Bodden donates work to national archive

| 05/08/2010

(CNS): The Cayman Islands National Archive said it was very pleased to have played a part in the production of Roy Bodden’s latest work. The UCCI president spent a considerable time at the archive pulling together this riveting but controversial work on the country’s recent political history – Patronage, Personalities and Parties: Caymanian Politics from 1915-2000.  By way of thanks Bodden donated two copies to the CINA reference collection.“It’s fantastic to know that members of our community are using our resources to create publications,” CINA Archivist Tricia Bodden said.

“This book fleshes out our political history during an 85-year period, adding details that had previously been unpublished, and from an insider’s perspective. We need more texts of this sort, so that our history can be safeguarded for future generations,” she added.
This book is the second in a series of three works examining the country’s society. Bodden’s first was titled The Cayman Islands in Transition: The Politics, History and Sociology of a Changing Society and in his  third the former politician says he will focus on family, wealth, class, status, and the political economy of land in the Cayman Islands.
Bodden said that the book will provide the basis for understanding modern Cayman Islands politics. Also, readers will learn how the system works; what it takes to be successful in Cayman’s political arena; and about the major cast of personalities that have made up the country’s political history.
CINA staff are already preparing to work with him on his next piece of work and Bodden thanked them for their invaluable assistance. He said they were always willing to provide resources hints, and provide examples of materials.
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