Acting governor tells new cops not to give free passes

| 06/01/2010

Cayman Islands News, Grand Cayman local news, Cayman police news(CNS): With the rise in violent crime at the forefront of the community’s collective mind at present, the recent graduation of thirteen police officers from the classroom to the streets last month was a welcome boost to the ranks of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service. During their graduation ceremony, Acting Governor Donovan Ebanks reminded the recruits about the need for humility towards the community but also not to give a free pass to anyone who was breaking the law, whether it was friends, family or people in high office, including himself.

Ebanks told the new recruits that they had a license to intercede no matter who it was that was breaking the law. “I am sure you have all heard how people think Cayman is too small for us to police ourselves, but you have an opportunity to help dispel that myth,” the acting governor said. “Show that you can be objective, fair and fearless regardless of who it is you need to deal with.”

He told them if they saw him breaking the traffic law then they should pull him over, but he also warned them that if he in turn saw them exploiting their position he would point it out. Ebanks warned the new police officers, who took to the beat just before Christmas, that they also needed to exercise humility not flaunt their authority.

Ebanks said the RCIPS had to work hard to address the image that many people had of officers breaking the traffic laws while at the same time ticketing civilians at will. He noted that it was essential that the officersact in a professional way all the time and show respect to the wider community. “The fact that you are a police officer doesn’t mean you can do things you wouldn’t otherwise do,” Ebanks added.

However, he commended the new recruits for joining the ranks of the contributor instead of the complainers, which were on the increase recently. “You won’t find great wealth in the RCIPS but if your calling is to be of service; you’ve made the right decision,” he said.

During his short address Ebanks also offered his support to Police Commissioner David Baines. who has now been in post for six months, and said he thought he was doing a good job so far.

The graduation took place at Harquail Theatre on 18 December, when the class of eight men and five women were presented with their graduation certificates by Baines, having successfully completed 14 weeks of intensive class work, physical training, law studies and exams to graduate as operational officers. The officers then took to the streets to begin the on-the-job element of their training on 21 December.

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  1. anonymous says:

    What is he thinking? If the police can’t catch the criminals, how are  they going to catch their mother committing a crime. After all  mothers can do no wrong, they fed them on their breast, they run home to mummy when trouble comes their way, Mom covers up everything for her baby boy, What did he eat last night, is it crab season, conch or lobster ? He ate too much of someting .

    What about all them people in high office that committed rape, the Cayman Governor’s orders include them  to be arrested too? I hope so.  He ain’t serious, he had all this time to execute that kind of power and now in the absence of the UK governor he’s distribting this kind of power to the police,lets see what happen.

    lOne thing for sure, He was not using aTexas instrument when he figured that one out.

  2. Joe Bananas says:

    Given what the recent past has shown about the lack of ethics for a large part of the Caymanian population all across the board this will be the hardest part of their jobs.  Many of their families and friends will be asking them to choose sides.  Not going to be easy in this community.  Can you see one of these new recruits giving a speeding ticket to a Bush?  Look at the comment by "at the ceremony" to give you an idea of what they will be up against.

  3. Anonymous says:

    now we know our caymanian acting governor has the same suspicions as the rest of us concerning caymanians in the local police farce….

  4. anonymous says:

    I would hope that officers would have an "obligation" as well as a "license" to intercede?  Is there no sworn oath for the police? 

  5. Anonymous says:

    mm butthe man who gave the speech said to Mr Bridger – don’t worry I will find someone to sign your search warrant – a fact that came out in the Judicial Review – pot and kettle I think.


    You must be able to arrest even your own mother!"

    Pssst… "What the hell is he thinking???"


    • Anonymous says:

      Yes frankly, you must. And if you cannot, you have no business being a Police officer.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Nice speech to the new recruits. Now if all the other officers would do the same, we wouldn’t have such a corrupt society and an out of control crime problem.