Brac kids create mascots for Poison Prevention Day

| 07/06/2010

(CNS): As part of the 10th Anniversary of Poison Prevention Day on the Sister Islands, 57 students from both the primary and high schools on Cayman Brac participated in a poster competition to create their own poison prevention mascot that could come to life, bringing words of wisdom to our children advising them to stay safe and stay away from poisons. Poison Prevention Coordinator Dhallchand Seeram said that hopefully, one of these mascots will be selected to appear at all future poison prevention activities. (Left: Cassandra MacDowell receives a Digicel phone from Carol Busby)

The judges selected the first three winners from each school, and among the finalists the first, second and third place winners were chosen. In the preliminary session, the first, second and third places for Cayman Brac High School went to Tevanio Stedman, Tafari Young and Anastacio Mena respectively. Creek and Spot Bay winners were Tuscany Dilbert, Carlie Tibbetts and Eugene Myles. Tuscany’s mascot says “I am Lenny the Lion Fish- Poisons are as dangerous as I am”.

Eryn Ritch, Diana De Mercado and Amanda Fredericks took the prizes for West End Primary. Eryn’s mascot says, “I am Smokee – Smoking will be my death and yours, so don’t smoke me because it leads you and me to die slowly”. Carlie’s mascot, Oscar the Wise Old Owl, says, “Hooo ever messes with poison is not wise”. In the final judging Tuscany Dilbert was first place winner and Cassandra MacDowell and Eryn Ritch were second and third respectively.

All winners received certificates, cash and gift awards from Cayman National Bank, Rotary Club of Cayman Brac, Sagicor General, Kirkconnell Limited and Billy’s Supermarket. Tuscany Dilbert also won the coveted Digital cellular phone from LIME presented by manager Yvonne Walton (right), Cassandra’s beautiful pink DIGICEL cellular phone presented by officer Carol Busby and Eryn received gift certificates from The Shoppe and Economy Electronics presented by Poison Prevention Coordinator Dhallchand Seeram. The art teachers, schools and other students also received certificates of participation. All schools and the public library received book awards with the compliments of the Caribbean Poison Information Network (CARPIN) and Pelican Publishers from Kingston Jamaica. The new edition of the text “Poisonous Plants of Jamaica” features the same species of poisonous plants grown in the Cayman Islands.

Seeram thanked Department of Education Services Learning Community Leader Tammy Banks-Dacosta for permission to talk to all pupils on the topic “Smoking Kills – Stay Away” and to involve all schoolsin this art competition. Other supporters included art teachers Susan Hundt, Carol Lazzari and Allison Mcleod, all school principals, Market Place, Kirkconnell’s Supermarket, Progressive Distributors, Librarian Leticia Connolly, judges and all students whose hard work made this learning activity such a tremendous success.

Seeram said he was very pleased with the deep interest shown by all concerned and requested that our islands dedicate a special time to observe a Cayman Islands National Poison Prevention Week to educate our children on how to be wise and stay safe from poisons.


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