Bermudan press hits back at clamp down

| 17/05/2010

(The Royal Gazette): Global press freedom organisations have denounced plans for a state-controlled council to oversee the media in Bermuda — while local journalists are calling for a rethink of the idea. Premier Ewart Brown tabled a bill in the House of Assembly on May 7 which purports to be for the creation of an "independent media council" but which would consist of a majority of members appointed on his recommendation. The Royal Gazette sent copies of the proposed legislation — which could be debated and passed by MPs as soon as Friday — to overseas media bodies, as well as politicians, journalists and others on the Island.

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  1. pauly cicero says:

    It would certainly make the government tagline "we had to deceive you" (look it up) a whole lot easier.

  2. Yup…

    They want the control because they are scared of the Truth being an obstacle in their way. How sad. To all Bermudans:

    Please stand up against this government controlled entity! Don’t let no one take away your right to express your own opinion!

  3. Get Up Stand Up says:

    Not a joke as the thin line as it has existed between dictatorships and democracy is getting thinner.

    The agenda of "for our own good" is getting more transparent. Who… really… benefits from a suggestion like this we all need to question that. And soon.

    The line that separates us from dictatorships can not be allowed to get any THINNER!  Or itwont exist at all.