Masked men rob liquor store

| 05/06/2010

Cayman Islands News, Grand Cayman Island headline news, Cayman crime(CNS): Police said this morning that they have two men in custody in connection with a robbery at a George Town liquor store on Friday evening (4 June). The two masked men reportedly entered the Tortuga Liquor Store in Passadora Place, Smith Road, wielding machetes and made off with around $3,000 from the till as well as a handbag belonging to a member of staff. The incident, in which no one was hurt, occurred at around 6.50pm and the suspects made their escape on foot. Officers from the RCIPS confirmed that two suspects were arrested later that evening.

The robbery is the third in less than two days. Two gunmen robbed the ESSO gas station in Red Bay on Thursday evening (3 June), while earlier in the day three teenage girls armed with machetes stole cash and sodas from Dominos Pizza in Savannah.
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  1. Here is a thought says:

     People who have jobs and a paycheck do not commit such risky crimes.  Who is that desperate?  Oh I KNOW….maybe the 20+ phone calls I received last week from people relying to my advert for needing a helper and a gardener.  Over 80% of them told me (in various accents) that they did NOT have a work permit here, but were seeking employment.  

    Maybe it is our own who are are out work committing these crimes….we can only know one thing for sure.  These criminals are brazen and know they have a good chance of getting away with the crime. We must stop it from all sides….

  2. Kman to the bone says:

    It only makes sense to say after the release of certain criminals the robberies started because that is exactly what happend! Even if they are not doing them personally, they are behind it somehow. These guns just started popping up out of nowhere and people are so brazen all of a sudden with these machetes.

    What does MacKeeva’s wall have to do with all of this is my question? Do you have to be so ignorant? I am not family to MacKeeva and no I did not vote for him and he sure as hell hasn’t dont diddly squat for me and I dont know what it is he intends to do for this Island but he better start cracking on it or do this Island and it’s people a favor and dismiss his self.

    For everything little thing that happens all you can hear about is this blasted wall. The wall is up, you stressing yourself about it isnt going to help. We need to realize we cant depend on MacKeeva to straighten out this mess Cayman is in we have to do it ourselves. We are Cayman we make Cayman. We have to work together to combat these criminals. All what you know, all what you see, turn it in. Keep doing that till we have all the criminals and thier associates behind bars and the RCIPS and Courts need to do better job and keeping these people behind bars!

    It’s either that or we will have to live with it and roll with the punches! Because it obviously doesn’t look like we have TRAINED forensics or detectives on this Island that can clean up this mess.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Im 99% sure this is nothing to do with prisoners released from northward prison. i know most of them well and they are minor offenders not robbers with guns. do you really think to solve overcrowding the director would release 12 gunmen??????. please think before you type.

    this has more to do with people on the police "catch and release" program.

    known criminals to the police but they never catch them in the act so they just arrest them to show the public they have someone.  By the time it reaches court and wastes thousands of dollars they realise they have not one shred of evidence against them and never did have.


    • Tracy from Swamp says:

      Have we been checking the girlfriends of suspected robbers.

      On Saturday mornings I usually listen to the "Stories from Granny Back yard" and I believe granny says "Everyhing good fe eat naw good fe talk"

  4. Anonymous says:

    CNS viewers/bloggers, please go to the botton of CNS front page and read some of the comments/posts that were filed on the captioned heading, "Seven Day Adventist Church Assist RCIPS with Gun Amnesty" (A good gesture on behalf of the SDAC I might add)

    I can assure you will find it an interesting read, some of these comments and posts that were written.



    • Anonymous says:

      Are you saying that the SDAC know who has the guns and are taking them away and turning them in???????

  5. Anonymous says:

    I think when they heard about the 300+ CCTV camaras to be installed, they are increasing their criminal activity to attain as much cash as they need.

    • Dred says:

      Nope. Big Mac’s going off Island. So time to pick up the pace. It’s like children trying to seek their parents attention but their too busy spending the countries money.

      I’m wondering if this needs to get closer to home before he decides enough is enough.

      • Anonymous says:

        He is building that giant wall at our expense so that the criminals will find it easier to attack the rest of us rather than him – that and it will also keep some of the iguanas out of his garden.  

        Why is it that this government refuses to bring in tough laws to reform Northward, to deter the criminals, to reform the revolving door parole system, and to lock up the criminals for a long time if they are convicted? Some times I am not sure who the elected representatives are working for, but I am sure that I do not want any Tivoli Gardens situations here in Cayman. 

        • Anonymous says:

          Macs wall is intended to protect him from you bloggers that critisize him every minute of the day. He has no fear of criminals, there are lots of them in his constituency, but bloggers really get under his skin, so he has built the wall to keep you bloggers from critisizing him.

          • Danger Mouse says:

            I thought the wall was a doomed attempt to fence in his ego.

            Maybe one day when the Mac Wall is torn down, we can sell pieces of it to tourists as souvenirs.

            • Billy says:

              Maybe Mac should have built the wall just North of SMB Public Beach, from the Caribbean Sea to the North Sound.

              That would drop the crime rate in GT and SMB down to about a quarter of what it is

          • Dred says:

            You are so right.

            McKeeva should not fear the criminals. I believe half of them voted for him. XXXX


      • I truly dont think the the Premier has anything to do with these thugs, Laziness and greed wanna be’s is what I think it may be. We all need to get away from this blame game and take responsiblity for our neighborhood, report what you see if it is suspicious to you then it may mean something so dont be afraid to assist the cops, it takes a village, so lets start now.

  6. Twyla Vargas says:

    And who says the police is not on top things.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hang on — now let’s see some successful convictions and jail time handed out.

      • Dred says:

        I can only hope this is not part of the catch ‘n release program.

        • future robber says:

          You mean the "catch, vacation, and release program!

          Caymans promise to the unemployable.

    • IRON CLAD says:

      NOPE… not really. I think if they were a PROACTIVE police force by policing in a PREVENTATIVE way being out on the streets patrolling & having more of a presence out there which might prevent more crimes, ESPECIALLY after we have had such a nasty spate of KILLINGS and ROBBERIES just a couple of months ago. Simply doing all of what it takes to make a STRONG Statement to the would-be perpetrators.Otherwise, the ‘reactive’ RCIP force is not a good one.

      They still got ALOT of shaping up to do!!!


      I would say more here, but I am SOOO exhausted just from trying to comprehend just how STUPID our Police Force and Government REALLY is, that now I don’t have the energy to write much more.

      Truly IRON CLAD.

      • They need to concentrate more on the real hard core stuff, harrassing a few folks for smoking a spliff and lay waiting them is far from what they should be paying attention to, go under cover befreiend some of these smart ass people and get your answer.Earn your pay.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Good job RCIP.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Does these robberies hv anything to do with the release of prisoners recently?