People pay premier’s bills

| 21/06/2010

(CNS): The premier is not feeling the pain of rising utility bills since the people of the Cayman Islands are paying them, a freedom of information request to the Cabinet Office has revealed. The public also paid more than $5,000 for a Christmas lighting display in December at the Bush home as well as the light bill to run it. Over the six-month period December 2009 to end of May 2010, government funds paid bills for phone, fax, electricity and water for McKeeva Bush’s residence in West Bay amounting to $11,451, which included light bills totalling over $7,600. The people are also paying over $2,000 a month for a personal housekeeper/cook for the premier, while security at the Bush household cost  over $87,000.

This housekeeper/cook position is within a pay band that earns between $25,272 and $33,996 per year, following the 3.2% cutback that begins 1 July 2010 (currently between $26,088 and $35,088 per year or $2,174 and $2,924 per month). Therefore, Bush’s home utility and staffing bills are costing the country approximately $4,000 per month if the housekeeper is at the bottom of the pay scale band.

The bill for on-site security guard services for the same 6-month period came to $45,600 and electronic security cost the country $41,868.

CNS understands that government did not pay the utility bills for previous leaders of government business and ministers other than cell phone expenses. However, security protection has been provided for all ministers and the attorney general following an armed robbery on 15 September 2005 in Patrick’s Island, in which the robbers overpowered occupants of the house, tied them up and put pillowcases over their heads. It was suspected at the time that the intended victim was Attorney General Samuel Bulgin but the robbers went to the wrong house.

Decision regarding the FOI request

Outline of Expenses

Premier’s bills

Job Description of Housekeeper/Cook

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  1. Anonymous9 says:

    Sorry, I know this is long winded but I hope worth the read!

    I can safely say that the ‘perks’ such as free suv’s, unlimited gas, all living expenses on top of a healthy salary has been going on for years. And yes, all the MLA’s  benefit from very generous perks.

    Keep in mind that it began in the salad days when we were all fat and happy. Right?

    The issue is that these are NOT THE SALAD DAYS anymore. How can ANY of those people in good conscience accept such extravagance and unnecessary freebies? Because that is what has been allowed and is allowed now.  It’s sitting there!! Why not take it!! Status symbols! Don’t you just loooove your status symbols! Admit it.

    I would feel SO guilty if I were in any of their shoes. Especially with everything else that has been going on, pay cuts, pension holidays, fee hikes and the budget being such a mess.

    We elect leaders to make decisions based on the good of our country. We depend on their ‘good’ judgment to do this. We grew up with them, they are our neighbours and our friends, we go to church with them. Charles Glidden said last night in an interview on the news that we do this because they are our friends and they run our country so we put them on a pedestal. So we certainly can’t expect their fellow ‘pals’ to be any kind of a watchdog can we?!?

    Now do you know why we need a watchdog? Now do you know why Dan had to be let go!? 

    In today’s Compass, McKeeva threatens all those that continue to spread "vicious and vile’ innuendo about him and this government that he has proof of the previous government’s bag of tricks. He is threatening to expose them if they don’t stop their "efforts to sully the reputation of the UDP"

    Two things about that. One is, how childish and immature!!! I did that to my sister when I was an adolescent. Told on her for things so that I didn’t look so bad. Then my mother called me a tattletale. So DO IT. Get it all out of your system Mac. It will NOT change the colour of your spots.

    Second, WHY DON’T YOU ALL BUCK UP, GROW UP, AND GET DOWN TO BUSINESS!! All of you are a bunch of petulant kids with stunted emotional and physiological growth. And ain’t NOBODY got the gonads to speak up to that XXXX that runs this country or any of the other numbskulls in the government.

    Who in their right mind has to write a constitution that gives them a better title?? ‘Premier’?!?! Like we are some big huge country. And now that he has a big title, is now entitled to the riches, perks, and benefits of the likes of the President of the United States! Sound just as stupid as T&C having a Prime Minister (or Premier, whatever the hell they decided to call him)

    You people are too concerned with outside appearances. Folks in the poorest neighbourhoods drive the most incredible cars!!! Status symbols! And THAT my friends is why our youth are in the trouble that they are!!

    Oop, hmm, started off on one foot and ended on the other…

    I’ll leave the light on for ya

  2. crazygirl says:

    i say we as caymanians need to get him out, i for sure if i have to walk or ride to and from work i will do so. And i will have to go back and live the way i used to in the 50’s and 60’s.

    I’m sorry for the generation coming up beause they will not be used to this way. Mr. Bush need to come out, he needs to step down. I’m poor trying to make end meet and i’m not even half way there. Maybe i should ask mr. premier to send some denaro my way so i can live high and mighty like him.


    We need a change, and we need it fast, this is pushing me even further to move and leave this little island of mines because it is getting really hard for me to survive and grow my children and their children here anymore.

    I wish that i could have vote in all the districts, because we was promised this and that and we yet to see the thngs, only North Side and maybe East End have prove something to the people in those district, but the rest needs to take heed as well.

    I’m tired of all this i wish UDP Team would stop blaming PPM, and versa versa. Grow up and be responsible for all your faults and stop damaging our island.

    If all of us that has commented on this post could get Mr. Premier out i wish i can be down, but we would need more people. WE NEED TO PROTEST OR HAVE A MARCH to get this man out.

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    Now I see why even with all the increase of fees why we still find ourselves in debt. I’ve learnt to realize that the government is not looking to put the Cayman Islands in a better, more stable financial position, but rather its aim is to benefit the Premier! He’s making a whopping salary earning tremendous benefits, no wonder he doesn’t give two s*!+’s about taxes and crime and the poor people. He’s really has no clue anymore. By the time he’s done his part he should be more than wealthy enough to turn his back on us. I can just imagine his bank accounts! And I know he must be fuming right about now because of the FOI release. If you thought that he was wex about the travel information… can’t wait to hear his outrageous justification of this one.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I hear that we are paying to build a security fence around McKeeva’s house.  Does this mean that when he loses the next election we’ll build a security fence around the next Premier’s house too or do we plan to allow him to be premier forever? 

    Either we build a house specifically for sitting Premiers or in these current economic times we move him in with the Governor who already has a security fence around his house.


  6. My Two Cents says:

    The office of the Premier, just like the Governor, should be entitled to some perks. Forget the person, difficult i know, for a minute!

    These current perks have nothing to do with the constitution and those who suggest so, sadly, show they did not read it!

    However, I do agree that this most esteemed office, despite the current Postholder, deserves some perks!

    Hold it…these perks must be defined and have some LIMITS. It surely should not include the kind of runaway, free for all costs that have been incurred by the current postholder of Premier.

    So, someone in Government, Protocol or Cabinet Office, should clearly define the type of perks and the monthly or annual limits for each perk given so as to reflect the current financial climate.

  7. Anonymous says:

    To: ‘West Bayer (not verified) on Tue, 06/22/2010 – 13:34’  & other negative bloggers – go say a prayer for the Islands – ask GOD to do whatever is HIS will – HE knows when to put them in & when to take them out. 

    The Premier, the Governor, the Deputy Governor, the Deputy Premier, the Chief Justice, the Attorney General, the Solicitor General etc. etc. are all receiving B I G  perks, security, big benefits etc.!!  If you complain against one you have to complain against all!  Do we not give all the Governors everything they need without complaining?? They have been getting this for years & years! Now that the first time we have a Deputy Governor & Premier who are Caymanians we sure don’t appreciate it very much! Maybe you want the next Deputy Governor & Premier to come from another country & you won’t complain so much!! People are always saying ‘a Caymanian can hold that position’ so??! 

    Not that I agree with all the benefits they get but compare our own Caymanians with what we give away to those from other countries!!! Be fair and check out what we pay the other TOP  SHOTS!! 

    • Anonymous says:

      Please do remember…we are British! If the Governor come from England he is Caymanian just like we can go to England.

      The Governor is not traveling the world with an entourage of friends at our expense and all the other slackness that Big Mac is doing!


    • Anonymous says:

      Wake up. It is Mac andthe MLAs that determine the pay of the Big Shots you list.  Of course they give them big perks as well – to keep them in line and so that not too bright people will then say – "Oh the others are ripping off the public so it must be OK for the Premier to do so." 

    • Anonymous says:

      To speak out and voice your concern about something that will greatly affect your way of living, that will chip away at your most basic needs at the bottom of the pyramid is not negative. When the ALL of the politicians who are now in power were elected they were elected in good faith… that they would have the peoples best interest at heart…it is quite disheartening when you have politicians who spend so much time bashing away at each other while their constituents are stressed, worried, helpless, frustrated, (need i go on?) about what tomorrow will bring, wondering how and where the next penny will com from to feed hungry mouths, to pay the utility bills so we can maintain our very basic amenities.

      The current political leaders offer no comforting solution to our economic melt down. The UDP offers a ….should I say hasty, not well thought out solution and then shortly thereafter retracts and offers some other solution that still has been well thought out and hasitly done. They are grasping out for solutions, throw out to the public and its a take or leave situation because "I am the man in charge" The Premier". Well Mr. Bush doesn’t pay my bills, he doesn’t even know me, he’s not met my children, he’s not seen the worried look on childrens faces…and I am one in a hundred people/caymanian he doesn’t know.

      Can I ask what bills do any of the politicians we elected into office who have the priviledge of having their living expenses paid by the people of these Islands? (With the exception of the Governor). Ironic! we elect them in the hopes that they will be the voice for the people in all aspects of our daily living here in these Islands, the schools (education system sucks; our children are fallen through the cracks!!!!), roads, financial infrastructure, laws that will protect us and our children’s future, immigration policies, crimes etc…..and they have time to squable about the errors each has done!!!!! I don’t see either party sitting down and trying to come up with good solutions to our current financial down turn or any of the other issues we have…and as we all know we have alot on our plate. We talk about values, we talk about our morals and principals but where are they? That is a thing of the past and another discussion in it self. Whatever happened to humility Mr. Bush? Christ was Humble/Meek…and he is the greatest leader of all times! He never sat and pointed fingers at anyone. Instead of wasting 3 hours talking about the mess the PPM has done, why not be the better man and just spend TIME (our time!! cause we’re paying you for it) sitting alongside the opposition & independent oficials to find solutions collectively.

      Save money you say? Cut cost you say? Well let us set by example? Most of us have had to revamp the way we spend our money and live just on what is necessary to get by on….like beans and rice. Luckily for Mr.Bush and ALL the other politicians they probably have nice gourmet dinners every evening (not complaining, I’m probably healthier and fitter than they). Why not set by example and do just what you said and go for the 20 or 30 percent cut in your salaries; you’ll still be earning a good salary. And maybe doaway with some of the unnecessary benefits afforded to you all at our expense; and lets see you all working together FOR THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE ELECTED ALL OF YOU IN GOOD FAITH!!!





  8. Anonymous says:

    I am looking at this from another perspective because politricks is soooo at play here as per usual.

    There should be some perks afforded to the Premier of the country and I do remember it was discussed at the time whilst PPM was leading the Constitutional talks of the "prestige" of the position. So I am not sure about the links of the Constitution being circulated because that version doesn’t even include the word Premier but I know perks befitting the prestige of the position were included under PPM’s watch.

    Nevertheless, two wrongs don’t make a right. I believe in the above list the security element of Mr Bush’s bill is quite rightly a necessity of the position however the remaining $16,681.02 of personal expenses should be refunded with immediate effect! With a monthly salary of CI$14,818 and with the country in a deficit position I find it extremely distasteful that we would be paying anyone’s personal utility expenses. This is when the true intention and character of Mr Bush will come into play. If you really mean well for this country and you are dedicated to get us backon our feet again then simply refund the exorbitant personal expenses. This is not a time for extravagances.

    And has previously mentioned we need a FOI on the full security bill for these Ministers and the AG over the past five years. I am positive all those who are staunch on party lines would be most shocked that PPM Ministers also shared in the same benefits.

    So much f!g WASTE of funds. Not one of our elected "leaders" seems to have the intelligence AND strength of character to do what is right and make the tough decisions to get us out of this mess. TALK is so cheap.




    • Anonymous says:

      "And has previously mentioned we need a FOI on the full security bill for these Ministers and the AG over the past five years. I am positive all those who are staunch on party lines would be most shocked that PPM Ministers also shared in the same benefits".

      Please that the above article stated as follows: "However, security protection has been provided for all ministers and the attorney general following an armed robbery on 15 September 2005 in Patrick’s Island, in which the robbers overpowered occupants of the house, tied them up and put pillowcases over their heads". We already know that security was provided to the previous Govt and the specific reason for it. There is no reason for any "shock". This is quite different from the govt. paying your utitlity bills, the salary of a personal housekeeper etc. 

      Let’s be clear: while a Protocol Office and the purchase of vehicles was established under the PPM there is nothing in the Constitution that mandates these expenses. It is a matter for the Premier whether he requires them or not. Personally I have no difficulty with the Premier being chaffeur driven in Protocol Vehicle, and if security is warranted then the reasonable costs of providing security. The other expenses are a different matter altogether and I do not believe they are required to carry out the functions of his office. It appears that we are in areement that in our current economic recession where the Premier is calling for austerity measures one would expect him to lead by example and not exploit to the nth degree every perk he could possibly receive as Premier which means that he is exempted from the taxes that he intends to impose on ordinary citizens.  

      If you are not clear which Constitution is being referenced, youwill find reliable copies at these links. I assure you that they do refer to the Premier.



      • Anonymous says:

        Wed, 06/23/2010 – 10:43.

        Please read my post again. You pretty much said the same thing that I did but you chose to be condescending and seemed to take issue with the PPM reference.

        Take a read through the comments and note how many people were enraged about the security detail provided for Mckeeva, my point was addressed to those individuals.

        Take a read through the comments and click on the previous links submitted for the Consitution. It is a different version with no Premier mention, my point was addressed to those individuals.

        The 16k number I mentioned included all his personal costs such a light, water fax cook etc which I indicated that he should pay back with immediate effect.


        • Anonymous says:

          I am sorry if you found my post condescending. It was not intended to be. However, I believe that I was right to correct the impression that you gave that perhaps these expenses had been mandated by the Constitution since the links provided were to a Constitution that did not refer to Premier, or that this was all mandated by the PPM. I believe if you re-read post you will find that I indicated my general agreement with you.          

    • Caymanian 2 D Bone says:

      Well said  Thank You

  9. Haven't met a politician worth my vote yet! says:

    How quick Mac was to point the finger and place the blame of ALL Government debt on the PPM when they were in power. How quick he was to make it known that the PPM were abusing their power and they were the sole reason the Government was in debt. How quick he made it known that if the UDP were voted in they would correct this situation…yet who’s abusing their power now?

  10. Anonymous says:

    After reading this, a proverb came to mind:

    ” If you wish to know what a man is, place him in authority.”

    We now know.

  11. Anonymous says:

    We need someone who is figure head to lead this march. Plus, with Mac’s history of vindictiveness, the only personwho could lead this march is someone who Mac cannot touch. He has already put Chuckie through the mill so Chuckie is really the only person to lead this march.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Are we going to blog all week about this? And do nothing about it? I dont have the connections some people have…so I wouldnt be able to organise much.  Who will?

    I wonder what todays press releases will read as a response from Mr. Premier?  

  13. Anonymous says:

    They complained about PPM ‘so call’ spending spree but the country is now seeing the most outrageous, irresponsible, destructive spending by the self proclaimed christian duo of Julie and Big Mac and their wrecking crew.

    Thanks to those who pushed to have this information available to the public.

    The country is grateful to CNS for their burning desire to keep everyone fully informed in these trying times. Thanks CNS.


  14. Right ya so says:

    One question – you think the ppl in WB who vote for him care?? for some reason unknown to the vast majority of Caymanians they ADORE him!!! He’s like the Pied Piper….. they follow him blindly.

    It’s truly incomprehensible..


    • da-wa-u-get! says:

      you’re so right!

      and if another election was held now, they would most likely re-elect him!

      “My mind is made up, don’t confuse me with facts” scary!

  15. You shut up says:

    After all these years of service, when no businesses close to Mac or his family have benefited from his being a politician, is he not allowed a small perk of a mere $5,000 Christmas lighting display?

  16. Anonymous/YEF!!!! says:

    H E L L L O O O O      C A Y M A N!!


    How many of you voted during the Election of May 2009? How many of you voted for the new constitution?……….Well there you have it, you can thank yourselves for having to pick up these bills now. YOU VOTED FOR IT, SO WHAT ARE YOU COMPLAINING ABOUT!!!!!

    These amendmends were made to the constitution with a great deal of input by Mr Kurt Tibbetts and his mouth piece Mr. Alden McLaughlin….(They were just awarded for it at the Queen’s Parade)…..It is my opinion that they made sure such frills were put in place for the first Premier because they thought that they (PPM) would be in power. PPM lost and now the First Premier Hon. McKeeva Bush is reaping all these benefits, UDP won the election fair and square so now he is entitled to such benefits………… Remember Premier McKeeva Bush did not support the constitution and HE DID NOT VOTE FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!! 

    THE GOVERNOR COMES WITH SOME MIGHTY PRETTY FRILLS ALSO…………….WHO’S PAYING FOR THOSE???????  Has anyone thought of questioning his utility bills, his chef(s) his driver, etc.etc. or even putting them on display………………..GET OVER YOURSELVES!!!!!!!

    Would it make any difference if Mr. Kurt Tibbetts or Mr. Alden Mclaughlin was Premier and receiving such benefits………..or would you all be cursing them all day, every day again just like what was happening when they were in power………..There’s just no pleasing you all!!!!……………..Typical Caymanian……….always gripping about something and cutting on ALL sides. 

    Just to let you all know I am neither UDP or PPM, I did not vote in the last election……….but it sickens my heart to read and hear all the negative media that is going on in the Cayman Islands………..It is such a Shame and Disgrace!!…….Our fore fathers must be rolling over in their graves. 


    Do something positive today and please don’t post anymore negative blogs! 

    • Anonymous says:

      WAKE UP. As has been pointed out over and over and over – these ripoffs that we are learning about have nothing to do with the Constitution. THERE IS NOTHING IN THE CONSTITUTION THAT GIVES MAC THE RIGHT TO RIPOFF THE PUBLIC LIKE THIS. THERE IS NOTHING ABOUT PERKS IN THE CONSTITUTION. Please read the Constitution before you say stupid things. 

  17. Anonymous says:

    Whilst all of this may be wrong, this is horrible. Freedom of Information has allowed the public to view the personal finances of the Premier who, at the end of the day, is a human like everybody else in the world. 

    I am very sure that anyone else would not appreciate having their finances displayed in public light. It is one thing to make a point about the Premier using government money, however displaying the specific details of his household (i.e. specific monetary values) is very disrespectful, regardless of any wrong-doing.

    • Anonymous says:

      If the people are footing the bill it’s not "personal finances". Let him go back to paying his own bills and we could care less.

      There has to be some level of accountability when you are using public funds. In addition, this is the same man who told the civil servants that he understood their plight because he also had bills to pay – how disingenuine was that comment! Seriously McKeeva has gained over the yearsfrom his political power – just have a look around and go to T&C and see what accounts are there.

      The shear number of comments posted about this man says that the vast majority of people are very unhappy with him and his party! I wish that we had national elections because I tell you that the results would be so different.

      Given that the constitution passed by a small margin what say you about that?

  18. Anonymous says:

    Let’s  march Cayman!  That seems to be the only thing that will stop Mac and his abuse of process.  Chuckie, please organise a march ASAP.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why dont you organise it? Get off your arse and do something.

      • Anonymous says:

        because Chuckie is the only persn Mac is afraid of, he knows all of Mac dirty lil secrets

      • Anonymous says:

        Because he is a "classic"I can do anything better than anyone but I choose instead to do nothing at all Caymanian and get payed for it Caymanian.

    • Anonymous says:

      Classic Cayman.  All talk.  No one will do anything and Big Mac will continue as he likes.

      Oh, and if you give this a thumbs down, please then go out and do something as it would do us all good.

  19. Anonymous says:


    he needs to be removed as premier, band from running for 3-4 elections, fine $50K, plus repay all that has been spent on his personal expenses; & the $ that is repaid, the ppl should be able to vote on where it gets spent…  but as usual he will have his ppl who will foolishly vote for it to go towards things where he will still get some benefit

    ppl wake up, if ever though Big Mac was for the ppl of Cayman, think again & this alone should be enough evidence for u to reconsider… God be with these islands we call home!!


  20. papercaymanian says:

    I truly believe Big Mac wants the population at about 30,000. Why else would he be doing all this foolishness?

  21. Anonymous says:

    What is the purpose of the PAC? All of these outrageous disgraceful expenses by Mac Bush is a testament to his reckless spending spree. No body in their right mind would approve these sick to the stomach expenses. 

    I believe this is why the UDP duo of Scott and Rose were so determined to obey their master and get rid of Dan the man. I can understand why Mac Bush was fighting the freedom of information law so fiercely. 

    This man should be ashamed of himself!

  22. McDinejhad says:

    "Unna cant blame da on ole McKeeeever Bush…I hope unna realizeseses that da PPM approved all this foolishness for the Premier and that new constitution cos dey the ones who wanted all of this fo dey selves. I didnt even support the Constitution."

    "How I woted that’s between me and my god"

    "For God’s sake Julie, try so give up the body guard and acting so foppish. Stay at your own houses in da Brac, god has provided plenty for you…nobody wha trouble you unless you trying to wash they feets"


    • Anonymous says:

      Now that we have gotten the figures on Macks spenditure can we have Julies? Hers is not no different not with all those plane tickets and not to mention living in a Hotel with a body guard in a separate room. Two rooms for nothing.No one on the Brac is going to trouble her, only just next election when  we are not going to reelect her.We would like to have these figures as soon as possible. Her personal home can house Hondurans so it should be good enough for her too. REMEMBER, WILFUL WASTE BRINGS WOEFUL WANT AND WE ARE CLOSE TO THAT NOW.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if this is what the representative of the UDP Youth Wing was referring to when they said that "change was coming"?

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

      It just never ends. Now elected members or maybe just The Premier can get "advanced pension funds". What is this ? How come everyone else on the island in the private sector have to "wait" UNTIL they are retired. It seems….I say seems…..unless someone tells me something different ….that The Premier just makes up his own rules and just uses Cayman’s tax payers money. If The Premier (I say this because it seems that only one person runs the country these days) had the country in order, inward investment, lowered professional service industry fees, increased tourism , relief for the middle class that just maybe, maybe we could tolerate the abuse of teh countries money. But we are broke and fighting to stay afloat with borrowed money and The Premier has unlimited blank checks from the people. 

  24. McDinejhad says:

    "YOU SHUT UP!"

    "Old PPM spies and liards…unna bloggers is mashing up dis country"

    • Anonymous says:

      If nothing else, at least you got the name right McDinejhad, but I would correct you & advise you that it is your leader McChavez & the UDP that is "mashing up dis country." No one person has done as much damage to mash up our country over the years as McChavez has done. Therefore, McDinejhad I would suggest that you shut up, thanks.

      • pauly cicero says:


      • Dr. Watson says:

        How is it that sarcasm seems to be lost on so many people who read this site??

        • FUZZY says:

          To Dr Watson Tue 22:35,Perhaps it is due to the fact that sarcasm is better delivered orally than in written form.When a statement is made in written form its not possible to know the writers intention or tone so a reader is free to guess at the writers intention.The result is that some take it at face value and believe it,others may assume that you have to be kidding or simply being sarcastic.

      • Anonymous says:

        The only thing that we commoners can do about these situations is to write to CNS. Iam so sorry that we do not have men around anymore like Mr Dennis, Sir Vassell  Dr Roy , Mr Ormond, and Big Jim.These people are getting away with this spending spree that they are on and no real man to do anything about it.As much as you think that Mack is a power man please dont leave out his deputy, shes ten timeworst, and she leads him it is high time that Mack stop her as she is only letting him get un popular. Oh one thing that I forget to mention and that is that the public would not mind if some money was spent on a course on dressing, there is a specific politician that embarrases Caymanian with their attire. Wearing flipflops with suits, and attending day functions with evening wear, oh my God we are so embarrassed.

        • Time will tell says:

          Well, since you touched on the topic of a Government official’s attire, I’ve been to a certain office that falls under Mr. Bush and witnessed two young ladies wearing flip flops and weekend attire. As a matter of fact, on one of my trips there, one of them actually walked by barefooted!! Maybe Mr. Bush should loan them some of our money to carry themselves better.

    • Anonymous says:

      you must be out of your mind or you dont have any sense in it, because here is a man who has been exposed showing that he alone spends 1/4 million of the cayman peoples money on himself an you are defending him….people like you are why this island is going down the toilet

      • pauly cicero says:


      • Anonymous says:

        una fool fool tho’ PPm was the government that fought to get the constitution passed, and they were successful. Mckeva was campaiging against it. .. Now clarify for me…had the PPM got back in power as they anticipated, do you not think  that  the PPM  Premier would be enjoying the same life style.  You voted for the consitution with blinded eyes and did not even took the time to question certain things about it.  The amenities comes with the position regardless of who won the election. Forget about the person and look at the position. You do not have to personally respect the person, but you have to respect the position.   I am not saying that the amount being spent is correct or incorrect that its been abuses or not  abused. All I am saying, you voted for it, now you deal with it.  McKeva warned the whole country against the constitution, perhaps this is what he was trying to show you.

        Let’s be respectful, sensible and caring. Had it not been McKeva it would d been another person as the premier.. tell me would you really tell Kurt that you love him and wanted him to be your premier and then turned around and do him the same thing when you found out his life style was upgraded.  come on!! bettert han that out of you. And dont forget those who fought for the constitution were well aware of the amenities that comes with being premier.

        In this recession I feel that all precautions should be necessarly taken across the board .

        Peace and Love for All 
        God Bless Our Country.

    • Disenchanted Caymanian says:

      This alone is a prime example of why Caymanian children deserve a better education. Not to get off-track, but, look at what kind of people we have produced because of the lack of education and stability. Illiterate, blind, and angry. Let’s stamp out ignorance! Education and decent pay for teachers should be at the top of the list. This is where it all starts.

  25. Anonymous says:

    "However, security protection has been provided for ALL ministers and the attorney general following an armed robbery on 15 September 2005 in Patrick’s Island, in which the robbers overpowered occupants of the house, tied them up and put pillowcases over their heads."

    So if I am reading this correctly this should be another FOI request. So are we saying FIVE years later we are still paying for security services for ALL ministers?? It would be truly interesting to see the total amount spent per minister and the AG over the past 5 years for security services. Honestly, in FIVE years time we couldnt resolve the issue and determine whether there is still a viable threat?? Talk about living above our means!!! It is this type of spending which just completely defies logic and incenses me when I hear talk of taxes and increased revenue measures when all Government both past and present seem to do is WASTE OUR money!!!!



  26. Anonymous says:

    What a joke! I just got a pay cut along with losing my allowances and I find this out,hear I am trying to adjust my bills to make ends meet and this joke of a man along with all his cronies are living like rich celebs! I will definitely make my vote count next election,I will not forget what this government has done to me and my caymanian people.

  27. Outraged says:

    LMAO Told ya so…

    I guess he says, what one previous member said about the East End people..They are like his cows, when he call they come running…ROFL

    • Anonymous says:

      He did say that, but the East End people proved that they weren’t his cows by voting him out. West Bay people have yet to prove that they are not Mckeeva’s cows.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Who is in to meet and put an end to this madness?

    I know I am!!!!

  29. Anonymous says:

    Remember the financing arrangement at Boastwain’s Beach and GC Ventures Inc. $1.6M to his business partners ? ;

    Remember Royal Watler terminal. $4.4M in over payments ? ;

    Remember him waiving between $20M – $50M in government’s insurance claims from Cayman National Insurance ? ;

    Remember him waiving over approximately $7M in customs duty for the Ritz Carlton ? ;

    Remember $14M for Cuban/Italian affordable housing that involved questionable payments and houses that didnt last ? ;


    Remember MC Restoration and the XXXXX payments after Ivan ? ;

    ……..there is more……but do you remember ????

    So why are so many people seemingly surprised ????

    Chuckie Clifford  and the PPM warned us from as far back as 2004.

    Its time for the people to take action. The country cannot afford to leave this man in power for another 3 years……we simply cannot afford to !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Lets not forget his first 22 minutes of fame- "First Cayman Bank"!!!!

      Gosh as if the list wasnt long enough???

      • Anonymous says:

        ……and the $100,000 in unpaid bills at CAL for tickets for family and constituents that Chuckie forced him to pay when Chuckie became Minister !!!

        No wonder he loves The Chuckster so 🙂

    • Chancy says:

      Remember First Cayman Bank?

  30. Anonymous says:

    Oh my God. The audacity of this man is overwhelming. The people voted him in, and now he fleeces the people. But carefully rewards his cronies in the process.

    And although he makes an exorbitant salary AND has ALL of his unjustified expenses paid – he cannot take a 30% pay cut?

    For SHAME! How many children could have been fed with the $5K spent on Xmas lighting? How many senior citizens could be cared for with the $7K spent each month on security services?

    Couldn’t a vocational training programme have been put in place for our at risk youth with the over $100K spent on this one man’s luxe lifestyle?

    How many drug addicts could have been put in a rehab programme with this money? How many people without health insurance could have been treated?

    I cannot respect this man. I cannot.

    I think the next time I see him I may spontaneously vomit on his shoes.

    • Caymanian 2 D Bone says:

      Well said, you hit everything on the head, can you imagine another 3 years under his "RULE"?  the current situation of our country really makes your blood boil, tears come to your eyes and makes you want to maybe just a lil more than you suggested when you see him in person….


  31. Dred says:

    You know what the sad part about all this is? Say we manage to take him out next election. I bet you he will be back the following elections. I mean the status scandal supposedly ruined him but yet here he is again. This man is as resilient as we are stupid.

    • ExCaymanian & Not by Choice says:

      Dred you and Caymanian 2 the Bone, are so right, the only way to ensure this doesn’t happen is to petition the Govr Taylor & Elections Office to implement a term policy of 2 terms per candidate just like the US does, at least we know that the Status Grants won’t be any help to McKeeva then, and we all know that he is way past 2 terms so this would automatically put him & his partyE out of office. 

      Are there any CNS bloggers who are familiar with the Elections Office policies & procedures that may be able to educate the rest of us of any options that are available to do this?

  32. Anonymous says:

     Born again christian

    You have to be a born again christian to fleece your country, then get down on your knees and pray, stand up and spread your mouth wide in song and praise, XXXXX.

    When I get my big yatch, I will let the tax payers foot the fuel bill.  Ha Ha what a joke,  the JOKE is on us.  Where is the TCI Premier, has anyone followed up on his demise.

  33. Jenna Who? says:

    Dear Mr.Bush ,

    Could it be possible you could just live like everyone else please because I’m sure you are aware that cayman islands is financially broke because of both you and Mr.Tibbetts.

    However we would love to finally have a recreational center for the kids to attend on weekends and summers but with resonable prices that our parents can afford  and stop spending money that we the people of Grand Cayman don’t have at this point in time  due to the current ecomonic situation.

    No wonder the Caymanian children are going to waste because they don’t have anything  that is contructive to do something that is : educational as well as intresting.

    I mean were paying you to live all nice and rich ; but can you just do that for us please I mean you can spend money on hospitals which is going to be just like george town hospital why not bulid something for the children for once can’t you see we need something to do .



  34. Anonymous says:

    No wonder the country is broke. He is bleeding the country for all it’s worth. Shame on him, while other people are suffering.


    • Anonymous says:

      I heard through the grape vine that there will be more money for the Paloma repair comes July. Could someone enlighten us on that. Hurricane shutters was recently put on certain homes too, is this fair to the others that dont have any. Also some got so much to repair their homes including Government retirees on pensions and fat bank accounts and the public has heard that as much as $120,000 to repair while others got nothing.I POSTED SOMETIME BEFORE THAT pOLITICIANS SHOULD HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH hURRICANE HANDOUTS, anyone who is in charge can use this to win an election.

  35. Anonymous says:

    The Chuckster warned the country about McKeeva…..perhaps they will finally listen now.

    I hear Chucky is coming out with a younger, more educated and agressive team soon……..lets do it Chucky !!!

  36. West Bayer says:

    Funny – I never see him with security @ church!!! But after this revelation he better take ’em der wid him too!!

    Cuz when Sista Manga get wind of this story a lil good sappa she gunna put on him!!!

    Gluttin…..’bout father of the year – Weselyan must nah have no more men going deh anymore – to vote him "Father of the year"… allidemus!!

  37. Pro Caymanian says:

    This is OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!

    This has to be stopped NOW!!!!!


  38. Spooky says:

    ohh dont tell me dat..Keeva is very incorreck..



  39. Seriously? says:

    I’m not sure why everyone is surprised.  The people that voted him in last year must surely have known what XXXXX he was the previous time he had been in office.  Perhaps it was goldfish brain syndrome:  3 seconds and its "what?".

    Caymanians made their bed now they unfortunately have to lie with who they put in it. 

    Three years.  a long time for someone like Big Mac to be in power! 

    Three years:  a long time for someone to make a mess of the country!

    Three years:  a long time to wait to put someone else in charge!

    Three years:  Banana Republic

  40. Wasn’t PPM in favor of these perks and bonuses as well. 

    lol… I can see the denial now by PPM and the cock crowing three times.

    It is amazing. You give these guys a little power, and they all of sudden think about themselves, their own dreams and aspirations, me, me, me, me, me…

    got the drift?

    • Anonymous says:

      No they were not….get a life! Obviously you don’t know the PPM!

  41. Anonymous says:

    Did this go through Finance Committee? Did anyone there ask any questions? Do any of the media still cover Finance Committee?

    Did the Public Accounts Committee see this?

    Does anyone read and analyse their reports?

    These are part of the checks and balances of a democratic system. Are they working?


    • FedUpCaymanian says:

      Where is "Dan the Man" Duguay when we need him?

      • Anonymous says:

        This is exactly why they got rid of him!

        • Rorschach says:

          Has anyone heard a "peep"out of his highy touted replacement since he is supposed to have taken up the post??


          • Anonymous says:

            Sheesh give the man a chance he takes up the post next month. Goodness.

      • Anonymous says:

        I hear he was exiled by the Gov at Big Mac’s insistence to the great white north from whence he came!

    • Pending says:

      McKeeva is Minister of Finance and Chairman of the Finance Committee, what do you think?

      And for the next 3 years he is going to rape this country dry.

      If only we could see his personal spending since he became involved in Governemtn some 20 odd years ago.

      Everyone knows of his past conduct need I say more, he needs to be locked up, if that was someone else who had stripped 5000 for his own personal usage, they would be in front of Magistrate Ramsey in a heart beat and serving time in the hotel up North. FACT.

      The fact that he has the nerve to even be in his position after this little discovery, and I say little, because its the tip of an iceberg, is enough to show everyone on theis island his true intentions, ME ME ME , screw the rest of em.

  42. Anonymous says:

    How much will it take until Caymanians (or should I say the people who have voting rights) are finally fed up and decide that enough is enough? Instead of complaining on the blog, why don’t you all for once stand together and determine a way out of this mess and abuse?

    Sorry, I forgot – it is just so much easier to sit down and complain and wait for someone else to take charge.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Once Mac sets this precedence we will be paying for each newly elected Premier forever.

    I supposed we need to build each an 8 ft wall as well… Or did Mac do that to prove his point that we should build a residence for the Premier similar to the luxury that T&C built for their Prime Minister? Get ready for that one.


    You’re paying for all those washer/dyers in the end… eh!

  44. Calcutta says:

    Referendum time.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Luke 14:11 "For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted."

    Humbling time soon come.

  46. Stingray says:

    We should never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

    This proves that the present system of district elections are archaic and no longer suits us.We need to switch to national or Islandwide elections in order to get intelligent people elected otherwise we are doomed. If not the worse is yet to come, the more someone gets away with the more they will bite off.

    • Kent says:

      This is absolutely the most important idea that needs to become reality if we are to have any hope of having any type of stability in the future.  By far the most important issue!  Thank you for bringing it up!

    • Anonymous says:

      I do hope that my fellow INTELLIGENT Caymanians will wake up and start listening to people like you. You have identified ALL the problems this country is facing (and their solutions) in four simple sentences. Better than the Mac could ever do I would say. As one other intelligent individual put it, we are experiencing suicide by democracy. Our entire country is being run (through the ground) by the uneducated, greedy, stupid, drug abusing, unintellectual, near sighted, pig headed, ignorant sector of our community. How’s THAT for democracy? Wake Up Caymanians!   

  47. IRON CLAD says:

    Why is it that we, the people, can see what the PREMIER is doing, but are doing NOTHING about it!

    R E F E R E N D U M people, R E F E R E N D U M.

    When do we get started.


  48. vocal local says:

    So what the hell kind of "good governance" is the Governor and UK FCO doing?… Why does the Governor not DO SOMETHING? Does Cayman have to go as far down the road of bad governance for the Governor to take action?

    Also…what is PPM going to do about all of this?…anything?…Is the opposition (PPM) going to oppose all this…i mean in the courts or by doing something other than the normal lip service paid in the LA?…Anything?

    Dis is some real mess ya man!

    • pauly cicero says:

      Because if the Gov and FCO do what is necessary Caymanians will be crying foul, a la TCI.

    • Anonymous says:

      duncan taylor is a disgrace….. we might as well have no govenor

      • Anonymous says:

        Duncan Taylor a disgrace? 

        What soldier shell did you just emerge from? 

        FYI:  His Excellency was not among the fools who voted these people into power. The disgraceful ones are the ones who cast their votes to empower and continue to turn a deaf, dumb and blind face to such abuses and the abusers.

        The shame should be cast where it rightly belongs: upon the Caymanian people.

        Caymanians made their bed and every night they continue to lay in it. You whine but your $$ are still going to pay Mac’s bills even as he increases your cost of living.

        Too funny! The Cayman Islands are sounding more and more like a banana republic every time I read the news.

        So save wasting your time with more pathetic whining. Just shut up and take it and stop trying to blame Her Majesty’s servant for your home-grown problems!


    • Anonymous says:

      Why don’t the Caymanian people do something about it, you put him there!

    • Anonymous says:

      Doesn’t the governor enjoy the same benefits? I don,t see him talking any time soon…

  49. Just a Shoddy Idea.... says:

    Why are so many people surprised?

    Were you not paying any attention when he was in power before?

    This man, when given power will abuse it!

  50. Oliver says:

    This is a crying shame. Why does he needs all of this? he is paid a health monthly wage, he can pay his own bills plus he has is own busines. Mackeeva is not the President of the large country. He can darn well drive himself and pay his own bills, him and all these elected officials for that matter, why do they need all these benifits when many caymanians are suffering big time. They all should be ashame of themselves for doing this but if they had any shame they would not do this.

    We need to stop trying to follow other countries that are much larger than us. We are just a 76 square mile rock the three combined is 100 sq/miles !!!!! we have have to stop putting our hats too high. We all know now that Mackeeva will not listen to anyone he is a one man show, his way or the high way or this is the impression he gives off. A good leader listen to his people and then acts in the best interest of all.

    All I can say hear, wake up Caymanians we need to stand up now make yourself count. I earge all young people that are old enough to vote register now be counted lest make a change.

    If the Politicians were paid by the hour for the time they worked you would then see how many people are running for the country or money. Its a get rich quick scheme and Mackeeva has mastered it, he is a living example had he not got elected so many moons ago he would have still been walking around George town in hisBUSH JACKET selling insurance and this is the simple truth.

    I am very concerned and I should be I am a borned Caymanian



  51. kaboom says:

     Hush uuunnah mouth hush up hush mann you bunch haters Who’s the Mac Mac daddy is doing what he suppose to be doing him spending our money the way he see fit, on him and his top level heavy crew mo money mo money of yo money you boys better get with da program hush ya mouth ya bunch of Cayman crabs you better get some gas generators because if you don’t pay that light bill your lights will go out.

  52. 911 HELP says:

    If MAC and JULIE so HOLY and Righteous and covered by the blood .WHO they hiding from ????? WHO they running from ????? Look we got a brand new govenor who walks about at farmers market at the grounds picking up his own vegtables and fruits alone .And Mac and Julie running about the place like 2 fools with security .Did you all know when she go to the Brac which is every week she no longer stay at her big house on the bluff she stay at the Alexandria Hotel paid for by government .And that means more waste of money as her escorts has to be put up in  rooms too by her. XXXXX.And they BOTH call THEMSELVES CHRISTIANS .LORD HAVE MERCY ON THEIR SOULS….

  53. Anonymous says:

    Don’t you all realize that you are being taken for fools. Do you think that he gives a #)($$ what you think?!?! You can whine and complain all you want, the country ist going to be leached for another 3 years…….You got what you asked for. Just remember, it is your OWN people who are causing your hardship. Your OWN people……..So next time when you see one of them, instead of getting all flustered and rolling out the red carpet, you may consider to give them a piece of your mind in a polite and professional manner.

    • Anonymous says:

      If the Caymanian voting public has any backbone, enough can get together with a strong petition to the Governor to have the Legislative Assembly dissolved and call for a new election.  We cannot survive for another 2 years and 11 months like this.  If that happens, we can all call ourselves an annex to TCI or Venezuela.  Is this what we want?  We cannot blame this on the PPM now. 

  54. Anonymous says:

    What additional hundreds of thousands is also being foolishly spent on the other MLA’s? 

    This is extremely hurtful especially when the average hard working person who actually can save $50/month is now finding themselves in a deficit and lines of credit exhausted just to pay the rise in cost of living expenses.

    This is to Mr. Premier: 

    Sir, you are a member of a well respected church- how do the elders of your church allow you to remain knowing the dishonesty you are cultivating as a leader in this country?

    • Anonymous says:

      Since when does being part of a church make for a better person? To me church around here is used as a smokescreen to hide a heart of darkness. With precious few exceptions, the church-ites are among the people I trust the least to do what is right.

      What class in stupidity did you graduate from anyway? Since when did the leaders of the churches in this country care about their members "hurtful" activities? Mac’s place in the pew is totally secure regardless of how many suffer. And his buck$ are more than welcome in the offering plate.

      The "elders" and leaders do not give a lick about the conduct of their members as long as they don’t go to bars, dance in public,  cuss or (get caught) committing fornication or adultery. Anything else goes as long as the person in question puts his bill in the plate on Sunday.

      Personally I think Mac is the perfect leader for this country. He is  the archetype of the 21st-century Caymanian. But unilke most Caymanians he is open with his unsavoury doings and is not afraid to do what he does for all to see.

      Where are pastor Al E. and Sykes and their CMA cronies as the real issues rage? As long as (overt) homosexuality or gambling is not involved, those XXXXX are usually pretty quiet and are characterised by their impotence on matters of any real importance.

      Where was Rev Al, Sykes, the CMA and other so-called christians when Government officials were turning away boatloads of refugees – including children – and forcing them to face the cruel sea in a rickety boat? Probably stuffing their faces at a so-called fellowship dinner" after church. Or they were all warm in their beds with not a care in the world because as a group they simply do not give a damn. Surely there must have been at least one so-called "committed christian" (whatever that is around here) with a big boat that could have sailed along side some of these over-filled boats in case they sank in the high seas. Oh, silly me: I forgot that God  blessed the wealthy christians of Cayman with their yachts just so they can take their money-buddies  fishing on the weekend. 

      When spewed from the pulpits by all the hot-air-filled preachers of this country, words like "stewardship", "fellowship", "brotherly love", "discipleship", "concern for your fellow man", "…His blessings on this country…" and such, make me want to puke.

      "He hath founded it upon the sea"??? Absolute rubbish!  God cannot be pleased that this country still continues to mock Him with that lie in the coat-of-arms. This country is founded upon greed, apathy, and "me". Mac has merely taken this to the next level. This is not a new direction, Cayman has been headed here for years. (With the CMA’s explicit blessings according to all the "Prayer Breakfasts" the CMA minions have been a part of over the years)

      When e’re my thoughts fly God-ward, I always think of… how many refugees drowned in bad weather after being turned away from the shores of the "richest country in the Caribbean".

      Ok, where is the CMA in this time of crisis? Any of you wanna weigh in here and let us know your position as the country goes to hell in a hand basket?

      Time to stand up like real men for change and be counted in ranks other than among the homophobic and pompous.


      • Dr. Watson says:

        Going and standing in church doesn’t make you any more Christian than going and standing in a garage makes you a car.

  55. mac da knife says:

    The government has returned to the same old same old this is vintage Premier that i know and trust to spend our money wisely don’t know why he took so long to return to his old ways. must have been a mind delay or lapse in his sense of entitlement. Man these guys are making some serious money this go around.Spending sprees and Vip’s

  56. Iamnotapirate says:

    Not to worry Bush. to get you out of office would require work done by Caymanians.  That aint goen happen in your lifetime.  Besides you got your own BushGuard force and your own wall of freedom.  Do you need a gardener?  I can provide references and I know the pirate code by heart.  I’m still waiting to hear from you at

    P.S.  I will need a car, gas card, tools, and a helper.

  57. Anonymous says:

    People – the story being spread that the Constitution provides for the Premier to have all these expenses paid for by the poor taxpayers of this country IS A LIE. Here is the Constitution. See for yourself.,1640106&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL


  58. Need for Change says:

     It XXXX me to the max to see the abuse of power by Our Electred leader he seems like a spoiled little child that got into the piggy bank, he should be ashamed of himself, and then has the nerves to stand up in Church and proffess Christianity!! Well Caymanians this is your chance to get up and do something instead of talking about it, go to town, lead a protest to show your disgust… do something! BUT BIG MAC HAS GOT TO CHANGE HIS DUTTY WAYS!

  59. Anonymous says:

    CNS- was this a part of the new constitution which we just voted for?  That the Premier and other Gov officials have their expenses covered to this extent? 

    Does anyone know the answer to this?


  60. Anonymous says:

    The Wall.

    Will it also be lit at the peoples expense?

    How much is it costing the people to build an 8 foot wall around his house that he spends little time in.

    This is going from the outrageous use of public fund to the ridiculous, possible criminal, misuse of of office, trust and public funds.

    Why is it that we, the people, can see what he is doing but are helpless to do anything about it?







  61. Jab-Jab says:

    We must recognise the diligence of the Cabinet Office in responding positively to this FOI request within the one month time frame. Before you flame that statement think about it: wouldn’t there have been at least ‘some’ consideration that there might be ‘other’ reasons not to release the information? Yet the FOI person looked at it, applied the standing exemptions (salary bands instead of personal pay, etc.), aggregated the information into a new document (not a requirement of the law) and released the whole shebang. Credit to them as I think its due.

  62. Jab-Jab says:

    All una complaining – remember when the Civil Service told ya that cuts to them would mean cuts to services and you said "no, the service can get cut and we wont mind". Well, here’s where the pay cut is going. Enjoy your victory.

  63. Anonymous says:

    It’s no wonder he does not know or care about the impact the increase petrol duty will have on us because he is not paying his own electricity bill. 

    Well, hear what Mac you will have to help me with mine because I don’t have the money, I am unemployed.   

    • Anonymous says:

      In reply to the unenployed person moaning about the situation, why dont you invest some of your time looking at options of getting this premier out of office. If nothing else rouse your fellow unemployed and march from the LA to his house in protest.

  64. Chuckie where are you? says:

    talk about PPM created a mess, we have infurstrutre ppl what can UDP prove? what can Mac prove he did for this country in the past 25 years!

    What part of the Constitution states we need to light up his house @ Christmas! this is soooo wrong

    I am so proud of the HUMBLE man Mr KT is

  65. Chuckie where are you? says:

    wow that is a hefty security bill, the owner happens to be the sibling of a UDP candidate!

    Chuckie help us!

  66. Chuckie where are you? says:

    is this coming from the same man that said under PPM, people could not pay their CUC bills and under the PPM people were sleeping in cars

    this is a disgrace on UDP becos if they had Country at heart they would take the 20% cut, but they said no! they want that big fat cheque, we have to suffer so they can live a  lavish lifestyle … i don’t know how they can do things like this to their country!

  67. Joe Grinder says:

    HbSpecial relase about Gonorrhea Lectim  (UDP strain)

    The C.I. Centre of Disease Control has issued a warning about a new virulent strain of this old disease. The disease is called Gonorrhea Lectim.

    It’s pronounced "Gonna re-elect’ em"  and it is a terrible affliction.

    The disease is contracted through dangerous and high risk behavior involving putting your cranium up your rectum. Many victims contracted it in 2009…but now most people, after having been infested for over a year, are starting to realize how destructive this sickness is.

    It’s sad because Gonorrhea Lectim is easily cured with a new drug just coming on the market called Votemout.

    Pronounced "Wote em out"

    You take the first dose on the relase of the new budget. (Gas tax variant)and the second dose on the eve of the next election,and simply don’t engage in such behavior again; otherwise,  it could become permanent and eventually wipe out all life as we know it

    • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Joe U ga go Bo bo,

      well, if that isn’t the best laugh I have had at the truth in a long time.

      Poetically put, da the best!

    • John says:

      What about taking the one now from the people’s market, it’s called,

      noconfivote, or pronounced "no-confidence-vote"

      The antibiotic works miracles and is an immediate remedy to the desease.

    • Anonymous says:

      Great post. Unfortunately I doubt that anyone who still supports West Bay’s Pappa Doc will understand it.

    • Gott love your humor says:

      Dear Joe,

      If you are not already married, I’m looking for a husband with your brand of humor! 

      (Of course this is a JOKE – sometimes you have to state the obvioius so the not-so-smart individuals who read this can understand that my proposal is a JOKE )     🙂

      It’s a shame there seems to be a shortage of intelligent people in this world.  I hope you have lots of children, Cayman could use a few more like you!

      God Bless!


    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you! Thank you! So happy that a very good sense of humor prevails amongst the gross insanity being displayed in our country.



  68. Say it Aint So says:

    The country voted for a new constitution. Its all legally provided for under the constitution.  

    • Kent says:

      If this is so, I will say this.  "Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should!"

    • Anonymous says:

      Again… I haven’t read the entire constitution, but I doubt Christmas lights are mentioned.  A decent person might concern themselves with the appearance of impropriety.  That’s not what we’re dealing with here.

    • Anonymous says:

      That is just parrot talk. The Constitution does not mandate any of this, and even if it did in the circumstances of economic recession where Mr. Bush is calling for austerity measures, lavishing on himself every luxury is unacceptable. Even Prince William more than a year ago elected to travel economy rather than first class because of the recession.

      It shows that we have a Premier who considers only himself and his cronies.  

    • Jab-Jab says:

      No, it aint so. Point to the clause in the constitution that mandates this. You’re right there is nothing illegal about this. You’re wrong that its in any way constitutionally required, mandated, recommended, implied, etc. All the constitution spoke to was political power. It said nothing about financial power.

    • Anonymous says:

      Nowhere in the Constitution is this provided for. Don’t be ridiculous. This is all Big Mac’s greed and ego.

    • Anonymous says:

      Bovine excrement.

      These posts must be some type of dis-information campaign being run by El-Supremo’s cronies. I challenge anyone who believes this nonsense to point out which provision in the Constitution says this.

      Given the degree of impairment that must apply to anyone who writes such nonsense – here is the official government website setting out the Constitution.,1640106&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

      Now show us any provision that says that the Premier gets to rip off the honest taxpayers of this country. 


    • Anonymous says:

      🙁 Perhaps it is but I certainly don’t think this was highlighted during the meetings.

  69. Anonymous says:

    Has a similar FOI request been made in relation to the deputy premier? I wouldnt be surprised if her expenses are all being paid in the same way. I see that she is driven around in an official vehicle as well which sits burning gas with the AC on for the one two or three hours that her driver has to wait on her at whatever events she attending. For all of the claimed need for austerity measures none of it seems to start with our leaders. Dont forget that these are not benefits and emoluments that they have historically enjoyed as a part of the office. These are new costs that they have deemed necessary at the same time that they claim the country is broke! Leaders lead by example! Clearly we dont have leaders!

    • Anonymous says:

      What about the cost of round the clock security/escort? i.e. One would think that security would be unnecessary at family funerals. Perhaps a more hidden cost is the many wasted man hours of civil servants waiting around for any meeting or event that the deputy premier is part of. Invariably the deputy premier is late wasting everyone’s time.

      • Anonymous says:

        At least it seems, as incredible as it may sound, that the Mac may still have some trace of a (guilty) conscience. THAT is why we the people are forking out $8,000.00 a month to pay his security bill. What in the world is he so AFRAID of?? This is madness of the very highest order. WAKE UP CAYMANIANS!!! 

  70. Scrooge McDuck says:

    And the people of West Bay begat a premier. And the Lord said unto the premier "Leadeth yourself into temptation. Go forth and milketh the country for all it’s worth. I am on your side." On hearing the word of the Lord, the premier set about building a shrine to excess. His followers were awestruck as they beheld the wondrous display of lights beyond the security fence. Soon word of his miracles spread throughout the land. His disciples, or voters, fell to their knees as the premier, or Chosen One, as liked to call himself turned surpluses into deficits and 20% paycuts into 3%. "The Lord told me to do it." Dissent was unheard of and many times the premier spoke in tongues and the people were struck speechless by his words, grasp of the overall situation and awesome power. As a final affirmation of the power bestowed upon him by the Almighty his final miracle was to turn personal expenses for his temple into public obligations. Then….out of the East….came the Three Year Plan. And the sky opened up and thunder and lightning crashed and the people ran into their homes in fear. Meanwhile the premier was safe in his temple and as he looked upon the land andthe starvation and hardship the Lord said unto him "Fear not. This will pass in three years." "That’s perfect timing!" said the premier.

    • Anonymous says:

      Excellent satire.

      I heard that while Moses heard the word of the Lord from a burning Bush, Beloved Leader hears the word of his lord coming from the walls of that condo at the Ritz.    

  71. Anonymous says:

    Any wonder he wanted to be in charge of Finance.  Just so he can manupilate all the finances to suit him and his love for the dollar. I wonder why he was so reluctant to take that 30% pay cut, when everything is being paid for him.  How can Mac live the high life and still tax his own people broke.  Has it ever occured to him that he has created a welfare state in the Caymans and he don’t give a damn about it and he call himself a Defender of the people.  Which People?  The rich people?

    • Anonymous says:

      I’d like to know if the other UDP ministers are receiving the same perks.  Are we paying for their CUC and water too?

    • Anonymous says:

      How can he? the answer is very simple, he is a GREADY person, once he is happy and comfy everyone else can suck salt apparently, and when someone speaks out the first words out his mouth is it was the PPM fault in the first place, I will hate to see what this place looks like after 4 years of this man.


      CI$7000 light bill that we pay for, give me a freaking break! no wonder he can raise taxes on gas and diesel, he don’t have to worry about paying for it cause he got us regular people to pay for it for him.

      Why raise all these things? To continue to fill there pockets whiles still being able to say Cayman Islands is tax free and attract inward investments? “Yawns” the only thing this place will attract is a pile of mounting debt, more cars parked at the side of the road for sale, empty town houses and condos, cause everyone seems to be getting the help out of here.


  72. Kent says:

    People it is time to stand up and say NO MORE!

    We as Caymanians want to blame the expats… for coming to Cayman and taking our jobs and money!  I say BS, we need to look at ourselves and find the blame!  We will whine moan and groan amongst ourselves, yet we will not stand up and protect ourselves from ourselves!  We are Cayman, We are the true power, We elect our government, they are there to serve us, not the other way around.  Which it seems is the way that from the top to the bottom of the government seems to think it is.  I say if we can stand up for God, We can march against a hospital, We can assemble to watch jet skis race around Cayman, then we can take a day off work, and protest what this egotistical, self indulgent politicians who are willing to do to our country to get what personally suits their wants most approprately.  Stand up and stop the madness!  We don’t have to wait for elections to make a difference!

    Mr. Bush,

    (And those who support this type of behavior)

    "Heros" lead by example, they will be the first into battle, standing shoulder to shoulder with their men, Heros are willing to die for their men!  "Scoundrels" feast as their people suffer.  What type of leader are you sir?  From my seat you are not one of our countrie’s "Heros"


    Kent McTaggart

    • Kent says:

      The longer I sit here and think about this and how wrong it is, the more angry I get.  $87,000!!!!!! What?  My son with special needs can’t get the care he needs because the departments that supply the solutions for him have had to make cuts, on top of being under funded prior to this recession.  Yet "BIG MAC" has people to clean his house, cook him food…  and with as wrong as this is the "Security" detail is a good idea. 


      With all of those in need, and all of those who are doing without, how can you or anyone else justify this?  Honestly, I defy you or any of those who support this type of action to look into my son’s eyes and feel good about eating that warm breakfast that has been cooked for you by the person that is being paid with the same money that could help people that are in so much greater need than you. 

      Enjoy the eggs!

    • Anonymous says:

      Well said sir. As another Caymanian I salute you.

    • Anonymous says:

      Very true Kent, and very brave. I agree with everything you say & I admire you for saying it & signing your name.

  73. Rabble Rouser says:

    I don’t care who you is, that’s funny. Mac has as much chance of winning the next election as England does of winning the World Cup!

  74. Anonymous says:

    In the last year there have been many allegations of corruption by the Premier and his cronies in the Government. This is an extremely serious matter which undermines the integrity of our jurisdiction and the confidence that local and foreign investors will put in it.  In short, XXXXX, Mac is discouraging both locals and foreigners from investing in Cayman.

    We must call upon the FCO and the Governor to convene a Commission of Inquiry to investigate these grave concerns!



  75. Anonymous says:

    Ahem, and who actually pays His Excellency’s house-keeper, driver, utilities, and in fact, salary I believe? Is is not the people of the Cayman islands, and have we not for years? So why not the Premier?

    • Kent says:

      this must have been written by one of the premo’s staff!

    • Anonymous says:

      How about this – the Governor seems to make statements that are well informed and well reasoned, and the Governor has shown absolutely no indication of being a self-serving egomanical threat to the Cayman Islands. 

      Or how about this – cutting our ties with the UK would be a bad idea, but cutting all ties between this country and Pappa Doc Bush would be a good idea.

      Why not the Premier? Really???? You are either being paid to write such garbage or are delusional. There are millions of reasons – one for each dollar that the hardworking people of these islands pay for his "slush fund" that goes who knows where.There is also one reason for ever one of the $14,000 he takes from public funds every month as a salary while he travels the planet in style at our expense. There are another 10,000 reasons – one for each of the dollars of MLA pension payments he takes from public funds EVERY MONTH WHILE HE IS ALSO TAKING MONEY FOR BEING AN MLA. There are hundreds of thousands of other reasons – one for every dollar he has wasted on luxury travel and payments to cronies at the taxpayers expense.     

    • Anonymous says:

      I think that the governors post is paid by the Queen and as such is given a budget to pay for things such as property, staff etc.

      What Bush is doing is downright wrong.  Why should the Cayman Public Purse pay for Bush’s Christmas display?!? It shouldn’t and he should be ashamed of paying for it from public money.

      In the UK a lot of MP’s did such things.  3 are now facing Prison for FRAUD and others have lost their jobs, reputations and the countries respect.

      Claiming from the public purse for ones telephone calls relating to ones work are ok.  Claiming from the public purse for ones Christmas displays are NOT ok.


      • Anonymous says:

        The Governor’s post (including entertainment budget) is paid for by the Cayman Islands govt. although the Governor is the representative of the Queen.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Okay, I’ll vote Mac out next time. However, can anyone guarantee me that the next Premier won’t get these benefits? Or is this all about our hating Mac?

      • NW Pointa says:

        I think its all about hating Mac for sure… cause a PPM premier would get the same perks

      • Anonymous says:

        Obviously the next guy will have a learned the lesson not to be so greedy at public expense or he will be voted out too.  

  76. Anonymous says:

    Why can’t Mac pay his own expenses like the rest of us?  After all, unlike the rest of us, he collect both a salary and a full pension at the same time.  That makes his take home pay, before the perks of unlimited housing allowances, travel expenses and slush funds, in excess of CI$25,000 per month!! (Salary $16,000 per month plus pension of CI$10,000 plus).

    Surely when you’re sucking more than CI$300,000 per annum (US$360,000) from the little people in Cayman, the least you can do is you is pay your own light bill!

    • Anonymous says:

      I am shocked to hear about the pension – I thought you had to retire to get that. Can someone shed some light on this?

  77. Anonymous says:

    This is FRAUD against the people!!  Mac should have to answer in the court.  We cannot possible let this pass by quietly …particularly when he is intent on forcing austerity measures on the rest of us mere mortals.

  78. Cmon Son! says:

     Lets vote him out since we can!

    To those who voted him in – CMON SON!

  79. Anonymous says:

    This is clear abuse of power.  It is time to petition the Governor to conduct an official inquiry!!  Mac must answer for this!!


  80. Anonymous says:

     So…………… can we talk about action against this? I mean seriously, all the lawyers out there… is this legal?

    Oh, and ya’ll.. West Bay is not that big. I stumbled upon his house by accident just the other day. Stunner. 

  81. NorthSideSue says:

    I want to know where in the new constitution does it say that the new office of Premier gets all these personal expenses paid by government.  If it does not say so in the new constitution, these expenditures must be paid back to the citizens of CI!!!!

  82. FedUpCaymanian says:

    Shame on West Bay voters – this whole mess is all your doing, and the rest of us have to suffer the atrocities of this King wannabe.

  83. Anonymous says:

    This man is just XXXXXX. How can he say the country is broke and in such dire straits and he is taking such disadvantages of the country and the people. Even if the Post of Premier calls for all this expense to the people, that doesn’t say that he should take advantage of them at a time like this when he is the main one who is saying that the country is broke. And anyway wasn’t he the same one who say he did not vote for the Constitution? But yet he is ready to take advantage of allthe perks that come with the Premiership.

    This is a shame and disgrace especially at a time like this when so much of us are hurting and just hanging on trying to survive with the cost of living getting higher and higher all because of him too.

     I have always suspected for some time now that this man does not love his country or his people and now I know for sure that he does not. All he is there for is the money and the power. 

    • Anonymous says:

      The Constitution does not say anything about the Premier getting any perks of any kind. Neither does any other document other than this man’s wish list. All of this ridiculous extravagance is happening because he feels he has the power to do whatever he wants.  Power corrupts. 

  84. annonymous says:

    Who voted this man into power?  I voted in the past couple elections and I never voted for Big Mac!  Fellow West Bayers wake up and smell the XXXXX!

  85. Anonymous says:

    Incredible. I would love to see some of the hotel bills from those important official trips (Vancouver for the winter olympics!)we are all paying for

  86. Rectus femoris says:

     All this silly outrage. Get a grip people. This matters not one bit to McKeeva in the long run. Oh, yes, his head will explode and he will call Rooster to rant but that’s it.

    Because of Cayman’s ridiculous electoral system, he only has to keep a handful of drooling West Bay zombies on his side to forever win reelection. And he will.

    All you George Towners, Easter Enders, Bodden Towners, Brackers and so who help pay to keep McKeeva living in the lifestyle he is accustomed to can go on screaming all you want. But the fact is, you don’t vote in West Bay so McKeeva ain’t listening. 

    Cayman needs national elections for national leaders!!!!!!!


  87. Anonymous says:

    CNS can you also check who and how much his personal secretary is being paid. I see him living in a mansion and driving around in new cars, all on a Secretary’s pay.  Please also check the usage of the "Slush Fund".  We need a break down on how that’s being spent. One other thing, the helicopter flies around the Premier house a couple times a day, at the same time every day.  Please also check the cost of this.  Thanks CNS for this very important information. Yet he wants to tax us on gas, immigration, Turtle Meat, but he don’t want to tax the Real Estate Companies. Things that make us say Hmmmmmm!

    CNS: Anyone can make an FOI request. This article is based on an FOI made by "Seldom Wright", who sent the response to us.

    • Anonymous says:

      His personal secretary is not male and her salary is not that great I don’t think.

      • Anonymous says:

        I believe the poster was refering to his Personal Assistant and not his Personal Secretary, but nice attempt to obfuscate.

    • FACTS! says:

      For the record, the correct title is Senior Political Assistant and not Personal Secretary or Personal Assistant. Secondly, the home which is owned and occupied by the Premier’s Senior Political Assistant, was built two years before he took up his position. It should also be noted that the 2002, Ivan damaged Tahoe which was being driven by the Senior Political Assistant is anything but NEW!! I think that "he" should be very priviliged to have caused such a stir in the news arena and to have his personal life be of such importance to so many of you. It’s flattering.


  88. Anonymous says:

    What the…?! I want a re-vote! He has abused his powers one too many times. Finally some light has been shed, showing Mckeeva’s true colours.

    • GT Ninja says:

      LOL true.

      But you don’t need to shed light on McKeeva’s colours to see what they are. For his colours are so bright and so ostentatious that the make the Northern Lights look like a spark from a cigarette lighter.

      It’s always been blatantly obvious than this man has been a detriment to our government and huge embarrassment to these islands and XXXX with the public… but there are many uneducated voters and greedy "entrepreneurs/vultures" lurking on this island. As long as we keep playing in to the distraction that he has caused these islands with his party politics and his false born-again act… we will forever be pawns in he and his cronies’ ludicrous schemes.

      We need change our electoral process. It’s antiquated and not democratic enough for what I feel most people here would like. Back when the islands had no real roads and a mule or a cat boat got us from one district to the next, then yes… the current system made sense.

      But today, the island has gotten a lot smaller with the advent of technology, cars and infrastructure. So why do I need to give a crap about just my district.

      I want to vote for who will run my country.

      I want my candidate to use idiotic phrase like "suga-head boy".

      I want my candidate to not be afraid to have a town hall debate with his competition… LIVE.. on tv so I can judge his answers and behavior for myself.

      I want my candidate to have a flippin’ education.

      Basically… I don’t want any of the idiots we have now…

      Especially NOT the Undisputed Dictatorship Party.

  89. Anonymous says:

    Can we make suggestions for changes/additions to the Housekeeper Job Description?

    Here are a few that I came up with.

    1. Turn off lights/fans/TV when nobody is in the room. I do this in my own home, and along with changing to CFL bulbs the savings are substantial.

    2. Purchase a plug for the Premier’s bathtub, and throw out some of the rubber duckies to cut down on the amount of time he spends playing in his bath. When my children were small I found that turning off the tap and saying NO MORE WATER in a stern voice also helped.

  90. Beachboi says:

    This is disgusting!  Obviously it is only morally corrupt and criminal or he would be in jail.  If it were up to me he would be. 

    There has to be someone on this island that can tell the rest of us what to do to get this man barred in disgrace from our legislature.  Can we not add this to the Nov. referendum on gambling?  Is there not a clause in the Constitution regarding punishment for the RAPE of this country? 

    I dont know how XXXX our Premier can sleep at night.  It obviously has no conscience.  I dont know what to say because if I said what I really felt I would be arrested, and I’ll be damned if I would go to jail for XXXXX McKeeva.

    I will add this question though.  How can the clergy of the church that he attendsallow him through the church door? 

    • Anonymous says:

      Amen! Amen! and Amen!

    • Anonymous says:

      Dear Beachboi, (6/21/10, 19:26pm) –  the answer to your question of "How can the clergy of the church he attends allow him through the church door?" is quite simple. He loves the $$$$ that MacDinajad lavishes on the Church and School.  He makes sure that they (the Church and school) get a big chunk of his slush fund.  Their mortgage for the new church is paid in full, and they just purchased the property next door to the church for something like US$190,000 – cash straight from Mac’s storehouse – paid in full – NO borrowing from the bank. 

      And besides that, the pastor of the church he attends lovingly and effectionately calls him "our beloved Premier" and the many Jamaicans that attend that church worships MacDinajad as fervently as they worship the Lord Jesus.

  91. 911 HELP says:

    But the country is broke according to your bible leaf  ????.We got to be broke after all this BULL @%$# . Do you all remember what happened to humpty dumpty when he fell .Lord have mercy when Mac falls off his throne he wont splatter as he kind of small now .BUT GREAT WILL BE HIS FALL..

  92. Anonymous says:

    One must first understand that all post/position come with certain privileges.  Mr. Bush is holding the second top most post of the country( actually the top most as Governer have to act on the advice of Premier) so definetly he have got some privileges. Utility and security are few of them

    • Anonymous says:

      And when the LOGB position was "second top most" why didn’t we see KT getting his bills paid for by the people? Perhaps because he understood to be the leader of a country (whether you title it LOGB or Premiere) means SERVE the people, not be SERVED by them.

    • Anonymous says:

      What the (*^%$ are you talking about.  There is nothing in the Constitution or anything else that says that outrageous ripoffs of public money for servants and the rest go with the post of Premier. This is just greed and abuse of power. We need a referendum to get him out.

    • Anonymous says:

      He holds the 2nd top most spot of a British Overseas Territory — not a country!

    • Anonymous says:

      Big Mac is holding second top position of a tiny rock with a population equivilent of a small town, yet pulling a salary and benefits package that is much, much superior to the benefits the second in charge or even the president/prime minister etc could command in just about any diplomatic country in the world.

      This is wrong. There can be no realistic argument on this.


    • Anonymous says:

      It doesn’t matter what the Constitution says or doesn’t say about what the Premier gets or doesn’t get.  It doesn’t even matter if you call Mr. Bush Premier, Leader of Government Business or Jesus Christ himself.

      People have lost jobs and had salaries cut at his command.  Now, he wants to raise gas prices which will hurt everyone.  People are struggling to pay for NECESSITIES and he is wallowing in LUXURY with drivers and chefs and christmas lights paid by us all.

      The hypocrisy reeks likes Mount Trashmore on a hot day.


  93. Anonymous says:

    i wonder if people think about where this country is going.
    they say we going to the dogs, but hear what!
    we cant let that happen

    Mac gets paid his own money, why cant he just pay his own bills out of his own money that he gets paid with just like any boby else??

    I work and pay my bills!
     i go to school without a scholarship and pay for my schooling, i live with my mother and i got to pay her to stay there, cause i use the sources she provides her family with.

    Mac you cant pay your bills awa??

    You make more than me!

     im just gonna get told "that all comes with the premier package"


    i feel as if im not Caymanian anymore, although i was breed and born here.

    You dont need a guard, you put some camera’s outside and put an alarm on your house, you good to go, you live same place where i live, 3 minute walk……….So, thats no excuse

    This housekeeper/ cook??
    is that necessary, you only need someone to clean you house twice a week, but cooking wise??
    DO YOU EVEN EAT AT HOME for breakfast, lunch and dinner?? I dont think so!

    you dont need to run you a/c all day, open up those windows thinkabout golbal warming and turn off those lights during the day and open those curtins and look outside for a bit.


    think about others for a change not your self!

    • Anonymous says:

      Well said!  If there are many more young people like you out there, then Cayman may have a good future.

      Yes, of course you should pay your mother something towards your keep, that’s the way it should be.  Well done!

      The Premier should also pay something towards his keep!

      Your mother should be very proud of you and you should be proud of yourself.

      Well done!



  94. Anonymous says:

    $500 per month for water? And the man is never home! Does everyone in the neighbourhood go to his house for showers every day?

    I guess there is no reason to try conservation as long as the people are picking up the tab.

  95. Lachlan MacTavish says:

     History show’s that "true leaders" lead by example. True elected leaders for "all" the people do not "use" the countries money for personal use. "True leaders" make personal sacrifices in difficult times to lead by example. It must to nice to not have to worry about any personal financial issues.

  96. Anonymous says:

    From the Compass  3 March 2010


    "….However, Mr. McLaughlin asked if the Premier would still be retaining his personal driver, housekeeper and cook.

    Mr. Bush denied that he has ever retained a personal chef…."

  97. Anonymous says:

    I don’t even know whether to laugh or cry at this, this is just beyond ridiculous, why are we paying all his bills?!?!? He makes more than enough money to pay them himself! 

    The saddest part is that nothing will change, we are not going to do a thing to stop this man, he is imposing a fuel tax on us and we are going to take it and just complain in here, but we wont do anything to fight it! to fight this evil man that is destroying our islands!!

    What happened to that march that PPM was planning?? Why aren’t any independents organizing something??? We need to let the world know that we are not ok! we can barely survive and yet we do nothing.


  98. Anonymous says:

    HAHAHA.  And we thought only the MP’s in the UK got perks.

    I wonder of the lowly people can hang out at the Premiere’s residence?

    Shame on you Big Mac.  I did not vote for you or support the UDP EVER but that still does not make me feel any better.

    • Anonymous says:

      Blame the new Constitution, those that promoted it but did not tell the people when it meant, and those that voted for it even though they didnt understand it.  And the one that got the award for helping to introduce it.

      • Anonymous says:

        Nowhere in the new Constitution does it say that the leader of the country, whether he be called Premier, LOGB, Prime Minister, or anything else, is entitled to have the country pay for expenses unrelated to the office of leader of the country.

        That is simply Macdinejad doing what he has always done.

      • Anonymous says:

        Rubbish. There is nothing written in the Constitution to say that the Premier must have these extravagances. They are his own doing which you are doing your best to deflect.

  99. A Guy says:

    I’m so glad that my new extra expensive gas will be paying for Mac to get fat again and decorate his house (that I have never even seen) this Christmas.

    You are a joke of a man.

  100. whodatis says:

    OH XXXX!!

    The $XXX has officially just hit the fan!!


    (I cannot for the life of me comprehend why WB continually votes this individual into power?! I mean seriously – even after ignoring his selfish personal expenditures – the basic quality of life in that district is on a constant downward spiral … one would think that would be a deterrent. Apparently not.)

    Btw – CNS, you guys are nothing short of legendary!

    Welcome to 2010 Mac.

    (I honestly cannot think of a single redeeming quality of Mr. McKeeva Bush today.)

    *Brace unna’ self for some "good, big business fees" proposals in the near future!*

    • whodatis says:

      Sorry CNS,

      Got a bit carried away earlier.

      Again – keep up the good work.

      This is not about attacking the premier folks – this is about raising the standards in our political circles – something way overdue in this country.

  101. BORN FREE says:

    Today is June 21st, how can CNS be playing an "April fools joke" on us in the month of June?

    No, say this ain’t so! Light bills totalling over $7,600?
    Christmas lighting display costing over $5000?
    Electrical bills, phone bills, fax bills, water bills, AT HIS HOME?
    Housekeeper/cook? Security at his house? Please tell me this ain’t so!
    The premier must resign, he has to resign. In a time when he claims Cayman is bankrupt, & at a time when hundreds of Caymanians are without jobs & suffering, this is how this man wastes our money? He MUST resign, NOW!

    There is no need to guess which security company is getting paid $45,600 for the "hard work" at his residence. $45,600? WHAT? Are you mad? No guesses which security company is getting the additional $41,868 for the electronic security at his residence! $41,868? Are you mad? PLEASE SAY THIS AIN’T SO!

    We are bankrupt! The world is suffering & he is wasting our money! UNBELIEVABLE!

    Why does the premier go on like he cares & is "trying his hardest" to find ways of making money to solve our problems yet he is hiding from us the fact that he is spending so much of the people’s money on himself? This man is unbelievable, & there is no doubt about it now, HE MUST RESIGN.

    CNS, come on now, this must be a joke?

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh yes….we all know who getting paid that nice lil security fee!!

  102. Not Real. says:

    There is no way this can be real!

    Is this man really for real?

    What the XXXX is the rest of the UDP doing?

    The whole group of them should be made to step down as this is the biggest "highway robbery" this country has ever seen, and this man has the gall to tell he is doing whats best for Cayman – GIVE ME A BREAK!

    If he is allowed to get away with this, we can truly say goodbye to Cayman as can you imagine what advantage he will take after this!

    People, p-lease read the detailed invoices and consider if this is fair for us, the Cayman people!

    No man, we HAVE to stand up now and they all have got to go!


  103. Anonymous says:

    So the location of his home needs to remain secret but public funds are paying for decorations which presumably we are all supposed to be sharing in…


    Now, if we could just build a Premier’s Residence, we wouldn’t have these kinds of problems.  I can dream.

    • Anonymous says:

      Frankly, I don’t think these charges are excessive and having the Premier remain in his house costs the country less in the long run than building a Premier’s residence and maintaining it. i would have compared what the Premier get in allowances to the Governor – apples to apples. As to gas tax, i support it in tandem with an energy bill that promotes the use of vehicles with high fuel economy standards.

      • Anonymous says:

        An average electricity bill of over $1250 a month isn’t excessive for a man who’s been off island more often than not? You’re out of your mind! And pray tell, how is it less expensive to have a permanent residence for the Premiere than to trick out Big Mac’s personal house (improvements which he will still enjoy long after he’s been ousted in 3 years)?

        And MacDenijad still has the audacity to say he’ll only accept a small paycut instead of the larger one he initially proposed. This man has no shame and is an outright disgrace to the position he occupies.

      • Rectus femoris says:

        why in the world would you think McKeeva should get  a government-paid house? Mayors of tiny towns with populations of 50,000 don’t get free homes. Neither should the leader of this tiny country. He is already paid very well.   Geez! 

      • Anonymous says:

        Hey Big mac, you should be in the LA defending your silly unrealist budget, not on CNS posting comments in defence of yourself!
        This comment can only be made by you, because no one, not even fellow UDP colleagues, could possibly defend this shocking revelation by CNS! Please big mac, go back to the LA & do your work, can’t you see that you are wasting enough of our money on these perks for yourself & your residence? Get back to work & stay off of CNS.

      • Flipper says:

        Except the Prem spends the majorit of his time outside of Cayman and the rest staying at the Ritz penthouse

    • What!!!!!!!!!! says:

      There is no way this man, or as a matter of fact the entire bunch of udp, can care for the people of the Cayman Islands, when they allow him to abuse us so.

      Can McKeeva Bush really face the people now this abuse has been revealed.

      Here was a man that preached to us that he loved us and Cayman so much, yet behind our backs he is raping us blind.

      Well he can kiss any political future goodbye – oh sorry, we will have forgotten all this very shortly and he will continue to abuse us while we suffer and he lives like what he believes he is, "King McKeeva".

      Wake up people before it really is too late!

  104. Anonymous says:

    Wow I want to be a Security Guard or a Cook for the Premier.  Of course the cook/house cleaner position went to one of his overseas friend’s family member and Security went to non other than National Security which is owned by one of his big UDP Fans. 

    I wish I could get government to pay my little $200 a month light bill.

    Oh and water and fax and phone??  OMG YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME HERE.

  105. peter milburn says:

    And the Lord said unto Moses "Very interesting"no?Everyone will love this one.

  106. RJ says:



    I guess these perks, bonuses, and special rewards comes with the Premier’s job who appears to be complacent and unworried about it in these dire economic times.

    I must also question:  Why Kurt Tibbetts and his team at that time, did not object to these housekeeping perks, bonuses and awards that were affixed to the post of Premier in the beginning?

    It just shows ya who these politicians are looking for…


  107. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Thank God for FOI and for CNS. The nerve of the man to put forward a tax on gasoline and diesel which is going to disportionately impact on poor people and the people who live in the Eastern Districts and travel to Town in each day for work, while he himself has nothing to pay because his own electricity bill and chaffeur driven luxury is paid for by the taxpayer. I for one am disgusted!  

  108. Anonymous says:

    Is all this really necessary? The Premier needing a housekeeper/cook? Doesnt he have a wife? No wonder we keep hearing about a new tax for us to pay. How else could his highness survive?

    Why on earth are we paying utility bills and paying him as well. If we pay his bills then why pay him. None of this is making any sense. There are so many poor families out there barely making it and here they have us paying his bills. WTH?

    The question is this – is this all really necessary? And I am sure we all could honestly answer that … No it is not!

  109. Anonymous says:

    OK…seriously Mckeeva, you are not the Queen of England. You do not need these kind of royalties at the expense of others! Get off your high horse

    • CONCERNED says:

      To the people of Cayman, I say trust in God, protect your family and teach them to love and respect God.  You cannot stop what is taking place in the  Premier’s little  world, but if you truly believe in God he will give you riches that are heavenly.  What is more important to you,  Your eternal life or worring about the Pemiers life.  If he wants to gain the whole world and loose his soul that is his call.  God is your only hope, seek him diligently.







    • Wisereef says:

      MAC QUEENVA, ya na no royalty! Uss jus’ a common politician t’iefing us people money!!

      An’ ya boast dat ya taking pay cut! Ya have mo’ tricks dan Houdini – faget us tax payas money!

      Mi see ‘nother reason why ya wanna get rid Dan Dougay and not even ya boys on ya public accounts committee could save ya on dis waste!!

      Frhum Da stingray whose home you would love to destroy with RYAN CANAL!

  110. Anonymous says:

    There is simply no way that Mr. Bush is entitled to take $5000 from public funds to pay for christmas lights at his private house.  When these things started coming to light in the UK last year it was put in the hands of the police.  Surely this should be turned over to the RCIP?