Murder “not gang related”

| 13/03/2010

(CNS): While police have not named the victims of Thursday night’s shooting spree in the West Bay area, they have said that the man who was murdered in the first incident was a 29-year-old Ecuadorian national from the George Town area, while the victim in the second incident was a 16-year-old youth, who was shot in the leg. The RCIPS says that over thirty officers are now investigating the two shootings, but claim the murder was not gang related.

Police say that at about 7:26 pm Thursday 11 March, the Ecuadorian man was shot in the stairwell of an apartment block in Maliwinas Way. He sustained head injuries and was found to be dead on arrival at Cayman Islands Hospital.

Detective Superintendent Marlon Bodden, the officer in charge of the enquiry said, “This appears to have been a violent robbery which has gone tragically wrong. There is nothing at this stage to suggest that this murder is related to gang fighting on the island.”

In the second incident, at 7:33 pm on Capt Osbert Road, the teenager was shot in the leg. He was taken to hospital where he is currently being treated and is said to be in a stable condition.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    oh its not gang related !! that makes it so much better right ??? now it means you can be a random person and get shot at 🙂  

    • Twyla Vargas says:

      11:20, its not funny, but I had to laugh out loud after reading your comments.  The humor was needed.

    • Common Sense says:

       Move the prison to the Brac!  Jobs for the sister islands and gee, the poor criminals won’t get their cell phones topped up and drugs brought to them by their girlfriends or thrown over the wall.  It may deter some of the bad boys if they knew they would be sent there….

  2. Not prepared to live in FEAR says:
    Stick your head a little deeper in the sand "Annoyed (Sat, 03/13/2010 – 18:57)". It is EXACTLY this ignorance and complacency that has us in this mess to begin with!! Whether or not there are MS-13 on island is irrelevant – taking the attitude that they would NEVER come here is simply naive. Did you EVER think that this country would be in the position that it is in now? 10, 15, 20 years ago people sat on their porches completely oblivious to the direction these islands were heading in – bet they thought "Gangs? Get real! Why would they be on this island?" And yet…here we are! In fact, 10 years ago when kids in school were crying "gangs" everyone was shoo-shooing them to be quiet…no such thing existed here…well guess what! Those same gang kids of 10 years ago are now the grown-up gangs adults of today – HELLOOOO!!!
    I am a WB resident and am appalled and terrified at what is happening and the sudden change in the nature of my district. I am also dumbfounded that our great leader is STILL so concerned about finances when his very OWN district is crumbling. I suppose the 8′ wall is sufficient to remove him from any danger – what about the rest of us?!?!
    How can you run an entire country when you cannot control a single, pathetic district!?? Get off your blasted high horse, put your shoulder to the grinding wheel and let’s turn this district around!!
    Stop painting the outside of the house while the inside walls are corroding and caving in. Investors will soon find out that the country is on the verge of a civil war of sorts and spread the word to pull out…STOP that before it happens and THEN focus on rebuilding our economy… We want safety and security FIRST. No one will invest in a country that is violent and unstable – just ask our neighbours.
  3. Richard Wadd says:

     The CORRECT Statement is:

      "There is no evidence to support that GOD, does NOT exist".

     Until man is able to Create life, even in the minutest form, the evidence is overwhelming that that which we take so much for granted, is BEYOND our capability to re-create, and therefore is Gifted us from a Power that we cannot as yet comprehend.

     Anyway you slice it, without GOD we don’t exist.

    • Anonymous says:

      This isn’t really the place for theological debate, but I would just add a few points:

      I am a Christian, and I believe with every ounce of my being that God doesexist. Which is why I get so upset when people come along with ridiculous comments such as yours. Such ignorance leads the whole religious community open to abuse from a world that does ask for evidence of things not seen. To argue that we have no evidence to suggest that something is untrue is outrageous. We have no evidence against pixies, fairies, the loch ness monster, leprechauns, or for that matter, we have no evidence to suggest that we weren’t placed here by an alien life form far more advanced than our own as a scientific experiment. I don’t believe any of these are true, but I suppose that you will tell me that as there’s no evidence against them – you do believe them.

      • Foo Foo. says:

        Clearly you did not read and/or understand what Dickie-boy was saying… 

        • Mono Non Theist says:

          I think we just witnessed Dick and his first commentor exchange brain farts. 

          It just goes to show that when you start from a position of incoherent rationality, it’s easy to get peeved about someone else’s incoherent rationality. 

          Leave reason at the door, and just strap on the gloves.

    • Mono Non Theist says:

      Let’s test this mode of argument: 

      The premises are as follows: (a) H can’t and didn’t make L, and (b) L exists.

      The proposed conclusions are: (1) Something, call it X, exists that made L; and (2) X is God.

      First of all, this argument assumes that existence requires a creator, which means you are assuming the very thing you are trying to prove.  First fatal strike to the argument.

      Next, the argument assumes that to make L, X must be God.  This is not necessarily true (meaning the argument requires more premises to make this a necessary entailment).  There may come a day, and it probably will come very shortly, when humans can create life.  That will torpedo that part of the argument empirically, even if the existing flaw were patched up logically somehow (which it can’t without introducing untrue premises).

      Finally, the argument translates into some funny things:

      Premises: (a) A frog (H) can’t and didn’t make a bird’s nest (L), and (b) bird’s nests exists.

      [You can include that a bird’s nest is BEYOND the frog’s capability to re-create.]

      Conclusion: (1) Something, call it a bird (X), exists that made the bird’s nest (L).  (2) The bird is God.

      Thanks for the try!

    • Anonymous says:

      "Until man is able to Create life, even in the minutest form"

      Ever heard of sperm ? hmmm how about intercourse ?


      Guess we all just magically appeared ?



  4. Anonymous says:

    how are the so called gang memebers ms-13 and other outside criminals getting to cayman? suspect our profitable airline cal is bringing them. it is time to stop flying cal to these third world countries importing economic refugees and criminals. the island cannot afford to keep this airline any longer; it is a financial drain, does not bring any tourists and is blocking competitive market forces from determining sensible and affordable airfares. for those who think it is the best thing since sliced bread, they can put their money where their mouths are and buy it. note the fate of air jamaica when you hang on to a loosing venture too long. anyone wanting to visit cayman from any of these countries can travel via miami where they at least have some screening mechanisms, something we don’t seem too interested in putting in place in this country.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Whilst I would not wish to criticise the reporting/headlines here on Cayman News, what the RCIPS said was ‘There is nothing at this stage to suggest that this murder is related to gang fighting on the island.’ That is a very different statement from ‘It’s not gang related.’ The problem is people see a headline and don’t read through the report. This is not splitting hairs – A perfectly accurate statement would be ‘There is no evidence to suggest that God exists.’ However, I would certainly not write ‘God does not exist’.

    Give the police time – A new man is at the helm, and you can’t clear up this mess overnight – it’s going to take several years. And all those who say clear out the rubbish from the police – I agree entirely with you BUT evidence is needed to get rid of someone, it cannot be done becuase the Commissioner decides he/she is corrupt/incompetent/whatever. We have due process on these Islands, and I for one will give a man time before I condemn him.

    • A Theist says:

      There is no evidence to suggest God exists.  The better deduction from the evidence is therefore that God does not exist until someone comes up with some evidence to support the proposition.

      • Anonymous says:

        one of these days God will give it to you pal and you might not even be able to report it.

        • Anonymous says:

          I love how this article is about the downward spiral of our beloved country, and you clowns can only find passion enough to argue a passing comment about monotheism.

          I’ll tell you what, based on the story above, you better hope there’s a God and that he’s merciful…or we’re all screwed.


      • Anonymous says:

        There is plenty of evidence to suggest that God exists (although there is no absolute proof) hence the theory of intelligent design.   

    • Anonymous says:

      you must be a civil servant with interest in the police force. Some people in the civil service are condemned every day and very often they do not even know what they are condemned for but the wonderful police force is an exception i suppose.

    • Anonymous says:

      Totally agree with this will take time to sort out the decades of mismanagement in the RCIP. This man is professional, experienced and ethical. He is the best man for the job without a doubt.

      He can sort this mess out with the support of his management team AND THE PUBLIC !

      Give him time. I’m sure he has a plan  But it  might be one that he can’t make public to prevent it being compromised. Everything doesn’t have to be made poublic through the media despite what the many ‘policing experts’ who post on this site believe. Change does not happen takes time.

      Stop knocking him he deserves a chance. The combination of this commisioner and this governor is the best chance this country has of recovery.

      So let’s start backing and stop knocking.




  6. Anonymous says:

     “This appears to have been a violent robbery which has gone tragically wrong.    …"

    I really don’t understand that statement .. is any robbery right?  Could the Superintendent please correct.

    Our prayers go out to the families.

    • Mono Non Theist says:

      I suppose a robbery gone right is where the robber realizes the errors of his ways, repents, arrests himself, goes directly to Northward and stays there voluntarily without using the A/C, TV, cell phones, eating takeout, having conjugal visits in the woods or smoking ganja.  That might be a robbery gone right. 

      Of course, a more likely scenario is that he actually hopes he gets caught so that he can not have to worry about working or being responsible, and he can spend his days relaxing and being carefree while using the A/C, TV, cell phones, eating takeout, having conjugal visits in the woods and smoking ganja.

      Why am I at work again???  Where’s my gun…

      • Toyota says:

        Contrary to popular belief, the prison does NOT have A/C.  It may be nicer than many prisons around the world, but let’s try to keep the posts here factual. 

        Only the admin building has A/C and I don’t think any prisoners are housed in the Admin building, although that may change with the current crime wave.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree, and I don’t feel as if I’m nitpicking to say let’s not use meaningless references to crimes going "wrong", regardless of what is being conveyed, (which was that this was not gang related, which actually in itself is very disturbing). Something which can never be "right" cannot be described as somehow "wrong"as a consequence of an unanticipated event, in this case, I suppose, the poor gentleman resisting these evil-doers. Wrong is simply wrong, it can never "go" wrong. Let’s keep this "cop talk" where it belongs, which is among the police, but I am very grateful for their good efforts, believe me. I do pray for our new commissioner and his staff, and I’m optimistic that we will prevail against those who seek to destroy our country.


  7. Annoyed says:

    MS-13 Gang get real, why would they be on this Island, it is little thugs thinking they are men, do these little thugs not realise that sooner or later they are going to die…… clearly not!! I guess if your ill-educated, not been bought up in the best circumstances, drugged out of your head 24/7 then yup I guess your pretty oblivious to the real world……. XXXXXXXX

    • Anonymous says:

      FYI four members of this gang was deported from here in 2005 and thank God our law enforcement officers and Immigration were aware of thesituation before it became a problem.  As a matter of fact these people came here to visit family members on work permits hence the reason for them being on island. 

      If we had not detected and deported them from these islands can you imagine what would be happening right now.  Hence the need for finger printing and a global criminal checks for anyone wanting to work here.

    • anonymous says:

      Anything happen in this world, Cayman desperately wants to be part of it.  Doesn’t matter whether it’s good or bad…  Just like the little beauty queen who wants to be noticed. 

  8. Anonymous says:

    Does it matter if the killer or victim is Caymanian or foreigner?  Someone is still dead and someone killed them.  It happened in the Cayman Islands and we are getting bad press.  No one feels safe.

    It seems like quite a few people on CNS know (according to the comments that I have read)  who the killer is or isn’t.  Instead of posting stuff here, call the police or  crimestoppers. 

  9. A Noni Mouse says:

    So this was somehow related to the numbers game played in Cayman is it? This is what other posters seem to be intimating.


    • Twyla Vargas says:

      If the government would introduce a legal lottery there would not be a need of people suggestng this, that the killing was was in relation to numbers game.     What is happening on the Island is that many , many people here on work permit dont work.    They sell numbers every day, som making  200  to 1000.00  per day.   So why work?    but in so doing, you have to pay up your winners.    If government took control f this believe me we would be giving away money to people.   Offer it to private Lottery companies and collect the millions every month.    If you ant buying o selling, you would  be shockedto know how much money is being made,and sen off te Isands each day.   Its in th millions.

  10. Anonymous says:

     RCIPS knows the correct angle that they are following for this most recent  murder – please let’s not all ‘blog it up’ like ‘experts’ and ruin their chances of catching someone. A normal Police tactic is to sometimes allow information to take certain directions. This was not a random act. Suffice it to say that if you or those around you are not involved in any criminal activity, most likely you will be safe. XXXXX


  11. Wondering says:

    Hmmm….any relation to the two machete attacks in George Town….

  12. durrrr says:

    time to renew the calls for a lottery?

  13. Anonymous says:

    the young man that got shot and didnt die reported being threatened and the police didnt investigate or do anything and now he has been shot! they ask for help and get none! he is 16!  do they not see the peoples frustration! they say that the people dont want to help them but the truth is they dont care at all or want to help the people. police need to fix their corrupt ways first before they fix the island!!!

    • Exodus 23 Verse 1 says:


      What needs to happen around here, in the Cayman Islands, is that people need to start speaking up and telling the truth. Not making up their own versions of events to suit their needs or saying "I don’t know" or "I didn’t see" in hoping to avoid the problem. Doing things like that DON’T HELP! All it does is make it easier for the people committing these acts and offenses to continue doing so. What, do you want to wait until more innocent lives are destroyed?!

      There are witnesses who actually have seen individuals and know things, yet they keep their mouths shut. Quick fact: Telling the truth isn’t going against someone or putting someone in jail. As a matter of fact, not telling the truth is the same as setting the murderer/criminal free! Not telling the truth can result in innocent people having their lives COMPLETELY ruined and possibly even taken from them.

      Think of it, people…if it was YOUR child or family member, wouldn’t YOU want someone to speak up?! I’m not talking about the typical Caymanian/individual that just talks to hear themselves talk or just to slander someone. I’m talking about persons who KNOW for a fact, because they themselves actually saw something/someone.

      I know at least one individual right now who I’ve known from the time they were a little child and I’ve NEVER known them to be into anything like this. yet, this person is fearing for the lives of them and their family. You know why? Not because they were involved. But rather because there are people who are withholding the truth which could set them completely free and shed much needed light and insight into this case.

      Please, PLEASE people…seek the Lord and pray for guidance. The Police may not be able to protect you, but God always can. For those of you who knows the truth and haven’t spoken up and told the truth, read Exodus 23 verse 1. For the rest of you, read Psalms 23, John 3:16 and just read as much of the Bilble as you can to help you in life.

      • I will obey says:

        Many Caymanian men are following David’s example and impregnating several women – 2 Samuel 3.2-5.

        • Anonymous says:

          The stud mentality is the unfortunate legacy of slavery where healthy black men served exactly that purpose to increase the stock of slaves. No need for tortuous attempts to link it to a bible character.

          • MonkeySee says:

            get some info on the slaves that were here before posting something like that! geesh! this is NOT America!

            • Rorschach says:

              Not for nothing Monkey….but America was NOT the only country in the Western hemisphere to utilise slavery and the genetic husbandry that accompanied it….Throughout  the Caribbean, slavery was present in almost EVERY country at one time or another…

      • Anonymous says:

        My friend called the RCIPS  recently and tried to give information for police to come out and get some real loud music in the morning hours turned down as it was disturbing the whole neighbourhood. They wanted her/his (the callers) exact home address and all personal details after they were given the exact location where the loud noise were.  My friend explained that they did not think their(the caller) information was that necessary and was told they(rcips)  needed  that (the callers home information)

         Does this make it encouraging for people to give information in this day and age bearing in mind that it appears that if you breath too hard on someone they will shoot you??  We are not talking about reporting a murder or more serious crime, so I cannot imagine how difficult it would have been to try to call in a serious crime, just lodging this complaint was like pulling 4 wisdom teeth.   Come on RCIPS get serious and stop the games!!

    • Anonymous says:

      At this rate, the cycle will continue, if the police will not take threats seriously and have an attitude of -they are all in the gang then what do we expect???

    • Anonymous says:

      just the facts please

  14. Anonymous says:

     its about  time our officials demand thr social service list of all persons on     there that all caymanians  who are needy are takencare  of and also all of our school c hildren who are going without lunch and i am reliabley informed that many on thee list are expat children and expat workers who are here and no work.   vouchers are being used fore everthing but food and necessities.why are these people allowed to stay here and take from the poor caymanian families that are in so much need?                                                      cns would you please check into this and have post a list so we may all know who is getting. thank you.





    • Anonymous says:

      Our economy is in great problems-send the non caymanians back home especially those that are not working and the immigration dept need to require proof that these people are ACTUALLY WORKING eg pay slips etc.

      I have nothing against expat but if there is not enough work for everyone then the Caymanians whether by birth or otherwise must get the work that is available and the others must go to their SECOND home.  A hungry man is a angry man and desperate times call for desperate measures. 

      We are human and already have the tendency to do wrong so when we are faced with financial crisis, we will do what it takes to survive.  Please get serious about all these ‘so called permit holders’.  Demand employers sumbit a record of their employees and salary payment records.  This may sound crazy but necessary. 

      If we remember the Estella Scott’s case-ricketts only had a few weeks left on the island and basically went out that night to ‘see who he could get money from’

      • Anonymous says:

        Because Caymanians don’t want to do the work that the expats are doing!!! This is a fact.  Gardening, Housekeeping, etc.

        • Anonymous says:

          Before our Saviours came to rescure Caymanians from Housekeeping and Gardening jobs I am curious to know who did these jobs? Martians I guess, oh no! Turtles and Blue Iguanas because there were no Caymanians before then (Only Natives).  It appears to me from the many posts by people who came here betweeen 1970 to 2010 Cayman was a clean canvas and everything that has happened since then came about as a result of their miracle of being here and thus the creation of the Cayman Islands.  Don’t stop short of  taking the credit for doing the jobs that Caymanians don’t want to do or seem incapable of doing take credit for everything as there were no "Caymanians" before you came here only Turtles and Blue Iguanas.

    • Anonymous says:

      they are allowed to stay here to take out caymanian’s garbage and be outside wives 

  15. WHO CARES ?? says:

    Why not tell the truth .Everybodt knows it was not a robbery????????????

  16. Anonymous says:

    If MS-13 Gang is here I beg our officials to deal with the problem now!

    Please everyone go to the below web site and read about this gang.

    • Anonymous says:

      If it is not here now, just give it a LITTLE time and keep ====

      1.  Covering for family members & friends for whatever reasons-It may be hard folks but we got to do what we can do to SAVE OUR LIVES AND THOSE OF OUR CHILDREN & GRANDCHILDREN.

      2.  keep people in the RCIPS that cannot be trusted and take serious things and making jokes out of it because of our make up, they tell us ALL KINDS OF RUBBISH just to get rid of us the EASY WAY!

      3.  Harbouring our children & and allowing them in our homes despite the fact that they choose not to work, but always have money and helping to pay the bills in the house-from what money, where is it coming from-IF IT IS NOT HONEST MONEY THEN IT IS DISHONEST, this is very easy to figure out.  Remember the old saying, money do not grow on trees (drugs do though)

      Parents do not get caught in THE EASY WAY OUT  & particapate in the DRUG WAR  by accepting financial assistance for those involved whether it is our son or daughter and whether you are experience GREAT FINANCIAL DIFFICULTIES,  do what you can do to earn and honest living, but say NO  to any help from funds from illegal activities and make SENSE  out of NONSENSE, when we have people in our homes that is not working but always living as if they are.   TRUST ME ON THIS ONE,  if you SAY NO  to careless & illegal living GOD  will open the necessary doors for you financially-sorry if i sound Christianey.





  17. Anonymous says:

    First RCIPS claim this murder was gang-related, then they claim "robbery gone wrong". Hmmm, bet they change again.

    PS, what exactly would a ‘robbery gone right’ look like??

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually the RCIPS never stated that this murder was gang related, CNS mistakenly reported that it was a gang related murder. Had CNS not reported the murder as gang related from the first stage the "confusion" would not have happened, but of course everyone is always looking for something to blame on the Police.

  18. cruiser says:

    Oh I feel much better now! There’s me worried sick because I thought pathetic low life were killing each other and I find out it was only a violent robbery which had gone tragically wrong.


    • durrrr says:

      if you aint sellin numbers, you’ll be fine

      • Anonymous says:

        To the writer of Sat 03/13/07- 14

        How cold, inconsiderate and stupid can you be? "if you aint selling numbers you’ll be fine" Those thugs out there with the guns don’t care who you are and what you do, when they are ready to go on their rampage they don’t care who it is. Aren’t you scared you could be next? Because I’m scared for me and my family and we’re not involved in anything illegal, before you go posting those kind of comments think of the little four year whose life was snuffed out by one of those thugs!!!!! Was he involved in something illegal?

        • durrrr says:

          I may be wrong, but I’m pretty sure it was widely reported that the child’s father was the intended target in that shooting… which means that the poor, innocent child was effectively guilty by association (not that he had any choice in the matter – that is purely on the parents’ and family’s shoulders).


          And other than that one, I am not aware of a single innocent by-stander being injured in a shooting incident in Cayman; this could well be down to pure luck, but for the time being the criminals seem to be doing a better job of taking each other off the streets than the Police.


          I can honestly say I have no fear whatsoever that ‘I could be next’… I don’t come from West Bay for starters.

  19. Richard Wadd says:

     How is it the RCIP are able to make such a statement, if they are yet to arrest anyone for this crime?

     Irrespective of whether or not the Victim was a ‘Gang’ member, we do not as yet know IF the Murderer/s are, nor do we know how this was planned.

     The very fact that a gun was involved shows planning and determination, BOTH of which are hall-marks of Organised Crime.

     Because the Victim was ‘Innocent’, does not mean that the ‘Perp/s’ acted alone.

    • Anonymous says:

      Reply to ”How is it the RCIP are able…..

      I agree with you and also….The murder was quite likely committed by a

      ”gang member”






  20. Carol Busby says:

    Because this is not "gang" related is that suppose to make us feel better. And let me tell you something about gangs you may not know. To get in to the "gang" a person has to go out and commit crimes. like robbery, and killing someone. so did they catch the robber, to find out he isn’t in a gang. No.. of coarse not. The police really need a "gang" squad. or this is just going to get worse.

  21. Anonymous says:

    If this is truly not gang related and is indeed a "violent  robbery which has gone tragically wrong," we are all in big trouble. It’s one thing for want to be gangsters and punks to be shooting and killing each other off, it’s another to be robbed at gunpoint. This is very, very serious as now no one is safe. People know who this is, people know who have guns, people know who is on the wrong side of the law. It’s time for those people to step up to the plate and start talking to the authorities. Every citizen, every resident, every tourist is now in danger for their own personal safety.

    • Anonymous says:

      What happened about the robbery on turtle lane(near the turtle farm) a few weeks ago I understood it was in broad day light with friends playing bingo when two armed people with guns & muschette-how did these people know to go in on these homeowners the way the did-sounds well planned to me.  Was our Police force able to solve this crime??  How far from ther other location did these crimes happen? 

      We need Police that can & will solve crime and stop taking people for granted because we caymanian s are generally quiet in nature, they tell us any kind of rubbish, most of the time we know that what they are saying is not correct and we do nothing about it.


      We need to start writing to the Human Rights Committee when we feel our rights are not being protected.

  22. Anonymous says:

    And the teenager shot in the leg.  What was the reason for that?

    Does it matter if it was gang related or not?  A person is dead, guns are rampantly all over the Island.  Don’t forget the little detail that it wasn’t a
    typical robbery. You don’t want people thinking now that people are shooting people during robberies for no apparent reason.   

  23. Anonymous says:

    This is a strange headline, "Murder not gang related". Is that headline directed toward other gang members to assure them that no revenge is necessary in this case?

    Certainly the victim is just as dead regardless of the motivation of the killer.

    Perhaps the headline is to relieve any fears of the public that this murder is another gang killing rather than another type of killing.

    It would be good to have on a map of Grand Cayman Island the locations of the murders in the post Ivan period.

    • Anonymous says:

      So funny you say that.  I came to research when the first shootings started and I was thinking it was just shortly after Ivan.  Now I really know we should do a map of the murders.  WB would be one big read dot of murders.

      My beloved WB…how I mourn for your kind ways. 

  24. desperate to post says:

    Who even cares if it is gang related, what the hell difference does that make? no one cares. no one cares about another murder, it is the norm now. this is still a dead person, a relative, who cares why?

    30 cops, 30 cops? does that mean that those thirty are dedicated to this enquiry, or are they off other murder enquiries? how many are there now? four, five, six? who knows? do they all have 30 cops on them? where are you getting all those officers from Baines? Reducing the level of proactive policing I would suggest….

    Why don’t you employ cops that do more than 1/30th of a murder detectives job? Get the decent cops back… stop being such an idot and bending to the pressure to ‘fit in’. Are you saying baines/jones/bodden, whoever the current puppet is, that you are using 150 of your 300 cops on a couple of crappy murders? Jeez, sack em all and start again.

    Get rid of the crap within the force before you can expect to deal with the poo on the street. Your honeymoon period has well and truly run out Baines, it’s just the daily grind of married life now…

  25. Anonymous says:

     Is this not worse? if it was gang related does that not offer some level of comfort? the fact that this man was likely the victim of a violent robbery is very concerning. if it happened to this innocent victim it could happen to anybody.




  26. Anonymous says:

    SO………….A robbery gone horribly wrong? so basically they come into your homes with guns now with the intention of robbing you and WILL  kill you if need be now? hmmmmmmm. just as long as i know what i have to do now in my home to protect my family.

  27. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know if this was to assauge our fears but I can certainly say that this is even more frightening to me.   Now we have to worry not only about stray bullets by gang members but also being attacked by burglars/robbers with guns and machetes. 

  28. Son of Cayman says:

    This article makes no sense. How can the police say the murder was not "gang related" when they have not yet captured the murderer and presumably do not know his identity?

    If the victim is not involved with a gang then all the police can say it was not a "gang-on-gang" shooting. If the murderer turns out to be a gang member then it was a "gang related" crime.

    Gang members commit all sorts of crimes against non-gang members all the time. These are still properly considered gang-related crimes.

  29. Anonymous says:

    My condolences to the family and friends of the young man who died.

    When are the politicians going to take time from the holidaying to pass laws that will put these criminals away and make our streets safer?

  30. Anonymous says:

    Not Gang Related!!!       ..

    Many of my close friends on island have convinced themselves that the recent crime wave has been related only to disputes between rival gang members.

    Tonight’s news should not sit well with my friends or anyone else for that matter.   The island is on a path that is troublesome at best.

    I pray for the best, but the economic uncertainity, the rise in crime, and mostly the resentment that the Caymanians have for the Expats that helped build the economic base the island has today makes me sick to my stomach.

    Oh well,  Merry HO HO Cayman


  31. The Truth is Out There says:

    Does this mean everyone on Grand Cayman is now a potential target of the criminals responsible for the escalating voilence?  I was happier when it was gang members killing each other off. 

  32. Anonymous says:

    Worse and worse – at least if it was a gang thing we could sigh and say another one bites the dust thank God.

    • Anonymous says:

       It is written… If you live by the sword you will die by the sword. The life expectancy (that they’re proud of) is about 24 for a gang member. Imagine…they seem to be going on the scripture… to lay down your life for your friend. This means they’re loyal and devoted.  If not…they’re dead anyway because they’ll get killed for desertion. Ok…we all want to belong and feel powerful but children raised by children are now thugs "raising" thugs from our children being raised by our children.

      Lord, please have mercy on this leader and may he…the ganglord almighty…come face to face with YOUR Majesty!