Scaffolding collapses in GT

| 04/06/2010

(CNS): Update 2:40pm – The scaffolding on a building in George Town which collapsed this morning at around 8:30am had been inspected by a Cayman Islands safety inspector during the week and had been found to be satisfactorily deployed, according to the company responsible, Hurlstone Ltd. A statement from Hurlstone Ltd said that during a heavy gust of wind from an approaching squall, which was recorded by the National Weather Service at 30mph, a section of a building scaffolding which was attached to the south elevation of five floors of the building in Anderson Square, Shedden Road, became detached from its fastenings to the building and partially toppled into the secured work area. (Photos by Anthony Ricardo)

Police have confirmed that no one was injured during the incident.

Hurlstone Ltd said the company was employed to undertake a customised aluminium panel retrofit to the exterior of the building. The statement said two of its workers were exiting the top floor of the work area due to the approaching squall but were forced to remain in the hydraulic lifting equipment, which was entangled in a portion of the fallen scaffolding. “None of our personnel or any person or property was injured or damaged,” the company stated.

The Cayman Islands Fire and emergency services attended and assisted in lowering the men to the ground, Hurlstone Ltd said, noting that Cayman Islands safety inspectors also attended the site.

“We are proud of our company’s safety record during the Hurlstone Group’s 30 years of business during which we have never had a accident of this type and are profoundly grateful to our personnel for their efforts in this regard,” the statement read.

Rescue operation reportedly held up the morning traffic, and officials are now investigating the cause of the collapse.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Pictures say a thousand words!!! XXXXX  Good thing that no one was killed ! just imagine if the scaffold had collapsed towards the Post office there would of definately been a fatality to occupants in a vehicle or hitting CUC 7200 volt overhead distrubution lines those guys in the cherry picker or pedestrian would of been toast.

    • Remembrance says:

      The scaffolding collapse reminds me of the collapse of Hurlstone Construction 10 years ago leaving us Caymanians a bit short of bread. How soon we forget.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is a fine example of not only the Fire Service, but the Civil Service in general.   Their value is not appreciated, until there is an emergency or something similar, remember the aftermath of Hurricane and the way that the Civil Servants worked to assist this island recover so fast?    It’s a pity some memories are so short!

    Keep up the good work Fire Service, even after your pay cut in July 2010.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thumbs up to the fire department for a fine rescue.

    Thumbs down to the workers who installed the scaffolding.  Thirty mile per hour winds are not exactly high and certainly not enough to blow down a properly installed scaffold.  If this were true, 99% of scaffolding around the world is at risk of falling down.

  4. Clarification says:

    Just for reference; there is no such organization as OSA- so the poster needs to get his/her facts straight before posting wrong information!!!

    OSHA is a USA organization and is not responsible for anything in Cayman!!!

  5. Sick and Tired of it ALL says:

    I am aware that representatives from the DER was at the accident site very soon after the mishap occured and then worked closely with the RCIPS, and Fire Service. I drove by at 315 and a rep was still there. So the DER was present and on the ball.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Will there be an inquiry?….a "30mph squall" is just a stiff breeze, ie nothing!! Someone is at fault here – perhaps that section of scaffolding was only erected after the inspection, perhaps the inspector was at fault. Who is responsible for an investigation? Surely we not going to just accept Hurlstone Ltd’s word ? I am so pleased no one was injured but that was pure LUCK so we need to find out what went wrong. How was this scaffolding attatched to the building? – clearly it was inadequately done in some way, or the fixings failed, but a proper enquiry would be able to find this out easily. It’s not going to happen though, is it? Or if it does we will never be told. I see the evidence has all conveniently been quickly taken away by Hurlstone Ltd…

  7. Wings, Like Arms, Spread Wide says:

    Another fine example of the Excellence and Commitment to doing a job the right way the first time by the C.I. Fire Service! I was there just after the scaffolding fell and the Fire Service was there literally within minutes. As has been posted already, at least 2 of the RCIPS’ "fine police officers" could be observed walking up and down and texting/messaging on their phones. 


    Note to the RCIPS: Take notes from the REAL Brothers In Blue about how to go about doing a job quickly and efficiently…while making the public feel safe and protected.

    • Frank S. says:

      That’s not really fair.  The police have to write people tickets so they will never be loved by the people in the same way as a fireman who can seemingly do no wrong as he pulls kittens from trees. Respect to our men in women in blue.. We see you out there, we know you’re trying and we thank you for your committment to our Country.

  8. Anonymous says:

    This is just another sign of our crumbling society, both social and economic.

  9. Oliver says:

    Those two workers need a good drink after this , it must have been frighten for them. Thank God no one was injured or killed here. Please be careful life is good.

    Have a great weekend and give thanks

  10. Pink elephant says:

    I watched this from my job.  Kudos and job well done to the CI Fire Service for fast, efficient work.  As for RCIPS, two cops with bullet proof vests on walking up and down between fedex and subways ‘skinning teet’ and on bberries no doubt backing news with clip boards in hand is hardly effective!  Finally one police car came and blocked the street in front of subway so traffic had to divert. 


  11. Some Like It hotter says:

    Wonder what the DER has to say about this since their only OSA person resigned their post and now employed at another business.

    • Anonymous says:

      For your information the person that left the DER is NOT, I repeat NOT the only qualified OSH person in that Department – most of the officers are qualified OSH personnel. The person that left was the designated OSH person not the only qualified. Get your facts straight before you submit foolishness to the press.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Its good that nobody was hurt.

    Another good thing is that those poor frightened workmen should not need laxatives for awhile

  13. Anonymous says:

    I have to Agree with Post 10.16 the fire officers did and Excellent job well done gentlemen.

  14. Anonymous says:

    It is good that nobody got injured.

  15. Anonymous says:

    OMG as I was driving by  this happen and I have to say the Firemen Did a Excellent Job from putting up cones and directing traffic well done Gentlemen well done 

    • Layman says:

      Firemen always work but they dont get the recognition all they get is that theyre playing dominoes.