Body found shot dead in GT

| 29/12/2009

(CNS): Updated 12:15 Police have confirmed that a murder investigation is underway following the discovery of a 27-year-old man’s body close to Welly’s Cool Spot in Sound Way, George Town. The RCIPS said the man’s injuries appear to be consistent with gunshot wounds.The 911 centre received the report that the body had been found at around 8:30am on Tuesday, 29 December. Police said that an extensive forensic examination of the scene is currently ongoing. Police officers are also conducting door-to-door enquiries to establish if anyone in the surrounding area has any information which could assist with the enquiry or help put together the last movements of the deceased.

The identity of the deceased will be made available when formal identification has taken place and his next of kin have been made aware. A family liaison officer has been appointed by RCIPS to assist the victim’s next of kin.

A murder incident team, led by Detective Chief Inspector Peter Kennett, will be based at the murder incident room, which has been set up at George Town police station.

“This young man lost his life in what can only be described as a very brutal way. I have to stress that we do need the help of the public as we try to piece together the last few hours and minutes of the victim’s life,” said DCI Kennett.

“We have already started to gather vital information both from the forensic examination of the scene and from interviewing people who live in the surrounding area but I would appeal to anyone who has any information, and has not already been spoken to by the police, to come forward. Even if you feel the information you have is insignificant or trivial – please let us know – it might be vitally important to the enquiry.”

If, as is already suspected, that this is a murder it will be the eighth killing in the Cayman Islands in 2009, making it the highest number since records began.

Anyone with information can call the murder incident room at George Town police station direct on 244-2924 or Crime Stoppers 800-8477 (TIPS).


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Murder,Muggings,Robberies.  This really happened in the past 6 months in Cayman

     What will the next 6 months bring us ?

     Gunman robs liquor store  12/30/2009  

    Body found shot dead in GT 12/29/2009

    Man bitten in mugging – 12/24/2009   

    Gunmen rob East End Fosters – 12/23/2009

    Armed robber hits gas station – 12/18/2009

     Armed holdup at gas station -12/15/2009

    Armed holdup at mini-mart -12/04/2009 

    Rush hour armed robbery  12/01/2009

    Speedy arrests for robbery 11/27/2009 

    Robbery at knifepoint  11/19/2009

    Family hid from robbers   11/16/2009

    Residents fight off burglars 11/13/2009  

    Crime toll climbs as burglars hit business premises 10/27/2009

    Two men arrested following West Bay Road mugging 10/26/2009 

    Man arrested following George Town burglary-  10/22/2009

    Three more robberies-  10/19/2009 

    Woman mugged at gunpoint –  10/17/2009

    Woman faces home intruder on Walkers Road –  10/16/2009

    Margaritaville armed robbery-  10/16/2009

     Man killed in shooting – 10/14/2009

    Armed robbery outside Treasure Island Condos- 10/14/2009    

    Police investigate attempted restaurant robbery– 10/13/2009

    Man robbed at gunpoint in George Town -09/24/2009

    Armed Robbery at Quik Cash 09/23/2009

     Woman robbed at knife point 09/16/2009

    Man shot in West Bay 09/15/2009

    Bar robbed at gun point  09/13/2009

    Murder at Next Level !!! 09/10/2009

    Cyclist knocked unconscious and robbed !!! 09/03/2009

    Men robbed at gun point !!! 08/24/2009

    Masked man attacks woman !!! 08/13/2009

     Burglary victims attacked – 09/23/2009

    Armed robber hits GT store !!! 08/12/2009  

    Two muggings in one night !!! 07/28/2009

     Man shot dead in West Bay !!! 07/08/2009

     Man shot dead in GT !!!  07/05/2009

    Second woman attacked !!! 07/02/2009

    woman attacked by intruder !!! 06/30/2009

    Armed robbery in GT !!! 06/24/2009

    Shop robbed at gun point !!! 06/19/2009



    • Anonymous says:

      All in the last 6 months, YES, THE LAST 6 MONTHS! Crime is at an all time HIGH in the last 6 months! Do you know what happened about 6 months ago? McKeeva Bush became leader of government! Any coincidence?

  2. Anonymous says:

    mac you said not on your watch and we believed you, so what now??

  3. what a mess says:

    As a previous poster said "where is the CMA in all this? Pastor Al and Rev Sykes?

    Your silence since the constitutional referendum has been deafening! And seems to indicate your only concerns are to keep Human rights to a minimum and keep collection plates to a maximum.

    How do you "guardians of the peoples moral fibre" intend to help?

    • Anonymous says:

      Your statement is grossly unfair.  The Ministers have been getting very involved in their communities to combat these problems.  They just don’t advertize it in the papers.  The irony is that you want them to speak out but you sound like one of the people that was so vehemently attacking them (as you are doing now) for taking the stance that they did during the constitutional process.  However, here is the rub.  As Christians the most powerful weapon is prayer.  But whenever Christians speak about this, the backlash is always that prayer can’t do anything.  The Community chokes the power out of the prayer.  Look at Jesus’s miracles.  The Bible says that he could not do many miracles in his own hometown beause the people lacked faith.  These Pastors are in their own hometowns asking us to believe in the power of prayer and to trust in God.  But there is a price, we must repent of our sins.  We must stop calling good evil and evil good.  If you are willing to do that, and accept Jesus, then you can be one more annointed person praying for this country.  Believe me, Cayman would be alot worse off if not for the continued prayer of our Pastors, and more importantly Christians in general all over the country and the world.

      But I have a question, what do you plan to do about this?  It seems that we are all looking for the CMA, the Government, the Police to solve this problem.  What are we doing.  I will continue to pray.  I have also started to make it a point to say hello to young people wherever I see them, so that I can build a raport with them and talk to them, because that is all many of them really need.  I am looking to join a mentoring program.  There is one at John Gray School.  I am also part of a service organization, and caring for young people is one of our annually renewed projects.

      So maybe its time that we all stop concentrating on what everyone else is doing and do something ourselves.  There was a meeting at the Red Bay School some time back, this womean Deidre Seymour put it on to tackle things just like this.  I was off-island at the time but my cousin went and she said the attendance was not the best.  PTA’s are always complaining about the low turn-out at PTA meetings and reporting sessions.  How can we expect young people to do better when their parents aren’t taking interest in their schooling etc.

      Sorry to go on, but I know many of the Ministerspersonally, and I don’t like seeing posts like this because they are not cold and caloused, they are as concerned about these things as us, and they are doing their part.  But if you want to see the Spirit of God move, don’t start by attacking His messengers, start by becoming one.

      • what a mess says:

        I have been working with and talking with young people and not so young people, for many years…many of which have been able to turn their lives around for the better. And many of these young people have, and continue, to site the hypocrisy of so many in Cayman (some clergy included) as one of the reasons they have found themselves disillusioned and heading down the wrong path. I also know some pastors who spend much of their time doing good work with others. 

        I did not "attack" any pastor or anyone else…i asked; "where are they?"…because the two named pastors (representing CMA) were so vocal to ensure that Human Rights were kept to a minimum…it now stands out that they are so silent about the current crime/social crisis.

        Prayer is all good and well…but prayer without works is dead. I do not believe that God will do for us what we can do for ourselves!

        Your post seems to indicate that one must be christian, "annointed" (like you) to help others…which is a prejudiced view. Many people (myself included) know full well that just because someone calls themself a christian does NOT ensure he/she is honourable, ethical or indeed ofany real help to anyone.



  4. Raffaelle says:

    Why bother anon 7:47 This is the year of discontentment for anyone who is foolish enough to put their trust in political figures and promises i will say to you a old saying that when a politician wrestles with his conscience he usual wins.

    We are all complicit in this crime situation for ignoring the signs or sometimes not doing enough.i will agree with you some people have a greater degree of complicity than others especially those appointed or charge with the responsibility of safeguarding or protecting the general public and not just the wealthy few.

    However by sometimes vilifying the appointed "guardians of society" allows them leeway or justification not to act or do even their lawful duty. We have to thereby and should support Mr Baines and his efforts.

    And now to you Mr Baines within this little community there are persons that are capable and willing to assist you, but you have to clear the "hurdles" and "debris" that is hindering ourand your progress you have made a very good start and it is commendable and all you have to do is ask for that help.

    Their has been some suggestion on here in regards to the old DTF its a good start be warned however old enemies of the truth still remain in your camp and will ambush you and your efforts if they are allowed to. Finally to Anon 7:47 do not give politicians that kind of power or credibility.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Honestly I am sick and tired of all of this. Karma comes around to everyone, can’t expect to do something to hurt someone and something not happen back to you. Only sad part is with all this retaliation they are hurting other people, friends, familys etc… People now fear going out because of being hit by a stray bullet. Cayman is getting ridiculous. but make um keep killing off each other!!! what will they do when everyones gone?!?!?!?! And the police really need to do better!!!!! I always had high hopes in um but seems they only do anything when they get a little bored!!! the amount of boats coming in from other countries they could be searching!! Cayman really needs to bring it togethor before real innocent lifes are lost from all this havocae. I want my child to b able to play outside!


    my sorrows to his family specially because he does hav a child, but this should just show to others no one cares about what u hav or who will b losing so all of this needs to stop!! take ya ass home n spend it with your children and loved ones instead of out causeing problems!!

    To prevent it just avoid it…..

  6. ExBlueGirl says:

    Commissionor Baines, if you are reading this……

    We need more Officers on shift.  Boost up the Uniform shifts, get more Officers out there working 24/7 (with more emphasis on the 9:00pm-5:00am hours).

    This is when you need presence, Police presence deters crime.  And make sure those Officers are getting out of their cars and addressing the people who are ‘hanging around’ those hours of night.  "Go home or visit the jail"!

    Cut back on all those speciality 9-5 departments.  Waste of manpower.

    It’s that simple.

    Please do it for Cayman.


    • Anonymous says:

      I agree – I was only saying yesterday to a friend that the "bobbies on the beat" approach didn’t last long at all… for a week or so I was seeing police walking every district every day… a couple of weeks later and there’s no sign of them any more, and I do believe a visible police presence in the communities was a good start and could make a huge difference. 

      For some reason I maintain faith in you Mr Baines.  Don’t let the sun get to your head as seems to happen with others.  Stay true and strive towards an effective and efficient service.  Compared to your homeland, the crime here is petty (I will be slated for saying this no doubt, but you know this to be true); you have a much larger police force per capita; and you have a small area sorrounded by water to police in comparison.  The RCIPS should be a force to be reckoned with.  They need to establish respect in the communities and be effective in their jobs (particularly when it comes to evidential matters to secure convictions) in order to regain trust and respect from the community and put fear into the (real) criminal element.  But it goes beyond that Mr Baines, the responsibility also ultimately lies with our judicial system, prison system and moreso politicians, who seem (to me) to be simply burying their heads in the sand and hoping this will all go away.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I wish you all would stop about " blaming Expats and Caymanians". Do we not all live on the same island? We need to do something about this. These people whom ever they may be, are killing these young men. The Police Commissioner needs to form a special task force and solved these killings. This should not be happening.

  8. Reap what you sow says:

    Nine murders in 2009. At least 8 of them linked to criminal activity or those who chosed to  associate closely with criminals.  Why are we expected to help those who do not help themselves?  

    I am sorry but many Caymanians know which Caymanians have chosen to live on the criminal side.  The Islands are paying the price for Caymanians willingess to turn a blind eye to Caymanian criminality.

    CNS Note: Unless you know of one not reported (in which case please contact CNS)  it is eight killings for 2009 — seven murders one manslaughter.

    • Reality Bites says:

       CNS – Sadly, I believe the poster is right – our sense of safety, stability and security in our own home was brutally murdered in 2009!!!  Sadly, the perpetrators will never be caught and will continue to roam freely amoungst us, having destroyed one of the pillars of the Cayman community…

    • Anonymous says:

      This is what I call arrogance.  Your suggestion to help solve crime is to point the fingur????  Stop critizing and offer solutions.  It is attitudes like this that has gotten us where we are today. 

  9. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Mckeeva and Mr. Manderson, How can you sleep good at night, knowing that someone’s child may be murdered because of status grants? You guys failed to make our Islands safe, you failed to protect our youth from these criminals and you failed in your lack of due deligence of the status grantees and their dependants.  Why are you encouraging this open door policy when most countries are closing the doors on these criminals? Pretty soon the US, UK, Canada and others will shut the doors on Caymanians too, because we will become the Islands that harbours criminals and because we are doing that they will pressure us more.  Why not form a Cold Case Unit, fund it, provide the resources, even if they are retired FBI, CIA agents, just do something!!!! You have been in office now for 7months and ALL I can hear is the PPM did it, C’mon now guys….Do your jobs and stop this travel circus and filling my pockets circus.  The Cayman Islanding is self destructing and no one to guide them.  Do you really think the good Investors are going to come here??  We will be encouraging more sofisticated criminals.  They are now training our youth, providing the weapons and controlling the money flow, what are you doing to save this generation???  Earn your paychecks now by being pro=active and not re=active!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      It is persons with your mentality why crime will never be solved in these islands; always looking for someone else to blame, when we all darn well know that the criminals are our own Caymanians born and bred.  You see what is wrong with us we think we are better than others; too good to committ these crimes.  I wonder if the CAYMANIANS recently arrested and imprisoned in U.S.A. were the offsprings of the status grants.  What were your comments then.

      We all know that these thugs are our brothers; unlces, nephews, son, fathers.  Stop blaming others; remember when you point one finger at someone, another four is pointing back at you.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wed 7:47, can you explain what you think the connection is between status grants and Cayman’s murders. Is this the old "It can’t be Caymanians" mentality?

    • Anonymous says:

      "Mr. McKeeva, Mr. Manderson"……

      That was the quickest I have ever seen a murder solved!! Obviously we don’t need the police we just need this individual who has automatically assumed it was one of the status grants recipients who committed the murder Monday night/Tuesday morning. Why wouldn’t you think it could be one of our own Caymanians. They’ve done it before, and yes I am a TRUE BORN CAYMANIAN, one who isn’t always quick to blame someone else.

    • Balanced View says:

      Responding to Wed, 12/30/2009 – 07:47 –

      Are you for real?  I swear some village is missing their idiot.  I can’t beleive that someone holdding such a madcap view actually know the keys on a keyboard and can function  around a computer!!!

      Stop spewing crap! What the H-E- 2 sticks status grants have to do with this…
      Become informed before typing lony responses
    • Anonymous says:

      I have to agree. I have been saying this same thing for months now. They don’t care about us all their worried about is collecting money. Mr. Bush is useless I don’t know why he was voted in the house in the first place.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I hear the victim name ……

    CNS will be confirming that fact shortly once the police have confirmed that the victim’s family all knows.

  11. Anonymous says:

    The new comish Baines should be fired. I’m not sure if he is on a probationary period, but if he worked for any other organization with the same lack luster results that he is turning-out in the RCIP he would be looking for a new job by now.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Why don’t we hear more from our church leaders about all these murders? Another gay cruise ship and the papers will be full of their rant!ings and biblical quotes! Come on Al Ebanks and friends lets hear how the church can help us in our real our of need.

    • Anonymous says:

      What do you expect poor Pastor Al to do about the crime. Government need to stop travelling and put some small Sub Stations with good cameras in them . George Town need at least three Substations. How much are they going to cost any how?  Not until the right persons child is killed will they see that js the greatest need to help eith the crime. So much people is suggesting Sub Stations, so many people cannot be wrong.

    • Anonymous says:

      church leaders are too busy collecting and counting their money

  13. Da detective says:

    Some are here for the paycheck and a social life if you areso stupid  to believe they are here to protect me and you then donkeys can fly No more excuses and taking care of the wealthy and blaming the public DO YOUR JOB We the public have given you the budget and police equipment  of a small country we expect results. No more expensive task forces wegot so many specialist and commitees here we should not be having these XXX problems.

  14. Anonymous says:

    With all due respect to Ch. Insp. Peter Kennett; are our crimes being solved any faster than when local Police were in charge?? Just a question. Somebody needs to do a proper job in getting control of these guns – on such a small island  it is a disgrace that we have all this gun violence and robbery taking place!!  What’s the use of getting more Police if the job is not being done properly.  All the big shots from abroad don’t seem to be handling the situation any better so start working for the pay or be honest and leave the space for someone who’s prepared to do the job properly!!   

    • Anonymous says:

      Crime follows crime and criminals follow criminals! This is the most murders in a calender year in the history of the Cayman Islands (8) and check out how many of the 8 have been committed since May 2009 and there is no surprise in what is happening in Cayman.

  15. "Unsolved Mysteries" says:

    We sit and we blame Gov’t, we blame Police, but what about the actions of these individuals.  The lives they have chosen will someday come back to haunt them.  It is so unfortunate that we are loosing our young men to the gun, knife or other forms of destruction.  When are we going to place God at the forfront of our lives and reap the benifits He has in store for us. 

    These Islands which were built on godly principles are falling away because of the love of money, which is the root of all evil.  His word tells us that if "His people who are called by His name, shall humble themselves, pray, seek His face and turn from their WICKED ways, he will hear from Heaven and heal their land (2ndChronicles 7:14).  How many others will have to loose their lives before we take heed.


  16. Concerned young caymanian mother says:

    Derek Haines, Mel Brown, Pepsi, Brady, McArthur, King Bush etc……

    Them ‘ole hardcore police, WE NEED DEM BACK!!!!!

    • Colin Scott says:

      They done now lol

      • anonymous says:


        Maybe the ole boys police that kept Cayman Clean and out of the hands of criminals  are too close to retirement and can’t be bothered. they need to train younger trusted policemen that have the will and the stamina to bring in these varimnts.!  Also the Church pastors should close those churches up and pitch some tents in the middle of each district and have some revial services, stop counting money and close up those stained glasswindows and preach the gospel in the streets where these criminals can hear the word that Jesus loves them and they will change. some people will never go to church, so the church has a duty to go to win the loss go into the high ways and by ways instead of going into people’s pocket book all the time !

        "Get off TV, get off the Radio, and Pitch a tent the lord is saying and earn your meat that the Word says you are worthy of when you work ! but you preachers in Cayman ARE NOT DOING YOUR JOB. You are partly responsible for all this crime, you’re too proud to hand a gospel tract out on the street to a poor lost sinner and tell them that Jesus loves hem !"?

        Well go get a job as a cashier or clean up the streets, but if you keep this up you are not worthy to pastor the churches in that little 60,000 populace.

        Calling all Pastors to go earn a real living and get a real job


        ‘WIN THE LOSS"

        The murderers, the prostitutes, the thief, the liar, the cheating husband, the crooked bankers, the lying politicians, and your lazy selves too lazy to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the streets of Cayman who do you think you are ?,. Shame on you.,

        Get to Work!


    • anonymous says:

      Of course we need de ole hard core police back….Derek Haines, got rid a too many hard core criminals and dat upset de goberment! a wonda how many big shot dem  Derek expose why  dem nah wanh em back deh! im is a bass man in kicking de drug boy dem beind, em lock em up and then go sit at  fehim special place to chill dat a bass ! me love em you see!

      Mel Brown do too good a job in subduing the bad boys dem!

      Brady would go to de chuch a pick up the bad man dem with the tip of his bayonet ! boy  dat wat I call a real policeman! dem betta offa Brady the right Pay to clean up Cayman again the bad boy dem loose now that Brady not  dere to kick dem ass ! now the criminal dem kicking the community ass !

      Pepsi, McArthur and king Bush kick ass  ad dem did keep down crime 2 ! and we want every un a dem back in ya!\\\\Dat lady was right dat published the piece telling the Cayman government they need a Trinity in Cayman, de boys dem bad and they need a bad man police to set dem ass on fire, they need some fya in fi dem whya.

      De police too soft, dey a real joke. how dem can kecth criminal wen dey fraid a de criminal demself?   Laude me God !


      C Me ya!




  17. Anonymous says:

    Everytime a murder or robbery happens I see the same comments on here but I don’t see any action.  The police don’t do anything, the government don’t do anything but worst of all, the people don’t do anything.  Again nobody saw anything, nobody knows anyone with an illegal gun?  Please… and for everyone on here making comments when are you going to march up to the LA and demand government does something instead of sitting on a**** and flying around the world?  Any other country and this would be a protest outside the assembly and nobody would move until something was done.  Everyone is willing to point fingers on here and say something needs to be done as they hide behind their anon screenname but isn’t it time everyone does their part??

    • Anonymous says:

      Instead of complaing that our leaders have to travel the world to attract business, why do you not set the example you speak of and lead the so called march to the LA and demand that our government do something.  It has to start somewhere but if people like you only talk crap and don’t do anything themselves then don’t bother posting foolishness to begin with.  Obviously our Premier and current government inherited a very sad state of affairs on many fronts and are coping as best they can.  Stuart Kernohan, the previous commissioner was doing a good job controlling crime before he was targeted on may fronts, particularly the PPM government.  The instability caused by having a succession of commissioners was a major contributor to Cayman’s current crime situation.

      • Anonymous says:

        here we go again, blaming the PPM! When will you useless incompetent people take responsibility? The UDP have been in charge for 7 months now & the best you can come up with is to STILL blame the PPM. If the PPM had done that & blamed all of our woes on the millions wasted (into certain pockets) on the renovation of the turtle farm ($78 million, SAY WHAT???), millions wasted on the Royal Watler port, low cost housing, millions to friends for consulting, over payments to family members for land, etc etc & so on & so forth, if the PPM had blamed all our woes on the previous UDP’s wasted MILLIONS we would be stuck in reverse constantly listening to the childish blame game! But thank GOD PPM were better than such childish antics & got on with their jobs. The UDP should now finally get over it, get off the blame game horse, & get on with actually doing something (except Mac flying around the world) instead of blaming! For GOD’S SAKE, IT’S BEEN 7 MONTHS SINCE THE ELECTION!!! Do we have to listen to that broken record for 4 years? GIVE US A BREAK & do some work for a change! MY GOD??????

        • Anonymous says:

          I get where you are coming from, and understand your frustrations, but since we are humans with emotions & not robots, perhaps calling fellow posters useless, incompetent, etc. may not be the best way going about attempting to invoke a change in opinion. 

  18. Mozzie Fodder says:

    Cayman is rotting from the inside out. I hope the police and local community can get these killings under control whilst there is still a country to save.

    It’s scary to think that the person in front of you in the line at Fosters could have blood on their hands. Cayman is a tiny place and there is nowhere to hide.

    • Anonymous says:

      I WILL ASK IT AGAIN: "where is the UDP"????

      Mr. M. Bush was very very quick to cast blame on the PPM when they were the government! What does he have to say now, who is he blaming now for the terrible in crime? UDP & Bush are making things worse for us Caymanians, & they must face up to their responsibilities!

      If bush could blame the PPM for crime in the past, then surely he must accept the blame for the worst crime rate we have ever witnessed in Cayman! AS I’ve said before "if you spit in the sky it will fall in your eyes"!!! Mr. Bush & the UDP are to blame for the rise in crime!

      The problem right now is that the UDP’s leader is never on island, & the other ministers have no say, & therefore all hell is breaking loose because the UDP is AWOL! Things will only get worse, but so what? That is what we wanted, & that is what we get!

      • Lachlan MacTavish says:

        I agree….where is the LOGB……another question….where is the rest of the cabinet….someone stand up.

        This is not a UDP, PPM, XWY issue. This is not political. This is the safety of our people and visitors. This should not be politricked ……this needs to be addressed by someone please……..

        A leader needs to provide the legislation and funding to fight and erradicate violent crime nowwwwwwwwwww.

        • Anonymous says:

          LOGB??. In case you are unaware he was digested by the old constitution when the new one came in to effect.

          We now have a PREMIER holding that position, however he did not vote for the new constitution and is reluctant to have anything to do with it including the perks that come with it.

          So until its time for a new election you have to make do with what we have including a runaway crime situation which the RCIPS is totally incapable of dealing with.

  19. anonymous says:

    Public (and RCIP) need to canvas their snitches in these gangs.  It is impossible to believe that this type of killing is random or that there is no information on what is going on and why.

  20. Reasoning & Guidance says:

    We need to call for the real Police please Derek Haines and DTF boys instead of these pretenders running round the place. Thats my two cents We always knew this was going to happened Cayman and the persons responsible need to be held accountable and punished. They wanted the reigns of power and they got it the problem was that the "little clique" and political minions thought they could control this situation so they brought in their foreign buddies  and promoted them to maintain power and control and still could do it. Here’s to you PATNA!

    • Baya 4 life says:

      what cayman need is true caymanian police that is trusted on the street.  No young person will talk to the ex-pat police but will probable chat to the local officer if assured names will not be mentioned (which is highly unlikely, but is worth a try).

      • Anonymous says:

        Excuses, excuses……

        There are local officers out there to talk to.  There are other local "leaders" that could be talked to.

        Stop blaming expats for our failures…

      • Anonymous says:

        That is pure BS. My brother left the police because he was so sick of Caymanians-including his family-wanting special treatment (ie a blind eye to their lawlessness). Our Caymanian policemen can have a very hard time from their own people.

        • tired of the way. says:

          And here is the root to all of Caymans problems.  The Cayman way.  The more Caymanians take control over any business or goverment sector the worse it gets. The more corrupt, the more it cost and the more out of control.  How many more failed businesses, for the people endeavors, and Goverment run enterprises will it take until  we see what we are doing to our own country?  I can see why us Caymanians are afraid to let expats control anything Caymanian but to the point of total failure?  Are we that scared?  If we cannot as Caymanians see that we need to control the outcome and not the process we will lose everything that we haven’t already lost!  Lets use the skill and experiance that other countries can offer to our benefit instead of relying on our own poor education system and failed goverment leadership.  Look where its got us so far and where we are headed.  Our recent past shows me that we have no future if we don’t change.

    • Anonymous says:

      Until such time as we can trust the police with confidential information, no one is going to come forward and volunteer information because what they say and who they said it about is on the street 15 minutes after they leave the police station.

      Unfortunately, until this problem is rooted out and the perpetrators within the police force are identified and taken to court, the public will NOT come forward. The shooting of Carlos Webster, in front of an estimated 150 witnesses, just goes to show the confidence that we have in our police force. Were all the people there that night locals? Were there no visitors who might not have been intimidated by the concern that their information and identification might have been made public? 

      Sadly our police force is becoming more and more like the Keystone Cops. On Christmas Eve there was a road block at the by-pass near Lantern Point in Red Bay. I wasn’t even stopped but several cars behind me did U-turns, drove over the median, went back onto the old road by the brewery and emerged at the roundabout by McRuss’s having by-passed the road-block !!

      I also find it a bit ridiculous and a waste of both manpower and gasoline (both precious resources) when they have the road-blocks to check for car registration stickers. All this does is delay people’s journey home and casue anger and frustration. Why not have a couple of officers, with ticket books in hand, walk through all the parking places in town and ticket the offenders. There were no less than 5 police cars at a road block on Crewe Road the other day.

      How sad.

  21. Che says:

     This is someones son, someones nephew, someones uncle, someone cousin, someones brother and no matter if this young man was involved with gangs or drugs… he was still a human bein.  Instead you all throw your slogans when a young mans life is gone…each life in this world is precious no matter how good or bad they may be…we all are humans.  

    "My heart and prayers go out to this young mans family and may God bless and keep him safe in heaven."

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you for your kind words and prayers. in the midst of all of this sickening rhetoric. He had a son too. Who he loved very much. And we loved him too.

    • Anonymous says:

      so true,… i must support you on that…!

  22. Cost Too high says:

    Come now daddo Baines find the old DTF members and see if you can turn this sitution around stop listening to the talking heads, naysayers, usurpers and blame old villians hanging wrong your neck. No more fool fool ideas and suggestions of 200 man task forces and FBI’s It cost us too much money now! No more advice from these armchair detectives either.

  23. Anonymous says:

    The police can collect knivies from bus drivers, create road blocks and catch people "speeding"[37mph on a 5 lane road].

    Can they fight crime effectively and proactively?

  24. Anonymous says:

    The UK is responsible for the Police, so lets see if this will be another shining example of their inability to have a force that is effective at catching these criminals. We should have an FBI standard force with the prices we pay for the police.

  25. Anonymous says:

    U.S. Violent Crime Down in 2009 – A recent FBI report stated that violent crime is down in the United States for the first six months of the year.  Murder down 10%; robbery 6.5%; rape 3.3%; aggravated assault 3.2% and burglary 2.5%.  This is in despite that unemployment has increased significantly. This shows that just because unemployment increases that automatically we should blame this for the increase in crime.  We need to find solutions.

  26. Anonymous says:

    According to the report, this young man "lost his life in what can only be described as a very brutal way."

    This sounds like an execution. What sort of evil have we allowed to infiltrate our land?

    The short-term rewards that would convince people to live their lives like animals must be great.

    Our schools maybe the breeding grounds for this type of philosophy. Do these young people have any hope of learning a decent trade or following a good career path? Some kids are the exception as they defy all odds, but if you want to see for yourself what the underlying spirit is, I suggest you take a visit to a graduation ceremony for one of the public schools.

    The gang mentality is on public display as the budding ganstas of tomorrow try to outdo each other with stupid walks and skanks playing the fool as they go up to get their worthless diplomas. Then there will be a cacophony of catcalls from their peers and they ignore the requests of the master/mistress of ceremonies for a little more decorum. Honestly, it is like a zoo full of wild animals. Thank God, I do not have to go to another one of these ever again as I put my last child in private school and although it kills me financially, at least I know she is not getting a knife held to her throat or being sexually intimidated. It is also painfully obvious that the teachers are scared of these kids and the kids know it.

    It is no wonder that we have brutal thuggery on our streets. Our problems run deep and unless we dig really deep, we are going to keep on finding bodies.

    Incidentally, we moved up the murders per capita league table into 6th place just ahead of Mexico and behind Russia. Someone else quite rightly mentioned the emasculation of the DTF. That is true. I knew a member of the DTF for many years and they were really well-organized and passionate about what they did. This particular gentleman was the consummate professional and I could see that he respected his team mates. They were fearless, brave and protected Cayman with a true dedication.

    Criminals did not emasculate the DTF, influential people did, and influential people are usually where the money is. If we look at the upper echelons in our society, we will find the true perpetrators.

    • ^ Well said. Sad but unfortunately this is the life some lead. Death like this to some must look appealing. That is until a gun is pointed at them I’m sure. The Caymanian Gangster is rising, time to hit back with the DTF and hit back stronger than before. You wrote in your post, "Criminals did not emasculate the DTF, influential people did, and influential people are usually where the money is. If we look at the upper echelons in our society, we will find the true perpetrators." This is as true today as it was centuries ago. A variant of Honoré de Balzac quote states: "Behind every great fortune there is a great crime." This indeed is a great crime and although I shed no tears for him, no matter what this man may have done, dying like this cannot be justified. Once you take someone’s life, you can never give it back. May he rest in peace.

    • Yeah says:

      Sad to say but just observe what is going on in the streets (I.E. the guys with the head wear and dark glasses everywhere dorag on fist lord know what in the hip)…Every animal in the zoo is loose we better try to keep everything secure not a screw loose

    • Ruttering says:

      I totally agree with you about the way that the boys behaved at the JGHS graduation ceremony. I was there and consequently got a sense of the atmosphere in the room. 

      However, I disagree with you about the cause of the ‘budding gangsta’ walks we saw on display as the boys crossed the stage. I believe that some of them behaved in that way because they were too immature to cope with the occasion.

      It was a manifestation of their awkwardness. Their awkwardness was almost palpable and to attribute those actions to swagger and bravado and of mimicing belonging to a gang is wrong. It was a sign of their inability to walk from one side of the stage to the other under the glare of several hundred eyes – and TV too, because of their self consciousness and extreme nervousness. 

      It is very difficult to be an ordinary 16 year old boy in those circumstances.

      • stretch armstrong says:

        Everyone has their own interpretation of peoples actions, and I think you may be a little too generous in letting these 16 yr olds off due to their awkwardness.

        If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, … you know how it goes.  These 16 year olds are likely more entrenched in gangsta activities than you or I care to know. 

        • Anonymous says:

          Mr. Anglin, can we(born caymanians that do not have anywhere else to run to ) plsssssssssssssss???? get funding(scholarships, loans ….) and please speak with Mr. Roy Bodden and ask him  to set the schedules so that working Caymanians, that will not be given time off by their employers to do this course (as they do not see how it will benefit you in your current position)can do it at night–to do the Bachelors Degree in Social Science at UCCI to equip us to deal with our SOCIAL PROBLEMS!!!! 

          The crime rate continues to climb as a result of increasing social problems as a result of the ineffectivness of the SOCIAL SERVICES DEPARTMENT. 

          We need people in OUR  Social Services Department that are dealing with our social issues not just KEEPING BUSY and KEEPING A JOB.


          Father in heaven, please give us favors with our leaders and the President of our Universtity who are all Godly people.

          • Pale Rider says:

            How about we try taking a little bit of the responsibility for raising our children off of Social Services and put it where it belongs, in ourselves???  Until we as a nation address the exploding problem of young persons "breeding"  and being unable to even take care of themselves, much less another child, we will continue to see a decline in the moral fabric of our society.  Mothers, teach your daughters to keep their legs closed!!  If this is not possible, then do like the Humane Society and put them on birth control.  Men, teach your sons that sex is not a sporting event and whoever makes the most "trophies" does not win!!  If theycannot keep their weapon holstered, then give them condoms and insist they use them.

            College degrees don’t make better parents….Parents make better parents!!


            Oh wait, sorry, I must apologise for these ridiculous suggestions….in order for this to work…there must me mothers and fathers present.. 

            My bad….

    • Anonymous says:

      The description of public school graduations is absolutely 100% correct. Some of us in the education system started speaking about it in the 1980s (at least 50%of the parents there had never attended any PTA or reporting session for their kids but they were there for this worthless ceremony that the Education Dept forced on us) and I recall a school principal talking about gangs in his address but of course he was dumped on by the powers that be (one of whom became an MLA) for doing so."Caymanians don’t involve themselves in gangs". I doubt that even she would say that now.

  27. When found guilty here in Cayman, send the F****** to China, they will do the job for us, execute everyone of the sleasey bastards.   I am sick and tired of reading or hearing about this now. RCIP, get off your duffs and do something, Government where are you? These guns must go, you all give the respectable honest  man that want or have a firearm  a lot of flack, but you do nothing about the thugs that pack their piece.

    Is anyone checking these boats that are coming in here from jamaica, Miami, Honduras etc.I bet not, how about road blocks at interval times of the day and night, especially night time, search them, if they have nothing to hide then they should not be afraid to be searched. Have the canine group be on alert at all times. I cant take this any more, I dont know when or where these idiots will be and me or one of my innocent family members or friends will get a slug. We need to march from point to point and whatever we see or hear we need to report and if the cops do nothing about it, then protest untill they loose their job. 2013 make a difference, vote all of these out.              

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree! Send allthe long serving criminals to CHINA!!!  Or have a three strikes you’re out process.  On your third time in jail, for any offence, you are sent to CHINA!!!

      Then the criminals here may think twice about committing a crime.  Since execution will soon follow! 



  28. Anonymous says:

    Retaliation murder, pure and simple.

    And until people in our community start turning in the people with the guns, with the ammo, etc that they have hidden all over the island, in their houses, buried in wooded lots, buried on the beach, then these retaliation murders will continue.

    For every 1 canoe that gets caught bringing in drugs and guns, there are 3 and 4 more that slip silently onto our shores supplying the guns and the ammo.

    Plain and simple.

    Wait until more is said about who the unfortunate man is, and you will see. My condolences go out to his family, because he does have a family that loves and needs him.


  29. Dred says:

    They are too busy blaming PPM for everything under the sun to look the problem in the eye and deal with it.

    Several underlying problems exist in Cayman today.

    1) No fear of the prison system – Prison far too soft. No one fears going back so it has become a revolving door.

    2) No fear of the criminal justice system – This is two parts. Punishment for crimes not severe enough. System is broken and in dire need of MAJOR repairs. Just look at all the botched cases we are getting. Look at all the unsolved cases. I still say a crime with a gun should bring MINIMUM sentence of 10 years and you simply tack on after that. I think we need capital punishment back for heinous crimes where there is pre-meditated aspects to a crime.A Tribunal of 5 judges would have to be established. It would require at least 4 judges in agreement not just a simple majority.

    3) Police element not focussed at REAL issues. I can’t believe that with a reletive small BAD element in our society Police can not target certain individuals for surveilance/monitoring. They know where the real issues lie they are just not following through.

    4) Training – Our Police Officers are not adequately trained. Before hitting the road or placing a butt in a car they need to be shipped off to a training facility in the US (NOT UK) and taught HOW to do their jobs. The local training OBVIOUSLY is not working.

    5) Equipment – They need proper updated equipement for doing their jobs.

    Guys our thugs here are not as organized as they would seem to be it’s just our force is so DIS-organized.

    I do fully realise that the Police Force should never fall under the LA per say butthey need to be more answerable to them. Someone is not carrying their weight in the force and we need to know where the force is failing and why.

    • Anonymous says:

      I know why the problem persists. Let’s look at the recent attempted terrorist airline attackby that Nigerian Al-Queda man.

      HIS FATHER REPORTED HIM A LONG TIME AGO! These criminals have no fear because their family members tolerate it. Do we really think that nobody knows who they are and what they do?

      With a surety I know this, the blood they shed is not only on their hands, but also on every family member, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband and friend that know and remain silent. Blood is on your hands.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Come now citizens… it doesn’t take a PhD to realise that all the crime can be traced to a few select 1 sq mile areas in GT, WB and EE … and they all resemble this description: shanty town style homes where all day you can see young men standing by the side of the road lookin mischief !! ie: Boddens Rd, Sound Way, and the list can go on and on … round de clock patrols of these areas are needed.. random searches, stop checks etc.. if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck.. well you know the rest !!!

  31. Pale Rider says:

    Just wait and see.  I can guarantee you this was related to other shooting murders which have occured in the past couple of months…This is a gang war and this is the latest in the back and forth spate of killings…This gang war is being fueled by the struggle to control the lucrative illicit drug trade.  The RCIPS is powerless to do anything about it, because they have emascualted the once effective DTF…Until you have a strong anti drug presence once again, this WILL NOT STOP…

  32. Anonymous says:

    Let’s wait to hear which nationality or political party will get the blame for this.

  33. Anonymous says:

    People will continue murdering because justice is never served so they see that they can get away with these crimes.

  34. OG says:

    Here we go again  we better call ghostbusters on this one or according to one ex politician no worries we have the NSC they are the be all and end all of everything. Well i guess we will need a 100man task force now eh!

  35. livingcayman says:

    Don’t you people see that the Government doesnot care, I believe that they are apart of the problem with the rising crime (they are funding the thugs to rob, and steal and bully people)

    Please bear in mind the leader of our now Government has claimed that he was trainned or got the insite of how a party system should be runned by a well known Government that was but guns and crime in their communities in the early 80’s and still do it to this day, create chaos in their Island.

    • Anonymous says:

      AAAHHHHHHHHHH! Finally someone has talked the truth, Anon 11:36 you got it right. Everything you said is so true. What else can we expect when "our leader has claimed that he was trained or got insight of how a party system should be run by a well known government that was about guns and crime in their communities"! This is correct. What else can we expect? "create chaos in their islands" & we all know what this leads to! Now we see! Well said 11:36 

  36. Lachlan MacTavish says:

     How many more deaths from violence before the leaders of our country take action?

    This isn’t normal for our little country………..

    • Anonymous says:

      Why should we wait for our "leaders"….

      That’s the problem.  Everyone wants someon else to solve the problem for them….



    • Anonymous says:

      What action exactly Lach?

  37. Anonymous says:

    Two stories on CNS this morning.  1. Murder numbers up.  2. Tourist numbers down.

    When will they get it? these are related

    • Anonymous says:

      It must be an organize Group that is doing these killings, Police and the Goverment needs get a handle of what going on in this Island, we can’t have Vigilantes destroying our beautiful Islands and running away visitors at the same time with all these killings it needs to be put a stop and the Premier needs to take control of the situation in this Island instead of flying around all over the world, Cayman need him more than any other part of the world, they have their own problems too.

    • Anon says:

      Actually they are not so linked. Look at Jamaica…a crime-ridden island. Yet still the tourists visit.

      It is not the inter-related gang violence that is the problem, it is the cost.

      • stretch armstrong says:

         There is one difference between Jamaica and Cayman tourism and that is expectation. 

        Most people go to Jamaica knowing there is violence and have their guard up. Most people visiting Cayman love it for how safe it has been historically with little serious crime. 

        Thus, there is going to be a correlation between crime and tourism statistics in Cayman, because peoples expectation is higher/different. 

        I read an article last week that stated the 2009 report from the UN Human Development Index shows the condition of the Caribbean as a whole has deteriorated. "In crime and security, the decline in Caribbean circumstances has been dramatic. Between 2000 and 2009, murder rates became higher than in any other region of the world, and assault rates rose significantly above the world average."

        I think this statement above summarizes the situation all to well. Something needs to change, and quickly. I wish I had the answers but I am at a loss.