Chuckie plans people’s demo

| 16/02/2010

(CNS): The former tourism minister and Bodden Town MLA, Charles Clifford, has applied to the RCIPS for permission to hold a public protest and seek signatures to initiate a people’s referendum to kick out the current government. The former cabinet minister said the UDP’s planned changes to immigration and the selling of essential government assets were reckless, irrational and irresponsible, which had to be stopped before causing irreparable damage. Clifford said this was not a PPM protest but a fierce movement of the people on issues of national concern supported by a wide cross-section of the community to oust the current administration.

The aim, he said, was to prevent what he believes are damaging immigration policy changes from undermining the country’s social harmony, but it wasn’t an anti-expatriate protest. “I have always recognized and acknowledged that our economic miracle could not have occurred without the help and assistance from expatriates working here,” Clifford, who lost his seat at the last election, said in a statement announcing his intention to lead a march on the Glass House.

“This is not about Caymanians not welcoming expatriate labour; this is about ensuring that Caymanians…whether Caymanians by birth or by the grant of Caymanian status, are able to enjoy the rights, privileges and opportunities that all democratic nations must afford its citizens over workers who are in their country for a temporary and specified period.”

He said that none of us are entitled to enter any other country and say we are there to work and to stay for as long as we please. “No country can afford to open the flood gates the way that the UDP has done. It is not sustainable and will create additional demands on the government that will worsen the financial situation to the point where it may not be recoverable,” Clifford added.

Referring to speculation during the election campaign that the UDP had plans to issue 9,000 more status grants, he said they had denied it but had now implemented a policy which will in effect grant key employee status to a very large number of people. “It is estimated that approximately 9,000 financial services industry employees will receive key employee status through this policy change by the UDP,” he said, adding that these people would automatically obtain permanent residence and then Caymanian Status leading to a potential 9,000 status grants plus dependents.

Clifford plans to organize the protest ona Saturday afternoon within the next two weeks and he said government will be invited to meet the protestors to hear their concerns. “We will have copies of the voters list with us and if the government fails to show up or refuses to reverse these very dangerous and irresponsible policies, then right there in front of the Glass House we will begin the process of obtaining the required number of signatures for the country’s first ever Peoples Initiated Referendum in accordance with Part IV section 70 of the new Cayman Islands Constitution Order 2009. The referendum will call for early General Elections to remove this reckless UDP Government from power,” Clifford explained.

He said it was time for everyone to mount an effective opposition to the UDP’s dangerous abandonment of its own people.

Clifford also said the proposal to sell off essential government assets was not only wrong, reckless and irresponsible but “schizophrenic behaviour” the perceived gain from a the sale of the government building would be "so very short term that it cannot make sense from any perspective, “Clifford stated.

“It is time for all Caymanians to stand up against the sale of our country and the future of generations of Caymanians to come. We have a responsibility to future generations and we are expected to discharge our responsibility in the same way that our forefathers discharged theirs to ensure our future,” the former minister of tourism urged.

“This is the last opportunity to stop the madness and take back control and ownership of our country.”

Clifford warned employers inclined to threaten and intimidate staff which choose to participate in any public protest that we are living in the information age.

“Nothing can be concealed and I encourage all employees who are either threatened or intimidated in any way by their employer because they choose to participate in this protest to expose the company and CEO or Managing Director,” he said noting that the identities of bloggers are kept confidential and other media houses, including talk shows, have confidential electronic message channels. “Use them. This is democracy at work and no one must be allowed to prevent democracy from flourishing in the Cayman Islands,” he added.

Clifford stated that more information concerning the public protest march will be released later this week and anyone who is interested in assisting can contact me on 925 5693 or by email at


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Who should replace Mac? 

  2. the people's detective says:

    My people, please be careful.  I am one too who would like to see BIG MAC go.  BUT.  If our country is seen as unstable anymore than it already is it could give us more problems.  Maybe we as a people should ask mr. bush to step down "nicely" and make make rolston take over.  I know he is UDP, but he is a good man and a hell of a lot better than mac.  Or any other member to be frank!   And even if mac think he is doing a good job, most of the voters are now thinking he not.  The voters should have the "right" to tell him to step down.   But in a smart way that does not give a negitive light of the country.


    Mr. Bush, if you or any of your employees you hire to read the blogs for you read this, the people are not happy with you.  Respect the people’s wishs and step down please. 


    God please you and Cayman islands.

    • Anonymous says:

      A peaceful protest against a government that has fallen off the rails and that has placed the country in a very precarious position cannot be seen as instability. It is perhaps the clearest demonstration of democracy at work and of a strong society. 

      Look at all the protests in other democratic nations like the US, UK etc.

  3. Mat says:



    The Cayman Islands Government should protect Caymanians (consumers and workers alike) in the job-market, and ensure our immigration policies reflect such interests. In addition, the government should never be in the business of selling any essential government asset, but rather create public-private partnerships with certain of its unnecessary sectors.
    Our immigration policies should not be where it would make it harder for the Caymanian to get a decent job, and have to deal with competitors who can always pack their bags and leave Cayman when the “going gets tough,” because they are not originally from here.
    An essential government asset to my estimation is any asset that if taken away, would cripple the operations of an essential government sector. An essential government sector should be a sector that focuses on protecting and nurturing people/children, especially, the locals alone. I would say any other sector is unnecessary to keep and try to maintain. To me, the government can privatize such sectors, becoming partners with them, free from having to pay for the sector’s expenses, but have some say in regulating labor laws, environmental, and certain business policies. To me, unnecessary sectors would include: Cayman Airways, Public Works, Postal Services, Tourism (such as, Turtle Farm), Education Department, Agricultural Services, and the Immigration Department (sections within the department that deals with Human Resources / Permits). I think these would reduce government fees and duties, which causes a burden on everyone, especially, the private sector.
    These are the government sectors I would say should be considered ESSENTIAL: Police and Law Enforcement services, Health Services, Immigration Border control, Customs, Prison, and the Court. I say, no asset pertaining to these sectors should be sold. The question remains: Has the UDP government sold an ESSENTIAL government asset? 
    People, I think that is where we will have differences of opinion. Basically, my definition of what is essential, I feel, should be taken into consideration. You may disagree, but don’t tell me that the Public Works services is essential for government to hold on to. Why is government creating so much unnecessary expenses on itself? The Public Works services can be created into a public-private entity where they pay for their own bills, but the government has, at least, shares in the services.
    I know many of you don’t like the idea of creating public-private partnerships, but what do you recommend? Just all-out privatize our sectors to foreigners who will in the long run fire the Caymanians and hire their own, taking over our Island? What would you recommend? Apart from reducing Civil Servant’s salaries (100% for), would you relieve them from their jobs, and thus have more people without jobs? All of these are not good options!
    The best option I can see, is we reducing the size of government through creating public-private partnerships, and have good auditing to ensure a transparent process. This way would ensure our economic stability and even rid us from so much government intrusion that we have now in our lives. Thus, the aim of this people’s referendum, seem to be vague and unclear. Questions about UDP’s intended changes to Immigration and the essential assets sold – I think Charles Clifford need to explain more about where he stands.          
  4. Anonymous says:

    I’m not from Cayman but came here 20 years ago and maried a wonderful Cayman woman who gave me three chilren all born and raised on the island. I thought I’d spent the rest of my life here but I’m scared for my family.What I want to see now is a strong leader who can help us through these troubled times. Bush was rhat sort of man when I came, but greed seems to have got the better of him. We need a new vibrent leader to guide us in our hour of need and I’m sure he/she is out there. Let’s forget this party rubish and get behind a true leader of the people.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Chuckie I applaud you!!  You are the ONLY one with the guts to stand up to MacKeeva and in case you are not aware, you are the one he respects more and is afraid of.  He knows that you know too much of his business and you can wallop him in any court room. Whenever we overthrow MacKeeva, tell me you have a strong person that can take over the Premiership? Someone with class, dignity, intregity, respectability and non corruptive motions.  Make sure you have that person waiting, groomed and ready to take over. We are with you all the way, but some of us when we march, we will have to wear a mask, or head and face covering to protect us from being vindicated by our employers, powerful Politicans and others later on. Even though there may be a law to protect us, we are Caymanians and some of us are prisoners in our workplaces, community and country. Please gve us the choice to do that on this public platform. Please also allow us to sign this petition online.  Thanks again Chuckie for being our leader, as the Country is currently, rudderless, lawless and need someone to lead us in the right direction. May the good LORD protect you and guide you on this very Important mission for our beautiful Cayman islands.

  6. AW says:

    The bible declares in 1 Timothy 2: 1- 3 ( I para-phrase) That we should pray for all men, especially those in authority THAT WE MAY LIVE A QUIET AND PEACEABLE LIFE IN ALL GODLINESS AND HONESTY, FOR THIS IS ACCEPTABLE TO GOD. Now all of you that are bashing Mr. Bush , have you prayed for him that God will help him to make the right decisions? If God didn’t want him in office he wouldn’t have let him win the last election!!! If you don’t stop this rebellion,beware, as sure as the night follows the day,you will experience another disaster worst than hurricane Ivan!! 

    • Anonymous says:


      I don’t know what kind of prophet or prophetess you are but the bible says when the wicked rule the people are angry. Do you really know the bible like you say you do?Tryig to scare and prophesy evil over people that have a right to how their country is run! And further more they have a right to scream for help whenever their leader is pushing them off the cliff, making sure he jumps out of the car before it runs off!  Looking out for himself !

      God also puts up kingdoms and takes them down.,Did you see that in your Big Holy Bible?

      Interpretation: God allows people to be elected, when it goes to their head and they feel they answer to NO ONE: not ewvenGod, but becomes their own God and everybodyelse’s God, then God intervenes by using people, He pulls them down. He says "do not exault yourself above god". The decisions McKeeva Bush is making is not from God, its from his rich wealth advisors, looking out for Him and themselves, and DO NOT INCLUDE THE INTEREST OF THE PEOPLE OF THE CAYMAN ISLANDS!

      did Gooooooooood speak to YOU concerning this ?


      Who do you think you’re scaring?

  7. Commons Sense 101 says:


    Most Politicians are the same at the end of the day.  They prey on people’s emotions for their own personal gain. One has to wonder if Chuckie is not doing the same now that serious crime has reached and all time high. This is the perfect time to get people riled up against the present government. 


    I understand the arguments re: selling key Govt assets v keeping them. We are trapped between a rock and a hard place with this decision.  I am not keen on the sale of the two key assets proposed but what are the alternatives?  If the Government imposed direct taxation instead, the same people that are opposing the asset sales will also be up in arms and protesting about being taxed and still want the Government overthrown. I would like to hear from all you who are against the asset sales, acknowledge that you are willing and ready to be taxed directly without protest.


    A major problem with our Cayman society today is that our political system has so called "matured" into to a party system which has polarized our people. We are now in the same boat as other "mature democracies" e.g. the United States where Democrats and Republicans can get nothing done but blame each other all day long for all the country’s problems.


    By the way, I wonder if Chuckie pulled this 9000 key employee figure from the blue sky? Here are some facts:

    1.      According to the Economic Impact Study commissioned by CIFSPA and carried out by Oxford Economics, our Financial Industry i.e. our Banks, Insurance Companies, Law Firms, Accounting Firms, Hedge Funds Companies and Corporate Management Companies, combined employed 5723 people as at end of 2007.

    2.      The above companies plus other supporting companies such as office supply companies, courier companies etc employ 12,600 people in total.

    3.      Of the 12,600 people (remember only 5700+ are in the financial industry) 60% are Caymanians.

    If less than 6000 people in total are employed in the Financial Industry, how is it possible that 9,000 people are waiting in the wings for key employee status? This is pure rubbish and unless he meant 90 people, this is another example of how politicians feed people wrong information and prey on their emotions.


    I am sick and tired of hearing this PPM and UDP blame nonsense.  For example, do you PPM supporters seriously think in terms of crime, that we would not be having these gang shootings if the PPM was in power at this time or that the PPM would have implemented a solution by now? Do you really think that all this crime is being done by the people that were granted status? There is a good chance that some crime is being committed by some of these people but the last time I checked, 80%+ of our convicts in Northward are our own CAYMANIAN people and yes this percentage was the same prior to the mass status grants.


    It’s interesting that all the PPM supporters are in a crime blame frenzy accusing McKeeva and the UDP of doing nothing about the crime problem, yet here they are rearing to go and supporting Chuckie even though he has not uttered the word crime once as one of the reasons for this protest.  


    And for all you PPM supporters who may respond to this, I am not a UDP party supporter and in fact my best friend is a big PPM supporter and I hold no ill feelings against him for his choice. I vote for those that I believe are the best candidates for office, regardless of what side of the fence they sit.


    It is sickening every time I read a story on CNS that the common theme is hate and negativity towards each other, UDP v PPM or Caymanians v Expats. 


    Maybe we need another hurricane Ivan to knock the crap out of us and bring us back to reality!



    • Anonymous says:

      A very sensible post. The thumbs up / down will determine how many people truly get it.  

    • Anonymous says:

      So Mr. Know-It-All….you are suggesting that the $50M proceeds from the sale of the Government Administration Building will prevent income tax from being implemented for how many months. Moron !!!

      How long do you think that $50M will last ? Then what ? Oh lets sell something else to keep the income tax issue dead for a few more months.

      Oh and I feel so much better now that you’ve told me it will only be a few more thousand people that will be granted status through this UDP move and not the 9,000 that Chuckie said. NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!

      Get real !!!

      Chuckster you have my full support……let me know when and where and I’ll be there !!!!

  8. Live Free..... says:

    Please stop the PPM and Chuckie bashing!!! In 2005 when the people of Cayman elected PPM they wanted change and needed it also and they got the change. And I come to undersand that PPM also clearly stated in their Manifesto the projects they had for Cayman and what the people of Cayman wanted. Here is a short list. (Schools, better Roads, Education to be modify, better Tourism and the low income housings and the list goes on). I advise you Caymanians to read their Manifesto of 2005 aagin and see what you the people of Cayman wanted. And PPM did clearly delivered on their promise to you the people of the Cayman Islands. And yes it cost money to do what you Caymanians requested, in which was all good for the Islands. And now you the people of Cayman who requested these things says PPM spent to much money. I have this question, why Caymanians are so double minded and so ungrateful to themselves and then turn around and blame the opposition PPM? 

    Page 2.  Now comes 2009 and the world experience a major recession starting in 2008, there is no country in the world that was not affected by it and during that time came two elections. Let me just focus on Cayman here, you the people of Cayman wanted another change from PPM to UDP because the out going Goverment spent to much on what you the people of Cayman wanted, now I come to understand that this same UDP was overly corrupted and give away some 3000 status back in 2003 and spent all the money that they had for the budget homes which no one knows where it was spent, so the budgets homes could’nt be completed and be built to the proper standards. This kind of Goverment should have never gotten another chance. Now you people are jumping out of windows, want this Goverment removed, saying you all made a mistake and now here comes Mr. Chuckie with a Torch in his hand to form a protest and probably get you the people of Cayman a referendum to be sign to have this Goverment out of power.

    Page 3. And I notice some Caymanians are bashing this man up for a bold move he have made. And this same man is giving you all a chance to have you the people of Cayman voice heard. I’m trying to understand why you people of Cayman can be so ungrateful in everything? It’s time for you the people to be grateful for good things and put all the bad things to rest and be united as one or else you all would fall. And that would hurt me to see a beautiful Island like Cayman come to nothing, I love these Islands and you all should be grateful to be under UK, God had bless you all with a good nation, be thou grateful.

    And to end this, I like to say I whole heartily agree that this Goverment need to be removed because for the last 8 Months it has been very heavy like back in 2001-2004 loaded with corruption and more to come if you the people of Cayman don’t do something about it, I seen some mad stuff lately, like selling the Goverment assets (Insane). Selling Permanent Residency (unhealthy for the Islands Population). Wanted to introduce a Pension Holiday ( which would have been a disaster). Increasing prices across the board ( now businesses are leaving the Island). And the Premier insulting the Governors and the UK (he is a total shame). You people of Cayman did honestly made a mistake, so here is the chance to do somethings about it and you all should have given PPM another chance, they was a whole lot better than this Goverment. So go and support Chuckie and put a side politics and defend all your Islands.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Let me get this straight.  Everyone has been hollering, Let’s get rid of McKeever."  Then Chuckie gets the cahonas to do it and suddenly all the focus is on Chuckie’s faults.  Here’s my suggestion, keep the dictator and shut up whining.  Otherwise, support Chuckie with the petition.  I don’t think he’s asking anyone to elect him.  He’s just asking for a no confidence vote in Premier Bush.  Please add her royal highness in Watering Place to the no confidence list.

    Yes, we see the vehicle almost down in the pond, they try hiding that she staying in Alexander.

  10. Beachboi says:

    Where can I sign up!?!?!?! 

    There are a lot of factors involved here however the one thing that I believe that we all agree on is that the Premier neeeds to be removed from government.  I do not necessarly prefer the leadership of the PPM but I am praying that their members have learned a lot from recent local and international developments and will be able to step back into office and make some decent decisions. 

    It is really amazing to me that we have no other option when it comes time to vote, but to choose literally the lesser of 2 evils.  I know that there are Caymanian men and women on these islands that are capable of running our govenment however it seems that they are afraid of all of the pollitical "huff and puff" that ensues after an election.  Each time we go to the polls we, well those of us who are intelligent enough, try to make the best choice but it seems that each time we do make a choice that the incumbant party is always blamed for the state of the economy.  In reality they have only what they inherited from the previous party to work with.

    All I know just now is that the "system" is broken and desperately needs fixing.  The only solution that I see is to remove our Premier "who would be king"!  I truly cannot believe the audacity of this man.  After we have been through so much he would accept this honor to lead our nation and walk in the the house like a "bull in a china shop".  Personally I knew that from the the time of his appointment when he chose to run all over the world begging to be put back on the white list that we were in trouble.  There were so many other issues that needed immediate attention yet he chose to jet off to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to convince the world that we were not really in as bad a shape as it seemed.  Well the truly knowledgeable leaders of the world I am sure saw right through the "smoke and mirrors".  In my opinion it would not matter that we were on a white list while internally we could not manage our own "back yard".  Having lived in
    Cayman  all my life, except my education in the U.S., I truly fear for our future.

    Where and when can I sign???????????????????

  11. Anonymous says:

    I must say I’m impressed…Charles Clifford stands up to Mac once again!

    I’m with you Charles! These bright ideas/scemes of Mac’s will be the ruination of Cayman.

    I’ll be contacting to to see how I can help!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Cayman’s Transition to Anarchy.According to our Deputy leader at the recent press briefing this is a godly land yet Mckeewa is putting it in the hands of some truly truly evil people for our sake according to him. Our Deputy leader is washing the feet of Governor and comparing themselves to disciples of Jesus which by the way is blasphemy. Some of these ludacris ideas to raise revenue are nothing short of sinister with elected official lining up for their "Piece of the Pie" for cutting the all important deals the Manna of Politicians. The immigration policy and its directors who believe intoxicating liquor is the Elixir of life. A security policy and council run by cronies and out of touch with reality politicians. NO crime plan or controlled by people who have no vested interest in stopping it because it means more jobs for foreign counterparts who are unemployed in their home countries and it fits with their blanket policy of putting us in a virtual economic vice and our financial industry in a garbage can. If ya think this is Bad add another 50,000 to our population further destroying our environment you all worried about turtle meat shortage we will end up like Haiti. Where is the grand Premier at the Winter Olympics if this looks very familiar it is what all African countries go through to transition to democracy. I have never been a supporter of the PPM because it is a CULT with the benevolent inept leader Kim Jong Kurt at is helm but loosing your soul and being a slave to materialism is worst than Dante’s Hell. Support Mr Clifford Cayman its our last chance to regain some dignity and respect.  You aint leaving here with the other stuff.

  13. Anonymous says:

    This is like a breath of fresh air…I feel hope again! I can’t wait to come out for this march!!!

    This issue is about Caymanians taking back Cayman!!!

    I’m ready to roll Chuckster!!

  14. Anonymous says:

    The Immigration policy changes and selling of government assets are plainly wrong and irrational.

    Support the Chuckster !!!! Lets go man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I do not like the thought of selling the building. I guess we all feel the same way. That part is easy.  The harder question is whether there is an alternative?

      The spending spree and the global recesssion put us in a serious situationfinancial positions. 

      People are calling for reduction in the civil service – well guess what,  it grows according to the demands of the public and the policies of the politicians.  As Cayman continues to grow the economy and gets more sophisticated so will the size of the civil service.  Who thinks that the new schools (as one example) will not require more tecahers and administrators?  

      Unfortuneately for Cayman, self serving people are once again using what is obviously a very difficult situation, to promote themselves. The only way they can elevate themselves is by dragging others down.   

      Put the country first and offer some suggestions or alternatives, either publicly or privately.   Dont let divisive politics continue to destroy these islands.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Chuckie has always been the only one with the courage and brave enough to take on Mac. Shame on the others. Recently Ezzard has been coming close but he can’t quite get beyond the door step……perhaps there are issues in the closet !

    The remaining UDP supporters need to look beyond the little perks and privileges that Mac is feeding them TODAY.

    They need to look at their children every morning when they wake up and ask the question – What kind of Cayman am I helping Mac create……is this really what I want to leave for my children ? What will my children think of me ?

    We need to rally behind Chuckie !!! Now is the time Cayman !!!!!!!!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    The Tuesday morning Rooster talk show is inciting the impovish to crime and further divison between Caymanians and Expats.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Selling the National assets and growing the expenses is stupid.

  18. Anonymous turtle meat says:

    thanks for speaking up chuckie.  i wonder where is the opposition in this country.we all know now that kurt is afraid of big mack.  at lease it appears to be that way,not one word from kurt and alden the leader and deputy leader.(supposely) chuckie it only take a man like with b***s to stand up to what this one man show is doing. the ppm goverment saw that the civil service needed this building. the one that now occupy is not worthy of being used. if it was so do you think that the governor would have move to office ina private building on smith road. we all know that this has to continue because he is looking out for his buddies who are renting the space.  no wonder the ppm lost the election   kurt cannot make a decisionb be it good or bad. all he study is food.  i would like to see chuckie, arden , and ezzard put a team together for the next election.

  19. whodatis says:

    Re: Destruction of Cayman

    One more thing – the notion that so many of us are harking on of the "PPM being the downfall and ruination of our country" is a bit far-fetched and we all know it.

    Whereas I myself found the school projects quite ridiculous and wasteful (however, some could argue that this was simply the manifestation of our elitist mentality as a society) – to blame our current situation entirely on the PPM is illogical.

    For us to not be experiencing financial hardships at this time would be equal to us demanding that our tiny, and lets be honest – parasitic, national economy to have out performed and out smarted those of far greater size, importance and prominence.

    Furthermore, the "great super economies" such as the USA and UK can simply PRINT new money to feed into their banking system (as they have done) – problem solved! (Although this will eventually lead to the devaluing of their currencies but no one seems to care about this.)

    We on the other hand do not have this luxury. We have to go to the con artists that are the USA and the UK and borrow from or seek permission to partake in their magic show.

    I could elaborate on how hypocritical, callous and insincere was the UK’s demand for us to get our financials in order but I have not the time this morning.

    So, to conclude – the blame for our current financial situation can not be placed on the shoulders of the PPM alone. We need to keep a balanced head andlook beyond our shores in order to have a clear perspective as to what is taking place around us.

    Oh yeah … almost forgot – McKeeva must GO!!

    (In light of the aforementioned points it is clear to see that he is NOT the person we need running this country right now. He simply lacks the ability to manouver and strategise our policies to get us out of this tricky situation.)

    • Anonymous says:

      I 100% Agreed With You and Yes, Yes, Yes, Mac needs to go! I hope for the referedum to remove this Goverment in power is near.

  20. whodatis says:

    Seriously…Caymanians are screwed in the head!!

    UDP vs. PPM?!

    People – wake up!!

    Who gives a heck about the McKeeva vs. Kurt argument?

    The fact remains that the CURRENT government and ‘leadership’ of the country is fundamentally flawed and it MUST be removed!

    Bottom line.

    I support this move by Mr. Clifford – however I do not necessarily support the PPM – as a matter of fact I like and support the ideas of Rolston and Cline very much.

    So you see – this is NOT a PPM vs. UDP debate! We are quickly turning into an ignorant elective similar to the USA where individuals like Sarah Palin actually had / have a chance of leading a nation.

    Too many of you are hanging on to "McKeeva / UDP" for reasons none other than foolish pride!

    If we don’t wise up we will turn our country into the Ukraine of the Caribbean – we see what has been happening there over the last few years.

    This move is not intended to automatically replace the ruling political party with the opposing – and I trust the other along with its supporters, (and the entire country for that matter) do not believe that this is the case.

    This has to do with the fact that the current Premier of the Cayman Islands – William McKeeva Bush has GOT TO GO!

    Where do I sign?

    Simple …

    • Anonymous says:

      It couldn’t have been said better.  In fact, I wish Rolston had stepped up and showed leadership before, but then again maybe he opened his mouth and he was told to sit down and shut up.

      What Cayman needs is LEADERSHIP, regardless of party lines.  Come on guys (and girls) STOP the arguing and start doing something to earn those BIG salaries.

      The fact of the matter is that CRIME is out of control, FINANCIAL services are leaving, and the government is SELLING assets which could pay for themselves (Gov. Admin Building).  Just plain and simple stupid.

      Most of your elected leaders have been politicians for WAY to long.  Where are the young, smart, educated, leaders of the Cayman society?  Are you all too scared of the "old boys club"?  I know you exist, I have met many of you, yet each time you tell me "oh, no we don’t go against that club, they will blackball you!"

      STAND UP, LEAD and SPEAK UP for your beautiful country! 

      • Anonymous says:

        If Rolston stepped up amd showed Leadership before as you say, but immediately sat down and shut up once told to do so, I can declare him obedient, but a Leader? You must be kidding.

        What kind of Leader shuts up and sits down when ordered to do so by a Bully. Certainly not someone that I would want leading me.

        The whole reason why Chuckie is so boisterous is because he was told to shut up and sit by Mackeeva too, but he refused. That to me makes him more desirable for a leadership role.

      • whodatis says:

        Well put.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ezzard Miller is ready to Lead, he’s not afraid of McKeeva and He is for his people. What else do you want.

        I say, put Ezzard in that Premiere’s chair.

  21. Stop the roundabout says:

    The voting public of Cayman is so fickle.

    1) First they oust Mckeeva as a result of the status grant fiasco putting all their hopes in the newly elected PPM.

    2) Next they turn against the PPM for lack of leadership, over spending and implementation of strategies that crippled the country.

    3) The public then decide that UDP will turn the ship around and Mckeeva gets another chance to rule. Suddenly all the noise about the status grants was silenced with the promise of a better life for Caymanians under UDP.

    4) The economic downturn hits Cayman and the UDP goverment declares that Cayman is on the verge of bankrupcy. The Cayman public decide that the country’s economic woes are due to PPM strategies and suddenly evryone is a UDP supporter.

    5) Now a failed PPM MLA is encouraging the public to oust the very party they elected less than a year ago. Once again the fickle Cayman public are willing to step aboard the roundabout, changing their allegiance to support the opposition. Why ? Because of recent UDP strategies aimed at turning around a failing economy created by the PPM.

    This constant rotation of party allegiance and strategy is not conducive to the progression and stablity of the country.


  22. Anonymous says:

    Finally we have someone with enough guts to organise a peaceful protest against the madness that has overtaken this country! Thank you Mr. Clifford.

    As a Caymanian I am insulted by the behaviour of McKeeva and his party but I am not at all surprised. These people have not been pro-Caymanian from the beginning, case in point the 2003 mass status grants. The peddling of permanent residency for $1 Mil, the granting of large amounts of Key Employees and 3-5 year work permits to a sector that in the past employed many Caymanians, but in morerecent times has pushed them out, or made them redundant, speaks volumes of whose interest this government is looking after. It is clearly not that of the Caymanian people.  Add to that the selling off of our public assets to gain a oneoff surge of money, without security for the future or any idea of where the next surge will come from, shows the ignorance that has taken over.

    When we listen to the lofty premier’s many utterances it is hard to find anything in his plans that will truly benefit Caymanians. Oh, yes, we are told that these actions are all about bringing more business to the islands to provide jobs for Caymanians, yet work permits for foreigners are being issued like candy for extended periods! And then of course the roll over is being erased, but I forgot, they are especially removing it from the domestics to pacify us – everyone will be able to keep their helpers so that should keep us quiet – no matter that a welfare state will be the result. Smells like all politricking but not good sense and certainly not to the benefit of this country or our people.

    Everyone, take a stand and join Charles Clifford in this peaceful demonstration against the ignorance that is insulting us and destroying our country. For the record, I am neither PPM nor UDP because in my opinion both parties have contributed to the disintegration of our society, but I am for defending my people and our rights in our country. Lets take a stand together folks, regardless of who you are or which party you may have been affiliated with, this is not the time to remain silent.



  23. Caymanian to the bone says:

    Ezzard for LOGB!! Rolston for deputy!!

    End of story….

    • Anonymous says:

      yes that would be end of storey and end of the cayman islands….

  24. Anonymous says:

      what chuckie need to do is to go and sit down because if the people of the cayman islands see that he was any good they would had put him back in the house all he was doing was sitting there just like the rest of the ppm team and getting the big pay anddoing nothing. aldin please dont make me get started building all these school thinking he was getting back in oh please what chuckie should have done was to sit down and if he had a brain he would have notice that if the people of bodden town wanted him back in they would have voted for him now that he has gone back to the regular life he feels bad what every single one of them need do is to sit down trying make they self look big 

  25. Anonymous says:

    You know what chuckie when you used to work with Mr Premier Mac you never used to complain, every thing was "honky-dorie".But because the shoe is on the other foot everything seems black now.

    But guess what you need to grow up and look at the crimes and,the criminals that are walking these streets and hurting innocent families and I guess you may know some of these crooks so you can convince their families that what they are doing is wrong.

    You always want to stir up trouble. You are a grown man or are you? Get with the programme ,and let us all Caymanians, Expat and all unite together and find a way to save this precious Island we call home.

    Bury the hatchet in the sea CHUCKIE and MOVE ONNNNN  or move out of the way!!!!!!!!!



  26. Knowledge is Power says:

    Everytime the red carpet is rolled out, the beneficiaries gladly pay for the priviledge.  

    For firms to be on the accredited employer list  they should be required to make substantial and annual financial contributions to an independent body charged with establishing and overseeing institutions and programs to educate and develop Caymanians in the jobs/careers/professional areas in which said employers are requesting "key" employees.

    Accredited Employers and Key Employees must agree that Key Employees will teach courses at said educational institutions for a minimum number of hours per week/month. After all, they are "key" so the rest of us should be able to learn something from themright? If they can’t teach, sorry!

    Accredited Employer status and Key Employee status to be renewable periodically on factual and independent confirmation of satisfactory completion of their obligations including the above.

    I am sure the above would still be a bargain compared to what they are now preparing to pay. So feel free to add further reasonable requirements, but don’t get greedy.   Oh and yes, a peaceful march here and there can be good if it has clear and constructive goals.

  27. Q says:

    Anybody considering whether or not to participate in this referendum, ask yourself the correct question. The correct question is not what Chuckie is proposing whether or not to keep the current government. The correct question is what will the rest of the world think of us, and can we afford having a negative view about the Cayman Islands being presented to the World. You might think this is unfair and maybe it is, but these are not normal times. This is no longer a Caymanian v Expat issue, it’s now the Cayman Islands against the rest of the World. Our fortunes are tied together and we need to unite otherwise we all lose, and that is simply not an option.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are correct. However, I’m sorry to say what you are about to witness is that sometimes people genuinely cannot help themselves. At least you warned them.

      • Q says:

        I guess we will given all the thumbs down to my initial post. I thought what I was saying was very reasonable. I would love to hear from the thumbs downers.

  28. RC says:

    Careful Careful Charles Clifford alot of serious people let me rephrase that alot of sinister money people have alot serious money riding and vested on this government and the 3 years they have left and will do what it takes to prop up this regime and its agenda. Caymanians are not part of the equation. Your friends are not your friends but your enemies are real.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Cayman for Caymanians give me a break when we started selling our land to foreigners we sold our native rights. You can’t have it all that i mean my friends fancy BMW’s, beautiful homes and good education which many of us don’t appreciate. Chucky be a good sport and remember if you can’t say or do something good then don’t say or do anything at all. Please don’t beat the political drum and do something positive like helping Cayman by working with the UDP, please.

    Mac has issues and yes he needs to be here and start getting in touch with the community and be more visible that goes for the police too. Don’t blame Mac for this crime wave as this has been 6 years in the making (GANGS) and started once our moral fabric decayed 15 years ago. I hope that this poor 5 year old death is a wake up call and pray for his family.

  30. born yah says:

      What a PLAN! You owe the bank on your home or business instead of trying to negotiate with the bank for longer term mortgage or less monthyl payments, you sell the house, and then you rent it back. Now you have a landlord. When he wants to go up on payments, what then?

  31. Sparrow says:

    What do want Caymanians? Most if not all of you agree that the PPM spend too much on the building of the schools and the new Government building and that is what send us in this hole that we are presently in. Now that Mr Bush is trying to get back some of that money by proposing to sell this new Government building (that we can do without) you complaining. Building those building when the deficit was so high is liken to buying a piece of furniture  over buying your weeks groceries…. because you simply don’t have the money for both!!! Charles Clifford and the PPM got their ego crushed because they thought that they were going to be re-elected based on these lofty buildings and called it Progress when the Country was sinking deeper and deeper in DEBT. I remember when he said before the election that he and the PPM was going to wreck the dolly house in West Bay (speaking of the four UDP elected members). Now that he and the PPM are out of Office, he wants to take you the people for dollies to go protesting. How absurd!


    • Anonymous says:

      In 2005 Mckeeva Bush got his "ego crushed" (to use your words), but was that the end of the world for him? He remained on the backbench & jumped up & down like a crying baby, & was re-elected in 2009.
      In 2009 "Charles Clifford and the PPM got their ego crushed" as you have pointed out, but do you expect them to sit back & say or do nothing while the udp destroys our islands? The udp put this country in debt when they wasted millions of dollars on stupid projects, especially the boatswain beach project. That is when our financial problems started. Have you forgotten what the udp did to this country between 2001 & 2005? Is your memory so short? Do you remember what we did to them in 2005? Now in 2010 the udp is doing even worse & causing even more hardship & pain for us, & we have the right to let them know, by any means necessary, including a public protest march/demonstration. Go Chuckie, the majority of Cayman is fully in support of your plan because we must stop this dictator & his cohorts before it is too late! We know that the one or two udp supporters & Mckeeva Bush & his nine followers/cronies will not be too happy, & they will complain as usual, but who cares? Our lives are at stake here! Thank you Mr. Clifford.

    • Anonymous says:

      To post 20:31 you got 16 thumbs down and 8 thumbs up, obviously you didn’t make any sense. Recession f–l f–l, yes the PPM didn’t help it either, but we are in a recession. Check the USA, do you see how hard Obama is trying to turn that economy around.

  32. what a mess says:

    Taxes starting to look like a good option!

    I wouldn’t mind paying a reasonable tax (say 1-5%) to start with to finance "needed" services. As long as there are "real" laws with "real" teeth to make sure those who are incompetent or corrupt are truly held accountable.

    Trouble is: who is going to step up to run Cayman? Both leaders of UDP and PPM have shown they are NOT the right choice…their time has come and gone (Caymangone).

    Maybe Alden…i know he has some faults…but that’s cause he’s human. At least he can make a decision…without being an outright bully…and his energies seem directed to better "the people"…for the long term.

    Still, i’ll be there to protest and sign…because Mac is definately going down the wrong path…all so he doesn’t have to answer (talk to) the UK ? Come on man…time for some more mature leadership than this!

    • Anonymous says:

      With all due respect, the naivity on the matter of taxation is really quite laughable. Clearly there is no grasp of the ways in which direct taxation (income, capital gains, inheritance etc etc) will throttle the life out of Caymanians and ruin the country. Have you ever lived in a country with direct taxation? Don’t you realise what happens?  Successive governments keep going back to the well with ever larger buckets to scoop more and more money up through increases in existing taxation, as well as newly created ones. As for your suggestion for a possible leader – are you serious? The level of ineptitude and incompetence was unprecedented, and has done incalculable damage that will take years for the country to recover from. Making decisions is all well and good, but the thing is you’ve got to know what you’re talking about.The decisions must be based on rational thinking, and have some kind of evidence to support them, not loopy "excitement" and crazy assertions all directed towards bolstering one’s image. What a mess.



    • Anonymous says:

      lots of business’s will not stick around to pay income taxes to susidise the underperforming, under worked, overpaid civil service….. goodnight cayman…. good luck with the  ezzard miller mentality

  33. Anonymous says:

    Rather than blame the present government for the financial mess, he as a former Minister should be man enough to admit his contribution to the mess.

    What we Caymanians need now is to stop blaming governments– the people had spoken out  in the last polls and the same may happen in the next one. My advice to Mr Clifford to stop that retaliatory approach– it is not going to get you bonus points or votes. Let us keep garrison politics out plaease

    What we need now is the all sections of the public across all find solutions– including wastage in government, excessive staffing, retrenching staff to save the country etc.

    I disagree with the principle of selling assets to balance the budget. It is only a short term solution. What happens the next year and so on ? I say this  beacuse the world economy will take a few years to bounce back. With governments all over printing money , either in denial or to jump start the economy, inflationary pressures will soon be the downside and will be  door steps of many countries– including our big brother next door– the USA.

    History has shown that we do catch the symptoms after a lag time. Let us wake up and use a pragmatic and common sense approach to face the uncertain times ahead– just like our elders and fore fathers.

  34. Anonymous says:

    YESSSSSS!!!! I will be there with my entire family in tow. I am proud that the Caymanian people are standing up and not taking what is pushed at them. YESSSSSSS!!!! Mr. Clifford I am proud to support you in your efforts. Someone has to stop this nonsense and hopefully there will be enough backbone out there to make it happen.

    • I must say that I am not one bit happy with the selling off of our assets to please the UK, BUT!!! how dare Charles Clifford or any other PPM leader that we have  had to do a march or to rile up the public to get revenge on McKeeva for the mess that  he and the PPM have also helped to push in.Mind you I say " have helped put us into"

      Mr. Clifford needs to use good common sense and offer good advice rather than try to use the people to "Mash up McKeeva’s doll house" as he puts it. We do not need another school yard bully who had his lunch money taken from him by anoher bully to lead us into a fight. No we need more sane people who understands economics and has a view of what it takes to run a country.  Politics are a dirty business it needs men / women with cahoonas not  knee jerk  reactionists, tell me why would we want to assist any of the last goverment to get back in to further damage our country?  God knows we are in a lot of trouble.Have mercy on us.But to assist Clifford with his vengance is out of order.

  35. Anonymous says:

    So sad to see what my country has become. Ashamed I hang my head, but with clenched fists.

    • Patricia X says:

      "Country" in the loosest sense of the word.

    • Anonymous says:

      I congratulate chukie, he’s doing the right thing and I’m and iNdependent, not a PPM nor a UDp, its JUST THE RIGHT THING TO DO AT THIS TIME IN OUR HISTORY.

      hOWEVER, I am upset that you are not giving Ezzard the credit he deserves, he has been standing up alone to Mckeeva also Arden Mclean, and we need to get these UDP cabinet out and put some Independents in.

      Ezzard needs to Lead instead of McKeeva.

      Ezzard is a representative of his people, Caymanians.

      McKeeva represents X-pats trig to get more voters. He is not a bit concerned about caymanian’s needs, Ezzard is. Lets get Ezzard in that chair.

      I don’t think he travels as much as Big Mac does.

      We’ll save some money.Millions.

      Remove McKeeva and Keep Ezzard.


    • Anonymous says:

      I congratulate chukie, he’s doing the right thing and I’m and iNdependent, not a PPM nor a UDp, its JUST THE RIGHT THING TO DO AT THIS TIME IN OUR HISTORY.

      hOWEVER, I am upset that you are not giving Ezzard the credit he deserves, he has been standing up alone to Mckeeva also Arden Mclean, and we need to get these UDP cabinet out and put some Independents in.

      Ezzard needs to Lead instead of McKeeva.

      Ezzard is a representative of his people, Caymanians.

      McKeeva represents X-pats trig to get more voters. He is not a bit concerned about caymanian’s needs, Ezzard is. Lets get Ezzard in that chair.

      I don’t think he travels as much as Big Mac does.

      We’ll save some money.Millions.

      Remove McKeeva and Keep Ezzard.


  36. Anonymous says:

     I agree with you 16:53,"Cayman is not for sale" But the problem is how many   Caymanians, especially the younger generation; owns a piece of this Rock?That’s one of the first thing one should try to do,own a piece of the Rock and keep making those statements a reality.Do you know that more young Caymanian women own thier homes,compared to men?All I’m saying is that if people really love this country they would buy a piece of land instead of a car and then talk aboutCayman is not for sale!!!!!

  37. Anonymous says:

    Can’t u ppl read? Its not PPM or UDP its about US as in CAYMANIANS! Futher more we have to question the “Financial Secretary” not the PPM as to y his predictions were so off? If ur going to point ur finger point it at the right person!

  38. Anonymous says:

    I don’t care who you are, or, where you come from!  The facts are obvious!  William Mckeeva Bush can not lead this Country for the next 3 years!  He is totally incompetent as a leader and to support his nation selling policies should make any Caymanian feel ashamed of themself!  We need to throw aside SELF INTEREST; the intangible component that is holding the current Government together, and take a grand stand with a unified voice for these beloved Cayman Islands!  UDP!  DART!  CAYMAN IS NOT FOR SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

        excuse me let me tell yu something he no how to run this country so what are u trying to say that kurt could have run it better of please do sitdown he best try go back cayman and stay up there 

      • Anonymous says:

        Let me tell you something! Kurt and the PPM were building schools for the current and future children of this Country! If that is bad leadership then you must be as educated as the current dishonorable leader! Then again, judging by your reply, I am thinking you maybe even less educated than he is! Good luck trying to find a job!

  39. Anonymous says:

     The nerve of this man.  XXXXX How dare you talk about defending the rights of the Cayman people, when he has done nothing to make the lives of the people of Cayman better.  What would a planned protest do?  What will accomplish?  The economy of this beautiful country is so fragile right now that to have a politician whose mandate was to increase tourist arrivals for this country, a task at which he failed, he now has the unmitigated gall to talk about staging a protest.  To protect who and from what.  What these politicians need to understand is that the people of the Cayman Islands are suffering and protests will not help the situation. Enough of the grandstanding.  Give us some positive solutions not more of the same. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Agree!! Chuckie you had 4 years and screwed it up just go away!!!!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Mac has had over 25years….MAC has screwed it up! (Yet the WB people continually vote for him to the detriment of Cayman).

    • muler says:

      How is giving key employee to everyone in the financial sector and selling off our assets going to make it better. This man has lost his marbles and want to take ours now he is telling us that we are broke but he is spending the government money like it his.As for his underlings who think that serving fish tea to 200 people in Bodden Town qualifies you for national hero status oh well he is not the only one that belongs in the looney bin. What you people fail tounderstand Mckeeva is pushing this place to the brink of trouble.

      • Anonymous says:

        Post 18:25, that’s our representative you are talking about, our hero, his statue will be next to Jim Bodden now, then we will have 2 heros from BT, way to go BT. 

        Question to our newly created hero, where, when, who do you serve this fish tea to on Saturdays? and for the past 10 years??. My fellow BT’ers have never heard about it, not even to your die hard supporters, I think they were so embarrassed they kept avoiding the subject.

        John John, (better know as Dwayne Seymour) have you invited the Governor to sample your fish tea, and to meet the 200 people. Oh but I guess you do delivery service so all of those people wouldn’t be there at the same time. 



    • Anonymous says:

      Perhaps you may wish to visit website and look at the statistics……Chuckie took air arrivals from 167,000 in 2006 to 302,000 in 2008.

      Just the facts next time please !!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Look again eagle eye.  The 167,000 wasn’t in 2006, it was in 2005, the year after Ivan when the rebuilding effort was in full swing and there wasn’t very much room stock. ANYONE, including the dead Jim Bodden, could have increased stay-over tourism from that.  And that 302,000 isn’t much to brag about for it is much lower than it was in 2000 and 2001.  Chuckie did not do a great job in tourism, and if fact he alienated many of his industry partners with his Napoleon complex.

  40. Save Cayman NOW! says:

    Chuckie’s WRONG!…

    It’s the Civil Service eating up around 55% of the total budget you should be protesting…

    But what have you done about it when you were in power?…

    You increased it by some 40% over a 4 years period!…

    Neither the PPM or UDP are any better when it comes to pinpointing the real problems and do something about them: at this rate, Cayman will soon be another Greece with no bailout in perspective…

    None of our politicians is willing to do the necessary deeds to save this  country:

    – Make  the Civil Servants pay their fair share of  Pension and Health contributions and save some $30 million…

    – Reduce their numbers by some 25% from 14 Civil Servants to 20+ per capita to try and match the most bloated Civil Service in the Caribbean after Cayman, that of Puerto Rico with 23 Civil Servfants per capita and save some $80 million…

    – Reduce their paycheck by 10% to match salary reductions elesewhere in the economy and save some $35 million…

    – Terminate the Pension funds guarantee – a grossly unfair perk, since nobody else outside the Civil Service enjoys such guarantee at the expense of the rest of the population – and let the chips fall where they may, saving at least $500 million…

    Add all these savings and the budget is balanced without selling any assets…

    Unfortunately, both the UDP and PPM politicians want to retain their own inflated salaries, health care and pensions at the expense of the rest of the country, so there is no incentive to tackle the REAL PROBLEMS…

    Time for some fresh, uncorrupted, no non-sense, responsible citizens with a true sense of self-sacrifice to come to the rescue before it’s too late!…

    Anyone with the calibre of a Vassel Johnson still around??…




    • Well said,Thereis no one around these days with the calibre and understanding of Sir Vassel, what we have now is EGO driven and the generation thats coming up is violent so cayman do you see the writting on the wall, another Jamaica in the making, dont laugh it is almost here.

      What few sensible people that we have left need to step up now, noex politicians please, at least if we fail we can say well we didnt know that, but to give these bunch of theiving egotistical asses a chance again will be disasstress.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Finally !!!! Lets get it done Chuckie.  Where in the hell is the PPM Opposition on this…..we were waiting on them ?

    Chuckie you have the leadership qualities and education to lead this country. Remember it is not always the person at the front who leads but it is the person with the vision who shows the people the way !!!

    I’m ready to march and sign the petition……..lets roll Chuckster !!!!

  42. what will you DO when you have it BACK....your Country???? says:

    Who will "run" it….this new Cayman after Mac ??? 

     Who will have the answers needed re the present economy?  Who has the answers to take Cayman back to be a safe country to live in ?


    WHO do you know that could be "the" Leader?

    Until anybody has solid answers don’t suggest MORE upheaval to give Cayman more negative signs to be put on the world wide stage!



  43. Anonymous says:

     Someone needs to stop this maniac we have running Cayman before he gets everybody killed. This aint about politics its about Cayman support Mr Clifford in his attempt to take back Cayman from thre grips of these crooked politicians.

  44. Michael Ebanks says:


    Let me first start by saying that I don’t like politics and have never voted for that reason.  I personally don’t believe most politicians in Cayman know how to run this country. But what the UDP is doing by selling this Cayman asset (The new government building) is crazy.  How can you sell a building valued at 89m for 50m? Then pay to rent it.  Mckeeva Bush put his head on the chopping board and took Cayman along for the ride when he made a deal with the UK Government when he agreed to the terms for the 2009-2010 budgets. Clifford, we as a people, not only Caymanians but all who live here in Cayman and believe that selling the government building is mental need to protest.  We cant afford to sell this building.      

  45. Expat in your Country says:

    If you read carefully he say’s that "none of us are entitled to enter any other country and say we are there to work and to stay for as long as we please"

    HA HA HA HA and he was a politician! Being Caymanian, and having had a British passport handed over to you on a silver plate, CAYMANIANS can go and live and work in the UK / ALL of the European Union countries and bleed the UK dry on social services if Ya wanna unna! I personally know of a man (there are others) who has been in England for a year and a half and has not done a days work, he just collects social security and lives off he system, LOVES being in England , told me so himself. (Granted, he was a lazy ass here and did the same).

    So when I read ridiculous articles like that makes me LOL!

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you, from one soon to be rolled over British Ex Pat who has gone to pains to explain this previously only to be told I am wrong!  Nice to know someone else has seen it too. 

    • Anonymous says:

      EXPAT. Please don’t speak for every expat until you have the facts.

      You are obviously a moron! I’ve lived in your country and there is nothing there for anyone. If if was so great why are you here?

      Your banking system, healthcare and other infastructures are archaic. There are thousands of homeless people strung out on your streets, unemployment hangs over everyone’s heads many of your buildings don’t even have proper a/c or heating systems. There is a huge devide between your "upper-crust" and your undesireables.

      You are no longer a super power because your refuse to think out of the box and have an original thought.

      I see you are here bleeding us too!

      England must be ashamed of you. Mmmmmm does she even want you back?

      You are such a bad egg. Return to sender.


  46. Anonymous says:

    FINALLY someone who has some sense!  Where are the politicians, any of them?

    As an expat, I have no doubt this is not an expat versus Caymanian issue, but an issue of a competent government.  I personally do not feel threatened, as the island was gracious enough to accept me, even if temporarily.

    Mr. Clifford, I am in full support of your new movement (as I do not see this as a PPM/UDP divide as no politicians from either side have said boo about anything).

    CNS:  Would it be possible to ask Mr. Clifford to send his contact information to those that are interested in helping out, even if through anonymous activities, as I would be more than willing to help out and have skills that might be of use in mounting what I consider a campaign against incompetence.  I am sure others (locals and expats alike) feel the same way.

    Mr. Clifford, congratulations on taking a stand and trying to start this movement, I am here to support and help you in anyway that I can!

    CNS NOTE: The contact details are in the article at the end there is a number and an e-mail address.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Very informative information below.  My question is, are all the other members of the UDP on board with these changes? and if so, GOD help you all because your term is almost up and you too will be force to seek other employment out here with us.  

    You all think things bad now, wait a few more years when our children can not get job in their own country.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Come on now, think seriously! You have applied to the RCIPS for a protest to kick out the current UDP Government?

    Hold on! what about the crimes that are taking place???? I don’t think that you have thought this through thoroughly.

    What we REALLY have to protest publically about is the increased crime wave that has crept into the Cayman Islands and has seemingly taken a seat. 

    Let’s not forget that these crimes are being committed by our own people..Persons that we are not able to KICK OUT of the Cayman Islands, mainly because they are born here, right in the Cayman Islands, you know… the Island that time forgot?

    I fully understand and can see that we need to take control of our Country and not have it sold from under us, but we also have to realise that not only are the youngsters of this Country in trouble, they are making trouble for all of us as we continue to allow them to do so.

    What will we do if and when the RCIPS approves the application for this meaningless protest? It’s meaningless at this time, because the crime has overtaken it. 

    Please rethink this protest and let the RCIPS pull up their socks and solve the crimes.

  49. Afraid to Strap on a Pair Also says:

    LET ME PREFACE THIS BY SAYING that I’m not a Caymanian or an ex-pat;  THE GAME IS OVER;  YOU’RE SCREWED!!! 

  50. Anonymous says:

    Never trust a politician !!

  51. Anonymous says:

    I wish all those people who have no right to vote would stay out of this issue.

    Caymanians (new ones too), lets fight for our country!! Let’s put down the party biases and support Charles Clifford. We are fighting for our country!!

    Remember all the foolishness that Mac is doing!! Let’s force thisMadman to step down or at least listen to the electorate of the Cayman Islands.

    • Anonymous says:

      So you don’t want us to get involved even if we support you?  Nice!

      And by the way, your ‘new’ Caymanians can’t vote for a good 20 years yet – such is the law, so I guess you’ll have to do without their support too if you’re not interested in anything a non-voter has to say.

      • Anonymous says:

        I understand your point. I’ll do anything to get rid of this incompetent governement. However, let me just say that the reason I said that was because it seems to me that many people/business who have no interest in the long term success (economic and social) of Cayman and Caymanians have a heavy lobby, which often undermines the will of the electorate.

        My apoligies.

  52. Where has our future gone? says:

    It is safe to say that Chuckie and his entourage of business misfits have already placed this country in ruin with their lack of financial prudence building over $200 million dollars in capital projects without 1 red cent of long term financing in place. 

    Any old fool recognized 3 years ago that global commerce began its decline but unfortunately the gov’t at the time – PPM – believed the world recession wouldn’t affect the Cayman Islands.  Well here’s your wake up call, IT DID!

    Now that your awake Chuckie, your party lead us into financial desolation:  cash reserves depleted past Legal Requirements, no financial audits of gov’t entities and departments, and your immigration policies which you believe are so valuable have exiled all the good business Cayman once had since nobody will take a gamble to live here and be thrown out 7 years later. 

    And my fellow Caymanians that support "Chuckie and the Financial Mismanagement Bandits", be very careful of the vision your creating; I don’t think being under direct British Rule with Direct taxation is my father’s-father’s dream and its damn well not mine.   

    Mackeeva is at least a leader willing to make the tough decisions that can reinvent Cayman’s business model.  The times have changed, OECD is on us, the US & UK want our banking system to collapse and development has been strangled by the PPM’s lack of initiative to drive forward key industries.

    Chuckie, I challenge you now, MARCH but do the Caymanians of this country a favour and MARCH yourself and your Party straight to jail because it is criminal the way you all have mismanaged this Country’s money and put our way of life at risk for the UK to take control like they did in the Turks and Cacios Islands.  Its an outright SHAME!

    • Anonymous says:

      If any old fool recognised that the economy was going to decline, then why did so many countries and major corporations take such big hits? But you’re right, in your infinite wisdom and experience you must possess some special foresight they didn’t. Can I have your contact information so I can use you as my stock-broker? Apparently I’d make millions! Get off the blogs Miss Cleo…

  53. Anonymous says:

    You people sick me… Mackeeva is the bad guy here not Chuckie, why don’t we all support him to get our country back!


    A country get’s the government it deserves !

  54. big whopper says:

    Like Rupee says…I will be there

  55. Richard Wadd says:

     "At least Chuckie is someone with a brain."

     5 years of ‘thinking’ with the PPM got us in this mess. What the country needs now is Action, and the PPM has proven that they are incapable of taking ANY form of action.

     ‘Mac’ is not high on my list, but he is higher than Chuckie, and most of the PPM for that matter.

     He may make bad decisions, but he makes decisions none-the-less.

     You can’t go on a ‘journey’ without first taking a step. If you go the wrong way, at least you can change your direction, but if you never make that first step …….??

     Also, don’t forget there is a vast difference between Education, and ‘Sensibility’. 


    • Anonymous says:

      "Also, don’t forget there is a vast difference between Education, and ‘Sensibility’".

      Indeed, and McKeeva has neither, while Chuckie has both. McKeeva was voted in on the basis that he would be proactive but this only proved to be a series of ill-considered knee jerk reactions or, to mix metaphors, to shoot from the hip in all directions all at once.    

      Why is making bad – catastrophically bad – decisions automatically better than being slow to make decisions? Is it that the flurry of rash activity excites you and makes you feel that ‘something’ is being done? Sometimes it ‘s better to make haste slowly. When the country needscool, methodical thinking right now, and McKeeva is not it. Chuckie comes a lot closer. 

      P.S. The PPM were in office for 4 years, not 5, and it was not merely their decisions that caused our financial difficulties. McKeeva is as much to blame for that as anyone, e.g. by wasting that $65m on Boatswain’s Beach that could never see a return and in fact is costing us millions in subsidy.          

    • Dred says:

      Actually you stepped allover yourself here.

      Everyone in Cayman including school kids know that Mac made his way around politics not using Education but commonsense. So educationally Chuckie is superior but commonsense wise Big Mac has the edge.

      Big Mac issue has always been do it then think about it. That my friend is the issue. Some roads when you start on them it’s a B$%$# to get off. He wants to appease England with a quick fix by saying SEE WE BALANCED (but we screwed us up for the next 30 years).

      How in the world can you agree with this statement….

      He may make bad decisions, but he makes decisions none-the-less.

      That makes no sense. I would rather no decision that one that is worse than where we are.

      Your logic makes no logical sense.

      Granted PPM made big mistakes with the schools. Not that we don’t need them just we can’t afford it now.

      These measures that he is imploring are going to sink this country into a hole it will take us past my life time to get out of.

  56. Anonymous says:

    Ok my Caymanians, STOP the criticizing (you are beginning to sound like Big Mac)

    We asked for someone to take action.  Well here it is ! No one is asking you to vote Clifford in… just stand up for what you believe in!  Protest , not as UDP or PPM , but as concerned Caymanians.  Erase the divide and the colors! Blue, Red and Green are just colors and part of our national flag, we are one country (not two).

    So if you don’t agree with what is happening in our own country – SHOW UP , take part and don’t just sit down and complain !  

    If you have anything with all the flag colors – WEAR IT !! Show this government we are tired of these school house games !  We are ONE, CAYMANIAN ! Let us all pull together .

    • Knowledge is Power says:

      To poster 02/16/2010 – 12:25 "Ok my Caymanians, STOP the criticizing (you are beginning to sound like Big Mac)…"

      Agree with you 100% !

  57. Anonymous says:

    Where did chuckie get the idea that we could potentially have 9,000 persons getting key employee (which is what he actually said on the radio). This is a ludicrous and irresponsible comment. the industry does not even employ a total of 9,000 persons (it employs less than 6,000 persons and THAT includes both caymanians and expats). So how could it even be remotely possible to have 9,000 with key employee or residency or cayman status?

    The are are unlikely to be more than 150 to 200 persons who get key and some of these would already likely get it eventually anyway (if they dont leave before voluntarily that is).

    financial services firms are already relocating their staff to other countries. so this would be "great" signal to them chuckie. Bravo! now we can finish the exodus off by having a protest that wil be promoted locally and internationally for exactly what it is—-not "taking our country back" but anti foreigner….something that is unfortunately starting to feel like a  Caymanian characteristic (despite the fact that the country was not built on such sentiments)

    so go ahead–take your country back–destroy and already fragile sector and when government revenues and dry up and more caymanians get laid off we can all sit and happily soak ourselves in the success of our efforts. Get real people.


    • Anonymous says:

      No sympathizers of the UDP can stop us now. we know what they’re up to and we’re INDEPENDENTS"  not PPM nor UDP so there you go !

      That was a cheap shot!

      We can’t take it anynmore.

      If chuckie is leading the way to do somthing good what the hell does it matter what party he is of !

      He sees a car runing off the cliff and he’;s getting out BEFORE IT HAPPENS !



  58. The Truth says:

    Set an example Charlie Boy our leaders dont seem to understand that listening accessing and executing where feasible is a great part of their jobs.

    One issue close to my heart:

    Im not attacking expats but when our money strip belongs to them(seven mile beach) I start to ask how and why is our government allowing this.

    I walk into many stores and notice the number of foreigners in positions that i truly believe a Caymanian is qualified for,just yesterday my fiancee who  told me of an expat Manager  who describe the locals as ignorant monkeys…hear say but im sure we have all been exposed to or overheard this type of talk.

    I see that unemployment is at 600 plus on this small island and Mr Bush is pushing for 3-5 year work permit grants, im sorry but that dosnt seem like someone that is looking out for the unemployed.

    Again im not attacking or promoting further division locally however id like my government to explain how  establishments are allowed such high numbers of expats while Caymanians need jobs, if you dont believe this take a stroll on the waterfront or the shops along seven mile beach

     Expats are selling and making commision on the Duty Free Jewelry, expats are serving cooking and managing most restaurants, expats are selling Condos, Homes Land(I believe they have a few token locals in that industry) hell i even walked into a property managment office to find all expats i guess a caymanian cant negotiate a lease.



    • SARK says:

      The land was once owned by Caymanians who sold it….no one held a gun to their heads!

      As Caymanians we need to stop blaming others for our misfortunes to a great extent. We welcomed expatriates to help build our economy, which they did, but we did not put measures in place. Caymanians should have learned from these contibutors and then assume leadership roles and run these islands. Instead some of our people did not have the foresight to realise that education documented on a piece of paper  was just as important as experience.

      Now that a few Caymanians are in leadership roles, they fight their own Caymanians out of positions: ‘crabs in a barrel syndrome". What can I say..which came first…the chicken or the egg?

      I just applied for a job a young, educated Caymanian(3 degrees), the job was a work permit renewal and I was not offered the job! I was more than qualified but was not even shortlisted because the HR favoured expats and she has Caymanian status!!! So I do understand what you are saying.

      On the note of Chucky, he is an angel fallen from grace. He will NEVER be voted back in..he is not the brightest spark! I agree that important decisions that are made by government on our behalf should be done through referendums. Transparency is crucial!

    • Anonymous says:

      When you talk about unemployment, it’s really really important that you understand the industry and who is employed in that particular industry. I don’t like generalisation but if a particular industry has a number of significant expatriates or no Caymanians working in it I would say that this would strongly suggest that there are no Caymanians interested in that industry or no suitable quilified Caymanians available to work in that industry. If there is a huge number of foreigners in more than one business it’s really hard believe that all these businesses, that is unless you like conspiracies.

    • Seriously? says:

      Unfortunately the reason why you see so many expats "making commission on Duty free Jewellery, serving, cooking and managing most restaurants, selling condoes" etc is because most Caymanians don’t want to do those jobs – hence the need for companies to employ expats.  Caymanians don’t want to do menial work, they want the high paying jobs as they’re "entitled" to it.  No one is entitled to anything, whether you are from here or not and until such time as Caymanians learn that simple fact in life things won’t improve.  I love Cayman but sometimes it can be tiring (and insulting) to read all the expat bashing in the newspapers and the websites.  Here I am renting a flat from a Caymanian and supporting local businesses but I’m the scum of the earth.  Thanks!

      So my question is:  Where are the Caymanian hotel workers, waiters/waitresses, bar staff etc? Caymanian students workingsummer jobs?  Nowhere to be seen as mom and dad are quite happy to give them everything.  Who buys them their car?  Who buys their phones, pays for the credit etc?  I know its not the students themselves as they don’t have jobs.  You bring up a child and make them want for nothing then when they are adults they expect the same thing.  Enter Cayman today.

      My advice to Caymanians is – get your kids working – teach them responsibility, the value of money and most importantly work ethic.  If your kid doesn’t have those three characteristics they won’t get very far in the corporate world.  Stop saying you’re "entitled" and do something to ensure you get the jobs you want.

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t kid yourself, expatriate workers are selling jewelry and working in restaurants and bars because Caymanians don’t want to do the work. These businesses put advertisements in the paper almost every day and state "Caymanians and status holders only need apply," but then they get no applications so they renew their work permits. I don’t doubt that some unscrupulous employers would hire expatriate workers over a willing and qualified Caymanian, but this is not the norm.

      I’m a Caymanian who worked one of these jobs before and I’ll tell you a little bit what I’ve learned about us Caymanians over the years. I’m speaking very generally here, but in my opinion what I am about to say is quite true for the majority of the people complaining about "expats taking our jobs" who are unemployed and waiting for DER to place them or for friends or family contacts to pull through…

      We don’t like to serve people. We really don’t want to serve people we know. We don’t like to work evenings. We really don’t like to work Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays. We don’t want our salary to be uncertain and commensurate with our level of service, ability to do our job well or the economy (i.e. pay is based largely on gratuities or commission). We don’t want to stand up all day. We like to work 8:30 – 5:00. We like office jobs with air conditioning and chairs. We like having a computer with internet access at work. We like having a big salary. And we feel that we are entitled to these things simply because we are Caymanian.

      Some unemployed Caymanians are unemployed because it is difficult to find a job that suits their skill level. For example, some are well-educated and qualified and cannot find a job to utilise their skills and experience. That is not fair. Others are unemployed because they have little education and little to no marketable skills because parents aren’t raising their children right and schools are willing to churn out illiterate, anti-social gangstas to prey on society. Again, that is not fair. But many are unemployed because they are unwilling to apply for jobs like those in the service industry that are suitable for their limited skill set. And for them I have no pity.

  59. Afraid to Strap on a Pair Also says:

    WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO GET UK INTERVENTION???  Not talking to you, Chuckie and sure as hell not talking to Mac.  There’s more corruption, murder and crime here per square mile than any place on this earth.  Are you proud of yourselves?  Suck it up and do the only remaining thing to be done people!  Save yourselves; save those you love. And I’m not talking about a one-on-one with the Lord!

  60. Referendum is impossible says:

    Referendum = IMPOSSIBLE

    Thanks to the way the PPM crafted the Constitution…

    They made sure that it would not be possible to garner enough signatures to trigger a Referendum in order to protect themselves, thinking they would be reelected…

    Signatures from 25% of the total number of people having voted at the last elections should have been a fair number to signal widespread discontent and the need for a Referendum…

    Btw, with the advent of the Internet, it would have been very easy to set up inexpensively a Referendum system to vote on  all major issues: for proof that the vote is genuine, all one need to do is enter his/her voter’s card number…

    Those who don’t have a computer, surely have friends who do, so that around 90% of the entire voting population could thus easily be polled in a very short time and with a good degree of accuracy…

    The same system could also serve for the next election, ensuring a far cheaper process and a much larger participation…



    • Anonymous says:

      This is a waste of time and money.  It will only more divide an already divided country.  Even if enough signatures could be obtained on a petition for a referendum, more than half of theregistered voters – not voters – would have to vote for a new election.  That is not going to happen, thanks to the way the constitution was rammed through. We  reap what the PPM has sown.

    • durrrr says:

      25%? are you crazy? we’d have a friggin referendum after every election!

  61. Anonymous says:

    It is the crime that we are most concerned with today Mr Clifford.

    Make this protest about the failure of this government to do anything to prevent, detect and severely punish crime and you will have enough signatures in the first 24 hours. We, the voters, want something done about crime. There are other issues as well including the lack of any apparent understanding regarding anything that the government is displaying and the fact that they appear to be more interested in hiring more and more personal servants at our expense, and jet setting around the planet than in solving the country’s problems. However it is crime and the safety of our children and other loved ones which is our immediate concern.

    I recall that during the 1992 presidential election in the US the Clinton team came from behind and won with the slogan "It’s the economy stupid". I know that this is not an election, and I know that you are far from stupid, but in Cayman and at this time "It’s the crime"

  62. What would a woodchuck??? says:

    Has Chuckie forgoten that the same people that organized themselves to remove the PPM can again organize themselves to defend their Government??? i say briing it on Chuck we are ready to start the ringing the bells again…..

    • Anonymous says:

      "to start ringing the bells again"??? Haha, that not gonna help you anymore because those same JLP Jamaicans that you had supporting you with all your false promises & lies are the very ones that is cussing you like hell. Those "bell ringers" & imported supporters are not happy, they feel betrayed by the udp. I suggest you go back to the drawing board & forget about "ringing the bells"! Let’s get it on!

  63. Regretful of Spliting Votes says:

    My family and I are in full support of this Chuckie!! Can’t wait to march!!

    • Anonymous says:

      My family and I are in full support of our premier and the UDP!! so go ahead fools, take to the streets,I just can’t wait to see the dissapointing look on your faces a few months from now!!!

  64. Anonymous says:

    so chuckie is against the key employee status for highly qualified financial service industry employees????

    we had 5 years of this mentality under the ppm and it drove us to bankruptcy….

    now we have have someone who got kicked out of office trying to get others kicked out?

    instead of demonstrations maybe he can offer some solutions….oh i just remebered the ppm offered nothing in government and even less in opposition

  65. Anonymous says:

    I don’t believe my eyes.


    There’s hope yet.

  66. Richard Wadd says:

     You had 4 years, and did nothing to stop the decline, even though the ‘Handwriting was on the wall’.

     Why should we listen to you now?

     No, we’ll keep the UDP. At least we can ‘lead’ Mac in the direction we want to go, the PPM has ‘too many Chiefs, and not enough Indians’ to be an effective Govt.

    • Anonymous says:

      "At least we can ‘lead’ Mac in the direction we want to go".

      You are seriously delusional if you think you can lead Mac anywhere. We are on the brink of destruction and he is full headlong charge.

      At least Chuckie is someone with a brain.

    • Dred says:

      ‘lead’ Mac in the direction we want to go.

      OOh my God that is simply too funny. Haa haaa haa. I can’t tell you how humourous that is.

      Just follow the yellowbrick road Dorothy and you’ll reach Kansas.

      You are so disconnected from reality it is not even funny. I have two words for you. GET HELP!!!

      The only way we are to get him to do something is if someone with REAL money tells him to. Certainly not you and definitely not me.

      So go ahead and click your heals twice.

      I don’t like parties. Hate their mentality and have a personal grudge against Kurt but things that UDP are doing make PPM look good.

      Let me put what selling the Government offices is like. It’s like going out to drink and get drunk. It’s a quick fix cause while you are drunk you don’t remember that your Civil Service is over staffed, you don’t realise that your hikes to financial companies will drive off business, you don’t realise that your massive hikes to duties will mean hikes in cost of living which will lead to more crime. Then you sober up the next day and now you are paying rent for years on end and that 50 million doubles on you, then you realise your grand scheme to increase fees has run off enough companies to the point where you still are only making what you made before, you realise that you can’t control crime because you have no more resources than you had before and more and more people are turning to crime.

      Notice I didn’t even mention the Immigration issue. Well simply put if you only have so many jobs available and companies are leaving you will have less jobs annually. Now if you make others have this job who are not even from here year after year with no end date then Caymanians are doomed.

      This is where we are going.

      What we need is more THOUGHT about what we do.

      I like the Hospital idea because I see where we can possibly thin out our government by moving some of our CIG staff into their admin. I see possibly us rethinking should we have a GT Hospital if this hospital can do what we need it to do at a lower price.

      Don’t get me wrong I see concerns there also but in general I like the idea.

      I like a Lottery because I think numbers is already creating a social issue and that hasn’t killed us yet and this would be no different.

      I like the possibility of Casinos because I see good revenue from these and with proper restrictions in place we could create a situation where there is minimal impact on Caymanians.

      I like the possibility of Green Technology being focussed on for the Cayman Islands as being a means to lower Cost of Living. We live on an Island which has sun like 80% or more a year. We live beside a deep trench where we could us tidal and temperature technology to generate light. We have options people and I am not talking stupidity like refinery which would kill our precious Island.

      We need a government that THINKS not JUST acts. Where is the balance?

    • Anonymous says:

      to Anon 11:19. did you say "At least we can ‘lead’ Mac in the direction we want to go"??? Unbelievable! No one leads a dictator. But seriously, where have you been living? Have you ever known Mac to be lead by anyone? But the ironic thing in what you said is that you say "we can lead Mac in the direction we want to go" which means that there is plenty people ("we") making the decisions as to where "we" want to go! In other words "many chiefs"!! Isn’t that what you said? Then you go on to say that "the PPM has ‘too many Chiefs, and not enough Indians’ to be an effective Govt."
      In one breath you are saying the udp is good because they have many ("we") leading Mac in the directionwe want (i.e. many chiefs), but in the next breath you say that the PPM were not effective because they had "too many Chiefs and not enough Indians"!! Am I missing something here.

      For the record I support the PPM because they are not a dictatorship.

  67. Anonymous says:

    Go Chucky! I will be there sign, march, backflip, dance & whatever else it takes to secure a future for Caymanians in our own country.   

  68. Anonymous says:

    Last I checked the financial industry had about 2000 expats working in it and not only that but 60% of the industry was Caymanian already.  So stop the damn 9000 crap trying to scare our people.  XXXXXX.  Do you think crime will stop by replacing the government?  NO…all it is going to do is cause confusion and more emotions and when emotions get high people will die!!

  69. Anonymous says:

    All of a sudden I feel like going to chuch and singing some chuch hyms. One of those ‘jump up’ churches too!

  70. Anonymous says:

    Who ever thinks that selling the new Gov Building is a smart idea, has just the same amount of sense that Mckeeva has. NONE! why sell the building then pay to rent it out???

    Honestly you guys with the negative feedback need to read this over..

    “We will have copies of the voters list with us and if the government fails to show up or refuses to reverse these very dangerous and irresponsible policies, then right there in front of the Glass House we will begin the process of obtaining the required number of signatures for the country’s first ever Peoples Initiated Referendum in accordance with Part IV section 70 of the new Cayman Islands Constitution Order 2009. The referendum will call for early General Elections to remove this reckless UDP Government from power,” Clifford explained.

    I did not vote. but i will this time and not for any of the UDP!.



    • Kman says:

      As it has been explained many times now

      The budget is running a large deficit, you did not want to cut the civil service or benefits. If Cayman ends the year in a deficit is will have to borrow more money whuch means it needs to go back to the UK to get permission.

      UK has made it quite clear that they will only give permission if Cayman introduces DIRECT TAXATION

      The sale of the building is to only prevent Cayman going back to the UK in a kneeling position.

      If you have another solution to rasing the funds in such a short time period let’s hear it.

      The sale of the building makes little sense unless you look at the big picture, so please open your eyes.

      As for crime, if people actually started to act and report family members they know are involved this could all be prevented.

      I say march on the families of those involved in the killing of the innocent child and let me know they are partially to blame and that we are not prepared to accept their silence anymore

  71. Anonymous says:

    When that day comes, I’ll be right there with ya singing "FREE at last, free at last. THANK GOD Almighty, we are free at last."

  72. Anonymous says:

    Can we please stop talking about politics? Can you READ the article first? Mr. Clifford clearly stated:

    "this was not a PPM protest but a fierce movement of the people on issues of national concern supported by a wide cross-section of the community to oust the current administration"


    NOW LET’S TAKE CAYMAN BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Mr. Clifford!

    • Anonymous says:

      I am an Ex Pat.  I have no vote or right to say anything but I do feel strongly that Cayman is headed in the wrong direction under Bush leadership.  In fact, I consider almost everything he is doing to be suicidal for Cayman.  I love Cayman, I love its people and I wish to lend my support in what I consider to a very worthy cause. 

      In addition to the concerns addressed already by Chuckie, I also wish to make a stand (as I believe do many others both ex pat and Caymanian) against the rampant crime in this country and demand that the government take action.  Right now it appears they couldn’t care less, although I am sure this could not possibly be the case.  Either way, the recent death of the poor young boy in West Bay in my book is the last straw.  How many more innocent people are going to die over this before something is done?

  73. Anonymous says:

    Way to go! I am surprised that it took Chuckie to do this though, but nonetheless thank God that someone has taken the initive. But then again he has stood up to Mac before so… Where the hell are the PPM elected members??

  74. Horrific says:

    Any credibility Chuckie has is now gone with the selfish and self-advertising stunt.  What the country does not need right now is instability, especially instability centred on anti-ex-pat agitation (which this is despite the denial).

  75. Anon says:

    How out of touch can someone be? Nobody cares about this right now – maybe in a few months, but not right now.

    People are being murdered every week now and this guy wants to organize a protest against key employee grants?

    If he wants to organize a protest, let’s protest the crime wave which is spiraling out of control. 

    Or does that not fit Chuckie’s political ambitions? He is trying to reverse an election in which he lost soundly – that was the real will of the people.

  76. Anonymous says:

    "He said that none of us are entitled to enter any other country and say we are there to work and to stay for as long as we please."


    So…you can’t go to the UK freely then???

  77. Anonymous says:

    Chuckie, this is music to my ears, thank you for taking the initiative to have this organised. We will be there in full support!

    I do believe that you should consider following Ezzard’s suggestion to have it before the LA begins next week. 

    The Premier has to be stopped, he needs to engage his brain before engaging his mouth. His remarks at his swearing in was enough to turn your stomach inside out.

    Caymanians please come out and support this, it is no use saying it behind closed doors, we need to come together and unite. We are disappointed and enraged at state that our country is in at the present time. Let’s take back Cayman.

    This is not about UDP, PPM or Independents it is about you and me, Caymanians as one. United we stand, divided we fall. 

    Please let us come together, show the world that we love our country, show our children that we care for their future, show our leaders that we are serious. Let them know whoever is in power, whether it is UDP or PPM, we are not happy with them and  we have a right to do something about it. We do not have to wait for four years to have a say. We can do it now.

    Let’s come together, see you there.


  78. ajmagic says:

    Can Mr "Chuckie" hand back his British Passport. Thanks

    • If Only says:

      How many caymanians have a british passort and actually use it to go live in the UK. And how can we compare worst case senario 20,000 people  going to a big place like the UK vs trying to control the population on the islands that can’t sustain enough people to fit in a US football stadium?  If you ask me, which I know most people aren’t, but the concern to close the "flood gates" as Mr. Clifford says actually helps out the UK with the british passport perks. If Caymanian status entitlement is controlled that also controls the amount of people who would later apply for a UK passport. How do we not know some of the applicants for status are not just doing so to eventually get rights to go to the UK? I got a british passport but for reasons that has nothing to do with wanting to live in the UK, more so to do with ease of travel instead of applying for visas from european countries or entry to the US for vacation, not to work and live for X amount of years, but then again according to the posts on this thread of the use of brit passports I must be the minority. 

  79. Anonymous says:

    we need to put politics aside and work with Mr CLifford..

  80. Anonymous says:

    This is what I’ve been waiting for! I’m with you 100% Chuckie!!! March on, March on!!

  81. Anonymous says:

    Okay begged for ACTION, here it is now!


    Caymanians/Status Holders/Stand UP!!!

  82. Mckeeva is a JOKE says:

    I’ll sign it! Better print them up today – because 24 hours in Mac’s hands good mean doomsday for us! Anyone else notice the earthquakes that have been coming!

    God is watching!

    • Pastor Bucket says:

      Lord help us,

      Please study some basic science on earthquakes, stop leading our people backwards, you can keep your faith but not lose your brain you know

      Earthquakes are natural, they are "Faults" not sins


    • Anonymous says:


      And an insult to all people that died from natural disasters.


  83. Anonymous says:

    "He said that none of us are entitled to enter any other country and say we are there to work and to stay for as long as we please."

    As a Caymanian with a British passport that is exactly what you can do in any European Country – it just isn’t reciprocated. You are able to exercise choice in whether you do go to work or live, but do not extend that same freedom of  choice to others.

    • Anonymous says:

      1. We can only do that because we are British Citizens and therefore EU citizens. That is the point. You cannot enter a country of which you are NOT A CITIZEN to live and work and stay as long as you please.

      2. We did not ask for that citizenship. It was conferred on us by UK statute and given expressly on the basis that it would be non-reciprocal.

      3. Clearly, giving the right to some 20,000 Caymanians to live in an EU country will have negligible impact on the EU (and the UK carefully calculated this before even entertaining the idea) whereas giving the right to hundreds of millions of EU citizens to live and work in Cayman without restriction would be devastating to Cayman.    

  84. Chuckytheclown says:

     I’m so disappointed of "Chucky and The PPM(Poor People Mistake)"using this time when our islands is mourning a lost of a child to promote his PPM failed agenda.You guys should be ashamed of yourself.


    Now Chucky has time to answer his phone……I wonder why?he never answered or returned phone calls while on office!!!The previous PPM government never had the foresight to stop this islands from bleeding financially….That is why the UDP have to find ways and means  to controlled that bleeding…PPM left this islands in a financial mess..The greater your desire to accomplish something, the more likely it will be accomplished.

    • Anonymous says:

      Didn’t read of any expat bashing in the article.

      The UDP is placing this country in a far greater mess than ever was in under the PPM.

    • Someone with sense. says:


      This issue needs to be hit head on while the topic is still fresh and in the media and everyone’s minds.

      This must have taken time plan and to do, I’m am sure that Mr. Charles Clifford cannot tell the future of and what will happen.

      My condolences go out to this family and I am very sorry of your loss.

      But we as Caymanian still cannot forget about this issue at hand.

  85. Anonymous says:

    HeyChucky, we already had a public referendum that is "democracy at work". It’s called an election. 

    • Anonymous says:

      There is no doubt that the tide of public has changed dramatically since May, 2009. We simply cannot wait for another 3+ years as irreparable damage will have been done.    

  86. Anonymous says:

    Chukie, Grow up! you sound like a spolt kid!

    Why dont you organize a march to demand the Governor takes immediate action to deal with the crime issue. There is an idea for you!

    • Anonymous says:

      Spoilt kid? You should be concerned about our Caymanian children who will have no future on our island? What do you think is causing the crime? Caymanians who can’t get ahead in their own country which means they have to turn to a life of crime to survive! Every action has a re-action and we need to make sure whatever is done is done in the interest of CAYMANIANS! We vote for government to serve us not expats (no offense). Once Caymanians are able to have the opportunity to be successful the crime rate is sure to drop. Exellent work Chuckie, once again you have come to our rescue! Shame on the PPM and the UDP puppets who fail to put Lil Mac in his place.

  87. Anonymous says:

    Chuckie I have known you for many years and I share your concerns regarding what this government is doing. However, if yo make your petition about the lack of any efforts by this government to pass new laws to deter crime you will get far more signatures. The people are most angry about crime and the lack of any effort by this government to do anything about it.

  88. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Clifford as a west bayer you have my support because i’m sick and tired of this man and the crap that he is doing to this country he  would sell his birth rights that if he hasnt as yet this man need to be stop and stop now. Mr. Bush feel that there is no one above him well guess what Mr. Bush the people of this country is and it time for us to to show you that you cant do as you please with this country.I hope he is enjoying the winter olympics becasue he will have a hell of a race when he gets back . Becasue  i for one wants answers for all this crime That is happening on his shift as they  call it. this will be stop one way or the other.

  89. Anonymous says:

    ‘He said that none of us are entitled to enter any other country and say we are there to work and to stay for as long as we please’  – that’s what I really, really love about all these uber intelligent Caymanian MLA’s, they open their mouths and spout bullsh*t like this without ever checking their facts.  I believe you’ll find that as a Caymanian you are entitled to a British passport, and that posession of this passport will entitle you to enter another country (the UK) and say that you are there to work and stay for as long as you please.  I’m not disagreeing with the sentiment of restricting immigration to Cayman but I do think the people who are voted into power in this country should be capable of telling the truth.

    • Anonymous says:

      Donkey – gimme a break! The difference here – we are entitled to a British Passport and therefore entitled to live and work in the UK.  You on the other hand, are only entitled to come live and work with us as we decide….just like the UK decides who are entitled to live and work with them.  They ‘own’ us ya dummy – so if they decide to entitle us to a British Passport with the right to live and work there that is their business.  Why should we not also be able to decide who gets entitlement to live and work and stay (or leave) our Cayman Islands? Every damn Country decides for themselves what the rules are – I still cannot figure out why expats feel that we should not be able to decide who is ENTITLED. 

      • Anonymous says:

         Like I said, I’m totally not disagreeing that there needs to be some action over immigration into Cayman, my point, if you can come down off your high horse for long enough to try and understand is that, life would be easier in Cayman if the people who were elected to power didn’t tell down right lies when trying to put their point across.  And, I am totally aware that politicians everywhere lie, of course they do, but normally they dont tell downright lies about information that is so easy to discredit. Of course Caymanians are entitled to decide who lives here I never said that they werent. peace.

        • Anonymous says:

          He was right – we are not entitled to enter any country of which WE ARE NOT CITIZENS and live and work as long as we like. As British Citizens we are also EU citizens.  

          • Anonymous says:

             I don’t get your point and I apologise if I’m being stupid.  I said he’s lying that you cant just go and live and work in any other country, as far as I can see in his statement he didn’t say you couldn’t just go and live and work in another country that you aren’t a citizen of.  However, that by the by, as a British passport holder you are entitled to work and live in the UK and you also have the right to work and live in about 18 (I’m not sure about this figure exactly so don’t slate me for that) other countries – you wont be a citizen of any of those countries, its merely the fact that you hold a British passport that allows you to do that.  Sometimes I can only shake my head that some people who post on this forum can jump on one of the biggest advantages that they have as a Caymanian and use it against someone who is openly supporting Cayman’s right to protect its borders against mass immigration even if it means that one day in the not so distant future they’ll get booted out.  Give me a break eh?

      • Anonymous says:

        Because Cayman is not an independent country. 

      • Anon says:

        The fact that Charles Clifford claims he cannot live and work anywhere else is patently FALSE. But then again he is a politician. Caymanians CAN and DO go and work in the UK. Nothing wrong with that. Also I as an expat agree with some of these sentiments as immigration is a problem all over the world. I think the labour market has to be reformed here and Frank Mc Field put forward some good ideas i read in a column re a more regulated labour market in terms of a minimum wage etc. Still if there was a protest like this in Europe it would be regarded as "rightwing" Fascist ëtc etc. Lucky you can raise the issue and protest without some clown calling you un PC.

      • Kels says:

        why did you have to be rude and say donkey when someone was just making a point? everything on this forum is just an opinion.  Is your own argument so weak that you feel the name to start calling people names. I don’t get it. 

    • Anonymous says:

      He’s not just talking about Caymanians having freedom of movement to the UK, smartypants. A CITIZEN of a country has every right to enter that country and work and live for as long as they like. Any Caymanian can apply for citizenship in the UK and then live and work there. But would a Caymanian be able to move to Australia and do that? Or Japan? Can a Costa Rican move to Germany? Or a Chinese immigrant have no issues in the United States? The answer is no. The Caymanian right to a UK passport has nothing to do with Mr. Clifford’s statement. He is completely correct in saying that people (in general, including but not limited to Caymanians) cannot just go to other countries and demand to work and stay for as long as they want to.

  90. Anonymous says:

    Now you guys are taking action… Thank you

  91. It's Time says:

    Congrats Chuckie, I will be right there behind you and I hope people don’t take this as a PPM thing as this is a Cayman thing and we all need to get behind this protest for the good of Cayman. I am asking all Caymanians who are concerned for our future to please come out and stand behind this march.

  92. Che says:

     Hey Chuckie guess what?  My family and  I voted for the UDP but now has regrets, I will sign the petition right away if it means taking back Cayman and getting things back into order.

  93. Anonymous says:

    Go Chuckie Go

  94. Anonymous says:

    Yes! It’s about time! Good job Chucky, I will be there to march with you. Stand up Caymanians and let’s take back our country!

  95. Anonymous says:

    Chuckie is on crack if he thinks there are 9,000 expats working in the financial services industry.