Robbers used stolen car

| 14/06/2010

(CNS): Following the armed robbery at a Bodden Town gas station on Friday night, police have now said that they believe the armed robbers had stolen the car they used to commit the robbery from a man who was attacked in South Sound on Thursday night. Police have also confirmed that they have recovered a loaded shotgun as a result of coordinated search operations carried out the area after the arrests were made on Friday night. Police had arrested two men immediately after the robbery following a chase in which officers were fired at by the suspects. Following those arrests officers then made another two arrests on Sunday after an RCIPS operation in the Prospect area. (Photo by Dennie Warren Jr)

Police established during their enquiries that the getaway car used by the suspects to hold up Mostyns Esso on Bodden Town Road had been stolen. The white Honda Civic was taken during another robbery in the George Town area on Thursday evening (10 June). In that incident a man had been driving his car in the South Sound area when he was confronted by two masked men armed with a shotgun. He was then struck with the weapon and was forced to stay within the car as it travelled along Crewe Road.
A short time later he escaped from the vehicle and contacted a friend who conveyed him to hospital. He is currently being treated for serious facial injuries. 
Detective Inspector Collins Oremule, the officer leading the investigation into the Bodden Town incidents, is appealing for information about the movements of the stolen vehicle since Thursday night.
“The white Honda Civic was stolen on Thursday night sometime around 10.00 pm. Because of the nature of the injuries sustained by the victim we have, as yet, been unable to ascertain the exact location of the incident. It happened somewhere between the Grand Old House in South Sound and Crewe Road,” he said. “I would be keen to speak to anyone who saw a white Honda Civic in suspicious circumstances between 10.00 pm on Thursday night and the time the car was recovered by police in Bodden Town on Friday evening, as soon as possible. If you have any information about any of these crimes I would urge you to call us now.” 
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  1. anonymous says:

    The crime spree has nothing to do with unemployment but more to do with the drug supply drying up. Since the implementation of the Marine units and the helicopter the drug dealers are finding it more difficult to use their method of transporting drugs to the island by sea.There has also been several recent drug busts where large amounts of drugs have been seized by the police. When the drugs are not reaching the dealers to sell they have no money. These criminals are now hitting the businesses because it is a quick and easy way to get some money.

    Anyone that thinks that the crime spree is due to unemployment is sadly naive. The criminals that are commiting the crimes are often re offenders and they are not interested in making money the hard way ie. working for it.  

    • Pipple Pottle says:

      Good point.  It is a misconception that economic downturn leads to an upturn in violent crime. In fact,oddly, at time of recession there is often a moderate decrease in low level violent crime.  There is usually an increase in property crime, but not this sort of activity.  Your hypothesis would be a better explanation.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sadly, with growing unemployment and cheap labour driving down wages we are likely to see more and more of this type of crime, if the government does not do something to correct the problem. People are starving in these Islands. Foreign workers who cannot live on the low wages they accepted and Caymanians who are now unemployed. Sadly, most of what they hear appears to be for the protection of businesses who prefer lower waged imported labour, not the Caymanian. Many of our people are qualified, experienced and willing to do the jobs that they see reserved for foreign workers yet their applications are either not acknlowledged or they are passed over for a foreigner. These same Caymanians watch while the government makes changes to allow easier access to work permits for businesses in the financial industry and other sectors where Caymanian jobs are being lost, but no one seems to be policing what is happening, or protecting Caymanians. There is no longer a "Caymanian Protection Law" but an Immigration Law which has little in it to protect Caymanian workers but appears scewed to protect the businesses (some foreign owned) instead. To add insult to injury, some politicians seem to have more ears and sympathy for the foreign workers who call them complaining than for desperate Caymanians. Those same politicians who are making calls on behalf of the foreign workers might do well to remember whose vote put them there and who they should be working to help and protect! Many Caymanians and low waged foreigners are desperate and angry and unfortunately for all of us the growing crime is part of the result.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Video cameras in vehicles. How about getting video cameras installed in police vehicles.  It could help similar to the cctv cameras.

    • Pipple Pottle says:

      It would help much more because in-car videos at least have some crime enforcement value by providing an accurate arrest record as evidence.  CCTV does virtually nothing in terms of crime prevention and because itcan divert a large amount of resources, the prevailing view in the amongst the more sophisticated research is that CCTV systems ultimate harm crime prevention and detection.

  4. anonymous says:

    This does’t seem logical when you have hundreds of ‘WHITE HONDA CIVIC" on the roads.  I would presume that the "licence plate" would have been  the prime alert. 

    A suggestion is to place an amber light with infor near stop lights or intersections to  alert  drivers of such incidents -like they do for missing children and crimes in the US and other countries.   It should be considered to save time and money of the Government which is not available presently

    There is too much being withheld and people are asked to assist after the fact – "Communication is the key to good success".


  5. Anonymous says:

    Was there no APB alert sent out? I don’t recall the police saying the car was stolen.

    Perhaps they need to start thinking ahead of the criminals – normally you steal a car in order to committ another crime. Wake up RCIPS!

    • Anonymous says:

      They already knew the car was stolen and might have been used to commit a robbery and had officers looking out for the vehicle. Not everything you read on the news is 100% accurate. Your the one that need to wake up.

  6. Beachboi says:

    Beside the obvious need to start hanging all of these XXXXX criminals there are discrepancies in the crimes of the past few nightsthat I dont understand.  First the botched kidnapping incident at GOH was reported to have happened outside the restaurant and now it is being reported that the victim was driving his car in the South Sound area when he was confronted by the gunmen.  What is the real story??

  7. voice says:

    Criminals are traitors of this country. Maximum punishment. No mercy on them.

  8. Anonymous says:

     Why ask for information from the public now, when you should have requested the public’s assistance from early Friday morning.  It seems as if there is a mental block with the uniformed branch.  It is so XXXX non- sensical.  You ask for help immediately an incident occurs, that is when people remember best.  This is why the police will never be ahead of the criminals.  Smile, you are daft.  Welcome to the club.

    • Macman says:

      The way I see it the RCIPS are wasting their time asking for the public’s assistance. They will never get it!

      The only thing Joe Public is good for is running down the police. Help the police that’s a laugh the majority of those who bad mouth the police are related to, or know who is committing these crimes but as soon as one of these thugs is caught all you hear is  " Well IF they are Caymanian then they are doing this because they cannot get a job (managers position of course) because all the expats are getting the jobs" What a load of BS these thugs are committing the crimes because they don’t want to work for the money!


      • ACS says:

        I totally agree with you Macman it makes no sense to help these officers.  Friday night i received a call from a friend who asked me in turn to give their friend a ride home.  I decided that i would do it, cause i knew the person briefly, so i called the guy that needed a ride. He told me he was down starapple road so i go to the back of starapple road and i did not see him.  I then called him to find out his location and he said he was actually on the main road close to Northward.  I felt completely weird about the whole thing but decided i would still go to collect him.  when i drove to the top of Will T (Which is a road adjoined to starapple) i saw loads of police cars.  an officer came to me and asked if i saw any boys in the back of the road and i said no, once he explained to me that there was a robbery i informed him straight away that I was asked to give a guy a ride and told him that i found the whole thing dodgy that one minute this guy was supposedly on starapple drive and was now on the main road close to northward.  Why the XXXX did i open my mouth and give the RCIPS this type of information for?? I was then treated like a criminal, my car was searched, my mum was told to move away from the scene by several officers when she came to find out what was wrong with me, I was searched, my handbag was searched, my cell phone was taken away and i was taken in a police car with an officer in the back to the BT station, in which i was held for several hours to give a statement and to date have not been given by my cellular phone.  I will never ever assist the RCIP’s again, i could have lied and told them i was going home but instead i told them the truth just in case this person could have been a likely individual. NEVER AGAIN IN MY LIFE WILL I BE OF ASSISTANCE TO ANY OFFICER! for all i know the person i was to give a lift probably did not have anything to do with it, but what i do know is that I was treated unfairly!!!! 

        Oh BTW, never give anyone a ride unless you can swear by them. 

        • Dred says:

          Boy oh boy is this a wonderful opportunity to jump on the police but I won’t because I find that we are at an impass now.

          I look at the landscape and I see this:

          On one side we have a semi-inept police force priding themselves on reaction rather than prevention.

          On the other side I see criminals enjoying the fact that we are all crossed up against the police and using this against us.

          I can’t tell you we have the best police force on earth. I can’t tell you that we have a clean police force but we have a choice as I see it. We are either going to stand up or fall flat. Falling flat leaves us with criminals running rampant and us b’ing and moaning on the sidelines.

          Who looses in this equation? We do. We always loose unless we are brace enough to win.

          So do we help the police or the criminals. If you think you have some middle ground then you are sadly mistaken. If you help you help the police and if you don’t you help the criminals. There is NO middle ground. You MUST choose a side and before it’s too late. We need to do something about this.

          We will loose our home. We will loose everythingour forefathers worked so hard to build.

          I call out to the Politicians. There is NO ROOM for UDP or PPM in this. It’s time to UNITE against a common enemy. Put aside your political BS and let’s tackle these punks and put them behind bars. Do whatever you need to do to bring these down.

        • Macman says:

          Did you actually read what I had written….obviously you did not!

          You could be possibly (note I only say possibly) one of the people I specified as knowing one of these criminals.

          What were you doing driving around looking for someone to give them a ride??

          Your story makes no sense!


          • ACS says:

            You were right i did not read your post in its entirety! only the first line! guilty! secondly my story makes sense, its simply states that i was giving a friend of a friends a ride, don’t act like you haven’t done that before. Its the Islands for crying out loud.  thirdly, the person said they were in the back of starapple road which happens to be the road i live in (did not mention that, as I did not deem it necessary; is that better clarification for you?)therefore, i was not driving up and down, i simply went to the back of the road, hence why i was called in the first place for the ride. fourthly, I could not find my keys for about 20 minutes cause i misplaced them, finally when i did i went to look for the person and they were not at the back of my road so i called and they said they were on the main road. understand! or does it still make no sense sometimes you just need to give way too much information to people so they dont jump to conclusions like yourself.  Fifthly i did not agree with your post and i will reiteterate i only agreed that it is useless that the Police try to gain info from the public.  Whether you were being sarcastic or not does not matter. i agreed with that line.

            why would anyone want to help police when in turn you will be treated like a criminal yourself?