whole they aren’t my child mentality.

    • Anonymous says:

      Perfect world news for the Cayman Islands!!! all though many do take FOX with a grain of salt…..the girls should be made to do 100 hours of community service over the holidays. let us get serious with this situation so that when a real one occurs it is believed and acted on with the urgency it would demand.

      Get them onto one of those clean up crews (without pay) right away. Then call the media/TV. That would stop this every weekend.

  4. His Teric says:

    Told you so.  What a waste of time and resources. 

    Police, can we have at least 24 hours absence (preferably longer) before your time is wasted absent there being evidence of abduction, violence or significant background risk? Can we stop "the girls stay out a weekend" stories generally? 

  5. Anonymous says:

    It’s called "Weekend Galawaanting"!!!  It’s becoming "too common" these days particularly with these young teenage girls.

    When I was a boy and left on my purple polo bicycle to visit my friend 1/4 a mile away from our home without my mother’s permission, (my father was a seaman overseas) on my return home a couple of hours later, she would march me straight to our bathroom.

    I knew exactly what that meant !!!! 

    I knew that I had to pull down my pants (underwear too) and got over the toilet seat and hugged on to it for dear life. I’ll never forget the many floggings she gave me in my growing up days for minor infridgements, with my fathers leader belt which he left behind for my mother to use for that particular purpose. Usually for "every word" she uttered in vexation relevant to my disobedience, it meant "one lick" with the belt. Of course, she literally held a "conversation" with my poor behind which hurt for days on end.

    At that time I thought she was really harsh on me but today I thank her dearly for "every single lick and flogging"she gave my poor behind whih kept me straight. Today as an adult, I have only one child (a daughter) who is16 yrs old and I never once had to give her the flogging my mother was accustom to giving me.

    I often hear my mother tell my daughter (whom she took care of from six weeks old while my and her mother worked) how she handled me when I was growing up. She reminds my daughter that should she decide to fall out of line and I don’t use the "rod of correction appropriately", she is still willing and able to make good use of it. God Bless her, she is now 75 yrs old and up and going strong. 


    • anonymous says:

      You would advocate greeting a lost child with domestic violence?!? 

      Parents: if you lack the emotional control and basic communicative skills to talk with your own children, then it’s very likely you are a reason they leave home and are reluctant to return. 

      If you need to, bring in a trusted third party mediator whom both parties respect and talk out the issues.  Establish your household’s rules and expectations, talk about the birds and bees, talk about gangs and people to avoid, make the rules clear.  These are YOUR children afterall. 

  6. Amber says:

    would you guys just keep your negative comments to urself please because no’one wants to hear them obviously they probably had a reason for running away right?? think about come on now just give them a break and stop talking c**p ohk?? think before youwright your negativeness on the internet no’ones cares what you have to say when your child goes missing i hope that tehy all say the same s**t your saying…. thnx for reading Yours truly Amber! lol

    • Anonymous says:

      Amber, if your writing is any indication of the literacy levels of this country, we are all in big trouble.

    • Anonymous says:

      LOL! This isn’t MSN Messenger…

  7. Anonymous says:

    The same story every time. Girls go missing then found safe a few days later. Hmmm…wonder where are all these girls going?! Willing to bet it is not to the nearest chapter of the Girl Scouts to bake cookies!!!!

    Glad to hear that they are ok. Now we won’t hear anymore about it because the parent (s) will be too ashamed about where their daughters actually spent the night.

    Becoming more frequent, sign of the times. 

  8. Anonymous says:

    this is happening too often if it was my daughters i would peel the skin off there back side .All that going on and they do this the people house that they were at is worst than them.

  9. Anonymous says:

    OK so now they need some licks for pulling off this stunt.  In my day, if I so much as looked out the door when I wasn’t supposed to I would get punished or even beaten, but you know what, it worked.  We never dared to do anything like this.  Kids these days have a big sense of entitlement, they are lazy and disrespectful and parents tolerate it.  Come to my houseand see what good kids are.  They simply don’t get a choice.  And for those people that treat their 5 year olds like adults, please, you are creating future monsters.  You must set boundaries and consequences for not following the rules and a few licks never hurt anyone, just ask all previous generations.  We did ok.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hows about we stop praying, and start looking?

    • Anonymous says:

      How about we just do nothing, get on with our lives and wait for them to turn up back home?  If they are still missing by Monday then I will start to listen.


  11. Anonymous says:

    This kind of thing is happening too often. Hopefully they will be found safe and sound, however they need to be severely chastised if this is just a disappearing act.

  12. His Teric says:

    Can we stop the "girls missing over weekend after a party" stories until maybe they have been missing for 48 hours or so, rather than causing panic after just being away for 12 hours?  There will posts asking for God’s aid, they will turn up and then God will be praised for saving them.

    • Anonymous says:

      No the headlines should not stop, not after the way the society crucified the RCIPS for notifying the public or lack thereof on the disappearance of Sabrina Schirn, you people are so ungrateful, this can be your child, you would want them to be found!

      You ask to be notified, you have it!

      • anonymous says:

         It could never have been my child. When my daughter was 15 and at a party, I was outside the house at 11:00 in my car to take her home. If someone else’s parent was going to give her a lift home I would confirm with that parent that that was to happen.

        Different time – different place – different culture.

        • anonymous says:

           Would one of the two people who have given this posting a thumbs down please explain why.

          I find it almost beyond belief that it could be viewed negatively.

        • Anonymous says:

          VERY WELL SAID. These girls should be severely punished. Also their ware abouts during the time that they were missing should be published. Some folks dont no shame.

  13. Anonymous says:

    we pray the girls are returning home safe !

    why is it happening again and again that minors (15y old) are out

    at this times and walking on the streets?

    when our teen goes out (16) someone will pick her up or it is

    sure she is getting home safe before she is leaving. the rules are clear.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I am from the U.S. – where it has become all too common for kids to go missing, either on their own will or due to abduction. 

    One of the things I have appreciated about living in Cayman is the thought that this type of thing would not occur here.

    Let’s all pray that these young girls are safe and that there is no foul play involved here.

    • Anonymous says:

      After all girls that age still need to be supervised. If they go to a party on their own then their parents should mke arrangements for them to be picked up at a certain time, or better yet their parents themselves pick them up theirselves. I will be praying for their safe return as soon as possible.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m from the U.S. too and teenagers are teenagers anywhere in the world. This is not the first time this has happened here and one day these kids will cry wolf one time too often that no one will take a teen going missing seriously. I hope that doesn’t happen but I can see it coming. Too bad all that will happen to them is to get "chastised".

      • wolf wolf says:

        Too late for that!  Too much cry wolf already, especially for girls who are brought up to think they can do what they want without careing about their parents who seem to not care about them.  I always hope this is not the case but so far……………..