Child shot dead, 2 arrested

| 16/02/2010

Cayman Islands News, Grand Cayman headline news, Cayman crime, murder of child(CNS): Updated midnight  – Police have now confirmed that a four-year-old little boy is dead after he was shot when a gunman opened fire on the car he was sitting in with his family on the forecourt of the Hell gas station in West Bay this evening and two men have been arrested on suspicion of murder.  At around 8:25pm (Monday I5 February) two men approached the station, one of which was carrying a firearm, and began shooting at the parked car before running off. The child who was sitting on the back seat was shot but his mother, brotherand father escaped injury. (Left: four-year-old Jeremiah Barnes who was brutally murdered in a shooting the West Bay area last night)

After the shots were fired the gunmen reportedly fled on foot and the father of the injured child immediately drove to West Bay police station a few hundred yards away. The child was rushed to George Town Hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.

Police arrested two men shortly after the incident. Both are currently in custody at George Town police station and have seized a vehicle in connection with the incident. Speaking outside West Bay police station at around 11pm, Commissioner David Baines, who said he had just come from being with the family at the hospital publicly offered his condolences to them regarding the shocking tragedy and noted the prophetic warning that had been issued by his colleague CI John Jones earlier today.

“The RCIPS warned only today that the escalating gun violence on this island was about to cost an innocent bystander his or her life, and within a few hours of that warning being on national television this horrific tragedy occurred,” Baines, who had arrived at the station with Deputy Commissioner Anthony Ennis, said.  “Perhaps now that this poor little boy has lost his life people will start to come forward and give up these so called gangsters who terrorise the public while they carry out their deadly feuds.”

The senior police officers said they were thankful that the police had arrested the two suspects very quickly after the incident but that this would be no consolation to the little boy’s family. “Cayman this is our wake up call,” said Baines. “We need to work together to stop this violence now before yet more innocent lives are lost and families destroyed.”

A murder incident room (MIR) has been established at West Bay police station contact number 926-1773.

Alternatively people with information can call West Bay police station on 949-3999 and asked to be transferred to the MIR, or Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS).

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I regards to this. The Family of the late Jeremiah Barnes has my deepest condolences. It sickens me as a parent to know that people could be so henious and cold hearted to shoot-up a vehicle.  This really proves how ruthless the people are really becoming. An innocent child has lost his life over sheer foolishness. People acting like gangsters when really they are a bunch of cowards.

    When comparing Cayman to Jamaica (any parish). The crime here is ridiculous for our size island.  One parish alone in Jamaica is 2 or 3 times the size of Grand Cayman.  That alone should be a wake up calling for the people in Cayman.  IF an island this small can have crime and murders occuring more frequently now than it did years ago, then the people of the Cayman Islands need to take a stand.

    Life in prison is too good for the people who have commited this crime & others but then again that’s all that they will get. 

    If Cayman honestly had corpral punishment I bet the crime rate would be lower!!

    It’s so sad that this sweet little boy has lost his life and a family is left to mourn his passing but just remember "God niether sleeps nor slumbers!" They will get their’s in all due time.  Until then keep the faith in knowing he’s in a better place where no harm can come to him ever again.  I’m sure he will be watching over all who loved him.

  2. Family mem. says:

    R.I.P. Jeremiah, you certainly DID NOT deserve this. you did NOTHING to these heartless monsters. this is like a never-ending nightmare. you are a beautiful, fun and loving child, now an Angel. Just last week you were playing with your brothers, not knowing your precious days were numbered. when i heard those gun shots on monday night i had NO CLUE, NO IDEA, that it would ever be "my blood". that night at the hospital, although seemed like a family reunion, there was nothing to smile about. we are all heart broken and lost. for goodness sake you were only 4, a baby, an innocent baby. just leaving home and not knowing that you would never make it back. i look at your pics and realize that a smile like yours, even if people didnt know you, would lift hearts. I love you Andy,my cousin, and Dorlisa, i know that this is PAIN that you certainly do not deserve. now what? what is going to be done about this? who is going to keep these predetors away from from the good and innocent? do we have to fear for the rest af our lives? we cant even go to the gas station?


    i really and truly HOPE AND PRAY that these men are tortured for the rest of their lives. GOD DOES NOT SLEEP! the pain that you have left us with, the emptiness in our hearts, the questions in our eyes. Jeremiah Barnes, you are with the man in charge and he will take care of you. this world is coming to an end very very soon. it is just sad and painful and wrong, so wrong.


    Please to you people out there that know anyone that is in gang and gun related activities, i am begging you to please, lets not make a tragety like this happen again, lets not have to deal with this. we need to get these people behind bars! my baby cousin lost his life! these criminals still have theirs. where is the rightousness in that? but Justice will be served! when judgement day comes, no one can cast the blame on another.


    please continue to pray for Dorlisa and Andy!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is so terrible, I as a mother could only imagine. I couldnt live without my child anymore I feel it so much for his mother. This is when we all need to come togethor adn help and support her in the way needed to help get through this terrible time…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Rest in peace little guy.

  5. Reynaldo says:

    What a handsome little young man he was R.I.P I’m so heartbroken over this tragedy, may his family find peace and comfort within each other.  Drugs is into our Country and it’s about time that they do arm our Policemen with guns(with limits should not include the young untrain Policemen)  Cayman is becoming worst than Kingston Jamaica and the rate everything is going along with high robberies and break-ins it looks like we will soon have to arm ourselves for our on protection also.

    • Anonymous says:

      Is Kingston, Jamaica the worst place in the world? I guess not. Leave Kingston out of your conversations. How about saying Queens, New York or Miami, Florida?

      Raise your children properly and hence you will not have the current problems you are facing.

      • anonymous says:

        Jamaica ranks 3rd highest for murders per capita.  The US ranks 24th.

        • Anonymous says:

          What a dispicable hypocrite.,,you sound like a child who’s soiled his clothes and whose only excuse is to point fingers and say " joe’s clothes are dirty too." Clean up yourself!!! Jamaica is messed up now but in fact it is the same places which crimes are committed over and over again while the rest of the country is relatively crime free. The same as areas with recurring crime in Cayman.

        • Anonymous says:

          Those astatistics mean little. Look at the population size in the US versus Jamaica. You can hardly compare them. A better comparison would be comparing a single city with a similar population (such as Miami, FL) to Jamaica.

          I guarantee, in terms of crime per capita, we have drastically risen through the ranks.

        • Anonymous says:

          Precisely. It is the obvious comparison to make given that it is only 180 miles away and was itself a UK colony. However, it is understandable that Jamaicans would be embarrassed to hear it mentioned.

        • Anonymous says:

          You know what one of the major problem with some people in this country is? We blame other people for our wrongs too much. What does Jamaica have to do with this? NOTHING!! This horrible crime was committed by our very own. Our people are the ones killing each other. Wake up people, our beautiful country Cayman is quickly changing to a country of crime and violence. We need to pull together and stop blaming Jamaica, Honduras etc for our issue and just deal with them

        • Anonymous says:

          Interestingly, I was told Jamaica is the only nation in the West that has more CHURCHES per capita.  Is this true?

      • Anonymous says:

         It may not be the absolute worst in the world, however it is the worst within the closest vicinity of Cayman… hence why so many will run to it as an example. I doubt the original poster meant any disrespect, however, your reaction to their post bordered on that.

      • Anonymous says:

        I totally agree!! It is as if Jamaica is the ONLY country that produces crime…watch international news more often and they will see that the U.S. is in fact way worst than there…here an innocent boy has been murdered and again with who’s country is worst than what…every counrty has its wrong doings…fix the damn people in it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Reynaldo, I don’t think Cayman can ever be compared to Jamaica. The crime in Jamaica – people shot dead like every week

  6. "Anointed One" says:

    We as a nation have simply refused to listen to God’s voice.  We have been asked many times to turn from our wicked ways, praying and bringing Him back into our homes and lives.  We have chosen to fight our battles alone, therefore excluding Him from our plans. Persons get on here and give positive advise and are only condemned, and ridiculed. Outside influences have played a great part on this modern day society.  There has always been a saying that if "America sneezes Cayman will catch her cold".  We have chosen to immitate the great Americas; all having this "get rich mentality" and will stop at nothing to getting there. 

    Gone are the days when "we were our brothers keeper" and now the innocent are having to suffer.  When will the young men of these islands look around and realize "THEY" are destroying the next generation.  Soon and very soon our homes will be emptied of our young men, and for what cause.  We are destroying ourselves and the outside world is now having the "last laugh".  When are we going to open our eyes and take charge, before another innocent life is taken un-necessarily.  Instead of beating down each other, let us come together for a nations sake, uplifting each other in prayer, and banding together to making these Islands a better place to live.

    God has blessed our Islands.  We have been considered one of the most richest Caribbean countries, and yet we simply refuse to give Him thanks and appreciation.  We have to realize whatever hasty choices we make out of GREED will come back to haunt us some day. This includes our beloved politicians.   We all need to let go of PRIDE, as this only breeds stubborn will, and brings about destruction. It’s unfortunate that the sins of our forefathers/fathers have fallen on the children of this generation.  We are reaping what has been sown.

  7. Anonymous says:

    What happen now in Cayman. what the Police doing here watch the over speeding??? Police not doing any entrapment operation to minimize the bad people…police always sleeping…..

  8. Anonymous says:

     My heart is so heavy at this time that it’s hard to put into words. I am an American and my parents live on the Island. My grandfather was born and raised on this beautiful island. I visit often but never enough. Days before my last visit there was a shootout in West Bay and a young man died in a car accident within walking distance from my parents home. I’ve been visiting the island since I was a little kid. So much change!! and not for the better!!

    I pray with all my heart that something is done and soon. The past year’s news of crimes involving guns and violence has been shocking and quite  alarming. Now, a young boy has been taken from this world for absolutely no reason. PLEASE do something!!! I beg all of you to report anything that seems out of sorts. We say here in the states- IF YOU SEE SOMETHING – SAY SOMETHING. 

    Take your island back!!! The people have more power than they think. Put your foots down to these "so called" gangsters. They are not gangsters- they are a bunch of misguided punks with guns. either way, neither are welcome on this oasis I call my second home. xoxox and prayers to the family.

    "For he hath found it upon the seas"



  9. Anonymous says:

    "In the arms of an Angel; may you find some comfort here"


  10. whodatis says:

    Beautiful and innocent child – may he rest in peace.

    However, that being said, I can’t help but think that the chances of my son or nieces and nephews being killed in such a manner are not very good at all.

    Why is this?

    Well – mainly because I, nor those close to me, involve ourselves in such unsavoury ways of life.

    Harsh words but this is the truth.

    We need to stop putting reality on the shelf due to sensitivities (sort of like when our young women go "missing" or meet a horrible fate – i.e. murdered on a prison farm – due to extremely questionable life choices.)

    We believe it is disrespectful to say these things at the time of death and mourning – however, by the time it is deemed okay usually so much time has passed that the effect is completely lost.

    To the Caymanian thugs – I hope you are paying attention to the real consequences of your decisions – this is not a ra$$ cl@t BET rap video – this is real life!!

    To the young Caymanian girls & women – quit chasing, choosing and putting these men on pedestals! (In any event, when you hit age 27 and onwards you will have a change of heart and mind where you will find yourself all of a sudden wanting a "good, God-fearing man" – go to any chuch in this country and inside one is sure to discover it ram-packed with 28(ish) year old single mothers of jailbird / thug / deceased’s children!)

    Young Caymanian society for what seems to be the most part, has truly adopted and fully integrated the mindset of an oppressed, lost, desperate, self-hating, yet arrogant set of people – Black America.

    Mind now – I said "Black America" … not "Black" people – please note the distinction. Too many of us have grown up on the regressive force that is their modern "music" or culture and have wrongly identified with them – tattoos, braided hair, white marina, sunglasses, towel on the shoulder, pants on the ground … sounds familiar to anyone? (By the way I am fully aware that this does not apply to ALL of them – however, steretypes exist for a reason.)

    Black Americans are for the most part a people of a low socio-economic status, living as minorities in a greater society, therefore, a lot of their ills are to be expected. As a matter of fact I can walk you through many all-White neighborhoods of Jolly ol’ England and show you the very same things (Glasgow / Liverpool / Manchester). We share a common history with them (BA) by way of slavery but as for the last 60 years we no longer share the same legacy.

    Their greatest representatives of the day (50 Cent / Lil Wayne / Lil Kim / Trina) are leading the mindset of their group to believe that to even attempt to live an ordinary, mainstream type of life is a ridiculous concept and that the way to be is contrary – even down to your very appearance and the way in which one carries himself.

    Be a thug, be the "baddest b&tch" (Trina’s words – not mine) and most of all – "MAKE DAT MONEEEEYYYY!!!"

    Matters not how you do it – just do it and most importantly, show off and be able to prove that you did it! Ooooh…the girls love it! Stop me if I’m lying.

    (**Parents – if your daughter has a shirtless, braided, muscled and tattooed rap artist pinned upon her wall and or constantly makes reference to wanting a "thug" in her life – trust and believe that her mind is gone…body to soon follow.)

    My post may come across as odd or extreme to many but these issues are MAJOR factors in what is happening in Cayman today – especially with our teens and young adults!

    Many of our leaders and indeed posters are calling on God or attributing the downfall of our society to our exodus out of the pews. That is but half (if even that) of the story.

    How can your boring, middle aged, Toyota Camry driving pastor compete with a catchy, flashy, "thugged out" and well presented rap video superstar for the attention of your teens?

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m quoting you exactly (below) so you’ll understand where I’m coming from when you travel through the semantics and linguistics that I’m about to share with you! – "Black Americans are for the most part a people of a low socio-economic status, living as minorities in a greater society, therefore, a lot of their ills are to be expected". 

      First – before and after any great undertaking you should invoke the aid of deity!  So please God I Pray that You guide my following words wisely, and bless all of our enemies because you have taught me Oh LORD To Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them  Do Unto You!  You have taught me to turn my cheek only to be struck again, and again you say, MY LORD, turn again your cheek.

      I have admired all my life, Mother Theresa, Nehru, Gandhi, Martin Luther and yes Martin Luther King.  I often share with those in trouble the trials and tribulation of JOB, (not the one where you earn money either), and now in my later years Nelson Mandela is being added to my list.  Yes there are many others but these are mine for now.

      Thank You Now MY LORD for you have cleansed my heart for what I really wanted to say to the one who posted the quote above.  Yes LORD You Are Right, Do Not Perpetuate The Hatred, Teach My Children Instead To Love! 

      An old Indian Chief once listened to his Grandson Warrior who was sharing with his Grandfather how he was being torn between Doing Good or what he believed could be Evil.  The OldChief reflected to his Grandson Warrior that he too had those same two Wolves growling and battling each other in his belly during his life.  The Grandson Warrior listened to his Grandfather Chief intently as he spoke. Finally the Grandson Warrior  asked his Grandfather Chief, "Well Grandfather which one of the Wolves Will Win,  and the Grandfather Chief replied,  THE ONE YOU FEED!

      Please Father God as I’m tearing up as I post this response – Pray for Cayman, and its Children,  it’s not Black or White, Rich or Poor – it’s all about People.  Never Curse Your Brother or Your Sister!

      Now let me finish, Hail to Haiti for being deliberate many years ago for standing up to oppression, Cayman benifited from that.  Could one be so blind, perhaps it’s because one has been stranded on an Island.  Sorry GOD, I regressed – I’m only Human, Yes, I’ll remember the sweet song "No Man is an Island". 

      Posted by a Black American, who’s lived in the wonderful Cayman Islands!.  Please GOD, help me remind my friends that the Greatest Gift that YOU have given YOUR People is the GIFT OF PRAYER.  Talk to GOD anywhere and anytime, it costs you nothing, you don’t even have to open your mouth.  And Yes Children are the future, teach them well and let them lead the way, and finally to my young Brothers and Sisters who I say flush your hearts of the hatred.  Time will heal things! You are not alone!….You’ll never be that GrandFather or GrandMother Chief talking to your Grandson or Granddaughter Warrior if you continue with "Your Pants on the Ground".  Will the Real Parents Standup!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Gone too soon.

  12. Anonymous says:

    The death of this poor boy can only be a wake up call for us to get back to actually caring for others. We seem to be stuck in a material world of greed and not having a community spirit. I’m a native Caymanian male and it saddens me deeply that so many of our young men are either unemployed, life long convicts, drug dealers or DEAD. This is a sad reality of what wanting to be garbagesters who cause harm and suffering to families and friends of those murdered. I plead that your families will now start to speak out and assist Police in stopping your ruthless acts of brutality.

    I ask that mothers, fathers and guardians start being better example to their children remember what they see is what they’ll practice. Our politicians need to put their difference aside and work for the good of Cayman before it’s too late no more BLAME GAMES Mac & Kurt. Chucky no need for these petitions be a good loser and a good citizen by doing something positive. Our Attorney General and Chief Justice need to start putting in stiffer sentences, better security measures and hard labour or death penalty. Otherwise you can both kiss your jobs goodbye since you’re collecting huge cheques for what? Better pay for Police who are armed and trained by US or European Officers no more jokesters.

    My suggestions are. A military or naval academy, Put the bible back in school, a 9pm curfew for children 17 years and under, hold parents responsible, more social programs to support churches, sports and youth groups, get a hotel and trade school urgently, a cultural exchange program with Europe. Be blessed all and stay positive

  13. Anonymous says:

    All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

  14. Anonymous says:

    You know I have no sympathy for this man, this man who risked the life of his family by socializing with thugs and slime that point guns at cars.

    Sorry the kid lost his life but maybe this will strike a cord or nerve in the hearts and minds of those who lie in bed with criminals and think they can still maintain a normal life.

    Sounds cold and harse but that’s the reality that we are building for ourselves.






  15. Anonymous says:

    I’m not blaming Mac for the crime that has gone on lately but why is he off the Island so often during such traumatic times never mind what went on yesterday!


    Winter Olympics for crying out loud! We’re a Caribbean island!


    This man’s not real, he has a country to run during desperate times and he’s on a jolly with his wealthy friends watching a rich kid skiing when he should be here giving answers.


    I’m waiting for answers Mac! But all I expect is finger pointing.


    Come on West Bay you voted him in,  DEMAND ANSWERS!


    • Anonymous says:

      I am blaming Mac because he and the rest of the Cabinet members who are trying to live like they are the Royal Family are doing absolutely nothing to make events such as these tragedies less likely.

    • Anonymous says:

      Let us not judge, IS HE ON VACATION?

  16. Annoyed says:

    my sincere condolences to the family, Jeremiah was a gorgeous happy boy.  To those low lifes who did this, do you know the pain you have caused, do you know how you have taken a young life, a life that was full of promise, do you know that yellow means nothing, yes yellow is for cowards!! your just boys pretending to be men, may you rot in hell!!

  17. Curren$y. says:

    to everybody talking about Mr.Bush can we please leave politics out of this for the first time. If you guys can do a better job then Mr.bush then why not run for the next election? and try to do "better" for us then because how some of you talk it sounds like una would make great politicans. And Chuckee would not make a good leader for this country he could barley hold his post as former minister of tourism and let me ask you guys this if PPM was in who would una throw the blame on then????????? kurt???? or still throw it on Mr.Bush???

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s funny how you UDP hypocrites & parasites want people to stop criticizing the government & Mr. Bush now, but when the PPM was the government you UDP hypocrites did nothing but criticize & complain. There was no bigger complainer than Mr. Bush, so Mr. Bush must learn to take what he gives, & you UDP hypocrites must also learn to take what you give.
      You had better try get use to it because I can assure you that you are going to hear plenty more because we are going to criticize Mr. Bush & the UDP the more they continue to do wrong!

    • Anonymous says:

      Your Mr. Bush and his gang are doing nothing to prevent the disintegration of this society and so politics has everything to do with it!

      This horrible crime is unfortunately a symptom of the cancer that is eating away at our society. The anger and resentment about the destruction of this country – the growing unemployment of Caymanians, the victimisation of Caymanians in the work force, the selling off of our public assets for quickly gained and promptly spent cash, the insult of selling of permanent residence,  the issuance of mass numbers of Key Employees and 5 year work permits – is causing an anger to grow amongst Caymanians that is in itself destructive, all of these wrongs is contributing to the hatred and anger that is now spilling over on our streets and destroying us. The bad part is, "the worse is yet to come".

      • Commons Sense 101 says:

        This is about worthless young persons who are igronant and never had any intentions of seeking a job or have any interest in our country.  So you have it wrong, its not about the points you make although I do understand your frustrations.  This is about a gang culture that has taken hold in Cayman and would have developed even if all of what you have mentioned did not occur.  Do you really think these gangster are concerned about not being able to get a job or immigration challenges?

        Stop making excuses for these thugs! This is not about politics it is about a stupid mentality!

  18. Anonymous says:

    My deepest sympathy to this beautiful little boy’s parents, grandparents, siblings and all of the rest of the family.  

    There is no justification for this senseless terrible murder of such an innocent child. 

    I pray that God will give you the strength and courage to deal with this terrible ordeal. 

    To those of you who know who is carrying out these hideous crimes, please do the right thing and report them.  No matter who they are and how tough they think they are, a bullet can kill them just as easily as this poor little boy.  Wouldn’t you rather they never speak to you again, or spend time in jail and still be alive?  How can you live with yourselves knowing what they are doing to other people’s children.  If you are afraid, call Crimestoppers or tell someone who can be trusted and ask them to report it to the Police.

    The Police cannot do this alone.  We are all supposed to do what is right.  Do the right thing.  Help the Police and you will be helping yourselves, your loved ones and each other. 


  19. Anonymous says:

    The CI police force needs to be armed with guns, so that in a situation like this, they may defend themselves in they were to be nearby. This will allow us to put a scare on those "wana be gangsters".

  20. Anonymous says:

    Everyone is bashing McKeeva, we all know he has the mouth and say whatever he thinks, but what about the rest of the UDP members. 

    West Bayers have you all count the number of deaths/ serious crime that is happening on your side.

    Will you all continue to vote them in??  Wake up because most of you are sleeping………………..

  21. A.C says:

    The cayman islands is coming to an end.. this poor little innocent child  he was no harm to anyone but yet he’s down at the morgue his future taken away from him… God Put him here for a reason and some no good person shoot and killed him.

  22. Joe Average says:

    I’m settled down now.  Somewhat.

    This is not what I want to SEE or HEAR when I get up and get ready for work.

    I’ve thought about it.  But I am still tremendously angry.  Now I’m reading they have suspects.  Good.  And if they’re the ones.  Fry them.


    Two things here: Whether this is gang related.  Good chance of that. Because that’s where most of these gutless wonders hang.  Or.  Whether it’s just screwed up individuals with a hardon for guns.

    But I believe it’s gangs.

    Or at least they think they are sort of gangs.  Which is worse because that attracts some real misfits.

    But the reality is"gang" culture has been common all over the world. For a long time.  And it’s been studied for a long time.  There are law enforcement experts who do nothing but look into gangs.  How they work, how they operate, and how they think (most of the time they don’t).  And how to fight them.

    Make no mistake…. we’re in a fight.  And we have to know the rules. And their weaknesses. 

    Here is a gang’s achilles heel:

    When people stop hiding them.  When they can’t slither away.  When they can’t make a move without being reported.  When they’re followed constantly.  When their houses are raided.  When they are rousted and brought in for questioning anywhere anytime for anything.  When they are "inconvienced" all the time at all hours.  Sorry did we wake you up again? When they can’t depend on each other to be silent.  And even being an accessory carries a maximum sentence. 

    Put the pressure on and don’t give them a moment’s rest. Later for civil rights.  You drive around like that? or look like that… lost ’em.  Because gangstas like to look like gangstas and drive around looking like gangstas. That’s how stupid they are.

    GET OUT!!!!!  FEET APART!!!!  HANDS ON THE HOOD!!!!!!!!

    I have a lot of respect for the police here.  Regardless of what anyone says.

    But we need those people who understand gangs. And we need their expertise and muscle.

  23. V for Vendetta says:

    This is down right vile and horrific. What a disgusting waste of life! The perpatraters of this dispicable act need to be delt with to the fullest extent of the law. All these "rude bwoys" and "Thugs" and "players and Pimps" are nothing but discusting, heartless, rotten punks. My heart if filled with hate for every last stinking one of these creatons!

    For too long we have ignored the problems we have in Cayman. Children and grown people in gangs. Teahers get abused by parents who don’t want them to discipline their worthless little baby terrorist. Kids wearing certain colours. Parents wearing those colours at funerals. Party leaders who don’t like the colour red because their party colour is green. Thugs in the government and thugs in the community!

    The island is ran and overruned with gang mentality.. from the leader.. to the parents… to the children… and the children of those children.

    Tougher laws need t be put in to place. Northward needs to be turned in to an actuall prison.

    If your child or neighbour or man or woman is a gang member TURN THEM IN!




    • Anonymous says:

      V FOR  VENDETTA couldnt have written more better. We can appreciate writers like this.

  24. Anonymous says:

     What a beautiful, innocent child. This is so sad! I have 2 boys, one is the same age as Jeremiah. I am feeling the pain for the parents and am praying for them. God Bless you Jeremiah X

  25. Anonymous says:

    Oh God, this poor, poor baby.

    I can barely type I am so distraught.


    Dear Lord – Please do not let crimes like this become commonplace in Cayman. Please do not let us become desensitised to the slaughter of innocents.

    I have never supported capital punishment, but in this case, I wish that Cayman still had the death penalty by that old fashioned method – hanging.

    Even that punishment would not be heinous enough for this heartless crime.

    To the family of this beautiful child – my heart is weeping for you. I know there is no comfort when you lose someone like this. Just know that all of Cayman is shocked, horrified and heartbroken over your loss.

    May God be with you.

  26. Speak says:




  27. Anonymous says:

    Ok 13.22 we the public will stop calling  on Mr. Bush to give us answers . Now you answer this who is the leader of Government who is premier who is it that like to get on his high horse to answer every thing. We have condolences for this family but we want answers also he is in charge and this crap has gone on for too long how many lives have been lost from this district thru these crimes and nothen have been done.

    • Anonymous says:

      unna fool-fool or wha? Leave bushy over deh. Why unna want him back?

  28. Anonymous says:

    Children suffer for the sins of their fathers.

    Poor child.

    • Anonymous says:

      That is a heartless and insensitive comment.

      If I knew who you were, I would slap the #$%& out of you.

      Have some care for the child’s relatives. Aren’t they suffering enough?

      Just more of the insufferable judgement and hypocrisy rampant in our society.

      How about just expressing your shock and sympathy?


      • EastSider says:

        They always say the truth is an offense.  Of course people feel bad for the relatives but if you do good, good will follow but if you do bad the same thing applies.  It is sad to know an innocent child has lost his life in such a senseless way but it is time the younger generation starts to evaluate the way they are living their lives.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with you…

  29. blue iguana says:

    "We call on the Government to impose Martial Law now upon these Islands, at lease for a year to stabilize this situation and to help the police to clear their blotters with these cases.  Martial law is describes as per Wikipedia as"

    Whoever suggested martial law needs to carefully think over what they have proposed.  Martial Law would give complete control to the police; if you thought things were bad now with the number of crimes not being solved, can you imagine being controlled by the same incoherence?  People would be shot over a speeding ticket.  nuff said

    • Anonymous says:

      who is "we" ?

      Not me!

      you crazy?

    • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

      “blue iguana” how about we arrange for Marshall Law to be imposed on your privately owned property only?

  30. Anonymous says:

    Andy & Dorlisa, you both are GREAT parents! I am so sorry for your lost! May God bless you and keep you both through these rough times.

    No words can or will ease your pain, but i ask for you both to take it ALL to GOD in prayer!!!

    You both know we are here to support you (all UR REAL FRIENDS & FAMILY)!

    RIP Jerimiah, sleep on lilttle angel.

    • Anonymous says:

      I do not know them – but this is to Jeremiah’s parents:

      Please do not take the ignorant comments of the judgemental and hateful people in our society to heart.

      Please know that so many people are grieving with you and praying for you.

      We are all so saddened by your precious boy’s death.

      Nothing – I repeat NOTHING – that anyone may have done, or any "lifestyle" that people claim you live – would justify this. NOTHING.

      If ANYONE says to me anything like the sins of the father etc to me – I will personally school them in the worst way.

      The fault for your beautiful son’s death lies SOLELY in the hands of the heartless monster who killed him.

      My heart goes out to you. It bleeds and breaks for you. May God be with you. Please draw strength from each other and from the family and friends who are supporting you. Ignore the rest. Please.

  31. Anonymous says:

    This a plea to the father of the latest victim to violence.
    Dear sir,
    I am sorry for your loss, it must be a horrible thing to have to bury your child, especially a young, innocent helpless creature.  I only hope in time you learn to deal with this and go on living.
    In light of the news reports mentioning that you were the possible target , here dear sir is my plea.
    Now that your lifestyle and association has hit very close to home consider changing whatever that lifestyle may have been.  Obviously not a good one as it resulted in the loss of your own flesh and blood.
    I beg you to do the country some good and better your ways and help the authorities clean these streets before another child is hurt or taken.
    Don’t be angry or vow revenge but put that anger to some good and help bring more child killers to justice.
       It may just take persons like yourselves that may point the authorities to where these criminals are hiding.  Help your country your kid would have truly appreciated having that kind of a father.
    "Jane Public" also a mother.

  32. Anonymous says:

    We call on the Government to impose Martial Law now upon these Islands, at lease for a year to stabilize this situation and to help the police to clear their blotters with these cases.  Martial law is describes as per Wikipedia as

  33. Scott says:


    This is not the fault of the police.  Does anyone truly think that they are just sitting around unwilling to arrest the bad guys?  Grow up, they NEED OUR HELP.  When 100+ people at a night club ‘dint see nuttin’ how the heck are the police supposed to find the suspect?  Guess? Quiji Board? Crystal Ball?
    And for those of you suggesting we just close our borders and keep the foreigners out, guess again… it is not foreigners committing these crimes, it is not ‘paper Caymanians’ committing these crimes.  it is OUR people, OUR sons and the shame of last night is on OUR shoulders. There are people out there who KNOW the names of the lowlifes that are responsible for these crimes. When they do nothing, say nothing,  just stand idly by, they are in some way responsible for the tragedies that happen.
    I suspect it will not turn out that the two suspects in last nights shooting just acquired the gun that afternoon, more likely they have had it for some time AND THERE ARE PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO KNOW THEY HAD IT!!!. If they had picked up a phone and done the right thing, this poor child would be alive today. I hope everyone who knows these two guys takes this to heart, you are indirectly responsible for the death of an innocent little boy.
    We need to HELP the police, not bash them. If you see a crime, suspect a crime, or know anything of value, Call the police, call crime stoppers, or even call your Pastor! BUT TELL SOMEONE!
    Wake up Cayman, this is the darkest day in our history.
    • Anonymous says:

      Am I hearing correctly? Some of the people commenting are asking Mckeeva Bush to get back to Cayman? WHAT? I am begging Mckeeva Bush to please stay where he is, please stay off island, we do not want him back. We are better off with him off island. We will continue to pay him, he can actually keep his premier crown, but PLEASE, PLEASE stay away!

  34. Common Sense 101 says:

    Here’s a few obvious suggestions for our MLA’s who struggle to come up with bright suggestions to make Cayman a better place and to help bolster your chances of re-lection: 

    1. Rather than shake people’s hands and waive and smile at us, publicly call for a State of Emergency legislation session to deal with crime.
    2. Propose NEW serious crime legislation e.g. a Weapons and Crime Act to make life without parole mandatory for anyone found guilty of committing a crime using anything that can be considered a weapon – gun, machete, knife, wood club, bat, metal pole etc. Crime under this act would encompass armed robbery, assault, murder and rape as well as threatening violence with a weapon or importation of a weapon.
    3. Include in this law, that anyone convicted under this law must serve with ‘Hard Labour’ defined as anything that involves 10hours exhaustive physical labour per day.
    4. Propose legislation to allow Cayman to negotiate unilateral agreements with third world countries to house serious criminals in exchange for a healthy sum per head. The amount that it costs Cayman today per head is probably already a premium amount for a third world country. The third world country could call it Convict Tourism and they get to choose the quality room and meals per day.
    5. Propose funding legislation for 4 which include liquidating any assets that a criminal may have to help pay for his/her imprisonment.
    6. If 4 is not possible, propose legislation to construct our own hard labour prison that would house serious criminals away from the Northward hotel population. This prison would push the envelope on human rights. The judge could have discretion as to whether a prisoner would server here. For example, where a criminal is caught red handed or admitted guilt, they would be sent to the hard labour institution.
    7. Propose that Cayman form an alliance with a Police Gang Unit in a US City e.g. Miami with the view to contracting their members from their special Gang Unit to help us perform raids on our gangs.
    8. Propose legislation that will make it a crime for wearing pants on the ground!
    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

      Condolences again to the family….

      Has the LOGB and the senior representative for West Bay left Canada early to return home and see the family…..and…..address what is happening to teh country ???? 

      • Da Jokah! says:

        Of course not, he is on an all expense paid vacation.  Besides, there will be more trouble here when he gets back.  Better yet, rush legislation through that stops him coming back – he seems to prefer other countries anyway!!! 

  35. Anonymous says:

    Condolences to the family of the innocent child whose life was snuffed out by a senseless act of violence.

    I just want to say though, that as I read all the comments, I find that the same comments are posted after every violent crime especially where a life is taken.  Everyone is pointing fingers and playing the blame game, everyone is calling on God and its so hypocritical because many of us don’t even attend church anymore muchless pick up a bible and read.  Everyone has a solution to the problem but nothing is changing for the better. 


  36. It's coming... says:

    Sadly, the predictions of an innocent being killed by these mindless thugs has come to pass.  RIP and condolences to the family.

    On the positive side, there are other statistical likelihoods out there – one of them is that these guys are going to come up against someone who will fight back – and then we can have some dancing in the streets.  


  37. Anonymous says:

    XXX McKeeva and crew. You all are changing some laws? I really hope that you make some changes at HM Prison and turn it into a prison.

    I will give you credit for that if you amend the laws and make the prison a prison.

  38. Anonymous says:

     The death knell of this island will be when a tourist or an expat gets caught in the crossfire of these shoot outs.  It will spread like wildfire around the globe that Cayman is an unsafe place to visit and/or work.

    Once a Country has a reputation of violence and tourists stop visiting, it will be very, very difficult to lure them back again.

    Unfortunately Cayman is not a "safe haven" anymore.  (If it ever was)


    • Anonymous says:

      Oh it was, once upon a time. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry to say but, as things stand, there is no turning back. The politicians, particularly the PPM, have ingrained division in this society. They did so in reaction to the status give-away. A percentage of division believers will go to the extreme and embrace hatred. Haters are a very powerful group, despite their minority. Hatred is fueled by the same poor education standards that allow the politicians to manipulate. For instance they tell you if you get rid of expats, you will get the jobs. They lie. They tell you, you are entitled to graduate and entitled to jobs. They lie. In today’s global economy there is no entitlement. They tell you to increase fees and more income will come in. They lie. None of these issues are being addressed and Cayman, I’m very sad to say, will continue to decline. At the middle of the lies is the rollover. You want a just points system? Exclude applicant names and you exclude the hatred and subjectivity. Cayman needs to take a step back, return to its core values of love, Christianity and inclusion. For Caymanians to succeed without expats they need to create the BEST education system in the region. And this does not mean the best buildings. Education equals freedom and self determination. Until this is done, we should embrace expats. Most paper Caymanians and expats love Cayman just as much as we do and we cannot expect them to fight for us and our country if they are told they are not from here and not welcome. 

      • Anonymous says:

         To –  thumbs down. Which part, or parts don’t you agree with? Please enlighten me with you wisdom. I’m certainly not perfect and would like to hear your opinion.

      • Anonymous says:

        The division in Caymanian society did not start with the status give-away and cannot be laid feet of the PPM. My own disapproval of the status give away was not inspired by the PPM but my own common sense. However, that common sense did not lead me to gate expats.

        In 2008 in Vision 2008 all of these divisions were clearly identified but nothing was done to address the concerns then. It was Mr. Bush who said that expats were "cluttering up the infrastructure". It was Mr. Bush who introduced rollover in the Immigration Law, 2003.  He has only changed his tune now because it suits him politically. 

        The award of permanent residence was said to be too subjective and so the points system was introduced and it does give a good measure of objectivity. In fact it is often said by expats that it is TOO objective and does not take into account the "love" they have for the country and how attached they are to it. Obviously failing to include the identity of the applicant would do a lot more harm than good since that is the only way to match up such things as references and police clearance certificates with the individual. If the applicant does not feel that they have been given a fair shake then they have right of appeal to the appeals tribunal. 

        Finally, you focus upon the "hate" that Caymanians supposedly have for expats but then claim that most expats and ‘paper Caymanians’ "love" Cayman. Isn’t this a little lopsided?

        While you had some sensible things to say about wrong values and the need for high standards of education, in light of the foregoing I give you a thumbs down.         

      • Anonymous says:

        Which parts? Too many to mention, but the one that you have totally wrong is  your comment "particularly the PPM, have ingrained division in this society"!! ARE YOU SERIOUS? were you anywhere on earth during the election campaign of 2009? Mckeeva Bush was the preacher of HATE during the campaign. He encouraged Caymanians to hate everyone involved with the PPM, & he ‘forced’ foreigners (especially Jamaicans) to HATE Caymanians. Every meeting he & the udp held M. Bush was up on the platform telling racial & anti Jamaican lies about members of the PPM! also, think back to 2001 when Mckeeva Bush led a coup against Kurt Tibbetts & immediately formed a "party" udp. That was the beginning of division & hate in our society! It is Mckeeva Bush & his spineless udp wimps that has encouraged division & hatred in Cayman. How you can blame the PPM for any division in Cayman is shocking! The PPM spoke out against the careless & irresponsible give away of 3000 status gratns, & their concerns have proven to be justified! We are now just beginning to feel the adverse effects of that disasterous decision by the irresponsible udp & Mckeeva Bush!  

  39. Anonymous says:

    You ask where is XXX McKeeva, he checked out of Cayman and will be back soon.


  40. 100% Caymanian says:

    My Condolences Go Out To The Family!


    Am just sick & tired of hearing day in & day out  of another person been murdered.

    The whole bunch of them needs to kill off themselves about gangsters. There no gangsters there a set of idiots, why I state it like this is because they are destorying our country with all the crime. I don’t think/or would think they have enough sense to realised that.

    If not incent people are dying  for instants look at that that poor incent child is dead because of idiots. Well I hope this would open his father etc eyes & stop with all the sh*t.

  41. Anonymous says:

    With all this outcry from the people of the Cayman Islands and the Police, where are the voices of the Elected Representative?  Why is it only Ezzard being heard and all he does is just rants and raves, but no action. A family is grieving, a community is crying and we have no leaders to console us.  The Police is overwhelm with crime and underpaid. We are living in a lawless community and no one is doing anything.  We need help now from the UK, the US and perhaps from the EU, why is nothing being done.  Loed help us please.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yea, lets see if Ezzard, Gilbert and all the others  will put action to their rants and be out demonstrating with Chuckie and others against the social injustices now taking place in this country and destroying it. This is what will show the men from the boys.

  42. Eyes wide open says:

    The responsibility for this childs death lies not only with the scumbag that pulled the trigger but with every person who has turned a blind eye to the illegal activities occuring within their communities. If  this ignorance continues then expect to see more innocents getting killed.

    To the mothers and wives of these so called gangstas; acknowledge their activities, you are putting yourselves and your children at risk. You cannot live with someone and not know what they are in to. Please be assured that if you do not help to stop their illegal escapades you will be arranging a funeral very soon.  Surely having a son / husband alive and in jail is better than having him or your child dead and buried.

    We as a community need to stop fearing these thugs because fear is what gives them power. We need to see them for the cowards they are. They are a minority in the community and need to be ousted by the people around them. The community is the majority and if it came together to fight these criminals you would see  real power.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Sickening, absolutely sickening.  My sincere condolences to the family.  OMG this is so sad, it really is the last straw.  People need to make a stand – how many more innocent victims let alone beautiful and innocent children have to die before something is done about the escalating crime here?

  44. Anonymous says:

    This is what happens when the families, girlfriends, friends and everyone else who know "who has done what" refuse to speak up!

    We are reaping what we’ve sown……….

    That poor child paying for his parent’s gansta behaviour – shame on you bringing children into YOUR disgraceful lifestyle!!

    One child dead and another probably mentally and emotionally fragile for the rest of his life…

    My prayers are with the surviving boy.. may God be with him..

  45. RCIP is full of cowards says:

    What I would like to see is less GANJA smokers in court and MORE GANJA DEALERS IN JAIL!!

    But I can only guess that is wishful thinking when you got a bunch of COWARDS roaming in the a/c police cars looking for people on bicycles who SMELL suspicious of ganja SMOKE!! They dare not enter the HOT SPOTS right?

    Yah know when they signed up for this job – it was the only available job for foreigners to get! Oh there, and the HOSPITAL!!

    btw; where is XXXXX Mckeeva??


    Like the only saying goes, "clean up your own yard before you try cleaning mine"!!

    Sad that West Bayers think being humourous at meetings equals intelligence! Dat what unna get doh – a big CLOWN in charge!

    But come see what Mckeeva going to sing at the babies funeral! Cuz yah know he gunna want to be front and center.

    But I hope this little boys grandmother remembers how Mckeeva bashed her on stage when she was running for election herself last year! He mocked her and laughed at her and said "why she don’t try sit down and shut up ’bout running forelection – who gunna vote for HER..hahahahaaaa".

    Yup, dat was what he said…..right there in MOUNT PLEASANT!!


    • Anonymous says:

      There are plenty of drug dealers at Northward making deliveries during visiting hours and there are plenty others who merely throw it over the walls. It is past time to secure the perimeter and search everyone, even the guards, entering the prision. That should include the routine use of drug dogs inspections for all persons entering the prison. If we did that, jammed all their cell phones, stopped the 24 hour a day pizza deliveries, cut the cable TV and air conditioning, maybe Northward would begin to be a little bit of a deterrent.

    • Jo says:

      Didn’t Kernohan try and bring in police officers from inner-city UK who were well versed in gun crime and gangsters and look what he got for it – pushed out when he tried to clean up Cayman’s streets.

      Too much corruption = too much crime

      People cannot live in fear – someone knows who gun runners/drug dealers are; so come forward and name them.  Only when they start to be arrested, charged and imprisoned for wrong-doings and the sea around Cayman policed properly, will things change for the better.  In the last 5 years crime has spiralled out of control here.  It’s such a small place you really can’t tell me criminals are hard to catch – where can they hide?

    • Anonymous says:

      Reply to "What I would like to see".

      I believe Cayman is a wonderful place with, to a larger extent God-fearing intelligent people, but it only takes a few like yourself who spout nothing but ghoulish ignorance to cast a shadow of doubt as to this fact.

      I am sure that if yourself were the Premier, we would still be faced with these unsavoury issues. Do tell me, how would you prevent radom acts of violence from popping up wherever? Please, do say.

      Further, my sincerest condolences to the bereaved family who also happens to be a former runner in the previous general elections, but tell me, do say, how does campaingn rhetorics fill in with this tragic cirmcumstance? Everybody gave jokes and poked fun at each other, the Premier did no more, no less than everyone else. Stop being daft, just shut up if you have nothing worthwhile to offer.

  46. Yung 345'er says:

    All this crime is going to ruin not the just the residents and locals but Tourism hence economy which is already hurting going to be affected even more cause no Tourists want to come to high crime island.

    Alot of people know somebody that know somebody and it is only a handful of "thugs/gangsters" I propose get some special op teams and just like they kill get rid of them and ask no question, no court date or conviction just straight bullet for all of them!!

    Situation fixed!!


    • Anonymous says:

      Sadly Cayman can’t afford to go the "BlackWATER/Xe" route on these petty thugs.  Would be welcome though.

  47. Anonymous says:

    God help us all but children suffer for the sins of the fathers.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Bring back Capital Punishment!

    An innocent child has lost their life because of inconsiderate thugs.

    Fingerprint scanning & facial recognition are both needed at the ports of entry to screen for individuals with criminal records and deny them entry. Then we will be left with or own to police along with the few who have acquired status. This in turn would minimise and maintain at a low level this escalation in crime.

    • Anonymous says:

      Agreed, we all get fingerprinted when we enter the US, it should be done here and since this innocent child has been dealt a death penalty, so should his murderers. What is Cayman coming to?

    • Anonymous says:

      This is a duplicate post from yesterday. But the response is going to be the same also.

      What good are border checks when the overwhelming majority of crime is being committed by the ‘good, clean-living, god fearing, want’s to work but an expat took their job, cherubs’ that are the Caymanian youth of today.

      The families need to pull their heads out of their behinds and face the fact that their sons, brothers, fathers, cousins are all criminals.

      I know it’s a small island with a limited gene pool, but somebody here has to have an ounce of common sense? or a bit of dignity that they would pass some names and information to the police.

      For those that keep harbouring the crims and turning a blind eye. I hope the next headstone has one of your loved ones names on it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Err the two in custody are Caymanians (and one is from West Bay!)- how you going to keep them out with facial scanning etc?

    • Anonymous says:

      Unforunately, 99% of what is going on now is born Caymanians doing it.  I am tired of hearing that the status grants are responsible for everything that is going wrong.  It is the some of the youth of Cayman making bad choices and the innocent have to suffer.  Status grants occured several years ago and it is only the past couple of years that it has gotten so bad .  How can it be blamed on that ?  Now, I am not saying that the blanket status grants were a good thing but it certainly is not the cause of all the violence going on now.

      • Anonymous says:

        Have you ever stopped to think that half of the people who got status grants in 2003 were ‘strangers’ to our island, & therefore half of those people have taken jobs from our Caymanians? It does not have to actually beone of the status grant recepients that pulls the trigger, there are many other ways that those people affect or impact our lives. Life is tougher by having more ‘strangers’ taking away from us what would otherwise be ours. So please Anon 13:43 take your head out of the sand & see the light! Because of the people who got status it is more difficult for our children to get an education (the public schools are bursting at the seams), & it is far more difficult to get a job. Just look around, the facts speak for themselves. If you are tired of hearing the truth, we are tired of seeing our people suffer because of a greedy politician or two.

        • Anonymous says:

           What are you talking about?  Nonsense!  Half of those that got status grants were strangers?  You’ve been drinking too much PPM Kool-Aid.  Although there were some – maybe 10 per cent – who hadn’t been here all that long, most had been here 10, 15 even 20 years.  Hardly strangers. They probably volunteered more of their time, donated more of their money to this community than you ever did. Many of the others who hadn’t been here that long were lawyers, doctors, nurses, teachers, business owners etc.  You think they’re out murdering children?  You want to talk about difficult. That would be your life if expats hadn’t have come here.  Life was not easy back in the old days, although it probably was a lot more pure.  But you just want the good things the expats brought – your nice car, your air conditioned house with big screen TV, your gold necklace, your cushy job with no physical labour. You probably think that if we kicked every expat of the island today things would just be great for you.  You probably think the expats stole your land, your birthright.  Many Caymanians gladly sold their birthright for a big chunk of change so they could live nice cushy lives.  Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that if you have the land and that’s what you want.   But please, don’t come back and act indignant and try to blame  Cayman’s social ills on expats. You want your kids to get a better education, try parenting.  Try reading to your kid.  Try making him or her do her homework when they don’t want to.  Make them study.  Take an interest. Love them they way parents are supposed to.  But no… too many Caymanian parents are either having to much fun to care or so wrapped up in their own personal pity party that the can’t be bothered. You’re the one who needs to get your head out of the sand into reality. Luckily, you’re a minority of Caymanians. But your hatred is spreading like a cancer.

        • EastSider says:

          Are you really so naive to think that these gang related incidents have anything to do with the inability to get a job ?  They are not happening for financial gain but to show who is "the big man in town".  If it was for financial gain I would agree with you 100% but it is not.  As the song says "these are some serious times".

  49. Anonymous says:

    Sadly, we now must face the facts. Crime will soon be the first industry of the Cayman Islands if no actions are put in place to end this madness. I think that it is the time to stop the blaming game. I don’t think crime is a government problem nor a police force problem. It is a community problem. And as a community it is time to take actions. But actions will require unity. Why not creating a Committee of Citizens. Hopefully 3 representatives of each districts will be part of this Committee and together let’s try to identify the problems, try to identify the roots of the problems and a plan of actions for constructive solutions! Strong actions are required NOW. Not blames. It is now time for a responsible community to bring back order and harmony in this country.

    All my prayers for the family of a too young angel



  50. Rorschach says:

    These gangsters and their actions are domestic terrorists.  They are a CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER to the NATIONAL SECURITY of this Nation.  Can I make it any clearer to you, Mr. Premier??

    The time to recruit and equip a special squad to target and eliminate these terrorists is NOW! 

    The time for talk and soundbites is OVER!!  The time for action is NOW!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Been watching the Harrison Ford movies, have you? It didn’t end too well for the U.S. President and those executing his orders in that case.

      • Rorshach says:

        As I recall, the only persons that it didn’t end particularly well for were the bad guys….maybe YOU should go back and watch it again….

        and that was not really what I was referencing..

        I was stating that by declaring these thugs to be terrorists and treating the  problem like a terrorist one, that is a danger the national security of this country, then maybe the tools to tackle this problem will finally become available…but I’m sure you would rather just continue to make smart a$$ comments and igonore the real issue…

  51. Anonymous says:

    This is so sad…

    We need a change ! I hope this is a wakeup call ! 

    The gangster mentality has taken over this island and it is our own fault. Things must change before the mental mind sets will.

    We need:

    1- A REAL JAIL – not a country club – with a/c, tv, dvd’s cell phones, choice of food that’s ordered out 3 times a day, free dental and medical and that lets it’s inmates out to attend sporting events, work, school, and go home one day a month for family day.  One must fear going to jail, not look forward to a relaxing break paid for by us!

    2- We need to clean up the street now… bring in trained police and round them up before it’s too late (or are we already too late).

    3- The public schools must stop pushing children through the system.  There is no shame in repeating a year or two.  We should be ashamed of pushing these children out who can barely read and write and expect them to make it in the real world and not turn to a gangster life style.

    4- We need a trade school – not everyone can be a doctor or lawyer. Show these young kids they can make a good living another way. 



    • Anonymous says:

      Accessible abortion services are by the most effective long term answer.

  52. Anonymous says:


    An IMMEDIATE amendment to the Firearms Law to make the sentence for ANY gun crime be MANDATORY life in prison with NO parole should hopefuly be a start to deterring this increase of these serious and hideous crimes. And make the necessary arrangements for these convicts to be ‘properly’ housed in suitable prison accomodations in the UK and not at Northward.

  53. What a Mess says:

    Its really sad, how an innocent child had to die for these YOUNG WANNABE GANGSTAS! I dont know what police are fearing,??? These guys aren’t anyone, just looking name, and trying play bad man, but indeed they are little pussies!(sorry) I’m effing tired of the BS everyday as I lay down to sleep I just pray to the lord that he keeps my family and friends close to his heart and guide them! Because these little wanstas aren’t going to stop, only cowards do what they’ve been doing, killing people with guns, when two men fight fist to fist thats what you call BADMIND, not gun , gun, gun! grow the heck up ‘YOUNGSTERS’ you aren’t anyone, Police deserve what they’re getting because it’s them making these damn idiot boys ‘gangs’ run around wild! Police only pick on people LITTLE innocent people who they know won’t do anything and won’t hurt a fly but yet they won’t try to BAD UP the reall suppose to be thugs. Who are destroying our islands. Well all i have to say is this is just the beginning and you wont see no improvements until the them ‘wannabe’s gangstas’ shoot after the police or kills their children then police might actually solve a crime!
    I’m not wishing that on anyone but come on people step it up, and no one cant tell the community to come and speak up! you tell the police to keep all the information the community gives them then they will get some help, on an other hand no one will help because police are not protecting us!

    We need soldiers from honduras, maybe things might help

    damn people need to make that prison something that people dont want to go to, ofcourse with the treatment these people are getting up there anyone would want to go, fools!

    ~God Bless This little island~

  54. Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Like you said….Government CANNOT be held accountable!!!! Caymanians need to get some ambition and stop selling drugs, and that would keep them out of the fire!!!! AMBITION is the answer!!

  55. Anonymous says:

    Whatever the circumstance, this child did not deserve to die.  My deepest condolences to the family.

  56. Anonymous says:

    I’m so tired of the blame game!

    If we were all honest with ourselves, we all could be blamed for what isgoing on in. First of all, People, we have more power than we know. If it weren’t for us, politicians, whom we so often blame for what is going on, would not have gotten in. Also, it is not fully understood by the community that police can do little to nothing without the help of a community. There are only so many of them, but so much of us.

    Speak up! We have no excuse not to if we know something. So often I hear these two excuses.

    1. “Their family or friends.” SO WHAT! If you really care about them, you would have them locked up where they can contemplate their actions and get a chance to turn their lives around. Letting them roam in the streets will only cause 1 of 2 things or even both. They will continue to kill (because it seems this eye for an eye style is the only motto being persistently held.) or they will be killed Sometimes the hard things in life come with a great prize.

    2. “Well, we don’t want to be an informer. That will only get us killed because police will only tell them who gave them the information.” Really? If enough of us told what we know then I don’t think they would have a chance to get back out to kill anybody. Chances are they will eventually resort to killing us in the end anyway if they aren’t put away. An INNOCENT child was killed! The criminals of this island don’t have any heart or loyalty to anybody. Why should we be loyal to them!? WHY!? The only loyalty we should have is to ourselves and GOD . Stand up and do what we know is right. Forget all else. Let us not be prisoners of our own island anymore. Take back our freedom and be united. United we stand, divided we fall.

    RCIP, Take into consideration the concerns of the people and don’t let them down. If we come forward, don’t let it be known to the criminals. Just get your jobs done. Also, take a look at the style of killings for the last 2 years (as I recall) involving the West Bay youths. Am I the only that thinks it’s the same culprits doing all of them?! I understand it may be hard to not be scared when they have guns and you all don’t. Which leads me to my last statement.

    Government, change the luxury of the prisons, try to get guns for the police, bring the DEATH penalty to Cayman. Maybe then the “bad man” will keep in their place and stop ruining the lives of so many people.

    My condolences go out to the family. My prayers are with the people of Cayman.

  57. Anonymous says:

    The right to remain silent applies to witnesses too as there doesn’t seem to be any protection for them. Speak out and be targeted. Implement a witness protection plan and then maybe eyesight gets better!

    • Pending says:

      The last witness that I can recall who was put in witness protection was found by the people he was going to testify against and was gunned down in the middle of the street at the "Islander" complex by a certain XXXX, who is currently in Northward because someone in the policeforce told him where they were hiding the guy….

  58. Anonymous says:

    Everyone quick don’t say anything.

    Don’t help the police.

    And keep asking why these crimes continue…


  59. Anonymous says:

    My heart cries with the mother and family, of the child who was so viciously taken away last night.

    My prayers are with Cayman and all those who mourn. The time to rid Cayman of the scourge of crime is NOW.

    There is not another moment to lose- or Cayman will become another Caribbean murdercapital before much longer. Can the people of Cayman afford to lose any more?

  60. Anonymous-Stop Spreading Bogus says:

    Stop speading bogus info on Cayman

    Call it what it is – crime is increasing …… 

    Rank   Countries  Amount 
    # 1   Colombia: 0.617847 per 1,000 people 
    # 2   South Africa: 0.496008 per 1,000 people 
    # 3   Jamaica: 0.324196 per 1,000 people 
    # 4   Venezuela: 0.316138 per 1,000 people 
    # 5   Russia: 0.201534 per 1,000 people 
    # 6   Mexico: 0.130213 per 1,000 people 
    # 7   Estonia: 0.107277 per 1,000 people 
    # 8   Latvia: 0.10393 per 1,000 people 
    # 9   Lithuania: 0.102863 per 1,000 people 
    # 10   Belarus: 0.0983495 per 1,000 people 


    • Anonymous says:

      On these figures we are definitely past Mexico now, and possibly ahead of Russia.

    • Anonymous says:

      The only reason Cayman isn’t on the list is because we aren’t a country.

    • Anonymous says:

      on that list we would be 4th on 2009’s murder rate

    • The Truth is Out There says:

      Here is the mathematical proof that the previous post was accurate and that the per capita murder rate in Cayman is indeed very high.

      Year-to-date in just 1.5 months there has been 2 murders.  Extrapolate that to a full year and we can expect to have 16 murders in 2010.  Assuming the population of the Cayman Islands is 60,000 that puts Cayman at 0.26666666 per 1,000. This means that Cayman ranks #5 on the list ahead of Russia. 

      Something needs to be done to put an end to the violence once and for all.
    • Anonymous says:

      Interesting website.  If this is correct and assuming a Cayman population of 55000 and 8 murders in 2009 that would be 0.145 murders per thousand people and a #6 spot for murder rate just below Russia and higher than Mexico.  Hardly a role model ‘crime free’ country.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t know who did this statistics, but Jamaica and Belize are not included in the list. And boy their murder rate is way up!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Unfortunately, we communicate to the world that we have the highest standards and equate ourselves with first world countries. Apples to oranges.

    • Anonymous says:

      What is Canada’s? I ask because Toronto, Halifax and Montreal are where our jobs are going. Any correlation? 

    • Anonymous says:

      Apple to oranges. These are countries we look down on. We tell the world we are a world class financial centre, that we have one of the highest per capita incomes, and that we are safer than other jurisdictions. Therefore, we need to compare our statistics to those of Canada, where we are losing business to – Halifax, Toronto, Montreal. 

  61. Anonymous says:

    So Cayman, you’ve reached a tipping point….what are you going to do? Talk on the radio? Write in the internet?  Hmmm….that aint gonna change a thing guys.   The old saying goes, you cannot build a house on shaky foundations, and right now the foundations of Cayman are as shaky as they come….never mind earthquakes, you’ve got bigger problems……and there is no one single answer, nor one single problem…instead there are lots and lots of small problems that have gone ignored and cumulated in this horrific incident.

    Now is the time NOT to blame, but to act……act together….its not the time to score political points; its not the time to point fingers; now is the time to drop bias, drop partisanship, and come to the middle, together and acknowledge that this is EVERYONES problem….from the wealthy Caymanians to the Poor Caymanians, from the mega rich expats to the starving poor expats, from the strong to the sick, from the religious intolerables to the quiet religious believers, and all in between…….fix the foundations, prioritize now on the LONG TERM or else this tipping point will be the point of no return

    Now is the time to choose the right move…..we all either get on our soapboxes for a few days, tell eachother how someone else is at fault and then forget about it until the next shocking incident…..OR we seek out pillars in the community, urge them to step forward and take control and HELP those currently in power to make things good……those in power right now, rightly or wrongly, were elected by us……so we’ve got to help them until we can vote them out or vote them back in….who cares who’s running the country…..its our country, we’ve got to help eachother

    Lets start withthe entire nation attending a march in honour of this young life? how about that for a message of unity….

    then lets tolerate the police and government infringing on our rights for a short while as they go door-to-door, ARMED, until every one of these pathetic thugs are beind bars

    then lets beg some other country to take this useless thugs off our hands and bid good riddance…..’gangsta’?? its a joke….these guys are cowards…..pathetic excuses for human beings

    then lets ask the big money here on Island to fund a mega-secure, brutal detention centre that terrifies current and potential criminals…….theres so much money on the Island, perhaps we can put off a Port development or an Oil refinery for a few years…….nobodys gonna come off a ship anyhow if they think they’re gonna get shot

    then make gun posession ZERO TOLERANCE…if you have a gun, you’re going to jail for 10 years, 20 years, who cares?  we dont need guns here, there is zero exc use for posession.

    come on Future Cayman….where are you? Some young, new blood into politics to at first HELP the current regime, and then TAKE BACK the country at the next election…..there are so many bright, successful Caymanian businessmen and women in their 30’s and 40’s here, but they’re earning so muich money its too comfortable for them to leave and go into politics……but sometimes you get a higher calling…..and this is the time…you know who you are

    or your country is going south….very, very fast…….along with your big house, fancy car and big salary……

    its been so easy for so long here…..not anymore Cayman, not anymore





  62. Anonymous says:

    God is not going to solve this problem, and all this outpouring of grief, anger and emotion won’t do any good if it only happens AFTER each crime.  Marches will give these criminals the attention they want.

    What is needed is some basic courage from the community to deal with these losers.  People, you can no longer sit on the fence and hope the RCIPS will deal with the problem.  They can’t do it without your help.  So decide whose side you’re on. If you’re on the side of the police then pick up the phone, give them any information that you think might help, invite them over and show your support.  Tell them what it is that you need them to do, and help them do it. If you’re on the side of the criminals…well you probably wouldn’t be smart enough to read this anyway.


  63. Anonymous says:

    As a mother and west bayer  my heart hurts so much for this lil boy parents and family. But we need answers from Mr. Bush as poster 22.50 said  what are you going to do now Mr. Bush now that one of our fellow west bayer Child (baby ) is kill what are you going to do Mr. Bush please remember you repersent these islands but it is the people of west that put you there the murder of this child is now personal becasue when these heartless want a be thugs and can kill a child the whole island feels this. Mr Bush we want answers and no BULL.

    • Anonymous says:

      My deepiest Condolences to all the family of the lilttle angel  that was killed last night, it’s hard to express how or what i feel, who would have thought that this once a lovely lil island would become like this, everyone no longer cares about who they kill it is so very sad that a lil angel ended up losing it’s life over this WAR!! i remember once when WEST BAYERS was for west bayers. i think the islands has gone crazy no respect for no one, no forgivness one time people could let lil things slide , one time you could fight it out now gun and bullets do all the work it’s crazy, people need  to remember that with one bad thing comes a next how can people not see that life is too short spend it with does that love you and that you love stand up for them………. JUSTICE NEEDS TO BE SERVED.


      Andy and Derlisa

      i would like you to know that i believe that everyone feels the same way about this but that does not make us know how you feel. god is with you derlisa even when you don’t see it and your angel is at rest. Andy im so very sorry i always thought that ur lil boys looked so much like you, i even was so happy when i saw you trying to change for the better please remember that god loves you and that ur angel is safe i know it’s hard im crying while writing this so i could only imagine how you feel. please let the lord guide you step by step, Derlisa please stay strong for the other kids.


      With love,


  64. jason says:

    Marches, rallys, and gatherings of concerned citizens ISNT GOING TO ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING!!!! when are you people going to start taking action? Why arent police on every corner in west bay after dark? Why arent there cameras on these hot spots? These caribbean criminals are’nt very hard to spot. Police should be hasseling these youths on site. This isnt the old Cayman anymore. KIDS ARE DYING. we need guns off the street NOW. The police need to DO SOMETHING. but they cant cause they dont have the bodies nor the resources. Kind a situation you caymanians have here.

    • Anonymous says:

      I would suggust, that  you keep you remarks to yourself, it seem like you are a foreigner.  This is our problem, and I am sure that whereevery you came from you have more crime up you a– than you can attest to.  so before you start talking about caribbean criminals, I suggest that you shut to hell up and go back where you came from.  because you too may have contributed to all that this country has come to within the recent years.  Perhaps you know who they are.

      • Anonymous says:

        I would suggest you be careful of what you wish for. One of these days all expats will leave and then what are you going to do? What fun you will have. No one to blame and you will still not know how to spell!

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh my God, STOP with this you are a foreigner, go back where you came from because there is more crime there crap!!! That inncoent little boy was Caymanian, his mother and father and older brother are Caymanian. The person that did this crime is most likely Caymanian, and it was a retaliation thing, a lesson to the boy’s father, in these drug thugs wanna-be-gangsters’ society where they take the law in their own hands. That was what happened last night.  And until the guns are found, this will continue. Foreigners, Caymanians, WHO CARES! IT’S ALL OF OUR PROBLEM BECAUSE THIS IS WHERE WE ALL LIVE!!! Get the damn guns – everyone knows someone who has one, they keep them hidden, they pass back and forth amongst friends. And when a report is actually made to the police, they guns just get buried on the beach somewhere.

      • Anonymous says:

        What an idiotic statement – check the ratio of Caymanians in North Side Prison to expats – well over 90 % Caymanian…This is a sad day for Cayman…

        Stop blaming expats for your problems, these are young Caymanians doing the crime…

        Of the 63 inmates either sentenced or on remand in Northward Prison for violent crimes as of 31 December, 2009, 56 of them were Caymanian.

        Read this :

        This is not about you and and your anti expat sentiment founded in complete ignorance…This about the taking of a childs life – these people should get the death sentence…

        My condolences for the family and my prayers for the child


      • Pedro says:

        Crime is inevitable and whether we are Caymanian or from another country, we are all affected. Drawing lines in the sand and telling people to go back where they came from isn’t part of the solution. Afterall, if it weren’t for those abroad coming to, visiting, and spending money in Cayman, it would still be an arbitrary island to which noone would pay attention and it would fall throught he cracks of modern society. I feel the greatest sympathy for the innocent child and his family, but pointing fingers and divisive talk are only holding us back. Whatever happened to Caymanians being friendly and welcoming? I haven’t met many.

      • Anonymous says:

        and I bet you are one of the ones who sits by, watches it happen and doesn’t say a word. You sound like one of the problems rather than one of the solutions.

        Regardless of whether the previous poster is foreign or not, their concerns are valid. It shouldn’t matter whether someone is caymanian or not, if we are all living in the same place and we all want it to be a better place, then the more help we can get in solving/preventing these horific crimes the better.

        I think it is time for Big Brother to start watching. In every city in the UK they have survielance cameras all over. It is time for Cayman to have cameras at every street lamp, every corner, every traffic light. the only people who should have a problem with this are those who are doing something wrong.

  65. Anonymous says:

    A good start for the new year.

    We now ranked 5th on Murders per Capita, passing Mexico.

    Time to leave. Any country is basically safer . . . .

    I can’t wait for independence, but I’ll be waiting somewhere else.


    • Dred says:

      It’s crazy to even speak about that because of our size. 1 murder in our Island puts us in the top 5. How do you compare this against places like Colmbia, Mexico or Jamiaca who have 50 or more die a day?

      This is not to belittle our crime but on a larger scale we are not that bad.

      BUT!!!!!!!! We need to get a grip of this animal now and snuff it out.

      We need to take crime personal and the people who do it as our sworn enemies.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not saying that the crime rate in Cayman is not completely out of control, but I went on the website you mentioned and Cayman isn’t listed on it at all. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Do the math and we are 5th or 6th.  Venezuela will be passed next month no doubt.

    • Anonymous says:

      Where is Cayman listed?

    • Anonymous says:

      Ummm… where do you see that we ranked 5th on Murders per Capita, passing Mexico???

      Please stop making false claims


    • GrandCaymanian says:

      Wow I didn’t realize this was Russia we’re living in.


      Before you post your comments and pretend you know it all, read over your stuff properly…nowhere does it list on that website "the Cayman Islands", my friend.

    • Anonymous says:

      You have posted the wrong information about the Cayman islands. I did a complete word search on the site that you have posted above, The words "Cayman Islands" are not even listed on the site at all’ nor anything about any "Crime Statistics" in our country.

      Now to the parents of this child:

      My heart goes out to the parents of this lost little innocent Cayman child. There are no words in any language that will ever heal your hearts pain. But your lives will go on, and his memory will stay in your mines forever. I also have a lost child, and I feel your hurt and pain. Only the Mothers and Fathers of lost children know what we feel. Just remember he will always be in your hearts and minds" forever.

  66. Anonymous says:
    I’ve heard a lot about what the police should be doing to fight crime and I totally agree they need to be more acountable.
    But my concern is why aren’t we hearing from Customs
    What is Customs doing to prevent these guns from coming into our shores?
    Are they increasing their inspections and if they are how?
    Are they working hand in hand with police & immigration building profiles on these suspected criminals?
    I think we should be hearing from the Customs more often on how they are protecting our islands and not just worrying about collecting duty.
    The earnings from duty will not help our island if we are known as one of the highest murder rates per capita.
    All of these government departments Police, Customs & Immigration should be working togeher DAILY to ensure the residents of these islands are safe.
    • Anonymous says:

      Customs are too busy hassling tourists or returning residents in case they overspent their duty free allowances. Or they are making everyones lives a misery at the post office.

      They have no interest in doing the real job that customs should be doing which is of course protecting our borders.

      • Pending says:

        So true, they leave it up to the DTF on their marine patrols, and half the time they can’t protect the islands via sea because they spend half the time crashing the vessels when docking or burning out the engines, or cracking the hulls or……

    • JM says:

      Good comment!!!  I hope the read this and see they too are part of the problem/solution.

    • Anonymous says:

      Give it some thought. Do you think drug dealers go to Customs with properly filled out forms declaring that they are importing 2000 pounds ofganga and two guns?

      Once all of the illegal points of entry are closed then you can ask Customs to make sure no guns are being imported.

    • Anonymous says:

      My prayers and thoughts are with the parents of the child.
      This event should be totally unacceptable to every living person
      on this island.
      Blaming customs and the Premier is not going to help anything.

      Every person who knows anything about any of these gangsters
      need to give them up to the police.
      If every family on the island who has young people who hang
      out with these criminals turned them all in (before they kill
      someone or themselves ) they would not have to worry about
      reprisals because the gangsters would be outnumbered by
      their families sticking together against them.

      Who is going to get the ball rolling by gathering up all their
      friends, neighbors, relatives. They could organize meetings all over the island and try to put a stop to these guys doing any thing
      they want. The sadness about all this is I can’t see this happening.

      Everyone thinks they are not affected by this violence ”until it
      happens to one of their own” The way things are going
      sooner or later it will!!

      Someone must have known these two guys had guns, wonder if
      they have any conscience..because they are also responsible
      for this childs death because they kept silent.

  67. Anonymous says:

    Essentially this is about greed, fear and irresponsibility in the community itself. These gangs exist because they peddle drugs for money and protect their turfs with guns. Caymanians have lost their sense of dignity when they allow such peole to walk amongst us. The community itself is responsible for shining a direct and brave torch light on these people. These people need to be revealed by those with conscience, and that includes own family members contacting the police and bring justice to those that intend to destroy the life gven to us (including the innocents new to the world). These is no excuse for not comming forward about those evil people that walk amongst us, if you are aware and you do not speak then you might as well be pulling the trigger too. Bravery and responsibity are paramount! Its time to show some strength Cayman and fight the disease within, and stop blaming others blame yourself and deal with it committment and determination your actions are stronger colllectively than any gun carrying monsters.




  68. Anonymous says:

    This is so very sad!

    Do people not think of what they are doing?  Their stupidty and childishness has cost an innocent little boy his life!

    My deepest condolences go out to the family and friends of this little boy.

    May God be with you.

  69. Just Sayin says:

    The law and it’s enforcement became irrelevant on May 20th when our elected Government chose to ignore their own Constitution. Why should anyone be expected to have any respect for the law when those they are meant to look up to actively encourage the breaking of breaking of it for personal gain?

    Sad times indeed.


  70. Speak says:


    We need to organize a march against violence! We need to take our community back!
     If you don’t put these men away for LIFE there is NO justice. ABSOULUTELY NONE. But then again what does it matter when prision is SOFT.  I am sick of hearing that they are going to NORTHWARD HOTEL where they can grow WEED on the prison farm and kill and rape a woman WHILE still in lock-up.
    1.)    We need to put a curfew in place until crime drops! People should not be allowed to congregate, loiter, idle without a purpose!   
    2.)    The punishment should suit the crime! We need to start sending these people to prisons in harsh environments! WE need to STOP spending over a 100,000 thousand USD dollars on each prisoner in Northward. Can’t we outsource the housing of our violent prisoners to another country? A country that can handle rough criminals! God knows three square meals and cable TV isn’t the answer.
    3.)    We need to STOP blaming the POLICE. PARENTS and a complaisant community are the REAL problem! WE ARE THE PROBLEM! THE POLICE ONLY COME AFTER WE the community CREATE A PROBLEM. They are not WET NURSES OR BABY SITTERS. Criminals only do what we ALLOW them to get away with.   
    4.)    We need to have a police program like other small countries where over half of the officers are PLAIN CLOTHED officers who are rotated regularly  (i.e. short permits perhaps a special officer sharing program with another country) and only the commissioner knows who all of the force are. This would cut down the likely hood of corruption
    Anyway what do I know ……………..
    • Che says:

       You said it well….more power to you 

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

       Where is the LOGB ?????

      Where are the rest of the elected members.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is so sad- our  country is gone – how can we survive this ?  My heart and deepest condolances goes out to the family of this child..  I  agree with the writer that we need to take our country back, but it’s more to that than what we can offer in our own strength.  In regard to marching, I don’t agree with marching. Who do we march to? no earthly being can help us. Just think with me for a moment;  it’s all well and good to have thousands of people on the sreet to march, and little that we know, some of these same marchers have valuable information hidden in their closets. Many of the marchers  know who these bad boys are.  Many of the marchers are parents, sisters, brothers, aunts and uncles of these bad boys.  Where are their information?

      so I would suggest that before we call for a march that instead of we marching in the sreets to where ever, that those people who are holding information go to the police and render their services by giving them the information that they need.

      This is an angel that has been taken away bruitally, but I would comfort the heart of the parents by saying, as David said when he lost his son " he cannot come to me, but I can go to him"    we are all sadden from East to West, North to South.  So please let us help ourselve by giving the Police the tools they need.  This is not a time for us to lash out on the police, our government, ; these is a time when we all need each other help. The Police need us and we need them, so let us all work together  and take our country back. 

      May God ‘s grace continue to comfort and sustain the family is my prayer.



    • Common Sense says:

       Point 4 is excellent…..make a rotation of police officers from other countries in plain clothes.  Maybe if three smalll islands banded together, this could be a good workforce (4 months in each island)….undercover and without corruption…sounds GOOD to me!

  71. Anonymous says:

    why is the gangsta culture accepted and promoted in cayman… why do the police allow all these muppets to drive around in their blacked out illegally tinted cars?

    • Anonymous says:

      True, but any other person would get pulled over and fined. 

      I don’t know why the are embracing this lifestyle.  I’ve noticed it get worse over the years now it is just plain ridiculous.  Put them in the middle of a real "hood" and we’ll see how tough the are, although I believe we are on the borderline of that.

    • Anonymous says:

      The reason they allow it is they don’t want the wrath of these kids

      parents and families coming down hard on them for targeting

      their ”little angels”   So there you have it!!!!

      Will these families ever wake up to what their little darlings are up to ??

      Not likely….until one of their own is murdered..then its reprisals….reprisals…

      So sad….

  72. Kintaro says:

    *sigh* terrible… simply terrible.

    Cayman, as beautiful as she is today, is dying from a cancer like sickness, spreading through out the island.  All effort to had save our island have been lost.  Who will pay a Million Dollars to live around stray bullets?  We are selling ourselves and we don’t even know it.

    Sad… very sad.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to this family.  I simply cannot imagine the pain, lost and sorrow.

  73. Saddened says:

    My condolences for all those that have lost a loved one. I just want these heartless brutes to know that: you may not be caught by the police, neighbors may not squeal on you, but your judgement is yet to come. GOD will deal with you, so I hope that each and every one of you are prepared for that. I only PRAY that none of you have kids because, they always say that the sins of the parents shall fall on the child. There is a nice warm place below the earth waiting for you, and it goes way deeper that six feet…

  74. NW Pointa says:

    I know that humanity is still in these islands so I know that there are alot of heavy and broken hearted Caymanians today. Come on Caymanians dont let these home grown thugs that have committed crimes over and over get away with it again. Why aren’t people afraid to post all over the internet what they know, but so afraid to call Crime Stoppers? People need to stop blaming politicians who I’m sure dont want these vicious acts to happen. Start putting that effort to saying what you know about the crime. My condolences to this family.

  75. Lachlan MacTavish says:

     This is so very sad. My condolences to the family.

    Time for all the MLA’s to take control of the Government and stay at home and start fixing Cayman for the people especially the children.

  76. Che says:

     It’s very sad about the death of this innocent little boy…my heart and prayers go out to his family.  R.I.P little Angel may God bless you in heaven next to him.

  77. Dred says:

    I said this before and I will say it again. Here are some steps needed to resolve these issues:


    1)      We need to try to get the death penalty back. If we can’t we can’tbut we need to try. Here is how I would do it.

    a.       It would only be deemed viable on serious crime where intent is there. Crimes like the Estella murder, the guy who was hacked multiple times, the murder at Progressive. These I view as death penalty crimes because there is clear intend on taking another persons life.

    b.      The case get’s sent to a panel of 5 magistrates. It takes 4 magistrates to approve the judgment not just a simple majority.

    2)      The prison needs to be turned into a place where no one wants to go. They should have nightmares about the place after leaving. It needs to be a deterrence to criminals.

    3)      Crime Law needs revamping and here is how I would go (keep it simple, stupid mentality):

    a.       Gun Crimes – 10 years minimum plus the crime. So gun crime resulting in death that would give life sentence would be life sentence plus 10. Basically you just tack on.

    b.      Guns in general. Possession of an unlicensed firearm is minimum 5years automatically.

    c.       Rape, Armed Robbery all carry minimum 10 years plus tack-ons for weapon, abduction, etc. No good behavior on 10 years.

    d.      Sex with a minor – Should be classed as rape even if child approves because they have no right to approve. Also we have a minimum of 5 years plus 2 years for every year under 16 years old. This way these predators go away for a really long time.

    4)      Police upgrades

    a.       Training should be USA focused with UK on any specialty they may have.

    b.      Technology – We need to equip them to do the job.

    5)      Local Education – Have implemented into our education system criminal education training.

    6)      Gangs – We have a gang law. Abuse it at will please. Arrest the ones you know are part of gangs. In general harass them at every turn you get.

    7)      Parents of Criminals – You have two choices. Part of the problem or part of the solution. If you harbor children who are in criminal activity and you won’t help then the Police have my good graces to harass you also.

    8)      Community Relations – We need more community leaders and watch programs. We need to find strong people in each area and give them guidance on how to be good leaders. They need direct contact numbers to liaison officers on a 24 hrs basis.

    9)      Specialist in Criminal activity. We need to bring in someone to scope the Island. To work with the police to determine exactly what we are up against. To draw up a plan of attack against the gangs in an effort to reform or arrest gangs and drugs.

    • Dred says:

      I would also have a session with business owners to show them how to properly identify people who rob their stores. It’s not enough to just notice he is dark skinned, about 6 feet tall with these clothes but to also look out for distinguishing things such as a limp or scar or tattoo, etc.

      I believe a meeting or several sessions would be a good idea.

    • why on earth have you not run for a goverment seat yet?

      these are good ideas!  i agree with them 100%

      next campaign you should run.

      • Dred says:


        Unfortunately I am from BT and I do not like either party, in fact I don’t like parties because they don’t inspire individuality in thoughts. Basically you think what your leader thinks or you’re out.

        Fact isIndependents can not win outside of NS and EE. BT people especially are party oriented.

        But thanks for the vote of confidence.


  78. Anonymous says:

    Everyone today in Cayman today should say a quiet prayer for this lost angel taken away by a sensless and selfish act! God Bless and condolences to his family.


  79. CaymanLover says:

    My deepest most heart felt condolences go out to the family of this little boy.  How do you even begin to reconcile this.  4 years old, and gone, executed, shot up like he was nothing.

    Get it through your heads people, McKeeva Bush,the poiticians, government DO NOT CARE ABOUT US.  Stop asking McKeeva what he is going to do.  You already know he doesnt care.  His kids are safe, why should he give a toss about yours?

    I can drive with my child to the gas station to buy her a treat and just like that she is dead.  Before the Christians start with the "he’s in a better place" stuff, imagine that this was your child.  That is not going to comfort his family right now.

    My solution – bulldose Courts Rd, bulldose rock hole, bulldose goat yard, bulldose banana walk.  If I know what happens in these places, the police know as well so if you don’t take action to demolish these areas then you are against me and with the criminals = we the people will take the law into our own hands.  Wake up Cayman we are on the verge of a serious riot or vigilante spree because we are tired of being afraid.

    • Anonymous says:

      There is noting the politicians can do…especially on their own. if the community isnt helping them they can do nothing. they are not here to wipe our noses

  80. Anonymous says:

    I am tired of this foolishness with these so-called thugs going around shooting/killing people and being left free to continue to do so. My heart goes out to the family of the little boy who lost his life from this unnecessary violence. I, myself have lost friends through this same issue and my innocent family member can no longer live his life as normal because he is unable to walk. He too was just an innocent by-stander, along with 2 friends, who were shot by gunmen who got “greedy”. Witnesses of these heartless crimes need to come forward and put their foot down and give this vital information to police instead of immediatly throwing the blame at them and saying they aren’t doing their job. If they have this information and still do nothing, then we can blame them but until then, we as a community need to step up and bring this to an end. These guys need to be put out of our lives for good. We don’t need to worry about our babies’ lives while we’re out doing everyday things. As far as I know, most of us know who’s behind these shootings and those of us that do need to stop being afraid and bring back the bravery and strength of our country so the future generations can remain safe and here with us. Listen to me Cayman, we are way too small for this to be happening and nothing be done about it. We’ve got to unite as one and end this crime once and for all.

  81. Freaked31 says:

    I agree this crime is no surprise

    Cayman let me ask you one thing what do you expect?

    Politics a side we must be responsible for our own actions,the Cayman people as so busy crying over unfair treatment that they forget to educate themseves,parents are teaching children an eye for an eye rule instilling arrogance and anger,hate and division is not the way it is in fact a social addiction that will lead to destruction.

    I watch as young caymanians (our future) fortunate to have jobs waste away thier earnings on liquor, night clubs etc while i enjoy an outing once in a while we must find a greater purpose in life…..We are lost and sadly convencied that anger/hate/pride and ignorance are our only opitons, but i tell you education is the only and real solution with that we can fight everything that is going wrong on this island.

    I realise that doing the responsible thingis not always the coolest thing and might even be considered boring but the benifits will provide and provide and provide for you and your family.

  82. D.D says:

    This is @ you "Bring Back capital" What nake syou think this or most of these other crimes is done by foreigners???  Did you not see the prison stats published the other day in the paper?? Most of these crimes are CAYMANIANs doing them…..stop blaming others for local problems. Face the facts stop denying them!

    • Dred says:

      That statistic is tainted and therefore not 100% accurate.

      While I fully believe we will still show a majority I do believe the numbers will move closer to 50/50 if you take into account Caymanian as only those who are fully rooted in Cayman. That is borne to Caymanian parents in the Cayman Islands.

      If I saw those stats I would be more happy to accept those numbers.

      We have many people in the prison who gained papers and are not TRUE Caymanians in the full sense of the word.

      This is not me being prejudice to any sector but the nature of Caymanians, the true borne and bread Caymanians is to be passive. This is not to say we don’t have bad apples but on the whole we are a passive group and YES I am fully Caymanian.

      • Anonymous says:

        A caymanian is a caymanian. face it.

        You all go on about paper caymanians and rubbish like that, but the truth is you are all immigrants anyway. Nobody is indigenous of these islands, you just got here a couple of years before others. Doesn’t mean you own it.

        Get a grip and stop blaming everyone else because you and your families have turned out to be scumbags.

      • Anonymous9 says:

        Keep on dreamin’, wishin’, and hopin’  Dred or just FACE REALITY!!

  83. Macman says:

    I believe the saying goes Emperor Nero fiddled while Rome burned"!

    If Cayman is Rome guess who Emperor Nero is!

  84. Anonymous says:

    Stop laying blame with Government!  You are the ones that don’t come forward.  You are the ones that see but don’t tell.  You are responsible for turning a blind eye to what is happening in your neighbours backyard. 

    We all have the power to stop this but we need to find the courage to step forward.  Please step forward and stop this. 

  85. Anonymous says:

    My God… We are not dealing with humans anymore, we are dealing with animals! These young men dont have any compassion, any heart, any FEAR…. & Most evidently they dont have any SENSE! There is nothing more terrifying than a RECKLESS character but that of a RECKLESS, IGNORANT character.. Being stupid and violent are a terrible combination. A man without intelligence is capable of doing the WORSE because he is not wise enough to do what is right and he is ignorant enough to do what is wrong. In most of these cases we are dealing with characters that have not graduated from high school, do not hold jobs, drink, drug and live by thier own rules in their own little world. They dont think pass their decision, they just think of how thier decision satisfies them. SELFISH!

    My lord, May your strength and understanding be with that family. May you console them and help them heal. Bless that child and that family. Amen

  86. Once a Teacher... says:



    I’ve known you for a long time, and know what your about, but you don’t deserve this. My sympathy goes out to you and your family.

  87. Jane Q Public says:

    Ok so we have had a gun fuled weekend and that was wrapped up with an innocent child killed and this morning we have a man that was critically injured. This is sad that an island this size is so crime ridden. We need a new police force that is trained is forensics and know how to investigate crime scences. Police are slack jawed that is why no one whats to come forth and give information. It is going to take vigilantes to take back Cayman for Caymanians then the police "service" is really going to be screwed. It is pathetic that we have a police service and not a police force they provide a piss poor service to all people on this island. The expat police have no respect for locals and the locals have no respect for the expats all of that needs to change. THe expats need to stop walking aroundwith their noses up in the air prejudging Caymanians. When a tourist is killed I wonder how Mac is going to keep that out of the news.

  88. Anonymous says:

    My heart goes outto the family of this child. Why did the gunman choose them? Was it a random shooting or gang related? If is gang related, this will not be the end of it. Someone will decide to take revenge and the feud will go on.

    Perhaps we need to import an anti-gang/violence task force to bring down the few ‘want-a-be-thugs’ who are destroying families and, soon, will effect our nations economy when tourist do not want to come here  or banks start pulling out. Violence is "all of our" problem when it hits the streets like this. The child was an innocent bystander. Obviously, the shooters’ motivation was so strong that it did not matter that there was a child present. Such mindsets need to be dealt with swiftly.

  89. Anonymous says:

    Nothing is going to bring back this young boy’s life.  The loss of any life is unacceptable but this child’s life has only just begun and now it is gone.My heart goes out to the family.

    While there is nothing we can do for this child we can all start today and do for all of the children in Cayman.  Look around you and start to realize that it could be your child , a family member or friend that falls victum to such a happening.  Ask what you can do besides point fingers and complain. 

    Demand more from your leader and do not stop until he hears what you say.  If he fails then remove him and replace him with someone who will make it happen. I do agree with the postings that he needs to be here dealing with the "Real World" . Does anyone know how many days a month he is here??  It seems he is always gone!

    This is only the beginning of your crime wave.  There will be more lives loss in pay back for what has happened. It is the gang way.  I was shock that someone would fire a gun towards a gas station, maybe the plan was to blow everyone and everything up!!!

    I can tell you for sure that those in the states are becoming more aware of what is happening there. It will/has effected your tourists. Do not be fooled that tourists do not listen to your news and read your papers too. The interent is a great tool.   Word does get out and it will effect eveyone on the island. Your safety is first but your future is also at risk. Without the tourist more jobs will be  gone and then what?? The government can not hire everyone!!!

  90. Richard Wadd says:

     I believe in the Death Penalty, ESPECIALLY for ‘Child Killers’, however there is more to this than at first glance ….

    The child was NOT the Target, but an innocent victim caught in the line-of-fire.

    These SOB’s display NO REGARD for Innocent by-standers in the pursuit of their intended target/s.

    The Judicial system has been failing us for years, and the Politicianshave also failed to heed the call of the people to DO SOMETHING to restore Law and Order ….

     The problem is NOT with the Police. The Police don’t dispence Justice.

     The Courts need to start using the Type of Punishment that will ‘Strike Fear into the Hearts of Criminals’ The Type that will leave a lasting impression on them. The Type that will leave a Physical-reminder, that will trigger nightmares in the Minds of these Heartless SOB’s. The Type that others’ will SEE and KNOW, and the very FEAR of this will make them think Long and Hard. 

     The time is long-past for the Protection of the Innocent to take precedence over the supposed ‘Rights’ of the Criminals. Those that abuse our rights, should loose their’s in return.

     And as for the ‘Bleeding-hearts’ Human-rights advocates, tell me, what of the rights of this Innocent child? Why should we have compassion for those who have no compassion for us?

     The time has come to put FEAR where it belongs, BACK into the Criminals, and let the Innocent and Law-abiding citizens of this country live in peace once again.

    Can’t be done, you say?  We say it can, just look at Singapore !

    Re-institute Corporal & Capital Punishment, and let’s take these ‘Wanna-be Gangsters’ "Fishing", Cayman-style.


     As they say in Australia, "This is our country, if you don’t like our Laws, you have the right to LEAVE !" 

    • C.O.D. says:

      There is no evidence of any deterrent effect caused by capital punsihment and there is considerable evidence that having the death penalty (as opposed to life imprisonment) makes obtaining convictions harder.

  91. Anonymous says:

    An incident like this was a matter of "when" not "if" – tragedy has hit too close to home, too hard.

    Things have to change here, and change quickly, if we are to feel safe.

    My children should not have to hear about this on their way to school in the morning, and wonder if they are in danger.

    My heart goes out to the family who has been devestated by this, and hope that our government will stand up and make some tough choices. Bashing politicians is near sighted. Encouraging them and supporting them is the only way they can speak for us. Our country is changing too quickly for the worse.

  92. Anonymous says:

    My condolences to the family this is an ultimate tragedy. I just pray that the police arrest the right people. Nothing is more sad than them arresting the wrong person and them getting off so hopefully they continue to look at other possible people and then charge the right ones because this is an ultimate low. Regardless of who they were after a child is now dead I pray the youth will change their ways.

  93. Anonymous says:

    Please stop blaming the police, this is a problem with the community.  How can a community who refuses to help the police blame them when people get shot?

    How does a man get shot in a night club with 150 people inside and no one will talk?

    The people who know and do nothing are to blame for this continued violence, not the police or politicians.

  94. Anonymous says:

    My sympathies go out to the unfortunate family of this child.

    My congratulations go out to the police for the quick arrests in this case.

    My anger is reserved for the politicians who do not bring in new laws to do the following which the Cayman people clearly want;

    1) Greatly increase the penalties for all violent crime,

    2) Do away with parole for all people convicted of violent crime and in its place create a system in which violent criminals who are imprisoned can have their prison sentences greatly increased for any discipline problems they create in prison.

    3) Offer large rewards for information regarding all violent criminals – remember our wanna-be dictator had himself granted a personal slush fund of $3 million just a few months ago. Instead of hiring more and more personal servants and flying off to more and more fancy hotels with this money, he ought to use it to go after the criminals.

    4) Make it an offense to refuse to cooperate with the police. People who have information on these criminals but refuse to provide that information are just as bad as the criminals in my book.

    5) Put in a high resolution public CCTV system on all major roads in each district and on all roads leading between districts.

    6) Do whatever it takes to make the Northward Hotel a place criminals fear. They have been having their drugs, women and pizzas delivered any time of day or night they want. Enough – make Northward into a place they do not look forward to going to.

    Bayers – one of your own children is now dead – are you still happy with this man selling our country but doing nothing to prevent such crime? I am not.

  95. Anonymous says:

    Wow, I still cannot believe what’s happened. We need to make these punks scared of committing such acts of violence. Our Government has a lot of mouth – now let’s see some action! If these suspects are found guilty – make them PAY! An innocent child should not have to suffer like this!!!!!!!!!!

    My prayers go out to the family of this young angel, and may God have mercy on us all.

  96. Anonymous says:

    unfortunately this was inevitible. sooner or later this was always going to happen while people in power talked the talk but did nothing.  NOW WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ????

  97. Anonymous says:

    Top cop says fifteen individuals fuelling gun crime posted on Thu, 10/01/2009 – 08:46 (CNS): The new commissioner of police has said that the recent spate of gun crime has been fuelled by tit for tat shootings that are being carried out by around fifteen individuals, who were known to the police and who he says have access to guns.

  98. Lisa says:


    Bring back the Death Penalty!  I’m calling on all Caymanians to march to the Court House and demand Justice in our Country!  They are too many young people dying and Murderers are being set free…..drugs is also a big factor here and instead of us just talking about it and not doing nothing is not helping our Country….so lets get moving my Caymanians for this has been going on for too long now and it must STOP!

  99. Anonymous says:

    Are the laws of this country such that we cannot re-visit capital punishment?

    How many more must we lose? Innocent or involved before the justice system can be one that is feared and crime reduced. 

    The Commissioner is pleading for the communities help but the community can only do so much then what?  The guilty person is locked up….held for 9 days…then released to come an unleash his anger in the same community that sent him to jail.  Whats the sense?  The justice system is acting backwards.  What are your thoughts?

  100. DO SOMETHING says:

    Would you people do something…. do a gun-ceasefire !!! Offer money to those that turn people in that have the dam weapons…. Get these guns off the streets… we have to do something…!!!!!. Every morning we wake up to horrible news…. I fear for my life everyday more and more… will I or someone I love be at the wrong place at the wrong time???

    I agree we need some serious security measures taken at the airport – fingerprinting and facial screening… it is not going to solve the crime but it will help …… come RCIPS and Big MAC…. get it together…. we cant wait any longer… 

    God bless the family or this poor innocent child… Cayman is with you. 

    • C.O.D. says:

      Gun amnesties are a waste of time and money.  Generally only old and broken guns are turned in.

  101. Anonymous says:

    It is time for me to get out of this place…I know it is not promised that anywhere in the world is safe but Cayman is too much a small place for all of this to be happening mannn. This is a baby we are talking about, a toddler, an innocent lovely being! Then my goodness, everyone is at risk here.

    This is NOT paradise, not paradise…I am willing to give up all that I have to get out as soon as possible, I have a toddler as well and I cannot imagine what I would have been doing today if this was my trouble and heartache…Mummy and Daddy of this beautiful child…God be with you and your family…The baby is at peace, justice will be served!

    R.I.P. Little Sweetie pie!

    Christ is coming back, he is close, he is on his way…All the prophesies are being fulfilled!!

    • Che says:

       You know something man?  That’s just exactly what the Government all want us Caymanians to do run from our Country like damn cowards.  They want us to even sell out all our good land to expats so they can take over our Country!  Mckeeva is a BIG SELL OUT and it’s about time the Westbayers see him for what he really is doing to this Country!   I say we stay here and try to take back our darn Country by Marching all the way down to the Chamber of Commerce to get answers, also to the Court House and Immigration.  Don’t runinstead stand up for your rights and fight!  It’s a Revolution now.

  102. noname says:

    A police service run by Foreigners because Caymanians are corrupt  the new excuse is the public is to blame What next cause the foreigners aint doing nothing oh we need more police How much money now$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Caymanians need to now have a say now since we are the ones dying out ya. and MR Governor the Grand premier does speak for us Caymanians When our Caymanian athletes were at the summer Olympics i cant recall him running off to support Ronald and Sedonie and others yet he found him self off to Vancouver with Marky mark and the Funky bunch to support Dow Travers who by the way I am very proud of because he did this on his own without Government support, but it speaks to mind of who he really supports and it should be all our athletes.

  103. Wisereef says:

    We need another hospital in West Bay to accommodate all of the victims of violence.  All night long along Seven Mile Beach, we continuously hear the screaming of sirens.  It sounds like New York City.  I hear them so often that I can tell another murder has been committed in West Bay.  I once went to sleep with the lapping of the waves, now I stay awake all night long wondering if someone in my family has become another victim.

  104. Responsibility says:

    The women in families whose menfolk earn their living by illegal behaviours must take responsibility for the consequnences of their life choices.

  105. JEB says:

    This is so VERY SAD THAT A YOUNG CHILD has been killed by THUGS……. I agree bring back the DEATH PENALTY…… Trust that the two that are in custody will be found guilty and put to DEATH. People that have witnessed this and other crimes please come forward and say what you saw. The RCIPS, BIG MAC or anyone else can’t do anything if you all keep your MOUTHS SHUT and let the THUGS continue. 

    People please please help us save these ISLANDS the clildren are the FUTURE.

    Prayers go out to the FAMILY of this little BOY.


  106. Anonymous says:

     Everyone here is wringing their hands and looking up to the sky and talking about woe is me.  This has been long in coming.   Most of who live in West Bay know who these gangsters are.  They know them and some of them have benefitted from their criminal activities.   They have been afraid to go to the police with information about these criminals.  The RCIP and the Government need to institute proper legislation for witness protection, plea bargaining and enact protection for people who know these criminals and are willing to testify so that they can be protected.  It is all well and good for people to go and say something but the minute these criminals know who is going to give evidence against them they send their friends to threaten people.  I say if a witness has to leave the Island then read their testimony into evidence, like what happened with Sabrina Schinn’s murder trial.  Close the court to members of the public and let the person testify behind a black screen.  The only people who will know who is testifying is the judge, the prosecutor and the defence attorney.  Make the person giving evidence anonymous.  They have to do something. The only way that crime can be put in its place is if everyone works together to accomplish this.  This means you and me.  Not McKeeva, not the Chamber, not the police. One of the reasons why the American system works so well is because of members of the public who are not afraid to speak up and against criminality.  Enough is enough Cayman.  Let us take back our Island. 

  107. Anonymous says:

    This was some type of revenge killing against someone in the car and an innocent child was killed. Will people continue to hold onto the secrets behind these killings?

    Until people tell the police  or their pastors or someone who can get the information to the police these killings will continue.

    Start talking for God’s sake

  108. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know a realtor in Jamaica…I’m in the market for a vacation home.

    Looks like the murder rate is a little lower there.



      • Anonymous says:

        It is not my country.  I was fully awrae of my limited rights when I camen here.  So you offer me nothing, and I care nothing back.  I will take my money and leae sooner rather than later given what a bunch of savages many of the population has become.

  109. Anonymous says:

     Another senseless death.  This time, an innocent child.

    All we get from from RCIPS is another "warning".  And our Premier (a title, once ironic, now more tragic) seems incapable of anything but posing and playing and plundering these beautiful Cayman Islands.

    It is now time for the people of these island to rise up, join together and rid these islands of these young scum.  Sons will die.  Daughters will die.  But better those sons and daughters who choose to murder innocents than the innocents themselves!


  110. Raffaele says:

    BAINES TURNS FORTUNE TELLER NOW Yes Mr Baines you and Jones can now afford to predict the future because you and your UK run Police Service have in fact done very little to stop this crime and violent situation from escalating to where it is, you had fill the ranks up with foreigners and  fail to heed good advice from very experience officers and the public continued listening and sought the counsel and guidance of your local loyal cronies and  subjects sought to have more police instead of better police. Answer me one question Sir Who you working fa sa?  Must be the bad guys or FCO. XXXX

    Mr Donovan Ebanks please try and get back some of the local  police men to help with this situation instead of spending more money on more foreign Police. I am asking you sir because the governor is going support whatever the Fortune teller says.


  111. Anonymous says:

    I am pleading to Cayman to please come together and stand up for our familes, children, Island.

    My nephew lost his life because of people not standing up.  He was only 4 years old.  This is not fair I am pleading to everyone to please stand up. It coould have been your child, son, nephew, brother. 



  112. Anonymous says:

    David Baines said he knew  fifteen (15) .   Do we now have thirteen (13), or as aresult of this twenty eight (28)??

    A poor child is dead,  A family destroyed,  A District outraged and a country mourns.

    Could this have been prevented?   I say YES if these two scumbags had been monitored 24/7 by the Police.  Give us a break about being prophetic.  Those scums could be seen all day in a group , probaly plotting this crime,  Where was the Police?  Never saw one in that area all day.    Nobody had to be prophetic to see something like this happenning.  The writing was already on the wall for even that poor child to see.  WAKE UP COMMISSIONER.  WAKE THE ENTIRE RCIP and get real…

    We must now ask the question:   Is this the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end?    Sad to say, the future looks bleak. 

    I mourn with this family, pray for them, the RCIP and the Cayman islands.  MAY GOD SAVE US ALL


  113. 007 For Sure says:

    I feel sorry for the child .One thing for sure we all know his presious soul will go to heaven and if we want to see him again let us prepare or hearts and not seek revenge let God deal with them in his time.   Lets bring back Derrick Haines who had a back bone and not afraid of the so called thugs.Oh i hate to say this but i will LOTS of GUNS got into this island when the RCIP was put in Sam Bulgin house making sure he got a good night rest and a good drive to work.When hecould have paid for a security company himself to watch over him day and night.Thats when or force started to unravel and fall apart as we never had police on the water or on the streets .So many people have voiced the need of Mr.Haines to come back to the force and make it into a force again.And yes we can still blame the status give away for plenty of our problems as we got ALL kinds of rif raf no good people then thanks to Mac and his bright thoughtless ideas .And we still dont have  port of entry finger printing yet as that would slow down that country that he keep such close ties with .Look how we start to do their style now slowly but surely we are getting there.It is going to get worse unless we weed them out even the status holders God help the Cayman Islands please read 2Chronicles 7:14 

  114. Anonymous says:

    Baines. You already know who pretty much all the gangstas are. Yet the police have left them be. A lone unarmed officer was publically mocked and harassed by a group of them only days ago. The police response – zilch. The lone officer just left to avoid confrontation. You have, and have long had, enough to take almost every one of these bastards off the streets, even if only for a day or so. Now look where tolerence has got us. Stop being so effing nice! We want and need a Police force, not a service!

  115. Anonymous says:

    The crime that happens on this islands is so bad for such a small island it has become increasingly worst every month its like most of the caymanians are moving to different countries,and more foriegners are coming in.I wish that people like miss Daphne Orrett  was still in office to stand up for the caymanians,and what the govrernment needs to do like what the Bible says "eye for and eye and a tooth for a tooth" if the people steal cut their hands off,and if they do it again take their eyes out. All I have to say is that the ”Government” needs to straighten up and get a grip on this small island. We all need to pray and have faith that this Island recovers from this devilish deeds…

    • sick n' tired says:

      i agree completely.
      this was a very tragic lost and such a FOOLISH act. us caymanians need to stand up for our right and stop waiting on the police or gov’ment to solve anything! sis. daphne and them would do a GREAT job in office again.
      this guy who shot this little boy was supposed to be arrested and in custody LONG ago, and the police know it!

      this family has lost their little baby, and will have this grief for the rest of their lives. i think this is a parents worst nightmare. the guy should be killed. the only good that can come out of this is that this baby boy is resting in the arms of the lord, free from any more foolish acts like this. im sure this murderer will have an eternity of regret and guilt on his shoulders for taking this innocent life. a life that hasnt even seen 6 yrs! this should be an example for all those "gangsters" and "thugs" out there, that their acts can cause them a lifetime of heartache and sorrow.

      again, God bless this island and that family.

  116. sick n' tired says:

    i am in awe of what happened on this night of febuary 15th, 2010. this is too much of a small island to have crimes like this. i think we should bring back captial punishment and if we do, im sure that the crime rate would most likely decrease. not only because of the harsh sentencing, but, because these men, i mean LIL BOYS, are cowards. they would not want to deal with this kind of punishment. we need to get this man by the name of mr. mackeeva bush OUT of office, (’cause all he’s doing is wasting our islands’ money, e.g building buildings that are not necessary, up and down at the olympics, and taking first class trips to God knows where) and bring back more wise, trustworthy, and competent persons such as bro. john, sister daphne, and benson.
    THOSE were the good ol’ days. no corruption in the cayman islands government. even the PPM did a better job on controlling the crime rate. and im a loyal west baya saying this!
    but back to the subject, this guy who supposedly shot and killed this little boy, should have been arrested and in jail long, long, ago. but no! the cayman police is too corrupted now-a-days. cayman needs to bring down some more TRUSTWORTHY police, and get those fools outta there!

    God bless these islands and that family as they cope with their tragic lost.

  117. Anonymous says:

    As reported in the printed media from 1 January 2009 to date

    CNS: This was a list of all the crime in 2009 and so far in 2010, which was a bit long for this thread but Ihave posted on  another page. Click here to see the complete list.

  118. Aaron French says:

    Take a stand and fight back with your strongest weapon– faith. Matthew 11:12…“the Violent take it by force”. So some street thugs want to disrupt peace, impose fear, and impart violence…take the Island back by first standing in Faith!

    In the late 90’s recognizing an increase in gang activity and violence, I began to speak about the Gang Issue amongst Government Leaders and even on Day Break (as a guest for Gang topics). Government feedback was “The Cayman Islands do not have a gang problem”, “There are no gangs… they are just groups”! Even going as far as describing signs that would indicate a child (possibly your child) dabbling in gang activity or currently being pressured by these “groups”…no one wanted to listen, and my voice in the Community soon was weakened by dreamers!

    Hello, WE have a GANG problem…we have had a gang problem for years! It will not go away, it will not get better; they won’t run out of bullets- Stand up against it and remove the threat! The Island is small enough to gain control, but if something major isn’t done now- it will be too late!

    A.T.F., concerned past resident and graduate of Cayman Brac High School

  119. Anonymous says:

    The blood of the victims is on the hands of all those who have information on these appalling crimes and yet who choose not to come forward.   You fail yourselves as human beings, and you fail your community.   Shame on you.  SHAME ON YOU ALL.

  120. Anonymous says:

    Why bring in the UK Military?  That would be going to an unneccessary step that doesn’t need going to yet!  The darn next step is to arm the entire police force, i am sick and tired of keep saying it over and over!  And i don’t mean puta gun in untrained hands and minds.  I mean properly trained armed Police Officers including Traffic Officers just like the US.  If that don’t work, then you go to a higher step, but how can you know it won’t darn work if you don’t darn try it!!!  Cayman is a small island.

    Lord, the criminals are having a hay day because they are the only ones who are darn armed!  And Yes, make Northward Prison hard labour, not a darn easy going hotel!!! 

    My sympathies and prayers of condolences to the Mom and grieving family of the little boy, God comfort you and keep you.  Maybe we need to riot in the streets and burn car tyres and picket this amazingly stupid Government that we have that has their heads up their a**!!!  Well Big Mac, it happened in your District, i wonder what you have to say, it could have been your grandson!!  I say picket and burn car tyres in the street to get this dumb Government to wake up already!!!  Get their darn attention!!! Now it’s a little child that has been brutally shot to death in this thug gang warfare!!!  God help me control my anger!!!

  121. Anonymous says:

     Bush come back and deal with the problems back home instead of going to the Olympics when the Country is going under and crime is rampant…….

    but why would you care you have guards protecting you … what about the common man.. DO SOMETHING MAN!!!!!!!aaaaaggghhhhhh

  122. Anonymous says:

     I hope they rot in hell…what a crazy world specially Cayman being so small and everybody knowing everybody and knowing who the criminal B**tards are. Bring them to the market place and whip their A**es and hang them….

    truly a very sad day in Cayman…………


  123. Anonymous says:

    My heart goes out to the parents and brother, I can only imagine what you are going true I dont know what will I do if something was to hapen to any of my angels, I pray that God conforts you and give you the strenght to recover from this tragic event no parents should go true something like this! I also pray that as parent we spend more time bring our kids up better showing them the right pat at the end of the day these offender where kids at one time, where there parents where to teach them to love one another, respect your neibors and love for there country, we could blame the politicians, police etc. But at the end of the day it is the parents responsibility to raise our kids up properly get involve with your child and guide him or her ask the Lord to guide all of us to be better parents.

    We can have the death penalty but it will not change anything if we continou to leave our kids alone and not show them right from wrong, we can make a diferent one day at a time, I have listen to kids as young as 7 years old and they scared me because at that tender age they are acting like gansters WHERE ARE THESE PARENTS kids are a blessing lets treat them that way and make the right choice.



  124. The Mulatto says:

    Yes this is sad to have lost an innocent child. But the fact of the matter is, when ones plays with fire such as drugs & guns, especially one that has children/family, you have placed them in harm’s way. Or simply put, you get burn! The bullet, no doubt; was met for the father, but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. The child was never meet to get hurt, he just became a statistic (yes at 5yrs old) just like the dad was to be, or those that have died by the gun due to drugs/guns & their insane war.

    This has now or can be another chapter where retaliation is most likely (& i pray not!) start to go shooting up someone house or in other public places & kill an innocent child or other family members because of this act.

    A similar thing happened some years ago in Pease Bay area when one of the bad man houses was shoot up. A baby & family were inside and the gun man ran off in the car. The owner of the house the “bad man” went to GT hospital seen the accused gun man (according to him who is now serving time at NW) & exchange gun shots with the gunman & thereafter the gunman that shoot up the bad man house was dead in the hallway of the GT hospital.

    See where am going with this?

    To pull up at agas station and open fire (AT a gas station?) could have been more serious if the bullets had also penetrated the gas pumps and caused a spark. Then Hell would have been in or turned out to be a real HELL.

    Am sorry to say, but when you live with this kind of crime in your life, it’s like what our grandparents one said to you, “When you play with puppy; puppy lick your mouth”.

    I/we all shell pray for the families at this time of this so innocent lost of our lil one whom might have become something we will never know. His lil soul rest in peace. God bless these Cayman Islands & its people.

    The Mulatto

  125. Anonymous says:

    Firstly. my heart goes out to the family of the little 5 yearold Caymanian Boy. Crime has gotten to a place that is becoming unrecoverable.

    Please lets assist with providing the info to put those SOB’s responsible behind bars.

    Folks, I know its easy to place blame on others especially the politicians, however remember both the governor and the police commisioner are responsible for security of this country. Like it or not, wether its Bigga Mac or Kurt T they have no damn say on how we deal with the crime issue in this country. Its all left in the hands of the gov and the comish of police. I think its about time that residents and locals alike start protesting outside the governors house. Maybe if the violence effected him directly they might send in the british army. Lets all get real its not the politician elect its David Bain and Duncan Taylor who say how we deal with crime in this country.

    Which organization or individual is going to have a protest outside of the governors house? Make him uncomfortable behind the gates and maybe he will take action. 


  126. Anonymous says:

    My heart goes out to the family as I weep at this senseless loss.

    Now will the police arrest gang members? Now will the legal department help them? Now will customs actually check all incoming goods? Now will the public give assistance to investigations? Now can we get CCTV? Now can we get the helicopter?

    Please Cayman, remember this precious child. Do not let his life be thrown away. From this tragedy let him be an inspiration to all good people in these Islands to take them back from the scum which pervade our existence.


  127. anonymous says:

    These thugs/gangsta trash have absolutely no fear.  And why should they?  In school they learned that poor behaviour has no consequence – aside from an airconditioned detention or two.  That is if their mother, father, uncle or aunt didn’t go over to cuss out the teacher and report him/her to Immigration.  Their little gangsta angel was just bored from not being challenged enough by the teacher – despite the fact that his IQ is in the single digits. 

    Furthermore, they learn that gangsta behaviour has its own particular perks; it attracts young females, the rich, the poor, the ugly, the beautiful.  Doesn’t matter – gangstas take them young, old, poor, rich, ugly, and beautiful.  There’s always one willing to have a little gangsta baby.

    Being a gangsta also means being sent to special schools where you get to hang out with more gangstas.  Some end up being your best partners in crime, others end up on your hit list. 

    On the seldom occasion that a little gansta ends up in court, all it takes is a little true, or not so true, sob story to the social worker.  And it makes everyone feel good – let’s give that little boy another chance, poor boy, he never had a chance, poor, poor boy.  So the little gangsta yet again learns that boy, it’s easy to fool dem people.  All you need to do is havea nice smile, a charming personality when it counts, and a good little sob story…

    The older and bolder that the little gangsta gets, the more trouble he finds himself in.  Unfortunately, even at this time when he should be spending some time in Siberia, he is free roaming the streets.  If it’s not due to the fact that the police are incompetent and can’t catch him, it’s because the case against them folds (crime scene is poorly managed; witnesses are intimidated; victims are too scared to talk)…Or it’s because little gangsta has a friend of a friend of a friend… 

    When he does end up in Northward, well, let’s just say it’s gangsta paradise; reunions with old friends and foes, drugs being smuggled in, gangsta girls coming to visit, good meals, good times.  A place to chill for a while…

    The only thing that stops a gangsta is a bullet fired by another gangsta; whatever the reason may be, significant or not.  It certainly isn’t the police, because until the police can prove that they can catch a gangsta, gangstas aren’t afraid.  Out of the eight homicides last year, how many gangstas have been prosecuted and found guilty?

    It’s not only the police’s fault.  They are understaffed and poorly trained.  It’s the politicians who pander to the public, it’s the lack of parenting skills, it’s the fact that the streets are raising these kids (while mom is either working, out drinking, or out with uncle #56; while dad is high on cocaine, or non-existent, or…), it’s the fact that these kids learn that they can pass from grade to grade without having to learn to read and to write, etc… 

    And, unfortunately, as today has shown, more and more innocent people will die as a result of little gangstas who grow up into big gangstas.  Poor little innocent boy, he did not deserve to die like this.  A disgusting crime!


  128. whodatis says:

    5 years old? Really fellas? Is this what today’s ‘bad man’ of Cayman has become?
    You make me sick. I hope you enjoy the economic advantage gained (What am I saying? You won’t understand such terms…those ‘big words’) – I hope you enjoy the money you made (or defended) as a result of this particular mission. What will you spend it on as the little innocent one is being laid to rest I wonder? Few pair of jeans? Shopping in Miami? Night out in the club with friends? Designer sunglases? Rims for the Integra? Take the girlfriend to Little Cayman for the weekend … what? I’m curious. Oh, perhaps you’ll feed, clothe and pamper your own kids with the proceeds huh? You pathetic losers always claim efforts to feed your family as the motivation for the lifestyle.

    Fellas, and I say this all the time, you guys are CAYMANIANS!! I have been to and experienced many different places & people and you all just don’t realize how lucky and well positioned you are in this Western World. Quit trying to turn yourselves into something you are not!

    Ladies (and I’m using that term very loosely) – many of you also hold a degree of responsibility for the fate of this child! The ‘Cayman thug’ is currently the most desireable man in many circles – this does nothing but inspire and fuel the degenerative mindset!

    RIP little one – you’ll be fine now.

    P.S. All connected parties as well as the extended community would be well advised to keep an eye out for the payback / revenge … it is sure to be fiercely attempted.

  129. Anonymous says:

    So tell me, exactly how effective over the past 4 1/2 years have the "UK Matrix Strategic Plan" been in combating crime in the Cayman Islands ???

    Remember, the RCIPS is now under the full control-leadership by those he came to this native land as so called experts from the UK !!!!!

    Who will it be next that is shot to death, a tourist from one of our cruise ships or one of our stayover tourists ??

    The UK policing model is absolutely 100% ineffective and is inept with criminality here in the Cayman Islands.

    Time for a complete change (more than one) at the senior command level of the RCIPS. However, not only the UK ones, but those "local senior officers" who stupidly followed them down this path as well.

    Today I’m told, that they are all singing from a different song sheet and the tunes are quite different now !!!

  130. Ridiculous says:


    I’m sorry but this is just stupid *****. I’m not one to use such foul language in a such a public venue, but the concept that now a young caymanian CHILD HAS BEEN MURDERED has me really really pissed off. What these people holding their guns sideways and firing off into the night do not realize is that there are other people in the world and there is now a family who will not get to spend another day with a beautiful young boy. This to me is not only infuriating but extremely disappointing.


    I’m not going to blame The Premier or The RCIPS. This is not their fault. But this is also not just an unfortunate event, this is the stupidity of some ignorant fucker who thinks they are a ‘bad man’ or ‘gangsta’. Honestly this is ridiculous. I hate the fact that there are gun crimes on our small island we are not New York, we do not need gang violence. If you are that bored with your lives go and get an education. 

    My thoughts and prayers are with the family of this young boy who has tragically had his life cut short and my hopes are that these idiots will turn themselves in or do themselves in out of sheer guilt. 

    A child =[ 

  131. Anonymous says:

    An innocent child was taken from us tonight and the Politician is driving us to extinction, there is no HOPE left for my Cayman people. LORD we need your divine intervention now. Help us and save the Caymanian from total destruction.  Our condolences goes out to the family of the child and whoever the perverts are that are committing these crimes, may you burn in the eternal flames. Bullets and gasolene do not mix, do you really know what could had happened tonight at that gas station, mass explosion and mass destruction. MacKeeva instead of selling us out, please declare martial law on this land now or Duncan Taylor you do it, because MacKeeva do not care for us.  We are being disintegrated within, starting with the Politicians.

  132. Anonymous says:

    commissioner got to XXXX go now!!!!


    Bring back Haines, Brady and Brown now!!!

  133. Do I dare say? says:

    First off, my condolences to the family of this child. May God comfort them during this terrible terrible time!

    But I must ask. WHERE IS MR. PRIEMER?? His own district and it’s falling right to part. If he can’t take care of his own backyard, how then can he take of others?

    He needs to be stripped of his title! I am so disgusted by him and his high roller lifestyle. GET BACK TO CAYMAN – GIVE UP YOUR TAHOE – CANCEL YOUR MAID AND BUTLER’S PERMIT AND ACT LIKE YOU ARE PART OF US MR. BUSH!!!

    You are to be an example! Unlike you – we have no homes abroad to send our families to – this is all we have!!

    I say MARTIAL LAW!

    But mark my word – by mid year we will have the British army running around to control things – that is, IF THEY CARE ENOUGH TO SEND THEM!


  134. Anonymous says:

     i am sick to my stomach when ever any thing happens like this y do people have to bring the governtment into it this a sad thing which has happen show some comsideration to the family stop talking crap about udp government and mac come on cayman show some respect 

  135. Anonymous says:

    Bring back Capital Punishment! Introduce fingerprint scanning and facial recognition at the ports of entry.

    It might not stop all crimes but over time, it will screen all the unwanted individuals and deny them entry. Then we will know for sure that it is our own along with the few bad apples who have acquired status.

    It is sad that a young 5-year-old child has lost their life tonight in another shooting. His life was cut short by inconsiderate thugs.

    • Shocked parent from West bay says:

      do you really think that would have stopped tonight’s tradegy.  The way things are going right now, it is not the foreigner that is killing our youth and children, it is our OWN!! :-  Those who are interested in the fast dollar and having little or no competition for it!! They dont care what it cost me or you, just what it brings to their greedy little hands.  What we need is a trade school and activities for those children that are not book smart especially, because as the bible says "the devil finds work for idle hands."  A lot of them are very good with their hands but feel worthless because of their shortcomings in the books.  Yes, we have a few here now that are probably unsalvageable but the majority of our young children we should still have hope for. Provide them with the tools they need for a better, more productive future.

    • Anonymous says:

      I see you’re already assuming it was foreigners that committed the crime.  When are Caymanians going to take ownership for the gun violence?

      And by the way, doo you want capital punishment for Caymanians, or only expats? 

    • Jingo Jango says:

      fingerprint scanning? 


      this is a matter of gang violence. individuals participating in gangs should be photographed by the public and incarcerated by the police and judiciary. put them all away. the public must take a role in fixing this. pretty much everyone is carrying a camera phone – use them.

    • Anonymous says:

      Securing the ports would stop maybe a couple of the overseas criminals, but the overwhelming problem is the new generation of Caymanian gangsters that have been rampaging accross the island.

      Years of bad parenting, laziness, loose morals and a twisted view of christianity has caused this. Don’t blame the foreigners again. This is a home grown problem.

      The sooner Caymanians accept that it their ‘good, honest’ sons, brothers, cousins and nephews that are murdering and robbing people, the sooner a few of them will start to show the ounce of honesty and resepct they have for this country and start talking.

    • Anonymous says:

      See what the problem is, " Introduce fingerprint scanning and facial recognition at the ports of entry." Who told you that these gunmen are locals? Have you heard any foreigners being arrested for the shootings and murders in the gang war that is currently taking place? That’s Cayman’s problems bury your heads in the sand, guess that it’s someone else and not one of your own, point fingers on Jamaicans, and then your problem festers and reslts in disaster. Why not fingerprint and facial scan all your local guys hanging out on the corners smoking weed and selling crack?

      A Cayman Compassarticla actually hit the nail on the head last week. The crimes are being committed by a majority of Caymanians. I didn’t hear an uproar about that recently.

      A young Goan was almost murdered, there wasn’t an uproar about that yesterday. Guess what maybe his life isn’t as valuable. He is an expat so it doesn’t matter as he is being paid to be here. One less expat to worry about if he dies.

      • Anonymous says:

        Many of the prisoners at Northward Prison are expats, that includes expats with Caymanian Status.

    • Anonymous says:

      What will scans at the points of entry do?  Recent statistics from Northward have shown that the vast majority of these criminals are Caymanian.  

      • Anonymous says:

        The scans along with information on criminals from other jurisdictions will allow Immigration to prevent them from entering the country. For your information crimes are being conducted by expats with permits and status.

    • Anonymous says:

      This tragedy has to be a message to the gangsters out there. I don’t know whether they read this – probably not.  But perhaps somehow we as a community can get a message through.

      This child’s father may or may not be related to gang activity so this might not be applicable to this particular family but the message is still the same and now seems a good time to air it.  

      Somehow we must send the message to people that think that gang life is glamorous or are involved in the drug trade – if you choose this gang lifestyle, you are putting your family – your children – at risk.  By choosing this lifestyle – you are partially responsible if your family gets hurt, even if you didn’t pull the trigger, because you are choosing to put them in harm’s way.  So maybe you don’t care about other people, we get it – but care about YOUR family at least.  If only for your families, get out now – leave the gangs, walk away – it is NOT worth the price.

    • Anonymous9 says:

      Oh, you think that these gangs are made up of expats and bad apples that have status…. That’s really funny.

      Do you even know what a ‘gang’ is??

  136. Anonymous says:

    As i right this my heart is hurting as  i knew the lil boy. As a angrey West Bay Mother Mr. Bush my question to you is WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO????? We have lost a young child from our district  WHAT NOW.. please remember who put you in that house  we can forgive people but we dont forget . And this has gone to Dam far when these heartless basterds takes a child life. 

    • Shocked parent from West bay says:

      My heart is bleeding profusely at this latest tragedy.  This incident happened only a stone’s throw (less than a 1 min drive or 5 min walk) from MY home.  This is a gas station that I frequent that time of night to get the next day’s newspaper.  I would have probably been there with my two kids if I didnt decide to finish my housework before going out there. I know it might sound a bit selfish but realistically that could have been me or you there tonight.  Bullets dont know people by face or name, they go anywhere they feel like going. There is a playing field with dozens of people and children on it at that time of night!! What would have happened if the bullet had hit the gas pumps?  I know these are things that these heartless criminals do not take into consideration but by golly think before you act!!

      I am just shocked and hurt for the family and our community.  I grew up with the mother of this poor child and I can only imagine what she is going through right now.  My prayers are with her.

      Its quite ironic that in today’s paper the commissioner was pleading with the criminals to stop the tit for tat before some innocent person got killed.  I never dreamed that it would happen so quickly after his plea!!  The politicians and the police need to do something about this kind of situations.  Get better witness protections going on, better policing or something.

      Shame on those that committed this heinous crime!! 

    • Anonymous says:

      There should be a club of older caymanian men. The only way to enter this secret elete club is to convert one gangbanger. We need a Godfather!

  137. au revoir says:

    Unfortunately, this was a tragedy waiting to happen.  Government has no answers, Big Mac is partying it up at the Olympics, the police have no control, are incompetent and powerless…

    • Anonymous says:

      How sad and totally disgusting! That poor boy! Cayman has sunk to a low, low depth. Not a very nice place anymore. Do these punks know that they are destroying their home? Fools.

    • Melissa says:

      This comment may be one of the reasons why "…the police have no control, are incompetent and powerless…" – because we the Caymanians or Expats living in and benefiting from the Cayman Islands render them "incompetent and powerless".

      Now is not the time for this. I am quite sure mostly everyone said – "Nothing is going to happen until an innocent life is lost" – Now an innocent life is lost – but we still have a responsibility because this is where we live – no one feels it until it reaches their door step – and now-a-days it seems not even then do people feel it at times.

      As Caymanians (and this includes expats as well – because either they have children who are born here, go to school here, live here, work here, or marry here) we need to take a stand now. Stop the mud-slinging and name calling and degredation. Work with the police (even though there is not much trust) – WE MUST START SOME WHERE – or no control will ever be taken of this situation and things will get worse. It is us the people who need to take a stand.

      I am a young Caymanian, and my friends have expressed thier anger, and horror at this incident. Some of them young with babies and are fearful. Do they have a right to be? But, should they be?

      The officer is right – "THIS IS OUR WAKE UP CALL". Innocent blood was shed – the innocent blood of a little child. No longer can or should anyone turn a blind eye. We need to implement stricter and harsher punishments for these heinous crimes – We need to set an example – and we need to start now. And when the human rights committee pushes their heads up – we’re going to ask them – what about my human rights? – our human rights? – the human rights of that little boy who was innocently gunned down and killed? – why are you not fighting for and supporting us in fighting for our rights that have been trampled on over the past years, months, and weeks? why are you not helping us to fight for the right to live peacefully, safely, and humanly in our country? Whose rights are you going to fight for when it is your loved one who has been shot? or will you wait until then in order help "YOUR" community take a stand?

      Night after night there are reports about someone shooting up someone’s house, or some getting shot and killed or shot at, – why are all these machines on the streets? why are we unable to get them off the streets? – I agree with the comment that we need to implement fingerprint scanning, and facial recognition – amongst other things – but then we also need to tell our fellow Caymanians to think about what we get involved in. To remember that we are the people of this island, and we will end up living in it – crime free or crime ridden.

      No more innocent lives are to be taken – No more lives "period" need to be taken. Too much blood has run through the streets of our Cayman."THIS IS OUR WAKE UP CALL" – shall we heed it??

    • Anonymous says:

      He’s at the Winter Olympics? Please tell me that’s not true.

  138. Anonymous says:

    Yes I agree bring back the death penalty, strike some fear into these fools.

    • H. Blackmun says:

      The death penalty has no deterrent effect and tends to lead to increased acquittal rates in capital cases.  It therefore leads to more killers walking the streets not less, especially in a "life means life" country.

  139. inside job says:

    cant beleive people are surprised. this is so predictable, innocents getting caught in the crossfire. this kids parents (father) was likely targeted but he was missed and an innocent kids was killed. next step is a tourist family getting caught in this crossfire.  

    the solution to this will be what got us here in the first place. point fingers and ultimately blame the police.

    peurto rico is safer than this island now. thats a great statistic to hang our tourism hat on. if this continues, the downward spiral this island is heading into is going to be unstoppable, steep, and destructive.

  140. I cannot believe my eyes says:

    what is cayman comming too ?….

  141. Anonymous says:

    This is what we have become Cayman. My heart goes out to the family of this child but it is also filled with rage at what is happening to my country and the lack of any effort by our politicians to do any single thing about it.

    The Chamber of Commerce President recently suggested that a march on the Glass House was needed to get the attention of our politicians. I ask – will that gentleman please use the resources of that organisation to name the date of the march and put the resources of that organisation into advertising that march. I know that this in not the normal function of the Chamber but these are not normal times.

    Perhaps our useless politicians might stop or at least slow down their repeated world tours long enough to notice if enough of us march. Perhaps they might do something to impose real penalties on the thugs and make Northward a place to be feared.

    The politicians have time to make sure that they have their housekeepers and chauffeurs and cooks paid for using tax payer money – when will they have time to see to it that criminals are punished and that our streets are safe once again.

    How many more innocents have to die or be injured before our politicians do something? How much blood do they want on their hands for doing nothing? I am beginning to think that they have no interest in what is becoming of Cayman – either that or some of them are profiting by it. 

  142. Anonymous says:

    Sad day in Cayman…

    Condolences to the family..

  143. A Caymanian says:

    Now is the Time for the Premier and Governor to ask for Military Help to combat this killings on this Island.

     A Curfew need to be put in place too!!!!! until it is brought under control!!!!

    Stop wasting time passing out Tickets This is more Important!!!!!!



    Are we going to become prisoners in our homes!!!!!!!! Let’s demand that Military presence be  asked for!!!!!!!

    • Auntie says:

      A curfew, at first, seems like a good idea, but consider the caliber of people that are committing these crimes.  Do you honestly think they would abide by it?  Of course not!  They are not afraid of the law, and in all honesty, the police are toothless tigers.  It is time to get serious!  No more pandering to druggies, gang members and all around thugs.  Start arresting the known offenders and protect those few brave souls who will be willing to speak up.  Let’s stop being afraid and work together to see Caymanian peace restored and the lawless in jail or deported!

    • Anonymous says:

       I say petition the UK Ministry of Defence and put the Marines on the streets since the RCIPS cannot control the criminal elements or secure our borders adequately.

    • Sam Puk-Puk says:

      @ A Caymanian "Are we going to become prisoners in our homes!!!!!!!!l"  

      I’m all for control and getting the streets safer. However not at my freedom to go and come as I please. A curfew would do just that. Make us a prisoner in our homes. 

      To the family:

      Today you feel no light or shade

      you feel just cold and alone.

      The road you are now on my friend is different on your own.

      But you are NOT alone- you have a love so true

      the golden gates have opened and left a different hue.

      No words can express my thoughts to you I can only say

      that you will come through the darkness into the light of day.

      Your precious loved one has entered God’s loveliest room and left the door ajar, 

      they have not traveled far away just to the brightest star.



  144. Dis it now says:

    I suppose Mac going want this hidden from the outside world also. Well we will not hide this as a young, innocent CHILD is the victim!

     Come on people, get real and Wake up – this has got to stop.

    When the scum want to kill each other, that is one thing, BUT AN INNOCENT CHILD, I still cant believe this.

  145. Anonymous says:

     Tonight the island mourns together and as I pray for the family and wish them God’s strength inthis horrible time, I also pray that our people will find the strength to SPEAK; to let their voices be heard and stop harbouring these animals that call themselves men.  

    There is NO MORE time, there is NO ONE to blame and we cannot continue to point fingers at everyone else. You know their names Cayman, you know where they live and YOU have the information to ensure that no one else loses their baby at the hands of a coward. Please, let us claim our shortcomings so that we can claim back our homes, our neighbourhoods, our sons an daughters and give our children and grandchildren the gift of a FUTURE. 

    May God be with the family in this time and may God walk with us all. 

  146. Anonymous says:

    ARRRRRRRRRGH!!!!!! ENOUGH! THIS IS INSANE! GOD help us all if a 5-year old child is not safe in this country anymore. CNS would never be able to print my real, uncensored reaction to this incredibly sad story. I say to the Cayman Islands police, that if you know who these people are, find them and bring them to EQUAL justice. Enough playing by the book. We are fed up of the criminals playing without rules and you playing by the book. I guarantee that you have the full support of the Caymanian people if you do. As a parent, my heart goes out to the child’s family. I will probably not sleep tonight, but will instead be fretting for the safety of my own young children.

    • Anonymous says:

      Those for human rights will give the police a hard time, it will never be possible for them to get a hand on the problem. The human rights groups have brought many caribbean islands to the point of no return because they beleive that criminals have rights. I thought when you comitted a crime you have given up your rights to to live among law abiding citizens  and there are consequences for your actions. There is no deterrent to crime anymore. If a high school student brings weed or cocaine on a school premises or if he/she assaults a teacher or principal, he/she just turns up at school tomorrow as usual as if nothing went wrong as there are no consequences for his’her actions.

  147. muy muy says:

    Oh no! Oh no!  Oh no!This is so terrible, this is awful.  How horrible.  What a tragedy.  My heart and prayers go out to the parents and other family members of this little child.  May this little child’s soul rest in peace.

  148. Joe Average says:

    I’m sick at heart.  I love Cayman but I have no idea what’s going on anymore.

    Each time I open CNS I read about another killing, assault, or shooting.  This time it’s a child.      A CHILD YOU F**KS!!!


    But you probably can’t read

  149. Anonymous says:

    Enough is enough!

    This is just too hard to believe true.  

  150. Anonymous says:

    Father in heaven be with this place, this family and of course this little boy. I hope your hand pierces the conscience of these people doing these violent acts. If no one can’t he can.

    McKeeva selling Caymanian citizenship for a million dollars while Caymanians are killing of the ones that matter for nothin.

    My heart hurts thinking about this unfortunate young child.

    • Anonymous says:

      I can’t believe that you can’t manage to stop bashing McKeeva just long enough to send genuine condolences to the family of the deceased child. What incredible heartbreak they must be experiencing at this time and you have to bring politics into it. You must be sick!

      • Anon says:

        I completely agree – what does MacKeeva and the grant of PR have to do with murdering young children?????

        Please stop bringing politics into this tragedy.

        • Anonymous says:

          This is also a part of the problems we fail to come forward when we know anything in order to bring these criminals to justice. On the other hand we sit back and blame the expats, the politicians and the police for our ills. It’s disgusting how some people can be arrogant and ignorant at the same time and think they are doing good for society.

      • crying says:

        Because if he was in Cayman instead of being off Island 93% of the time, then he can do something about what is going on. How can he deal with all these problems going on in Cayman when he is off galavanting with friends at the expense of Cayman, THAT is why politics is involved in this problem and all of Cayman is angry and hurting over the brutal death of an innocent 4 year old boy.

        The hearts of Cayman are hurting and our sympathies are with the Barnes family and the family of the mother.

  151. Get Real says:

    OK, this has witout a doubt overstepped the boundary – BRING BACK THE DEATH PENALTY just for this case!

     Mac, come back from your XXXXXXX holiday a deal with your people.

    Words cannot explain the pain that this incident is causing ALL of Cayman.

    What is really going on in Cayman, we the people have to take Cayman back, it is no joke now – we cannot be afraid no more of victimization when we march, WE MUST MARCH NOW!

    • Hard Truth says:

      A little less than 1000 men from all walks of life, faiths, backgrounds and nationalities walked in this country to stand up for family life, respect and dignity.

      I know there are many who didn’t march that believe in and strive towards these principles.  My point is the simple hard truth.

      The life we live impacts our children.  This thug lifestyle (even loose association with it) has alot of uwanted results and casualties.

      You can’t cozy up next to crime/evil and expect it’s not going to bite you back someday. 

      Believe you me, I am not judging and accidents do happen, but this precious child might very well be alive now if those principles the many good men of Cayman marched for were espoused in the home he lived in for 5 short years.


    • Anonymous says:

      This is part of the problem our society. Cayman News Service, why include the X’s in this post. It is very clear what they are trying to say even though it is censored.

      Can’t we express our feelings without using curse words or swearing.

  152. Anonymous says:

      what you guys to need to stop and think about is is it mac who is going out there to do the crime huh i dont think so so could une please stop calling up his name in every comment u see what is mac going to do what can he do he have to police hired there to do the job ok  and if they are not doing it what do u guys expect i wish une would just leave mac alone i have always noon cayman people is ignorant but this is what is showing the true color . please show some consideration to the family instead of talking about mac like this is some election show some consideration for the family through this hard time .

    • noname says:

      Mac’s name should be called up in the crime issue, it serves him right! "Spit in the sky & it fall in ya eye"!!! I remember how mac was very quick to blame the previous government for crime at that time, gleefully criticizing the PPM for not controlling crime. Well, it is far worse & serious now! I remember mac amazingly blaming Kurt Tibbetts for a murder off Eastern Avenue during the PPM administration, actually calling out Kurt Tibbetts’ name as responsible for the murder! I was amazed & shocked at Mac for doing such a terrible thing. Well it has come full circle now, & crime is at it’s very worse now, & like mac did in those days we must do the same now, & blame him for all the crime. He wants the title & perks of premier, well he must take  the responsibility that comes with it. Mac should try & think before he talks, but he never does & now he is facing the consequences of his actions. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, he & his cronies would love for us to blame others for the terrible increase in crime, but NO, it is he & the UDP that MUST be blamed. Mac is responsible for the terrible state of our country, no one else!