Ricketts and Henry linked through phone images

| 10/02/2010

(CNS): A number of technical experts testifying during the murder trial of Kirkland Henry and Larry Ricketts have linked the two men’s own phones as well as to those stolen from Estella Scott-Roberts’ car on the night of the murder.  Various evidence before the court revealed that Ricketts had attached a pornographic video image to the telephone number he stored in his phone for Henry (left). A police expert also testified that there were images stored on one of the phones taken from the defendants by police that were time stamped on the night of the murder.

Although it was not made clear to the court by the prosecution what the images were or where they had been taken, the time stamp was said to be 00:43 on 11 October 2008. During cross examination of an officer from the Special Police Investigation Unit of the RCIPS, Henry’s defence attorney, Ian Bourne QC, was keen to try and establish if the officer believed one of the images showed the flame of a cigarette lighter in the corner. The officer who removed the photographs from the phone camera told the court he was unable to help as he had never been asked to enhance and examine the images before.

Following a site visit by the court to the scenes of the crime, including the car park at Deckers from where Scott-Roberts was abducted on 10 October 2008, as well as the beach area at Barkers where the rape took place and the dyke area near The Shores where her body was discovered in her own burnt out vehicle.

The rest of the day’s proceedings included witness testimony focusing on the two defendant’s communication by phone and evidence from police officers, including Senior Investigating Officer Peter Kennett.

Although there are still some technical issues that Ricketts defence attorney, Robert Fortune QC, wishes to address regarding phone record evidence, the crown is approaching the end of its case, and with agreement between the legal teams enabling a considerable number of witness statements to be taken as read, the defence teams could move to open their cases later today. 

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