Young politicians to discuss government plans

| 17/03/2010

Cayman Islands, grand cayma, udp,Sherri Bodden(CNS): Members and supporters of the Young Union Democratic Party (YUDP) will be hosting a meeting on Thursday evening to discuss some of the current Government proposals and initiatives. The monthly general body meeting will hear from the Health Minister Mark Scotland, government back bench MLA Cline Glidden and Sherri Bodden-Cowan, Deputy Chairman of the UDP and member of the government’s immigration review team (left). The YUDP leadership said all are invited to hear the facts concerning current government initiatives.

 The meeting starts at 5:30 pm at the Reliable Industries – Board Room on North Sound Way and Ruthanna the YUDP Public Relations Officer said, “The best power an individual can have is the power of information, so come and get your information first hand.” Promising time for socializing and refreshments she encouraged everyone to bring a friend.

The YUDP was launched in September last year and the young politicians say the goal of the organisation is to be a voice for and to prepare young Caymanians for responsible citizenship by building, strengthening and sustaining – personal growth, community integration and enhanced awareness of our culture and natural environment.

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  1. anony says:

    How do we know that some of these gun crimes are not politically motivated ?, Who is buying these gins for these poor young people?. Somebody is putting a gun in their hands.They cost hundreds of dollars. Cayman is another Jamaica with politics and gun crimes.

    Stop the party system and go back to the teams allowing people to change sides whenever they feel that the right thing is not being done by the party leader,

    Away with the party system its only causing crime in my opinion.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Those who say religion has nothing to do with politics obviously do not know what religion is

  3. Richard Christian says:


    Dear Readers,


    With so much negative things happening in our country right now, murders on the rise, robberies happening so often, our youth being slaves to drugs and shootings now spilling over to Cayman Brac. It is our youth who are suffering from this all, whether they are committing the crime or the victim. I think it is only beneficial to all that we embrace and be supportive of young people trying to do something constructive and positive. 


    The sole purpose of these meetings are not to get membership, but partnership. Partnership in understanding the issues, giving them opportunities to voice their concerns directly with their elected officials and providing them with an avenue to directly ask questions that they might need clarification on. This will result in a win win situation:


    1. The persons attending the meeting will walk away with a clearer understanding of the discussions; and/or

    2. The elected officials will take back to cabinet constructive criticism on policies and insight on young people concerns.


    Looking forward to a very fruitful meeting.


    Yours sincerely,


    Richard Christian



  4. Anonymous says:

    Whether you are PPM or UDP, I applaud all the young persons who have taken a vested interest in the future of the Cayman Islands. Every responsible citizen should play their role in helping to shape the future of our islands and the reality is that some persons will have to take up the baton and be the furture decision & law makers of the territory.  It is therefore in the best interest of the Cayman Islands to have young people who are beginning to get the necessary exposure and experience in this arena early on so that if  / when any of them get the privilige and responsibility of being voted in as a member of the Legislative Assembly they enter that job with experience, insight and knowledge. 

    Would you hire a person that has never cooked a day in their life to be the head chef in your restaurant? Would allow someone who has never even seen the inside of a cockpit to be the pilot on your flight?  Would you hire someone with no experience in construction to build your house?  Would you allow someone who doesn’t know how to drive to pick your children up from school and drop them home? Would you put your money into a bank that had hired a CEO with no experience in banking?

    In most if not all of these cases most of us would say no.  So then why would anyone think that it was by any means negative or harmful for the young people of this country to be gaining experience in the political arena?  Do we want the future MLA of the Cayman Islands to enter those jobs with no experience? Yes, if you are PPM, UDP, or neither you may disagree with the party affiliations that these young persons have chosen.  However, it is through the affiliation with the 15 people (whether a member of the government or opposition) that we as a country have elected to the LA that our young persons can get the real inside scoop (so to speak).  Instead of discouraging their involvment we should only encourage them to be strong in will, independent in thinking and intellegent about the way they use the experience and knowledge that they can gain.  Encourage them to use their time within the youth arms of both the parties to look for the things that work in the best interest of the country and to vow to not repeat the things that are to our detriment when it is their time (if they so choose) to lead.

    While college degrees might be of some assistance, as with most fields, ultimately, nothing beats experience on the job. And while they are not yet officially ‘on the job’ it is best that they get as close as they can get to that experience before they stand and ask the country to vote them in as our leaders.  Just in the same way that someone in flight school has to do hundreds of simulations before they are ever allowed into a cockpit to learn to fly an actual plane.

    There may be a lot of things that are not ideal within our political arena at the moment but I must say that the one thing that both parties are doing right is providing a place for our young persons in the political arena.

    Well done to all of the members to of both youth arms!

  5. Anonymous says:

    The purpose of both youth arms is to educate the next generation of young leaders on the importance of communication, knowledge, respect for each other and country.  It also allows them to see first hand how a political party operates as well as the government.

    By doing this, it should eliminate the "jack ass" politician who parades around with sharades and circus type politics.  It brings to the table, well rounded men and women who are able and ready to step into the throws of governing a country and also interacting with foreign leaders.

    Many countries have been doing it for centuries in order to groom some very bright and upstanding leaders.

    • FUZZY says:

      To Anonymous Thu 13:42 These groups are intended to indoctrinate young people in the ways of each party(and hope they become adult members of the parties) and not on how to run a Government.

  6. anony says:

    There ought to e a law banning these political parties from exploitation of our youth luring them in to a party system that is a loser or even losing.

    Its not good political ethics.

  7. anony says:

    Refreshing? It stinks in my nostrils.

    We need Party Leaders that will promote Education and Crime Prevention among youths not indoctrinate them on crazy dictatorship capitalistic and socialistic schemes!  It is a disgrace and you parents that allow your children to be tutored or mentored by Cheri and Big Mac should be ashamed of yourselves.

    You want to do your children a favor, getthem saved, go to church with them. Teach your daughters to keep their legs closed, and make these young men sweat, instead of being so easy and promiscuous. Teach them that Education is the key to escape from poverty and a pathway to wealth.

    Not a Political party it only breeds crime.

    Young people I hope you listen to me and not CheriCowan just because someone is a politician or a lawyer does not mean they are leading you in the right direction, look at what they are doing to your future, SELLING IT TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER and you will have to pay for it.

    Is that enough to wake you up? let me know

  8. Anonymous says:

    "……all are invited to hear the facts

    UDP and FACTS are like trying to mix oil and water. 


  9. Anonymous says:

    They really need to disband both young political party groups.  This is only causing greater rifts between the community.

    • A Concerned Caymanian says:

      I agree 100%!  These groups should find more useful things to do with their time like helping our kids with homework or other community service.

      • Anonymous YP says:

        What makes you assume that they don’t participate in community service? I can’t speak for YUDP, but there are several members of the Young Progressives who participate in community service on their own or through service clubs. Know your facts before you make assumptions.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Just like Jamaica. Divide the youth into opposing parties to teach them community integration.  

  11. Helen Keller says:

    Oh lord, the blind leading the blind. This is all we need.

    • Anonymous says:

      Helen Keller,

      Your comment alone makes me realise you are nothing but a fool.  I do not know who you are but you should be ashamed to insult these young people.  They are the future of these islands and are trying to learn the ropes of politics as well as reinvent the wheel to make young Caymanians take a grip of their country and try to make it better.  Instead of you calling them blind, why dont you go to their meeting and ask a sensible question.  I truly hope you are some 80+ year old women who wont be around much longer in life because the likes of you just need to fade away.  I swear…. people like you make me sick when you take something young people are trying to do for good and twist it with such nonsense comments as that.

      • CayMen says:

        What future are you talking about i am sick and tired of hearing these  despicable hypocrites that are selling this island and its heritage to foreign nationals so they and their offspring can live in luxury while the rest of the population scratches out a meager existence. Yes and the nerve to invites us like fools to light refreshments while they spin the wheels of  indoctrination & deception promising better times ahead, well we see the future ahead us fill with Mayhem and murder and its Caymanians dying. A person not fit to govern themselves can not be fit to govern someone else. Do not be deceived by these usurpers and charlatans Trust in the lord and him alone with save you Not the  Why UDP or their Rivals PPM.

    • Anonymous says:

       Once again, an example where people are so quick to find faults but never able to give solutions! Indeed, this all the country needs!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Wow! A political party including the youth of Cayman. Very refreshing.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow!  and where are you living?  FYI, Mr/Ms "Hibenator", both political parties have youth arms and the PPM was founded back in 2001/02 with the Young Progressives as part of its Constitution!!!  UDP as usual are playing catch up here, but suffice it to say that both parties, whatever their differences, have always valued the voice of the youth of these islands.

      • Anonymous says:

        HEY 6:29

        HEY DUMB DUMB the UDP Youth Arm was formed back in 2001 and if memory serves me correct it was the first one.  So please zip it.  Another fool for you right there!!  I am neither PPM or UDP thank god because I would go postal dealing with some of you ignorant people here.  I am able to stay right on the outside and learn the fact and judge for my own.  You might try to learn some facts yourself.

        • Anonymous says:

          Post 12:21

          How do you feel if someone call you dumb dumb! I am sure it would hurt your feeling, please leave that kind of negative non constructive words from this forum. I would expect better from a matured responsible adult.

          Now to the time of formation of the group , the article clearly states the YUDP was formed in September 2009.  At the end of the day is this important, no it isn’t, what is important is the fact that our young people are becoming more involved in their country, by playing an active part in politics, this is refreshing.

          It was a pleasure to hear and listen to  both youth group debate some of the current topics. I would like to see this continue. Keep it up YPPM and YUDP , you are all doing a fantastic job!