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| 02/01/2010

(CNS): Following a long held tradition the Lions of Tropical Gardens (LCTG) the lady members were out and about on Saturday 26 December making sure there was plenty of Christmas cheer as they delivered festive baskets to those working over the holidays. The day began with deliverires at the George Town Hospital followed by Chrissie Tomlinson Hospital, Maple House, George Town and West Bay Police Stations, HMP Fairbanks, East End Sunrise Cottage, Immigration Office at the Owen Roberts Airport, Pines Retirement Home, Golden Age Home, 911 and George Town and West Bay Fire Stations.

The Lions also recognized the first baby to be delivered on Christmas morning and presented her with a ‘Lion’ toy. The children on the pediatric ward were also treated to gifts. Other recipients of gifts included – Additionally three families were included in the delivery process this year and they received hampers filled with groceries from the Lions.

The delivery of Christmas Baskets has become a tradition for the Lions Club to show appreciation to the workers at all the essential services that often times have to work throughout the holiday period and they were warmly received.

The Lions said that these workers miss out on having Christmas with their families so that the island as a whole can enjoy theirs. They work long hours over the holidays and so the LCTG provide some "Goodies" that will keep them well nourished and remind them that there are those who care and appreciate the Sterling Service that they perform,” they added.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Some folks and organizations get treated by everyone while people with the real needs are passed by. Whether we believe it or not there was Caymanians who did not have a proper meal for Christmas. Some living under real bad circumstances in certain areas that would have welcomed some of these hand outs. I Too know that these folks do not like for the cameras to be involved when they are being given stuff, and that is why they do not go around crying for help. I DO KNOW OF A HOMELES  CAYMANIAN who only had bread to eat for the New Year. A real good worker but cant get a job.