YUDP says change coming

| 08/06/2010

(CNS): The battle to make politics attractive to young people is one that the Young United Democratic Party (YUDP) president, Richard Christian, is determined to win as he says change is coming to the country’s political landscape. Well aware of the criticisms young people (as well as the older ones) have of party politics, Christian believes it’s not the system or the politics that is at fault but the people. He says that Cayman’s political landscape needs more inspirational leaders and he believes that change is coming. “There will be leaders whose attitudes and character will lift the nation and change the future of politics,” predicted the young politician.  

“I understand some of the concerns people may have about younger persons getting involved in politics,” Christian told CNS when we asked him recently about the YUPD and how young Caymanians fit into the politics of the future. “People are concerned that the younger generation will take on the same attitudes and inherit the old way of doing things. However, in my opinion, it’s the next generation that is going to bring this country closer together. We have a new generation of leaders or leaders to be that want positive change and have new concepts of achieving that.”
Christian revealed that there are a number of misconceptions that deter people from becoming involved with local politics and these are the issues that will need to be addressed before young Caymanians will step up and begin influencing the political landscape.
“It’s very difficult to get people in general involved in politics, not just young people. I feel the main barriers that hinder many people from getting involved is the misconception that politics is full of dishonesty,” Christian added.  “People also shy awayfrom politics because they are afraid of being stigmatized by society on which party or candidates they support, fearful of possibly losing their jobs.”
The YUDP leader said he believes that it’s not politics or the even party system that needs to change. “It’s the people behind them that must change,” he said. “People are naturally drawn towards great leaders; we saw this during President Obama’s presidential campaign and Nelson Mandela’s eventual election as President of South Africa. We also saw the thousands of people Martin Luther King Jr. attracted to his peaceful marches. People want to be associated with leaders they can trust, that give them hope and leaders that inspire them.”
Politics, Christian said, is a rare occupation where only ahandful of natural born leaders are called to serve. “It takes a much focused, strong minded, bold and determined individual to be a politician,” he added, explaining that it calls for making tough decisions which will often come under heavy criticism. Already becoming wise to the trials and tribulations, Christian told CNS that he has learned not to believe everything he hears.
When it comes to the work of the YUDP, Christian said it has an important part to play in the community akin to a service club, not just because there are things that need to be done in the community but because service is part of the role a politician should play. The YUPD will serve as a platform for tomorrow’s leaders, he noted, but those leaders need to learn they are also servants.
“In my opinion a politician is a servant to his country,” Christian added.
Since taking the helm of the YUDP, Christian says it has been involved in a number of issues and demonstrated that it can make a meaningful contribution. He said the mainstream party is taking the YUDP membership seriously as they have been successful in pushing the concerns of young people with the mainstream UDP, from job security to crime as well as having a direct influence on policy.
“Recently we were able to influence the government not to proceed with enclosing the Francis Bodden Girls Home property with barbed wire fencing,” he said, adding that the membership is looking into a number of other policy proposals and how they can influence those with an eye on the needs of the country’s youth. “I see the YUDP being one of the groups the party turns to for advice and direction on youth related issues.”
Asked what legislation he would, personally, most like to influence if he could, Christian said he would like to get his hands on the charity’s law. He said it has been on the table for sometime but could make a real difference for some of the country’s less popular, but no less important, charities.
“I love to help those in need and I truly feel that is part of what God has called us to do – share. There are a number of committees and groups in Cayman that are doing a lot of good within the community volunteering their time, but they don’t get the support from the private or the public sector. I think the charity’s law needs to be passed to make it easier for committees and groups to get funding instead of donations going to the same non-profit organizations over and over,” he explained.
With the next election still three years away, Christian revealed that he is not yet sure if he will be stepping into the political fray himself. “My wife and kids are already complaining at the number of meetings and activities that I am involved in,” he laughed when CNS asked if we will see his name on the ballot sheet in 2010. “If it is God’s will for me to run as a candidate, I will. In the meantime, I am just determined to spread the love of God and to be a positive role model. When we look around the world, there are so many inspirational figures that we admire and look up to, I would like to see Cayman start producing leaders that inspire the whole country.” 
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  1. Anonymous says:

    My advice to Richard Christian at this time is to focus on academic qualifications and when he is properly qualified and more mature he can let us hear from him again.  Attaching himself to the UDP and talking about change in the political arena is naive and wishful thinking. Neither of the so called political parties are worth any young person becoming involved in. If he and others really want change to come they must properly educate themselves and plot a new path. Then Christian and the other wannabe politicians like him will gain my notice and respect.

  2. Jab-Jab says:

    Mr. Christian is unfortunately completely mistaken.

    Political parties were created at a time when many voters were illiterate and communication was difficult in order to communicate the general political views of candidates to the most people in the simplest way possible. You might never get to hear the candidate speak (and you wouldn’t be able to read their manifesto even if you got one) but you knew, roughly, what the jackass was representing. None of these reasons apply to the Cayman Islands in this day and age. Most of our populous is literate and even if the candidate doesn’t put out a manifesto early it’s still easy to hear what they have to say for themselves on the campaign trail. (And if you don’t have a manifesto or a local meeting, well, that’s just bad campaigning and a party affiliation shouldn’t help you win a seat I’m sure Mr. Christian will agree.)

    What political parties do still do is insinuate a layer of consideration between the voter and the representative. It doesn’t matter if you go and tell the MLA on their porch that you think X is a good idea for Cayman. The party politician’s job is to represent whether the party thinks X is a good idea. The problem with this approach is that the parties end up preaching to the party faithful. Even a “great leader” like President Obama (to use one of Mr. Christian’s examples) doesn’t have the support of 47% of his (voting) countrymen. (Source: Wikipedia; Obama got 52.9% of the popular vote in 2008.) Party politics recognise the divides in public opinion and play to them. The easiest person to get to vote for you is one who already agrees with you so politicians pander to party supporters and don’t annoy them. The party wants to know that when they vote party they get party representation. They want to know that they’ll get the jackass they voted for. Politicians do what the party tells them because they know the party will vote for them and that’s an easier route to power than convincing someone to vote for you simply because you’re a “great leader”. Or even a smart one.

    If anyone tells you that party politics is not divisive by nature. Well, don’t believe everything you hear.

  3. Dred says:

    Where are the Young Independent (YI)? We need to see people who can simply stand without being propped up by a party. We need to know these people have a brain of their own and will not be brainwashed by the UDP regime or PPM regime.

    I shout this out to all the YUDP and YPPM. BREAK FREE!!! Become people for your country first and foremost. Stop the voting for things you don’t believe in but because your leader says so it must be right. Vote your heart and your mind on issues.

    I challenge you all to separate yourself from the parties and allow us to judge you for who you are not who is behind you. If you all stay under PPM & UDP you will always have that stigma over your head. BREAK FREE!!! 

  4. Wota Ebanks says:

    I might have voted for you but you affiliation with McKeeva Bush makes that an impossibility.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hello and good morning CNS,

    I just have a question for you, why was it only the President of the YUDP only interviewed and not also Denise Miller of the YPPM?

    Just a question.

    CNS: Because Wendy was attending a YUDP meeting and took the opportunity to interview Mr Christian. Next time the YPPM have a meeting I’m sure she’ll be very happy to interview Ms Miller.

    • Anonymous says:

      XXXXX Do not worry, Wendy will not forget about you but on a side note I have not heard a single thing that the YPPM is doing.  Actually everytime I hear from someone it is always about the YUDP.  They are working in the community.  Makes me stop and wonder if the YPPM was not some Alden and Kurt way of feeling included in the press when the YUDP came out so strong. 

      Do not really think that Dennis would have much to say as quite honestly they have not done a single thing.  Oh by the way…I was a member of the YPPM but I dropped out BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT DOING A THING.

      • Anonymous says:

        Actually I would love to know where you are getting your information from!

        I am a YP, and for the record the YPPM hold bi-weekly meetings with their executive council. I don’t know where you are recieving your information from…. this is clearly someone who is pretending to be associated with the YPPM. The YPPM has been very involved with the community organising beach clean up’s, fund raiser’s for the George Town Primary School, Haiti and many other things I have been apart of. The YPPM are not out their broadcast and looking for self reconition.


        Oh and on a side note the YPPM was first organised in April of 2004.


        • B says:

          To be VERY honest – IF YPPM was first organized in April of 2004 – how come I am first hearing about you all now. I am sure many more are just hearing about you all now too.

          You should be out there broadcasting and letting everyone know what you are doing for society because it has nothing to do with self recognition it has to do with motivating the rest of Caymans youth to take part in making Cayman better and voicing what they want for their Island & to do postive things for the Island.

          Sorry if you think it is all about self recognition, is that how you look @ it? That’s sad because you would make me to believe that what YPPM does is for self recognition. I mean after all, how you think is who you are.

          Anyways I scroll through my facebook profile @ least once everyday if not more and the first time I ever started to hear any YPPM person sending out invites and stuff was AFTER I got invited by YUDP to oneof their meetings.

          By the way, why do you take up for YPPM but remain anonymous? Just a thought.

          • Anonymous says:

            So B, "why do you take up for your YUDP but remain anonymous"? Just a thought!

            For the record, the Young Progressives was started in April 2004 as stated by a previous poster, & there is evidence of this, printed evidence.

        • Anonymous says:

          One beach clean up that if I remember you did not organise but was a party of with a larger group.  Uhmmm a one time fundraiser for Haiti once again not organised by the YPPM but someone else.  Listen I am not trying to say the YPPM has not done anything but cmon you and I both know you are not as active as you should be.  Bi Weekly meetings attended by WHO?  Yeah maybe the same 5 people.  Cmon and some fo your members I really gotta wonder about.  Formed in 2004 and YUDP was originally put together in 2001.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Now the YPPM will have ameeting to get an interview!

  6. Betsy says:

    Here you go, again. Can’t a young Caymanian express thier desire’s and passion for thier home without being condemned for it? "From direct experience from my college days, never ever vote for someone who expresses any desire to be a politician before they are 30." Please explain. I am lost at that statment. Because most people know what they want to be before they reach thirty. You know by then what your gift is. Question, what your saying then is that is a bad thing? I dont even see where Richard even says he wants to be a politician. He clearly stated if it is God’s will. Well if I were you I would not mess with what is God’s will. You might just see him there one day and you might not (that is if you are still around) I dont know how old you are. You cant please everyone and anyone who tries is doomed for failure. What one can do is do the right thing and even if some are still not happy it does not matter as long as you know you have done the right thing. Because someone is YUDP or YPPM does not mean that they are going to be just like their older leaders. I believe they will be better because they are aware of what was done wrong as well as they are aware of what works. Come on now, here you have young people talking and sharing thier cares for Cayman. What they would like to see happen and change. And what happens, you bash them down for it only because of you personal vandetta’s as well as the mistakes against the leader’s now in place. Richard, I am a young Caymanian and I am encouraged and blessed by what I read. I will join the rest of the people who are encouraging you to continue to believe in this postive change for Cayman and fight for it. After all, I see no wrong in that. At least I am hearing something coming out of the mouth of a young Caymanian that actually sound postive and promising. Continue to put God first and you will not go wrong and you will have my vote as well as many others if it is God’s will!

  7. Rectus femoris says:

    What sort of thinking leads a bright young man to observe McKeeva Bush in action and then conclude, "Wow, he’s great. I want to join his party."? 


    Seriously, who in their right mind would want to follow him?


    And what, exactly, is the philosophical difference between the UDP and the PPM? They both love God, hate sinnin’, fer business, against crime, blah, blah. Why should young people hook their wagon to one over the other? 

    • Dred says:

      I see distinct differences between them.

      UDP is win at all cost.

      PPM is we are nice we will win.

      UDP will go to any lengths PPM won’t.

      UDP is supper aggressive while PPM is super passive.

      PPM will overspend on schools and offices while UDP overspends on travel and "fringe benefits".

      I guess this is my point here. The case of the BT elections and the 2 candidates being technically unqualified to be seated.

      If the shoe was on the other foot and it was PPM who did it the filing would have been at the court house less than a minute after the elections were declared. PPM chose to hide behind other backers so it did not look like they in fact did it. UDP would not have cared. McKeeva himself would have walked the papers to the course house with a gazzillion media following him.

      There is lies the differences.

      You think if PPM had pre-printed cards any PPM would be seated in GT? UDP would have had police, governor, Obama, Brown, Head of UN, Press from around the world alll hovering over and taking photos of cards and people handing them out. They just don’t leave anything to chance. Kurt and Alden would be serving time in the state pen for 50 years.

      PPM basically got what they deserved in the last elections. Sad but true.

      • Rectus femoris says:

         Thanks for the comment but these are all tactics and personality traits. The only difference seems to be one side is rude and aggressive and the other is lazy but more polite. 

        So what? The UDP and PPM both want Cayman to be a quasi-theocracy in appearance that is rigged for the benefit of the richest few. Both want tourism dollars at any cost, with no meaningful protection of the natural environment. 

        Why choose one over the other? It’s just a personality contest, only both personalities are no good for Cayman’s future. 

  8. Tory Boy says:

    From direct experience from my college days, never ever vote for someone who expresses any desire to be a politician before they are 30.

  9. Anonymous says:

    What kind of change is coming?  The same old bunch has been in charge of Cayman for over 25 years. Change may come but not for a lot of us.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Party Politics = The road to ruination for Cayman.

    What’s needed is an Island Council, made up of men and women of integrity, devoted to their country and its welfare.

    • Anonymous says:

      They should outlaw candidates going into other districts, holding onto a party banner. Parties in the Cayman Islands should be outlawed like gangs! So that the Legislative Assembly will consist only of those voted in each district, debates can go on and party affiliation involved. Right now we have Mac or Kurt/Alden pulling all the strings in the House.

      Where are the independant thinkers and those who will stand to principle alone?!!!

      Makes me cry for Cayman


  11. Matthew L says:

    I really would encourage those that have questions and comments to attend one of the YUDP meetings or better yet call Richard to meet with you and talk.  In today’s world you are not going to find a party system that is perfect nor will there ever be.  But we have seen over time when men and women step forward to make a difference.  That is all Richard is trying to put across and I think some of you should take notice.

    In about 10 years from now, Cayman will not be the same Cayman as it is today.  However we have a choice.  We can either let it go the wrong way or the right way.  But that is not a choice one person can make alone.  It takes a whole country and with any society you must have leaders to carry out the game plan and make it work. 

    Most of the politicians you see today will not be here in 10 years active. Some will retire and move on with their lives and it is up to us young men and women to stand up and take control.  It is up to us to move forward and pave a way for what we believe is right.  Yes it may be under the wings of the UDP or PPM or whatever other party emerges but guess what….? IT DOES NOT MEAN THE PARTY STAYS THE SAME.  New faces, new blood, fresh ideas and approaches.  Just like any group it will change and change for the better as we mature and learn from our past and our mistakes.  Nothing is perfect and I do not think no one would stand up and say otherwise.

    What I encourage people to do is be a partof the solution and not the problem.  I am reading the messages on here and can only wonder just how positive this island could be if we all worked together.

    I am Proud to be Caymanian and Proud to be Richard Christian’s friend and collegue.  It is because of people like him and the awesome young people that you see at the YUDP and also at teh YPPM that makes me feel confident that Cayman is on the right track when it comes to grooming our future leaders.  Make no mistake…no brainwashing is needed.  I got one Grandmother named Ms Ella Archbold that MANY of you know of and one thing she taught me was how to use this mouth of mine.  Members of the YUDP come from many different backgrounds and I am happy to say there is alot of Caymanian Tradition and Culture in all of us.  So a mix of good ole Cayman Tradition and Culture with a splash of fresh ideas and energy.  We are on a good track make no excuse!!

    I am sure I will get alot of people who agree with me and I am sure I am going to get blasted by the critics.  But before you write positive or negative…ask yourself this question….  Do you have the balls to stand up and stop hiding behind the Anonymous signature and tell it like it is?  God Bless Cayman and everyone living here especially our young people who must learn from the information and tools and lessons given to us to be the leaders of tomorrow and in 20-30 years to come.  Good job Richard and the YUDP!!

    Matthew L

    • Young.KY.female says:

      But if you’re saying the party will change, then why affiliate with it now? Why not create your own or combine the YPPM and YUDP?  Or just be honest and say, for now, it’s awesome to be invited to lavish dinners and get supported financially through them (thereby making you the only ones "from their party" actually contributing to the society) and without such sponsorship you wouldn’t be able to become the political leaders you want to be in the future.

      Essentially you’re using each other and the only issue you’re tackling at the moment is the negativity linked to your affiliated party.  By setting yourself apart TO the community, you need to set yourself apart FROM the party system (as it stands today).

      I am a young Caymanian and am very much involved in the community as well, and know many members of both the YUDP and YPPM and know you’re all hardworking, honest individuals but why not set up or join other existing service groups and actually contribute to the community whole-heartedly – associating yourselves with the party can only lead to the assumption it’s politically motivated and  not genuine.  There are organisations supported by the entire community (not just one party) and run on sponsorship and donation (hooray for the government saving some money).  If you can prove to the people you are trustworthy through what this young man is claiming you all are doing but disconnect yourself from a political party, we’ll trust that not everything you do is for a political motive.

      And yes our generation in general is smarter, more educated, more aware, less ignorant (okay, not the ones you hear about on this blog, but I promise there are some of us and are too embarrassed to speak up).  I have faith that there are better days ahead, but we can dothis without the politrix and choke-for-vote tactics – you sure as hell don’t need to be coached by the folks running the country now, we all learned better than that in school (try and remember, they didn’t go to school so the brainwashing previous posters claim isn’t far from the truth).  I wish you all luck and hope our generation gets a chance to prove ourselves and disconnect from the ignorance and blatant stupidy of our recent governments (yes that’s both parties).

      • Anonymous says:

        You know why people afraid to speak up… because it would go against what is preached, has been and will be preached, and the key word is preach. 

        If people stood up, especially down ya, and you say something, …not only does everyone now know you, everyone then has an opinion, then you are judged….

        And in this small community, you are judged.

        Preaching and telling man what to do is long gone. Freedom of mind, speech and action has, will and should bring about change. But it can’t happen if there is undue influence.

        When man talks, and not just one man, but many, people should take heed, or at the very least entertain those ideas, whether you agree or disagree. Its called being objective.

        One day.


    • Pending says:

      In quick repsonse to you Matthew,

      The fact that they are associated with the UDP means that they abide by and envelop their ideas, otherwise they wouldn’t be called YUDP.

      The fact that they are young, means that they are being mentored and prepared by the UDP, that should say it all.

      Fresh ideas ofcourse, but they have to get those past the party / leaders they are associated with, do you see any chance of that happening anytime soon, doubt it.

      Your refernce that we learn from our mistakes etc is noble howver if you look at the past your statement is way offf the point, because some people don’t learn and some people continue down the same road.

      Its all fine and dandy saying this and saying that, but in case you didn’t know, that is what politics is all about, haven’t you been around for the last god knows how many years?

      Your refernce to the older ones retiring, is like saying that the church will disassociate it from meddling in the decision making process of this country, it will never happen. Do you honestly think that people like Big Mac are going to retire? Ha ha  ha, yeah right.

      If there is one thing I will agree with it is that this country needs a completely differen govenrment running it, from top to bottom, the LA needs to be cleared of all those presently in it, and they should not be allowed back.

      The young ones coming uinteretsed in this need to disassociate themselves form the current  parties, end of argument. Because if they dont’t it will be like seeing Mac up there in a 20 year olds body, preaching BS and doing absolute f’all when it comes down to crunch time.

      Catch my drift?

      Johnny D.


    • Young.KY.female says:

      And the only reason I don’t provide my name is because I am strongly involved in the community and a particular service group and don’t want my political viewpoints which I have, in the past, expressed before on this website, to interfere with what I am trying to accomplish otherwise.  How I feel about the complete retardation of the government shouldn’t affect my ability to work with others who have a very definitive comfort zone when it comes to politics. I stand up for my community every day because of the person I am.  I don’t need to be recognised for it in anyway thanks.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have to respect both Mr. Richard interview with CNS and Mr. Matthew bringing up the rear.  Both of these young men have made something of themselves.

      I am also very proud of all the other members that I have heard on the radio and seen on TV.  Not just the YUDP but the YPPM as well.

      I really am looking forward to the next election to see these young people come forward and become the new and IMPROVED politicians of our island.

      I will give a word of advice to you Richard.  Do not look back at the past and use the same old ideas.  Do not become the old guard that has ruled these islands for the last 12+ years.  Instead become the true leaders you were born to be and let your heart and your love for this country guide you.  The money will come, the fame will come the rewards will follow.  BUT DO IT FOR COUNTRY AND THE PEOPLE that will support you and eventually vote you into power.  After reading this article I can predict the future Premier of this country.

    • Anonymous says:

      There are only two leaders in Cayman politics & they are the government leader & the opposition leader. Mr. Christian is a supporter of the UDP & president of the YUDP, & therefore should know at least a little about the affairs of the UDP. He knows very little, if anything, about the affairs of the PPM. I am most heartened to hear that Mr. Christian is telling us that change is coming when talking about leaders. It seems that there is still hope for Cayman. He can only be talking about change within his party, UDP, which would mean that finally the rest of the UDP are deciding to do the right thing for Cayman & change their leader, Mckeeva Bush. This is great news, & I am proud of the YUDP for doing what is in the best interests of Cayman’s future, something that the members of the UDP did not have the courage to do. Thank you Mr. Christian, & thank you YUDP for taking the brave step in proposing the change of your leadership, thank you.

  12. Just a Shoddy Idea.... says:

    You really think if we end the party system everything will be just "SUPER"?….

    Can youplease explain?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Maybe the YUDP will step up and show their older counterparts how it ought to be done..

  14. whodatis says:

    Just to stress the point … Richard, we are NOT against you personally.

    There is not a proper thinking individual that would attempt to slam you for your passion and efforts – you are doing far more for your community than many of us posters at the end of the day – that speaks volumes.

    We are only advising you to tread carefully bro – by now I am sure you have seen how dirty the party system game can be.

    At the end of the day it is your life and your choice to make.

    In any event, we have just received the relieving news of the UK’s approval of the borrowing so I guess the UDP (and YUDP) deserve a pat on the back today!


    Be good bro – God bless.

  15. peter milburn says:

    Richard I like your thoughts on the future but just a word of advice.Decide in your own minds what is best for this country when the time comes.Do not let either party brainwash you at this early stage in your development.We need young men and women who will put their country FIRST and FOREMOST and not fall into the rut that we find ourselves in today.I have lived here for 46 years now and the older politicians that have gone before us must be turning in their graves at what is happening to this country today because of  the greed and selfishness that our party system is doing and has done to this wonderful place.Do not let the almighty $ bill lead you astray!!!!!

             We need bright young minds to get us out of this full blown mess that we are in today so keep the faith and work towards that goal and remember that Cayman MUST come first in your plans.

    • noname says:

      You spoke right on the point Peter.  Us old folks are not going to be here by the time Richard and the others reach our age.  So we have to give them the encouragement and support. 

  16. Anonymous says:

    What we need is the end of the party system

  17. Anonymous says:

    I hope I’m not being rude when I say this, but Richard I only see this as a way for YUDP to try and grow your membership of future Voters.

    I am a Young Caymanian, and I believe in order for me support the YUDP….. I would first have to support the UDP… and sadly I do not!

    If I do not believe in your actual Leader or Leader’s, why must myself or other young people support the YUDP?

    Richard I find your statement to be quite contradive. Because you say and I quote…. “There will be leaders whose attitudes and character will lift the nation and change the future of politics,” predicted the young politician.  …People this statement means that this has not happened as of yet and not even him believes this in his current party.

    “It’s very difficult to get people in general involved in politics, not just young people. I feel the main barriers that hinder many people from getting involved is the misconception that politics is full of dishonesty,” …. Richard I wonder how or where young people, the old and the wise get this impression from? have you met the Premier as yet?

     “People are naturally drawn towards great leaders; we saw this during President Obama’s presidential campaign and Nelson Mandela’s eventual election as President of South Africa. We also saw the thousands of people Martin Luther King Jr. attracted to his peaceful marches. People want to be associated with leaders they can trust, that give them hope and leaders that inspire them.”… There could be no way Richard that you are comparing the Premier to Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr. or Barack Obama!? I hope not!

    So far the people that the YUDP supports have done nothing for Young Caymanians but take away our voice even more! This Government has implemented laws that can be detrimental to Young Caymanians, such as the new Key Employee Status which gives expatriates the opportunity to keep their job over a Caymanian Applicant. They have grated Caymanian Status to people who have lived in Cayman for just a year (this I know is fact, my maid has Caymanian Status and she has now been living in Cayman for 6 years). They are the reason for why their such a strain on Social Services because now these people with low income now have to come to the government and ask for more money to feed them now as they can not be sustained on they’re monthly pay check. This same governement was against the contruction of the new Schools to benefit our generation, because they were too good for us and the facilites they boasted was not nessary for an education. (Firstly how would they even really know what is or not nessary for an education when half of them have none and the other half haven’t even gone to college and tried to scam us to thinking they have obtain a degree.)The sale of the PR and the sale of Government assets to only be leased back to the government (how dumb do you really have to be?). This is my personal opinion folks you can hate it or love it but either way what I say is fact and you know it.

    However I do agree with some of what the YUDP is doing with they’re Community Service Involement in Cayman I am all for that and I would gladly lend a helping hand, but when it comes to their politics and what this party stands for (and it is so ever clear for all to see now if you didnt know before, now know) I would not even shake your hand quite frankly.


  18. Sceptic says:

    Our leader say change is coming and now the YUDP. I will believe when I see it. All we have seen the last year is BS.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Clearly an indictment on his current party, leadership (Premier) and elected members. They are clearly not what he and his YUDP are looking for.

    They better consider a rebranding exercise !

  20. Tracy from Swamp says:

    Christian, you and other young people may have good intentions now, but if the day happens that all of this would be put in place, I am sure after receiving your first salary you all would be just like all the others.

    • TRUTH says:


      Instead of you putting down this young man and the other young ones who want to see a better future for these islands why not support them and encourage them and give them positive comments to guide them.


      • Pending says:

        Encouragement fine, support fine but not so when associated with the UDP..  get rid of the ties to the UDP, form your own "party" completely sepearate form the UDP or the PPM or whoever is currently in government or has been in the last 15 years..then form your own ideas etc and present them…then and only then will you get the support you are looking for.

        Because I can tell you now for a fact, if you plan on runningaround the place preaching your leaders rhetorics and following his ways you will have another coming.

        • IRON CLAD says:


          ""Encouragement fine, support fine but not so when associated with the UDP..  get rid of the ties to the UDP, form your own "party" completely separate from the UDP or the PPM or whoever is currently in government or has been in the last 15 years..then form your own ideas etc and present them…then and only then will you get the support you are looking for.

          Because I can tell you now for a FACT, if you(ANYONE) plan on running around the place preaching your leaders(McKeeva Bush’s) rhetoric and following his ways you will have another(or even BIGGER MESS) coming.""

          Pending, I ABSOLUTELY AGREE with your statements above. Just had to reiterate a few points.

          So said, ALL SAID !!!

          Definitely, IRON CLAD!!

    • Anya Solomon says:

      You are a prime example of the "crab in the bucket" mentality. 

  21. Betsy says:

    I will come in agreement with you in prayer for the mentioned.

    “There will be leaders whose attitudes and character will lift the nation and change the future of politics,”

    I also believe that it is God’s will that a politician should also be a servant to his (God’s) will. While I am sure many will disagree, this I believe is what will make the change.

    If you go back to the old testament. Where the Isrealites had no king and the people prayed to God to raise up leaders.

    There were some who served no justice for the Isrealites and then there were great leaders who served for many years and with God blessed the community. We need to do the same. We need to pray for God to raise up these leaders and bring about a change for Cayman. With that being said, you, Ricahrd might just have to get prepared for the job :o)

    • anonymous says:

      Mr. christian thinks he is probably doing the right thing even though he is on the wrong track because he is following the wrong people.  I applaud the young Caymanian who seems to be intelligent and enlightened and absolutely "Nobody’s fool!  so watchout voters 2012 will have a young set of voters who will not be fooled by promises!

      I for one is in total disagreement with this party system, the team system worked better and was more flexible.  Furthermore it is wrong to indoctrinate young people to think , do and and adopt the philosophy of a party that is as vindictive as this one.  Young people, don’t follow a party system, follow biblical principles, good role models, obey your parents, your Pastors, the good ones, and all those who you know are living a good life as a role model to be followed.  Dwayne, Mark and bIg Mac and most of the rest of them DO NOT FALL INTO THAT CATEGORY!

      Sorry to tell all you young people this, but your hope is not in the party system of the UDP or the PPM,  The good news is though that your hope is ONLY IN GOD ALMIGHTY AND HIS SON JESUS CHRIST!



    • IRON CLAD says:

      Betsy, sorry to tamper with your beliefs, but you should know that we have a WHOLE different BREED of Dragons and Dinosaurs to deal with today.

      We have the TyranosaurusMac and the other Tawa Hallaes here on our "Jurassic Islands". These ones are IMPOSSIBLE to be TAMED!!

      Really IRON CLAD.

    • Anonymous says:


      Today, we know whatta gwan, and we know whatta gwan, catch mi driff?

      The bible is great, but quoting the old testament, especially nowadays… have you seen, taken in, been apart of, digested, understood,   what kind of world we live in? It is not the old testament, so don’t compare.

      The fact that you mention politics and god in the same sentence is ludicrous. Because they not in the same equation.

      The problem here in Cayman is that there is no seperation of power in terms of the groups, bodies, government etc that have a say in this land. FACT.

      In society, the church, government and law should be, have to be and need to be seperate. Independent from one another, not all deciding on issues when obviously, inevitably and fundamentaly, those issues should be decided for the people, all the people. Not just those who choose to follow one view, but the majority. The church is not the majority. The government is not the majority. The law is not the majority. But we as a majority, a society, have to abide by common goals.

      We as people form the majority, we are the society affected by this. You cannot sit there, especially in this age and just hear what you want to hear and thats it.

      A common goal achieves its purpose as long as everyone is on the same boat, wagon, train, whatever…

      And until then, this small community will be affected whether it is for the good or bad, by a very select few.. but those few need to listen…. to someone else apart fro themselves and get with the times.

  22. whodatis says:

    Very insightful and positive words there Mr. Christian.

    Must say I am a bit confused as to why you have chosen to affiliate yourself with the UDP – there are still showing their questionable colours on a weekly basis.

    Anyway, to each his own.

    Regardless, I know your heart is in the right place bro. Keep on doing the good work!

    All the best.

    • Anonymous says:

      He chose to affliate himself with the UDP, that should say it all.

      I hope he’s not taking pointers from his leader (the Premier). The example being set by the Premier is that it’s okay to call yourself a Christian person and then get called out publicly for lying.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Having heard the leaders of the youth arms of both the PPM and the UDP on the radio and television I must say that they appear to be much more articulate and thoughtful leaders than the actual leaders of the main parties – and I am a Caymanian on the sunset side of 50.

    The ideas that I would like to suggest to any young person thinking of getting involved in politics are the following.

    Politics may have made a few politicians and their cronies rich in recent years, but it is disastrous for Cayman in the 21st century. In my view politicians have brought disrepute to politics not only through secret back room deals, but also through the huge pay increases and ridiculously generous pensions they have created for themselves in the last decade. Cayman has a desparate need for statesmen (both male and female) who place the interests of the country above personal gain and party politics. 

    Cayman does not need politicians whose only skills are making entertaining or even inspiring speeches full of cute old sayings and doing back room deals. Cayman needs politicians who are both capable of analysing the very real problems we face, and capable of formulating and executing strategies that solve these problems for the benefit of the people – all of the people.

    Cayman also needs politicians who genuinely embrace the ideas of freedom of information, transparency and accountability at all levels of government. I sincerely hope for the sake of my country that the next generation of politicians will walk the walk in terms of politics being about public service rather than personal profit.


  24. Anonymous says:

    Political parties should be outlawed in the Cayman Islands. Every in the world political parties mainly serve to devide and in extreme cases cause people to kill their own countrymen.

  25. Anonymous says:

    I gotta give it to this young man.  He just inspired me and gave me hope for a better future for Cayman if more people like him and the others in the YUDP step up and tell their old counterparts that its time for NEW BLOOD and FRESH STARTS

    • Dred says:

      I fairly doubt it. This will be Bushites with Bush in the background one day telling them what to do.

  26. I have nothing against young people getting involved, but if its through a party sponsoring the initiative, you know chances are there will be some partisan brainwashing involved

    • Dred says:

      This is just the problem. Young impressionable minds to shape into little McKeeva Bushes.

      We need fresh young thinkers who can think for themselves not someone else thoughts.

    • Anonymous says:

      CNS:  "Christian believes it’s not the system or the politics that is at fault but the people"

      Already I can see the brainwashing tenets… just blame it on the people!