Liberal Democrat gets OTs

| 17/05/2010

(CNS): The man who will now make the decision on any further borrowing requests from the Cayman Islands Government is a member of the Liberal Democrat arm of the UK’s new coalition government. Jeremy Browne MP has been appointed Minister of State with responsibility for South East Asia/Far East, Caribbean, Central/South America, Australasia and Pacific, Overseas Territories, human rights, consular, public diplomacy and the Olympics. The Liberal Democrat party has made no secret of its dislike for tax havens and members have been outspoken advocates on the need to close tax loopholes that allows big business to put money at arms length of the UK exchequer.

According to details on the Foreign Office website Browne joins three other junior minsters in the FCO, David Lidington, Alistair Burt and Henry Bellingham who will serve with William Hague the new Foreign Secretary. Browne is the only Lib-Dem to get a post in the FCO and as a son of a diplomat he already has some knowledge of its functions.
During the election campaign the Liberal democrats said they could boost budget by more than £12bn by tackling tax concessions and loopholes. Nick Clegg the Leader of the party promised an assault on what he called Britain’s sophisticated tax avoidance systems. The Lib-Dems said that some of the biggest tax avoidance schemes were operated by the banks which had shifted billions of pounds in artificial transactions via tax haven entities.
According to the agreement signed between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats which forms the basis of the coalition the Tories are on board with the Lib-Dem position on tax avoidance. “The parties agree that tackling tax avoidance is essential for the new government, and that all efforts will be made to do so, including detailed development of Liberal Democrat proposals,” the agreement document  states.
The two political parties have also agreed that a banking levy will be introduced, as well as “detailed proposals for robust action to tackle unacceptable bonuses in the financial services sector.”
Browne is unlikely to offer a different position on borrowing by the OT’s than that of his predecessor Chris Bryant and will also be keen to see Cayman reduce its dependency on financial services for its revenue and introduce new sustainable revenue sources. Given the enormity of the UK’s own debt it will be extremely reluctant to take on further liabilities from dependent territories.

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  1. John Evans says:

    As I predicted last week –

    Bear in mind that the FCO is traditionally a dumping ground for politicians the government doesn’t want involved in UK politics but can’t get rid of for fear of upsetting some fringe faction within their supporters – look at Chris Bryant!

    The fact that Hague got Foreign Secretary also didn’t surprise me at all.

  2. Interesting –

    Final destination Iran?

    Who better at a time when "they" and the U.S. are secretly preparing for war with Iran. I understand from the Scottish Herald on Sunday that 387 bunker-buster bombs – 195 smart, guided Blu-110 and 192 Blu-117 2,000-pound bombs – packed in 10 ammunition containers are being shipped to the U.S. air base on the island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean.

    Can see why the Chagos Islanders will never get back their homes. Maybe CNS can research these movements now in the making.

    It shows to us folks that the FCO (also called the Foreign Office) can come to you clean in one hand, but on the other hand still use the colonies to pursue their own interest 

    • Anonymous says:

      thanx to the media its no more a secret

    • Warren Peace says:

      Diego Garcia is a valuable and important strategic site.  I am glad the UK is standing up for what is right and not buckling to improper pressure.

      The other Chagos Islands are uninhabitable without massive infrastructure investment. 

      The Chagossians sued and were compensated by an out of court settlement.

      The UK was vindicated when it was determined that exercise of the powers of Order In Council were validly exercised in the interest of the UK.

      This whole Chagossian bleating is like a broken record.

      And yes I have watched the documentary.  It is one-sided revisionism.

      The best thing was done for the greater good.

      • Anonymous says:

        Warren, to evict people from their homes without their consent, and turn their homes into a military base to fight profiteering wars???

        Ummm…I don’t know if you have any sense of Justice!

        I hate to bring up the Chagos thing too, but it is people like you that such stories like the documentary, "Stealing a Nation" needs to always be repeated!

        You have no conscience and would rather watch someone die along side the street than have your political ideology and false aspirations fulfill. You are out of touch – you and your foolish strategic site theories! 

        How sad it is when you don’t know God

        • whodatis says:

          Hey Anonymous,

          We don’t even have to bring God into this.

          Warren Peace’s perspective on this horrid affair is quite typical of those within his circle.

          Warren is obviously an educated and intelligent person – yet still he manages to endorse such a despicable and racist ("tarzans" / "Man Fridays") crime against humanity on behalf of the British government.

          There is a certain little something that is missing from the code of humanity in Warren’s genetic code. It is really quite sad and I pity the individual for I am sure he knows not what it is to truly appreciate life.

          All of this is yet another reason why I am wary of many individuals amongst us – the Chagossians were our direct equals by way of political status (not to mention historically – Black / Brown "Brits" by way of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade), and we can see that the outcry on behalf of these people is practically non-existent by the "mother land".

          If they view their plight in such a callous way then I know we (Cayman) are pretty far removed from whatever minute reserves of compassion contained within them.

          (He is in fact out of touch. What people like him fail to realize is that his way of thinking is pretty much extinct. It is so interesting – when one talks with and discusses political ideology with the average under 30 year old the world over, one gets such a conflicting perspective than the official stance. Look at what is taking place right now in regards to Iran / Turkey / USA / West. Thankfully, dinosaur-minded individuals like Warren Peace will soon be dead and we will be able to get on with life. Quite sad to witness middle aged and elderly men still carrying out the "who has the biggest penis" stage-show on the political stage.")

        • Anonymous says:

          I would not have called steps to oppose Soviet attempts to gain political and military control in Africa and Asia in the 1970’s as "profiteering wars".  Your failure to accept the criticality of the steps that were taken VIEWED IN THE CONTEXT OF THAT PERIOD NOT THIS shows that you have accepted the PC revisionist line.  The simple fact is a few were displaced in the hope that many more millions might be free from oppression.  You cannot view everything in isolation.

      • Anonymous says:

        Is it possible that there was a mis-attribution? This looks very much like the content I would expect from the apologist author War N. Profit.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Jeremy will be a friend of the Territories. Wait and see!

  4. Marek says:

    Keeping things in perspective. Cayman debt per person is ‘less’ than 1/10th that of the UK… there is this saying about living in glass houses… something about stones…

    As a colony, shouldn’t "Mom" being helping us out… not trying to make it harder and harder for us to survive… 

    The laws in Cayman are just fine… thank you very much. 

    Blaming us for your tax problems is like blaming the beer for your drink driving… 

    Anybody with a room temp IQ can see this for what it is, political grand standing at the expense of The Cayman Islands.

    Everybody keep that in mind, Mommy doesn’t give a XXXX about the Cayman Islands, about the people that live here, about how we survive or even if we survive.

    What exactly does Cayman get from the Mommy again… somebody remind me… because my XXX is starting to hurt… 



  5. Rosbif says:

    That’s it. My resume is getting put together, screw you guys, I’m going home.

  6. Anonymous says:

    It is time to place a 1% tax on all funds in the local banks, a 1% tax on all new funds coming into the banks and a 10% tax on all funds being transferred out of the country. Let us get some cash now and look to tourism.

    • Scrooge McDuck says:

      Oh I see… whatever we earn and have…..and tax whatever we manage to save.  Who do you work for?

      • Yup says:

        Yup, getting more like the UK every minute – we are already taxed on our savings and pay VAT on our utilities bills.

    • Anonymous says:

      Taxes on the funds only? Do that and you will really have to go back and plant cassava as the MLA said

      Look to tourism? Yeah that will work….


  7. Da Truman Years says:

    Some on here have seen the writing on the wall some have chosen to ignore the writing on the wall and some of you shameless wealthy pirates and scallywags are trying to rub off the writing or obscure the writing on the wall. When we all know the Game is up false hope is No Hope. These now painful steps including the hedge fund clampdown is a signal to you loyal colonial Stooges who run around here preaching false doctrine of the benefits when it is abundantly clear that the great Colonial tree of fruits planted by them is now bearing on one side only and the great European Colonial Master has returned to his greedy and vicious ways of self preservation and leaving the rest to starve and fight amongst themselves for the rotten fruit that cannot be salvaged for the pigs. Yes Cayman the Good years of the Colonial donkey prancing around here speculating and exalting their love for the colonies is at and end. Yet still those loyal subjects believe. Someone better call A Steve "McFeel" and tone down his colonial mandate speech and prayeth we do not have to go back and eat our words. The UK is sending a strong message to the Caymanian Compass signatories i seriously doubt they read that rubbish though. The wealthy now have to pay their fair share and lower their profit margins and stop trying to suck the life of the poor and middle class and stop trying to destroy our environment.


  8. Scrooge McDuck says:

    Wait!!  There could be a volcano in London.  Don’t get discouraged.  Keep the faith!! An asteroid could hit Washington. There is always the chance we could find a scandal in Jeremy Browne’s background and blackmail him!  We should not give up.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Like the old people used to say "dog eat our supper!"

  10. small contractor says:


    Mackevah, what is plan B!?

    • Anonymous says:

      OMG, we screwed now. A Liberal/Democrat? That’s worse than Gordon Browne! The Lib/Dems is as bad as the Democrats in America, & we all know how much Obama & the Democrats want to hurt & destroy us! GOD please help us, we need it.

  11. whodatis says:

    By way of comments ranging from hanging onto 50 year old regional political developments to referring to the UK/EU as some supposed pinnacle of transparent democracy and stellar government … I often truly get frustrated to the point of near depression when I log onto to this website.

    My fellow Caymanians – there are not many expats (if any) that would express any optimism or mere support of the notion of us changing the status quo. Change is definitely on its way in some form of the other – and we will simply have to ignore and laugh at the "badmindedness" of many in our midst.

    They have clearly failed as a properly functioning society (deplorable welfare of children / greatest economic deficit in history / resurgent rise of the "right" in the political arena / a now crumbing half-a$$ed "multi-cultural society" experiment … I could go on).

    Pay no attention to the detractors. They are like the typical schoolyard bully – he is abused, battered and beaten in his own house therefore takes out his frustrations on those he (wrongly) perceives as weaker.

    Let us stand together and stand strong. We need to get our minds right, and yes, that will require a vast amount of "unlearning" and reversal of the current collective mindset.

    Stay up Cayman.

    Much peace and even more love.


  12. Anon says:

    Sometimes when God wants to punish us he answers our prayers.

    It seems like Mac’s fervent prayer for the removal of Chris Bryant has backfired, and now he will have to explain the fake budget from last year to a new dude.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Initial thought : we’ve had it. Then : we live in hope.

  14. islandman says:

    Change is comin!

    People like Mr. Iton have been speaking of the change that’s comin, which needs to include more social responsibility. There are many who are hanging on to the way things have been for the past 3-4 decades, where the rich get richer and the middle class and poor pay for it.

    Yes, the UK/EU has a checkered, even nasty past with some of it’s human rights record. Difference is it seems most there have learnt from that past, whereas Cayman is still on the greed side, looking for things to stay the same.

    Time for us to join the 21st century, and look for new ways. embrace the change that’s needed to include more social responsibility.

    ps: No wonder Mac and his are so stressed!…

  15. Anonymous says:

    Lol i know jerry brown so well. he would tax his grandmothers wheel chair if he could.

     goodbye tax haven. taxation here we come.

    • Twyla Vargas says:

      I will certainly agree with your comments, but the old Caymanians woud still say, "Every thing good fe eat,naw good  fe talk" That means we still have a plan.

  16. Anonymous Caymanian says:

    Oh snap.

    Why were we waiting for the election results again?

    That one backfired…except that it bought Macky Mouse a little time at home.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Well Mr. Premier, the only change you seem to be getting here is the face.

    I am quite certain that this new Minister has already heard about your plans and hopes for someone else to  deal with our problems, and knowing what the thinking of the Liberal Democrats toward us is, I sure wish you lots of luck.

    Having shot your mouth off in this respect I wait with baited breath to see what treatment you will bring us from this new face.

    I hope Denny do not break his camera before he gets a picture of you after your next meeting with this new Minister.

  18. James says:

    That a Lib Democrat, a Conservative, or a Labor appointee in as FCO Minister, makes no difference to me – They will all pursue the UK’s interest over our interest!

    Wake up people – has any good thing come from the same colonial vine?

    • Voice of Reason says:

       Yes – better to move forward towards the new prosperity, stability and lack of corruption that Jamaica and Antigua are now enjoying post-independence…….. 

      • Look Independence is not our only option against colonial rule, but that the people of the Cayman Islands are better represented. So far, we are not assured full representation. The Governor still has the power to override our elected Cabinet when he sees fit to do so. See our Constitution 2009, Part2, section33. The colonial laws against the overseas territories still trump over the people, such as the Chagos as well. And no… Independence is not our only option. We should not settle for less, when it comes to our basic human rights. You are a voice reason, you should clearly see this

        • Kipling says:

          I guess when our politicians stop acting like children then the UK may give them a longer leash.

          But please inform us which OTC or crown colony doesn’t let the UK have the final say

          PS- that section of the constitution was voted in by the people. I remember the HRMC warning Caymanians about the constitution and they were all declared anti-caymanian. Oh how the chickens are coming home to roost.

          You really do reap what you sow

          • karen says:

            yup…what a mess we got ourselves into when i understand just 15% of the electorate, were the ones that ratified the new constitution. But I believe there is still hope on the horizon for the people of the Cayman Islands

            • Anonymous says:

              15% LOL, are making up these figures.


              7,045 voters responded yes, 4,127 no. Total number of registered voters in Cayman is 15,330.

              So 15% is way off, closer to 50% of the electorate

              • Voice of Reason says:

                Yes – but why let facts get in the way of a good uneducated opinion! With leaders like MacDaddy a fall back to a third party with the power to intervene seems like a good option. 

                Quoting the US is hardly a good comparison – you’re comparing what is almost an entire continent with an Island nation.

                I bet the citizens of Zimbabwe are wishing that someone had the power to step in.


                With regards, Antigua and Jamaica – well, is any comment really necessary here? Is there anyone who is willing to play Devil’s advocate and argue as to how the people are better off? Freedom is worth a lot but many of the people in those places will argue that they are now less "free" in many ways then they were before. Free to speak out, free to elect their government, free to walk the streets safely at night and free to travel. 

                The only thing that Antigua and Jamaica are truely "free" of now is prosperity! 

                I’m all ears – what are the non-independence options? Are there enough suitable political candidates and parties in the Cayman Islands to justify a longer and looser tether? On current evidence…….. you would be struggling.

                A nation the size of Cayman can only, statistically, produce a limited number of people with the skills requisite to occupy the more important roles in the Island – politicians included. If Mackeeva and his party  are deemed, as a group, as not being up to the job of providing proper governance then where is the third alternative party with a higher calibre of political candidates on offer? Has anyone checked under the rug? Where do the other options come from? In the US there’s a huge supply of potential political candidatesand parties. Not so in the Cayman Islands.

                • Anonymous says:

                  What you are talking about is the way government should be run. I think it should be run without a party system. I think a party system has divided this country. I am talking about the self-determination of our country. Independence would be a hugh mistake for us. But where we can become a Protectorate – a country protected diplomatically or militarily against third parties by the UK, and yet still have the freedom to govern our own affairs, makes sense to me. That is not independence!  That is a partnership with the UK – they with the external affairs of the country, and the elected government deal with the internal affairs, because we are too small to go Independence and fend for ourselves. We have no military. People need to understand that to remain as a dependant colony under mother UK, is to whenever they want have our elected government taken over by them or to have our demoacry interfered by the UK. We should not remain this way! we should not remain where the Governor can undermined the elected Cabinet on the interest of the UK (Constitution 2009, Part2, Sec33)

                  You are talking about the government is being run and you are comparing other countries like Jamaica and Antigua in your assesment. We are unique!  We are not in any way like these Islands. I and many others wish for a transparent and democratic government! Until we establish the checks and balances to properly govern ourselves, I feel becoming a Free Associate State would be the most mature move we can make – not only for us now but for our future generation. Nobody wants the pendulum to swing Independence and nobody want it to swing where the UK takes over what the people voted for without their consent – If you read our Constitution, it is set up that way!

                  Voice of Reason – either we stand up for the FULL and CONTINOUS REPRESENTATION of our people, or we remain dependant upon a mother who is having problems with wider corruption that us in her own house to this date. She will definitely tax us if she has her way

      • James says:

        No one is talking about becoming like Jamaica or Antigua. Bear in mind, their are many places that segregated from the UK that are now doing well, especially, the United States. The UK’s government is having problems with corruption themselves – big time!

        • happy to be here for 15 years says:


          We must stay under English rule or watch the CI dollar go to nothing in 30 days flat.  If anyone thinks we can make it on our "own" they are CRAZY.  Raise duties, cut costs now, balance the budget and be quiet children.  We NEED the UK more now than ever.  Our local leaders are idiots. Stay loyal.

          • whalrus says:

            you miss the point, James was trying to say, loyalty to the Crown comes with a price. He was not talking independence. Can you speak for everyone in theCayman Islands to "hush up"?

        • Anonymous says:

          The reason the US was able to get rid of English rule was through brutal war (and the help of the French). The US also had vast amounts of natural resources with which to grow from.