Third ESSO hit by gunman

| 10/06/2010

(CNS): RCIPS detectives are currently investigating yet another armed heist which occurred at the Delworth ESSO On-the-Run gas station at the junction of Eastern Ave and North Church Street in the early hours of this morning, 10 June. Just before 2:00am a man entered the service station brandishing what police said appeared to be a hand gun. The man mumbled something which was not that audible to the cashier before going behind the counter and taking the cash register. Three members of staff and one customer were present during the robbery. No shots were fired and no one was hurt in the sixth armed robbery in a week. (Photo by Dennie Warren Jr)

The suspect escaped from the scene in a van, which was later recovered off Bodden’s Road and which police discovered had been stolen from a woman in the Windsor Park area of George Town earlier in the night. Attending the police station, the women said that a man with a firearm had demanded her keys and made off with her vehicle. She was unhurt in this incident but was shaken up.
Police said the suspect is described as about 5 feet 11 inches in height with a brown complexion and a pointed nose. He was wearing a long sleeved red hooded shirt and baggy pants with something over his face. DC Reid and DC Chase, who are the officers conducting the inquiries, are appealing for anyone who has information regarding the crime to come forward. Anyone who might have been in the area and saw a bluish van travelling at a high speed along North Church Street and Bodden’s Road is asked to contact the Gorge Town  CID  on 949-4222 or Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 {TIPS}.
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  1. Anonymous says:

        i knoweveryone  is outraged and pissed.  but can i recommend  we all ,including churches decide to do some RESEARCh  on the Causes  and   Solutions  to   this problem  of Gangs?

    I  would guarantee  wewould  find models and  solutions that WORK     as  in other parts of    the    worldd that   have   solutions  to   this problem 

  2. Some like it HOTTER! says:

    So far the only gas station not robbed yet at gunpoint is the On the Run on the corner walkers road across from the CHrissie Tomlinson Hosp.  Why?  Because every night you pass, there are about 6 police cars with officers buying FRY CHICKEN!!!!

    One ting fah sure is that they got the best FRY CHICKEN and the POLICE know it too.

    (Laughing my rear off!!)

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is insane. Why don’t the cops just stay stationed in the gas station and fast food parking lots for a night or two to put a stop to this.

    It’s not that hard to figure this out.

    In the US you’ll see cop cars in fast food / gas station parking lots all the time.

    Also, you fast food / gas station owners should start doing what many of these types of stores in the US do. Offer the police a free cup of coffee if they come in. That way you have a constant rotation of police for very little cost. It’s a win-win strategy.


    • Night Owl says:

      That is a good idea, but do you think those gas stations or fast food places would do that, to give the police  a complimentary  cup of coffee and a piece of chicken  or sandwich.   Yea tell them wait on it.    You are mad, check out who are their employee staff.    They would not give you the skin off the potato keeping everything until closing time for their friends around the back door.

  4. Anonymous says:

    "…it would appear that a lot of these crimes are being perpetrated by Caymanians".

    And you make this comment based on what? Was it the style of the headwrap that was the dead give-away? If you have clues as to the identities of these robbers then you should report them to the police, but I suspect that you are like the rest of us and do not have a clue who they are. The difference is it does not prevent you from posting prejudiced comments. 

    Clearly if they are persons on Island illegally and unemployed they should be included in the general class of suspects. This does not exclude everyone else.      

    • Observer says:

      Caymanian or expat; who cares?  Step up crime fighting and prevention now!  And that includes: all of us being willing to give information to the police; political will to "do what it takes; etc. etc. 

      As long as we keep the discussion at that level of "finger pointing" then we will only succeed in entertaining a false sense of security.  In case we do not know, criminals [and violent criminals even] are bred in all societies.  
      I am a foreigner and my family was victimised recently when young men entered my home while we in bed!  Things can be replaced, thankfully, but this has left us significantly traumatised and oftentimes uncertain and sometimes almost paranoid.  So, my real [and perhaps only interest] is that no one else would experience this intrusion into our personal space that we have endured.
      To be truthful, I am tired of hearing how "we" are responsible for "all the problems" that Cayman is experiencing. If it is the economy, blame the expat!  If it is crime, blame the expat!  We are where we are because we have a culture of burying our heads in the sand.  Pull it out, plenty of our [yes they belong to all of us and we must take responsibility for what they become] children are being trained to become criminals – thanks to our naivety. 
      Very few of us [Caymanians and expats] have an real interest in the downward spiral of Cayman in any respect.

      CNS: Please don’t post in bold.

      • Anonymous says:

        My point was that we should be fingerpointing at anyone (expat or Caymanian) in the absence of any supporting information. You are right that we need to pull together on this but unfortunately many of the posts (both expat and Caymanian) detract from that by making assumptions as to national identity of the perpetrators.      

  5. Dred says:

    I know many will say why bring Politics back into this but ultimately they are who we put in there to run the affairs of the country and right now we are being hit by a crime wave again and I think it’s time for a change of strategy.

    Big Mac you need to take the bull by the horns. Stop listening to the people at RCIP about how to do this. Let’s bring in a crime specialist (Gang) from the US (Yes I say forget the UK on this). Let’s target the criminals the way they target businesses and start getting them off the street.

    What we need people is to be PRO-active as opposed to POST-active. The police would have us believe these are all random with no connection at all. A few may be random but I truly believe that many are gang connected.

    So let’s send a clear message to gangs. We will not stand idly by and watch you do this. We will come after you and not stop until even your thoughts are in prison.

    I want to see our Premier bring in a gang specialist who knows how to deal with them and combat them. I want us to stop just dealing with what they do and start getting to them before they do stuff.

    People more officers is not necessarily the answer. If they are not doing what needs to be done to prevent crime then more is just more. We need to target the heart of the gangs and rip it out. 

    We need legislation that emphasises crimes committed as part of gang activities receive 10 years additional time.

  6. Anonymous says:

     On Wednesday morning, at 4.15 am, I heard an unusual noise, arose from my bed, looked outside through the window, only to see a flickering light a few feet from my bedroom.   It was the golden oppurtunity I had been waiting for.  I quickly rushed to the front door with my flashlight and machete.  Turn on the porch light and proceeded to complete my mission.  An nuisance/thief, who has invaded the district of Bodden Town was given what she had not anticipated.  I gave her a good beating with my machete an marched her out of my yard.  I had monitored her frequent visits to my area over a number of days and just knew she was waiting for the golden oppurtunity to enter.

    If she was bold enough to come on my property, I gave her a hearty welcome with my machete.  The majority of trespassers believe that they can enter your property and do what they want and when you call the Police they appear days after.  I am sure I wont have anymore trouble with her again.  I hope not.  Be prepared.

    • Janice6 says:

      yeah… use force to defend yourself, but remember you got something called "excessive force." I recall a case where a burglar was almost beatened to death by the homeowner and homeowner was also charged for offences, such as grevious bodily harm and wounding. Luckily he didn’t kill the man or that would have been manslaughter or murder. But he had to serve time just like the man.

      The law is tricky

    • Anonymous says:

      Just a few ideas running thru my mind…..

      1. If there are 300 police on the force…for one weekend or however many days possible, put police(undercover) to work in gas stations and restaurants that are open late night so when these idiots are doing their "thing" maybe they will be met with handcuffs. There can’t be many places open late night, so how many police would it take to occupy these places and it seems like a robbery is happening every night or so.

      2. Do NOT let females close up at night as it gives more opportunity to these idiots.

      3.  All places open at night should have emergency alarms that can be triggered silently with the press of button and have the police arrive without picking up the phone.

      4. Put out a secure mailiing address where people can send their tips. Phone calls can be traced. I think dropping a letter in a box would be very difficult as many hands touch the mail.

      Just a few ideas. Not sure if they are good ones??




      • Dred says:

        These businesses can also do something to help by having someone in the security room after say 8pm til close. They could station the female to monitor cameras and trigger alarm. All of these places have managers offices,

        This is just a thought. They could monitor internal and external cameras where they could tell the police what vehicle the perps are leaving in so even if they don’t catch them in teh act they can catch them leaving.

  7. Anthony Montana says:

    We have too many officers afraid to do their jobs.

    • Janice6 says:

      They are not being managed properly that’s why!  In the Service, you have to much double standards, chiefs over indians, and favoritism – so the real good officers are put in the back-burner

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      Wheredo you think they are from?

  8. Tracy from Swamp says:

    Hmmm!!, Take a good guess..

  9. Anonymous says:

    I see the usual idiotic comments blaming foreigners for the crimes rather than facing the reality that is the generation of criminals that Cayman has produced. These are home grown criminals be it from Caymanian families, or jamaican families living and schooled in Cayman.

    Caymanian parents need to stand up and be counted here. Their bad parenting has created a generation of monsters. The greed, corruption and lack of role models has meant the kids in Cayman growing up to believe that they are entitled to everything, be it the best jobs without putting effort in or in an increasing number of cases, of stealing, murdering, armed robberies etc.

    The entitlement culture has destroyed the moral fabric of society. The church sweep it all under the carpet as long as the money keeps rolling in every sunday.

    It’s time for police to consider a zero tolerance approach to crime, regardless of who these criminals are related to. I say that these foriegn officerswith proper training and firearm skills should be given shoot to kill powers when dealing with wangsters and other criminals. Time to reclaim the streets.

    • Night Owl says:

      You are right about that, I told them not to make their children get status too.

    • Anonymous says:

      foreign officers… shoot to kill???

      lol…. I hope they don’t miss. What we need is "proper management" of the Police Service. We have enough officers now on payroll -either fire them all and replace them with "foreignors" OR

      work with what we got!

    • Backstroke says:

      I’m with you, "I see the usual idiotic comments"

      You are so right on this, its the parents that raised these thugs, they allowed their children to be disrespectful to them and gave them what ever they demanded. They laughed at every naughty thing the said or did, how cute. Guess what it was’nt cute at 5 and it sure as hell is’nt cute now.

      Yes the attitude and the beleif of entitlement that "I am Caymanian" I must have this job, I can do anything I want and get away with it is where we are today.

      When I hear folks that are in their 40s/50s saying " the Gov may not get our attention but this generation will, I feel like crying because they just gave them the OK to act stupid. Yes folks, POLICE, GOVERNMENT now is the time for  Zero tolerance on ALL crimes committed here, be you a born Caymanian or a paper Caymanian or a work permit holder, enough is enough.

      Folks lets demand more from the powers to be or call for a no confidence in all of them. GIVE US BACK OUR PEACE AND TRANQUILTY.

  10. Just Sayin says:

    These guys are giving a whole new meaning to "On the Run"

  11. Anonymous says:

    It’s happening every day because, they’re getting away with it…hmmmm…I’m almost considering it myself…seems like it’s super easy!

  12. Sir Henry Morgan says:

    I can’t wait for Big Mac to legalize gambling… Then we can make bets on whichestablishment will be robbed next!

    • Janice6 says:

      So true!

      There is strong association between the gambling addiction and crime. Has Gilbert Mclean ever mentioned the projection of how much it would cost us to legalize gambling in the Cayman Islands?

      All I am hearing from him is the benefits! 

  13. Anonymous says:

    Mr Jones comments that they are stepping up patrols??…

    … and this happens the very next night!

    The van was reported stolen at gun point and then used for an armed heist right in the middle of all the recent hold-up action – and the police are asking for any witnesses?

    Where were these additional patrols Mr jones spoke of? Would it take too much manpower for unmarked steak-outs or patrols near to ‘businesses open all hours’ – until by law of averages you would hope they would get some form of result.

    How completely embarrassing for the RCIP, these guys have no clue what-so-ever!!


  14. anonymous says:

    The fact is that there are more and more of these robberies because they are getting away with it.  Forget the schools, its the police force that needs a complete revamp.  Its clear that the force is outdated and no one fears them. They are ineffective. 

    If one of these robbers were to get his @ss seriously kicked then they would start to think twice. But as it stands we have cops who stand around and watch people get their throat cut (at the Marquee a few weeks ago) and do nothing because they are scared.  If you are too scared to uphold the peace – Get a different job!!! 

  15. Anonymous says:

    Where is the Police Helicopter? I thought in could fly at night. When these robberies happen it would literally takes seconds if not minutes for the helicopter to get on site, that is, if it is not parked in the hangar at Owen Roberts.

    The RCIP are a waste of good financial resources in my opinion. The government would do better to hire armed forces equipped with the necessary fighting per such as the helicopter to track these people down.

    The few times the Police get lucky and catch the criminals they botch up the crime scene or arrest them for the wrong thing allowing the courts to release them again.


  16. Sad says:

    Carjacking now; that is very worrying. Stealing cars at gunpoint to hold up gas stations; these people are morons. The chances of someone fighting back & something bad happening are increasing & these lowlife scum are such fools someone is gonna get hurt soon.

    Armed robbery is the tip of the iceburg with many thefts (unarmed breakins) not reported in the media as they are now daily & the police cannot stop, prevent, or solve them.

    How soon before the citizens & business owners take matters in to their own hands?!

    We need the UK cops back; a few armed police patrols; undercover police; scenes of crimes/fingerprinting experts; trained security guards who can keep us secure.

    • Mat says:

      My child, grow up!  Forget about "mother" helping us everytime we get in the rut!

      The head of the Police is from the UK and still we are in the rut!

      What we need here is "responsible policing." We don’t need police who don’t know where dog city is, or need to read map!

  17. Anonymous says:

    immigration is the answer to these robberies i remember years ago immigration would check people on street corners but thoes days are long gone never to see again because everyone is caymanian now so no need to check if they are over staying.

  18. What is the Police Heads doing about this??????????????????????????????????????????????

    Why aren’t police officers on constant  24-hour patrols????????????????????????????????????????????


    "Madam Speaker, we need more money and officers from overseas to fight them"

  19. Anonymous says:

    What the hell are Commissioner Baines, his Deputy Commissioner of Police Operations and the Chief Supt of Specialist Operations all doing about these Robberies that are happening left, right and centre………. day in and day out ???  Are they not the so called experienced leaders/investigators whom collects enormous salaries and benefits every month; who came here from the UK to teach and lead the RCIPS on effective ways and means to prevent and investigate criminality here in the Cayman Islands ??

    Is the RCIPS now a RE-ACTIVE police service instead of a PRO-ACTIVE one, under this UK leadership ??? Or perhaps as their "stool pigeons" are saying on TV, when the Fireams Amnesty end’s, we will REACT then !!!

    As for the Fireams Amnesty, the Robbers are clearly showing the public and the police what is their true "Ten Year Plan" is all about. 

    Are these Robbers going to make our Treasury Department at the Glass House or the cashier at the Courts office their next target, or better yet, the Monetary Authority at Elizabethan Square….. next door to GT Police Station and Police Headquarters itself.??  It would nor surprise me one bit at this rate !!!


    • Anya Solomon says:

      They are holding road blocks in the evenings frustrating people who trying to get home at a decent hour to get their kids inside and prepare supper and help with homework.  What would usually take and average of 30 minutes to get home is now taking 1.5 hours.

      • Anonymous says:

        Roadblocks, whilst annoying are an essential tool in limiting the movement of wangsters and those carrying weapons in their vehicles. Obviously they are very limited in effectiveness and will not stop those clever enough to avoid the blocks and they won’t help if the police are just checking tax discs. But if the police were pulling all thugs and idiots out of their boy racer cars, ripping off the tints, smashing the illegal blue lights and bouncing a few wangster heads off bonnets we would be at least disrputing the criminal behaviour.

        Yes a few people are gonna be disrupted getting home from work etc, but what are the other options? You won’t talk to the police and let them know it is your cousin or your husband out robbing and shooting, so they have to work it out themselves.

  20. Twyla Vargas says:

    Tell me something, wha happen te the days when Immigration would check people they see standing up on street corners all day doing nothing.  How come that police is not stopping and checking out people hanging round at gas stations and fast food places.

    I havealways supported the police in their efforts to control crime, but have to say enough is not  being done now.   Come on,  If the police circles twice by a gas station or any food place for that matter and sees the same persons hanging out, standing up or  cautching on a bicycle doing nothing, STOP AND ASK THEM FOR AN ID.  and If they dont have one then give them one along with  a job, at the Police Station.,

    Something is definately gone wrong.   Do you really think people leave home and just pick a place to rob. For petes sake there is  word called PLAN.  I dont know what the Hell is going on in this place, but una betta do something fast to contol it.   When aw start blaming people I dont care who likes it,  but it is time those in authority start kicking some butts to stop the robbing.  Nuff said for now.

    • Anonymous says:

      What is wrong with people liming?  I honestly don’t think that they guys who hang around the gas station and food places almost each and every day, are the ones responsible for these offences.  In any event they would too easily be recognised. 

      And as a fellow BTer who normally finds myself agreeing with many of your posts, I really hope you aren’t referring to the guys that hang out at the gas stations and food stores there, because you know as well as I, that these are not gun-toting criminals going round robbing folk, they just liming plain and simple – the worst they do is get a little too drunk (not a crime) or perhaps smoke a joint or two (not my scene but I really don’t consider it a major offence either).  On the whole these characters are completely harmless and extremely friendly if approached – they’re definitely not hardened criminals.

      I could be wrong, but trying to be fair and objective, personally, I think if these are the kind of people you are referring to, the Police would be wasting their time harrassing them, when the real criminals are out there needing to be found and convicted.

      • Tracy from Swamp says:

        Was the Bodden Town gas station robbed?

        Why did the owner of a famous gas station in Bodden Town tell the police I do not want any loitering at my station,and the crowd then move to the public beach.

        Smoking a joint or two is no harm.?  Do you live  in Bodden Town, or only visit when there is afuneral or a Sana Claus

    • Caymanian at Heart says:

      I agree completely, just yesterday I had to drive around the back of a gas station on shedden road.  There were several young men hanging around back, none of which I am sure were up to no good.  Obviously the owners need to discourage this, but I am quite sure they need police help to send the message that it’s a no loitering zone.

  21. Concerned Citizen says:

    Will the Police and Immigration answer the public, why they have stopped from checking people who are idle with no jobs.   These robbers are not working and are standing up, riding around on bicycles and surveliance places to rob.  I remember the days of Jeannie Lewis and others from the Immigration Department under Mr Orrette Connor, these things could not happen.  You not working, then you are on the next flight.

    Police and immigration is the fault for this, bcause they are too coward  to stop and check out idlers on street corners who hang around gas stations and other places.  Come of that Aircondition car and ask for ID.

    • Anonymous says:

      Who says they are the ones committing the crimes?  Why are you always blaming "foreigners", when it would appear that a lot of these crimes are being perpetrated by Caymanians.

      And, just out of curiousity, why have we not heard anymore news about the 3 girls who robbed Savannah Dominoes?  Are they from "important" families?

      • Concerned Citizen says:

        Yes. do the same with Caymnians and anyone else seen hanging out 10: am to 4 pm on street corner.   You dont have a job, well go and find one.   Why are the police afraid to ask people for ID.

        What is the reason why the premier and his Government is dragging their feet on the fingerprint and ID set up.   Some one is afraid of something.   This Government s going to get voted out by a landslide next election if serious steps are not taken on crime prevention.  They dont want to listen.

  22. anonymous says:

    It is amazing to know that this was reported to the Police many hours before the incident occurred at  the Esso Station, and nothing was done about it.  There was all indications that this person was up to no good when a gun was held for the turnover of her vehicle keys. It was  clear that she had all discriptions, Licence plate, model etc of her van but was left until recovered off Bodden’s Road, but yet lead to the robbery of this business, how naive some people can be at times.

    • BINGO!

      From time they received such a report, there should have been an APB Alert for all units to keep a watch out for robberies at Gas Stations.

      Where is the Police Intelligence and the response to it???  What is the Commissioner doing to ensure such response???


  23. Anonymous says:

    This is really, really disturbing!!  These criminals are getting away during the gun amnesty period which makes it seem even worse. Are they trying to spite the Authorities??

    I think maybe two armed Police Officers need to patrol around the gas stations at nights because almost every gas station has been robbed now and also the murder of a child which happened at a gas station. People are unsafe everywhere!!  Also get more K-9’s on the job – are we not using the dogs anymore!!  They do a great job at all times!  Please Mr. Commissioner get those dogs back in action!!

    • Let’s just be straight to the point:  The Police is not being properly managed. All you hear dem talk about is that they need more officers, this and that. They have over three hundred officers and you mean to tell me that they don’t have enough. How much must we stretch the dollar to feed the top ones with six-figure salaries?

    • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

      Police officers should be careful not to become security guards in a police uniform…

  24. Anonymous says:

    These people are doing this because they see the others are not getting caught. Something needs to be done about all this now. I all need to make a stand make sure we show this people we are not going to take all this S**t!

  25. Anonymous says:

    I would think the car-jacking would be the bigger point of interest. Come on, CNS

  26. anon says:

    Here we go again! urrgghhhh so fed up of hearing this crap. its so sad that this is a daily occurance on this little rock!


  27. PaperCaymanian says:

    Am I counting correctly? 9 robberies in 9 days? The people whining daily on the radio about all the the job stealing expats are going to get their wish.I posted earllier that a return to 1993 population would be cool with me but if all the law abiding and productive people leave it probably won’t be the same. 1960 population levels seem to be the actual goal of our current govt.

    Nicky, have you researched at all about declining population of Caymanians? All I can go by is casual observation and it doesn’t look good. If the skilled population leaves, what kind of society do we have left?

    Found a cool quote the other day by Robert Nowak

    "Always love your country but never trust your government"

    Sure would like to see some Tea Party action in our next election.

    CNS: The census this year will show what’s happening to the population.

  28. Anonymous says:

    This is going to keep happening and getting worse until the RCIPS and the public take action to stop them. The police need to be getting right in the faces of known criminals and not letting them have room to breathe, monitor their movements, stop their vehicles every time they go out at night, kick in doors, rub some noses in the dirt, bully the weaker gang members. The Caymanian public just need to get some dignity and self respect and start telling the police who is committing these crimes before more people get killed.

    The idiots think they are being nonchalent and defiant in the face of oppression by not speaking to the police when all they are doing is killing off the slim hope that there would have been even a glimpse of a future for their children. The island is too small. There are not that many Caymanian males that fit these criminals descriptions. The brainless morons are probably out boasting about their crimes and out in the bars wearing the same clothes as in the raids.

    The gas stations will be considering their need to stay open all hours or opt for serving at the window only. There’s no point them beefing up with more security guards, because no 5 buck an hour overweight security guard is gonna take a bullet for their employer.

    Hows about the business community coming up with some kind of rewards for persons grassing up the culprits. Or how about some of the more honest citizens including us expats who reap so much of what is sewn on the island starting some kind of scheme to set up a fund for rewards made available for providing information leading to arrests.

    There is too much of a selfish "it’s not happening to me" mentality. Let’s stop this before it is happening to you and your families. I’d happily pay say $100 if it had a good shot of seriously reducing violent crimes. If another 10,000 of the professionals on island that would spend this kind of moneyon dinner or on a pedicure, all pitched in we would have a serious crime fighting fund and could offer rewards which would get any caymanian talking.

    Just trying to come up with some ideas here because present approach is not working.

    • Twyla Vargas says:

      Sure the police would love to do all you have mentioned, kick butts, rub nose in dirt and so on, but guess what.   The parents of these youths then go to their politicians and say "My child was harrassed by the police"  or go to the Complaints and dicipline Department. who  is also afraid of Politcal feed back and side with the complaining parents. 

      Mek una children get a job, find something constructive for them to do at night time.  Stop washing dey duty clothes and giving dem three meals a day.   Let  dem know that you is the boss in ya house, and kick  dey ass when you have to.

      Trust me this will have to start at the home of Caymanin Parents.  Others who are not from here we know how to deal with them too.  Blame immigration for dem being yaw and n gaw no job.   Ye whaan be yaw,den wok.

    • what a mess says:

       precisely. (sigh)

    • Rorschach says:

      Sorry to tell you, but that is not how "community Policing" is done…Community policing goes out and tries to "connect" with the criminals…lets them know that it isn’t their them a nice hug to let them know that they are loved…and offers them counseling when they commit another offense…what you want is "real" policing…but,’re stuck with what you got…you can thank your last 4 British CoP’s for that..

  29. Kent says:

    Why hasn’t any news been posted on the robbery and "trashing" of West Shore Blockbuster the same night GT Burger King was robbed??  Is it because no one was there at the time – so no "guns" were seen?  I think we still need to hear about these crimes.

    CNS: We have requested a list of all the burglaries and break-ins over the past few weeks from the RCIPS and we hope to have that this afternoon.

    • Bodden says:

      CNS – think before you publish!

      Negative news abroad to ruin our tourism and economy more. That is the last thing Cayman need right now.

      CNS: Yes, much better to sweep everything under the rug so that nothing is done about it.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yo bodden…. go back tosticking your head in the sand……

      • Michelle says:

        "Bodden", are you serious??  You have GOT to be kidding not to report the crime that is going on here right now.  I have two small children and no t.v.  I check CNS everyday to know what’s going on.  I would much rather know what the heck is going on to be more aware and careful as to protect myself and my children…and I am more careful THANKS TO CNS FOR KEEPING ME INFORMED.

        Good grief.  That has got to be one of the most ridiculous comments I’ve read in a while.

        (Thanks for your comment as well CNS!)

  30. Laughing staulk!

    I don’t understand why this Commissioner of Police has inexperienced officers – many of them not locals on the streets??? 

    Can someone explain to me the whereabouts of the former Caymanian and local officers that had the "local knowledge" of dealing with these criminals???

    All we are hearing fromt he Commissioner is, he needs more officers from the UK so we can run ourselves more into debt!!!  What about managing the Police Service aright?!


    • Anonymous says:

      More Officers-More Crime-More Cost=Less Convictions. Just deplorable.

      What a waste of money the RCIPS is.

    • Anonymous says:

      There is undoubtedly a need for officers with local knowledge.  However there is also a downside to having local officers.  They are well known to the people committing these crimes and more liable to be subjected to pressure not to  do anything about it.

      Everyone is quick to blame the police for not challenging every idle individual, or for stopping speeding cars, or for checking car licences.  The job of the police is wide and varied and much information about criminal activity or associations comes from the seemingly routine and under appreciated aspects of the job – like vehicle checks.  Are the officers equipped and are there sufficient numbers for them to feel confident in challenging individuals on street corners. Also, how motivated will they be to detain individuals when no members of the public come forward to support and give evidence.  

      The problem here lies with society as a whole.  Until we all start to stand up and identify those committing crime the police are in essence powerless.

      There needs to be a zero tolerance to all crime.  To do this there needs to be sufficient officers with the right equipment and support.

    • Voice of Reason says:

       Time to bring help back in again? 

      Even Antigua can’t match this current crime epidemic. They have no one to call on.


      • Mat says:

        Oh please!

        I know how much you love "mother," but running to her everytime you fall into the ditch, is irresponsible. It is time you grow up, train your own officers, bring back the local-experienced ones, and manage your affairs. 

        Realise:  No one overseas can help us, but "we" ourselves!

    • I think everyone is asking how this COP is running the force?  With two previous gas stations robbed, you would have thought they would have caught up with these criminal’s "mode of operation"

    • TennisAce says:

       Why dont you join?   Why, instead of coming here and asking where are all the Caymanian police officers do you not join the police force? It is said that unemployment is rampant amongst Caymanians and that there are many qualified Caymanians out there seeking work.  Why do they not apply to the RCIPs, which is the only government entity that is still employing people?  I also understand that the RCIPs is fast tracking Caymanians into top positions in the police force, so if you have the qualifications and you join, no doubt you will be fast tracked to the level of an Inspector or some such high ranking position.  Then, you and many others like you who come on CNS and post can not only suggest ways to cut crime, but can actually be part of the implementation process. 

      Most of the criminality that is now going on in Cayman is being committed by young Caymanian men and women who have adopted the gangster lifestyles.   Most expats who no longer have jobs are leaving.   Who can afford to pay rent and utilities when they are not working? I understand that some expats who have children here are waiting until the school year ends before taking their children, packing their bags and heading to other jurisdictions.  That means that all the money that those expats were spending in terms of grocery, rent, utilities, school fees, doctor’s visits and all the other things that people who have families spend money on in the local economy has gone.  

      I guess this is what the 21 families that rule Cayman wants.  They want it to go back to the days when they could leave their palaces in Bodden Town and make it into George Town in 5 minutes.  However, at some point in time someone will be saying to Cayman and Caymanians, last one leaving, please turn out the lights. 

      It is all well and good to hide behind an anonymous name and talk about what the police should do and what the government should do, but how about asking, what can I do?  

      • Anonymous says:

        "Most of the criminality that is now going on in Cayman is being committed by young Caymanian men and women who have adopted the gangster lifestyles"

        And you boldly make this statement based on what exactly? Do you know the persons who are committing the crimes? If so you should inform the police. What clear proof of their nationality do you have that entitles you to make such a categoric statement?  


    • Anonymous says:

      This is an outrage. Baines needs to go.