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| 06/01/2010

(CNS): For almost two weeks now commenters on the CNS website have been calling for the return of former Chief Superintendent Derek Haines to the RCIPS. While Haines has often been hailed by a significant number of those who regularly comment on the site, the surge in violent crime over the Christmas week let to a groundswell of support for the former distinguished senior officer. As a result CNS contacted the RCIPS senior management to ask whether consideration was being given to finding a place for Haines but were told that they felt it was inappropriate for them to comment.

Haines has made no secret of the fact that he would return to the RCIPS if the opportunity arose and last year he applied for the police commissioner’s post. However, despite being a decorated officer, having received the Queen’s Police Medal (QPM), Haines was never given an interview. Although flattered by the surge in support for him over the last two weeks, Haines told CNS that the question of his return was not down to him.

Hainesremains a staunch support of the RCIPS and believes the community needs to get behind the service and support officers as they work hard to tackle the current rise in gun crime.

Haines, who is currently Operations Manager at Dart Realty, Camana Bay, has more than forty years of service as a police officer in the UK and its Overseas Territories and served in the RCIPS for more than ten years. A prominent member of the community as a president of the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman and president of the Cayman Islands Rugby Club, Haines enjoys wide support and many say he was an exceptional officer. When he received his QPM award in November 2005, he was one of only three recipients.

Haines’ departure from the RCIPS in January 2006 came only months after he received the top accolade and was a surprise to the community. There has never been a full explanation for why Haines’ contract was not renewed, an issue which has given rise to considerable speculation about why Stuart Kernohan, the former CoP at the time, chose to remove Haines.

The support for Haines’ return in the last few weeks has come from a cross section of Cayman’s community, both expat and local. The common thread appears to be that people see Haines as being close to the community and someone that the public can trust in a time when violent crime has increased significantly.

Described by commenters as incorruptible, a true patriot, honourable, hard working and someone who understands the causes of crime in Cayman, Haines has always been popular but it now seems that his support base is wider than ever.

His return, however, would depend on a significant change in the current management. With the return of Chief Superintendent John Jones to his post following his 18 month suspension as a result of Operation Tempura, Haines’ former position is taken.

Moreover, the RCIPS currently has surplus of deputy commissioners. Anthony Ennis, who was the only senior cop not to be removed from office as a result of the special investigation, is still serving in post. Rudolph Dixon, despite being found innocent of all charges brought against him by SPIT in November of last year, is currently facing a disciplinary investigation by the RCIPS. But he has not been dismissed ,although suspended, remains in the position of deputy commissioner. Since his arrival the new police commissioner, David Baines, has installed another UK officer, Steve Brougham, described as an intelligence expert, as an acting deputy commissioner.

CNS has now started an online poll regarding the return of Derek Haines to the RCIPS.

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  1. cc rider says:

     The great fear of the inept. Mr Haines is an imposing figure to the Current management of the RCIPS and poses a direct threat to certain elements inside and outside of the RCIPS that includes the Inept incompetent the corrupt and criminal forces that now appear to be incharge of some aspects of our society. His imposing presence and credibility is exactly what Cayman needs now to call to order the Crime now plaguing our little society and streets. Unfortunately not all in our little society here in Cayman share or have a vested interest in seeing our little islands prosper or flourish what a real shame. So we will continue to endure the endless and expensive mind games we see at play in this OT.

  2. Anonymous says:


    I think I know who wrote

    You don’t have the faintest clue – I’m fighting crime more than you could ever dream about!! No I’m not a PPM either. Try again!! & then try some more!! keep wasting your time while I fight crime!

    CNS: there is a "reply" button at the end of each comment so that you can respond to that one.

  3. Anonymous says:






    Dont you say another word about former Chief inspector Haines in this



    For your information his last title was ‘Chief Superintendent’  and everyone has the right to voice their opinion on this site as long as CNS allows it – so get your facts right & if you want to shut people up then get your own web site like CNS has!!  I don’t think your’e a shareholder of the site nor are you helping them pay their bills!!

  4. Just Curious says:

    If we were to re-instate Derek, would the same opportunity be afforded to the thousands upon thousands of others who have been mistreated, forced out and/or wrongfully dismissed from the ranks of the Civil Service over the last 30 years?

  5. mike gooding says:

    I along with Shaun Ebanks and other concerned citizens of these Islands would love to have Derek Haines in charge of the RCIP:  But does he want to return?   Mr. Baines is in the learning process and this is not the time for learners.   Mr. Baines started off on the wrong foot  and his road to recovery is long and hard.   Mr. Haines has a sound and established reputation where he is a man of integrity,  honesty and trustworthyness.  He has what it takes to turn things around in this Island,  and I know the whole Island will rally around him because he is trusted and proven.  So I say, Let’s get the best from this man while he’s still on offer.   What do we have to lose?  In contrast, look at what we have to gain.  To Mr. Haines I say,  Please keep putting yourself on offer for our sake.

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

       No disrespect to Comm Baines but he inherited many issues. I’m sure his budget is limited and there is politico interference. Is    the    present    system    working     against the growing crime in Cayman. I believe no… Governor + acting Gov + LOGB + Cabinet do something proactive. IF…..Derek Haines would return what a one two punch. Comm Baines + Deputy Comm Haines + funding + no politico interference = country back from criminals.

  6. Anonymous says:

    You all remember back in the day when the Police actually had everyone committing crimes scared of them? The little white Nissans running around and pulling up and searching and arresting.   Remember the days of SGT Brown and his crew?  Brown never used a gun but he walked around with a big ass piece of wood.  Think it was an Ax Handle.  Trust me the criminals respected these people and even when they fire bombed Brown’s wife business he still stayed on.   Derek Haines barely smiled when in uniform but he was a fair man and did his job.  King Bush walked around with a gun in his pants pocket (I always wondered why he did but I guess he did not want people seeing it) and Pepsi and Wiggles had all the informants confiding in them.  Sgt. Franklin was an imposing force and Mark Scotland and Stuart Bostock bashed heads in when needed.  Cayman was alot safer back then. 

  7. Anonymous says:

    Some people in Cayman blame the rise in cime on the police,some blame the expats,others blame the Government while some blame poor parenting,but commonsense will show one that the real reason for crime in the Cayman Islands is because of POVERTY,PAIN and MISERY.Yes ladies and gentlemen of these islands just take a  look into the whole situation…………….POVERTY,PAIN and MISERY……………what else can cause this deadly problem of crime in our beautilul islands?.When we the right thinking citizens of Cayman  put an end to POVERTY,PAIN and MISERY then we will get back our sweet,sweet Cayman.Never allow POVERTY, PAIN and MISERY to ever rule us again,lets all come together and forever stamp out this scourge,thats the only way,lets come together along with this Government to put an end to this evil!!

    • Anonymous says:

      DRUGS plays a bigger role in the recent killings than "poverty, pain & misery"! But I do agree that the "poverty, pain & misery" caused by the present government’s SELFISH spending on themselves is a major cause for concern, & has contributed a lot to the rise in crime, but the major factor is still DRUGS!

    • Anonymous says:

      Poverty should not be an excuse for the recent crimes in Cayman, 30 to 40 years ago we were all poor and there was no crimes like they are today. However, laziness, drugs and greed is more appley the cause for what we are seeing today. This may be due to the influx of other cultures as well. Even when we were poor and needed something (money for food or cinema fare) we would offer to rake up someones yard for it. Not hold a gun to someones head for it.

      I think todays Caymanians are unwilling to live peaceful and are not willing to help one another. Its an epidemic and unfortunately, there is no medicine for this one.

  8. Anonymous says:

    All those who are suggesting Mr.Haines’ return to the RCIPS please let him have the enjoyment of his present job and wish him all the best in his endeavours.  Everyone has a time to move on – we can’t stay at one job forever – someday we have to retire, although it may be hard for us to do and we will always miss our jobs but life has to go on.

    He was a great boss – I worked with him from the time he arrived on the island until he left the DTF to replace a former Chief Superintendent who also moved on – still being my boss in that position.  All his staff worked very hard along with him but believe me people still complained. No matter what you do there are people who don’t appreciate the hard work that is done.  We are all human beings and everyone has their good points and their bad points.

    Support Commissioner Baines and his staff just as I am sure Mr.Haines will and we will all be helping our islands to be a better place. Have a safe and healthy New Year and remember all those loved ones who won’t be with us but have passed on to another life. GOD bless!   Thank you Mr. Haines for your hard work!!  For all the past and present hardworkers – thank you too!


    • anonymous says:

      I think I know who wrote that,  you have a nerve. Where’s your contribution in the fight against crime. How can you write a silencing message to the people in this forum crying out to government to bring back a man that was a most formidable  and undisputed crime fighter. Where are you living? you don’t seem to get it, Today You probably can’t solve anything. The kinds of crimes the people are faced with on a daily basis are over the top and intolerable.  YOU OBVIOUSLY ARE A POLICE AFRAID OF YOUR OF BEING THREATENED BY THE RETURN OF MR.HAINES, OR YOU HAVE SOME ALTERIOR MOTIVE, OR MAYBE YOU ARE A PPM? WE REALLY DON’T CARE.

      Whoever you are, your words have fallen on all our deaf ears!

      Big Mac, please transfer Mr. Haines from Dart Management Today !

  9. Anonymous says:

    You have people blogging who was on the police force, but left the police force and spilling their guts (so much for confidentiality), you have a total of 44 Blogs, some the same bloggers.  So……..whether or not anyone wants Haines or Not afterall it is ONLY 44 BLOGS and not all want him back.  Move on, he left, so did some "others", when the going gets rough, they leave???? Do you really want someone like that in the police force?  If their contract wasn’t renewed you really need to know WHY?  Also look back crime was maybe not as high as it is today, but it was there, there were shootings (remember West Bay)?  There were burglaries…..there were rapes..the prison burning down, ATM machines broken into, if my memory serves me well, there was a rash of armed robberies at that time, we weren’t crime free then either…..

    But again, everyone is allowed their opinion whether we agree with it or not.

    • 44th blogger says:

      Yeah Star! you seem to be a real bean counter and just like the other insidious insiders that have tried to mask their contemptous animosity for Mr Haines and other officers and from your choice of words and use of the word force when it was change to Service some time ago, tells us alot about you. Your thinly worded attack or attempt to assassinate Mr Haines character along with other officers and your statement on acts of crime also again speaks volumes about you. Frankly you were very presumptuous as to reason why officers left the Police Service.  My question to you is, what did you do to help to fight or stop crime? You are right about one thing and thats opinions, However there is an old saying that it is better to be thought of a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt ,just some helpful advice to you and others.

  10. Rob says:

    I am totally against bringing back those that ran away from the RCIP. We certainly don’t need a national security service. Who is going to pay for this?

    What is happening in Cayman is happening in Bermuda, Turks, BVI and the other OT’s. Let’s stop the knee jerk responses and crazy ideas.

    We only need to do one thing- support the current Commissioner and his officers who stayed with the RCIP when the going got tough. 

    For those of you who still want to complain- why don’t you join the RCIP or volunteer your expert services.


    • Rorschach says:

      FYI, Rob…if you don’t know what you are talking abut, it’s a good idea to keep quiet….

      Derek Hanines did not "run away" from the RCIP…his contract was not renewed by the then Commissioner Stewart Kernohan and the Governor, because Derek was not and will never be a "Yes" man.  Unlike all those other senior officers who allowed Kernohan to come in and introduce absolutely ludicris ideas of policing which time has shown, did not work.  There is NO DOUBT that if his contract would have been renewed that Derek Hanies would STILL be in the RCIP.  If you take all of Derek Haines years of experience and knowledge, I would wager that it would take several of the now present Gold command to be able to equal his accomplishments…

       Your post sounds like sour grapes…

      • Anonymous says:

        Come now have some respect – you keep spelling his name wrong – then finally got it right??!! Rage + anger = violence! 

    • Spikey says:

        Rob all you have to add Ber and you will get what he represents with his contribution to this discussion. Rob sounds like he has been robbed of Brains!!! Who is going to pay? is the same question i am asking the Foo fool people paying you a salary for wise crack comments. He is right about one thing you need serious and expert help! Got tough you must be talking about that thick skull a few are wearing around ya. One more thing because they are murdering people in other OT’s is okay to do it here I refer back to my second statement and who is crazeeeeee

  11. Anonymous says:

    We need to bring old school back to kick a bit of a$$ and scare these criminals into thinking twice before committing a crime!

    Haines and his crew is definitely worth considering to do this! Most locals know where a lot of these criminals live, we just need someone who is willing to go door to door and round these scum bags up!!

    While on the subject, maybe they should make the conditions at Northward a little less luxurious… internet access, and no growing of your own marijuana would be a good start!

    These young punks know that if they get caught, all they’ll face is a few weeks in holiday camp and a slap on the wrist!



    • Night Flyer says:

      I hope the access to the Internet was sarcasm, if not and it’s true, that’s appallingly outrageous.Criminals with access to the Internet ? jeez,oh lets just continue to conduct our dirty deeds from the comfort of air conditioned Northwood. Yer AC, there are decent people on this Island that can not afford the luxury of AC and the bad guy’s get it for free ? somethin real wrong with that picture.

  12. Shaun Ebanks says:

    Good readers, please go to "Viewpoint" above to read an article I wrote on the man Derek Haines whom I personally worked with for many many years in the RCIPS.

    • Anonymous says:


      OK we have received the extra boats that Shaun Ebanks has asked for and that we should do more drug boats interception so why are we not doing so? Mr. Haines we have the equipment we just need the right man to run the show when you are back bring Shaun back and all the others that know how to get the job done teach the rookie cops the way it is done.

      Come on cayman lets bring peace back to our beloved Isle Grand Cayman.

      click on the site above a read.

  13. Anonymous says:

    well my friend (who was here as a tourist) was subject to a very distressing, costly, and blatant act of theft from her vehicle parked at Camana Bay! All the windows were smashed.

    I now see police officers patrolling camana bay. so…. just how skilled would this Mr Haines be if the small community of camana bay is struggling?

    • Rorschach says:

      Sounds like it was an act of vandalism more than an act of theft if ALL the windows in her car were smashed.  There is no such thing as a perfect police force.  Police nor security can be everywhere at the same time.   I am sorry that your friend had a negative and possibly traumatic experience as a visitor, but to put that squarely at the feet of Derek Haines is unfair. 

      • Anonymous says:

        No it was an act of theft (as something was stolen!) in an area he is in charge of keeping safe. He has more security guards per sq inch than the police do and god knows what other security measures.

        And you seem to to think mindless acts of vandalism are ok too? Wonder how you would feel if it was your car parked in a busy leisure facility after enjoying a night out with friends.

        Obviously he doesnt think its ok, as police officers are now being used at camana bay.

        My point is not to blame anyone but to say, if you put people in a uniform without training and motivating them, dont expect miracles. Security Guard or Police Officer.

        I’m not for old school policing,i’m for intelligent well trained police officers who understand crime, how it happens how to investigate it and how to keep themselves safe on the job, whilst instilling a sense of security in the community.

        That can not be gotten by waving a magic wand. Remember the CCTV cameras will be here soon, you can no longer rely on old school beat ’em up policing with that in place.

        Lets move away from "life on mars" and move in to the real proffesional world of policing. It does exist!

        Oh and by the way, the commisioner of police has a vicarious responsibility for the service, so he will be held responsible for actions of all officers.


        • Rorschach says:


            I feel empathy towards your friend who had her car vadalised as well as had an item of property stolen.  I was not implying thata theft had not taken place.  I was more looking at the possiblity that it may have been an act of vandalism first and a opportunity at theft second.  I too have been the victim of an act of vandalism/attempted theft on my personal vehicle and YES, the experience was very violating.  To compound that, the ineptness of the police who arrived to deal with my complaint, from the responding officer, who sort of walked around my vehicle for a few minutes looking it over and then asking, "What do you want the Police to do?  I don’t think there is much of a chance of catching whoever did this."  to the Scenes of Crime officer, who turned up over 24 hours later to "dust for prints" after an entire day and night in the open weather, did not make the situation any easier to swallow.  In the end, I had to go into my own pocket to fix the damage to my vehicle and live with the knowledge that the perpetrators would never be brought to justice.  

           But in this instance, you state that after this, Mr. Haines now has police officers patrolling Camana Bay.  That states to me, that Mr. Haines knows when he needs help and is not afraid to ask for it.  That is what separates him from a lot of the other "Leaders" that the RCIP have now.  They think everything is hunky-dory, and are too afraid/proud to say, "Hey, we have a problem, let’s ask for help.", unless it is to "appeal to witnessess to come forward".    Again, unless you know personally what kind of an individual Derek Haines is, as I do, You have no justification in saying that one incident precludes his being asked to assist the RCIP in getting back on it’s feet…

          • Anonymous says:

            Well those inept police officers were in place when Haines was in the RCIPS too. My point is this, train officers to be better…This for the first time since I have lived here, now seems to be a reality with the linking up of UCCI and the RCIPS. Hopefully policing will now be seen as a career rather than a job.

            If you keep doing the same thing you’ve always done, you will always get what you have always had.

            Lets move forward people!


  14. Anonymous says:

    trust me, if Mr. Haines is the same person he used to be, you definitely do not want him back in the force.  So many of you don’t know the insider details.  bringing him back is a bad move.

    • Ace says:

      Well ‘Anon’ I dont trust you….reason….I have worked with Mr. Haines for many years (back in the days when we actually had an effecient Drugs Task Force – as opposed to the Drugs Squad and Marine Section we now have)…I believe I know all the ‘inside’ there is to know and believe me (but then I am sure you will not) – there is nothing in his past on or off Cayman that would not have the support of any law abiding citizen…….most, if not all of his opponents have some criminal connections directly or indirectly that they wish to protect……If you have any ‘insider details’…then come out with them and be prepared to defend them in a court of law……

      If Cayman wishes to put an end to the present criminal crisis then Mr. Haines should be in the mix….hopefully with a resurected Drugs Task Force – an autonomous organisation as it was originally set up.

    • anonymous says:

      Yes your inside story is the PPM story, thats your problem, so get out of this forum, you’re probably a criminal or Haines jailed your criminal relative and your affiliation with the the PPM forced him out , yes you’re a part of that political interference with his job. You are a part of the crime. Or you’re afraid of your job?

      YOu’re not wanted in this discussion.

      when an individual has the calibre character references that attest to Mr. Haines character, including RCIP that’s no joke. Thats all we need. He was subduing crime especialy the drugs and you’re probably one of those he upset, did he take away snow white doll from you, and your toys, What about your chillion pipe?I believe that’s your problem he did a damned good job of getting crinminals like ou off the street. Bye



  15. Anonymous says:

    nice guy but retired. lets move forward guys? please? we dont need old school. old school left, resigned, retired or got fired,

  16. Anonymous says:

    I think we need to leave Brady right where he is OUT OF SIGHT. There is also a reason why he is not with Immigration any more probably the same reason he was shifted from the Police there and now shifted out of there. Let sleeping dogs lie and leave him out – no good will come of bringing Brady back.

  17. Emily Torredo says:

    stop with the name calling, we need to be more proactive and stop pointing fingers at other nations…..let’s hope that appointing Haines dont be like appointing McKeeva

    • anonymous says:


      open reference and invitation to mr. mckeeva bush , premiere of the cayman islands

      Quite frankl Mr. McKeeva Bush has the opportunity ow to give the PPM one of the Biggest Punches right in the lower section if he hirede back Derek Haines.

      Why? Beause as the Viewpoint letter pointed out the PPM was responsible for Mr. Haines losing his job. the PM interfered with police work and Mr. Haines was doing his job but Mr. Haines was arresting the Criminal Politician childeren an relatives and he is no poltical Pawn.

      Come on Big Mac Bring Haines Back and get one last shot at Kurt ;you woul make my day. I might even vote for you eventhough I am independent, hire Haines and Kurt will burst !

  18. Anonymous says:

    UDP Promises. The website has not been updated since the election, so I guess websites are the new "appliances" of the future.

    The PPM has severely neglected public safety, and our society has not become any safer over the past four years. 2008 represented the highest murder rate in our country’s history. Burglaries and other crimes continue to create uncertainty in our communities. And there is plenty of anecdotal evidence suggesting that many crimes continue to go unreported. The reputation of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIP) reputation has been unfairly damaged by poor governance and mismanagement by the PPM. The UDP will take the following measures to bring the RCIPS back on a solid footing and to restore security and public safety to our communities.

    • We will implement a comprehensive training and development program for police officers.
    • We will also establish an aggressive initiative to recruit former qualified Caymanian police officers to the RCIPS as well as recruit and train new Caymanian police officers. We will also examine the current policy on scheduling the work shifts of police.
    • We will improve police intelligence to help battle drug trafficking and other crimes.
    • We will find a resolution to the current helicopter fiasco to minimise losses to the government and consider an appropriate alternative plan.
    • We will make efforts to restore governance and public confidence in the RCIPS and to improve staff moral.
    • Anonymous says:

      I suppose you forgot to consider the murder rate for 2009 which comes after 2008 – good try though. Tyoical UDP approach!

    • Anonymous says:

      A good man,

      lets bring him back to work on some of those unsolved mistries.

    • Anonymous says:

      The UDP had a lovely campain…along with their manifesto (the release of which they kept delaying)….fooled many people.

    • Jimmy Z says:

      Eh Bwoy! PPm never neglected public safety each member got his house alarmed  and outfitted with cameras and the works paid for by government how can you say that mannn. you too chatty chatty cant live in peace every little thing you gone run to tell the Police! and you know ina de Ghetto everyman have little gun?

  19. Anonymous says:

    Let’s be honest the Government is not going to bring back these 2 individuals (unfortunately), I am not referring to the UDP but the Governor and his cronies beneath him , they are the ones who have the power to do this. You need to lobby the past Chief Immigration Officer as this falls under him.Haines should go back to the RCIPS but I would use Brady in a specialist unit to fight serious crime like some sort of national security service.Mr. Bush needs to be forming a new law enforcement agency so these things can happen. 

    Just my thoughts as a concerned citizen, mind you these days they (Gov) don’t care.
  20. Anonymous says:

    Having made the acquaintance of Mr Haines on both a professional and personal level and of course knowing about his service in the police force through the press, I can honestly say that he is truly a rare individual.

    He will be the first one to tell you he is not perfect, but he is conscientious and honest. I think if anyone described me as incorruptible, I would take that as a high honour.

    I remember hearing him regularly on the radio keeping the public up to date with what was going on in the police and for the most part, I would say that he had the trust of the residents, caymanians and expats alike.

    I would certainly support Mr Haines being re-instated into the police force, but I do not think he should take any offer if there is any suspicion that he is not getting the 100% support of his superiors, peers and subordinates.

    Good luck Mr Haines and if God is for you, no one can be against you.

  21. Anonymous says:

    PPM won the elections in May of ’05,just a few months later the RCIPS was under attack by high flying on top of the world PPM swell headed leaders.Most Caymanians at the time knew that the PPM had a massive hard on for Derek Haines and others within the RCIPS.The road was paved for this deadly crime wave that is now taking place by none other than the incompetent PPM.The UDP is now seven months into their term and crime is out of control,right thinking citizens of the Cayman Islands is fully aware that the past government is responsible for most of the social problems that this country is now facing.PPM supporters would want us to believe that the UDP is to be blamed for the hike in crime over the past seven months and that had their party retained power crime would be under control and Cayman would be the greatest paradise on earth.Bringing back Haines and others to the RCIPS may or may not work,crime is seriously out of control, thanks to our past government, the worst defenders that these islands has ever seen!!

    • Anonymous says:

      This has to be the most Pathetic and Dumb response I have ever read (Anon. Wed. 01/06/2010 – 12.38) as this writer is saying that "the high flying on top of the world PPM swell headed leaders" had a hard on for certain RCIP members and put them under attack witin a few months of being elected in May 2005, and that is what paved the road for this deadly crime wave that is now taking place. I know some people are so blind by being pro-UDP but, to the point of ignorance is what is baffling and unbelievable and beyond sickening. What this "intelligent" UDP cronie is saying is that the criminals decided to wait until after May 2009 to commit these henous crimes even though the road was paved by the PPM from as far back as May 2005, and dont take my word for it, please read the statistics and all will see when the most, in numbers aswell as most brutal  crimes have been committed, and even the most die-hard UDP blind supporters will see the truth. Give PPM a break and stop blaming PPM for all UDPs inept Governing. It has been 7 MONTHS since you took over and because UDP cant do the job like how the Cayman people want them to do it, they are trying to put all the blame on The PPM. HOW PATHETIC and DUMB!

    • Anonymous says:

      Nice try. The UDP have a habit of taking up the case of persons who were relieved of their duties for good reason and then turning it into a cause to benefit them politically. A bit of a joke when one considers the UDP record of dismissing civil servants out of pure vindictiveness.  I wonder why a certain Minister whose background and experience is in aviation management isn’t in charge of the portfolio of Aviation.  

      Enough of the excuses and blame game, UDP. It is happening on your watch. Either perform or we’ll turf you out in 2013.  

    • Anonymous says:

      To "UDP 12:38" oooops sorry I mean to Anon 12:38, most times it is best to keep your mouth shut(in this case your writings) rather than say stupidness. The UDP of 2001-2005 is to be totally blamed for the rise in serious crime that we are seeing in the last 6 months! The UDP of today are also to blame because it is their policies that is hurting Cayman more than ever! The UDP do not have an answer for the economy, muchless the rise in crime! THEY ARE CLUELESS!

      For you to suggest that "the past government is responsible for most of the social problems that this country is now facing" is LUDICROUS! ARE YOU CRAZY???? Do you not remember the most devestating event in our history, the granting of over 3000 Cayman status? Whether you are a blind follower of the UDP or nor, EVERYONE in Cayman knows without a doubt that the main cause of the social problems in Cayman are as a result of those status grants, & AMAZINGLY there are reliable reports that the UDP are in the process of "giving away" 9000 PR’s, & you have the audacity to blame social problems on the previous government? WAKE UP GIRL!

      "The road was paved for this deadly crime wave that is now taking place by none other than the incompetent UDP" when they gave away over 3000 Cayman status (of which most went to total strangers, including criminals)!! Not even you girl can deny that. The present government must also take much of the blame for this increase in serious crime, because "what goes around comes around" & they forever blamed the PPM when they were the government, now they must stand up & take the blame! hahaha, & they still blaming the PPM, what a useless bunch (but I give them credit for one thing, they sure know how to travel in style, & travel ALOT! WOW! is Big Mac ever in Cayman?)

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh yea right you "brain". The deadly crime wave that is taking place in the 7 months that UDP have been in power is the doing of the PPM. How in the devil did your intelligent brain come up with that conclusion. Oh yea, I forgot, the hard core criminals decided to take a vacation while the PPM were in power and start up again in May 2009 when UDP were elected, just so that you, the brain, could say that it is because of PPM having a vedetta against certain RCIP in May 2005, is what is causing this deadly crime wave – Give us all a break and put that brain in action before opening your mouth, but maybe thats quite impossible!

  22. anonymous says:

    Well believe it or not, the Caymannet News did have somthing in it today regarding the people marching and bringing back Haines, Brady and the boys.

    They surprised me.

  23. anonymous says:

    What really gets my grit is that fact that it is said that someone who is an intelligence expert has replaced Mr. Haines. Well if the decorated intelligence expert title is not doing us any good why publicise it.

    To hell with this foolishness about who is so decorated, so with all the intelligence and expertise that the RCIP is now graced with, they still can’t solve the crimes. Looks like some bad choices have been made and we relly need Haines to come back. They need to stop wasting our time and tax money. pay Haines to do the job he can get the job done, thats the bottom line.

    • noname says:

      Mr Haines will bring back moral and respect back in the police force which is much needed.

    • Bring back the fearless cop(s)! says:

      Tell Mr. Haines to bring back good old #3 Bradford Connor with him if he decides to come back, that was a man that fought crime fearlessly!

  24. Pale Rider says:

    Derek Haines wasn’t interviewed for the Top spot becasue he wouldn’t "play ball" with the then Governor!!  Derek Haines is not the sort of person to call a spade a shovel and it does not always standhim in good stead with the powers that be.  As for  "how quickly we forget"…ask yourself this question?  Why is Derek Haines being overwhelming asked to rejoin the RCIPS and Stewart Kernohan not even being mentioned as being needed back in the RCIPS??  how quickly YOU forget!!

  25. Anonymous says:

    It would be great to see Mr. Brady back. I am not to sure about Mr. Haines, there has to be some reason we don’t know about to why he didn’t get an interview.

  26. anonymous says:


    Ok Commissioner Baines,

    Appropriate to speak to us now, or not. We hope you’re on the job working behind the scenes. WE EXPECT YOU TO CREATE THAT POSITION OF DEPPUTY COMMISSIONER OF POLICE FOR THIS GOOD MAN ,FORMER CHIEF INSPECTOR DEREK HAINES.That man is anointed and appointed by God to do this job and you better listen to God tugging at your heart because I know he is telling you to do the right thing and hire our sweetheart police back to work with the RCIP, heading up the TaskForce. I need to sleep at night again,like I did when Haines and his RCIP Task Force were on the Streets of Cayman. They were successful in keeping us safe. Since 2006 the criminals are loose like a goose, beause Mr. Haines is out of their way! Well we can’t have that. We want to give the criminals a heart attack at the re-appointment of former Chief Inspector Derek Haines.!!

    Come on now Commissioner Baines, don’t let us hold this against you.

    There are people with information waiting to give the RCIP where to find the criminals as soon as you do it.  they trust him, he will not sell them out.

    Lives are not in danger when the informants tell him where to find the criminals that are robbing and killing the people.He’s not a tattle tale.He has characteristics of integrity and honesty working for him .




    And all the people said "Amen"

    A reminder, Mr. Baines for you to keep your job, you need the help of competent, experienced, and no nonsense RCIP deputies working with you so don’t fool yourself, you can’t do this alone.

  27. Anonymous says:

    So what if alot of commenters on the CNS website have been calling for Haine’s return???

    I wasn’t!  And I’m sure the commenters don’t include the vast majority of people here…

    Hence, this article is unnecessary!

    • anonymous says:

      I got news for you. Leters have been submitted in other medeia asking for the return of Haines and Brady and all them Task force. But that d*** h*** won’t publish it. If its not somthing bashing the government or somody that he hates; its not worth publishing to them. So we’ll just buy our ads and support CNS here.

      There have been requests sent in to the Cayman Net News as well and that  you know they would not publish it. Anything wholesome an good for Cayman is not often supported by the CNN news. CNS has the swing now with the forum .CNN forum ain’t sayng nothing  again ! Thank God. God shift the blessing over here

      God bless you all CNS staff

      • Anonymous says:

        Where you from Star? You sure you dont work for the Net News and please try to write as if you have some education!

  28. Anonymous says:

    Not all CNS readers and this doesn’t include the vast majority of the population of the Cayman Islands.  There has to be a reason he wasn’t interviewed for the Commissioner’s position.  One forgets so quickly!!!!

    • anonymous says:



      YOU FORGET EASILY THAT ‘ MR. HAINES IS A MADE MAN AND NOT A POLITICAL PAWN"! for politicians that’s always a road block. It should be easy to get him back in now though because he is working for Dart and McKeeva should back him 100!  come on Big Mac give us Haines back.

      He’s too good to be sitting behind that desk that’s a big waste of great talent and skill, we need him directing the Police  in the streets fighting crime


      Dont you say another word about former Chief inspector Haines in this forum

      You’re the one that forgot. You forgot that you could sleep at night in those days you dumm bat!Can you sleep now, or are you  upall night waiting for a dark figure to enter your bedroom uninvited?  Get real, and speak when you spoken to.

      Anyone speaking against Haines in this forum will be beaten up in this forum.

      • Anonymous says:

         This is not your forum.  If you want to beat up everyone who disagrees with you, start your own site.

        We should appreciate the opportunity to (hopefully) intelligently discuss the issues of our community with the thought that perhaps solutions can be found and a consensus reached that will help solve our problems and benefit everyone.


      • Response to a fcukwit says:

        It takes a real tough man to come out with threats like that on an anonymous internet forum.

        Why don’t you leave a name or number and we’ll see if you’re brave enough to do it in person.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Haines and Brady would be a good team to fight these criminals. Lets go Government get it done!!!!!


    Committee for a safer Cayman

  30. Anonymous says:

    what about inspector Brady.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Haines will never be allowed to return to the RCIPS until Caymanians have the power to do it.

    The RCIPS is controlled by the UK and manipulated to suit their cause and they will not permit anyone who would do things correctly to be in the RCIPS.

    It would simply be a conflict to the UKs interest.

    Why he was not considered to be interviewed for the Commisioners post is obviously just because he is considered a conflict to the UKs interest. he would straighten out the criminals and thereby give the UK less reason to want to do as they please when they please.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh yeah it’s a huge conspiracy to make sure crime levels rocket so that the UK can take control and then start taxing everybody and get rid of the competition.

      Get a grip of reality you stupid deluded idiot.

      Crime is out of control in Cayman because of years of bad parenting, laziness, an entitlement culture and a low level of education.

      Don’t blame the UK for you and your family’s inadequacies.

      • Anonymous says:

        The only stupid deluded idiot here is you. But self description is no recommendation.

        If you cant stand the truth then you should find another forum where there are lots of stupid deluded idiots like yourself.

        I have as much right to my opinion as anyone else and if CNS allows it then its none of your business.

        • Night Flyer says:

          Why are you always so angry and aggressive with your comments / responses?

          • Mr. Leroy himself. says:

            Good question for anonymous 10:19. Looks like the fight started there. You dont call people stupid etc and expect them to take it laying down.

        • What would Rambo do? says:

          alright break it up!!  go to your corners.

          wendy, nicky….our apologies… these guys have had too much to think.

      • whodatis says:


        As I now think about – today’s Cayman DOES sound like many a village / town / borough / city easily found all over the crime-ridden "Broken Britain" landmass.

        Regardless of what is happening in this country – I’ve never felt more concerned for my safety here than during a typical night out in Boozy Blighty.

        "Crime is out of control in Cayman because of years of bad parenting, laziness, an entitlement culture and alow level of education."

        I wonder … what say you are the reasons behind the downfall of Britain’s youths? (Please don’t play ignorant to the facts and force me to break out the statistics – I’m begging you … many Brits (and non-Brits) are notorious for this act.)

      • Johnny Cake wid a cup of coffey(e) says:

        You do not want me to start….but here is a little:

        or could it be because of new cultural influences on parenting (don’t whip your child behind…put them in the corner – rubbish), greed, an elightenment (we are your saviours) culture and an am smarter and better than you attitudes like yours.

        Let me tell you something the Cayman Islands has grown by leaps and bounds and the social ills we are experiencing is bigger than your jab and the belittling of Caymanians and our peace mild manner.  You insult me as a Caymanian with your Gov. Jack and Canover Watson’s buzz word – entitlement. The problem is that many of you guest workers have equated caymanians as being weak, and stupid; but, we are far from it. 

        You need to get a grip and realize bo-bo there are many angles to view things.  However, you do not think for one moment that you can insult the Caymanian people and not be held to it.

        Where is my sanka…I can tell we going to bat ya now.

        • Speaking the Truth says:

           Let me have some of ur coffee before I start batting! lol