No sign of Mac’s task force

| 17/02/2010

(CNS): The premier has called on the governor and the police commissioner once again to bring in a task force to deal with crime, but there is no indication that it is likely to happen anytime soon. The call comes in the wake of the fatal shooting of four-year-old Jeremiah Barnes on Monday night, just yards, as the crow flies, from McKeeva Bush’s own home in West Bay. He said his government had provided everything the police had asked for, and although the elected government does not control the police, he was confident the commissioner and the governor would heed the call. Bush sent his condolences to the family of Jeremiah from Whistler, where he is attending the winter Olympics.

A few months ago Bush had first pointed to the fact that the Cayman Islands can no longer describe itself as crime free and has been pressing for a task force. However, it seems so far his request has gone unheeded and there was still no sign from the Governor Duncan Taylor or Commissioner David Baines at yesterday’s press briefing that there are any plans to bring in an outside force.

Taylor said on Tuesday that there would be an emergency Cabinet meeting on Friday to shape proposed legislation to assist the police in terms of bringing convictions, such as the introduction of anonymous witnesses, judge alone trials and removing a suspect’s fundamental right to silence, which has been seen in the UK, but there was no mention of a task force.

Baines said the RCIPS would be increasing patrols, but did not outline any plans to engage an overseas force to deal with the current and immediate need to control the violence, which has been increasing as a result of gang feuds.

However, Bush saidin his statement from Whistler thathe had called publicly and privately for the specialist team on several occasions. “With the new commissioner in place and a new governor, I feel confident that this will be addressed with urgency,” said the premier.

“The country has had very recent changes with the appointment of a new governor and the current commissioner also needs some time to deal effectively with this issue.  The government is working together with them and the wider community to ensure that appropriate short term and long term strategies are developed and put in place urgently to address the rise in serious crimes in this country,” added Bush. “This government has provided everything that we have been asked for in terms of resources and we will continue to do so.”

Despite not having control over the police constitutionallyg he said the UDP administration would continue to pursue long term holistic strategies. “We will also be giving advice through the National Security Council and in other ways. I am confident that the rule of law will prevail, not mob rule,” he added. The governor confirmed on Tuesday that the National Security Council would hold its first meeting in the next two weeks but that it was not expected to be able to resolve the immediate problems.

He also called on the wider community to do its part in the fight against the rise in serious crimes, saying that everyone could do their part by cooperating with the police. “Let’s not make it any easier for criminal elements to operate within our community by being silent. There are programmes that will allow you to give information on an anonymous basis to the authorities.  If you see something happening in your community, tell someone, we all have an important role to play,” said the premier.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    People of Cayman, we all need to stand together in these hard times, this is the only way to fight it and come out the other side victorious.  Playing the blame game does not work, we each have played a part in what is happening, expats, Caymanians, RCIPS, the Governor and the leaders of Cayman past and present.  Everyone needs to come together, parents raise your children right, friends and neighbours be a part in raising our youth with values, name and shame, stand up for what is right, sometimes we have to make sacrifices for the greater good.  RCIPS, those of you, you know who you are, who do not deserve to be Police Officers, stand up and admit to yourself that you are part of the problem, move over so someone else can do your job with pride. The government, its not all about money, take stock of what is happening, the route of this evil is greed.  We need reform in the education system, we need to be able to train and educate our young here on island, teachers, nurses, doctors, tradesmen, the soul of a country.  These things keep a nation going when money from finance disappears. Mckeeva, set an example.  Men and women of Cayman, teach your young boys and girls there is so much more to life than crime, lets not have this beautiful, small island be ruined.  We need to stand tall, each one of us has to be accountable.



  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes, Mac was in Canada writing our new slogan for advertisement:

    "Cayman going down hill FAST"

    He won gold !


  3. Anonymous says:

    You all are making some very brilliant comments and some of them are very comical, we do need some humor.Laughter is the best medicine.


    Why arn’t you coconut heads asking the Deputy Premiere these questions and calling her out.Instead of asking the premiere to come back! Do yu realize how stupid you look it means that yu do not understand your constitution, you have never read it, and you don’t even know the function of our Deputy Premiere.

    She is the Deputy !

    And she is now ON DUTY in his absense!

    No wonder they call you coconut heads !

    You ‘re acting like water heads !

    • Anonymous says:

       What is she going to do Wash their feet  and quote passages from the good book .God Helps those who help themselves he said this with them in mind i am absolutely sure because unless you pay homeage to the Pious of the UDP you aint getting squat.

    • Baya 4 life says:

      she is not duty because Mac is on offical travel (meaning he is still on the job).  to be honest, it doesnt matter who or how many Ministers we have.  they all have to wait for Mac’s response.  Remember he is our Dictator not Premier…….

    • Fallen Angel says:

      er… this one coconut head is wondering if she is on duty why she would wait to be asked and called out.  if she had read and  understands her constitution,  she should know her function herself.

      The rising crime is clear and present  and if she’s on duty, she should be up close, front and center in his absence.

      Anybody seen or heard her?

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah, I saw her shopping at a local hardware store with one of our uniformed Police officer as a bag boy and then driven in an official SUV to do her shopping. Wonder why that is?

  4. Anonymous says:

     Be warned Mac unless you get a grip on the downward spiral of  Cayman the UK Govt will step in –

  5. Anonymous says:

    To all those who think that Mac’s absence from the country is irrelevant to the crime problem we are facing – I share your recognition that he is completely useless as a leader. For good or for bad it is our Legislative Assembly that has the capacity to target criminals and their assets and our Premier who is supposed to bring in legislation to do that. Clearly our current Premier would rather be partyingl as he shows no interest in introducing needed legislation to suppress crime.

    Got it – it is NOT the Governor or the Police Commissioner who are the ones who bring legislation to the LA, it is the Government lead by the Premier. Unfortunately we seem to have an absentee Premier who has no interest in going after the criminals where it hurts them.   

    • Anonymous says:

      And remember, the New Governor was warned to stay away from Caymans affairs by the Islands’ defender in his inaugural speech.

  6. Anonymous says:

    So what? He’s in Canada, I’m pretty sure he has vacation entitlement just like most of the rest of you do.


    What exactly do you want him here for? To pull out his magic wand and say criminals stop!? Whether he comes back now or next week, it’s not going to make a difference, be real.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree that it isn’t going to make any difference if he is here or not, the crime isn’t going to disappear just because he is back on the island.

      With regards to "so what if he is in Canada" – I think it depends on whether he is there on his own dime or whether he is funding this trip with government funding.

      I agree that the man is entitled to a holiday but not if it on the country’s time & dime

      • Anonymous says:

        I think if you check it out through FOI you will find that both ministers travelled first class and that we paid for it. This behaviour will never change, this is why we weren’t even told they were in Canada until now.

    • LivingCayman says:

      How much vacations does a Premier of Financially strapped Island get?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Ray Charles could even see who is to blame here.


    Look in the mirror people.

  8. Anonymous says:

    MAC is on the slopes while Cayman is on the slide.

  9. Bobby Anonymous says:

    What happens to the cook, housekeeper and chauffer when he’s not here?

    Is the Chauffer  a police officer or civilian?

    • Rorschach says:

      Both his driver(s) and "body guards" are ALL police officers as are all the drivers/"body guards" for ALL of theUDP!!!   FINE use of police resources!!

  10. muc - raker too says:

    sounds to me at least that the premiers hands are tied on matters of security – responsibility is with the governor and commish.

    now only an idiot would then start asking why mackeeva should cut a planned public function to come and attend to what? start panicking and rushing back for wa? i think he would only get in the way

    As a society, we have a high propensity to nonesense, just because we have fredom of speech does not necessary mean we should blurb out what ever nitwit thought we get.

    a focus should be made by all of us to open the communication channels with those in authority over us so that information that can help fight crime starts flowing.  

    We are all letting the gangsters burn down our homes.  There is not a single citizen or resident here who does not depend on cayman doing well for their own safety and success.  If they win, we all lose, Caymanians more than the expats. 

    I do not have anything to fear, bring on tough police action, violate the gangster civil rights, i am sure we all agree they gave that up when they took on a life of crime.

    start profiling them, open up databases on them, fight them smartly, the total number of problems are very few, maybe less than 500. get two police officers and create a profile of each one of these people. 

    start with the simple, does not want to work, yet is blinged out and has a lot of money? hmmm…his grand father is either columbus or he is a potential criminal.  the rest of teh citizens should not run to their rights for they have nothing to fear….

  11. Anonymous says:

    There should be a mandatory IQ test before your allowed to post on this website. Please one of u morons explain to me what Mckeeva’s presence would have changed. It is a horrific crime and my heart goes out to the family of the boy. Mckeeva is desperately trying to maintain our standing as one of the largest financial centers in the world, he can not and will not be able to manage every aspect of the government. Before you brazenly display your inability to comprhend his position as the current head of tourism, stop and think about what he is trying to accomplish. I beseech you, think about the past four years and explain what was done besides driving this country ever closer to financial ruin. I dont condone alot of the government actions all the time but I know constant critic instead of support is not the solution. I pray for these islands and the lack of unity among its people.

    • Anonymous says:

      There should be a mandatory IQ test before your allowed to run for government

    • Anonymous says:

      thank the lord.  must be the first sensible comment I have read on this blog…

    • Fallen Angel says:

      he might be able to convince the villains to go to church and confess.

      this would save the police a lot of man-hours looking for witness who are difficult to locate because they are hiding in plain sight.

    • Anonymous says:

      To both you, and the post in response to you on Thu, 02/18/2010 – 12:01, there should be a mandatory IQ test before YOU’RE allowed to post on this website. I know homonyms might be a bit tricky, but you’ll get there with a little practice.

      Furthermore, people aren’t clamouring for McKeeva to return because they believe it would have prevented the crime. For the most part, it’s outrage that by staying in Whistler, Mac is diminishing the impact of this tragic event for the community. In such a small community, the loss of a single person, a child no less, (let alone all the others recently half-chopped up in critical condition) is a very significant event. How does it speak to the rest of us that Mac can’t come home to personally make a statement and offer his condolences to the family, because he is current "busy" supporting the single Caymanian skiing in the Winter Olympics? Look, I understand that supposedly he can chew gum while walking at the same time (though I might well be mistaken regarding his ability to multi-task), but I truly believe he can delegate the promotion of tourism to the rest of the entourage in Canada while he shows his support for a community reeling from the brutal killing of a child.

      Lastly, I certainly don’t condone A LOT of of the government’s actions and I think constructive CRITICISM and dissent is meant to keep said government in check. Though Mac is XXXXX, so we’re not quite sure yet if he’s getting the message. When the current government does anything deserving of support, then they’ll have it. However, that day has yet to come, if it ever will…


  12. Dred says:

    Let’s keep this simple. GET HIM OUT!!!!

    I don’t care who starts the Referrendum let’s just remove him and start all over cause he and his cabinet have absolutely no clue as to what they are doing.

    The only thing they can say is…"This is the fault of the previous adminstration". Get the F over it. Stop wasting time blaming and start fixing but hey how about not destroying us in the process.


  13. Anonymous says:

    I get so tired of reading comment after comment blaming someone for the trouble in the country. Blame the RCIP, blame the Governor, blame McKeeva just so you don’t have to look in the mirror or around your own neighborhoods or at your own families.

    Until people start getting responsible and looking and seeing what is around them and speaking up all this ongoing blame is nothing but hot air.

    All those guys in the barbershop when the guy came in with the gun and no one saw anything who do you blame for that?

  14. Long and Winding Road says:

    Today, Premier McKeeva Bush jetted straight from Whistler, Canada to Hollywood to watch the screening of The Apprentice. Selita Ebanks of the Cayman Islands is a star on the show, and he said he wanted to lend his support, and has never been to Hollywood.  After the show, he will be flying straight to Ireland to see what up.  From there, he is scheduled to attend the Westminster Dog Show.  And then on to Madrid where he will attempt to attract bullfighting to the Cayman Islands. Afterwards, the Premier will be jetting to Las Vegas to research casinos.  Then, on to New York for some much needed rest.  A spokesperson said he is scheduled to return to Cayman in late September.  Where the public will be waiting to greet him.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well that’s great news! the fact that he won’t be back til Sept.  gives us time to get things in order. 

      He only gets in the way when he is here anyway.


      Go for gold Mac!

    • Anonymous says:

      Long and winding road are you planning to enter the Westminister dog show?

  15. Concerned American says:

    When I first visited Grand Cayman about 12 years ago I was taken with the beauty, the order, and the feeling of being safe anywhere I wanted to go. I have always told my friends they should visit Cayman for these reasons but it’s hard to reccomend that now. What has happened to your wonderful island is so sad. The people of the Cayman Islands are among the kindest and most reverent people I have ever met. It is a discrace that the islands population has suffered nothing less than a government sanctioned invasion of your country. My heart is broken for you good people. Please remember the good prevail only when they stand strong togeather against evil. Sitting home and protesting will do no good, you must stand as one.  I wish you God’s strength in returning you country to greatness.

    • Anonymous says:

       I agree , I recommended the island to friends a couple of years  ago  who advised me that they have just booked a vacation to Cayman in April- they had been saving for this trip as they are coming from UK  – i told them how safe the island was and was really perfect to take your children – as it was an island that had real family values ……..


    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you so much for caring enough and taking the time to write your ever so honest comments. You are so very right and as a Caymanian I feel betrayed and very worried about our future in these islands. When you said, "It is a discrace that the islands population has suffered nothing less than a government sanctioned invasion of your country.". You could not have written truer words. Thank youf or your prayers and good wishes.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Oh dear I hope he isn’t staying at Whistler, the cost of a hotel in downtown Vancouver is crazily expensive so you can only imagine how much one is up at Whistler.

    Let’s now forget about the cost of the winter clothes for himself and his posse.  I would imagine nottoo many Caymanians have a winter jacket hanging in there closets.

    And let’s not forget about the FOOD.  I’m sure these meals tickets are not being paid out of their own pockets.

    And since we are on a roll, the travel & transportation cost, the events, the parties, the drinks, the oylmpic merchandise.

    Maybe someone should request an expense report when he gets back for holiday.

  17. Thug says:

     Man I tell una Mr. Mac Daddy Mckeeva is living it up man, him got all his Peeps and his bigshot  buddies chilling with him in Canada, sippin on Mac Cheese and Chalice, while his unemployed Caymanians are here suffering and killing one another.  Man you ever hear the life?  Well Mr. Mac Daddy mi got news for yah man a Revolution is begining while yah down dey partying,  so when yah get back I only have two words for yah, "XXXX"

  18. Anonymous says:

    It is clear what Macs priorities are – keeping in with Tony Travers – who is appearin more and more to be the real power in Cayman


  19. Anonymous says:

    Even the Premier deserves to take a vacation. This doesn’t mean that he is out of touch with what is happening at home. His being away is not the cause of violent crime. Instead of criticizing his being out of the country you should be asking why this violent criminal activity is happening in Cayman and how do we stop it?

    • Anonymous says:

      This doesn’t mean that he is out of touch with what is happening at home.

      Our Beloved Leader was completely out of touch with what is happening in Cayman before he went off to party in Vancouver.

      As regards BL deserving a vacation – You must be know of some secret section in the Constitution that entitles Mac to have 50 weeks of paid round the world vactions at our expense because I don’t think that he has put in 2 weeks work in Cayman since the election.

      As regards why crime is happening in Cayman – clearly there are several reasons but one of the main problems at the moment is that our sorry excuses for a Cabinet refuse to get off their fat a@@s and bring in legislation that will effectively deter criminals and severly punish those that are not deterred.

      As regards how we can stop crime – the main thing that we as Caymanians need to do sign a petition to get rid of Mac and replace him with a competent and informed leader who is willing to spend more than 5% of his time in Cayman tackling the problems. 

      If I sound angry with our globe trotting money spending clueless leader it is because I am and because I have every justification for being angry with him and the weak kneed bunch that make up the rest of the Cabinet.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well said Anon 15:05! You tell ’em like it is! We are sick & tired of the governments irresponsible & selfish behaviour! Like you, I AM ANGRY, & I have every justification to be too. Our only hope is the early removal of the udp!  

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, "even the Premier deserves to take a vacation"! We agree with that, but we do not believe that the Premier deserves a vacation for 3 weeks of every month that he has been Premier (that being 9 months)!!! The premier has been off island more since the elections than he has been on it! My only wish is that he would leave the island & not come back!

    • Dis it now says:

      Excuse me? "Even the Premier deserves to take a vacation." I will have you know that he has been on a constant vacation since May 20th 2009 at our expense!

  20. Ck says:

    The more laws you have the the less justice you get they know that and Freedom is a function of choice not  circumstances Mckeeva & group what good fortune for the government that the people do not think eh!.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Yes Mckeeva that is the real problem the Police have gotten every whim at our expense and what have we gotten in return?A inept foreign run police service Our Children are now being killed and that is no consolation to Jeremiah and his family. Now these despicaple people are using this horrific situation to take away our rights by passing another bunch of Draconian measures. My question is Where did the first set of laws get us Caymanians get up Stand up for Your rights DO not Let them take away Your fundamental Rights. The criminals have achieve what they have set out to do change our society. How about this Why dont we fired every single one of them every time they fail to do their jobs. What is notably absent is an apology from these so call Government /Law enforcement officials no they have not killed anyone but they are complicit in these situation for their fail policies and strategies which condem us all. No Mr baines & Gang or freedom is more important than your good idea. He and rest have to go Cayman that includes the loyal cronies.

    • Yer avvin a laff says:

       The right to silence protects only the criminals. 

      Wake up and smell the real world dude.

      And as for the government/police apologising for a shooting you’re being ridiculous. No amount of policing…and certainly no meaningless task force…is going to stop some people from acquiring and using firearms.

      And as for McKeeva…purleeease. The Commissioner and Governor are actually DOING practical things and pushing legislative measures to make REAL change NOW. But what you’d like is for a Task Force to…er…y’know…stop crime happening by magic. I do hope he’s enjoying his holiday by the way. 

      • Anonymous says:

        The right to silence protects me and unfortunately you and in regards to waking up, you were obviously asleep for the last 2 years of operation Tempra where the UK and her agents of "Real Change" were here acting in our best interest or have many like you forgotten or suffer short term memory loss.Why should the Commissioner and Governor be pushing laws that should be reserved for the people of this island. didnt we just sign our own "constitution" or is that a piece of paper written in pencil. As for your information no one is advocating some TasK Force but our Grand leader in exile at Winter Olympics, as far as all us Caymanians are concern Armed Foreign nationals with guns in authority  running around  this island sounds like a military invasion, only thing left is taking away of our rights.

        Yer awin a laff comment I can assure you No one here is Laughing at the loss of an innocent Caymanian child’s life by thugs who the police claim say they were watching i guess they expect the public to apologise too because its our fault right.You need to take your medication.

    • noname says:

      Your absolutely right anon 1144 they have not pull the trigger but they are just as culpable for failing to act  to prevent harm to innocent people and for failing to listen to good advice and this constant dribble of excuses of we need this we need that. Neat trick though getting laws passed during crisis terrible and awful circumstances to do it at this wonderful child’s expenses shame shame on them. As for our ignorant and gullible politicians they will now grab at any straw to avoid taking responsibilty for taking care and protecting innocent people. Be careful Cayman these laws make it easier for certain government systems to take away your rights and nothing to do with obtaining JUSTICE. God will suffer the children to come on to him as we are confident that little Jeremiah is with Him. My Deepest sorrow and condolences to his family and little friends.

  22. Lachlan MacTavish says:

    I believe most voters understand that the Governor is responsible for the police department. What we do understand is why Mr. Bush is not here, instead of off the island at voters expense, standing side by side with the Governor and The Commissioner assisting personally in the development of a task force, adding additional CIG resources and support and personally getting out to the public working with them to solve this problem. This issue of crime will hit the foreign and when it does we will suffer. More important is that this is hurting families and they need leadership. 

  23. Anonymous says:

    Resign Mac.

    Let someone else lead who knows how and has the intelligence, courage and stamina to do so. You are clearly interested only in the paycheck and the perks which you can give yourself at the cost of the public. As long as you have your chauffeur and your housekeeper and your cook and your blacked out SUV and your fat paycheck that you do nothing to earn, then we the ordinary Caymanians can all go to hell as far as you are concerned.

    We do not need a leader who takes a break from partying and gambling to call back to Cayman very occasionally. We need a leader who is here, passing laws that will deter criminals and keep those convicted in prison for a very very very long time. We need a leader who will make our children and our homes and streets safe once again. You are not that man. You are a disgrace to the position of Premier of the Cayman Islands. Please resign and create some hope for the people of Cayman.



  24. Anonymous says:

    The words from afar – our leader is spending more of the peoples money and sitting on his fat arse in Canada and not working, while our country slides into leaderless kaos. West Bay crime out of control while he is living the good life. Should he be terminated from his employment for his total lack of interest in dealling with the real issues in the job and getting nothing done.

    What has really been done or achieved in the first 300 days of this administration. Nothing but International tours taking his traveling road show around the world while the nation deteriorates because the real issues are not addressed.

    Cayman – Welcome to McKeevas’s world.

    A very concerned Caymanian

  25. Anonymous says:

    CNS – There would appear to have been an error in this headline. Surely all it needed to say was "No Sign of Mac".

  26. Anonymous says:

    Sorry but the Premiere – the leader of this country is responsible and accountable for EVERYTHING that goes on.  Stop blaming everyone else and get your behind back to your country to make it at least look like you care about what is going on.  An innocent baby has been gunned down in YOUR district.  Two foreign nationals have been brutally attacked in George Town.  You have body guards protecting you.  The rest of us do not.   Yes, the Governor is in charge of the Police but as he has only recently arrived, YOU should be there advising him on what is best for this country.  This country is in chaos.  Where are you?  How many days have you spent in Cayman since May?  As leader you cannot blame anyone else.  You have had 7 months to get your act into gear.  What are YOU going to do to help your people?  There are elderly people with no income, unemployed, employed people not earning enough to make ends meet.  Crime at school, crime in the streets, crime everywhere.  What are you doing to stop guns coming in?  It seems you have made key employee and residency for sale a priority over the plight of your own people.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Unna two ard on de Prime Ear. Him just wanna partee like it 1999 cus dat de time were ee live.

  28. Anonymous says:

    typical cayman politics… always trying to blame someone else (like the govenor or the commisioner), never willing to take responsibility for anything….

    • Anonymous says:

      No man. We going to roll over every body we don’t like, even Mac. I wonder who will be left? 

      It is a slippery slope we are going down, and from what I’m reading, only one Caymanian (sort of) has skis.



  29. Anonymous says:

    With all the pressing need in these Islands, this man is off on vacation again just for 1 athlete.  Is this that important that he could not send one of his cronies instead?  He is always looking for an excuse to travel, just so he can waste the people’s money, then he comes back here to do something stupid and tries to convience everyone that we are broke. Crime is on the rise in Cayman and he cannot come up with a plan or contribute something in helping to solving it, all he does is just rant and rave like Ezzard and do nothing.  What kind of leader is this MacKeeva Bush?  He can only find fault in the PPM, but he cannot see his mountain of mistakes!!

  30. Anonymous says:

    Blah, blah, blah – and most tellingly, the blah, blah, blah, is coming from the well known party capital of British Columbia, Canada. Where else would you expect to see a leader of a Caribbean country in serious trouble.

    I hope that MacKeewa resigns and stays in Canada permanently. Maybe that way we could have a leader who actually did something rather than call for the appointment of more committees to discuss things for the next 10 years until the bodies are being piled up in the streets. The man has no shame.

    Everybody please notice that our "Primer" seems to have no intention of increasing the penalties for the gangstas involved in violent crime and no intention of changing anything at the Northward Hotel to make the lives of the little fry gangstas who very occasionally get imprisoned even a little more unpleasant. Heaven knows that if he made changes to make Northward a real prison such that the little fry gangstas were terrified to go there, then the little fry might just give up the big fish gangstas and that would just not do – would it. 

    • Karl the Canuck says:

      He’s welcome to visit, but if he wanted to stay he’d need a work permit at a cost of $1 million per day, and we might have to roll him over if he causes trouble (which he would). 

      The rest of you law-abiding Caymanians can come up for as long as you like for free.  You are great and we love you.

      "Gangstas" need not apply.  Our prisons are full of your type already, and they are real prisons that you REALLY wouldn’t like to find yourselves in.  Really.  You’d be crying like little girls on your first day in, cowardly pukes that you are.

    • Snow says:

      GET HOME NOW!!!!!

      Instead of playing in the snow with your "buddy" Tony, try come home and deal with our problems and stop passing on instructions from overseas!

      These trips HAVE TO STOP!

      Wake up Cayman, can’t you all see what is taking place before our eyes and we are all so quiet.

      I say get behind Mr Clifford and lets deal with this once and for all.

      Can you imaqgine, we have only had NINE months of this and if we sit down and do nothing (as we usually do) we will have 3 years and 3 months left of the same distruction – time to act peoples!

      • Anonymous says:

        I am one Caymanian that does not want him back. They can have him. Let us have an intelligent hardworking leader who cares what is happening in Cayman and takes steps to make sure that this lawlessness is put to a swift end and the economy restored.

        One more thing, I would like a leader who doesn’t feel that the Cayman people owe him the lifestyle of a prince while the rest of us struggle. MacKeeva – who you think you is with this stupidity giving yourself a chauffeur and all kinds of personal servants paid for by the taxpayers. I have had enough of this man – good riddance if he never comes back.

        • Anonymous says:

          Are you saying we should subject Mac to the rollover? If you think about it, the rollover was his idea.


    • Realization says:

      I wonder if the Cayman realize that a few decades ago Jamaica was the Jewel of the Caribbean and therefore the envy of other Caribbean Islands.

      Jamaica is still a beautiful Island, but now it is a poor country and the people are suffering BUT I can guarantee that not one of Jamaicas Prime Ministers has in anyway felt the hardship from the downturn of Jamaicas economy. NO WAY!

      The Prime Ministers and their familys, throughout the troubled years, have lived Lavished lifestyles at the expense of the Jamaica people who have been made to suffer.

      Just look at the Mansions that are owned by Prime Ministers and their familys OVERSEAS, like in France, Cayman, Miami, just to name a few places and you will understand what I am saying.

      Prime Ministers have travelled all over the world in 1st class style while the Jamaican people have suffered in poverty.

      CAYMAN, can’t you see the same thing is happening right here and we willend up in the same economic dilemma as Jamaica if we continue to allow this to happen.

      Cayman is suffering economically aswell as with crime and our leader is living a lavish lifestyle (chaffeur, cook/housekeeper, etc.) and travelling all over the world at the expense of us, the Cayman people.

      Time for REALIZATION to click in people!

      • Anonymous says:

        So according to your post we can blame those Jamaicans that was granted status by McKeeva for our present troubles?

        • Dis it now says:

          No "fool fool’. I am saying it is the Prime Ministers of Jamaica and Politicians in general that destroyed a beautiful country like Jamaica and we are allowing the same to happen here with our leader living a1st class lifestyle, here and all over the world, while we suffer. 

          So who said anything about the Jamaicans who received status from McKeeva causing our present troubles, but it sounds to me that your concience pricked you, so maybe you can let us in on what you know! 

        • Anonymous says:

          You are ignorant. You either don’t understand a post sending a simple clear message, or are intentionally inciting division in a place which, I assume, you live. 

    • Anonymous says:

      As a Canadian, we don’t want him in Canada either!!

  31. Anonymous says:

    ‘Bush said in his statement from Whistler’


    Am I reading this right? Is he STILL playing in the snow while his neighbourhood is like something out of the wild west. Any decent leader would have been on a plane as soon as they heard the news of the baby boys slaughter. This man shouldn’t be in charge of the TV remote never mind a Country!!!!


    • Anonymous says:

      of course he should be there… the cayman islands are a world force at the winter olympics..zzzz… yet another huge embaressment for mckeeva…. the guy is a laughing stock locally and globally

  32. Anonymous says:

    Oh my……so Mac is there with Deputy Premier Travers eh !!!!

    …….while the country continues its slippery slope !!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Perhaps he is now a member of the elite Cayman Islands Ski Association –

      even though he doesnt have the surname Travers

    • Anonymous says:

      or is puppetmaster a better way of describing Travers role…..



  33. Anonymous says:

    I’m not blaming Mac for the crime that has gone on lately but why is he off the Island so often during such traumatic times never mind what went on yesterday!


    Winter Olympics for crying out loud! We’re a Caribbean island!


    This man’s not real, he has a country to run during desperate times and he’s on a jolly with his wealthy friends watching a rich kid skiing when he should be here giving answers.


    I’m waiting for answers Mac! But all I expect is finger pointing.


    Come on West Bay you voted him in,  DEMAND ANSWERS$