Dudus’ brother ‘Livity’ hands himself in to police

| 02/06/2010

(CNS): The brother of Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke is now in the custody of the Jamaican security forces, according to local reports. Leighton ‘Livity’ Coke, who was placed on the police most wanted list last week, turned himself in late Tuesday. However, his now infamous brother remains on the run, evading capture despite a week-long assault on is stronghold of Tivoli Gardens that has left at least 73 civilians dead and divided the country. Many Jamaicans are hailing what they see as a chance to fight rampant crime but others are alarmed at the incredibly heavy price in human lives.

‘Dudus’ Coke, who is wanted by the US authorities for drug and gun trafficking charges, is said to have escaped through the barricaded West Kingston area which was at the centre of a heavy security operation throughout last week.

According to the indictment, US prosecutors have accused Coke and his "Shower Posse" gang of funnelling cocaine and marijuana to New York and other US cities, contributing to violence that has caused thousands of deaths there and in Jamaica.
The Jamaica Observer is also reporting that Jamaican police have arrested Justin O’Gilvie, the business partner of Coke in the Presidential Click business and one of several alleged members of the Shower Posse gang. Other alleged Shower Posse members on the list are Harry Mcleod, also called ‘Harry Dog’; Prince Bucket, also called ‘Tugman’; and Paul KirkPatrick, otherwise called ‘Teddy Paul’.
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  1. JE'NAE ADAMSONS says:

    Question is have they yet to find Mr.Coke?  Answer : Nope; He’s probably fleed the country already! while the police and soldiers are still killing innocent people!

    If the police in Jamaica have everything under control why are so many innocent people dying? 

    Yes I have come to understand that they are protecting Mr.Coke but they should arrest those who are aiding and abetting Mr.Coke and not to kill innocent people because of a criminal .

     Question : If they were doing such a great job; then tell me why are those peopleprotecting Mr.Coke?

    Answer: It’s because the politicians in Jamaica are allowing the people of Jamaica to suffer … They don’t wanna be criminals but if that’s the only how they can survive the government should consider giving a helping hand to ALL! the poor people in Jamaica but then again they wouldn’t do what they should be doing trying to make there homeland a better and safer place to call home.

    Instead the government would spend money on foolish things instead of them securing : Homes for the poor, Proper education ensure every child leaves high school with a diploma in there hands,recreational centre affordable for children from ages: 5-13 and 14-19; this would help prevent teens from doing drugs,having sex, either becoming a teenage parent and or being diagnosed with an std(s).

    If only government would mandatory help those who are in need of assistance until they can manage on their own …. But then again "government" never do there jobs they just make the poor people suffer,suffer,suffer and suffer no assistance ever from government maybe just maybe around election time they might decide to help people but that’s doesn’t be for long just until all votes are cast in … then they don’t know you anymore until next election.  It’s a shame …. A real shame …. Just imagine half of them who are running in election … Know the hard life but refuse  to help other poor people in there own homeland and turn there noses up on people because they got into power …. But just a little something for politicians world wide your day is coming and when you drop on your buttom just like how you didn’t us then we won’t even remember YOU!

    People continue to pray …. Continue to have faith …. There is only one person in power of everyone …. who cares about everyone …. who will be there for everyone …. and that is our heavenly father lord jesus! Amen!