Air Jamaica returns to Cayman Islands

| 03/06/2010

(CNS): Bruce Nobles, Air Jamaica’s President and CEO, has announced that the airline will be resuming its daily service between Kingston and Grand Cayman next month. The airline is also resuming its summer service from New York (JFK) to Barbados and Grenada. “We are excited about the return to these Caribbean markets. Jamaica and Grand Cayman have shared strong ties for many years, and our service to Barbados and Grenada gives the Diaspora the most convenient way to go home for festivals, fun and family,” said Bruce Nobles, Air Jamaica’s President and CEO.

From 1 July Flight JM069 will depart Kingston at 10:35am every day and arrive in Grand Cayman at 11:30am. Flight JM068 will leave Grand Cayman at 12:30pm each day and land in Kingston at 1:25pm.

The airline is also tempting passengers back with a number of offers, including two bags free in Lovebird Economy class, double rewards miles for 7th Heaven Rewards members who book Lovebird Executive Class, 10% discount for accompanied children and senior citizens, student waivers for date changes and 15% discount on personal cargo shipments for ticketed passengers.

Air Jamaica has recently announced an increase in flights to New York and Toronto from Jamaica, as well as its return to Nassau. With the inauguration of service to Grand Cayman, Barbados and Grenada, Air Jamaica says its summer schedule will have more than 182 weekly flights to eight destinations.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Booking a flight on Air Jamaica is like playing the  lottery. Hopefully you win and the airplane is there when you you get to the airport but nine chances out of ten it won’t happen.

    Cayman AIrways has been loyal to this route even when Air Jamaica pummelled them with extra flights to try to get them of the route and even in the times when they ran Air Jamaic  Express turboprops.

    I would support Cayman AIrways any day over Air Jamaica. Better Service, more flights and yes they do have their fair share of problems but overall a much better airline.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is Air Jamaica’s third attempt in 5 years to compete with CAL on the Jamaica route. They failed the first two times because the former Minister, Mr. Clifford, and his board and management team went head to head with them and offered superier service, on time performance and no cancellations and CAL increased frequency which Air Jamaica couldn’t compete with.

    This is a real test for the new board and management. Let us see how they perform on this one.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, most of the the current management was around and very senior then too, and the measures put in place then are still in place now. Cayman Airways service has gotten better as well since then. The new  board and management have shown that they are not slouches, so let’s see what they do here as the market clearly becomes over serviced. At the end of this both airlines will have to either cut their service in half and share the market or one of them will pull out of the market all together.  Cayman Airways has served the Jamaican Market since the 60s and have never pulled out. Air Jamaica on the other hand has been in and out with jets and small planes  and always putting Cayman service last on their list of priorities. This is more a tough test for Air Jamaica than it is for Cayman Airways.

      The real test is however one for the Jamaican residents in Cayman who comprise most of the travelers between Cayman and Jamaica. A test to see if they are more loyal to Cayman and Cayman Airways that has served them well over the years or if they will be loyal to the the new Trinidad owned Air Jamaica that is being over stretched to operate daily flights to Cayman and Bahamas and will likely be unable to deliver. 


  3. Here is a thought says:

     So Coke’s shower posse can hide out here with "friends".  Careful, this summer’s VISITORS are coming here WHY?  Immigration had better step up!

    • Night Flyer says:

      To here’s a thought  10.25.

      You think, the only flight route to GCM from KIN or MBJ is on JM? Lots of options via other destinations on other carriers, not to menetion KX who operate 9 flights a week direct. Dont understand your point.  

  4. Anonymous says:

    WOW! this is great news, they shouldn’t have pull out in the first place with so many patriotic Jamaicans here on island who look forward to go home every so often especially at christmas time.  The only thing i ask of thee is to make sure they are back with top quality service – no delay, or cancellation & offer only the best.

     Well done Air Jamaica.

    • Anonymous says:

       Air Jamaica was sold to Caribbean Airlines which is owned by Trinidad, lets see if the Jamaicans ( I am one) working and living here prefer to support Cayman or Trinidad. Caribbean Airlines has already said that within a few months they will change the name from Air Jamaica.

      BRUCE GOLDING SOLD OUT JAMAICANS ON THIS DEAL WITH TRINIDAD. Now new owners Caribbean Airlines are trying to mash up Cayman Airways so they can get Cayman Airways for free from the Cayman Government as well. Well it not going happen!

      We now have 7 mid day flights a week from Air Jamaica/Caribbean Airlines to Kingston competing against  Cayman Airways 10 flights to Kingston a 3 flights to Montego Bay which are all morning or evening flights. Cayman Airways has already won this showdown if you ask me.

      Cayman Airways service has been ultra reliable forever and you can bet Air Jamaica/Caribbean will be pulling their aircraft off the Cayman Route every time, they have a broken down aircraft  in order to operate their other routes. That’s what happened before when they had more than 15 planes, so expect it to happen even more often now that they only have  5 or 6 planes. Bet it will happen at least twice a week. They will cancel on you with no notice!

      I am a Jamaican and I make my living in the Cayman Islands, Cayman has been good to me and Cayman Airways has been there for us through thick and thin, even during the recent violence in Jamaica, they did not cancel their flights but instead adjusted the flight times to get in earlier before dark and they even put extra flights into Montego Bay. 

      Why would I even dream of wanting to use Air Jamaica/Caribbean Airlines.

      Cayman Airways, you have my vote on this one, and my business too. 

      • TennisAce says:

         I agree with you.  Cayman Airways has served Jamaica and Jamaicans well and reliably.  Also Cayman has been good to me.  I will never support an airline owned by Trinidad.  I do not care that they are still using the same name.  No more.  Trinidad is buying out everything in the Caribbean and stamping their mark on it.  The unfortunate thing is that it does not make it better but rather worse.   I will continue to fly Cayman Airways.  I have come to know and love the staff and crew as much as I did with Air Jamaica and I will continue to fly with Cayman Airways.