British MPs call for Brown leadership ballot

| 06/01/2010

(BBC): Two ex-cabinet ministers are calling for a secret ballot on Gordon Brown’s leadership, only months before a general election must be called. Patricia Hewitt and Geoff Hoon have written to Labour MPs saying the issue must be sorted out "once and for all". They said the party was "deeply divided" and without a ballot there was a risk "grumbling" would continue. Downing St said Mr Brown was "getting on with the job" and minister Chris Bryant called it "self-indulgent". Senior Labour sources told the BBC the move was "completely unconstitutional" although another Brown critic, Barry Sheerman, said a vote could be held at next Monday’s weekly meeting of Labour MPs in Parliament.

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  1. the Watcher says:

    Kurt should do the right thing and quit his leadership position.

  2. Richard Wadd says:

     Frankly, Brown should be tried as a Traitor, and punished accordingly!

    Simply put, the man is an ass and a disgrace.


  3. The truth hurts says:

    Brown has made just as bad a job of running the UK as Kurt and Mac have here in the past years.

    The problem of both of them is the same. The majority of people never votedfor them. Brown was never even voted in, he took over from blair who the UK people voted for. In Cayman, it is only a quarter of the population that are alowed to vote, and those that do are unfortunately (in general) the poorly educated, religiously misguided fools that vote for somebody based on what freebies they get. If a candidate buys them a TV and hurricane shutters they will vote for them.

    The result is that an inadequate leader is put in place that few people respect, primarily because they are just not up to the job.

    In the next UK elections, the UK people will show Mr Brown how they feel about him by voting him out. However here in Cayman, the cycle of going from one eejit to the next will continue. The only way to stop it is by giving those expats that finance the island and subsidise the lazy, the chance to vote.

    • Young Caymanian says:

      "giving those expats that finance the island and subsidise the lazy, the chance to vote"

      Have you gone MAD!! Do you even realise what you are saying? Open up our elections to those who don’t care about us and are only here to further themselves?? AND to someone who is NOT a Caymanian…I guess next you will be saying an Expat should be the head of our government. WAKE UP!!
      Yes I agree that some of the voters vote in the wrong way…but guess what that is democracy, the new constitution is one man one vote so it will get better. We just have to educate the youth who are new voters and encourage more people to vote, once they have the knowledge that their vote will count it will get better….we have 3 and a half years to getthe message across and I certainly will be trying to educate the people around me who I know are eligible.
      Think before you type!
      • Anonymous says:

        Nobody cares about your sinking island any more, least of all the Caymanians. If they did why would they be raping everything it has to offer? They have sold out their heritage and their family’s future for a few bucks, just to waste the money on luxury cars, booze and  

        Their greed has destroyed everything that was beautiful on the island, their idleness and hatred of foreigners has helped drive away tourists andinvestors. The few that remain are being forced out by the explosion in crime committed by these Caymanians, who feel that because they were born here they are entitled to steal, rape, murder and assault anything in sight. The few that don’t commit crimes are just as bad as they harbour the criminals to ensure crime destroys their island.

        • Young Caymanian says:

          I am CAYMANIAN, and I will be here when all of you who come here, rape our island and bring in "your" ways of thinking and try to change us to what "you" want, leave and go back after you have had your way with us. It is people like you who talk like this that we hate, because if you aren’t here to help us you are here to use us.

          My advice to you is GET OUT if you don’t like us. We the REAL Caymanians are trying to make this place better, WE are trying to work with the youth and trying to make this a better place. All you can do is talk about us, degrade us and step on us. The police know who are doing these crimes….simply put they need PHYSICAL EVIDENCE…please let them do their jobs and you do yours. Crime is everywhere, the economy is one thing that drives it up or down, maybe not the only thing but one thing.

          I don’t have a luxury car, I only drink in celebration or with my family at our sunday lunches, which I am sure you know nothing about. I still hold my heritage strong and practice it everyday of my life, in my cooking, in my speaking, it is how I live my life. It is what makes me who I am. I don’t know which "caymanians" you have spoken to but I know in my generation we hold strong to it and pass it on as it was passed on to us. You people come here and do not respect it, you do not wish to learn our culture or our heritage but yet we are expected to accept yours because it is your "right". Well this is me expressing my "right"!

    • Day and night says:

      I dont see where we went from Brown being possibily unseated from his post of PM to expats subsidizing the poor not lazy in Cayman.

      Stink to the theme at hand son and stop weening. Get out of here if you don’t like us, remember we are bless, this is why you came to us and not us to you.

      • Anon says:

        Nobody mentioned the poor. The welfare system is in place to help the poor. It is the lazy people that nobody likes subsidizing.

        The comment drew an interesting contrast between the UK situation and Cayman, in that the majority of people don’t like the leader and in both cases only a tiny minority of stakeholders had a say in their appointment.

        You are not bless (think there should have been an "ed" at the end of your sentence, but I presume you were schooled locally so I wouldn’t expect any better) any more than anyone else in any country in the world. Just by bashing your bible, it does not make you better than anybody else.

        • anonymous says:

          Dear Uk disgruntled writer, Where have you been all this time? in your own Utopia. If you were payng attention to what has been written in these forums you would already be aware that our Educated Caymanians that have higher degrees than yourself, and yours have been addressing the political issues facing this nation .Everyone included those you claim to be uneducated and those that are intellectual havealready gotten the message. It is everyone’s vote that is counted. Your problem seems not to be  voting but you seem to want to run for office, that’s not going to happen so be cool and thank God for your little job that you have here. Obviously you coundn’t do as good where you came from, so stop grumbling and be thankful.

          We’re not going anywhere, so pack up and leave if you cant stand us.

          In the future do not refer to my people as uneducated. You seem to lack intellect yourself.

        • Young Caymanian says:

          EXCUSE ME!! Who are you?? I went through the local system and I turned out fine. Did you go through it? Do not assume if you do not know.

          Go back to your home country where you probably weren’t even schooled properly in geography. I am sure you had to "google" us to try and find us.

          We are not a 3rd world country that will succumb to you arrogant expats who come here and try to degrade us!!

          Yes some of us may lack some computer skills or literate skills, but EVERY country in this world has that. It doesn’t help when people discriminate against it.