Businesses face implications of latest shooting

| 10/03/2010

(CNS): The small business owners in Barnes Plaza, where a woman was shot in the face last Friday afternoon, are assessing the impact on their future livelihood. Some are concerned that the gangland attempted murder on their doorstep could drive customers away, while others have told News 27 that the shooting was all about the people involved and not the location. The concerns of many of those in the area mirror those of residents throughout the island — it’s not where, they say, but how many — that is, the problem with shootings or major criminal incidents seeming to take place almost daily.

New 27 reported that the woman was sitting outside the plaza’s bar when a man wearing a hooded top literally walked up to her shot her in the face before walking away.

See News 27 report.  

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  1. anonymous says:

    The buck stops with you, Mackeeva! And with you, Mr. Governor! FIX THIS!! FIX IT NOW!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    We need a short term solution and a long term solution.

    The short term solution will require our lazy politicians to get the current bunch of gangstas off the street. This will require new laws to increase the minimum sentences for all violent crime, new laws to eliminate parole for violent crimes, new laws to make it very difficult for persons charged with violent crimes to get bail, new laws to remove the resort aspects of the Northward Spa and turn it into a place that criminals don’t want to go.

    The long term solution will require early interventions to prevent the next generation of gangstas from coming into being. One of the critical elements in this long term solution is removing the current gangstas from the streets so that they do not corrupt our children.

    We need to demand that our lazy politicians get the criminal scum off our streets NOW. 

    • Anonymous says:

      We need to get the guns off the street,by offering an interesting sum of money for all those who turns in a gun. Also those who report on someone having a gun once it is captured.In less than no time I would bet there would be a large amount of guns collected. Then some of the same brilliant criminals could be employed to work at the Port, the Airport and the Customs department warehouse. When the norm would not think of some of the methods by which the guns are sneeked in by the criminal would.

      • Anonymous says:

        yea actually that’s not so smart…it was money they used to buy the gun…given them a reward will not discourage this behavior.  it will simply create a legit business of gun running….come on…