First two weapons in as gun amnesty underway

| 10/05/2010

(CNS): The police firearms amnesty was officially underway this morning when the strong boxes were placed in police stations on Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac. Two different sized, specially designed boxes have been placed in the foyer of George Town, Bodden Town, West Bay and Cayman Brac police stations, enabling the general public to bring in firearms without fear of prosecution. A handgun and a shot gun have already been deposited in the relevant boxes at the Bodden Town station under the no-questions-asked-amnesty which will run until 10 June. (Photo by Dennie Warren Jr)

The 30 day window of opportunity has been pt in place in an effort to reduce the number of guns on the streets of Cayman. Given the significant number of guns that appear to be circulating here and the recent alarming escalation of gun violence police are hoping for a good response from the community whom they said had indicated they would support the move.
The campaign was announced last week by the commissioner with support from Dorlisa Ebanks the mother of 4 year-old gun victim Jeremiah Barnes.  Police are hoping that those who know where weapons are will hand them in and save lives.
Unveiling the campaign poster, which calls for people to help cut gun crime in Cayman, as well as reminding them of the ten-year prison sentence for possession of unlicensed firearms, Police Commissioner David Baines said it was about making the community safer. He pointed out too that ten years is a long time away from friends and family and by handing in weapons people in the community who knew where guns were hidden could save a loved one from a long prison sentence or more importantly save their lives.
 “The fact is that too many young lives have been lost to gun crime in Cayman and too many guns are available on our streets for use by gang members,” Baines said. Superintendent Marlon Bodden has warned that once the amnesty is over those who did not take advantage of the opportunity would find that the police would be carrying out major proactive operations to crack down on gun possession. Officers he said would be working harder than ever to ensure investigations would be airtight and those illegally possessing firearms would face ten years in jail. 
The police have confirmed that the identity of those bringing the guns into police stations will be protected but the weapons themselves would still be investigated for any connection to crimes. Bodden explained it was not a blanket amnesty on the crime or the involvement of specific weapons in particular incidents but individuals who were not involved in shooting anyone but had access to illegal guns could feel secure that they could bring the weapons in anonymously with no questions asked.
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  1. Anon says:

    CNS any chance of an update on this please?  Would be interesting to see how this pans out over the month and get updates on how many handed in throughout.

    CNS: I’m sure the RCIPS will be updating periodically.

  2. Rorschach says:

    This all sounds great and makes for great sound bites on TV and radio, however, in reality, past gun amnesties in Cayman have resulted in only the handing in of "firearms" which were in the worst possbile shape and condition and would have taken considerable effort and bravado to be made to operate. And yes, these could have been used in "intimidation" crimes, but these gun amnesties are NOT bringing in the types of firearms that everone expects them to.  Just another "feel good" effort on the part of the RCIP.  Once again, the RCIP is expecting to sit back and have the public do their work for them….

  3. Reality Bites says:

    Studies have shown gun amnesties have no crime deterrent or prevention effect.  Their only effect is to give the police some photo opportunities and allow anti-crime campaigners a place to vent at launch events.

    Now that the "I did not know the guns were in my attic" defence has been shown to make the current firearms law utterly pointless you can be sure that all criminals’ weapons will be stored in the attics of people who are willing to "have no idea that the guns were there" for a small fee or a regular drug supply.

    Gun in your house?  No licence?  Guilty unless you prove otherwise – that is how possession offenses should work. 

  4. Anonymous says:

    Will these weapons be tested to see if they actually match any of the many unsolved gun crimes?

    What a catch 22 – the guns will be off the streets but a killer(s) would get a free pass…………………

    • Cayman Fisting says:

      Did you actually read the entire article before you posted?  It clearly states "theweapons themselves would still be investigated for anyconnection to crimes."

      As for Reality Bites cite a source to your "studies" that prove gun amnesty programs have no crime deterrent or prevention effect.  I do agree with your view on the play dumb get off defence….it’s a shame the prosecution dropped the ball in court, it opens the flood gates to the same defence