Bush criticizes “roadblocks”

| 17/03/2010

Cayman Islands News, Grand Cayman headline news, Premier McKeeva Bush(CNS): The Cayman Islands’ premier expressed his frustrations this week at what he said were bureaucratic roadblocks to the solutions that he was trying to put in place to address the country’s fiscal situation. He also criticized the opposition for derailing the sale of the Government Office Accommodation Building and the “bloggers” for hurting the Cayman Islands. Speaking at a press briefing on Monday, McKeeva Bush also said that he had been told it was too much of a security risk for him to meet the people at what was the planned opposition march over the GOAB sale, which was why he chose to calm the situation by stopping the proposed divestment.

The premier also lamented the fact that he did not think he had the backing of the civil service to divest the building.  “When we heard the threats that were coming about it we had to take it off the table,” the premier said. “But people now have to understand that we have to find the money to build it”

Bush said that government was concerned about the threat of a serious demonstration and he had to make a decision to calm the heat. He added that he had had enough of finger pointing and blaming as people tried to sandbag government in its attempts to address the fiscal difficulties. The premier also warned, however, that the decision was not necessarily a permanent one and that the building could still be used in some form of PFI or public private partnership initiative to enable the government to use the building as an asset instead of being faced with the liability of paying for finishing it.

Taking aim at the civil servants, he said, “I am not the sort of person to get disheartened easily but the stumbling blocks and attitudes around me are preventing me from doing what the people elected me to do.”  The premier noted that the sooner he could do what he needed to the sooner the country would be better off and begin to get out of the economic slump.

“The constitution says civil servants must carry out government policies and not their own feelings,” he warned, adding that government was struggling with bureaucratic issues and what he said was politics within the ranks of the civil service.

CNS was told by some government workers, however, that those in the public sector are not placing roadblocks before government but that civil servants are obligated to follow the law. Whatever moves are made by the government of the day to implement policy, they have to be done in accordance with existing legislation and regulations. “It may seem like stumbling blocks or bureaucracy for the sake of it but things have to move through the correct channels and all politicians are frustrated by the constraints of laws and regulations,” said one experienced civil servant.

The premier has now stated on a number of occasions that the roadblocks are getting in the way of the specific projects he is currently trying to get on track, including the sale of the sewage system and the port.

The premier also accused the "bloggers" of causing problems for government and the country as he said they were undermining the goal of attracting inward investment.  “The bloggers are hurting us,” he said. “I complain and people think I don’t want them to have their say but when people say these things this is ruining business. I am telling you it is doing us no good as there is no education in what is being said. The bloggers must understand this.”

Bush said he was not trying to hurt anyone but that he must tell truth and accused the opposition of using the blogs. He added that he hoped members of the People’s Progressive Movement would start to see the gravity of the situation.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Mac needs to ignore the bloggers, the radio shows and the newspapers and get moving on implementing the changes needed to get Cayman moving. The constant criticism being thrown at him on every proclamation he makes seems to have made him forget he was democratically elected to lead the people of this country not follow them. Privatise what is needed to privatise, build the cruise port and rejuvenate downtown by introducing gaming so the cruise ships will stay for days, not just hours, relocate the cargo port and the fuel storage facilities to east end and maybe even the airport to free up valuable commercial, tourism and residential real estate in George Town, dredge the North Sound channel for mega-yachts, build the Shetty hospital and the roads. As Nike would say, "Just Do It" and all the voices trying to bring him down will turn into voices wanting a statue to be built in his memory!

  2. Anonymous says:

    "The premier also accused the "bloggers" of causing problems for government and the country as he said they were undermining the goal of attracting inward investment"

    There is only one person impeding and undermining the progress of the country and that is the Premier himself and his big mouth.

    Who was it who announced to the world that we were bankrupt and blamed the PPM for all the country’s woes. Who broke ground digging the first shovel full of earth at the sites for the school McKeeva XXXXX.

  3. Keep it classy Cayman says:

    I must now accept that I am uneducated.  A man without a high school diploma has told me this.   Apparently my ivy-league education was a waste of time.

    The problem with free speech is that sometimes the truth comes out . . . .

  4. Anonymous says:

    I just want to make sure that I am understanding this right.  First McKeeva wants to sell the new Government Building because it will make lots of money.  He issues a press statement through GIS saying that the building will be sold.  Then he tells the public that GIS released the memo without his consent and that the Building was never actually on the market.  And now he is saying that he stopped the sale of the building because the opposition though it was a bad idea.

    So as long as I get this right he has said both that the building was never for sale and that it was but he changed his mind.  So which one was it?

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’m going to start a new business – selling T-shirts:

    "Proud rabble rouser/blogger"

    "I is a rabble rouser/blogger"

    "Is you a rabble rouser/blogger"

    "Uneducated rabble rouser/blogger"


  6. Anonymous says:

    “But people now have to understand that we have to find the money to build it”


    How about shrinking the Civil Service ?


    Has that idea been raised yet ?

  7. Anonymous says:

    another embaressment for maceeva…. what a joke this guy is… again this would be a resigning matter for any other government in the world…..

     where else would you expect a government to change its decision based on the threat of a demonstration from the opposition???

    by this logic, all the civil service have to do is organise a march and they won’t have to face any cutbacks….

    forget about the ppm, they offer nothing, direct rule now! where are you duncan taylor? save us from these spineless lame duck cowards

  8. Anonymous says:

    Blogging in a free society impedes the progress of corruption. On that basis, who would be opposed to bloggers? 

  9. Rumble Strip says:

    I wonder if the roadblocks will also hold up this, as seen in todays Caymanian Compass;

    "The website of a Cayman company has an advertisement seeking partners for a hotel/condominium development would have a casino as part of its plans.

    The advertisement is placed under the subsection “Opportunities” on the website of a company called Cayman Investment Group, whose managing director is Port Authority Chairman Stefan Baraud.

    Under the heading “Hotel/Condo & Casino” the advertisement states a developer is seeking partners for suitable investors in creating a hotel/condo development on a proposed site that has 1,200 feet of water front.  The development would include a par-71 golf course designed by Roy Case and a marina facility.

    “Long term growth objectives of the project would include Cayman’s first casino license,” the advertisement states.

    Other details of the proposed development are unknown"

    The fog begins to lift and the plans begin to reveal themselves.

    • Anonymous says:

      What a odd response from Mr. Baraud. Why is he putting his name to a project that he already knew was not legal in the Cayman Islands either in 2007 or in 2010?.  

    • Fore Golf says:

      "Par 71 Golf Course designed by Roy Case"

      Guess what?  Cayman already has a par 71 golf course designed by Roy Case.  It’s called the North Sound Club, formerly the Links at Safehaven.

      Is the fog lifting more??


  10. Dick Shaugneary says:

    "I am telling you it isdoing us no good as there is no education in what is being said."  What does this mean?  Does it not reflect a lack of education? 

    • Joe Bananas says:

      Once more with feeling:  I am clueless but feel the need to speak.

  11. che says:

    Will somebody please explain to McKeeva Bush what a blog is. He thinks reader comments posted on CNS are a blog.

    Oh vey…

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

       che…….I know…. but as soon as he said "bloggers" we obviously knew it was us. ….oyyy veyyyy ;-)……anyway keep on blogging or whatever it is good for teh country.

  12. tell dem bloggers to print their names says:

    Dem bloggers messing me up, watching my every step!

    I build a 8ft fence around my 2 acres of land and charge it to da people and everyone knows? So I invent threats to my life and promises of plows. It’s not like it was before, can’t write them off to rumors any more. I don’t like this new information age, they share my dirt on every page. 

    Look I can rhyme too, want my name so you can sue?  

  13. Cayman Rose says:

    If I was going to XXXXXX, I would also complain that "bloggers" were causing a roadblock to my plans!

    Get over it and deal with it as we will not allow the sale of the GAOB when it will benefit only TWO Caymanians and cause future generations of Caymanians a debt they could have avoided.

    $11mil to one and $4mil to one won’t help Caymanians in general and that is why we will keep "blogging" and please Wendy, dont send us to the Gallows by revealing our names and keep our comments on your important website.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I just heard the CITN News where the Premier "claims" that he has received deaths threats! All I can say to that is "HOG WASH"!!!!!!!!!
    If any persons life has been threatened there are ways to investigate & find out who made the threats! This is the Premier that claims that he received death threats, HOG WASH! If threats were made against his life someone would have been arrested by now, because there are ways to find out who did it, IF IT IS TRUE!
    But you know, just going by his track record & the levels he will stoop to for political gain I very much doubt that this is true.
    By saying he has been threatened he knows at least two things will happen. First, he will gain a few sympathy votes or supporters, & second, most people will blame the opposition. How convenient! To me this is simply more bushisms. If this has happened I DEMAND Mckeeva Bush to prove it. If this has really happened I DEMAND Bush to make sure the guilty is found & charged. But this will NEVER happen because I believe it never took place.
    He has the audacity to say that bloggers are hurting this country? Public remarks about death threats to him hurt this country FAR MORE, & I think it is extremely irresponsible of him. Oh boo-hoo, he is looking sympathy, AGAIN!

  15. Raffaele says:

    The New words for this Government Roadblocks and Bureaucracy these have been with government since the beginning of time He Knows this because they created them and have use them as an excuse and blame not to do unpleasant and necessary actions against their own political and financial interest over the years. They have now all of a sudden become too Cumbersome and Inconvenient especially when they need to sort out their own political & financial backers or interest. Yes I agree with you totally Premier Bush the problem now government has become those in society not bound by the law.

    • Cayman Blogger says:

      The only thing that the BLOGGERS are hurting, is XXXXXXXX.

      CNS, keep us going for Caymans sake and dont be intimidated by a cowardly bully.

  16. Anonymous says:

    He said in the press briefing…."Wendy you have to tell dem bloggers to print their names so people can know who they are"…..LMAO……why does he want to know who we are ?

    Is the Her Majesty’s new prison going to be McDinejad’s prison for political prisoners ?

    What a time we bloggers are going to have……burn baby burn 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

       As quoted from "Dads Army" in a previous blog

      "Vot is your name"?

      "Don’t tell him Pike"

    • Anonymous says:

      You are a blatant display of a selfish arrogant idiot! One who probably benefited from McKeeva’s status grants and tentatively has a home who doesn’t want you!
      When you send negative blogs it hurts everyone here and means you do not have the best interest of Cayman at heart!
      Otherwise you would put your efforts to better use by offering reasonable alternatives to our problem and not adding to them!

  17. Anonymous says:

    He listened to Kurt and some PPM wisdom afterall! He took the badly needed Admin Bldg off the market and asked London to let him spread the deficit over three years.  Thank God he finally listened to some widom and common sense.  Maybe Rolston finally told him how much sense that plan makes.  Now, if he would listen to Ezzard and PPM, he might figure a way out of this recession. Rolston, please gently whisper to him that it’s the recession, not the PPM that produced the shortage of revenue and while you’re doing that, also whisper to him that it’s the laws and regulations, not roadblocks that stipulate the processes that must be followed and determine how you proceed with government projects.

    Kurt, you’re a great statesman and a gentleman. You are not rude and insulting and even in the face of adversity, you remain calm and respectful. I wish you had become our first Premier. While I thought you were slow on making a decision, I now see why.  You would rather wait until you could look at all possibilities to determine what was in the country’s best interest. God bless you.

  18. Anonymous says:

    The civil servants will have to realise that if pay and benefits are not cut, there isn’t any money left to pay them anyway!

    The fact is that if nothing is done, once this fiscal year is over, the government will be short of money by 60-70 millions$$. If they can’t borrow, who will pay that 60-70 M$ bill?

    And without those cuts, the gov will default not only on salaries and benefits, but also on other expenditures including Cayman Airways, education, tourism, etc.

    Civil servants salaries are already being paid with money that was allowed to be borrowed by the UK under the conditions that cuts would me made. Without cuts, there won’t be any pay cheques at all!

    It would be better to accept reality and fix the sinking boat before it goes under.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Just let it sink. That way they will they will all drown and they will only have themselves to blame.

      Then we can start over and do whats right.

  19. Anonymous9 says:

    Why is it that all of the sudden he presents a security risk? Is it the title?

    What was the need of elevating the title of the position?? I never understood why there needed to be a "Premier" in the first place. Is it because it looks better on the letterhead? 


    "I complain and people think I don’t want them to have their say but when people say these things this is ruining business. I am telling you it is doing us no good as there is no education in what is being said."

    I guess you know how uneducated that sounds…

    I’m tired of complaining about Mckeeva. I wish he would stop trying to control everyone and stop trying to defend himself (because it just makes him sound more fool) and just GET BUSY!!

    And I’ll do my best to quite whining about him.

  20. Dennie Warren Jr. says:

    Some civil servants do not act in accordance with the expressed wishes of the Legislative Assembly, but instead do act as they see fit.  I have evidence to prove that the RCIPS is breaching Section 43 of the Firearms Law (2008 Revision).  Administration for the RCIPS falls under the Deputy Governor, hopefully his office will remedy this matter immediately by preventing the continued breach.


    They may contact me about this matter at my mobile number or email only.

  21. Anonymous says:

    It seems to me that there is a group of 25-30 bloggers who all vote together and for whom McKeeva can do no right. There seems to be no post in favour of him but for which at least 25-30 people have a negative view, and the reverse is also true, i.e., negative comments about him seem to be supported by the same group. As such, I have no doubt that my own comments here will garner far more negative than positive responses, as well as some nasty comments about me.

    • Anonymous says:

      no one will say nasty things about you.  Why don’t you go ahead and print your name? That may get the results you’re looking for

    • Wake me when it's over says:

      Actually, it’s 875.  And I’m not going to say anything nasty about you even if you did state a triple negative.  And because you’re not spinning the country around in circles

    • Anonymous says:

      My honest to goodness guess is that the majority of Mac’s supporters (i.e. the ones who keep electing him!) neither own, nor know how to operate a computer. The computer savvy ‘bloggers’ (i.e. professionals for the most part) would not have elected him in the first place.

      His support base is small on the internet…that is clearly obvious.
      It is not a matter of 25-30 people against him…there are FAR more posts to that effect than there are thumbs up…Let’s be honest, ONE district puts him in each election and the REST of us must suffer through it. His position in government is based on that small internal vote…depending on his own party’s support…NOT because he deserves it, earns it or we want it.

      Like it or lump it – he is not as popular as his own idea of himself. People on here say what they feeland everyone is entitled to like it, hate it or be indifferent…anonymously. Facts are facts: he ain’t all that honey. 

  22. give me the beat boys and free my soul says:

    I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn.I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn.I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn.I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn.I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn.

    Was that the bell??  Sorry I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn.I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn. I will not speak out of turn.




    • Anonymous says:

      I  see your in training to become a civil servant…. for some reason I don’t think you will make it 🙂

      lol, good one!!!


  23. Anonymous says:

    Sometimes I think that we ‘bloggers’, thepeople of Cayman, and people interested in Cayman would like Big Mac to show a wee bit of humility from time to time.

    Admit when he has spoken out of turn. Admit when he has wronged. Admit to his wrongdoings in the past. Spew humility and not blame.

    until he learns to do that, many of us will continue to tune out his drivel- lalaalalaala


    one of dem bloggers

  24. Anonymous says:

    I for one am sick of name calling from both parties in the LA or out, nothing but children, we need to work as a team and listen to the concerns of the public as they too have a say in what is going on and the decisions that are being made. Mac’ you need to stop trying to be the end all and be all, you can’t do this alone. You were elected to do a job and that you are doing but PLEASE for the sake of Cayman put your ego’s a side and form a top team "UDP/PPM" team and get this country back in order. Lets make history and show the UK take Caymanians has what it takes to it done and survive.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Honestly, this man Mac is clueless! Bloggers hurting the Island?! Mac scared of marchers??!! Mac tired of the finger pointing??!! Give me a break! I for one am scared of Mac/UDP, tired of THEIR finger pointing and don’t see anyone hurting the Island but THEM! Sorry! The man is XXXX and all those surrounding him are no better! What a disasterous past 9 months under Mac/UDP governance! Wompers and mosquitos are looking better and better!

  26. Anonymous says:

    Sure, bloggers are a pest for any topic, which is why they’re allowed to blog! There are issues up for debate! As though we’re just supposed to jump on board because you’re in charge and you were elected.  If you have an agenda fulfill it! Don’t flip flop because of us because then we know you’re listening and won’t stop!

    The funniest thing is when he said, "I am telling you it is doing us no good as there is no education in what is being said."

    I’m so confused. I have a masters degree. 

    Ohhh, you meant to say that it is you that is uneducated. Hence the blogging against your every…word….that…comes….out-of-your-mouth.  Stop worrying about us and do your job.  We all know you’re listening and you should! 30% of bloggers on here actually have amazing suggestions… some of which you seemed keen to adopt but I’m sure it’s unrelated because all the success is yours and everything else is the PPM’s fault. Boo hoo.

  27. Anonymous says:

    I can understand that some of the negative comments that have be made by “bloggers”, or as I like to call the “The Caymanian People”, may be questionable at times, they are merely their views and opinions. I doubt that a few misguided opinions are going to have any drastic affect on a Foreign Investors decision making process.

    I would think that it would be comments such as “If we don’t achieve this sale… the budget will fail”, made by our government leader, Mr. Bush. Just because it rhymes does not make it clever. If our own leaders are publicly indicating that our economy is heading for crisis, then of course investors are going to think twice about investing their money here or pulling out what they already have invested here.
    Please stop pointing the finger at other people and take responsibility!!!!
    • Another one of dem bloggers... says:

      Lets not forget the announcement to the world that Cayman was broke; the fact that the audits are years out of date so any projected deficit or spending figures are bare speculation; the ridiculous increases in work permit fees in certain professional fields, the equally ridiculous increases in other fees and duties… and now the ridiculous apparently uncontrollable crime surge… yes us bloggers are doing irreparable damage to Cayman (I hope you understand sarcasm Mr Bush).

      And listen, this ‘blogger’ is of no political affiliation and gives credit where its due, be it for the UDP doing something good or the PPM… or anybody for that matter.  But I am equally quick to criticize when something is seriously wrong, and something’s seriously wrong with the way you are presently running tings Mr B.  Time to pull your socks up and sort out your act.  When you do I will applaud you as loudly as I currently feel like (but am trying to restrain myself from) yelling at you!

  28. Anonymous says:

    Ignorant blooggers.

    He is not blaming anyone for blogging, but its the ignorant talk that hasbecome an issue. Let alone people all over the world reading the comments; keeps possible tourism revenue and possible investment revenue at bay that much more. Its not rocket science people, think to yourself, if you were planning on going to another country to visit and the only thing you had was research through the computer and came upon CNS; read the comments posted, would you want to go there? Pay attention and stop blasting the Premier, THERE IS NO OTHER WAY TO PRODUCE REVENUE UNLESS WE STAND BY THE REPORTS AND FACTS GENERATED!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      The World will not give much credit to what bloggers are saying…on the other hand…everything that comes out of the mouth of a Country’s ‘Leader’ will cause the World to stop and take notice! Need I say anymore as to enlighten you on who is doing real damage to our Country! PS: did ya ever think that perhaps if Mac was the kind of leader he should be the ‘blogs’ would not be so critical? Just a thought you might like to ponder.

  29. Beachboi says:

    A "security risk"???  What sort of security risk??  As I recall he called the people who were willing to organise a "bunch of rabble rousers"!   He does not want to meet with us because he is affraid to face our opinions in public where he might lose his patience and start screaming some uneducated rantings which we already  know happens frequently in the house.

    As for the bloggers, we are only expressing our concerns and telling the truth as far as I can see.  Free speech is a big part of democracy and I truly believe that he would prefer us to be subservient and just let him do what he wants to do.

    Blaming us for blocking the sale of the admin building is ridiculous.  In reality he does not need our permission.  He is just trying to stay popular with those that dont want the building sold.   AGAIN, why not sell Boatswain’s Beach and Cayman Airways??  I believe that would save us approx. $40 million in subsidies per year.  I guess he doesn’t want to seel BB because it is in West Bay.

    Also, AGAIN I say why not just have the civil servants pay 50% of their health and pension benefits just like the rest of us.

    Just remember sir that you consistantly call for a halt in "finger pointing" however soon after that comment he then goes right back to blaming the PPM.  They are just as much to blame and he knows that we know that.  All I can say on this blame matter is "remember that when you point a finger there are 3 pointing back at you"!!


  30. Anonymous says:

    Our Primier is mainly talking about them bad mind PPM bloggers,nothing but negative all the time,do not worry Mr Primier God is for you, so no matter how hard them loosers try to be against you they just cannot win!!!!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Mac. Resistance from the CS is inevitable. You are perfectly correct in saying that you were elected to do the job, and that the CS should do it’s job.

    At the Fidelity conference you said you would not pay too much attention to bloggers. Well, don’t. You are getting plenty of support from the wider (non CS) public. Your term is young and the tough decisions have been made. Now they need to be executed. Any CS not doing his/her job should be removed.

    Press on, sir. Get it done.




    • Anonymous says:

      Hey Elio, aren’t you supposed to be working? I’m gonna tell Mac that you’re on the computer again! Oh, my bad, was it him that told you to log on? I’m sorry!

  32. John Fleming says:

    Old Chinese curse – "May you live in interesting times" I don’t know what the general public may think but I do know if we don’t get our act together and find someway out of the mess we are in however unpopular this may be, our bosses in London could do a TC on us and we won’t like it! So we can go Independent, the City of London would just love that as business would go there and elsewhere and we could have the distinction of becoming Zimbabwe2.

    Get realistic, even the USA and the EU has to grapple with unpopular financial solutions!

  33. Anonymous says:

    We wonder why we have a gang problem with our youth on these Islands. Shoot just look at the LA. 2 gangs always fighting, what an example for our youth. Maybe they should do a sit down and show they they can work together, then go to the youth and let them know you may not like each other but everyone has to live and try to get along to make Cayman a better place.

  34. Lachlan MacTavish says:

    The Civil Service is shielding themselves with policy and legislation. The facts are that the CS is very top heavy and cannot be sustained by the tax payers any longer. There are no new income streams …..there will be very little borrowing in the future….and the world economy is luke warm at best. You also cannot borrow your way out of debt when you don’t have firm income streams. IMHO the very best for the CS would be to look at 100% across the board salary cuts…..cut deep with no layoffs….better to have a job than no job. Moratorium on pension and cost of living increases for 3-5 years and pay health benefits as the private sector does.

    So I agree with Mr. Bush that teh CS needs to assist to get the country back on its feet during these trying times. I strongly disagree that "the bloogers" are creating false impression of the country, its leaders and policies. For once Cayman has an open forum for all Caymanians and expats to express their feelings without being persecuted which seems to occur in small country environments. The bloogers have some really intelligent well thought out opinionsand ideas. It is refreshing to see that people can finally have their say. Mr. Bush paints a picture that the bloogers are hurting the country by expressing false opinions like maybe that there is no crime in Cayman, that we need new revenue streams or that maybe someone needs to reinvent stayover tourism….you all know the list.

    Hopefully our leaders will pay more attention to the voters/bloogers that voice constructive opinions (which is the vaste majority) and don’t blame the very few foolish bloogers trying to taint all voices

  35. what a mess says:

    A security risk?…come on now Bushy…give us another excuse.

    And it’s PPM fault, sumbling blocks (the law/Constituion) fault, the mediafault, now the bloggers fault…but never, never McKeeva fault!

    You shout at othersfor ‘finger pointing" then proceed to do exactly that…at everyone else.

    It is years of poor and/or no planning that has gotten us to where we now are…and you Mac have been the leader of much of that trip…so at least "some" of the blame must lie (pun intended) with you!

    Too much greed and selling out of Cayman and it’s soul…for selfish political motives. And now your answer is to blame everyone else. Typical Poitician!

  36. Anonymous says:


    It is so easy to point our fingers at others and forget our own mistakes….we are all quilty of it not just the Premier. But I see him trying and for those who voted him and his party in should just try and give him his time elected for 4 years. Rome was not built in a day and neither will he be able to make changes in these islands in 10 months, come on be realistic. Why all the bashing, the Premier is trying to do something, he is looking at many ways of making cuts to help this economy in Cayman for the better, so instead of all the negativity from both sides just give him your support. You know the sad part is that if the PPM was in you the same ones on CNS bashing the UDP would be saying the same things today, one can just never win with humans……

    As per the CS if they do not want a pay cut then just do what you have to do Mr. Premier and that is cut their jobs….yes lets see what they will say then…they have been living in la,la land for too long now and now that reality has set in, they are crying and kicking up a storm like babies…..

    Mr. Premier I know there is no magic hat in your hand, but I see you TRYING and that is all anyone can do at this time….it is sad our people cannot see that, but that is our people filled with pure negativity and bitterness that is why our people can never get ahead today because they are  the same ones dragging eachother down from climbing the ladder! Yes that is right, we see it in the job force and we are seeing it right now with our elected members andthe Premier…….

    I agree with the Premier, let him do his job and stop putting up roadblocks….If you would just look out side the box and stop with the narrow minded talk, we might just get some where……

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

       The roadblocks were made over the past 20 years. What needs to be fixed can be fixed by leadership which is not tainted by politics. It is so had for professional politicians to let go of the politicking.

    • Anonymous says:

      Too bad the honourable Premier did not ‘…just look outside the box and stop with the narrow minded talk…’ for the past umpteen years! He might have gotten us somewhere!

      • Anonymous says:

        i believe the term is fortyleventeen years….yup now u can make educated comments.

        • Hmm... says:

          It was a perfectly well-educated usage of umpteen. Fortyleventeen, as far as I know, means even more than umpteen.  

    • BORN FREE says:

      Has this man ever done anything wrong in his own eyes? The premier has done NOTHING but blame others since becoming premier 9 months ago! (Oh I apologise, he has done something else, I must be fair, he has travelled one hell of alot, I must give him his due!). It has become very apparent that the premier is incapable of handling the job & is constantly making excuses for not being able to deliver on his promises! It is easy for anyone to make promises & say they are going to do this & going to do that, but in actual fact do NOTHING! He has travelled alot, & has made many promises, but whatelse has the premier done, apart from make the situation worse? He has failed the people, & now he is blaming the people (bloggers). He has blamed the PPM, he has blamed Ezzard, he has blamed bureaucracy, he has blamed "roadblocks," he has blamed the people, & he has now blamed the bloggers for his failures. Who or what next will he blame for his incapabilities? He has no clue what to do, just talk. People, wake up. Talk & blame is not going to help us, & he has proven that all he is capable of doing is talking & blaming!

    • anonymous says:

      The civil service growth in numbers, costs and benefits have come about over the years as a direct result of political policies, directives and statutory instruments.  The largest increase in our history has been during the PPM years between 2005 and 2009 and this is a fact.

      Now this same PPM is advising the UDP Govt to make significant cuts in the civil service and their benefits and supporting (at least were) a march that practically assured that the salary cuts would have to be dramatic.

      The PPM are salivating at what the UDP are now forced to do to the civil service as they hope to reap the rewards at the next election.

      I have one piece of advice Mr premier – LIFO 

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh my goodness, if roadblocks & bloggers can stop him from governing the country he should not be there. I doubt that bloggers have hurt this country any where near as much as Mckeeva Bush has with his constant shouting to the world that Cayman is broke. The bloggers haven’t told the world to stay away from Cayman, but M. Bush has, by scaring visitors & investors away by telling them that we are broke!
      Bloggers have not hurt this country as much as Mckeeva Bush has by raising fees & taxes in the financial industry. No excuse by him can take away from the fact that it is Mckeeva Bush that has hurt this country more than any other politician, & that is without even going back into his UNglorious past, even from before the scandalous First Cayman Bank debacle. He has hurt Cayman & Cayman’s image with his negative talk since May 2009 more than any politician ever has, so I am shocked that once again he is looking to deflect blame away from himself while looking for a scapegoat! Bloggers? Give me a break Mac!  

      • Anonymous says:

        note to self…you are also now shouting to the world that were broke…wait did I just shout?

        • Anonymous says:

          Doesn’t matter much what one anonymous "blogger" has to say about our financial condition. It matters a great deal when it’s the Premier saying it.   

    • Anonymous says:

      Who, pray tell, tried to put up more "roadblocks" than McKeeva Bush when the PPM was the government? Please, try go sit down, because unna can’t take what unna used to do to others. Why didn’t you (Anon 11:57 with your self-righteous self) & the udp "let the PPM do their job & stop putting up roadblocks" when they were the government? You udp complainers never cease to amaze me. Why do you feel that the PPM should shut up now that the udp are in power, even though you & your udp cronies complained & put up roadblocks to everything the PPM did? WHY? Take what unna give! OK? By the way, the biggest roadblock for this government is McKeeva’s mouth, you should all try put a roadblock on that one, it will help!

  37. Anonymous says:

    Is that the union jack I see of the Royal Navy "Task force Cayman" just on the horizon, as they steam in with Marines and diplomats to take over the administration of Cayman from the inept government?

    Mr. Bush…as Larry the Cable guy would say: git-r-done!

    Stop pandering to the CS, cut their salaries, sell Cayman Airways and the Turtle Farm, stop spending so much money, and stop the ruin of this country!

    LEADERSHIP IS NEEDED. Are you up to the challenge or not?

  38. Anonymous says:

    HAhahahaaaaa… LOL !!  Did he hit his head on a conch shell again ?

    "he had been told it was too much of a security risk for him to meet the people "

    Oh you CRACK ME UP !!! A security risk ???? OH YEA – because we have had so many peaceful marches turn violent ?!?  Please name one…. you can’t. Why ? Because there have been none!

    As for your comment regarding bloggers of " I am telling you it is doing us no good as there is no education in what is being said "  You are absolutely correct no education – Just COMMON SENSE !

  39. Anon says:

    The tourists along with the rest of us are exposed to the same ‘security risks’ every day only without the armoured car and without the wall outside the house.  Thank God for CNS!  Go back to your safe place, Mac, and never come out! 

  40. Afraid to Strap on a Pair Also says:

    "THE BLOGGERS?"   That would be us, people.  I guess that we make the island look uninviting, what with the crime, lack of infrastructure, corruption, fly by the seat of your pants leadership, inability to acknowledge any problem from bankruptcy to earthquakes.  I say "Keep on Bloggin’!"  It’s the only thing that holds this XXXXX accountable to his actions.

    • Anonymous says:

      I know I will keep blogging as I am in full support of our government doing their best to dig us out of this very deep hole. We shouldall be on board.

  41. Twyla Vargas says:

    This is how I really feel, ………………….and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. ,that is, we should allow the Premier to have some space to carry out his plans.   I do agree that he can become confused, trying to please everyone; however I see hard times ahead if we do not move ahead.  

    My other concern is "What has happened to communication between parties."   My word, if you are married and aint talking, next thing is a break.up. 

    Final concern for the moment, is "Find some work for all them district MLA,s to do in their district,  Why have they been elected if there is nothing to do.   A capain should be in control of his ship, then they will have little chance of Mutinity on the Bounty or secretly plan marches.


    • Anonymous says:

      Twyla, I totally agree. I am one of those expats which has fallen in love with Cayman and I am not willing to simply run away when the going gets tough.

      Mr. Bush sees what needs to be done but still faces such an uphill struggle. We should all be supporting Mr. Bush in his efforts to revive the fortunes of Cayman.

      He needs the space, support and cooperation of the people.

      • Anonymous says:

        Welcome! Can tell you are new to the Island! You will catch on soon enough!

      • anony says:

        Twyla as an attorney, you should realize that if the district MLA’s have nothing to do, then it is a Dictatorship regime!

    • Anonymous says:

      If the Premier would act like a reliable, responsible and sensible leader, I am sure the people would give him the desired space and perhaps their support. As long as the Premier is busy blaming everyone and everything else, refuses to take responsibility and still have not come up with a well thoughtout plan how to turn things around, I am afraid he won’t get the respect of the people.

      Where is the plan how to combat crime? What actions are being taken???

      If he would be the CEO of a large corporation, he would have long been fired and probably not even made it through the probation period. When you want a high (and very well paid position), you will have to be able to bare and grin and put up with a lot of crap. That is how a true leader rises to the occassion, so until he carries on the way he does now (and has been) I am afraid I can not give him the respect and space he desires. 

  42. A Concerned Caymanian says:

    Always seem to be someone else’s fault…

  43. Macman says:

    Yes bureaucratic road blocks like the Constitution can sure cramp your style!

  44. Anonymous says:

    It appears we have a bit of a double standard going on here, The Honorable Premier can say what he wants while the people have to keep their mouths shut.

    As for “bloggers hurting us” and that “the blogger must understand this”. What I do understand is this: when a leader tries to stifle the right of the people to speak out and voice their opinion he is limiting freedom and democracy by doing so and there can be no good, short or long term to come from such attempts. At least not for the country and its people, maybe for the leader.

    The attitude of, everyone else shut up and do as I say, is doing more harm to Cayman than any blogger or civil servant with an opinion will ever do.

    We must preserve and protect the right to speak out as it is basis of freedom, and without that right we as individuals and collectively as a county are doomed.

    It is scary that our current leader wants us to quietly do do as we are instructed, without comment while at the same time we are guilty upon arrest and do not deserve to be consider innocent until proven guilty.

    Is this what is best for Cayman?

  45. Anonymous says:

    > “bloggers” for hurting the Cayman Islands?

    You, Sir, have hurt the Cayman Islands more than any other blogger has.

    You, Sir, spewed words of doubt about Cayman’s finances erroding investor confidence.

    You, Sir, have thus far failed to take action to significantly reduce CI Govt spending.

    You, Sir, led the elected Govt in years where spending started spiralling out of control (Boatswain’s Beach, Cayman Airways, HSA).

    You, Sir, were involved in the First Cayman Bank debacle.

    You, Sir, have consistently blamed everyone else except yourself.

    You, Sir, have shown us that you are not worthy or able to lead.



  46. Educated Blogger says:

    I think he needs to check himself first.  All he needs to do is read previous articles that CNS has posted, with his immature comments, his lack of leadership qualities and teamwork.  They are all there in black and white on the internet, which is where I have read them. 

    He also needs to advise Ellio Solomon on his behaviour, that is also seen in the public eye too, may I remind you.

  47. Blogga says:

    Wow, that’s taking the blame game to a whole new level. It’s all the fault of the bloggers!

    McBushy would do well to remember that while 17,835 voters may have voted for his party, 21,805 did not.

    • Anonymous says:

      17,835 voters did NOT vote for his party.  

      • True Dat says:

        Apologies, I should have been more clear in my posting, 17,835 votes were cast in favour of his Party.

    • anonymous says:

      It’s called a political majority sherlock.

      • Sherlock says:

        Yo Holmes, I am merely disagreeing with the system in general. I know what it’s called. Mr. Bush does not have the support of majority of the voters and should therefore expect a little heat from the "bloggers" and otherwise. The election system was not my creation.

        One man, one wote!

  48. Anonymous says:

    Welcome to the premiere conflict of interest in the Cayman Islands. The elected government trying to limit the salaries and or benefits of the largest single voting bloc in the country.

    How many politicians will succumb to this voting block in their dealing with the bloated government.

    Listen to the care and concern the politicians have shown to this bloc of voters.