YUDP offers support on proposed projects

| 27/06/2010

(CNS): With considerable debate in the community regarding the major investment projects which government hopes will improve the country’s economic fortunes over the next three years, CNS’ work-link student Ashleigh Hydes (15) sat down with the YUDP leadership this week to get the first reaction from the country’s young politicians: There has been much talk about the potential of the new hospital, the channel for the North Sound, cruise berthing in George Town and the cargo facility project in East End recently and the YUDP states that all are necessary for the growth of Cayman and to bring more revenue to the island.

Matthew Leslie and Richard Christian (above), president of the Young United Democratic Party (YUDP), spoke with CNS on the 24 June and shared their views and hopes for the future of Cayman. Speaking in particular about the major projects under debate, they both believe they will impact the island in many ways. They noted that the new hospital and the cruise ship project especially would be very important as they are both expected to create more income and jobs, as well as improve healthcare and our tourism industry.

“We’re in a wake-up call right now,” they said, “decisions are being made that may not be popular but are for the good of the country.”
They feel the new hospital could be the third leg of the economy and it will be good for the government as it will provide savings on healthcare costs for those who are currently sent overseas for treatment on the public dollar.

Richard and Matthew told CNS that they are both optimistic that the cruise berthing is good for modernization, will sustain the economy in George Town and will be tourist-friendly. Also, it will address the problem, they said, of visitors going to the Spotts Dock in extreme weather conditions, which is unattractive.

Although the YUDP members said they were confident these projects were necessary, they also think that the people need to be further informed on the North Sound dredging and cargo facility.

When asked about their concerns on the environment, they seemed apprehensive that our mangroves, coral and other wildlife would be affected. Matthew stated that he hopes certain restrictions and parameters are set to lessen the impact of the environmental hazards.

Though the Young United Democratic Party’s votes on certain circumstances are not counted, their advice and outlooks aregreatly appreciated by government. Richard said, “As YUDP, we are pushing the government to focus on the young people. It is going to be young people who are running in the next election.” 

As the political leaders of tomorrow Richard and Matthew said they believe they are the “voice of the youth” today, and as the youth arm of the United Democratic Party they are doing all they can to put forward the issues that affect the country’s younger people.

Ashleigh Hydes is a year 10 student from John Gray High School.
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  1. A Proud JGHS Teacher says:

    Well done, Ashleigh!

  2. Beachboi says:

    I dont know these young men, but let’s face facts.  If they call themselves Young UDP then inevitably McKeewa is the puppeteer.  He would notallow his party  name to be associated with anyone or anything that did not strictly adhere to his ideals.  Age does not a good politician make.  Yes the young people are our future, but if they follow on the coat tails of the old idiots then what kind of future does that promise.  Where are the YCAD (Young Caymanians Against Dictatorship)????

  3. yeah right.... says:

     I had the pleasure of listening to both of these "future leaders" on the new radio show, getting hammered for their inability to think for themselves… and by another young CAYMANIAN FEMALE nonetheless. Best show evah!

    Sorry fellas, don’t think you are the voice of the youth- as one such person i can tell you that we think for ourselves and are noones puppets.  I would vote for the host of the show than for either of you ANY DAY.

    • Anonymous says:

      I listened to the same show that day and I do not think they got hammered.  Actually I think they were very straight forward in answering the questions given to them.  For starters I do not think answering questions about an MLA domestic issue is of anyone concern.  Also trying to explain the Premier comments on media  I think they were right in giving their answers.  These young people cannot speak for the old folks in the UDP.  DO not think you or me or anyone is going to change the headstrong ways of McKeeva and his peoples.

      Oh and the girl is actually from Brazil.  I have worked with her in the past. 

      The problem with alot of you people is that you hide yourselves in the closets and only come out when its time to criticize or talk crap about others.  Instead of putting these young men down why dont you try and encourage.  Does not matter if PPM or UDP they are young people trying to make a difference.

      • Anonymous says:

         Well I listened too and I must say you must’ve heard a different show! Every time they were asked about a fact they knew nothing (and they were not, by the way, asked to comment on an "MLA domestic issue" but rather if the people had the right to know what was happening with an elected official who was arrested and supposedly tried to use the fact that he was an MLA to get the victim arrested!!!!) . They stuck to the party line the whole way! Why do you want more young people who parrot and imitate rather than think and come to conclusions on their own? Even if they came to the same old, tired, status quo conclusion it would at least be their OWN thought process. 

        As for the girl, yeah she wasn’t born here. So what? she is less Caymanian now for that? 

        encourage young people who are actually doing something outside of the "same old", that is a worthwhile task. but to encourage more backwards thinking and political party playing is just plain foolish.

      • Anonymous says:

        So true! Here are a few positive young people who want to give a new look to their choosen party and make a difference and instead of them getting encouragment for it people want to fight them down.

        Well this is how I see it. Just like they want to say McKeeva is these young people’s leader. This is for all you negative, crab barrel crew who are your leaders? Looks like it only takes one small minded person to post something up here and as long as it is negative it’s like flies to garbage! Second, at least they are standing up for something like the saying goes if you dont stand up for something you’ll fall for anything! and that is what I am seeing with the majority of these people posting their ignorant comments. They dont know what they want so they just open their mouth and spend their time bashing each other down because that is what they all enjoy, so they fall for anything. “Let’s just follow the rest of the small minded people and bash down these people”. You all seriously need to get a life.

    • Anonymous says:

      So let me guess….you are going to say that you think for yourself? you sound like an echo of the rest of the ignorant, bad minded, wish bad on others, people on this Island. Do you think for yourself or do you allow this type of thinking to influence your way of thinking. Seems so to me.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am so frustrated to hear from ignorant people who keep talking about the environment . If you want to protect the environment go send a solution to BP .                                                                                                                         The cargo dock should be built in the north sound. Dredging will not hurt the environment if you get people who are qualified to do the work and "show a track record of other projects". Our caymanian SEA CAPTAINS have said time and time again best natural dock in Cayman Islands is the north sound. Get over it and stop hampering the political attacks. It wasn’t their decision. We have to get something going on or we will have to pay more taxes!! The road to east end should have started as soon as they signed the contract for Shetty’s hospital.

  5. Marcia Urbina says:

    Well done Ashleigh! you make us all proud!

  6. Tail Wagging The Dog says:

    The young McKeeva’s are barking up the wrong tree.

  7. Anonymous says:

    very sad to see young people parrot the the usual party line of mckeeva……

    stand with mckeeva….be prepared to fall with him!

    • Anonymous says:

      It is sad when we as a people are critical of everything and every body, with no clue as to what they are talking about; and prefer to be creating a deeper wedge in this community between our own and in many cases fuelled by people who are not our own.   The issue here is that we are seeing a younger generation becoming involved, learning about a process which many villify and dont have the guts to try, these many,and you know who you are;  hide behind each other and whisper but never a concerete solution do they provide always thriving in political bile.

      Give these young men and others a chance for they are poised to do what many of you critics will never have the heart to do and that is represent their country ,because of their love for it and the desire to make it a better place.

      Young men stand Up and never falter, your country needs you and others like you.  Find and link yourself with people that have similaar values and dreams and positive apirations for this our beloved Cayman Islands and you cannot and will not go wrong.

      Long Live the CAyman Islands and its People

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with you.  These young people are supporting McJavez only because they are from his constituency.  Someone needs to walk them through the exercise of thinking for themselves,not parroting someone else.  Our Premier is setting a precedent to make stupid decisions. Why does everyone think that Dr. Shetty’s hospital will help the islanders.  This hospital will be geared for more cardiac surgery and medical tourism than regular medicine.  Wake up Caymanians and think with your brilliant brains instead of letting a blowhard dictator think for you XXXXXX.

      • TRUTH says:

        XXXXX Richard lives up the road from me in Newlands and Matthew is from Savannah as well.  Get your facts straight fool.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          So that’s why they have their puppets proposing a new Prospect/Spotts constituency. Makes perfect sense.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Ashleigh – Well done!

    Richard and Mathew – I cannot understand why you would even consider supporting the UDP mantra of development no matter what the cost to our islands. Can’t you see that none of these "done deals" have been thought through with other than a "dollars for a few politicians and their cronies" perspective. It is clear that no thought has been given to what will become of our beloved Cayman Islands. Where will that leave young people?  

    • BORN FREE says:

      I cannot believe that the yudp is saying that the dredging of a channel in the North Sound (are you crazy?) & the proposed cargo dock in East End are necessary, & that they actually support these projects. Are they being serious? I suppose that is why they are YUDP, we should expect no better! This is dispicable. I thought better of you Mr. Christian, but I should not be surprised. Afterall you are YUDP (UDP)!

    • Anonymous says:

      I have spoken to Richard Christian on a couple of occasions & voiced my deep concerns about the UDP & especially the leader of the UDP & his reputation & what he continues to do that is not in the best interests of Cayman & the Cayman people. Mr. Christian’s response on more than one occasion is to tell me that he cannot do anything about it unless he is on "the inside." However, everytime I read any press releases by Mr. Christian he always seems to be supporting whatever Mckeeva Bush is doing, despite the fact that on most occasions the majority of people are complaining about it. Richard Christian is not on "the inside" attempting to "do something" about the UDP & Mckeeva Bush, but in my opinion he is on "the inside" simply to offer support to everything Mckeeva Bush & the UDP propose to do. I have not yet seen Richard Christian stand up to the UDP’s very unpopular decisions & plans. All he has done is behave like the rest of the UDP, & that is to XXX not stand up to the wrong doings of the UDP. I wish I could believe it when he says that he cannot do anything if he is on the outside looking in, but I believe that he would be more successful if he was outside standing up rather than inside laying down.

  9. noname says:

    Matthew they need more than parameters and restrictions when it comes to the environment.  They need to stand up for Cayman and stop letting these greedy developers come in and destroy what little we have left just for their bank accounts.  If you and Richard are going to be looking at being future leaders for Cayman you all need to stand up now and let the YUDP tell McKeeva and the others in the UDP that enough is enough.  BRING THE CONSERVATION BILL FORWARD and stop procrastinating.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Well done, Ashleigh! I hope you catch the journalism bug and develop the talent that you clearly have. Or maybe we have another potential politician?

    And well done CNS for supporting our young talent!

  11. Blair says:

    I am a friend of a girl that recently went to the YUDP for help with a problem concerning her living conditions.  She is a young Caymanian with more than one child and barely making ends meet. 

    I spoke with her a few minutes ago after reading this article and asked her about Richard and Matthew and the YUDP.  She had nothing but positive feedback to tell me about these guys.  She explained to me that even though she was turned down for help by Social Services that these guys made sure her needs were addressed with the Minister and within a day she was being assisted by Social Services.  Not only that but she said that the YUDP has been following up on her to make sure she continues to get the help she needs and they are even trying to help her get a better job with better pay.

    So even though I do not know much about politics I know this much.  God Bless these 2 guys and all the other YUDP out there that help my friend and showed what a true leader is all about.

    • Anonymous says:

      There is one thing that I, as another Caymanian, would ask you and every other Caymanian to think about. That relates to the proper role of politicians, (and now the party political apparatus), and the long habit of politicians using what is really public money to buy votes. I am not saying that this is what was going on in the case you cited and I am glad to know that the young woman is now doing better, but vote manipulation is something that should be a concern to everyone that believes in democracy.

      The way I see it, the primary role of our politicians is to make the system work for everyone. It is not to make themselves rich, not to fix things for some individuals while leaving the system broken for everyone else, and not to make things difficult for people who don’t vote for them or pay money to their political parties. 

      Politicians "fixin tings" for those who vote for them or using their influence to buy future votes through manipulating the Social Services system or the business licensing process, threatens democracy and our long term future.

    • more veggies please says:

      That’s the point…. "you don’t know much about politics"… and I bet neither does your friend, what with multiple hungry mouths to feed. Because she was granted a favour by the YUDP (i.e. UDP) then come election time exactly who do you think she will vote for despite not knowing squat about the policies they stand for, etc? That’s exactly what happened with the status grants given just prior to the elections several years ago: I scratch your back, you scratch mine.

    • Incognito says:

      First of all I don’t see why your post should get any negative votes. That is just plain ignorance as you were only expressing what results someone else had with the YUDP. Secondly, I do agree with the party politics concerns that most people have and I see how it can be construed as buying votes or "you scratch my back and I yours" dilemma.

      I have to disagree with what the YUDP and what all other government administrations seem to do. Instead of calling the department and forcing them to "sort" out this young ladies issue for them; they should be looking at the processes with-in that department (e.g Social Services) and see why that person isn’t getting any help. At this point, if you look at Social Services and deem them capable of doing their job properly, then that means the YUDP has indeed call in a favor. If they are found to not be dealing with people issue properly, then fix the problem first and then the young lady will automatically be helped. 

      This is the problem.. Government Solution approach is far from perfectand it seems that no one is willing to make it right.

      I have known these two Gents for many years(attended school with), and I do credit for standing up for what they believe in, but to be honest, it seems that they are just blowing the same horn that the current administration is using, and that horn is not vastly liked my many here who actually vote.

      If the YUDP would like to make positive changes, then my opinion is that they look at processes that are impacting the Cayman People and Cayman Islands  in a negative way, expose them and then offer a solution. Everyone knows the problems, we live in it everyday, but not many have come up with solutions that seem practical and aren’t economically disastrous.


      A young Cayman :-  "who is not part of ANY group"

  12. TRUTH says:

    I have had the chance to speak with both of these young men.  They are very insightful and have alot of potential.  However, I must question if being in the UDP is right for either of them.  I believe that if they are to be successful in being political leaders they need to break away from the sinking ship that is the UDP and stand out on their own.

    Keep up the good work YUDP but be careful not to fall victim to the brainwashing the UDP might do on you.

  13. Anonymous says:

    We really need more young people like Richard and Matthew to step up. Even though they are part of the UDP, I really hope that if these 2 decide to run in the next election that they come in with issues that they have their own opinions on rather than what the party dictates.  The problem with party politics is that it blanks out the full potential of our up and coming leaders and they have to run with the ideology the old guard in the party marches on.  This has to change.

    • Dred says:

      Highly highly highly doubt it.

      If grown men who go into his team loose their ability to think and speak then what do you expect of a mere teenager.

      People this is a waste of time. Big Mac will make them stool pigeons in no time flat. They are already rehearsing now. If you close your eyes and heard the words been spoken you could also see Big Mac saying it.