Officials say Coke is still in Jamaica

| 29/05/2010

(CNS): Jamaican police say they have intelligence that Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke is still in the country despite rumours the alleged drug lord had fled. Police Commissioner Owen Ellington said yesterday that he was confident Coke who is wanted by the US to face arms- and drug-trafficking charges, was in Jamaica and he would be apprehended. The security forces now plan a renewed a push on Monday to arrest him the country’s police commissioner added at a press briefing on Friday. The death toll has risen to 76 as a result of violence triggered by attempts of Jamaican authorities in the last week including 73 civilians, two police officers and one soldier.

"The latest intelligence we have is that Coke is still in the jurisdiction," Ellington told the media. "He is now on the run and we will catch him, we will execute that warrant and he will face justice. The difference with Coke is that he and persons loyal to him believe that he is above the law. He believes that he should not be arrested in Jamaica and he should not face trial for crimes he has committed in a foreign country."
Last Monday, a joint police/military team launched a major offensive against a militia loyal to Coke. According to reports in the Jamaican Observer, his supporters had mounted booby-trapped barricades at all entrances to his Tivoli Gardens base and had started shooting at police who had tried to clear the blockades. They alsotorched two police stations and the Coronation Market in downtown Kingston.
The security forces said Coke’s militia was very well-organised and mounted a stout defence against their efforts to stabilise the notorious stronghold.
"They were very well-organised; they knew what they were doing. We encountered very sophisticated defensive layouts. The resistance was fierce and lasted for about 12 hours," Colonel Rocky Meade, head of communications of the Jamaica Defence Force, said.
The soldiers showed journalists a slide show and video footage of improvised explosive devices rigged to barricades, plastic explosives, shrapnel, rifles and handguns recovered, men walking freely with firearms and using binoculars from high-rise buildings in the community. The soldiers also found that the explosive devices were attached by wires to remote devices which led to houses in the community. The security forces also said they found large amounts of local and foreign currency in Coke’s office.
The security team now say they have recovered 22 illegal weapons, 8,000 rounds of ammunition, police and military outfits and other military paraphernalia.
Authorities also said they had detained more than 700 people.
At that briefing, Ellington reiterated government denials that members of the security forces have burned bodies. According to CNN resident of Tivoli Gardens told them that they saw security forces torch dead people and that they feared the authorities were burning bodies to cover up the extent of the violence.
 "I literally saw them wrap up men in sheets and put tires on them and burn them," one man told the international news organisation, adding that the people were already dead when their bodies were burned.
The police commissioner reiterated government denials Friday. “Reports that authorities have burned or secretly buried bodies are false,” he said. ‘Several senior officials who investigated the burning reports found no sign that the reports were true.”
Amnesty International has called for an independent investigation into the deaths of the civilians killed since last Sunday and security forces have admitted killing unarmed civilians because of the pressure of the operation.
Coke, the man at the centre of the violence what has propelled Jamaica on to the world media stage, has a heroic reputation in Kingston having been likened to Robin Hood and Jesus because he has helped the community by handing out food, sending children to school and building medical centres.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Surely for Cayman to have been truly a dependency of Jamaica, Jamaica would have had to have been during the period of time in question an independent state? History records that until1962 Jamaica was not an independent state, but rather a colony of the UK. That Cayman was administered through the Jamaican legislature – itself ultimately controlled by the UK – would hardly seem to designate Cayman as a "dependency" of Jamaica, at least in the sense in which some would appear to be attempting to promote it i.e. that of the relationship between (for example) the UK and Jamaica. Was it nothing more than an economy of administration on the part of the UK? A bit of wishful thinking going on here, perhaps? Or maybe I’m wrong!

  2. B says:

    I have notice some of the comments inregards of saying Cayman was a dependent of Jamaica. According to History that I learn We were a dependent of Jamaica as Jamaica was the British Headquarter in the Caribbean, so first and foremost we were under the British and their rule which was extended through Jamaica, as anything political and all laws were dealt with in Jamaica, until Jamaica’s independence in 1963. We were a British colony then as we are now.

    Jamaica is our nieghbor or big brother in other terms, as the roles change of it being the leader in the Caribbean where many of our people went to work and made a living and sent the funds home, we now see many of them here now doing the same with our high economy. I truly do feel sorry for Jamaica in the state that it is in and send my prayers to all of them. Every where you go there are problems and Cayman is no different.

    I agree with many when they say we should watch and learn as anything can happen at any time. As we see Cayman is no longer what Cayman use to be safe with very friendly and trustworthy folks. Crimes is on the rise here!

    I choose not to judge the situation happening in Jamaica and every Jamaican as another reader stated Only God can judge. So please send your prayers as you never know what is in turn for us.

  3. Caymanian 2 D Bone & Proud of It says:

    To "Here is a thought" 

    You hit the nail on the head, further more to your comment lets also open our eyes and realize that as you can plainly see the same GREED for MONEY & POWER is right here now on our shores. So Caymanians make sure next election you opt for the Freebies again ok!!

    And after elections are over once more, as usual you cant afford to maintain your household and continue to be driven deeper into the "Garrisons/Ghettos" of Cayman,(even the upper class subdivisions in Cayman can become deplorable dont think it cant happen) do you not see the who and where the political influence our Premier is following comes from?   TIME 4 CHANGE – think of your current situation x3 more years where will you be?  think of your children, & grandchildren etc….

    And to the Jcans yes we stayed under "Mother" but how many uprising have you had in Jamaica since your Indipendence was granted how long have your people suffered & continue to suffer? It take a murderer, drug dealer to ease your suffering and your ok with BLOODMONEY doing this for the few that he has helped.

    To the person who commented about relying on God, at least he has provided these Islands with many years of blessings because we WERE GOD FEARING it is only when the gates of where open and the HEATHENS entered did we Caymanians start to fear all the Evil of the outside world, until the late 90’s remember we were known as the islands that time forgot!!  We stayed close to God and he protected us, as we have started to live lives as those in Sodom & Gammorah we are feeling the wrath as everyone else.


  4. Anonymous says:

    when are they going to send the troops to arrest the jamaican prime minister and all the politicians? 

  5. anonymous says:

    Wow, so much hate! And we wonder why there is so much hate going around on this Island and people killing people. Children pelting stones in school @ others. Look @ us, as an island, in all catagories and stages of life. Hate, hate, hate. Without fail I can come on here and read what’s going on in my country and know for a fact that that somewhere down in the comments if not the first one I read someone down grading another person & other nations. What happend to "We are the world". I know it will never be like that in these times but I know when thing – If one person can make a difference, then one nation can and one Island.

     We need to stop putting down our neighbors and pray for each other. One day Cayman may need the help of another nation, who knows. With all that is going on in government and everywhere I would not be surprised because we run each other straight into the ground. let’s not be to proud because God brings down the proud and lifts the up the humble.

    I pray for Jamaica. Only God knows what is really going on, how this thing really goes and he will judge all one day, that is what everyone NEEDS to realize. He will judge all, yes me and you alike, accordingly.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This is what happens when Jamaican politicians (present and past) mixes with criminals and the end result is utter corruption on a grand scale. As retired SSP Renato Adams said to the Jamaica media, he would not be surprised one bit if "dudus" is being hid in some politician house or office at the moment. If fact, he was probably taken from Tivoli Gardens by undercover police with political backing and support.

    If Cayman continues on the course that we are headed at the moment, we will have much of the same here within the next 5 years or so. Sad to say but it’s the truth and I say that as a native and a third generation Caymanian.


  7. Dennis says:

    I am shocked at the lacks of comments on this situation. Our people and Government officals can lead so much from this. It is a sad day when one criminal can become so powerful that he destroys a nation. How he became so powerful, and how this situation developed into 75 deaths is a lesson of what not do for our leaders.

    Sadly the Jcan way seems to be creeping into our society- I pray all will wake up before its too late.

    • cleo says:

      What you mean?  There is nothing to say!  Right now, I find it eloquently prudent to be silent concerning the whole matter. You may yap all you want – I will just watch, because the government is just as guilty of crime like dudus

  8. Anonymous says:

    It amazes me that such a horrible situation in Jamaica, the former parent country of Caytman with an incredible number of ties between the two countries and there are no comments about this crisis.

    I for one wish the law enforcement well in Jamaica and hope law & order is soon restored and those guilty of this lawlessness are brought to justice.

    It is hopefully not a future event for Cayman.

    My prayers go out to the people of Jamaica.

    • Anonymous says:

      Go back to sleep. You had a bad dream. Jamaica was never a  parent country of the Cayman Islands.

      I see you mean the Caytman Islands. Never heard about them.

      • Anonymous says:

        There is no need to insult a person. The Cayman Islands was initially administered as a dependency of Jamaica until we became an independent colony in 1959. There is no shame in where we come from. Indeed, when one looks at where we are today it should be a source of pride how far we have come in such a short time. Count our blessings and prey for our neighbors. 

        • Anonymous says:

          We could also PRAY for our NEIGHBOURS.

        • Anonymous says:

          Cayman is where she is today by using good common sense. We were both under ENGLAND not JAMAICA, when JAMAICA decided to go INDEPENDENT on nothing, or with nothing the Cayman Islands decided to stay with the MOTHER COUNTRY ENGLAND. It was like 2 children for one parent and one child quit home because of strong head and the  love for power and   Not the power of Love.  There is no need to be silent or chatty, just leave it all to the great supreme "God our father" 

          • Tracy-ann says:

            You said, "JAMAICA decided to go INDEPENDENT on nothing, or with nothing"

            That’s not true!  Jamaica has good natural resources. The problem with Jamaica is that their resources are being consumed by outsiders and only a few in Jamaica or outside the country, are receiving the wealth from it. Also, government did not established a fair economic system, due to greed and lust for power.

            You refer to the UK as "MOTHER COUNTRY ENGLAND"

            And that is the reason why you can rightfully refer to us as "a child," because unlike Jamaica we have still not learnt to stand up for our rights! We need to grow up and stop relying on "mother" who is unfit to get us out of our economic mess. We need to become responsible, and I can tell you one thing as a Caymanian, I see more responsible and hardworking people in Jamaica than here. Sorry I say this about my own country, but that is the truth.  We have no spine!  We are laid back and still sucking after mother for everything when she can walk over us and do as she pleases.

            But I do 100% agree with your last words:

            "There is no need to be silent or chatty, just leave it all to the great supreme ‘God our father’" 

            • "There is no need to be silent or chatty, just leave it all to the great supreme ‘God our father’"

              Tracy, I think in that very statement, you can see why many Caymanians are laid back and have no desire to stand up for their democracy. They rock in their hammocks and leave it all to God… Jamaica and other places have learnt that God helps those who helps themselves.

              I think our good and easy life here has cause many to not see this

            • Anon says:

              Tracy-ann, you fa real???

          • Anonymous says:

            Perhaps you should visit wher it says "Obtaining a written constitution was the first step towards political advancement for the Cayman Islands, as the islands were now specifically exempt from the control of the Jamaican legislature and was placed directly under the authority of the Jamaican Governor."

            So Cayman was under the control of the Jamaican legislature. The governor, who Cayman was placed under, was Governor Kenneth Blackbourne.


            • Anonymous says:

              Governor Kenneth Blackbourne was a British Governor. He signed my first British Passport which I received in Jamaica. The Legislature in Jamaica was under British rule and was not independent of the House of Commons, therefore Jamaica had no direct rule over the Cayman Islands. That Legislature was simply an extension of the British Legislature and any Laws made in Jamaica applied only to Jamaica and not necessarily to the Cayman Islands.

              • Anonymous says:

                And was that Legislature made up of Englishmen or Jamaicans? Its a contradiction to write "any Laws made in Jamaica applied only to Jamaica and not necessarily the Cayman Islands." If they applied only to Jamaica, then they didn’t apply at all to Cayman. Unless, of course, Cayman was under Jamaica. 

              • Anonymous says:

                1959 – Jamaica had internal self rule.

                1962 – Full responsibility, political independence.


        • Here is a thought says:

           The Cayman Islands were NEVER a dependency of Jamaica.  We were governed by the Queen and her representative in Jamaica.  BIG difference.

           Cayman chose to remain under the UK’s rule and now we see the result of the "big sister" who did not.  

          Sadly, Jamaica, a narco state is ruining a lovely country with gracious citizens.  I hope all Jamaicans will rid themselves of criminals and corruption,  Cayman….make SURE you do not let your white collar drug lords rule you here….we know WHO you are, you were not such big business leaders 15 years ago.  


      • Anonymous says:

        They are probably right next door to "The Caymans"!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        You need to stop being so ignorant and research who you are and your origins.

        A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.
        Marcus Garvey

        The, and only then, will you be able to speak with authority- and without making Caymanians seem stupid. I know too many Caymanians, who are proud, well- educated and well-spoken peole- who do not need to resort to being rude to get their point of view across. It’s time you took a leafout of their book- and those of your ancestors! Learn your history first.