PPM: “Mac’s big budget lie”

| 10/03/2010

(CNS): The former education minister has said that the premier knew that this year’s budget was over ambitious and would never balance. Alden McLaughlin said McKeveva Bush had presented a “pretend budget” to the Legislative Assembly in order to ease the pressure from the UK. Accusing him of lying to both the people and the UK about the expected revenue, the opposition MLA said at a public meeting last night that the leader of the country had placed the Cayman Islands in an even more precarious position so that he could beat up on the PPM. McLaughlin said Bush had put too much pressure on business with fee increases and undermined confidence with his false declarations of the country’s bankruptcy.

Turning the tables on the UDP, the party seen as supporters of the business community, McLaughlin said that Bush had driven business away. Speaking at a public meeting in Savannah, McLaughlin told the audience that Bush’s drive to blame the PPM for everything that was wrong in the world had seen him declaring the country bankrupt to the detrement of the islands.

“When he took office he shouted from every possible platform that the country was bankrupt,” McLaughlin said, adding that, as a result, investor confidence was eroded. A few month later, however, the premier had “magically” produced a budget with a $5 million surplus, which McLaughlin said was fudged and it did little to reduce the expenditure side of the equation but got the UK off the premier’s back.

“He told a monumental lie and produced a pretend budget,” the opposition MLA told the crowd. “He pretended the government would get revenue that they knew they could not and would not get.”

McLaughlin stated that, given the world economic climate, the revenue predictions made in the 2009/10 budget could never have genuinely been generated. “Our premier can be a bit careless with the truth,” he added. “He has perpetrated a big lie … and thrown the country into panic.”

He also noted that because the government had only cut expenditure by a fraction and then told the country that revenues would be sufficient to balance the budget, by implication Bush had fostered an environment of relaxation in the public sector when it came to costs reduction.

The situation was going to get worse, McLaughlin warned, as a result of the pretend budget because Bush had also lied to the UK, which would now be pressing for taxation. McLaughlin said many of the decisions made by Bush were done to allow him to continue demonising the PPM. The opposition former Cabinet Minister said that, while the operational deficit for 2008/09 was the responsibility of the previous administration, but this one belongs to the UDP.

When the opposition and PPM leader came to the platform, he too spoke about the premier’s relentless blaming of the PPM. Kurt Tibbetts explained that, while his government had certainly borrowed to improve the infrastructure of the country, which had said been neglected for over 15 years, the capital spending had little bearing on the deficit.

He said that Bush continued to tie in the deficit to the borrowing when the two were not connected, and even if the PPM government had not borrowed a single cent the 2008/09 year would still have ended in a deficit. “The operational deficit has nothing to do with capital expenditure, yet this government keeps trying to tie the two together to confuse the public,” Tibbetts stated.

When the PPM embarked on the schools project, the development of the roads and the construction of the new government office accommodation, there was no sign of the world recession, Tibbetts claimed. He said the country was earning revenue and they could not have known what was to come until much later when the projects were already underway. Tibbetts said his government was guilty of getting the timing wrong but they had not bankrupted the country but ended up with a debt that exceed the percentage of current revenue.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Political Parties, the unnecessary evil, that has ruined this beautiful country welcome to the political tribalism that has destroyed our neighbours. "Wake up Caymanians and see what is about to happen this is just the tip of the iceberg.  It is not the 1950s, 60s, 70s or 80s where immigration was less restrictive.  Do you really think when we destroy our country we will be able to run to the USA or any other first world country to live and work? think again.  Also let me remind you that the "Caymanian’ population has increased dramatically to about 200% from 1950-1980.

    Keep up this political bickering and don’t get rid of these political parties and look what is going to happen  "Dog ga eat our suppa soon".


  2. anonymous says:

    For crying out loud peoples!!!  Stop this Party foolishness!!!  MacKeeva the reason gang crime is so rampant here, is because you are the leader of the UDP gang movement.  Stop this gangster foolishness man!!  Have you ever sit and listen to a recording of yourself?  You should… every other word out of you is PPM.  You are the leader of these Islands and yes the leader of the UDP Gang, or whatever.  The young people are watching you and shadowing or copying your bullish attitude, so stop the bickering about PPM this and PPM that.  You ALL are worthless as a Party, anyways.  Remember you ALL are BORN Caymanians and its high time you ALL start thinking like you are BORN Caymanians.  Scrap that Immigration policy now too, because it is going to suppress your very own people in the Financial workplace, even more than they are already being suppressed.  Do NOT listen to those HR people, they only see foreign friends and money.  Start listening to the plight of the BORN Caymanian people.  You guys are making the BORN Caymanian people extinct like the turtles.  Wake up and ask GOD, yes GOD…. for guidance, as to what is best for the BORN Caymanian people and lead them on to a brighter future here.  I am sick and tired of the bickering amongst ALL you bretherens.  Together we will conquor, divided we WILL fall.  May God Bless our leadership and May God Bless these beautiful Cayman Islands.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The mess this country is in did not just happen in the last 4 years.  McKeeva’s reckless status grants added pressure on schools, roads, etc.  There was no infrastructure in place.  The status grants were necessary but did not have to be done overnight.  They should have been done on a case by case basis.  many people who had been here years and done a lot for the country did not get status from the mass give away of your counry’s birthright.  No one bothered to build schools, roads or anything else and the country badly needed these things. Those of you who believe this country’s downfall started 4 years ago have very short memories or choose to be blindly led.  Don’t forgot that the same Financial Secretary produced one set of figures when the PPM were still in power and then magically concocted another completely set a few months later.  Smells fishy to me!  I’m not in favour of either party but at least the PPM did something about the terrible traffic situation we faced every day coming from the East and tried to do something about the schools.  Maybe all 3 shouldn’t have been started at once but no one could foresee the collapse of the financial markets 4 or 5 years ago.  Our current Leader has publicly lied on several occassions and doesn’t seem to be able to keep his story straight.  He’s keeping very quiet on the enourmous, unneccesary  amount of spending on his own private home.  I have nothing against him personally but I am not stupid and you can’t say one thing one minute and then completely deny you said it the next, ie – sale/lease of government admin building.  Open your eyes people.  How can you trust someone who lies to suit himself.  He now claims he’s not selling the building because of the fuss the PPM made.  Well it wasn’t just the PPM making a fuss.  This man acts as though we do not have a democratic right to disagree with him which is very scary.

  4. Anonymous says:

    how about we ban the use of the word UDP, PPM, implicit and explicit references to both as well.

    Why can we show up in droves to protest on a website, but when real action is necessary everyone is an armchair quarterback. 

    all discussion should simply be solutions…shaddup if not…

    my solutions..i am not a finance guy, jus a man with common sense….since that is rampant in cayman, i expect solutions shortly….but actually i have common sense

  5. Anonymous says:

    Come on Primere,Ministers &  MLAs  it’s no time for playing hide and seek, and the blame game leave that for our kids.  The deficit is here,  let us accept it and move on to find a solution. This can only be achieved by the MLAs and MINISTERS WORKING TOGETHER in a common interest for the Country.

    Too many fingrers are being pointed in all directions.and  there is no time for this type of behaviour. It takes COMMON SENSE AND TRUST of all  to get the job of the country’s work done and steer the good ship of cayman back to its harbour,

     Ezzard seems to be the Brain-child of the group!!! How many of the others have  explained the way forward in  reducing  the Deficit?  His brave attempt of the exercise is invaluable, and  speaks  for his love of   country. Independent Miller you are every inch of a true politician – protecting the rights of caymanians and our country with a lone voice.

  6. Anonymous says:

    With all due respect, about the only worthwhile activity Mr.McLaughlin could meaningfully take part in at the present time would be that of leading the "apology march" suggested by Truman and John. (Less fancy dress, of course!) For crying out loud, this gentleman was part and parcel of the ineptitude and incompetence that has landed the country in such a dire financial pickle. And now he’s presenting himself as a viable voice regarding a solution? Just how gullible does he take the Caymanian people to be? Oh, and by the way, I’m 100% anti-political parties. Remember the old days of Executive Council? Sooner we get back to a non-party system the better.

    • Anonymous says:

      As you can see from the thumbs down, Mr. McLaughlin clearly understands there are many gullible voters. On the other hand, you have underestimated how many there really are. Although I agree with what you have written the Peoples Propaganda Machine is very powerful. 

      • Anonymous says:

         Yes, indeed. But considering the post spoke against political parties altogether, getting 6 thumbs up versus 8 down is significant, and perhaps bodes well for the future. If we really are stuck with parties, then let’s have more than two, so as to provide the people with some real choice, and promote an improvement in the overall quality of our representation. This "well, it’s either us or them" situation is hopeless, and promotes, in my opinion, mediocrity rather than excellence from our elected government. I pray that serious consideration will be given by those aspiring to serve their country as politicians towards the formation of new political parties. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Now that the shoe is on the other foot, it doesn’t feel so nice, eh? When the PPM Govt. came to the house with a budget a year ago which reflected a surplus and in a matter of a couple of months this had turned into a large deficit the UDP said that the PPM had lied to the people. They mocked the PPM for saying that they had been misled by the FS. Now the same fate has befallen the UDP. By the UDP’s own standard either the UDP were misled by the FS or they lied about the budget. Whatever the case, they appear as either liars or buffoons.   

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hellow it’s not a UDP or PPM recession it is a worldwide recession worst yet I could say depression.  The Cayman Islands unfortunately got caught unprepared due to several occurances beyond our control like hurricane Ivan and yes some foolish mistakes like not being prudent and saving as much as we could for times like these.

    What we have to do now is come together with practical solutions and work together to fix the problems.

    I encourage each individual to post atleast one positive suggestion that the government can consider as a way to reduce the deficit or to enhance the revenues.  Now here is my suggestion:

    Reduce Deficit:            Lease Boatswain Beach

    Enhance Revenue:     Charge a fee of $10 per day/night to all owners           of vehicles that are parked on the side of the road because their landlords don’t provide enough parking spaces in the complex for them to park, there are many areas in Cayman like this. Lots of revenue could be made just from this, to name just one place in George Town, Keturah Street off Walkers Road there are about 20 car parked at the side of the road overnight this one area could bring in about $400 for one night.  Better yet the police could lock the wheels of these vehicles for unauthorised parking  on governmet property and charge $75.00 to have the lock removed can you imagine the amount of money government can get for this.  How what is your suggestion?


  8. Anonymous says:

    I am personally thanking the PPM for opening our eyes to the real truth of what the UDP Government is all about and the truth about the budget.  PPM please keep up the good works and keep the people informed.  Mac and his cronies are hiding something from the people and it is scary.  Mac always has hidden agendas and he should be truthful to his people,  Anyone who acts like Mac, has something to hide.  Please PPM keep the pressure on him, keep exposing him and always keep Dan Dan informed. 

    • Anonymous says:

      You can also thank the PPM for putting our country in such sad state of affairs while you’re thanking them for everything else!  Some of these blind followers astonish me.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Oh where, oh where are those INDEPENDENTS now?? We say sorry to you all. Our mistake.

    It is clear in my mind that we should have elected them instead of following the ‘lights” of the so called political parties.

    Wally, Burns, Bo-Bo, Eddie, Paul the Lion, Gilbert, Justin, etc. along with Ezzard, Arden(I know he is still PPM for now) and Mark S (I know he is still UDP for now) we would have had some business brains and straight talk in the house with true leadership. Mac and Kurt need to retire now and let some fresh blood move the country forward to a new era.

    If elections were held today, I am sure the Independents would win. This tit-for-tat UDP/PPM nonsense is getting the country no where.

  10. I MAN FROM YAH says:

    If an election should be held tomorrow neither party deserves my vote. The UDP, running around like chikcen without head and blaming the past government for the current mess, you should be spending that time coming up with solutions.

    PPM, oh the PPM, you can point out all that the governement should not do (sell govt. building, cut civile service, etc.) in light o that what should they do? no real solutions to any of the problems, you all sound like an empty can with broken glass shaking on the inside… come up with some solution, had you been the government of the day, what would you have done, I rather take a pay cut any day than a job cut.

    Wake up PPL, it needs unity to get anywhere, not from the UDP,PPM or the independent but the support of every Caymanian who has only here to call home.

    • BORN FREE says:

      What a difference! What a breath of fresh air!

      I listened to the PPM public meeting last night, & it was a breath of fresh air. What was missing was all the hatred, all the slandering, all the preaching of division, all the nasty & sarcastic remarks, & all the blaming of others that we constantly hear from the UDP! The meeting was informative, & everything was explained in simple terms for ordinary people like me to understand. Did I mention that there was no preaching of hate like we hear at UDP meetings? 

      I wish the UDP would learn from the PPM, & conduct public meetings in the same manner. People want to hear the issues WITHOUT all the hatred & nasty remarks that spew out of the UDP mouths! It is embarrassing & sad to listen to the UDP meetings, & it is awful to think that the outside world also listens, how embarrassing! 

  11. Anonymous says:

    From the postings on this one you can tell fire burning UDP backsides…and it hot hot hot!! UDP on Radio, TV, Talk Show, News, Press Briefings, did I say Radio already?! and now finally they rounding up a few to make some nasty posts about the PPM.  Look like for sure the dead wake up – at least for a lil bit LOL

  12. I told unny says:

    AMEN to 13:27


    You could not have said it any clearer. Yeah all them self people taught that it was gonna be okay thinking about what they could get and not about the country, well make each and every one of them take what they get. I have a clear conscience and can sleep good at night and know I don’t have to run social services or any MLA door knocking for my next meal. My mother always told me growing up "if ya can’t hear your @$$ will feel". And guess what, every soul in the in these 3 islands feeling it. PPM and UDP need to come together for the betterment of these islands.


    Hip Hip

    • Anonymous says:

      Trust me, you don’t have to be UDP for it to "burn" me that the PPM left this country in shambles.  Anybody would be upset.

      • Anonymous says:

        to Anon 17:00, yeah, upset just like everybody, & I mean everybody, was upset with the UDP in 2005, after the UDP really left this country in shambles! It still "burns" my belly real bad! The UDP destroyed this country with their corruption, overspending, waste, & selling out! Now that is what you call leaving our country in shambles! Thank God that the PPM were elected in such difficult & trying times & were able to makes things better. Now the UDP are up to their old tricks again, but this time it gonna catch up with them. This time they gonna fall hard, & when they fall there will be no getting up!

      • Anonymous says:

        What you party supporters need to understand is that BOTH of these seemingly dysfunctional parties have contributed mightily to the financial mess we are in. Yes some of it is attributable to the global meltdown but one should not forget the contributions of both parties with their free spending habits. Roll back you memories folks:  UDP – turtle farm, overinflated payments for properties, huge bills for overseas travel, the status give aways and the resulting strain on our infrastructure etc etc, PPM and their overspending on infrastructure which could have been better spaced but no doubt was seen as political expedience so they didn’t care etc etc, then there are the contributions by all of the courts disasters that took place during the PPM administration. Perhaps not their doing but nevertheless under their watch, the ongoing investigations for which should have been warning bells to them not to spend so freely. On and on it goes. So folks, if there was an election today neither party would get my vote because in my opinion they have both failed us the people very miserably. My suggestion is that all of you should put aside this ignorant political party bickering that has taken over these islands and get back to basic common sense. Stand up together as one people and force these 15 people we have hired to perform to our expectations, or declare them dysfunctional and inept and call a new election. I am sick and tired of the blame game – come up with the solutions you lot are being paid to do! If you are unable to, do what is honest and decent and step down.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Everything is gonna be alright.  When the government overspends or mismanages money, they don’t want to be accountable to the people, they just ask them to take a pay cut!  Forgetting of course that the scam of taking a 20% paycut for MLA’s still leaves them with a salary five times that of the average Caymanian that they can EASILY live on, but take the same percentage off the average salary creates real or even more severe hardship.  So, is the answer to make things worse for the average salary earner – I don’t think so.

    Concentrate on where the money is being wasted, the Auditor General has already identified abuse that has been going on for years with government fuel cards.  There are people I know that are not even civil servants that have them and openly abuse it, by running up and down all day supposedly on ‘errands’ conducting their own personal business.

    All fuel cards should be recalled and re-issued to only those that need it for genuine business and a strict accountability process put in place.  Although I won’t name names here I intend to inform the auditor of the persons I know that have one and abuse it!

    • Richard N. Parson says:

       If the lowly civil servants are taking a 20% pay cut, the MLA’s should take at least a 40% or better yet 50% cut.  It is ridiculous that a little Island like Cayman, a spec on the map, should be paying those kinds of salaries to elected officials!  When I can’t balance my budget, I reduce my spending until I get it back under control.  I learned as a child that if you spend more than you have you will go broke!  Caymanians need to get back to the basics of good economics.  We "old timers" could teach some of these "youngsters" a thing or two about managing money!

  14. Anonymous says:

    The state of our country is a mess. I remember when gentlemen such as Messrs Norman Bodden, Benson Ebanks and  the late Capt Charles Kirkconnell were Members of Executive Council (Cabinet today), they received very littlemoney and they put their all in running this country.

    The running of a country is similar to the running of a business, for example businessmen do not hire staff they do not need, they do not embark on several large projects all at once and they don’t overspend!!! This country must be run like a business in the immediate future; if it costs Mac his political career to lay off civil servants for the betterment of this country and future generations, then so be it!!!

    As I see it, there two choices for civil servants, take a paycut or lose your job!! It’s as simple as that. The rest of the working public has to contribute to their pension and health insurance and civil servants, (except those earning less than $2,000.00) should be doing the same, instead they are getting a free ride!!

    The PPM administration was voted out ten months ago and now they seem to have all the answers! They should have used their brillant ideas when they had the chance and maybe we would not be so deep in the hole today.


  15. Still A Better Way fwd. says:

    Good afternoon All,

    Pls read the article below. Regrettably, the Cayman Islands Civil Service believes that they should be in a position to negotiate with the leaders of this country which were voted into office by the Caymanian people of these islands. This administration was voted to office for three reasons:
    1). The majority of people believed that the last administration played a very instrumental role in overextending the debt obligation of the country by recklessly spending the countries funds on extravagant schools, govt administration bldg, post offices, roads, million dollar post office, multi million dollar fit-out of a bldg for CAL, multi million dollar consultancy report on CAL, multi -million airport expansion, million dollar boxing event, etc. This reckless spending did far more to diminish our savings than any world recession.  
    2). The last Administration was unable to demonstrate strong leadership qualities and this was demonstrated when as a last dying yelp the PPM govt pleaded with the Civil Service to find creative ways to cut 6% of their spending. Their request was met with a 6% increase in exp by the service. They were unable to keep Cayman off the OECD Gray list; they were unable to attract inward investment; they were unable to go east and provide a ray of hope to small Caymanian businesses; they were unable to sell scrap metal for a profit; they were unable to find adequate insurance coverage for the sister islands and only discovered that after Hurricane Paloma ravaged Cayman Brac and Little Cayman and hundreds of thousands spent on inadequate insurance.
    3). The majority of the people of these islands felt then and remain steadfast in their belief that the Hon. W. McKeeva Bush and the UDP administration had/have the ability to regain the confidence of the international community by doing the following:
    Bring a balanced budget to the house.
    Cut unnecessary spending of govtand control govt spending.
    Remove us of the OECD Gray list.
    Promote the jurisdiction as a sound financial centre and attractive tourist destination.
    Clean up the environment through waste to energy and the expansion of the sewerage treatment plant.
    Create job opportunities for existing businesses and provide an environment conduce to bringing new business to the shores.
    Expand/diversify the current national business.
    Divesture of non performing assets.

    Turks and Caicos civil service salaries to be cut by 10pct

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, if that was the UDP’s mandate then it is failing miserably. The only item that seems to have been achieved (or indeed even in the process of being achieved) is removing us from the OECD grey list and that was only a matter of completing the process of signing TIEAs that was already well under way by the previous govt. 

      "Clean up the environment". I assume you are joking. This govt. has shown more cavalier disregard for the environment than any predecessor. Do you really think that building an oil refinery in East End (perhaps the most environmentally pristine district and with the largest fresh water lens) will clean up the environment or utterly destroy it? Dredge the North Sound to provide access to mega yachts? 

      YOU may still believe that the UDP is a better way forward but I can assure you that the majority (at least 60%) of Caymanians do not. But it suits me just fine for you to be deluded.     

      • Still A Better Way fwd. says:


        I did NOT say that they achieved all of these things already.  What I said was this was what they were elected to do and the majority of the electorate of these islands STILL believe in their ability to deliver. 
        You have however adequately demonstrated and articulated the attitude of a particular segment of the voting population when you suggest that only one item on my list has been accomplished.  If all these things could be done in 9 months then we could hold elections every 1-2 years.  Old buddy, these things take time, they take planning and most of all it takes heavy capital injection.
        Let me remind you that this Gov’t. is working toward solving the effluent and waste water problem that has long plagued our islands and is working on job opportunity/job creation (port project), waste to energy, promoting the destination as a top notch financial and tourist destination, working toward reducing Gov’t. spending and balancing the budget.
        These things are ongoing and will not be accomplished overnight.  However anyone can see that the UDP is working on addressing these and many more issues.  Be patient friend and lets wish them well.  
  16. noname says:


    As a young Caymanian Businessman I respect McKeeva’s no nonsense approach to the PPM’s mismanagement of the Country’s finances. It is without a doubt that the PPM has no idea of business when they claim
    The operational deficit has nothing to do with capital expenditure”. 
    Budget Deficits are created when actual expenses exceed actual revenues and therefore "a deficit". $250 million worth of infrastructure and buildings without financing – this is the very definition of operational expenses and deficits. Since there was no long term financing in place to fund the Capital Projects that the PPM begun – the projects were funded from operational cash reserves resulting in operational deficits. 
    Since there are some who don’t know about finances I can see why this game of "Smoke and Mirrors" by the PPM works but it is time to start thinking for yourself.  Don’t believe the hype, educate yoursleves on accounting to avoid another PPM trap.
    McKeeva, remember there are many out here that see the good you are doing and continue on your path because the businesses here that thrive on your innovation to weather this economic storm need you. 
    Everyone else that doesn’t have the foresight to see Mac’s wisdom, rest assured when the tides of fortune return it will be through Mac’s resolve. You can either thank him now our later but why wait like the PPM for something to happen, be part of the change and support tourism, development, and finance because through these industries we can survive as a tax free state.
    • Fuzzy says:

      To Anonymous Wed 14:31                                         Since you are so successful because of Mac ,maybe you can pay for his driver ,cook and wall.

      • Anonymous says:

        Don’t forget this – Kurt Tibbetts and the PPM are the grand orchestrator of the new constitution that made the provisions for all of the above.  Again educate yourself and look to the source and don’t be fooled by the “smoke and mirrors”.

        • Anonymous says:

          The Constitution does not require the Premier to be chauffeur driven or have a maid at public expense. Don’t talk nonsense. This comes from McKeeva’s inflated self-importance.  Do you even understand what a constitution is, or do you just go around parroting UDP propaganda?

    • Anonymous says:

      Young Caymanian Businessman!

      Now help us understand what the loans were used for?  Would they exist if we follow your thought process?

    • Anonymous says:

      Wisdom? Really now?!

    • Anonymous says:

      "$250 million worth of infrastructure and buildings without financing – this is the very definition of operational expenses and deficits".

      My understanding was that govt. had indeed borrowed to meet this infrastructure costs and in doing so it had exceeded the borrowing limits set by the Public Management and Finance Law and therefore required the UK Govt. approval. No? If there no loans and govt was trying to finance the construction out of current account would it not have been a simple matter to then borrow the funds so that that the operational deficit would be affected only by interest payments on the loans?  There is something about your story that just does not add up.    

  17. Anonymous says:

    I for one is so sick and tired of this tit for tat crap with both of these parties .I honestly wish that there was a re-election tomorrow and i surely hell  wouldnt vote for either one . This is not the time for this he say she say crap the time your guys sit and carry on like a bunch of school yard children . You all should be working together to try and get this country back on its feet becasue as far as i can see its both parties fault why we are in this mess. Stop this blaming game and put behind  these  selfish ways  aside and do whats best for the country . Remember Country before your self if this was the case we wouldnt be in the mess we are in.

    • Anonymous says:

      I totally agree, these two parties (PPM & UDP) act like a bunch of kids, playing the BLAME GAME!  Grow up, take responsibility for YOUR actions and let others worry about theirs…     instead your wasting time pointing fingers and trying to build a 4 YEAR reason to vote you back in and not the other party!    I guarantee I wont be voting for either party next time around, I am going for the new ones.  

  18. ObServer says:

    I see shades of the Turks & Caicos level of Government here……….Now look where they are


    Good Luck

  19. Anonymous says:

    I would like to say that the PPM meeting last night was very informative and was not just a blaming game. 

    Mac needs to stop hisfoolishness and sit down with the PPM and Ezzard and look for ways to better this country.  Stop about he don’t want to hear anything from them.  I listened to the LA last week and he sounded so illiterate, it’s embarrassing to have him as a Premier.  Ms. Mary is trying to manage him but he doesn’t even have respect for her.

  20. TennisAce says:

    McLaughlin said that Bush had driven business away".  Really  now Mr. McLaughlin.  Really.  You think so.  Clearly the rhetoric that drove a wedge between expatriates and locals had nothing to do with people not wanting to do business  here.  The fact that it takes forever and a day to get a work permit granted.  The fact that people who have made this place their home for years and have contributed so much to the local economy have been driven away because of where they are from.  The fact that local businesses who depended on the lower income expat community for their very survival – you know those companies that employed Caymanians and who depended on those persons who  cannot afford to jump on a plane and head to Miami to shop but who spent their money here but were told if they stayed would make Cayman a welfare state, yes those people.  The fact that at every given opportunity the various mouthpieces for the PPM took to  the airwaves and wrote letters to the editor telling all expats who were investing in this country that they should go back from whence they came – clearly this had nothing to do with people packing up their bag and pan and going elsewhere.   And he has the nerve to talk about Bush driving away business. Clearly this man is out of his mind. 

  21. Anonymous says:

    No, really, the budget was overambitious and would never balance?!!  I think anyone with half a brain could have told you the same thing when the budget was initially tabled.  Wishful revenue figures and absolutely no attempt at reducing expenditures = deficit……

  22. Anonymous says:

    My question is….why can you not all play together at resolving this country’s many issues? Why to you waste so much time playing politics and so much energy accusing each other of lying….aren’t you all lying?  Do some work! stop blabbing…Ii is hard to trust any of you!

  23. Anonymous says:

    Still a lot of PPM retoric and no solutions…Opposition for Opposion sake, I suppose!

    Come on PPM, people are looking for solutions and not for you to say how much better you are than McKeeva. We have heard that a million times over. Stop wasting time and offer some real solutions!

    • Anonymous says:

       Here is a reality check…. it took the PPM 4 YEARS to create a debt of 30 million yet it only took the UDP 8 MONTHS to create another 35 million in debt ( with construction stopped on the schools) . 

      Yea, I have great confidence in this government – NOT

  24. Uncivil Servant says:

    The Bush method of the creation of widespread panic is merely a tactic to get a large portion of the population to agree to things they would not otherwise agree to. We have seen it before from him and will see it again. The biggest problem we face is that so many seem to fall for it time and time again.


    • Anonymous says:

      This is such a foolish comment. You are obviously blind to the fact that this country is in a bad state.  McKeeva does not have to create any panic.  Any idiot can see that we have problems.  Thanks a lot PPM for ruining the country.

  25. Anonymous says:

    They have the nerve to have public meeting . They were given a chance to prove themselves as a reliable Government instead they have shown the direct opposite. They equate very well with the old saying,"empty barrell makes the most noise" They should shut up if they have nothing valuable to contribute to the mess they have leftt his country in. They knew that an economic down turn was coming yet they pushed ahead as ingnorant blind fools and spend up what they should have saved up for the economic crunch. I dont see them running their personal affairs in this manner. I call that criminal negligence and they should be made accountable for their actions.

    • Can't hide it forever says:

      You sound just like Mac.

      You want to be able to do whatever you want and no one is to say anything, just like Mac.

      The PPM public meeting was just bringing to the public what is going on and of which Mac does not want to come to light.

      We, the Cayman public wants to know the truth, not one minute saying one thing and the next minute saying you never said it, just like Mac.

      Thank you PPM, keep us well informed even though there are some people who would love to keep things under wrap.

    • Anonymous says:

      Damn criminal negligence?  You serious yes?  What’s good for the goose is good for the gander – same allegations equally apply to both parties – eat your heart out. 

      Bush also "had his chance to prove himself" in the past and failed.  He took up this post after the recession hit so was well aware of the economic situation when taking up the reins.  Nobody has made more noise than Bush… and I hasten to add embarrassing noise at that?  He told the world how broke we are but did nothing pro-active to obtain a proper financial assessment and get the annual audits completely up to date before going off on all of his lavish spending sprees at the public’s expense.  So the previous government didn’t do it, but what, in reality, has he done (other than mud-slinging, bitching and back-biting) to rectify this?  What "valuable contribution" has he made thus far?  His actions are irresponsible and have merely compounded the existing problem and made matters worse for Cayman and its people.

      Jeezus some of you people are such sheep just following along blindly supporting these politicians with no idea what the consequences are for you, the people who he is supposedly there to serve, and not holding your politicians accountable for their actions.  Its time you made a stand for your country and demanded better.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree wholeheartedly with you on this.  The PPM should be held accountable for their mismanagement and I mean criminally!  Now all they find the time to do is criticize this government who is caught between a rock and a hard place.  Kurt, Alden, and especially Chuckie should be ashamed of themselves for putting this country in this position.  You all had your chance and look what you did so not get out of the way and quit stirring up everyone.  It is not doing the country any good.  Even after Ivan we weren’t in this kind of situation.  You all spent like there was no tomorrow.  It burns me to no end that you are still getting paid for doing nothing thanks to your blind followers.

    • Anonymous says:

      The UDP & Mckeeva Bush were given the chance to prove themselves as a reliable government between 2001 & 2005 but instead they proved the direct opposite. Not only did the UDP have the nerve to hold a public meeting (yes, they only held one) during the PPM adminstration, but they had the nerve to run in the 2009 elections as well! Can you believe the nerve. I wish they would go sit down after all the destruction & hardships they caused to the people of this country! Now people like you, Anon 11:14 have the audacity to question the PPM holding a public meeting! Have you ever heard that "what is good for the goose is good for the gander"? If the failed UDP government that was kicked out of office in an embarrassing landslide defeat in 2005 can hold a public meeting & even run in the elections I see NO REASON why you feel that the PPM opposition should not hold a public meeting to let the public know what stupidness you & your UDP government are up to. You should go sit down.
      When you talk about "criminal negligence" you must be careful, because I am sure that you would not like to know about ALL the CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE & corruption that happened between 2001 & 2005! Remember Boatswain Beach & other suspicious projects & contracts? I suppose you were ok with the corruption & criminal negligenge in those days because who was involved & in government. You really must think sometimes before you post stupid comments. Now go sit in the corner until you can grow up!

  26. Anonymous says:

    "The former education minister has said that the premier knew that this year’s budget was over ambitious and would never balance. Alden McLaughlin said McKeveva Bush had presented a “pretend budget” to the Legislative Assembly in order to ease the pressure from the UK."


    What about the PPM who created this entire fiasco ?

    PPM should keep their mouths shut right about now.

    • Anonymous says:

      I couldn’t agree more. The feeble excuse by the PPM that they didn’t know the world would have a recession is just an excuse for their mismanagement of the country’s finances.

      Who do they think they are fooling,? I wouldn’t trust the PPM to handle the finances of a lemonade stand.

      The problem is that the UK knows they are untrustworthy. If they were in power now guess what… direct taxation and they would blame it on someone else.

      • Anonymous says:

        What a disgrace to the Country!!!!

        Tens if not hundreds of people told the PPM that they were taking us to bankrupcy and that their forecast were on steroids, they didn’t leasen. At least they could have the decency to shut up now.

      • Anonymous says:

        And you think Mr Hush Bush sweep-it-under-the-carpet comes across as any more trustworthy and reliable? 

        Even if the PPM made the coffin, the UDP is hammering nails into it.

        In my book neither are any better than the other and I feel sorry for Cayman if this is the best they have to offer in their political arena. 


      • Anonymous says:

        Forget about the PPM. Give up the blame game. Whatever the PPM did not did not do we must demand more from our govt. now. As for untrustworthy isn’t that exactly the point that the PPM are making about the UDP – that they lied about the budget to the UK as well as to the Cayman public.   

      • Macman says:

        Both you idiots who know as much about economics as the man in the moon still do not get it. The problem is WORLD WIDE

        That is why Mac has not got a clue…unless it involves washing machines, land fill or wasting our money on traveling and building his own castle he knows less than a high school graduate…..but there again he did not graduate did he?

        • Anonymous says:

          A very eloquent rebuttal sir, but the overspending by the PPM wasn’t WORLD WIDE.

          There are 2 components here revenues and expenses. The revenues were impacted by the WORLD WIDE slow down as we all know. But the expenses are placed at the feet of your beloved PPM in the arrogant capital spending that they pursued against the voice of many who warned them that they were overspending.

          Any prudent manager realizes that there are unknowns to any budget thus they show some restraint in spending.

          Why didn’t the PPM show some restraint?

          And name calling doesn’t strengthen your argument.

        • Anonymous says:

          This is exactly what I mean.  Instead of acknowledgingthat the PPM overspent, you resort to name calling.  Ignorance is bliss my friend because you simply can’t see the light.  You are either one of the politicians or a very blind follower with a bad grudge.

        • Anonymous says:

          Macman is someone helping you write your post?

      • Anonymous says:

        my lemonade stand did better in 2 weeks than what Hampstead Ltd. did in 4 years!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Your comment is right on the money.  How dare they even put out their opinions when we are in this situation because of them.  Even if the economy worldwide is bad, we would have been ok had it not been for their overspending.  The thing that upsets me the most is that they continue to not accept responsibility for what they did.  Now they think they have all the answers and what they are doing is simply obstructing anything the current government is doing and preventing improvement.  PPM should crawl back in their holes!  PPM people, just because you don’t like McKeeva, does not mean you have to follow your PPM leaders blindly.  They had their chance and look what they did to this country.  We need unity and the failed former leaders like Chuckie should butt out.  We don’t need any more trouble.  The country is so divided it saddens me so much.

      • Anonymous says:

        what a most ridiculous comment Anon 13:33 to suggest that "failed former leaders should butt out"!!! I know that you support the present dictatorship, but please try & accept that Cayman is still a domocracy, despite how you feel, & in a democracy freedom of speech reigns (even though we all know that your dictator fights hard to stop people speaking out against him). There is such a thing as freedom of speech, & to suggest that failed politicans should shut up is wrong. Afterall, the Cayman people did not tell the failed political leaders of the UDP in the past to shut up. What are you & your UDP government afraid of? Afraid of being exposed are you?

  27. Anonymous says:

    Mac is trying to push us to independence and blame the PPM ….  So he can play the "hero" and "save us"  again,as he claimed last year (from taxes).

    When he returns from England it will most likely be with a choice of taxes or independence… Of course it will all be the PPM’s fault… and nothing to do with his ‘grand plan’ .

    I don’t know about anyone else but if I have a choice of taxes or going independent with McKeeva running this island – I’LL TAKE TAXES any day !!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I beg to differ.  Mac does not need to blame the PPM because it is an obvious given that the country has never been in such dire straights and it is the fault of the PPM.  They put us in this situation with their overspending on grandiose projects that they thought they could bank on for re-election.  Had they listened to Mac when he was raising all kinds of flags a year earlier, we would not be in this situation.  I remember thinking the same thing back then and then reading Kurt’s stupid remarks pretty much dismissing Mac’s warnings.  That is the kind of arrogance that burns me to my very soul.  Now look at us.  I would have more respect for the PPM if they admitted that they screwed upand offered their assistance instead of becoming stumbling blocks or causing more trouble like Chuckie with his march, which can lead to more international headlines.  We are all in this situation together people.  Stop making it a PPM vs UDP thing and stand behind our government. 

      • BORN FREE says:

        The blame game has to end sometime, it has to! Can it go on forever? Just imagine, my blind UDP friend, if because of all the ‘foreign & imported’ votes (because of the thousands of status & PR grants by the UDP) & the bought votes the UDP remain in power for the next 20 years (GOD help us) will they still be blaming the PPM for THEIR failures? The UDP has failed the Cayman people. You can hear the discontentment, & it is not with the PPM! About 80% of the people are unhappy, scared & devastated now & they say it is because of what the UDP is doing! When will the UDP stop blaming the PPM? Aren’t the UDP now the government? The UDP cannot go to the toilet without blaming the PPM, it is sick, & it is getting pathetic. They can’t P.P without talking about the P.P.M.

  28. Bushy's beer says:

    The operational deficit has nothing to do with capital expenditure

    mmm, except when the capital expenditure increases the country’s debts, then the interest payments on the debt DO affect the operational deficit.

    • Anonymous says:

      True but the interest payments are probably less than $10m per year and do not really account for the operational deficit of $72m.  

      • Bushy's beer says:

        Isn’t thedebt close to $800 million now, what was the current bond interest? 5.5%

        That 44 miilion, which is half the deficit.

  29. Frequent Flyer says:

    Would someone please tell Mckeeva that time spent blaming others for this mess is better spent searching out solutions??!!  All I can think of is school yard kids blaming things on the other guy… Am I the only one that thinks it sounds immature?

    And maybe put some thought into things before saying it out loud…

    The word ‘buffoon’ comes to mind, but I don’t want to be name-calling…

    • Anonymous says:

      While you are at it, let Kurt and Alden know too.. Kettle calling the pot black!

  30. Anonymous says:

    What a Punch & Judy show!  Tit-for-tat politics without a substantive proposal in sight, from either party.  Only when the people of Cayman become brave enough to bring the McKeeva Bush/Kurt Tibbetts era of party politics to a close will things really change in Cayman.  Most towns in the US with a population the size of Cayman have a Mayor and a Town Adminstrator, plus a small group of councillors who work together for the benefit of the town.  Pugnacious party politics has destroyed this island.

  31. Anonymous says:

    the last budget was a sham and everyone including media ignored this.

    the ppm got to take responsibility for their mis-management though…

    udp/ppm are both like a couple of little kids who won’t admit their wrong doings…. 

    this seems to be a trait in caymanian society… they will never take responsibility for anything, always looking to blame somebody else (governors/expats)

    my advice to maceeva is to stop flip- flopping with every issue and push ahead with cutting the civil service….

  32. Anonymous says:

    I am not a supporter of either political party, partly because they seem to be interested primarily in attacking each other.

    It is unfortunate that the PPM only seems to be reacting to the Premier’s fool-fool agenda and his nonsense rants rather than addressing the issues that the people want sorted out.

    I want to hear the PPM and our independent member pressing for changes to our laws which will first of all get the violent criminals off our streets, and secondly will keep the violent criminals off our streets. I want the honest hard working people to be safe in their homes and in our communities. Is the PPM listening?

    • Anonymous says:

      Anonymous @ 9:30 is the PPM listening?are you really serious? the PPM have been deaf and blind now for the past 8 years,sorry to say old buddy but you better look elsewhere!!!!