UDP saves NYE bus

| 29/12/2009

(CNS): Following the revelation that the National Drug Council did not have funding to run the Purple Ribbon free New Year’s Eve bus service for the 2010 celebrations, Matthew Leslie of the Young United Democratic Party has stepped up to the plate and rallied his party colleagues to come up with the money to get the service up and running. Leslie said that with money from the YUDP’s fundraising coffers, together with contributions from all of the UDP MLAs and some party members, he has come up with enough cash to allow the NDC to run the service island-wide from 10pm to 3am on 31 December/1 January.

“The YUDP felt this was a worthwhile cause to spend some of the money we have gained through fundraising this year as we know lots of young people will be on the road on New Year’s Eve and we want them to stay safe,” Leslie said explaining that after seeing the story on the CNS site he wanted to do something. “With the help of party members and all the UDP MLAs we’ve come up with enough money to give to the NDC so it can organise the free service so that young people can park those cars when they have been drinking and get home safely on the purple ribbon bus. Drunk driving is a genuine concern for all and we want to do what we can to help start the New Year without any major accidents.”

Leslie said that full details of the exact times and routes of the buses would be revealed before New Year’s Eve but that the service would be island wide, free of charge and all buses will be clearly marked.

Mark Scotland, the Minister for Health, said he was delighted with the YUDP initiative and offered his full support. “I was disappointed to hear that the NDC was unable to find funding for this worthy initiative so I am really pleased that Matthew and the YUDP have spearheaded this initiative which all of the UDP is behind. This is an important service as we all want everyone to stay safe on the roads,” Scotland added.

Leslie confirmed that no government money is being used to fund the service but cash from the YUDP’s own coffers, party members as well as the MLAs’ own pockets.

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  1. Young PPM Option says:

    If the Young PPM were to run the service in true party style they would borrow $20m to finance the purchase of Rolls Royce Mini-Buses because only the best would do for Caymanians and then need to find another $10m for gold plated seat belts and other such added extras.  When the money was not there they would simply disappear and leave the problem for someone else to deal with. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Anon 17:15, you are TYPICAL of the udp! You are not happy to simply hit on the PPM but you also have to be negative about the Young PPM also! Instead of trying to encourage young persons to get involved in politics you instead try to tear them down & discourage them by insulting them, only because they do not support your people! HOWPATHETIC & PITIFUL. You should be ashamed of yourself. Instead of always being negative, especially about a group of young people you probably do not even know, please try & encourage our youth! If they do something you do not agree with then speak out, but to simply insult the Young PPM for no reason is shameful of you! (the Young PPM have nothing to do with this issue). It’s not like we don’t know alot we could talk about the Young UDP, but what’s the point? I think we should encourage our youth to get involved in the politics of our country! Obviously you don’t, you pitiful thing (typical UDP, it runs in the blood)

      • Young PPM Option says:

        Satire.  Look it up in the dictionary.  If it is a PPM dictionary it might be a gold leafed, leather bound dictionary that only goes up to the letter "M" before the money runs out.  Did you see what I did there?  Did you?  Satire.  Yes!

        I am not a UDP supporter and this was political satire not an attack on the Young PPM.  The comment was merely a reflection on the disaster that the was last government’s handling of public finance and large public works projects.  Stop being partisan and realise that almost all the politicians active in Cayman appear about as incompetent as each other.

  2. Balanced View says:


    To the person who thinks that I am a “puppet” (Tue, 12/29/2009 – 18:34) because I simply engage brain before opening mouth consider this: We have seen an advert. published by the Gov’t (not the elected govt but by the Civil Service) for a personal cook/housekeeper for the Premier and we jump from there to “Mac wants a housekeeper!!!” Can’t you see the folly of that kind of thinking??? Why are we so quick to be judgemental and hang the man at high noon before giving him an opportunity to respond?
    Re. your comments that the country pays for whatever he wants, what foolishness is that! Do you know that he doesn’t even like to travel but he does it because it’s what’s required. He’s not going to sit and watch the world move on by and not get involved like KT. He is on a road show and as the name suggests, it requires him to be on the road. He’s a family man, not a bar fly and would prefer to be home for birthday’s, anniversaries, family outings/gatherings etc. but instead has to travel on 13 hr flights, have meetings while fighting jet lag (something I’m sure you know nothing about), and catch a red eye flight to another country where its normal for terrorist to blow up convoys plus take care of his ministries and community engagements here at home!!! We sit in our homes and sip egg nogg and fail to understand and appreciate what our leaders do for us. While we sleep Mac is working to keep the wheels of this economy going – he’s the guard on the wall, he’s our chief defender. Let me ask you something bright spark –  If one of these commercial/retail banks closed tomorrow what would be your plan for absorbing the immediate fall out in relation to job loss, impact on home mortgages, small business and large commercial loans, etc. He’s not waiting for that to happen, he’s trying to stay ahead of the curve and come up with creative ways to stimulate the economy. Now I don’t agree with every idea (like an oil refinery) by my God, I don’t hear any brilliant ideas coming forth; just tons of negative/disparaging remarks from the PPM and their cronies which by the way brought this predicament on us in the first place. The PPM couldn’t even get the Gov’t to produce audited financials OMG!!! And we should be satisfied with that!!! That’s what they called “Progress”!!! Even the Foot report cited the PPM wild, reckless spending spree. Remember this: If you all get what you wish for and the Gov’t fails, WE W ILL ALL BE IN THIS BOAT TOGETHER (Red and Green)!!!
    Re your point about burdening the tax payers. The high end of the salary for this position is CI$38k and if you divide that up amongst 60k people that’s $0.63. I’m not going to go any further with this argument….it’s not WORTHMY TIME!!! Stop being a moron you political neophyte.
    • Anonymous says:

      Wha ya say? The Mac don’t like to fly? Hahahaha LMFAO that’s a good one, & happy new year to you too. Yea right, we believe you! hahahaha LMFAO! Man, that was good, Big Mac don’t like to fly! I guess you’ll tell us he don’t like those 5 star hotels too? hahaha  

  3. Anonymous says:

    Woot woot… we can all dig deep in our pockets to scrounge up change for everyone to be able to get drunk, but yet somehow, we can’t do the same to give a little more financial support to the sea-faring, war-fighting, retired, elder generation. I wonder if we will find Mr. Eugene Christian on the drinking bus?

    N.B. Before some smartie says that the cost of funding a bus is lots more than the $1 million needed to match the former ex-gratia payment… derrr… I know this, but am talking principle here. 

  4. Joe Bananas says:

    At last!!!  Something possitive about a Caymanian run group effort.  Been a long time.  Please show the self serving good old boys how things should be done and more important for whom.

      And please disregard the idiotic comments.  Idiots have had their say so much on Cayman for so long they actually belive that they are smart enough to tell people like you how to behave.

  5. Anonymous says:

    So YUDP you think this is great??  Encouraging grown people to Drink????  Why not run a bus service to Church instead?  Encourage people to go to Church, as we badly need Prayer for these Islands.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey dumb ass, where in that article did it say that the YUDP was encouraging anyone to drink?   They are simply making sure that since we cannot control and brain wash all 60,000 people on this island into not going out that at least those that are out and about can have some safe way of getting home.  Makes sense or do I have to give it to you in a more elementary fashion?

  6. wesbaya says:

    Stay home and drink or better yet, if you must go out, stay sober. I’m going to church. Is the Premier and other members of the UDP, YUDP?

    Donate that money to families in need or to assist the police in solving murders; another one again this morning.

    • Anonymous says:

      Running the bus has nothing to do with a UDP or YUDP member going to church or not.  I am sure many of the party members from both sides will be in church.  The buses are for the people that will be out partying and making sure they dont end up dead.  I swear…  you all make it so political at times instead of looking at the positive.  Good work YUDP!!

    • Let's Get Real says:

      As a Christian, I will remind you my brother / sister. Judge not lest you be judged also. Whether they go to church or not isn’t anyones concern. It’s between them and God, and I might add, outwardly neither right nor wrong.

      Surely you know that going to church does not make you a Christian or even means that you are a Christian. It is the application of the life of Christ to our lives that does. Which also means our inward thoughts, as yes, God sees and hears those too.

      Just thought I’d take the time to remind us of this (especially me first).

      God Bless everyone in the Cayman Islands. Let’s start to work together and be patient with one another to help turn things around for the better.

  7. Anonymous says:

    So let me get this straight, the UDP gov’t cut funding for NDC so that the YUDP could donate the money to save the bus and look like heroes?

    Let’s just remember that the YUDP has been on their feet about 6 months ahead of the YPPM…so even if it is the fundraising money of the YUDP, the YPPM couldn’t have raised as much money in less than half that time.

    Glad the bus is running though. That’s mt 2 cents.

    • Anonymous says:

      Did you not read the article BONE HEAD??  They took money out of their own pockets.  Instead of jumping to conclusions get your facts straight first.  The UDP and YUDP recognised that there was a need in the community and they answered.  Wow it amazes me how dumb some people are that comment on here.

      • Anonymous says:

        Perhaps you should reread the comment you commented on….I think they were suggesting that it’s a political ploy…not that the YUDP didn’t use their own money.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sounds like a PPM negative cry baby to me.  I am sure with the rich families that support the PPM they could have easily raised the funds if they had common sense to help the NDC.  I am sure alot of the PPM party members will probably need the use of the bus service.  Heaven knows Kurt and his goons are in bars all the time.  When is the last time you seen Kurt out trying to help anyone.  I cannot even respect them to call the PPM the opposition anymore.  Opposition to what??  You do not even hear them. Oh wait that is right….THEY CANT SAY A DAMN THING TO THE UDP cuz its the PPM that put us in this mess in the first place!!

  8. Helen Reid says:

    PS. Make sure you all tip and thank your bus driver 

    – and don’t throw up in the bus !!!! HA HA

  9. Helen Reid says:

    Regardless of whether people think of this as a publicity stunt ( which yes it could well be, but lets face it a good one and are you gonna knock that, really), surely there is no one out there thats thinks this is anything but good news.

    Just think of all those relevlers that would otherwise get in their cars over the limit that will now jump in a bus!

    Well done YUDP – we have safer roads this new years eve thanks to you. 

    Not many places in the world offer this service and we should be truely grateful that the YUDP have done this – it will no doubt save lives.

    I truely hope that everyone takes full advantage of this and no one has the excuse to drink and drive now!

    Happy Safe New Year Cayman


    • Anonymous says:

      I totally agree with you.  Even if it was a publicity stunt it was a smart one. hahaha  I cannot vote but if I could I would vote UDP just got they got young intellects like the YUDP

  10. Balanced View says:

    Regardless of whether you are UDP or PPM, one thing is for certain, the YUDP recognised a need and took care of it. This story also highlights the benefits of having an organised political arm working for the people. It also demonstrates that the YUDP is sticking to their message which was to assist the greater community regardless of party affiliation/persuasion. After all we ARE our brothers’ keeper.

    What I have noticed unfortunately is how negative the PPM was when it was discovered that the Seamen wouldn’t be getting their Christmas bonus. First of all, a bonus is just that – a no obligation extra amount given if it can be afforded. Clearly the Gov’t can’t afford it and so none was given. Most businesses won’t be able to give bonuses or pay increases so I don’t see the big deal. However if the PPM felt so sympathetic, they should have put their money where they mouth is and provided an extra bonus for the seamen. After all, some of the past and present Seafarer membership include members from the Kirkconnell, Tibbetts, Scott and Bodden families; these are some of the wealthiest families on the island!!! Most of these families support the PPM. 

    Finally, pls stop with the whole Premier getting a maid stupidness! First of all until Mac comes out and speakes to it, I’m going to give him the benefit and say that he won’t be taking it. BUT if he does so what!?! Tell me one country where the leader of that country doesn’t live at a premises/mansion paid for by that country? Name one!!! Why aren’t we all up in arms over the fact that we have been paying for the Governor’s housekeeper/butler/grounds/home/electric bill etc. for decades. Have some appreciation for the worth of our leaders people. It’s 2009 not 1509!!!

    Also feel free to apply for the job if you feel that approx. CI$2,800 is a great paying job and you know how to cook, clean, do laundry, entertain guests etc.
    • Anonymous says:

      Of course, you are one of those puppets that has to wait for "mac" to speak before you make a judgement, but Star, only puppets like youcould in anyway pretend to agree or see nothing wrong with us, the people of the Cayman Islands, having to pay for everything "mac" feels he wants. I, along with the vast majority of Caymanians get paid our regular wages of which we make out our budget on how we will spend it, which will include a cook/housekeeper etc. if we can afford it. With the LARGE wage that we, the people of the Cayman Islands, are paying "mac", he should work out his budget from that and do not put more burden on us by making us have to pay for his personal cook/housekeeper. Trust me, the people of the Cayman Islands are getting enough of this and the actions might not be pretty, and then to have one man come on CITN and say "if the Queens representative can have this done, why not a Caymanian", well he should be thinking of ways of cutting that instead of adding burdens to the Cayman people, but when you are a puppet, you know!

    • noname says:

      You know, we all really need to get along more than ever before. I’m not Caymanian, and / therefore, not PPM or UDP. But I do live here (and have for over a decade) and I’m convinced that if we all work together, this society can be better socially, financially and over all.

      Let’s have less Expat vs Caymanian contentions. Both sides are guilty. Expats curse Caymanians and Caymanians curse Expats. Then there is district against district, Caymanian against Caymanian, PPM against UDP (and vice versa of course). And I’m not being accusatory, this happens everywhere, but it doesn’t have to HERE. If Cayman is to progress, we all need to be Cayman FIRST, not UDP, PPM, expat… Simply Cayman FIRST.

      That’s an idea, why don’t we all (expats and Caymanians) have a Cayman FIRST mentality (if your heart isn’t already there) that is more quick to listen and slow to fight.

      Did you know that the Big Brother / Big Sister organization has a VERY successful corporate, school (Primary) based mentoring program, that requires only one lunch hour a week to make a difference in young people’s lives. What they need are companies (private and government) and individuals who are willing to give just that one hour a week.

      And there are tons of other youth-based, church-based and other voluntary organizations that can bring positive change. I rather like the song "no man is an island". "Each man as my brother, each man as my friend".

      Can we all put our shoulders to the wheel to make a change? Let’s all enquire on where we can help. And what if you need help first? Let’s not let pride stop us from reaching out.

      I pray for unity and progress. God bless the people of the Cayman Islands (ALL of us). How about it? Let’s make 2010 Cayman FIRST.

      • Anonymous says:

        This all sounds good & in a perfect world it might even work, but in reality it is impossible! Why I say this is impossible is because we all know how VINDICTIVE the udp is, especially their head! As you should know, if you have lived here for 10 years, if anyone publicly acknowledges to being sympathetic to the PPM the UDP will absolutely have nothing to do with them, not even a hello! We have all seen the record of the premier when anyone opposes him, & how very vindictive he & the UDP can be! So my friend, I agree your suggestions sound great in principle but in reality they are impossible! The UDP are the ones that have promoted hatred amongst the people. Do you remember their campaign? It was more about hating than about the issues! With that kind of hatred, from the top of the UDP right thru their entire party, your suggestion has no hope, unfortunately.

    • Anonymouse says:

      Just because we’re not in a position to object to the 1st silliness doesn’t mean we shouldn’t object to the second. And when you consider that they’ll still be using Government House for the official functions the Premier’s Maid seems even sillier. So, before your call becomes a rallying cry, let me vote for "No Premier’s Mansion". 

      Turn Government House into a public beach / government reception & meeting site and let the government find their own places to live and pay their own staff, like everyone else. They are employees of the people, not employers.


  11. Anonymous says:

    I wish someone would come up with an affordable similar bus service that would run every Friday night, rather than having to use the rip offmerchants that call themselves a taxi service.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agreee, soe of our taxi drivers are the biggest thieves on te island.  Why cant they use meters?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Well done YUDP (even though I’m sure it’s not completely selfless it still shows the love they have for this country)!  Time for the MLA’s to take a pay cut to set up a slush fund for things like this……..


    how about the people riding on the FREE (to them) bus service donate $5/10/25, any of which are far less than the cost of DUI, to go into the coffers for next year….. or for Pirates Week…

  13. Anonymous says:

    Its really commendable to see the MLA’s come out of their own pockets and also for the YUDP to step up to the plate and do something important like this. 

  14. noname says:

    Just another publicity stunt by the UDP to show face.  The PPM would have made sure that those buses were running no matter how hard the budget constraint were. 

    • Anonymous says:

        I am sure they (PPM)  read the article just like the UDP did and should have came forward themselves. Sorry but I gotta give points to UDP on this one even though I voted PPM. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Yea sure, and I voted for George W Bush!

      • Anonymous says:

        I AM SO TIRED OF THE BLAMING AND BASHING OF THE UDP AND THE PPM. Every thing that happens they are blaming each other. This is so embarassing and stupid. I am most surprised that instead of gangs killing each other that you dont have partys killing each other. I know the time is close to that. Want my gut feelings about the UDP AND THE PPM?  Too much of anything is no good.  It is past time that we elect new people, and not bull s**t artists neither. Not those people who live for the radio talks, and when they are finished talking you dont even what they were trying to say. We need good business people to run this Country. We are tired of seeing little people in the race only to make money, and for God sake could they learn to dressproperly. Men can somehow get away with any ordinary pants and shirt but a woman should always be well attired.

    • Anonymous says:

      with what? I know Kurt or Alden wouldn’t have shelled out a penny and sure as hell the government wouldn’t have had it. They could have stepped up to the plate just as the YUDP did but as usual they were probably already at Country or Over the Edge.

  15. TRUTH says:

    Great job YUDP.  Wow this is really impressive.  I am glad that the CNS and NDC made this concern public cuz someone was able to step up to the plate and get it done.  Good job YUDP

  16. TRUTH says:

    The YUDP has a really bright up and coming group of young people who just proved that they have the country at heart.  I am neither a UDP or PPM supporter but it is stories like this that make me really happy to be a Caymanian either way.  I am sure it is not cheap to run such a bus service so to know that the YUDP and UDP and MLA’s came out of their own pockets for this one was really something that impressed me.  Happy New Year Cayman and I really hope that 2010 is a great year for our country. God Bless Cayman!!!!!!!

  17. Anonymous says:

    I was really worried about reading an earlier article stating that the bus service would not be offered because we have a real problem on this island with drunk driving.  I was wondering when and if the UDP was going to step in and I am glad they did.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Well done YUDP!



  19. Anonymous says:

    Congrats UDP and YUDP.  It is so good to see that they are finally doing something right to end the year off.  I have some faith in 2010 with the UDP after reading this.