Victim was 12 hours from jail

| 26/03/2010

(CNS): In a twist of fate the 29-year-old male victim shot dead in West Bay on Thursday (25 March) night was only twelve hours away from being taken into custody by the authorities. Damian Omar Ming (left) was due to appear in court on Friday morning (26 March) as his appeal to the Privy Council regarding his 20-year conviction for drug related offences had been denied. Defence attorney Nick Dixey explained to the court that his client, who was on bail pending the outcome of the appeal, had been shot and killed last night. Dixey stated that as a result of news from London of the denial it was anticipated that his client’s bail would have been revoked this morning and Ming would have returned to Northward.

“Tragically, he was killed last night as he was the victim of a shooting and I offer my condolences to his family,” Dixey told Justice Howard Cooke, who said the file on the case could not be closed until a death certificate was produced for the victim.

At around 9:45 pm last night Mingwas shot and killed in Birch Tree Hill Lane, the fifth murder victim of 2010, the fourth to be killed in West Bay in less than six weeks and the second gang related killing in two days. Witnesses report several shots being fired during the incident and more than one suspect was involved in the shooting, which occurred at Swallow Road and Birch Tree hill Lane in West Bay.

During a press conference on Friday lunchtime the police commissioner said that Ming was not tagged. David Baines explained that Ming had been released on bail as was his right in law, pending the outcome of his legal proceedings, before powers were given to the police to be able to tag suspects on bail.

He said, however, that at the scene of the crime on Thursday evening police were able to take one known gang member into custody who was tagged and had broken his conditions of bail. Baines confirmed the arrests was not in connection with the shooting of Ming but demonstrated that the tagging was enabling the police to restrict the movement of known gang members.

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  1. Former Cayman Resident says:

    As a friend of Ming’s for the past 13 years my heart is torn that he is no longer here. I was in Cayman a few months ago and Ming informed me that he wanted to change his life for the better. Sadly, he was unable to accomplish that. I did try to help to him through counseling him but he felt that everyone was against him. If people took the time to help/listen to those around us rather than ignore or point fingers then perhaps such a tragedy would not occur. Come on people, let us help our brothers and sisters for the time that we have left here on earth. Though you are goneMing you will not be forgotten and I am glad to have known you…. you will always be my friend and we will see each other again.

  2. Anonymous says:

    GET A GRIP….and stop the blame game…The Cayman Islands will never be the same…."THE GOOD OLD DAYS"…..are just that "OLD"…Save the memories for your gandchildren…Instead of this bikering back and forth, lets come up with solutions……GANGS are likes sores if left untreated they will fester and ooze all over….guess what the oozing has begun.   .Their main purpose is to  create chaos….disorder….without ORDER, a community cease to function….Thisproblem  will not be solved in a day, and it may even get worst…But for GOD Sake do somethng….The SOUNDS OF SILENCE IS DEAFEN…..Look under "Junior’s", bed… I am sure you’ll find much more than "DIRTY MAGAZINES!!  Have your legislatures enact tougher laws against gangs and gangs activities….Make them ENIMIES of the STATE!!! Charge anyone who aide or assist them as conspirators.. Since our jury system is a JOKE…Have them tried in a different VENUE…maybe ENGLAND…Do we have district courts for the Carribean?…If we don’t, it is about time we do..Ok..I know that a few civil liberties may be stepped on…but that is the price  we’ll have to pay. Our justice system have been too LAX…Oh I won’t even address our prison.".CASA DE AMORE"….It is nothing but a board room for gang meetings. People stop bickering and pointing fingers…while you quarrel amongst yourself, the gangs are watching and laughing…

  3. Concerned Citizen says:

    I just keep reading that all these troublemakers are involved in this situation because they have no guidance. Well that is bull. I am not defending them nor do I condone it.

    What I am trying to say that its not the parents fault for not leading their kids in a right direction. It is because they choose to lead this life.

    Let me prove it to you. Over 10 years ago, a man was serverely beaten with baseball bats, chains, and the use of a pitbull dog, if I’m not mistaken. He was hospitalized. This happened on Walkers road. One of the youths was caught, and when the man went to identify the youth, the youth subsequently gave up the other yobs. What was found was that one of the youths was the son of the assistant commissioner. Now, guess what happened? It all disappeared into dust.

    The point I’m trying to make is that is can be anyone that families lose their child to drugs or thug life. This was the assistant commissioner’s son. So its not only people who can’t find jobs, or families where the father works 2/3 jobs to support his kids, so he is not there to guide his kids.

    Stop blaming the parents, and blame the youths themselves, and who they associate themselves with. Give them the book, and let them do hard time to make them realise the choices they make. But it needs to start now, and start at the ‘home’, and when I say ‘home’, I mean Northward!!!! Make it a place that no one wants to visit. Not a holiday camp.

    We see it all the time on this island also that families with plenty of money still have sons/daughters with problems.

    And beautiful island women, please do not be drawn in to these idiots as bad men. They are not bad men, they are wanna-be criminals. Put these fools in the middle of Brooklyn/LA, and see how long they last with real hard a** criminals!

    Sorry, but McKeeva, but what good will a ‘mass prayer’ do for this island? Do you think that a prayer will make them stop these killings? Doyou think they will arrive on the steps of the court house and say sorry to you? C’mon, get real and get working. Come out from behind your 8ft walls.

    Next election should all be single candidates and no parties. Parties are what is ruining this government.

    My beautiful island, that back whats our……….


    • Anonymous says:

      In reply to: Concerned Citizen (not verified) on Mon, 03/29/2010 – 11:39.

      You seem to be contradicting your self as you said don’t blame the parents – you gave this quote: "What I am trying to say that its not the parents fault for not leading their kids in a right direction. It is because they choose to lead this life". unquote –  Then you go on to tell the story below which points right back to the parent – the Assistant Commissioner

      quote "Let me prove it to you. Over 10 years ago, a man was serverely beaten with baseball bats, chains, and the use of a pitbull dog, if I’m not mistaken. He was hospitalized. This happened on Walkers road. One of the youths was caught, and when the man went to identify the youth, the youth subsequently gave up the other yobs. What was found was that one of the youths was the son of the assistant commissioner. Now, guess what happened? It all disappeared into dust." unquote

      So doesn’t that lead right back to the parent???

      I also knew of a former Inspector who went against the Sergeant and got charges dismissed for his son while other children had to go to prison for the same case and then bragged later on about his ‘integrity’ when he was confronted in another case  – and then there is one of the top cops who brags about himself and his ‘integrity’ and his son was in trouble – suspended and got his job back and is still working with the Police but the parent of the other child lost her job.  

      Much corruption is going on with the parents in high positions and when their children get in trouble everything is dismissed because they have connections.  Just check the ‘moral’ issues. They can have girlfriends right on the job having babies for them and they still remain with their wives and getting the big salaries from their jobs too.    

      Anyway their day is coming – the LORD is the JUDGE of ALL!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Sadly, many (accidental) parents resent their having to support their children, and the expense of clothing, feeding, and sheltering them.  It cuts into their drinking and entertainment budget, which often has a higher priority than spending time with and getting to know their kids.  It is that last part which cultivates a lifetime of trust and respect that many parents complain their kids are rejecting.  It’s never too late to try to bridge that gap.  There is not a child on earth that won’t respond if/when their parents start to take a genuine interest in them. 

  4. anony boy says:

    everybody wants to point fingers at another, jamaican fault, cayman fault, honduras etc…

    lets call a spade a spade – its the ‘caribbean culture of savagery’. all islands are the same, cayman, or jamaica no different. biggest issue is tourist safety, corrupt police and corrupt self serving governments. all the islands have the same problems which start with politicians and trickle down to the behaviour in the people in which they ‘serve’.

    read US homeland security most recent study of threats to US coastline -corruption in surrounding carib nations represent largest threat to US. lets face it people, our port here (operated by caymanians) is basically an open drug and gun market and transhipment point. the open corruption that allows this to continue is the crux of the problem.

    only sad part is that it is easy to fix, but people here would rather point fingers at foreign nationals than deal with the real problems.

  5. Anonymous says:

     Question and Answer

    In the good old days, when the Cayman Islands were clean and drug free, who were the importers and shippers of drugs to our shores?

    It certainly was not the natives.

    Who came with it in their stomachs?

    It was not the natives.

    People in authority sat back and let it all happen.  When they traffic in the USA, what happens?

    They are prosecuted, serve their term and deported.

    Why our laws should be different?

    The Caymanians need an answer.

  6. Former Cayman Resident says:

    As a former Cayman resident I am outraged at the way Jamaicans are portrayed in the Cayman Islands. It is a known fact the Jamaicans helped in the development of the Cayman Islands and it is sad that Caymanians have no respect for Jamaicans. Many Caymanians are of Jamaican descent so when they speak badly of Jamaicans then they are letting themselves and their heritage down.  Whether Ming was Jamaican or Caymanian is not relevant… the fact is that he is gone. He was a human being. Perhaps if the Cayman government offered its residents more job opportunities and benefits then people would not have to resort to life on the streets in order to survive. People  (especially the youth) should be given a second chance to redeem themselves when they do something that is deemed "bad". Hate (which is a curse) is causing all of this and instead of fighting each other then we should all be uniting and working together to better things for the youth of the Cayman Islands. I have 3 children in the Cayman Islands and was forced to leave there due to a roll over after living there for over 10 years. I worry every day about my children and how sad it must be for them togrow up without their father being there everyday for them like it was when I resided there. I am now living abroad and doing very, very well and I visit and talk to my children as much as I can. I am hoping that they will join me abroad one day and it is sad that they have to leave their birthplace and seek residence elsewhere because the Cayman Islands have nothing to offer them. The Cayman government needs to take a look at the fact that they are breaking up families and causing children to grow up without fathers. A child needs a father, especially a young man and when a father is not present and the mother is working then the child may turn to life on the streets because he has no guidance. This is one way the cycle of violence continues. I hope that the Cayman Islands gets its act together especially for the youth as they are ones who are currently suffering and who will carry on. Pretty soon the Cayman culture and the people will become extinct because the government is not taking the proper action. It is time to focus on bettering the country and stop pointing fingers at one another. Remember the government does not run the country, the people are the ones who make and run the country. Think of your children and stop hating. God bless!

    • Anonymous says:

      I think you will find that Jamaicans are ‘portrayed’ that way in virtually every country outside Jamaica because of the behaviour of a minority of Jamaicans. There is no use pretending that this is down to Caymanians’ hatred of Jamaicans. 

      "Perhaps if the Cayman government offered its residents more job opportunities and benefits then people would not have to resort to life on the streets in order to survive".

      This is exactly the mentality that causes crime to thrive – justification and excuses. People do not need to commit crimes here in order to surivive. They just need to get some training and get a job.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Know what is making these children criminals? GREED. Their mamas is in New York, their Papa is in Cyman and their poor grannys is in Jamaica raising the. Then on the other hand in Cayman I have to have a better car and a bigger house than John Blo and so Iwill work two jobs and have the Jamaican helper come in to run the house. Sometimes they help in the days and at night while the mother is out at their night job the television is baby sitting the children and their supper is pizzas potatoe chips and other fast foods. In Cayman Brac you never see children roaming the streets st nights, they are more controlled over there, always attending church even as teen agers no wonder they pass every exam.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Powder-keg comment. Obviously in any society of group of people you are always going to have … the good, the bad and … the evil. Yes there are the fair share of Caymanian bad guys… but the question you have to ask yourself is ‘where are they getting their influence’?

    As with all young people who have not yet found their identity they tend to emulate other people in society … in their surroundings and unfortunately the influences they often look up to … are the bad ones… without anyone to guide them it becomes easy to make the wrong decision.

    Now you might blame that misguided influence on BET but you would be looking in the wrong place.

    We have a non-local influence … one that has its foundation in guns, drug dealing, gangs, no respect for the law and murder as a way to settle disputes.

    Like it or not that influence is imported.

    We, all human beings… are a product of our surroundings. If our kids were surrounded by Asian math students who all got six figure jobs… guess what… no drugs, no gang banging…

    Argue if you will but it’s not a home grown problem.

    I find it interesting that some groups who come here are church going, God fearing people… so much so that they don’t believe in protected sex for themselves or their partners (to answer another question) but at the same time opening think that the answer to all problems is to take a gun and kill the other person.

    I am personally aware of one such situation where a person who came here on a work permit, got five different women pregnant … was married to none of them… all of whom are local… and has now returned to his homeland.

    Consider the actions of this one person, consider the cost and impact on the local society. Consider the children, the school and medical system and the long term impact that this single individual will have on our country.

    This individual had a good paying job as a contractor making over $3,000 a month but lived in a $400 room with no air conditioning, had a bike and sent the vast majority of his income ‘home’ where he had a Wife and children.

    I worked with this person, he resented Cayman in every way. During the four years that he was here all he did was complain about the police, immigration, the people and how much he hated being here. Everything of any value that he acquired while here was sent home.

    That is what’s wrong… several of our neighbours have their roots in violence and guns and gangs and drugs and they bring that with them…

    So like it or not, our gang/gun/drug/murder problem is imported.


    • Anonymous says:

      Well done with the creative thinking in yet again layng the blame on somebody else on what is clearly a homegrown problem. Years of bad parenting, greed and the entitlement culture which has caused a rotten decay in Caymanian society. If only you would put your creative thoughts into getting a job and performing it well. We wouldn’t end up supporting you and your low lives.

      Your example of the guy coming over and impregnating 5 Caymanian women, says more about Caymanian society than Jamaican. Everybody around the world knows  that Jamaicans have a reputation for being players and sleeping around. It is the 5 loose moralled Caymanian girls that should be practicing safe sex or abstaining.

      Take a look at your own society before blaming others. If these young women were brought up to respect themselves they wouldn’t be putting out to everybody and getting themselves up the duff.


    • Anonymous says:

      We don’t have to ask what island nation he was from! lets juust say to the south east?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Atleast we have an option for the foreign scumbags;but what do we do with our Caymanian scumbags? Or are you one of those that believe the crimes are commited foreigners?

  9. Anonymous says:

     When are we going to get tough and start deporting the scum bags back to their countries.  If they are married ship their families with them.  

    Caymanians need to have some self esteem.  Look forward in life and not backward.  Hold your heads up high and move on.  There is always help out there for those who seek it.

    • Anonymous says:

       I hear you – now you are talking, as finally some Jamaicans are involved in the gang killings. What did you see when all the Caymanians did the killing/being killed? How do you want to treat those scumbags? 

      • Anonymous says:


      • Anonymous says:

        Export them to Jamaica too?

      • Anonymous says:

        Well yea, but they are our scum bags so we cant get rid of them. Your scum bags we can so good riddance.

        • Anonymous says:

          I am convinced that some of you people have no understanding when you read something.  I said our Caymanian scum bags…what does that tell you, smartie.

      • Anonymous says:

        … finally…?  daahh, they always were

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree

    • Anonymous says:

      This man went through the school system here. He is Caymanian with Jamaican parents to my understanding. As for Peddie  he was a Jamaican but who did the killing!

      People wake up this is not a JAMAICAN problem this is your problem caused by your own thugs that were born and raised here. GOSH that’s why this place will never be better, always pointing else where but never at self.

      • Caymanians for logic says:

        Now lets guess where the guns and the “gangster style” comes from?? You only have to listen to the Jamaican music to get a good hint. Even the USA had to deport the “yardies” from there and that says a lot for a country that has over 30,000 gun killings a year! They said they were “too ruthless”.

        So we have folks born here of jamaican parents, who imitate the jamaican way of life, and get their guns from there. You are right, it IS our problem and we should know EXACTLY how to deal with it given those facts. I am not going to leave out the USA in this one as their TV and music is full of crime and gang adoration as well. Caymanians have been force fed on this rubbish and exterior culture for 30 years now…should we be surprised of the result??

        Ten years ago I was at the Bodden Town pirate’s week dance and noticed everyone jumping to a popular Jamaican song with over 400 persons pointing their hands into the air imitating a gun firing….I thought at that time, we would eventually see what is happening here now. My fears have come to reality. I am not blind to realize that Caymanians, and paper Caymanians are involved. I cannot blame the jamaicans for the crime but to suggest that the influence from there has not a direct impact on this island is also ridiculous. And yes we Caymanians have contributed to this sad state of affairs by not educating our young ones who we have sent out into the world incapable of even reading and writing an application form.

        The government needs to institute a policy that if you are caught with a illegal gun or ammunition that you immediately lose Caymanian status if you have received status through the immigration process, and after serving a mandatory 10 year sentence you are deported, families in tow. Caymanians who cannot loose their status should have a mandatory 15 sentence without parole, including hard labour of breaking rocks in the quarry. Folks here must recognize that if they want to stay here they must obey the laws.

        There is another thing we can emanate from jamaica…their GUN COURT. No charges or even evidence needed, just locked up until the red walls weaken your resolve. Maybe we can learn something from our neighbour after all!

      • Anonymous says:

        Speaking of pointing fingers, it is funny that when the crimes are committed by Caymanians (with Caymanian parents) it’s all due to bad parenting but when the parents are Jamaican it is due to simply being in Cayman..

  10. Anonymous says:

    Again, we need to ask why no one with the power to do so is doing anything about installing radar to track illegal boats coming in to Cayman.  Police boats and helicopter patrolling known areas where boats can curently land undetected. Special task force or gang police brought in to help.  Stepping up searches on everything coming in to these Islands.  Enhanced background checks on all work permit applicants.   The silence is deafening.  Who doesnt want this crime to stop and why?  Find the answers to those questions and perhaps we can then do something to stop this madness.  Road blocks with police positioned strategically to stop those who turn around when their buddies call them to let them know there is a road block.  Muzzle police informants leaking information to the public.

    Condolences to all who have lost loved ones.  No one has the right to take another person’s life.  That person is someone’s child, father, brother, cousin and sadly if you take someone’s life, you may well be next.

    To everyone emailing photographs of the deceased  person before the police have officially identified that person.  STOP!!!  Just think if it was one of your family members and you got such an email before you had been notified.  I


  11. Right ya so says:

    These people are not going to stop killing each other – they should at least stop having children & involving them in this – these women need to smarten up – by all means get involved with these losers but don’t have children!!

    • Anonymous says:

       Chill with them… accept gifts from tainted money… keep their confidences… but just make sure to wrap it up?

    • Live Free.... says:

      How the about the women not getting involved with these losers in the first place and find a descent man and have children for him instead. And I don’t know what these Caymanian women see in them, for they mostly don’t work, they stays with their parents without even contributing any money to them, hanging with boys all night and hitting drugs, drinking and driving around in low riding cars, by the way, where do they get the money from to buy cars and fix them up? One answer, robberies… And yet most of the Caymanian women throw themselves at them and leave the descent men wondering what is wrong with them, well I guess we don’t wear our pants on the ground and hang out with boys, but instead we are interested in having women to hang with, so we are not their type. Well I guess they love thug life. Shame….They are not women.

  12. PaperCaymanian says:

    WE’RE #9 !!!

    If you do the math our per capita murder rate for the year will be 40.That will put us at #9 in the world.

    Math: Current murder rate gives you 20 dead – per capita is 100,000 we have approx 50,000 = 40

    The other garden spots higher on the list are:

    1) Honduras @58   2) Venezuela @52   3) Siera Leone@50    4) El Salvador@49           5) Jamaica!!@49   6) Guatemala@45    7) Trinidad and Tobago@42.3   8)Angola@40

    Drum roll please 9) Cayman Islands

    I think our tourism product is still better than all the other countrys on the list-for now.

    • Anonymous says:

      Having vacations in Guatemala, Honduras and Venezuela, they all have far better tourist products than Cayman unless you are a diver or a fly-over state American whose idea of heaven is watching CNN and eating at Wendys.

    • Anonymous says:

      "If you do the math our per capita murder rate for the year will be 40".

      We can only determine a murder rate p.a. in retrospect. It is far too early to tell whether the murder rate for the year will be 20 or more or less. The calculation you shown is not the per capita (per person of population) rate. The murder rate is most often given in per thousand of population.    

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s rubbish the tourist product in Cayman is terrible. I’ve been to Cayman, but also to Honduras, T&T and Jamaica and there is so much more to do, there are vacation packages to suit all budgets and the people (locals that a tourist would meet in and around tourist areas) is 10 times more friendly than the locals in Cayman.

      I found Cayman to be a very expensive, ugly and commercialised. It was like a little florida. It’s great for the cruiseship type visitors that don’t want culture, just an ‘America in the sun’ where they can eat burger king, KFC and wendy s without having to risk eating and local foods or experiencing local fare. The lack of culture was a massive downfall for Cayman. The locals were miserable and unfriendly and looked like they would only tolerate visitors if there was a large tip in it.

      At least in other Caribbean islands there is stunning scenery, loads of reasonably priced activities like zip lining, rock climbing, ATV, hill walking, surfing, kayaking.

      There is certainly violence in all the aforementioned countries but they are much much bigger and manage to keep the violent crimes away from tourists. In Cayman the crimes are all happening within a couple of miles of you. Tourists are seeing shootings, robberies etc all the time.

      Cayman needs to try to hold on to the tourists it has got coming, it has no rrom to get complacent.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t this a prime example of the problem that our society faces? So a judge or a jury was convinced that this person did such terrible crimes that he should go 20 years to prison. He appeals. And then – instead of sitting in Northward waiting for the appeal trial – he sits in West Bay under the Mango Tree and plays Domino and hangs out with his buddies. I’m sorry – but this is in my eyes the root of the current evil. It’s no longer "You do a crime – you do your time". In Cayman we have too many good lawyers that get everybody out – even if they have to convince the court that finger-prints are not necessarily absolute convincing evidence – even if all other countries on this planet rely on finger-prints as evidence. Be tougher to the criminals – don’t treat them like they deserve all our sympathies.I have the feeling it’s easier in Cayman to get bail than to get your car licensed. 

  14. Anonymous says:

    Who gave a man like this bail?  Seriously, who did that?

  15. Caymanian 2 D Bone & Proud of It says:

    My heart also goes out to his baby mother, and his son, may God give her the strength she needs to be strong for her child and to raise him to love and respect life as well,  B’ You will get thru this, to those that don’t know her, she is a very sweet intelligent, and ambitious young woman, she may have been with Ming but you all can’t judge her according to him.

    So B, be strong, God is with you always, love U lil B

    Ur Cuz

    • Carol says:

      Thank you for remembering them! She really is a sweet intelligent person and don’t we all make the occassional error in judgement! She will be fine. We all got her back!!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Now…..I’m sorry to say but I do not agree with much of your post West Bayer and I’m sure what I have to say will end up being quite a bit.  I personally play Modern Warfare and other games (and I’m 28 yrs old – these types of games are rated M (Mature Audiences) for a reason) of similar type and I am no criminal, can’t even tell how long ago I last gotten a speeding ticket, been many years and that’s the closest/only thing I can say I’ve done as far as breaking any laws go.  In my opinion it all depends on the upbringing of a person which encompasses all that we know as good upbringing (like having respect for your elders, knowing your place when you are young, yes a good flogging when you have misbehaved – I do believe in "spare the rod and spoil the child" etc. etc. the list goes on and on and I’d be here all day listing all the things which form good upbringing), the mentality of the person I believe has an immensely important role to play as well but again this links back to upbringing.  I know of some folks when I was in school that got mixed up in various wrong things and looking back at it the ones I know of that were dealt with with the strictest/harshest discipline make up the majority for those that turned their life/ways/direction around and are good citizens and the majority that I know of who were given practically a tap on the wrist went right back do their bad ways.  Unfortunately also some of them are now dead too and my condolences go out to their families.

    With that said, for one, the notion of banning porn is just completely irrelevant and I’ll explain why. Yes porn is banned here publicly but news flash! Just like how you came to this site and posted a comment practically anybody can go on a computer and look up pornography, unless their computer is blocked from doing so somehow like a parent having parental control activated on a computer that their child uses (hint to you if you have a child with a computer that doesn’t have parental control provisions activated).  Believe me there are loads of people on this island that look at porn and have been doing so for years and years since the inception of the internet I’m sure and the reality is there’s once in a blue moon that there is a sexual crime here and even then I feel it depends on the individuals mentality and upbringing.

    Secondly I have to wonder if you know what the game Modern Warfare is about or have seen or researched to educate yourself of it before posting or did you just blindly post referencing it without prior knowledge?  The game is a part of the Call of Duty games based on war events, some editions/releases/parts of the games are based on real life wars such as World War 2 and Modern Warfare a bit fiction but sort of based on more resent events like the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The game you refer to is not in anyway promoting selling/dealing drugs and defending your turf and killing rival gang members and the like.  If what you are saying is the case then we might as well lock up all war veterans when they return cause they’re bound to start shooting up the place…. I don’t see that happening very much, do you?

    Now if you referenced a 50 Cent (he’s a rapper) game or a Grand Theft Auto game that is indicative of the gangster life and all that is associated with it then I would agree somewhat with what you are suggesting but again it all depends on the mentality of the individual.  Also if you suggested something like enforcing the purchase of M (Mature Audiences) game then sure I’m all for that.  But a complete ban is just ridiculous.


    • Anonymous says:

      Did you say, ‘the reality is there’s once in a blue moon that there is a sexual crime here’ ?


      What island do you live on?

  17. Lachlan MacTavish says:

     Numerous people have said it all….over and over agin to the point that good people are sick and tired of hearing from the voters and victims. It is painfully obviously that the current elected members don’t know aht to do or we would be hearing from them. Hopefully the country can survive until the next election and some leaders can take over.

  18. Anonymous says:

    My heart bleeds for his child and his girlfriend. Another fatherless child. Another woman left mourning and having to explain why daddy isnt around anymore. Another mother who has to bury her son. 29 yrs old is the prime of life…I pray that somehow we can find a way to stop the madness. We need a cease fire in Cayman.

    • Anonymous says:

      my heart bleed for the child who has parents like this…..

    • Marie Stopes says:

      It’s easy to have sex and not get pregnant.  Pills, inserts, injections, implants.

      No excuse at all for having a baby just because you have sex. They’re all available here.   Use the health services.  Get yourself protected.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Can I ask if anyone heard anything sounding like gunshots around 10.15pm last night in the North West Point area?.  I was awoken by something and had the presence of mind to check the time but then fell back to sleep.

  20. ^___^SpRiTe^___^ says:

    This is really sad…i wonder if Mckeeva will finally get up off of his bottom and do his d*mn job for once!….Our Caymanian sames to me like they are adapting the "Jamaican Gangs Style aka Badman Thing"…. but little do they realize that our caymanians are being killed left,right and center…Mckeeva has the power to do something about this issue that has arised in our islands and districts…it’s rubbish and should not be taking place at all….And yes i do know Mckeeva isn’t god but he the only one in charge of island along side the governer they both need to get up and deal with this matter before they start getting real crucial with people and their families!!!!!!!!!!!!


    WE ARE IN NEED OF HELP SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      McKeeva is making more Caymanians through million dollar PR and giving all the foreigners that want Key employee what they want even it is taking jobs from young Caymanians and changing the Immigration law to give them whatever they need, especially in the financial industry where many young caymanians have always worked. So, what are you talking bout … him doing something???? Give me a break!

  21. West Bayer says:

    Imagine that.

    Sad. Very sad.

    When death calling yeah, there is no running away from it!

    But, what I was thinking, maybe it should be illegal for the importation of games such as ‘modern warfare’ etc…

    Just like PORN we should ban these types of games. Cuz trust me, I KNOW that these THUGS get high up and start playing these games and start believing they can go out onto the streets and play this for real! Only thing is, AIN’T no ‘reset’ button when yah DEAD! ;(

    It mighten be much help,but at this time, sumtin better than NOTHING.




    PS: Nice to see WB MLA’s read these post’s – cuz they beta had, called a meeting ASAP!

    Looking forward to hearing wha they got to say – WE’LL BE SEEING YAH TA’MORROW OLE MAC! Bring something SENSIBLE and WORKABLE to the platform dis time please!

    • Anonymous says:

      You sitting in front of your computer and still dont know what its capabilities are. making Porn illegal don’t stop you or anyone else from downloading and watching it, likewise the games you referred to can be downloaded and played. So, what is the point of criminalizing it?

    • Cobra Commander says:

      I’m a young Caymanian… and….

      If RCIP played modern warfare then maybe they would know how to do a proper raid and infiltrate "hot spots". The army uses these games as tool for training soldiers. Weneed some of them here now.

      Funny how all these years we’ve had religious nutcases wanting to ban anything they hate, all in the name of the morality of cayman.. and i bet you all of the local "gangsters" used to go to church every sunday with mama.

      If we ban movies and games for violence.. i say ban the bible. Some of the most horrific and violent stories about incest, war and genocide are all found in that horrible book.

      I don’t think any child should be subjected the Lot’s duaghters getting him drunk so that they could have sex with him in the cave an d have his babies, or a man being tortured and mutilated on a cross. Or children being mauled to death by bears that God sent because they teased some old idiot named elijah.

      It’s too graphic… to violent and too idiotic. My children won’t be reading that garbage.. but they will be playing modern warfare.

      When you stick your head in the sand… your butt is vulnerable.

      PS.. There is a christian game that is out there in which you go around saving peoples souls… and if the don’t repent… you blow their head off.

      Is that ok to play?

      GO JESUS!

      • Anonymous says:

        To Cobra Commander –  Go read your Bible right to the end especially the book of JOHN and stop mocking GOD – HE will get youuuuuu……!!!  HE is very powerful !!!

    • M says:

      It’s true the garbage you put into your mind, comes out in subtle ways. But that is something out of our control. We would have to ban all movies, magazines, dvds, et cetera… that have sex in it. And who is going to get paid to do this?

      My friend, there is one thing the law can NEVER do – TAKE AWAY PEOPLE’S FREEDOM OF CHOICE. You can even attempt to try to imprison people, and that wouldn’t work. They would just work their minds and fantasize about the porn. 

      And I say this, because you have religious fanatics who believe that laws of the land can be enforce to fight spiritual battles. Rediculous! Even the Bible along with history proves that "church and state unification," leads to persecution and oppression.  

    • what a mess says:

      Make Porn legal…and ganja too. Stop wasting time and resources on foolishness like trying to legislate morals. It does NOT work!


  22. Anonymous says:

    Oh well! seems like they are purging themselve from society.

    I believe it was stated by the Commissioner to be about 15, so we are down to ten.

  23. Anonymous says:

    tagging was enabling the police to restrict the movement of known gang members

    Rubbish. Tagging does not restrict anybody’s movement. If he had been placed under house arrest without a tag and had been out of his house at the scene of the shooting, police could still have picked him up.

    The only form of tagging that does anything is the type that permits 24 hr GPS tracking of offenders – at least that works until they cut their tags off or put metal foil around the transmitters.

    The only way that our streets will be safe is if the bail laws are amended to make it very very difficult for persons charged with violent or gang related offenses to get bail. That would of course require our Premier to do something and is therefore unlikely to happen. 

  24. Anonymous says:

    May he rest in peace after only 29 years. I wonder if he or his family funded his (hugely expensive) appeal to the Privy Council against conviction for drug related offences. Or was he funded by Legal Aid?

    • Anonymous says:

      Can someone tell me why the post at Fri 16;59 got so many thumbs down so quickly?

    • Anonymous says:

      I am hoping this comment is a joke? otherwise we really, really have problems on this island.

    • Anonymous says:

      Helloooooooooooo………., You don’t know the answer ? Looks like you are another West Bay weed head !!!!!! Wake up boy, wake up !!!!

      • what a mess says:

         ahhhhh…..hello? "weed-head"

        do I sense a generalization here?

        Listen, do not even go there today, because whether or not the perpetrator smokes weed is irrelevant!!!!!

        It is not because of weed that these boys are going around killing. It is because they are lost, with no guidance from their homes, and have no sense of direction and in their very warped opinions, MEN are only men if they can kill and know how to shoot a gun. However, as bad as they may be and as many innocent lives as we have lost thus far let it be known to EVERYONE who resides on these 3 islands……….WE HAVE FAILED OURSELVES.





        I am Caymanian, born, bred, raisedya, all dat. I am PROUD to be who I am and would never hang my head down but if we as a race don’t stop this madness. Learn to appreciate each other and RESPECT each other then we will NEVER get back to the "OLD DAYS". ‘Memba dem days?


        Alright. God Bless you all. 

  25. Anonymous says:

    Was there not alos a shooting today in West Bay which has not been reported by CNS as yet????

    CNS: There were lots of rumours floating around but we couldn’t find any actual evidence of any shooting and the police are adamant that it did not happen. We look into all reports. Sometimes rumours are true, sometimes not.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Hello CNS. Do you plan to open the comments area on the gun importing case regarding Ms. Bodden now that her trial is complete?

    CNS: No because it was a mistrial so now there will be a retrial. Sorry, I know I said you could all comment afterwards but you’ll have to wait a bit longer. If you want to talk about the importation of guns in general terms, you can start a forum topic.

  27. Anonymous says:

    JESUS…one more fatherless child…

    Think about your children and their future…Please…Please

  28. Anonymous says:

    CNS – is there any truth to rumour that there has been another shooting in West Bay today near Kelly’s Bar?

    CNS: We heard all the rumours and tried to confirm what was happening but we could find no evidence of any shooting and the police are adamant that there wasn’t one today.

    • Roadblogger says: