Tibbetts says no to fuel duty

| 18/06/2010

(CNS): – Full story update-: Although the leader of the opposition said he was reluctant to vote no to the budget he told the Legislative Assembly on Friday that he could not support it while it contained the 25 cent rise in fuel duty.  Kurt Tibbetts stated that the increase on a gallon of fuel would have a serious impact on everyone’s electricity bills and on the cost of living in general when business passed the increase on to customers. In his response to the premier’s budget presentation the opposition leader said he and his colleagues were relieved to see the three year plan, which they had advocated, even if it was vague, but criticized the budget statement for being short on detail and overlyoptimistic. (Photo Dennie Warren Jr)

Tibbetts said the opposition agreed with a lot of things the premier had said in his statement but had concerns over the statistics. The PPM leader warned that government’s previous predictions were woefully in accurate. He reminded the House that in October the government had brought a budget which not only balanced but was expected to deliver a surplus of $5 million dollars but which had turned out to be a deficit of $50 million.

Tibbetts spoke for less than two hours in his response to McKeeva Bush’s budget presentation delivered to the House on Tuesday, when he asked the government to drop the fuel increases. The PPM leader also asked the premier to roll back the heavy business and work permit fees imposed on the private sector in the last budget whic had undermined the volume of business. He also called for action on public sector and  pointed out that in an 88 page address the premier had dedicated a mere three paragraphs to address one of the country’s major concerns – the increase in violent crime.

The real cost of the proposed private finance initiatives such as the cargo port on the community, the dangers of a rising cost of living and the lack of specifics were the opposition leader’s main criticism as he delivered his response to a budget presentation which he said was full of inconsistencies and which would burden the community without addressing the burning issues.

Talking about the need for more consultation and offering support to government to improve the country’s future fortunes together, the leader of the opposition told the premier that the fuel increase was a dangerous and inflationary measure which he should reconsider.Tibbetts reminded the premier that the UDP had championed the interests of the average man and woman during the election but almost immediately had lost its concern. Government had already re-imposed the 20 cent gallon duty on diesel fuel used by CUC which had been removed by the PPM administration.


 “Now a year later, the same government is proposing to further increase the cost of electricity by adding another 25 cents duty per gallon to the cost of diesel fuel. It will therefore cost the consumer 45 cents more for every gallon of diesel used to generate the electricity they consume than it did a year ago,” he said adding that this would translate to an increase in fuel bills of more then 10 percent.
The opposition leader also questioned the capital projects which the premier had cited as playing a key part in the governments economic recovery plans. He warned that private finance initiatives for public sector projects always cost the people in the end.
“The Premier talks about PFIs as though they solve the problem and make these projects affordable. Of course you can keep the cost of the project off the government’s balance sheet if you can find private investors to put up the money. But that does not make the cost disappear. The country must pay sooner or later, one way or another. The cargo dock and related facilities would be paid for by increased costs of everything landed there, everything we import by sea. The country would pay. It would pay not only for the cost of the project, but also for the profit made by the private financiers,” Tibbetts said.
He also queried the premier’s claim the projects would not require supporting infrastructure from government as it was already in place or would be built by the private investors. “How can a cargo facility be located at the East End of the Island without requiring a lot of work on roads and setting up additional operations and facilities for the Port Authority and Customs? How can Dr Shetty’s hospital project require no infrastructure? If it brings in great numbers of people to work and be treated there, will they not require all the usual range of government services? ” he asked.
When it came to the need for public sector reform, Tibbetts said the opposition agreed that it is crucial to the long term solution for controlling government spending but was disappointed to see so little detail. “We have been saying for some time that hacking at jobs and salaries is not the solution, so we are pleased to see the premier making remarks to the same effect,” Tibbetts noted. “But there is nothing in the premier’s address about other ways of reducing the cost of government, and nothing about the need for effective oversight of the public service by the governor or his delegates – which was the fundamental cause of government’s ballooning operational costs.
“After more than a full year in office and after having had the benefit of the Miller-Shaw Report….for some four months, the government should be able to say with some specificity what it is proposing to do about the fundamentals of government’s expenditure. But it hasn’t.”
He told the Legislative Assembly that government claims of cutting over 10% of the appropriations initially planned for 2010/2011 was an exercise common before very budget and nothing of consequence appears to have been done on Miller’s recommendations, much more needed to be said by government, than announcing its commitment to public sector reform.
“This late in the day the government should be telling us what exactly it proposes to do to secure a sustainable reduction in government’s operational expenditures. Surely the time for vague statements and nice sounding rhetoric on this issue must be past,” Tibbetts added.
Although the opposition leader said he recognised the premier’s statement was about the budget he was still disappointed to hear so little about crime as it was not possible to separate it from the economy. “Violent crime is already doing serious harm to our economy, and it is getting worse,” he said. “Let us put the crime problem front and centre in the country’s economic recovery plan. As long as crime remains a major national concern and there are persistent media images portraying Cayman as the new Wild West to the rest of the world, our economic fortunes will take a beating. Tourists will not feel comfortable here if our own people do not feel safe and secure. The same applies to investors whose support we need…”
Tibbetts also called on the premier to adopt a more consultative approach and proposed a national conference to discuss in detail the future options for Cayman.
“This conference should bring together key stakeholder groups and the best brains in the country – economists, sociologists, crime fighters, etc. — to engage in in-depth discussion and analysis of national problems over at least two days and agree on what needs to be done,” said Tibbetts. “Human history is essentially the history of ideas. Ideas have always served as the seeds of change for a better world.”
He said the Cayman Islands could benefit from an infusion of new ideas and challenging times call for visionary and inspiring leadership. “Caymanians are counting on us as legislators to make a difference,” Tibbetts reminded the members of the LA before he wound up his contribution to the debate.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Kurt, it’s over. Go home, lie down and enjoy the rest of your life. You’ve earned it. Your time has passed – it’s what happens to all politicians eventually, so no need to feel bad about it, it’s just a natural process. For the sake of your party’s future prospects, pass the torch on, but only to someone who has a history of competence in office, and who is not blatantly self-serving with rather expensive delusions of grandeur (to put it mildly!). My suggestion (assuming he doesn’t get flattened by a bulldozer anytime soon, of course) would be Arden. While not in the least a supporter of any party (truthfully), I have always been impressed with his leadership qualities, not least being his willingness to seek compromise whilst at the same time holding fast to his beliefs. He sorted out the issue with DMS most diplomatically, I recall, and his conduct during the last election in East End was most gracious. Also, I don’t get the impression he is in it for the fame and glory but rather because he feels he can do good for his country, an attitude that gets my vote any day of the week.

  2. Anonymous says:


    1) Ellio Solomon-  Went from being the man we all thought would be a voice for the people to just being a puppet.  Not even one month with his big salary and he switched cars to the big MERCEDES BENZ and you cannot find this man anywhere to answer a single question.

    2)Mike Adam-  Probably one of the few elected members with any common sense.  However still a puppet on a string.  This man would get alot more done if he was an independant.  Making some changes but not enough.

    3) Dwayne Seymour-  Since the fight over his wife he has dropped completely out of sight.  You do not see him no more and do not hear from him no more.  Completely gone from view.  Really sad to know that he has disappeared like this.  Waste of taxpayers money on this elected official.

    4) Mark Scotland- Another man that could do well if he was an independant.  He has the brains but he is in the shadows of the party.  He needs to step out and become a voice for the people.

    5) Cline Glidden Jr.-  We never see him except to know he is off travelling with the Premier.  This young talented man should be more out there and making things happen.

    6) Capt. Eugene Ebanks- WHY THE HELL ARE YOU STILL THERE? You are a waste of every dollar paid to you.  RETIRE.

    7) Rolston Anglin-  I give the man respect where respect is due.  He has done alot and has alot on his plate to deal with. Education is not an overnight problem that can be dealt with overnight answers.  So keep on working and ignore the party politrix.

    8) McKeeva Bush-  He was the same yesterday….same today and will be the same tomorrow.  I would love to sit with this man one day and have a talk.  One wonders where his intentions really lay.

    9)Julianna O’Conner Conolly-  She doing her thing for her people in the Brac.  No complaints there on her!!

    10) Ezzard Miller-  The check and balance of the MLA’s.   He has kept his promises to his constituents and is doing his thing.  We were right to elect him and I hope bigger and better things for him over the next 3 years.  Keep up the good work.

    11) Kurt Tibbetts-  The only time we hear from you is when Mac makes big speeches.  You are worn out as the Opposition Leader and re-electing you would only prove to show we are only changing out the guards back and forth.  Retirement would be good for you right about now.

    12) Arden McLean-  Very outspoken and continues to be a voice for his East Enders.  I do not think he should ever be made a Minister again.   He does not have the vision needed as one.  Makes a great MLA or Backbencher or Opposition Member.  However we expect more of you.

    13) Alden McLaughlin-  Definately the future leader of the PPM.  He has taken the lead and it clearly shows.  Kurt may want to stand down and retire as said before.  Alden I wish you were an independant as the UDP have some ideas I feel you would cross over and support if you were not.

    14) Tony Eden-  WHO ARE YOU AGAIN?  Why do we continue to pay this man for NOTHING.  You are worst than Capt. Eugene.  Retire to that huge mansion log house you have built in Lower Valley. PLEASE DO NOT RUN AGAIN.

    15) Moses Kirkconnell-  Another one that should be Independant.  No one voted for you in the Brac because you were PPM.  They did because they felt you could get things done for them.  Break away from the party so you can be your own man and vote on laws and motions from your heart not your affiliation.

    Overall grade of the MLA’s C-


  3. Sam says:

    Tibbetts will say "NO" to anything McKeeva proposes; vice versa…

    It is what you call "party politrix"

    • Anonymous says:

      Err. they did not say no to the Shetty Hospital, so I think your case is disproved.   

    • Forelock says:

      In countries with mature democratic systems the leader of a losing party usually resigns and allows new leadership to rise.

      In this way an opposition party renews itself and has the credibility to hold the party in power to account.

      Unfortunately, despite the UDP’s massive loss in 2005 and the PPM’s worse loss in 2009, the leadership of neither party has changed, hence the same old tired to and fro, scoring political points one against the other and no genuine progress.

      Both McKeeva and Kurt should quit and let some new players with new energy and ideas on to the stage.

      • Anonymous says:

        Excuuuuuse me Anon 19:45, the loss the UDP took in 2005 was far worse than the loss the PPM got in 2009. The PPM won every seat (9 in all) that they contested in 2005, that is 100%, & then Moses joined the PPM (he was always against the UDP but had not joined the PPM before the elections). The UDP also won 9 seats in 2009, but did not get all their UDP candidates elected! The 2005 loss for the UDP was far worse, remember "9 in deh behind"? That is what the UDP got in 2005! Oh but boi, the people cussing now. The vast majority of people are crying & saying that they realise they made a drastic & dreadful mistake because the ‘Cayman train’ which had slowed down (mainly because of the worldwide recession) has now left the track. The Cayman people are bawling!

        • Anonymous says:

          Absolutely correct. What is most telling is that all of the PPM Ministers, save one, were re-elected by their constituents in 2009, with two of them gaining an overall majority of all registered voters (not simply of those who voted) in their respective electoral districts. In 2005 elections the majority of the UDP Ministers were dismissed by their constituents. 4 of the 5 UDP MLAs that were actually returned were from one single district.  

    • BORN FREE says:

      In May 2009 the people of Cayman elected the UDP to govern the country! The UDP is now the government, so why do a few people keep on asking the PPM for suggestions? If they wanted the PPM’s suggestions they would have re-elected the PPM. But the people unfortunately elected the UDP & because the people now realise that the UDP have no solutions to the problems a few people are asking the PPM for suggestions! Well get over it, the UDP is the government. The people wanted the UDP, & now that they have the UDP they are asking for the PPM. Well folks, it is too late, take what you get. Instead of asking the PPM for suggestions PLEASE demand the government TO FIND SOLUTIONS! Furthermore, everyone knows that it is a waste of time making suggestions to a dictator. The dictator does not even listen to his party colleagues muchless the opposition.

      It is not the job of the PPM to find solutions to the problems, it is the job of the UDP to do so. And please spare me the crap about "that is the job of the opposition"! That is a load of hogwash. It is the job of the elected government to find solutions, & it is the job of the opposition to keep them in check. Therefore, in future please demand solutions from the government, NOT THE OPPOSITION. It is understandably depressing that the government that was elected by the people are incapable of solving the problems but that is what we deserve. We get the government we ask for.

    • Anonymous says:

      lol… sorry I just had to laugh, seeing the many thumbs-down on your comment. Apparently alot of people blindly support the man or feel sorry for him

  4. dxtr says:

    Happy to see that Electric cars are finally approved for the road. Oops …

    • The truth is an offence,but not a sin says:

      Just wait till they up duties on the importation of your electric cars,,tell me what you going do then!!! UNcle Bills sell bicycles cheap

  5. Joe Bananas says:

    Take away all the talk, all the words from all the politicians and what you have left is just the facts.  Cayman makes x amount of dollars per year.  Cayman now spends x-plus amount.  Cayman owes over 600 million plus interest. (Don’t they teach this simple arithmetic in Cayman schools?)  There is no good way to get more money out of an already stressed out public.  The facts speak of an overly bloated and over paid Government.  The smart thing to do and I"M sure everyone can agree is to CUT the Government down to a reasonable size and give them a reasonable salary period!  The PROBLEM is the leadership is not "prepared"to do this.  They are however "prepared" to try and get even more money out of the public to continue their lifestyles of the rich and famous and the Caymanian voters are "prepared"to let them. So who’s fault is this big, never ending mess really?  Caymans leadership for acting like spoiled kids or the Caymanian people for acting like uncaring and unavailable parents?

    What is the end product of letting the foxes rule the henhouse?


  6. Anonymous says:

    I see the government has adopted a similar policy to that of the cell phone companies. Try to attract new clients with discounts (duty reductions) without consideration of existing clients. There used to be a day when one took care of existing clients and business would follow. As we seem not to understand the very basics of business, is it any wonder we ares suffering economic hardship?  

    Or perhaps I don’t understand politics. I suppose it is smarter politically to spread the burden across all inhabitants of the island (expats included) rather than reduce costs in government which would predominantly affect Caymanians, or by another name – voters. 

  7. Anonymous says:

    thank you Mr. Tibbets!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Put a 25 cents charge on the company that imports the gas.

    Gas comes no doubt from Miami, and cost bout CI 2.16 a gallon. I am sure that is not the price they buy it for.
    It doesn’t cost CI 2.30 a gallon  to get it here, so someboy is making a lot of money here.

    Could CNS come up with the real names and numbers, so we can all get informed. Who brings it in, what does it cost, how many gallons etc.

    With an increase of 25 cents, some people might not be able to afford to go to work anymore. Crime then becomes the only solution.

    It is clear to me that this government (Bush) wants poor people out and rich people in. It will result in a 2 class society, if that is not already the case.

    • Anonymous says:

      You most certainly have my attention and it is already a 2 class society.

      Truer words never spoken regarding wanting the poor out and the rich in.  Big Mac needs to remember where he came from because back in the day he and his family didn’t have a pot to p**s in nor a window to throw it out of!

      He got to where he is today because he bought out every crack head and alcoholic in West Bay when he first ran for election and has kept their habit alive from then til now.

      Don’t worry I didn’t dream this one up.  I know what I’m talking about and you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!  He even has his guard dogs (security) approach you if you get within 100 yds of his fortress where within his queen awaits her next trip to the grocery store only to have their chauffer push the cart.

      It is a shame that with all this money being spent on such luxuries I still can go to the stores in West Bay and see teh little children being turned away because they are a nickel short of the cost of their treat.

      Or when I go to the hospital there sits the prisoner who is exempt from paying for their visit while I have to dig deep in my pockets to make sure their visits are free!  It is disgusting McKeeva… you have shamed the entire Caymanian community and I mean CAYMANIAN!  We are now like grandma’s teeth… few and far apart!


  9. Anonymous says:

    You know we are all blaming PPM then UDP, it is just a big political blame game. In reality all politicians have played a part in putting us where we are today. Some have made significant contributions while other have played lesser roles.

    Is everything that Mr Bush does bad for the country?  NO

    Is everything that Mr Tibbetts does for the country bad? NO

    We are going to get no where if all we see is the political leaders. If everytime something comes up we go well PPM is no better or UDP is no better. We should all be thinking about the Cayman Islands not the political parties. Most people I have spoke to hate party politics.

    Right now we are in a bad financial condition. We can see some positives. Yes we got the UK to approve lending meaning that they supported the budget measures. What ever they do is going to make someone unhappy. The question is which measure is better? It would seem that we still have not hit the bottom of this recession.

  10. Anonymous says:

    For the life of me, I cannot understand why the PPM does not try to come up with an alternate plan or offer solutions. This would be a time for them to shine and gain some ground.

    Sure being against the fuel increase will increase your popularity but did anyone think that Kurt or anyone else in the PPM was going to say that was a good thing? It was a foregone conclusion, now used as an attention getter and with no alternative plan suggested. I don’t thin there is one soul in Cayman including McKeeva that can say that is a good thing for our country.

    The PPM is still trying to use the politics of old and seixing the moment to say "gotcha" or "I told you so." That kind of foolishness needs to be put behind us and we start working together and offering constructive criticsm and offer concrete and workable alternatives. Trying to be "one up" or to raise your popularity at at time like this angers me. I want to see true care and concern for my country not a bunch of bickering and snickering useless politicians.

    The fact of the matter is people what we are faced with is an ailing economy that needs serious help. The problem is that somewhere along the way the popularity of the party contest became more important and we have lost sight of what is truly necessary to bring our country back.

    I totally agree with Kurt as well that the gas tax is going to hurt us. Whoever says it won’t is a fool but Kurt, rather than trying to win favor for yourself and your party for heavens sake can’t you sit down with your party and hammer some new and innovative ideas. Somebody has to think outside of the box. The gas tax has always been the card in the box and once again it is being played.

    Enough with politcs, popularity contest and " one upmanship!" It is time for someone to start offering good and sound alternatives. PPM you have the greatest opportunity, I lost faith in your party because of your poor handling of the country’s affairs during your term but that doesn’t mean you can’t win me back….as we say in Cayman…"Do something nah!!"


  11. Anonymous says:

    and una said KT and PPM can’t manage the country, well at least they have enough common sense to know you can’t retain or attract more business by charging more for it!

    i found this on CNS viewpoint

    15 MLAs x $120,000 (on average)= $1,800,000
    15 MLAs x $96,000 (original 20% cut) = $1, 440,000

    Savings to the country: $360,000

    15 MLAs x $120,000 (on average)= $1,800,000
    15 MLAs x $116, 160 (new 3.2% cut) = $1, 742,400

    Savings to the country: $57,600

    now I heard Ellio say that if they took this cut it would not make a difference, you tell me saving 360k would not make a difference?  becos of their greed we have to suffer, becos they have to pay for their mercedes we have to suffer…

    tell ya one thing una did a bad thing voting UDP in, i remember during election on supporter called in to Rooster and said under PPM she  could’nt buy food i betcha she saying something different now!

    Mac and UDP and every CS making over 7k a month should take a 20% CUT…

    UDP not for poor people, he is only  there to please the rich man make um come in here and digg up and build what they want! they killing us!


  12. A Guy says:

    Price of fuel going up = price of the most expensive taxis in the world going up = more drink drivers.


    Great plan ya muppet.

    • Pending says:

      Equals more revenue through the courts…. if they are caught by the RCIPS.


      • Anonymous says:

        Very silly. You should be thinking of the risk of death or injury on the roads not revenue IF they are caught.   

  13. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Opposition I agree with you, the increase duty on fuel will have a serious impact on everyone’s electricity bills, also their food bills, entertainment, even our struggling tourism sector; but does your party have an alternative  to raise the much needed revenue?   Until now I have not heard your party suggest one thing that will help the government clear up the financial mess left by your party.   Give workable solutions that’s what is needed right now, no more talk-talk.


  14. joe u k now who is right says:

    i really think you are in the right shoes on this one sir kurt everything big mack wants to go up but what about peoples wages he wants to cut even government employees he thinks that all will stay here with is rich people like mike ryan and dart XXXXX what happen to us ,middle class people who bust our a$$ every day to do the right thing to make a living  and survive in this country what is going to happen when fuel rises is brings fuel up because vendors, ships , trucks with containers  bring food to these stores , also c.u.c. will bring there cost up in electricity, home gas if they get tax will bring there cost up in propane which means a plate a food in a restaurant will cost more so big mac  Kurt is right find tax somewhere else but do not kill the people who keep this island alive by raising fuel charge 

    thank you  sir Kurt for putting a word for this beautiful island against big mac

    thank you too mr arden also for calling  big mac a liar cause  all he cares about is his rich people and money i hope you the opposition and give big mac a copy for me 

  15. Anonymous says:

    Raising the cost of living in a recessionary economy will only serve to increase the level of crime….precisely what we do not need at this time.

  16. IRON CLAD says:

    Now that’s how we do it.

    Just say NO!! when it is the right thing to do.

    Thank you very much, Kurt.

    Never the less, IRON CLAD

  17. anonymous says:

    Kurt I applaud you for always looking out for your Cayman people and their livelihood.  Everyone knows that Mac has hidden agendas and could not care less about us.  He only have the love for money, which is the root of all evils.  Thanks for looking out for us again!!

    • Anonymous says:

      You do not appear to have any sense.  The extravagant new schools, huge govt building, not mention the whopping increase in the size and cost of the civil service under the PPM is why we need to increase taxes on fuel.  The PPM huge spending spree in the face of the economic perfect storm was the most foolhardy thing any government has done in our country’s history.  

      Discerning persons can see exactly what the PPM want the UDP to do.  All you have to do is look at what options they (PPM) have publicly said they dont support and subtract those from the available options.  

      OK now that you have done the math.

      Correct answer – go at the civil service.  Ironic but true.   

      • Live Free... says:

        Anonymous 09:09 you said, quote, that  the extravagant new schools, huge government building and not to mention the whopping increase in the size and cost of the civil service under the PPM, iswhy we need to increase taxes on fuel and also the PPM huge spending spree in the face of the economic perfect storm was the most fool hardy thing any government has done in our country’s history. Well you might notice I edit your comment to let it sound much better, however you is blaming PPM for the whopping increase on fuel because of their spending spree and the huge Government building and the increase of civil servants.

        Now let me set the record straight for you, the increase on fuel is because the Government of the day needs to bring down the heavy deficit of 65 Million, which was cause under their financial year of 2009-2010 because they didn’t like the fact about doing a three year plan with FCO and also trying to avoid borrowing, so the Government of the day decided to increase the revenue across the board by affecting the duties and increasing rental fees in January, do you remember that? All that did was made matters worse and that’s why the deficit is so high and the Government of the day did more damage by increasing the permits fees about a month ago also. So tell me where PPM is responsible for the after mention fuel increase? Because when I last check the PPM Government  is not responsible for  this budget year 2010-2011 either, so blaming PPM for the present financial situation is ignorant of you, for it is the Government of the day that is fool hardly leading us in to a storm of financial depression. When PPM was removed from power we were only in a recession, which was the cause of the financial breakdown, not the spending on schools, roads and the new Government building, how simple can you be, take your head out of the sand and start paying attention to what is going on in your Islands. And by the way, this is the worst Government in history of these Islands, according to their track record since being in power a year ago.




    • Anonymous says:

      Then why the hell do we keep electing him?

  18. Anonymous says:

    Nice try Kurt, but we know once it’s been said by our Premier, it is solid. "He nah tinking bout we poor folks", especially we who lost our jobs, got pay cuts, got 3 & 4 day work days instead of 5 days, have to pay pension & health, and now higher electric bills, gas bills, food bills and all other bills. I say everyone who makes $3000.00 in the cs should not get no 3.2% cut, that $96 could help us pay for fuel, anyway Kurt thanks for trying, but as far as I can see you may as well shut your mouth up, cause he nah listen to a word you say or any opposition or independent or even his own party boys.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Mr Tibbetts for taking a stand for us!!!!

  20. Anonymous says:

    "no" – that’s the same thing Kurt said when Mac and Ellio told him to not spend us into the ground.

  21. Anonymous says:

    $60 Million Surplus in Three Years,

    Okay government now prove us, the public, wrong.

    Sign Me,

    Gone fishnin till 2013,

  22. Anonymous says:

    "Overly optimistic" is the Understatement of the Century.

    • Anonymous says:

      The fuel duty proposed by Mckeeva Bush is going to hurt the "small man" & we can’t take no more hurt! It does not bother Bush because everything is paid for him by us (car, chauffeur, body guards, hosekeeper, cook, holidays etc etc). He couldn’t care less because he gets a very big fat salary & much of his expense is paid for by the Cayman people.
      Thank you Mr. Tibbetts for looking out for us, the "small man." However, you can talk till you weak, but you know Bush not going to listen, but that is what the peoplewanted so that is what they get! "They wanted UDP, so take UDP. More pain to come." The PPM was accused of building new schools, new roads & a new office building, but for sure we didn’t suffer like we suffering now! "Tha wha ya get."

  23. Anonymous says:

    Well said, Mr. Tibbetts, but we know Mr. Bush will not listen.

    • Anonymous says:

      Saying no to the fuel hike is a "no brainer".  Who is surprised that the LOGB speaks out against it.  Its politics 101.

      What i want to hear from Kurt is specific options to balance the budget. How does he propose to pay for the two new schools and the new huge government building and pay for the 30% rise in govt salaries that was the result of his administration.

      Thats what i want to hear.  Not these holier than thou statements that anyone can buy off the shelf. 


      • Anonymous says:

        You are a little mixed up. Kurt is the Leader of the Opposition, not the LOGB which is the reason it is not his job to find specific ways to raise revenue. His job is to hold govt. policies up to scrutiny. But in any event ideas have been put forward to raise the necessary revenue and to cut expenditure. Re the latter, Big Mac is being held accountable for his commitment to cut MLA salaries by 20% and his own by 30%.   

        • Anonymous says:

          Not mixed up at all. What you have said essentially means that the Opposition is there simply to oppose. 

          So that means anyone can do that job.  In that case lets cut the opposition MLA’s salaries by 75%.

          There is a shortfall in the budget between expenditure and revenue.  So you basically have two choices 1) raise fees and taxes (did you hear the loud opposition as every option was presented to read public feedback); and 2) cut civil service salaries and benefits (Opposition Party quiet on this one  as they were trying to lull the UDP into going for it, but of course they will loudly oppose this option if the UDP does any more than what the civil servants have agreed to).

          The Govt simply took the line of least resistance.  Can you imagine the uproar if the budget address had proposed property or income tax?

          • Anonymous says:

            That’s not what I have said at all. The Opposition’s main role is to question the government of the day and hold them accountable to the public. 

            If you are concerned about getting value for money from legislators you should suggest eliminating completely Capt. Eugene and Dwayne Seymour who serve no purpose whatsoever except adding to number of yes votes for the govt..   

            Govts are not elected to take the line of least resistance. They are expected to make informed, sensible decisions that carefully take into account benefits and consequences.  

      • Anonymous says:

        Precisely. Anyone can speak against such a proposal, surely. We need ideas, Mr.Kurt, not politrics as usual.