Police hunt 3rd GT gunman

| 26/03/2010

(CNS):  Police said this evening that they have now brought attempted murder charges against three men in connection with a shooting in George Town earlier this month. Two of the men charged are currently in police custody while one remains at large and has been charged in abstentia. Police say they are currently hunting for 25-year-old Mark Anthony Seymour, a resident of George Town, while 27-year-old Luis Robert Verona from West Bay and Sven Brett Connor (29) from Newlands have been detained and are due to appear in court next week.

All three men have been charged with attempted murder following an incident in the Templeton Avenue area of George Town.  At around 2.00 am on Friday 5 March it is alleged that shots were fired at, and into, a house in the Windsor Park area.

Anyone with any information about crime being committed on the Cayman Islands should contact their local police office or call the new RCIPS confidential tip line 949-7777.

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  1. ah boy says:

    i saw Mark LAST NIGHT!, but at that time i didnt know RCIPS was looking for him. i dont think that they are doing a very good job as he was in his own yard! come on guys, we think they might be hinding far, but they are right under our noses…..so keep looking.

  2. Anonymous says:

    If you Google  "Mark Anthony Seymour Cayman", the first link you get is to a 2007 article in Cay Compass. Based on the article this guy should have a police record and thus a photo on file that could be circulated. Why is this not done by the RCIPS???

  3. Anonymous says:

    Let us charge, arrest & prosecute the individual or individuals harboring this suspected criminal.

    Let people realize that helping someone evade the law is a jail worthy crime.

    • Anonymous says:


      I  agree with the Premier on his decision to consult other OT to house these notorious prisoners at an ‘ALCATRAZ" in a foreign country! good and excellent idea.

      Now, I have a word of reminder for the Premier, if the governor is doing you justice and not showing you two faces, he is supposed to be in support of your suggestions to the commissioner on matters concerning bringing in a special task force to clean up serious high profile crime that RCIP is unable to do.You are not his subordinate!

      The constitution states that the Premier and the Governor shall consult with each other on matters concerning the Police that is RCIP and the judiciary.Someone please tell me when did the Commissioner of police Baines become an independent Authority on Police matters? Mr.Premier is the governor meeting with the Comm. of police and making decisions unknown to you? Check it out. You and the governor have the authority to make decisions on which direction the RCIP should go in and the Commissioner of police takes orders from you both. So what kind of lame  excuse are you releasing in our ears that the Comissioner of police do not want to adehere to your suggestions?  I don’t know how true that is because you maybe making up an excuse tohave the poor vulnerable tourist believe that we are a safer destination  than we realer are. That’s not really fair to families coming here on vacation not knowing what they may be faced with. It will cost us more in the long run. Better to come clean.


    • Common Sense says:

       Hooray to name and shame these local families…..these are not "good boys" and I am tired of the neighbors protecting these thugs.  Yes, if you are related to these baddies, you had better start saying sorry to the community for allowing this to escalate and happen.  It takes a village…

  4. Anonymous says:

    To the 3rd GT gunman you can run and hide but you can’t outrun the long arm of the law.  Good job RCIPS you will find him soon.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Are they hunting in East End?

    • A Caymanian says:

      They need to turn bottom up!!! all of the Other Districs they have fam & Friends that are hiding  them!!!!!!

      Again I say bring in Military Force for these Thugs !!!!!! and put every one on a curfew!!!!!

  6. Right ya so says:

    Morning CNS – are you able to post photos of these individuals? I’m sure I’m not the only one who would like to know what they look like – the  more eyes on the them the less crime they will be able to commit (one hopes anyway!)?

    CNS: Not unless someone sends them to us. If that is someone other than the police we would have to verify the picture.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thatr true we the Public should see the photos of all these criminals . Its not too late to start.

  7. West Bayer says:

    Good job RCIP!

    I hope now that there are charges that go along with these arrests?

    But I’m puzzled???? The Police made a comment that "We need people to come forward with information,(with names, with anything they know)". But then, this is where I’m confused, they go on to say: "but people telling us does not translate to charges". Now forgive me, it could be a misworded statement on their part due to the chaotic timing of the comment, but if this IS the true procedure, then WHY ARE WE THE PUBLIC WASTING TIME GIVING INFORMATION??

    Please give us proper guidelines to follow that will not only make the case more solid when we provide names, but will give us anonymity when doing so. Cuz I would hate to give the RCIP information only to find out that it was useless and then I having to HIDE for the rest of my life!

    We WANT to help, just not in vain!


    • Anonymous says:

      To West Bayer Fri. 03/26/2010 – 23:43.

      My understanding of this is that one can give information and someone can be ‘arrested‘ but real evidence has to comeforward to be able to ‘charge‘ the person which is in the hands of the Legal Dept. to decide if those charges will go to Court. The case moves forward if there is enough evidence or the person is let go if no evidence is found.

      What I don’t understand is how so many of the people that were arrested are back out on the streets and have not even been charged with  ‘Being Concerned’  in some of these cases!!  Was there not even enough evidence to keep them longer or the cars that they were in – [it’s rumoured]they are seen driving some of the same cars that they were taken from. Could the Police give us more details and try to explain why so many that were arrested are back out and if other charges can’t be brought against them, are they monitoring them by the minute!!  Are those ‘gang members’ (whom they say they know) being monitored at their every move?? Please give us better explanations!!  There are a lot of charges in the Law which I think are being ignored. Please read up the CHARGES in the Laws and use them!! 

  8. Watering Hole says:

    WHERE IS THE PICTURE  WE NEED IT. This person could be living next door,,,

    • Anonymous says:

      In Cayman they appear to not release the pictures, even if they have them.  Have you seen the bank robbers yet?  No, they appear to not want help, while appealing for help.  What appears to be the Cayman way, speak from one side of your mouth, and then out the other, sort like those dolls.

      Then again, this is a banana republic!

      • Twyla Vargas says:

        I agree with most of what you have to say,  but Please do not be ungrateful, because you are eating bananas from this Banana republic every day.

    • Anonymous says:

      we Defiently need pictures, why is it that criminals have so many rights..once convicted for serious crimes post their pictures up,Imagine one of the two persons arresteed for the shootings in the Templeton street area was convicted for manslaughter a few years ago..yes Gun related..

      Didnt know he was out wow!

      why is it when something is reported on TV, they want you to go on their web page for details..they need to show it right then..why hide it ..maybe its ratings they looking..

      People lets watch each other backs and pass on the info..

      it could be me or you that could be a victim of a serious crime.

      A fam Member of mine was gun down a few years back..people in the area knew, who was the gun men.I say Gun men cause,every one who knew was just as guilty..

      To this day the case is still unsolved,However about 5 of them was gunned down in a similar fashion..some of them serving a 2 digit prison sentence for another crime, the rest cant sleep as they so busy watching there backs..

      let it be known the Lord dont sleep..and Vengance is his


  9. Anonymous says:

    The police want the public to help – any photo that they might have of the person they are looking for would allow that to happen.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Police should consult with the Passport or Immigration Department for photos of Caymanians/visitors and Work Permit Holders to start their own Data Profile System.  This would be a worthwhile task to embark on Commissioner Baines.

      It would be very helpful in a time like this.

    • Anonymous says:

      What about a Drivers Licence photo from Licensing Department.