Teen charged in cop shooting

| 16/06/2010

(CNS): The sixteen year old boy who has been charged with robbery and two counts of possessing an unlicensed firearm in connection with a gas station robbery on 11 June has now been charged with attempted murder. The teen appeared in court this morning regarding the robbery and firearms charges but was remanded in custody and listed to appear before the chief magistrate on Friday 18 June. The police have now also charged the young man with attempted murder of police as a result of shots which were fired on officers during a chase which ensued after the robbery. (Photo by Dennie Warren Jr)

The boy cannot be named as he is a minor and as he was the only suspect charged in the case, although three other men have also been arrested in connection with the same robbery. Police say they have released one man on police bail while two others remain in custody as enquiries into the incident continue.
The armed robbery took place at Mostyns Esso in Bodden after which the young suspects escaped in a stolen car. They were pursued by the police when the getaway vehicle did notrespond to police sirens and lights. The suspects abandoned the car in the Lower Valley area and officers were fired upon when they gave chase on foot. The teen and one other man were then arrested. Police said that evidence and a load firearm had been recovered.
The getaway car turned out to be the vehicle stolen from an employee of Grand Old House who was car jack and assaulted with the butt of a firearm on Thursday 10 June in South Sound.
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