Baines warns off vigilantes

| 16/02/2010

(CNS): In the wake of the shocking murder of four year old Jeremiah Barnes at a West Bay gas station last night, the police commissioner has pleaded with the community not to take the law into its own hands. Despite the expected heightened anxiety, David Baines asked people to let the police deal with the issues. He said that while two men were in custody, police were still working on the enquiry, and patrols in areas where gang members are known to congregate were being increased along with more road blocks which would include visibly armed special officers.

In the wake of the tragedy, Baines said he was aware that people were talking about arming themselves and taking to the streets but warned that this was not the way to tackle the crime problem.  “I am conscious about the suggestions of vigilantism. Pease do not do this; if you do this you’ll be caught in the net we are putting out to get the criminals. I ask you to leave it in our hands to get some sense of security back to these islands,” the commissioner said today (Tuesday 16 February).

The governor has also announced that legislative changes would be coming before the Legislative Assembly next week to help the police tackle the escalating gang and gun related crime.

Speaking at a specially convened press conference hosted by Governor Duncan Taylor and the Deputy Premier as well as the commissioner, Baines said that, although two men have already been arrested on suspicion of murder in connection with Jeremiah’s killing, he warned that the investigation was far from over yet and that police still needed the help of the community to secure evidence.

“It should not be construed that because of this arrest the enquiries are over,” he said “We have held people before on suspicion of a crime but this has not led to charges because the necessary evidence has not been forthcoming.”

Baines explained that an enquiry team had been working in West Bay throughout Tuesday talking to everyone that might have information, securing evidence and further examining the crime scene. He said officers were still taking statements from various people in the area at the time of the shooting and asked anyone else that was there that had not yet spoken to an officer to have the confidence to come forward and give information. Baines promised that the identity of witnesses would be protected.

Only yesterday CI John Jones had warned about the heightened tensions as a result of the firearms incidents over the weekend and that an innocent bystander would soon become the victim of the gang feuds. Baines said the police could never have imagined how prophetic that would be and that it would be a four-year-old little boy that became that innocent bystander. “We need to stamp out this gang violence now before there are any more innocents killed.”

He warned that the wider public could expect to get caught up in the heightened police activity but asked for cooperation and for people not to be alarmed by the overt weaponry some officers would be carrying. “These blocks are not traffic related; they are to stop and search the vehicles of known gang members and violent suspects and to get at the weapons they are carrying.

“In addition we will be increasing neighbourhood policing visibility, and although we are stretched in terms of the number of officers we need to get police out from behind desks and we will be suspending some office-bound and less urgent duties,” Baines added.

“The mobile police command post will also be in West Bay,” he said. “If you are not comfortable going to the West Bay Police Station to give information, then use this facility.”

He beseeched the community to get whatever information it had about the gang crime to the police. “There is often the perception that information is leaked by the police and people are then exposed,” he said. “We will handle information confidentially,” he promised, adding that if anyone breached that commitment, he would dismiss them. He warned that the more the perception is enforcedthe more it becomes self-serving.

“We have a young boy, a baby in fact, who is dead; surely this has to overcome self interest,” Baines pleaded. “Find whatever way you can to pass on the information, be it a pastor, your doctor, whoever — just get the information to us.”

The governor also noted that the during a short Cabinet meeting on Tuesday morning government had committed to introducing the necessary legislative changes at next week’s sitting of the LA to enable witnesses to give evidence anonymously. Taylor also pointed to discussions of introducing the presumption of adverse inference allowing an assupmtion that a defendant may be guilty if they have failed to offer an anser to charges against them.

“They will not be a panacea but a tool to assist the police. On their own legislative changes won’t solve all the problems but they will help,” Taylor stated, adding that he also intended to chair the first National Security Council meeting within the next two weeks. “While this is also at the strategic level and it won’t turn things around overnight, it will provide a conduit for information to come from society as to the best ways to enhancesecurity,” the governor added.

Deputy Premier Juliana O’Connor Connolly said that crime was everyone’s business and the community had to come forward and support the police. She lamented what she believed was the community’s loss of fear in God, and said when a community stopped fearing God it lost its boundaries and that we needed to return to that kind of fear instead of fear of the criminals.

The governor, commissioner and deputy premier offered their condolences to the family of Jeremiah Barnes, who was pronounced dead last night at George Town hospital after gunmen opened fire on the car he was sitting in with his family at Hell service station in West Bay. Police confirmed that at least four shots were fired at the car from one weapon, which has not yet been recovered.

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  1. Expat in your Country says:

    They certainly weren’t interested in taking prints after my place was broken into.

    They had climbed the gutter and got in the second floor. You could actually see the dirty fingerprints on the gutter!

    Anyway, seems so trivial compared to the life of a 4year old

    Ho hum.. Just another day in Cayman.

  2. YoungCaymanianWithHope says:

    A developed society where the police are the sole agents of order isa very dangerous place so a public order is necessary.  This doesn’t mean that police should be disregarded or disrespected but instead we as citizens need to embed some kind of social surveillance order.  Back in the day everyone knew each other and there were elements of mutual trust but things have changed yet there is no reason to not attempt to re-establish a mutual trust amongst each other to look out for one another.  We have lost that mind set due to self-preservation and this bad mind mentality.  We’re becoming a society warring against itself when we should be a united society fighting against truer evils.  Forget this Expat vs. Caymanians or Bracas vs. Grand Cayman or even Christian vs. Non-Christian foolishness that has been going on in other comments throughout various CNS articles.  To regain social order we’ll have to alter our deluded mentalities and realize who the true enemies and adversaries are.  We might be surprised at the difference small changes in our attitude and actions can make.

    • ivan mclean says:

      ive witness a car stalled unable 2 restart (w/a woman & child) b passed by a POLICEcar w/2 officers (male) in it, ive witnessed excessive use of force, ive heard numerous storys of abuse, numerous stories of assistance given 2 the POLICE, i’ve provided information on occassions that would have require futher investigation by the police & "NOTHING" was done to the best of my knowledge. …..lets face just 1 of the facts that exist, w/in 800yrd of every POLICEstation in Grand Cayman except 4 East End (that am aware of) one can buy any form of cocaine & as much ganga as one may need 2 become intoxicated with & not a FXXX’n nothing is b n done about it & this has been a fact 4 years….. how much FXXX’n more under ur nose do u need the evidence 2 b Mr. POLICEman? ……do we need 2 conduct a civilian undertaking of arrest’n the culpirts, drag them 2 the station, fill’n out the paper work & then lock their bad acting asses up…….. LISTEN!… b 4 some law abiding citizen b, 4ever in loss of his/her freedom due 2 having 2 fight our own battles against the wiles of the criminals u had better  "HANDLE IT"  Mr. POLICEman or "JUSTICE" will b served swift & w/finality 4 as sure as "XXXX is stink" what has been happening has now happened enough…………. PLEASE do all that can b done 2 help protect us from ourselves

  3. Anonymous says:

    it is not goverment or police fault. People do know who have/own guns or are criminals and they should report to the police. It is the people who are failing the country. Stop hiding and help the police.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s not as easy as just reporting someone that has a gun.

      I’ve made reports over the last year about three thugs/wanna-be gangstas that have guns. I’ve seen the guns myself.

      Police can’t do anything if they can’t FIND the guns and these thugs all keep them well-hidden. So unless the police can actually FIND the guns, the reports are useless.
      Yes, it will make the police aware of who the potential gun-toters are but nothing more without evidence.

      Isn’t that always the problem here, no evidence, no witnesses etc, that’s why these thugs can be so brazen as shoot a little boy at a well lit gas station. Sad, very sad!

    • Anonymous says:

      I am so tired of all of the BS that is being said about "people not reporting to the police" – Do you want to know why people don’t report to the police? Because the police are INCOMPETENT COWARDS! – I know for a FACT that the police were given statements as to EXACTLY who was responsible for a VERY VIOLENT CRIME and this person has been locked down a couple of times for a few days and then released to continue to terrorize our streets! The police dont WANT to solve s**t! All they do is run around with bullet-proof vests and their tails between their legs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        A note to my prior comment. The person that was shot told the police exactly who shot them!!!!! And guess what? He is one XXX that they have held now for this shooting! GOOD JOB RCIP!!!! That little boys blood is on your hands!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    The police and all the law enforcement agencies need to put a stop to all the drugs that’s coming into this island, and the guns as well. That’s what is causing all these killings and war. But maybe they don’t want to or they can’t because it will upset the bigshot criminals and they can’t have that. Stop puttin all the blame on the little small frye and start from the top and then maybe we will get rid of alot of this crime that we have. Also Immigration needs to stop importing criminals here.

    This island is too small to have so many guns and so much drugs circulating around the place costing and messing up so many young lives. I do not believe there are any gangs as such but alot of young guys fighting over drugs, and probably older ones as well.

    I fully believe that if the law enforcement agencies were doing their jobs there would not be so much crime.

    Also CNS is it true that the two guys who the police were holding for this little boy’s murder has gotten bail already?

    CNS: We’ll update on that story when we get anything definite.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the comment that the legislative changes proposed are too little and too late. Our politicians are so busy living like little princes and princesses and worried about how many personal servants they can hire at our expense, that they cannot even bother to spend a few hours passing laws to create much more severe penalties for violent crime. They also do everything they can to avoid bringing about changes to make the Northward Hotel into a real fear-inspiring hard labour prison. It is our politicians who pass the laws and the way they try to avoid passing new laws – trying to fool the people into believing that it is the Governors fault ought to be a crime. Our political leaders are disgusting.

    The fact that our useless politicians always try to divert public attention by calling for a committee to study this or that or calling on the Governor to form a committee to study everything is also disgusting. The people have told the politicians repeatedly what the people want to see in the form of legislation but the politicians are so worried about upsetting the little punks for some reason, that they find every excuse to delay and delay and avoid increasing the penalties for violent crime. Is it possible that the politician’s behaviour has something to do with where they get their money? 

  6. Reynaldo says:

    Baines, I’m so damn mad at you right now, you had your chance for we have made complaints to the Police Dept weeks after weeks here on CNS and all you did was ignore the facts by not doing anything about it!  We the people demanded justice and justice was not done!   I will certainly arm myself with a gun to protect my family from now on so to hell with you all.  This is a warning to any those little criminals that ever dare to attempt to break into my Familys home, trust me you will be greeted by my little friend.


    Immigration is a big problem they are mostly the ones letting in all of these expats and not doing a criminal background on them here.  Also that Custom department at the Airport  is another big problem they are letting the drugs into our Country and not properly searching those bags well.  Security at the Airport is a huge problem they need to get tighter restrictions enforce down there, by making sure they are screening these individuals properly and that Cayman is well protected.  

    If there is a suspicious looking person take them into a private room and search them, for I know they do carry the drugs around their waist.   Another big problem that I’m concern with is why are so many Caymanians young and old dying from Cancer?  Caymanians wake up cant you see something is wrong here???


    • Anonymous says:

      1 The police can do little when the public say nothing about the crimes they witness. The shooting at the next level shows it all 150 witnesses yet none of them saw anything, well that is what they told the police.

      2 To get a workpermit a criminal check is already done.

      3  a tiny percentage of drugs come through the airport, most come in on boats a dn containers. as for searches my bags have been thoroughly searched around 25% of the time here, far more than in any country I have visited

      4) look at the cancer statistics, incidnce of cancer is the same in Cayman as in most Western developed nations

    • Yer avvin a laff says:

       You’re a genius. Cancer among Caymanians is probably a conspiracy among evil expats. And have you heard? The UK is planning a joint venture with Jamaica to dig up the reef and reinstall it in a central London pond.

    • Patricia X says:

      Maybe Baines or the expats are causing the cancer. . .

  7. Anonymous says:

    Im really disappointed in cayman 27 for having that individuals name mentioned. It seems he is blamed for everything…..he was blamed for the next level murder…how i see it is if they have arrested him and done forensic tests on is clothes checked his hands for gun powder residue i am sure and they havent found anything then obviously its not him. Everyone is swearing it is him and not looking at other possible suspects so therefore he is always arrested while the REAL killers roam free and when they release him for lack of evidence etc. the community is upset. Maybe police should start arresting the right people instead of always one person because when they arrest someone it gives the community hope and when they have to release him the community is frustrated.

    This is extremely sad what has happened but the police are being unfair always blaming one individual. I heard that the boy’s dad didnt want to talk to police maybe he knows the real killer. The police have already ruled out that the shootings over the weekend had nothing to do with this shooting but how can they do that they need to investigate further and see. Its just extremely sad we need CCTV cameras everywhere on the island not the ones in next lev el because they were clearly no help. All im saying is if it was this individual that everyone is blaming doing all this crime the police would have charged him a long time ago because they want justice to be served even if they had no witnesses if the forensics matched it would have went to court. And because cayman 27 had his name the night of the murder if people call in claiming it was him can that even work? because it was posted there. Cayman 27 made a big mistake by doing that!!!! that is putting his life at danger and his family and also the likelihood of this case.

    I want justice to be served but fair justice!!!!!!!!!! the RIGHT person must go to jail!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      By the sound of it YOU know who the RIGHT personwas,so instead of blowing your horn and talking aload of bull.##. Help the police and give the name(s) of the so called "gangstas",Who are really a bunch of instable,very week individuals who need guns instead of fists too sort out there problems….PU§§ys!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    No offense, but  talk is cheap. When the police start to produce results they will get respect. I want very much for the police to succeed. I’m a huge supporter, but there are too many unsolved crimes. Is there an issue with the police themselves? Do they know things, but not act? Are they, the police afraid? Are the criminals in control? Some people say it is too small an island, that the police know the truth, but they don’t act. Is this true? Are we really at the mercy of the criminals?

  9. Anonymous says:

    CNS posted this article on their website on Thurs 10/01/2009 – 08:46:

    Top cop says fifteen individuals fuelling gun crime: The new commissioner of police has said that the recent spate of gun crime has been fuelled by tit for tat shootings that are being carried out by around fifteen individuals, who were known to the police and who he says have access to guns.

    Three questions Mr. Baines should answer:
    1.      Was your statement above just propaganda to lull the population of the Cayman Islands into a false sense of safety?
    2.      If your statement was true, have you acted decisively against the fifteen or so individuals who have "access to guns", and who are known to you? The escalation in gun crime would suggest you have not. 
    3.      Can you confirm the two men you have in custody for the vile and senseless murder of little Jeremiah Barnes are not on your list of "around fifteen"?
    The writing has been on the wall for so long.  Click here for CayCrime — a time-line of the crime in Cayman during 2009-10, as reported by the print media: This document is not for the fainthearted.
  10. anonymous says:

    The police are given names and they still do nothing.

    • Anonymous says:

       Just giving the names of individuals doesn’t help. The police already know the names, but it is the evidence they need. Where are the guns kept, the clothing stashed, the places the criminals sleep and stay, direct evidence in statement form from witnesses who saw what happened, and are prepared to say so in court. Statements from family members who are prepared to give some tough love – ooh there’s a radical thought.They still need evidence to convict the named people. What are your expectations here? That they are given a name and they will just turn up at the door, lift them, convict them and throw them in jail for life? Oh how easy that would be, but how would you feel when someone gives your name and the police turn up and lift you? And it’s no good saying ‘I wouldn’t do anything wrong’ because history is littered with the bones of innocent people in police states. That is why the Laws are there – to protect all. It doesn’t always get the resultswe all like but that is the result of rewarding smart defence lawyers with lots of money in the legal system and hiring low paid, inexperienced prosecutors.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Listen ppl let me give those of you who either genuinely dont know what’s going on and those of you who do but are in DENIAL.

    This is whats happening now and what’s been happening for years (last five to be exact). This is from someone who is close enough to both sides of the fence.


    They are at feud for nothing more than the fact that they don’t like each other. At some point in time they were frenz who ultimately decided to shoot and even kill one another. They are now so heartless that they DO NOT care where they "buck up" their so called enemies so if someone innocent is hurt or to this horrible extent killed, it means NOTHING to them. It will not deter them because the have NO conscience okay. This should be obvious to most because if these monsters can shoot in broad daylight, shoot in crowded areas i.e nightclubs, open fire on a vehicle with women and children I mean what next. Listen these monsters do nothing but smoke weed, drink alcohol, sell drugs and plot each others death and that is why its has reached the point where it is at today. I can tell you all this much just in case so of you are dumb enough to think that because an innocent child was murdered that these ppl will grow a conscience over night, NEWSFLASH they wont. As a matter of fact, being familiar with this "feud" it is only going to get worse.

    You need to realize that these monsters have done this before and they have been set free to continue to terrorize this country. These poor excuse forhuman beings didnt just become apart of gun violence last night, these monsters have been shooting at shooting and/or killing people here for years. It is the same set of monsters it has always been. Yes unfortunately each day the recruit more and more young men but they are either the gun men or master minds behind these shootings and killings.



    Now these "fine" folks have indirectly and in some cases been a direct cause of these outrageous crime. Yes the community is to blame as well but I feel the need to emphasize on the shortcomings of these people who are being PAID to prevent and minimize crime.

    1.) while there are some officers/lawmakers who actually want to do something about crime, the mass majority are just hoping that these gangsters kill off one another (and to some degree I hope so too) but the fact remains that that sort of mentality is why NOTHING is being done, that is why innocent people/children are being killed and injured !!

    2.) the police carry out such piss poor investigations that when they actually have someone charged and they are taken to court, the prosecution loses the case.

    3). We have too many police officers who merely go to work just to get paid and not actually work or make a difference where crime is concerned.

    4) The Gov’t is asleep and dreaming that they are living in a country where crime is not a problem. I would love to be the person responsible for beating them awake. WAKE UP CAYMAN crime is more than a problem here.

    5.) Last but not least, Northward is no deterrent. The monsters know that if by some SLIM chance they are actually caught and found guilty that there is nothing to fear other than the temporary loss of "some" freedom. They are able to eat three meals a day, play games, watch tv, not work if they dont want to, smoke, sell drugs etc etc…..all of which they are able to do when they are not locked up sooooooooo, you tell me now do you think they are afraid to go to prison ?

    Anyway, I will now bring this long comment to and end. My closing remarks is this……..lets stop saying "lets all do something" and actually do it. Lets all come to terms with the fact that crime is a serious problem here. Until some drastic measures are taken by Government, lets all be mindful of our surroundings. Lets work with the necessary bodies to ensure that we get crime under control even though this feud has gone to a whole NEW level, there is still time and hope.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you.  

    • Anonymous says:

      "2.) the police carry out such piss poor investigations that when they actually have someone charged and they are taken to court, the prosecution loses the case."

      This can often be attributed to the police not rereading their police reports prior to going on the stand to refresh themselves on what they wrote several months ago and looking like complete idiots on the stand

  12. Wisereef says:

    For over thirty years,  the Cayman Islands has never had the the ability to uphold the law.  I’ve seen rapists, murders, men who beat women, dead beat dads and many other criminals break the law and get away with it. Baines doesn’t have the knowledge and experience to see this.  I can say that many times over twenty years, I have feared for my life here in Cayman.  I think we should all arm ourselves with weapons and become larger than the so called net they are putting out to trap crimnals, so that the police force and the MLAs will see how much power we need to protect ourselves.  The police force here now is not enough!

    McKeeva took the power away from the Caymanian people to glorify his own United Kingdom of the Western Caribbean.  The Caymanian people are uprising – not in a good way – and so it should be to balance the power that is – so we can return to a good standard of Caymanian lifestyle.


    • Anonymous says:

      Reply to ”For over thirty years”

      Agree with you to a certain extent but.. If citizens arm themselves and

      happen to injure  or kill someone then they will find themselves in the

      middle of a retaliation against them or their family..and yet another

      feud will start………You will not change these gangsters ways just

      make them worse and one of your children could be caught in the


      EVERYONE on this island needs to come forward and give up these

      guys.   Until that happens  ”nothing” is going to change!!!  So sad..

  13. Anonymous says:

    Baines, your cops can’t even use the guns that was given to the few officers without stupid rules that don’t make sense, so how you expect them to protect the public. Hey, this is the Caribbean, not England. The rules that work in England, do not work over here. Please wake up and dust off the salt spray, you are no longer getting snow flakes.

    Also, you have a few top ranking officers you need to replace or send to the Brac. The same officers who knows not what, where and how situations are on the street. Why? Spend all day behind a desk pushing paper and knows not what it is like to work during the night when things happen. I agree with you that the public needs to give the Police a chance to address such matters as those in the past days, but you also have to ensure the public that your actions and tools given to officers are sooner than later.

    Don’t look back and wish what you could or should have done. Do something!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      "Baines, your cops can’t even use the guns that was given to the few officers without stupid rules that don’t make sense, so how you expect them to protect the public."

      Can you elaborate or is this just a random generalisation. What do you mean by ‘they can’t use them’? They don’t know how to? They refuse to? They physically can’t? They have been in shoot/no shoot situations and have not made the right decision according to you? What do you actually mean. And in saying this have you actually witnessed these shortfalls whatever they may be? And what of the rules? What do you know of them? Which ones don’t make sense? Please enlighten us. Do you have inside knowledge or is this just a generalised rant with no actual substance.

    • tru baya/caymanian says:

      the rules in England can not work here.  people there fear the military not the police.  the military is the ones that can put fear in people.  I would welcome the UK feared military here once they are given the authority to sort out our problems with the law in mind….

      • Anonymous says:

         What on earth are you on about. The British Army is not feared by people in the UK at all. Whenever they are deployed onto the streets it is to assist the emergency services. You are right that the police are not feared in the way a South American death squad would be feared because the police work with the consent of the public – not by force of arms. The last thing you want is a bunch of hairy squaddies running around the Island. They do not have policing experience, nor the patience to sort out trivial policing issues – like giving people severe warnings for harrassing you. I speak from experience. I have been both a soldier and a cop. The Army will never be deployed to the Cayman Islands in policing role so please get used to the idea. They are so far stretched in the current theaters of operations that there are probably not even the resources to deploy – even if the UK wanted to. In the event that I am way off mark, and by some stretch of imagination they were deployed – how long would you lot give them to sort the mess out before gobbing off that they hadn’t done anything useful, and before you started posting pictures of drunken squaddies frolicking in the beautiful blue sea? Especially given that Mr Baines hasn’t been here that long and already lots of people are calling for his head – and he is a career cop. So if he can’t sort it out in this amount of time, what hope does the British Army have with absolutely no policing experience, and definitely no finesse. Don’t get me wrong, your average soldier would love the opportunity – especially after a tour or four in Afghanistan. But their agenda would be a lot different to your expectations, and high on it would be sand, sea, sex and booze (with kebabs and the odd fight thrown in) – and not necessarily in that order.

        • Rorschach says:

          Sounds like you and I have very similar backgrounds, my friend…I think the  problem that most people have when they scream for the Army to take over is the perception that they have of what the role of the Army is in our neighbor to the Southwest of us, the illustrious JDF, whose primary task is to ride around with the JCF and execute suspected criminals whom the police cannot gather the evidence to prosecute or are either afraid of or outgunned by.  These "soldiers" are immune from prosecution for these acts because they are commited under a power which makes these executions basically fall under "acts of war". 

           I think the citizens of this country need to be very careful about calling for Military intervention in what is indeed a domestic crime issue.

          It is very hard to put the genie back in the bottle, once let loose…

          • Anonymous says:

             Tell me, have you ever served in the JDF or the JCF or come face to face to face with a ruthless innercity gunman?

             I suspect that the latter certainly does not apply to you, or you would not be alive to spew your venom at those brave men and women who risk, and in many cases lose their lives in the course of their duties.

             They deal with a breed of blood thirsty criminals that we better pray fervently never arise in this country. If you think things are bad now, trust me you ain’t seen nothin’ yet if that ever happens.

             Efferctive policing is needed, I agree. I would just like to bring into focus that there are many variables that make the situations diferent in the two countries.

             Just my CI$0.02

            • Rorschach says:

              To answer your question, no, I have never served in the JDF or JCF.  I HAVE come face to face with someone who was trying desperately to kill me… more than once.  I have the scars to prove it.  I am still alive. They are not.  
               Your CI$.02 mean nothing to me….Military execution squads are NOT the answer…

  14. whodatis says:

    I’m behind Baines and the RCIPS on this one.

    Vigilante efforts will only result in further tragedies and unrest.

    Let us not forget that the poor little boy that lost his life did not do so "randomly".

    Such dramatic events tend to find those who are somehow connected to or involved in similar activities.

    The average law abiding Caymanian family is not now necessarily ‘at risk’ of being gunned down – not at all.

    Let us try and keep some perspective in the midst of this terrible event.


  15. Joe Average says:

    Baines is in a tough spot in a small place with a group of thugs who intimidate witnesses or people who know something.  What he is saying is people HAVE to come forward and they are GUARANTEED to remain anonymous. Even in now in COURT.  A PHONE CALL is what it takes.  No name.  ONLY information.  This is EVERYONE’S problem. ALL OF US own it.


    If you know something…and don’t help…

    YOU are part of the problem.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I’m not blaming Mac for the crime that has gone on lately but why is he off the Island so often during such traumatic times never mind what went on yesterday!


    Winter Olympics for crying out loud! We’re a Caribbean island!


    This man’s not real, he has a country to run during desperate times and he’s on a jolly with his wealthy friends watching a rich kid skiing when he should be here giving answers.


    I’m waiting for answers Mac! But all I expect is finger pointing.


    Come on West Bay you voted him in,  DEMAND ANSWERS!


  17. Anonymous says:

     If the police do not want to see vigilante justice maybe they should practice some official justice, along with the courts and prison system. It seems to me like the police are more interested in pulling over ex-pats for minor traffic violations than in enforcing the laws that need to be enforced. A community can only take it for so long, hearing about suspects being released days after being arrested etc. There is a breaking point, and Cayman is just about there. As for the animals that committed this crime, they will probably never see justice, unless it comes at the end of a gun. That is how this community is beginning to be perceived, and that will be a hard mark to erase. 

  18. Anonymous says:

    Now that this horrible tragedy has occurred, the police are pulling out the stops and the community is ready to act. I actually would have expected this reaction long ago. Cayman is now inarguably unsafe and the both the police and the code of silence amongst the public are to blame. Both have created an environment in which criminals can flourish and prevail. This is completely unacceptable and will be the downfall of Cayman.  

    • Anonymous says:

      was the downfall of Cayman…

    • Anonymous says:

      People, here’s a suggestion:  Bus drivers, especially those on the West Bay routes, keep your eyes and ears open – call the police if you see something not right. The police can’t be everywhere at once.  You see those nervous, shifty individuals under that tree? Well –  they’re not the local ladies afternoon tea social getting underway.   Dive Operators and Fishermen – you’re out on the water – keep a lookout for suspicious activity – that jetski or canoe going by you at warp speed at nite – he didn’t miss his flite to Jamaica either. Support not only your police in the districts, but the Marine Police as well. It could save a life – maybe yours.

      Parents – how many times I’ve heard "my baby daddy". Too many girls are having babies for "gangsta"  boys with no thought of responsibility or where it all leads.  A lot of kids are left without support and direction. Being held accountable for their whereabouts and behavior falls on your doorstep.  Don’t expect the schools to raise your kids .  Show up for parents meetings, work hand in hand with the schools – that way instead of  being a warden, social worker, or jailer, a teacher actually spends time teaching – and not worrying about threats.  Just ask a teacher.

      Premier Bush and Elected Members: get back into the L.A.,lock the doors and don’t come out until you’ve got some real teeth in the criminal code.  The laws are outdated and ineffective.  Provide the police with the funding they need to clean up this mess.  No money? BALONEY!  The seat at the back of the plane is going to the same place that the front seat is – cut the frills and the bloat.  Thousands and thousands  of dollars going out on payroll for unemployed government workers and on and on…..Your people are angry, frustrated and afraid and they’re looking to you.  This cauldron is boiling over.

      Make Northward into what it should be A  DETERRENT- that way a criminal would learn the meaning of INCARCERATION.  Prison clothing would consist of pink overalls and rubber flip flops.  Spam sandwiches 3 times a day. NO cell phones, a/c, t.v., ipods, drugs, their phone calls cut to once a week for 30 min. and monitered. It should also be mandatory for inmates to complete their high school diploma if they have not. At least it would be a start.

      If you know someone involved in criminal activity – report them.  Can’t – because they’re a relative or a friend??? Then think of this…YOU are just as guilty helping them rob, bring in illegal drugs, weapons,sell or hide stolen goods, and worse: rape and murder. It’s easy to blame and point fingers, but why not step up to the plate instead and make an effort to bring Cayman back to what it should be.  To do nothing – to continue down this road – tourism  at risk , real estate values fall, lost employment….do you get the picture now??????

  19. Real Tea says:

    CNS APOLOGY: CNS would like to apologise to the Police Comisioner David Baines and his fmaily for the abusive comment that was posted here earlier and slipped through the comments moderation net. While it is no excuse the significant number of comments posted on the site in the last few days has resulted in an overload in the moderation and greater margin for human error. We sincerely regret the error and will do our very best to increase out vigilance.

    We would also like to take the opportunity to ask our commentors to refrain from threatening, liabling and abusing people in this forum which is designed for debate and vent for frustrations not abuse. We do endeavour to delete such comments but there are times when the number of contributions reaches such levels that comments slip through the net. Commentors can be of great assistance to keeping CNS moving forward by being more considerate with the comments they make.


  20. Anonymous says:

    You have to talk….if you know somthing tell somone, the police are not out to name and shame those that are going to give info….TALK!

    If you know somthing and are not telling, then you need to be draped up too!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Too Little Too Late – that is what these proposed legislative changes are. They will probably help a bit BUT

    until penalties are significantly increased for all violent crime,

    until the revolving door parole policy is abandoned in favour of a system of prison sentences that lengthen for any discipline problems in prison, and

    until the Northward Hotel is reformed to make it into a punishment rather than a reward for the big shot gangstas, then nothing will change.

    Why don’t these useless politicians get it. Why do they insist on pampering the criminals? Why do they refuse to do what the people demand? How many moreinnocentchildren and others must die before this useless bunch gets with the program?


  22. Anonymous says:

    The RCIPS could use a Batman.

    • Anonymous says:

      Be real a Batton vs a Gun plz.. If sum1 pointed a gun to ur face what wud u do? Wave the batton in the person’s face?

  23. Anonymous says:

    Why would anyone advertise this and give criminals a warning

    These blocks are not traffic related they are to stop and search the vehicles of known gang members and violent suspects and to get at the weapons they are carrying.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ummmm, maybe it’s to spread the word that they are stepping up their patrols to discourage people from carrying weapons……..

      Obviously the wangstas already know how to get around the roadblocks anyway, but the police are trying to send out a warning, however ineffective.

    • Anonymous says:

      You advertise it when it is not intended to catch any criminals but rather is only intended to convince the unthinking public that something is being done when it isn’t.