Gunmen hit ESSO gas station

| 04/06/2010

(CNS): Police have confirmed that at least two armed and masked gunmen robbed the On the Run ESSO gas station in Red Bay this evening (Thursday 2 June) at around 8:45pm. Officers were unable to reveal full details of the incident but said two men had escaped from the scene with an undisclosed sum of money. The men reportedly entered the gas station carrying what appeared to be handguns and threatened staff before making off with the cash. Police said that no shots were fired and no one was injured. Although no arrests have been made, one officer stated that a car had been seized. (Photo by Dennie Warren Jr)

Police were unable to give descriptions of the suspects but said enquiries were now ongoing and anyone with information is asked to contact George Town Police Station on 949 422 or if they wish to remain anonymous to call Crime Stoppers on 800-TIPS.
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  1. life of brian says:

    God will lead you lead down the path of being happy, dont worry about being a society of bigots.

  2. PaperCaymanian says:

    When I moved here in 1993 the population was about 30,000. Govt employee population was about 1700. I liked it better then and regret not getting to live here sooner. The govt. (by their actions) seem to want to get to the first number but not the second.

    I also keep seeing and hearing how many Jamaicans or Hondurans are now gone but have not heard any numbers on Caymanians. Just by word of mouth it seems a lot of my Caymanian freinds are leaving.

    Another piece of information that might be cool is how many of the 3000 status grant holders are still here.My guess would be less than 2000 are around now.


    • Anonymous says:

      Oh yes, the infamous 3,000 status grants that some would prefer to forget happened, many are still here living off social services and bringing their ever increasing number of dependents as well.

  3. Anonymous says:

    We should bring back the British Cops and see if crime goes down again. If it does we should try to figure out why. I am most disapointed that the police face a judicial system that turns these jokers around again and again only to re-offend. 

    If I ran this Country I’d expand the prison or export prisoners immediately XXXXX. We are going to have serious problems here long term – far more serious than any economic problems, if we let crime get away from us.  I have seen the cycle first hand in the Bahamas. Crime drives good people and businesses away faster than anything.  Itdisrupts the good person’s lifestyle, health, access to services and destroys cultures and communities.

    We need to nip it in the behind above all else.  Where are the doers in this government?  Is there no-one who is willing to take the bull by the horns and try to do some good?

    I feel like the island is loosing it’s way.  For the first time I’m seriously conmtemplating leaving.  And I’ve been here 8 years and always thought I’d stay forever. It’s quite saddening.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Well it is not surprising that after the british officers leave crime gets a spike. That may be because they were watching the other officers rather than the public… We all know that you cant have a police force if half the force is "brother", "cousins" and "bredrin" to the criminals. Its hard the clean up the streets when its the police that needs the spring cleaning.

    • who agrees says:

      Police could be corrupt ..or

      I seriously understand why you would think the police is corrupt , as those officers leave then crime goes up that cant be solved that does look suspicious !!!!!! but the police are not corrupt , you are VERY wrong

      To become a police all you need is

      thats from police website , those are the requirements to becoming a royal cayman islands police officer.

      Possess a sound education.                   lol !!

      Our Police isnot corrupt they are not STUPID either just a lil uneducated 🙂

  5. Anonymous says:

    This madness will continue until such time as the Premier stops flying around the planet from resort to resort and instead actually does the job he was elected to do. We need tough new laws to deal with gun and other violent crime and we need reform of Northward and the parole system. 

    How many people will need to die and be injured before the government gets off their lazy buts and does something?  It is not the Governor or the Commissioner of Police that are able to bring in new laws – it is the ELECTED Government and they are all busy spending our money on themselves! 

  6. Kaptain Kayman says:

    Soon as the police reinforcements from the UK return home, we get right back to the crime wave that was going on before they arrived.  Coincidence?

    • Anonymous says:

      And another possible ‘coincidence’ is that it has started up right after 11 prisoners were given early release from Northward, due to overcrowding.  Several were in for theft and burglaries and fewer than half were let out with monitoring bracelets.  Perhaps it is time we added on to Northward as this madness is not going away any time soon.

  7. Mat says:

    Cayman is just reaping the crop it has sowed; people so caught up with thier own affairs and no time for themselves, love ones, the elderly, our children, and family. If people don’t change, it will get worse, and the economy as well. Those who see the coming signs will do well not to put their eggs in one basket

  8. Anonymous says:

    Many say the rollover has nothing to do with the increase in crime. Rather, the same people blame the increase in crime on the 3,000 status give a way. You see, the former prevents foreigners from getting a vote and that is somehow vital to our survival. The latter is gave away a birthright and that’s a crime. It is irrelevant that the 3,000 were essentially already a part of Cayman’s society. Sure there may have been a few exceptions, but on the whole those who received status were derserving (as much as one can be.) 

    But according to human nature:

    1) A person who has a chance of becoming a citizen, in a beautiful country, will do whatever good it takes to do so. There will be a few exceptions.

    2) A person who has no chance of becoming a citizen, wont give a damn about this place. If we have around 20,000 on work permits with little to no chance of  staying, the following will happen:

    a) The majority will save as much as they can and / or send their money away. It is their money and they have every right to spend it where they wish.

    b) A minority will take money but treat Cayman with contempt. 

    I’m not blaming these crimes on expats. Unlike the police, I don’t know who committed them. Like the community, I have assisted in putting none in jail. What I’m saying is Cayman is now an island divided and no longer one of love and inclusion. NO GOOD CAN COME FROM THIS. Only idiots would want 20,000 plus living amongst us being treated like second class citizens. Beware of how you take away the hope of a human being. We deserve what we get.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is true that many of the 3000 status give-aways were long time residents of Cayman, but many were here without dependents.  Once status was granted they could bring their families in from Jamaica, Honduras, etc. – including their children who had been brought up without parenting while their parents worked in Cayman to make a living for them.  These dependents do not have the same loyalty to Cayman and it has been documented that many subsequent crimes were committed by them.

    • Anonymous says:

      We really need statistical evidence of which nationalities are committing these crimes before we can arrive at a conclusion. Before we can do that the police need to apprehend the culprits. It could be expats who are dissatisfied with the opportunities available to them, or it could be Caymanians who are dissatisfied with the opportunities available to them.

      Either way – we need to find solutions to reduce this crime surge and give everybody hope.

    • Twyla Vargas says:

      Life is  gamble just like playing the lottery.  We play with one inention; that is to win.   Foreign Nationals  have the same in mind after living Cayman on a work permit for one year.  They want to win;  in other words they want Cayman Residence.

      So,……To be a good gambler, one must learn to be  good looser.  If those of us who feel that they do not care too hoots about what happen here………..because they have not or will not get Cayman Residence, then you are a bad gambler. 

      In this life you sometimes have to loose to win.   same thing with having the opportunity of becomming a Cayman Resident.

      Gamble with this in mind " I WIN,  I LOOSE, OR I DRAW"   Then you wont feel bad anyway the dice may fall..

      Doing good, one is always rewarded, whether it is now, or in the future. Treasures of earth is only on loan to us.  Dont be down hearted, Play for Keeps.

  9. Truth B Told says:

    So the Brit police came here, achieved some significant arrests, gun crime stopped completely at the time, they went home and gun crime went through the roof.  Can they come back – Cayman is not safe without them.

  10. Voice of Reason says:

     Is it worth even commenting on this anymore……….


    It’s so depressing – clearly there’s fundamental corruption at work here.  Nothing is happening about it and the problem is just getting worse and will continue to do. 

    We may as well just lie back and accept that this now one of the publicly acknowledged characteristics which will define the Island and how it is perceived by the outside world.

    "Grand Cayman, a lovely place but with a terrible "gangs and guns" culture much similar to that in Jamaica."

  11. Songbird says:

    We keep trying to reinvent the wheel Mr. Baines has made some very positive changes and this has had good outcomes and effects to fighting crime in Cayman. Things have improved greatly however the final push to remove those that are currently in-charge of crime strategy and crime & drugs investigation needs to be made to complete the change. The same old fool fool ideas ain’t working patner and they can talk talk but they simply need to go now.  It is blatantly obvious they simply don’t have what it takes, which comes from 25 years of crying down the "system" and when given the opportunity to fix or improve it, did nothing but undermined those were did and still doing it. A far reaching comprehensive modern crime strategy and plan is now needed for Cayman and won’t be forthcoming with those who were in-charge when serious crime started and escalated and got out of control.

  12. Caymanian 2 D Bone & Proud of It says:

    Well Cayman this is your Offical wake up call: Ask Your self these questions.

    Want a better life? Tired of Paycheck to Paycheck? Can’t Save no matter how hard and how much you sacrafice?

    See the Future and it doesnt  look to promising!  Is there a sloution?

    Yes there is!!  your voice is the key to all of this hardship that you are in have you ever heard that the pen is mighter than the sword? 

    Well it is the Mighty pen that has put us where we are when we voted these snakes in a barrel in our May 2009 Elections,  but we can use the same Mighty pen to take those out who have who have put us in this mess that we are suffering in.  

    Remember after the worst storm in our history hit us how we all as Caymanians returned to our ol tyme ways of living to survive that instinct was there naturally! We became our brothers keeper once more nad we can do it again for the ske of our childrens’ futures,

    Don’t let these high and mighty heathen Polticians continue to divide and conquer and frighten us believeing that where we are today that without them we cant remain there when in reality it’s the other way around without us they cant remain where they are.

    And that where the problem is THEY ALL NEED TO GO.  Why let them finish there 4years and continue to collect what they aren’t working for?

    They know every last one of their careers are done for and all that matters is what they can reap for themselves now and that goes both ways,UDP & PPM  just look at the latest alone with Mark & DeWayne, (bankrupcy suit on six people because the called them out on what the the election states, but because their above the law the six now have to pay them within 7 days $70,000) no wonder crime is and robberies are back back  they really helping the country yeah great job you two….prime examples…

    THE ENTIRE ELECTED GOVT UDP & PPM THE MEMBERS OF THE LA, CABINET JUDICAL, ANTORNEY GENERAL,POLICE COMMISSIONER,   we Caymanians we will select canadates for these Govt Dept as we do with the General Elections,  votes for these positions,  no more ropes handling (Favor for Favor picking).on the high ranking positions by any Premier or any other wannabe Dictator".

    We the People of Cayman are asking anyone who has any expertise that fo

    Follows CNS how an Offical Government Pettion should be put together and contents drafted to include what the PEOPLE of THE CAYMAN ISLANDS want.

    Starting with Term Limit of 8years maximum As the United States

     Please if there is anyone here that knows anything about drafting this Petetion please lets get together and find a way to stop the distruction of this country before it is too late…. We all know where we need to start it is as plain a day at the top…

    Hey it’s Spring may as well start cleaning…

    thank you all for your support


  13. Anonymous says:

    The Robberies will soon catch up and overtake the amount of Burglaries and Thefts that are occuring. They are almost there already !!!!!

    CNS…… I bet within the next 30 days we will hear/readthat an innocent business person, clerk, customer or bystander…… will be shot and killed by one or more of these gun-men, that are on the loose with these illegal firearms.

    Please scroll and read the post in the CNS article…………. "Seven Day Adventist Church Pastors" assisting the police in the last week of the Gun Amnesty, to know what the likely result will be.

  14. Anonymous says:

    It’s really strange how all of a sudden alot of robberies are taking place and just after the release of some notorious criminals from prison. JUST FOOD FOR THOUGHT FOR THE POLICE!!!!

  15. Anonymous says:

    In just one month:



     CNS— 3.6.10  Gunmen hit Esso gas station

    Police have confirmed that two at least two armed and masked, gunmen have robbed the On the Run ESSO gas station in Red Bay this evening (Thursday 2nd June) at around 8:45pm. Officers were unable to reveal full details of the incident but said two men had escaped from the scene with an undisclosed sum of money. The men reportedly entered the gas station carrying what appeared to be hand guns and threatened staff before making off with the cash. Police said that no shots were fired and no one was injured. Although no arrests have been made one officer stated that a car had been seized.


    CNS— 3.6.10  Teen girls rob pizza shop


    Police are currently investigating reports of a robbery which occurred at around 1.45pm this afternoon (Thursday 3 June) at the Dominos Pizza shop in Savannah, Bodden Town. Officers said that three teenage girls entered the pizza restaurant carrying machettes. They threatened staff before making off with an undisclosed sum of cash and some bottles of soda. No one was injured in the incident.The girls reportedly ran off into Pedro Castle Road where they entered a white Rav 4 vehicle and drove off. The suspects are described as aged between 13 and 19 years, all wearing dark clothing, baseball caps and dark sunglasses.


    CNS— 31.5.10  Armed men invade home


    George Town detectives are now investigating an aggravated burglary which occurred in the early hours of this morning (Monday 31 May). Police said that at about 2:41 am the RCIPS received a call from the victim who stated he was robbed, in the area of Point Four Street off South Church Street, by two unknown and armed men, who forced they way into the house. The victim stated that the two men had what appeared to be a shotgun and a hand gun. No shots were fired and no one was injured as a result of the incident. The victim and his son were held at gunpoint as the offenders demanded money. They were given an undisclosed amount of cash before fleeing the scene.


    CNS— 26.5.10  Man robbed of business cash


    Police have said that George Town detectives are investigating another early morning mugging by a masked man with a suspected firearm – the second in 24 hours. The incident took place in the early hours of this morning (Wednesday 26 May) when a local business owner was robbed of his night takings.Shortly before 1.00am today the man, who owns a licensed premises in the George Town area, arrived at his home address in Crewe Road, close to Ryan’s Retreat. He was accompanied by three friends and was carrying a bag containing the evening’s business takings. As he left his car to enter his house he was confronted by a masked man armed with what appeared to be a handgun.

    CNS— 25.5.10  Woman mugged at gunpoint


    Police said today that George Town detectives are now investigating a robbery which took place in the Queens Court Plaza area in the early hours of this morning. At about 1.15am a 20 year old woman was walking with two friends through Queens Court in West Bay Road, when they were confronted by a masked man. The man threatened the young woman with what appeared to be a handgun before grabbing her handbag containing a camera, a small amount of cash and personal papers. The suspect who wore a mask over his face had black hair and was wearing a white t-shirt and denim jeans.

    CNS— 20.5.10  Late-night foot store robbed


    Police have not yet confirmed the details of an armed robbery which took place at the Food 4 Less store by Foster’s Airport at around 9:30 last night (Wednesday 19 May). Although no on was hurt sources told CNS that the robbers who got away with an undisclosed sum of cash did fire bullets in the store as they fled the scene of the crime.  Three members of staff were reportedly in the store at the time the gun men entered with what witnesses told News 27 appeared to be a modified flare gun.


    CNS— 17.5.10  Man shot on own doorstep


    According to eyewitness reports, the holiday weekend has been marred by a major street fight that broke out in the Police said today that officers have launched an investigation into what they say was the attemptedmurder of a 50-year-old man in the George Town area last night, Monday 17 May.  The man was shot in the shoulder by a gunman dressed in all black who appeared at his doorstep in Cruz Lane at around 11pm, police, who are appealing for witnesses, stated. Although currently at the George Town hospital in a stable condition the injured man is expected to be transported overseas for further medical treatment.

    CNS— 17.5.10  Street fight ends in stabbing


    According to eyewitness reports, the holiday weekend has been marred by a major street fight that broke out in the early hours of this morning (Monday 17 May), which resulted in a serious stabbing and landed one man in hospital. Police have confirmed that one man has been arrested and another taken to hospital following the incident, which was reported to them around 4:10am. The police said the fight took place in the area near the Marquis Plaza off the West Bay Road but they did not have full details of how the fight had erupted. Eye witnesses told CNS that the police were called to the incident and were already at the scene observing the disturbance when the man was stabbed in the neck.

    CNS— 10.5.10  Man arrested after woman stabbed in the neck


    Police said this evening that officers are continuing their enquiries following the arrest of a 26-year-old man on suspicion of attempted murder. At about 8:13 on Sunday evening, 9 May, a woman sustained serious neck injuries while at her home in the George Town area. Police say the victim of the attack called the police at the time of the incident and the man arrested remains in police custody. Meanwhile, police are seeking witnesses to another violent incident on Saturday morning in which a 29-year-old man was stabbed with a bottle outside the LI nightclub.



    • Anonymous says:

      RCIPS:  How’s the gun amnesty going?  Do you think the guns used in the crimes above will be handed in during the final 6-days?